Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 6, 1957 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 6, 1957
Page 9
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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1957. THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE NINE A PAGE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Here's Now: Wrong Window Mars Symmetry Of The House Before you rip out the side of your house to install a brand new picture window, ask yourself this question: "Will it go with the architecture of the house? Your little Colonial house may look like an old-fashioned fish bowl, with the great expanse of glass to challenge -its charm, if you add a modern window. It's a good idea to choose windows that will be compatible with the style of your home, and you should be able to find the proper window in wood, steel or aluminum. If you are buying or remodeling a Colonial, Cape Cod or a traditional house, what you want is a double-hung window, says John Jansson, executive of the Aluminum Window Manufacturers Assn. He reminds us that this is the most familiar type of window, consisting of an upper and lower section, each section (or sash) sliding up and down past the other. This window has been used for centuries in this country and was used in toe earliest American homes. You can find the double- hung window with 12 or 16 panes, popular for the old Colonial home or the more modern single or double panes at top and bottom. Casement windows are ideal'.for English tudor style homes, finding their origin in the old Gothic, English or Tudor style home. Prior to, the last war, replicas of old English designs were extremely popular in America. Today, the casement window has graduated into a new design that will conform with modern or contemporary architecture, Jansson says. These work by a crank-operated handle from inside. Screens inside the window need not be removed to open the window. Awning-type windows are popular in contemporary homes. These, too, are .controlled from the inside by a crank and have a series of ventilating sections that may be opened to any degree desired. One advantage of these modern windows is that they help ward off the rain, even when open, still permitting ventilation. This type of window may be screened and storm sashed from the inside. The jalousie window, a series of tiny panes that may be opened wide for full ventilation or closed tight for warmth, shed rain like the awning-type window, and is a favorite with many homeowners in warmer climates. Horiz ontal sliding windows, brought into popularity by the large picture window, are usually long and narrow, lending themselves to easy operation. It's a good idea to check the windows-in your prospective house to make sure they have a quality seal guaranteeing that they are water-tