Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 12, 1957 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1957
Page 3
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Wednesday Evening, June 12, 1957. DAILY RADIO PROGRAMS „„ <AH Listings Central Daylis&t Time) WMAQ WBBM (780) WLS WSAL (1230) WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00 News Bell-airs «:16 News—SportsNewa 6:30 News Sports 8:45 Man's Family Anderson Wews-Weathtr Weather News News New* Sports Header Hennessey 7:00 News Anderson XftWs ' 7:15 People-Funny Anderson Music 7:30 Niijhtllno Scot. Xard L,ate News 7:45 .N'UhUlne KCOL. Yard Ike News News Serenade Mystery Mystery 8:00 News 8:15 NlKhttlna 8:30 Ni^htline News World Sports A mo» n* Andy Dance Time Jjance Time News Maniovanl Bob Bob Bob Big & Ray &. flay & Ray Bands 9:00 News 9:15 Chan 9:30 Chan tf:45 Chan News Anderson Lie win Lewio News Fights FT*hta News Ntghtwatch 2-Star Final 10:00 News News News 10:15 Xltfht Desk Mercler Music 10:30 NU'ht Desk Town Crier Rudy 10:15 Sports Welissel Rudy Nlphtwatch Nlffhtwatch Nlphtwatch Nitfitwatch' THURSDAY MORNING 8:00 New a Newe-Harrin^ton BreaKtaat Club News 1:15 Chi Calling Jim Conway Breakfast Club Rfao and Shine 8:3fj Chi CalUnu Gold Coast Breakfast Club Ads V4» N'ews liroakfarit Breakfast Club Ki«» and Shine 9:00 Nev/fi 9:15 Truth-Cons. 9:30 LtandBiami 9:45 Bandytand Ariftur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Arthuj Godfrey My True Storj KIso ana Shine My True Story Kino and Rhino News N'jws-Molodlei Girl M terries MeLotllea 10:00 News 10:15 Bandstand ] 0 :30 Bandstand 10:45 Ban<J«t;ind Arthur Uotlfrey Whlap,- Sta. Arthur Godfrey Tollo-Test Howard Mlllflr Mfirtha Crane Woman's Wor Woman's Wor Queen-Day Queen-Day X1:UO News 11:15 Records 11:8' KecorclH 11:45 Duchnin We nay Warren BackBtage Wife Melfin Trent Gal Sunday News M. ConsIdSne Markets Weather W o rd a Rociord Shop Carroll Co. Carroll Co. THURSDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 Newa Nora Drake Nowa News !Z:ls> MorryfleJd Ma Purklnn Markets Co. Extension 32:30 Merryfleld Bentley News Dinner Bell Farm Corner 12-45 MfirryriBld Road of Uf* Dinner Bell Farm Corner 1:00 1:1.'. 1:30 1:45 2:00 2:30 2-45 N'ewn HapplncHK Con/fjs.'iIonH Mr». Murton Wum. In HBO .Strike-filch Dr Gentry rcntrsrtalnment Markets Play Ball J(;ipjilneH8 Road Play Ball Queen -Day Ha Her; rill Newn Houflft Parly Matinee HOUHO Party HIM Top Dr. Malono l't;p Voting L.uckv L/adlen News- Weather Jja.se ball Junk Paar JiuHelifill No\v« JinHCbull Way fin Kinjf HuMeljall Jlin MHln Woman V!ow« Jim Mllln (Jolfl .;tum ,11m MlllH Takn a Break 3;00 3: in 2:.-!(; 4 :00 4:1 = 4:»f, Jim Mllln Nows . Off riocord 1'au] Gibson Paul (JlbHon PrtUi CJIbson Jofth FJrady News Polka Party Polka T'nrty Off Kecord KucordM, Nowi To<; i Tunes Tn*in Tun en 6:00 NOWH N<:w» VVclk 6:15 Wfjil Howard loh'; Harrington Wdk £:3o Wed Howard .Sportw W< ; /k 5:4.1 Gco, Sten» Low«l Thoma» Nfswn Tuno Time Want Ad» A.F. Ballistics Missile Explodes At 5,000 Feet CAPK CANAVERAL. Fla. (UP) —The Air Force firod the ocean- spanning ballistics mi.ssile, the Atlas, in its first big last Tuesday l>ul thc weapon exploded in^ a shower of orange flarne and red- hot metal at about fl.OW) feet. There were no casualties, the Air Force announced. Some pieces of the disintegrated missile apparently fell in the Atlantic only a few miles offshore from this Florida cape. The Air Force here practically confirmed that the "big shot" was the Atlas and informed military Kiiurces in Washington did HO flatly. The official vcr.sion was that a missile had been fired in connection with "extensive flight testing of rocket missiles in support of a km>: range ballistic missiles program and others (which) has been going on for .some time and will continue." The Alias is this nation's most ndv'uncud type <>! ballistic weapon. It is designed ultimately to carry in atomic punch from one; hemis- jihere to another at is.uoo miles <m hour. Such a range would reach frrnn New York to Moscow. The Defense Department in Washington would say only that "another test firing has occurred" in connection with th« long-range ballistics mi.ssile program. Tills, however, was Hie first known tc.st of a weapon of the magnitude of the Alias. An informed 'source here also confirmed later that the missile was the Atlas. He indicated that another attempt to fire the big weapon would not bu made for .some time. Publisher Addresses Graduates at Culver CULVl'/H, Tnfl. '((IP) — John S. Knight, editor and publisher, told the graddaling class of Culver .Military Academy Tuesday to use books instead of the television to Ihirik out problems. Kduculinn "Is Ihe process by which we are prepared for com- ple!e living," said Knight, editor and publisher of Ihe Chicago Daily News and other Knight newspapers. Knight told Uic KM graduates of the proparatory school that education "does not cease with the awarding of o diploma." Read the Classified Ads * POSTURE FOUNDATION I,like Slior« Keil, Itiuu I.nke Shorn S im«l M Widths All Otlutrx M Width. To Size 12 $3.45 Vi'A to 3 $3.75 TV Programs WEDNESDAY EVENING (CDT) ' 6:00—-Channel 4 Rascal: Channel 6 Weather Channel 8. News 6:15—Channel 6 News Channel 8 , News 6:30—Channel 6 O'Connell Channel 8 •- TEA 6:45—Channel 4 News Channel 6 News 7:00—Channel 4 Baseball Channel 6 Mask Party Channel 8 Godfrey 7:30—Channel 6 Dad Knows 3est 8:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 8:30—Channel 4 Channel 8 9:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 9:30—Channel 6 10:00—Channel 4 Channel B Channel 8 10:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 'Channel 8' 10:45—Channel 4 Channel 8 11:00—Channel 6 11:30—Channel 6 Baseball TV Theater Millionaire Basebalyl I Have Secret Baseball Your Lite Fox Hour Hawkeye Federal Men Oz-Harriet Hiway Patrol News Theater News Movies Late Show Weather Tonight Markets' Farm N'ews Farm-Home RFD 4 Club 60 World Turns 4 Sight Miss Brooks Beulah Tenn. Ernie Film ] Matinee' THURSDAY AFTERNOON 12:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 12:15—Channel B Channel 8 12:30—Channel 4 Channel B Channel B 1:00—Channel 4 Channel 8 1:30—Channel 4 Channel fi Channel II 2:00—Channel 4 Channel B Channel I) 2:30—Channel 8 3:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 3:15—Channel II 3:30—Channel 4 Channel « 3:4.1—Channel (I 4:01).—Channel 0 4:15—Channel II 4:30—Channel 8 Channel 4 4:4ii—Channel 4 5:00—Channel 4 Channel 8 5:15—Channel fi 5:30—Channel 0 Approve $520,000 Loan To White County REMG The White County REMC's application for a $520,000 loan from the Rural Electrification • Administration has been approved, it was announced Tuesday in Washington, D. C. Edwin R. Ulerich, manager of the White County REMC. said the loan was for an expansion and improvement program which would include installation of 50 more miles of distribution line, to serve 401 new customers; 71 miles of conversion line; 20 miles of tie'lines Four Drivers Fined !nJ. P. Court Here Four drivers were fined, three on speeding charges, in the justice of the peace court here Tuesday evening. •John Sikorski Jr., 31, route 4, city, arrested Monday by State trooper Richard Keyes for speeding, was fined $1 and costs. Ronald Gilbert, 19, route 1, Kokomo, arrested June 5 by Trooper Larry Wagenknecht for improper pass- to connect to four more sub-sta-! ing ' was fine<J tne same amount, tions; and increased capacity of'^ oah Hamilton, 40, Michigan transformers and services to 200. Clt y> arrested June 4 by Harold members. The program will be carried out over a five-year period, Ulerich said, and will include work all over the area serviced by the REMC, which is White county and parts of Cass, Carroll, Pulaski, Tippecanoe, Benton and Jasper counties. Ulerich said the 401 new customers who will be serviced by the new distribution, lines will bring the membership in the REMC to more Uian 4,000. The White county RE- MC will then have more than 1 ' 000 milcs ot distribution lines, Slusher, Walton town marshal, for speeding in a 30-mile zone in Walton, was fined $5 and costs. The same fine was also.levied on John H. Crow, 20, Kokomo, arrested June 2 by Trooper Wagenknecht for speeding. said. He e5! P lained News-Weather ! ,. e5! P ane w»,m vn,^: hnes l <> b e converted 71 miles of will be changed from single to three- phase line. The REMC now receives its power from four NIP- SCO sub-stations, and the 20 miles of new lines will be to four more sub-stations, Ulerich said. lie reported that the N1PSCO is expected to start supplying pflwei JOHN HATKE DIES MONTICELLO, Ind, — Last rites for John T. Hatke, 67', White county native who died at his rural Lafayette home Monday, will be held at 9 a.m. Wednesday at St. Lawrence Catholic church. Friends may call at the Zahn-Schneider mortuary, Lafayette. J.enn. £ rnl °|from the added sub-stations nearly House Parly s , Crosby nest year. The manager also explained thai the loan, on which interest is two percent, will lie paid back over a 35-year period, as prescribed by „ . " u ^ en> government regulations. . Brighter Day Secret Storm j Movictimej Edge of NighL Romances '. Movie Time Life of Christ Ktu Erwin Cartoons Churchman Mickey Mouse Early Show Cartoon Time Kin Tin Tin Women's Prison Doctor 3uits, Raps Dispensary Judge Orders Heads Shaved GARY, Ind. (UP) — A juvenile Monday ordered nine boys to have thuir heads shaved I! they wish to avoid being committed lo a state correctional institution for participating in a gang fight. Judge Joseph Mes/ar sent four boys to the Indiana Boys School. To nine others, he said: "You know if yoi: go to the fioys School they will shave your heads trhe.'-c. It's ju.st n matter of where INDIANAPOLIS (III'} — Dr. iynu wnnl your liair to grow out— V.L. Kulh, physician at the Indi-' al the school or at home." ana Women's prison, resigned!. Meszar placed thu nine o n pro. Tuesday with 'a Wa.il at ".sloppy procedures" in the institution's dispensary. Prison Hupl. Georgia Schneider said .she mailed Dr. Ruth a letter lily Monday nigbl relieving Mm >! hi.s duties as of June 24. Paul. Myers, correction!) ' hoard chairman, added that Dr. Ruth was >cing dismissed on orders from he board becnu.se he W;IK "rcluc- ..iiil lo iinswer spceial calls." ballon iiftcr they agreed unanimously l.o dioo.sc home instead of the institution. Mesxar said the shaving Idea crime from the fact that Michael Morris, III, 1 Gury. who WUM injured .serinuHly a.s 1111 innocent bystander during th c fight May 22, had lo be .shaved bald fin 1 brain. si;rgery. M(!K7,ur said a eondilkin (if their probation w»s I hat none nf the nine shnil drive ;m auU)moi)ilc until he is Jll ye.-lrs old. For summer fun a I' home cr away our Scol'ch Koolers and Grills are a necessity. Start having your vacation now'by using them in your own back yard. Fibcrf.;las in^u luted lo ke;cp things cold or hot for houro; 4 /.;allon capacity with pla.slic trny. Airtight tincl wutortifiht, roomy aria easy to han- clJe. .f8.»5 Grill Tlic neatest, best looking and mo.st convenient charcoal /.;riJI over made! Perfect for picnics, b a r b e- cues, hunting, •fi.shinK, campin;,; and can be a heater, loo! $7.83 DOMESTIC* - PIRST FLOOR EX-CHALMERS MAN DIES MONTICELLO, Ind. — Rites for Forrest J. Townslcy, 70, former Chalmers resident and brother of Claude and Earl Tovvnsley of Chalmers, who died late Monday at a LafayeLle. hospital, will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Zalm- Schneider mortuary, Lafayette. Eddie Machen, Pacific Coast heavyweight, spends his olT days ol Ihe xym observing the slyius of other fighters. Elm Hogan Dies Suddenly . KEWANNA,.Ind. — Elra Hogan, 71, of Kewanna, died suddenly near his home here Tuesday noon. He was walking home from, town when he was stricken, apparently with a heart attack, and died. Born July 21, 1888, he was the son of William and Demma (Collins) Hogan, and was married June 25, 1912, to Ida Dahlke, who survives. He was a member of the Masonic lodge. Surviving with Ihe widow are two sons, Jack oE here and Roy E. of South Carolina; two daughters, Mrs. Connie Shaw of LaPorte and Melda Reed, Hammond; 11 grandchildren; and a brother, Ernest. • Friends may call after noon Wednesday at the Harrison funeral home here. Rites are pending. Miami County People Are Hurt In Collision PERU, Ind. — Six Miami county residents were hurt early Tuesday when the car in which they were riding collided with a moving van near Wabash. Injured were Mrs. Dora Ellen Payne, 35, route 2, Peru, driver of the car, who suffered a cut nose and bruised knees; Mrs. Eva Biddie, 68, route 2, with a fraclurcc left leg and cuts on her face am left hand. Mrs. Ella Hileshew, 54, route 3 a bruised nose; Linda Thomas, l(i route 2, skinned knees; Sharoi Payne, 10, route 2; bruised eye and legs; and David Payne, 7 route 2, a bruised jaw. The injurcc were taken to the Wabasli count; hospital for treatment. It was reported Unit the east bound van, driven by Marioi Christie, .%',, Kankukeo, 111., puliec out in front of the Payne car. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Trrbune Thre* IT'S NEW! V-4 EJa.sliti/cd Tops! V/ Perfect for summer—no supporters are needed! Soamlo.ss, over the Juiec hose in an aUrnctive .summer .shade—percision lit with soles that breathe. You'll love them! only $.1.35 HOSIERY - FIRST FLOOR NEWEST SUN SUITS! in sunny little plaid* Drivers Escape Injury In Crash Near Mexico PERU, Ind. —James Winters, 23, route 3, Peru, and Jack Holden, 22, Mexico, escaped injury in a head- on collision two miles west of Mexico and a mile south of the Ordin ance plant Tuesday afternoon. State Trooper John Rusie said con/idenf/o/ CASH LOANS quickly! . Open Wednesday Afternoon 226 S. Third St., Logansport 2855 Winters was going north and Holder, south, and they collided on a "blind" curve, where their vision was obscured by 10-foot high weeds. Damages were estimated at $350 to Holden's car and ?100 to Winter's auto. OH, MY ACHING BACK Now 1 You can svt the fust ii;l!oC you need from jitiKKmR baekuche, hciuincht* unit mu»- culur iiclu's initi pains that of'.on CJIUKL- iv«U less nik'ht-s nntl niincrnble tltvil-out fecliiiR!!, Wlu>n thrse discomforts conn* on with overexertion or Hlrohs mill Blrnin — you want relief — wiint it fust! Another disturbance mny be mild bind tier Irritation following 1 wromr /ooil nnd drJnlr — o/trn BetUns up a rcstk'HH uncomfortable feelinjr. Tor quick relief KX-L Bean's Pllla. They woi-k fust in 3 ncimrnto wuyu: 1. by cpcedy jmin-relievlnjc uctkm to ease lontK'nl of nn«- Kinic backache, hcmJiichi-s, muscular nchc» and piiinn. 2. liy thi-ir soothinc eiTect on blnddcr irritation, a. by their mild tHuretic action tiMidinK to increase output of the 15 mili-H of kidney tub**. l-'iml out bow quickly this 3-wny mcdlclno Rni-n to work. Enjoy a pood night'* slwn and the name hnppy relief million* have for over fiO yciirn. Ask for new, hint? RISC iind, BiWu monoy. Get Uoan's Pilla today 1 409-415 E. BROADWAY DIAL 4166 Just Uic thing "lo keep babies cool and comly . . . looking nfcal and nice. Brccv.ouusy to wnsli, never- ncod ironing. Elnstlclxod \cn openings, adjustable shoulder straps. AH o£ soft cotton knit. Curler-Set —-«o won't slirink out of fit. SUCK S-M-L-XL. / KOR HEJFt: pink, mint, yellow 1'OR HIM: blue, mint, yellow . only $1.05 CHILDREN'S DEPT. - FIRST FLOOR 100% Nylon Jersey Palm Print Mod UK; clrt'.ss U>;il. 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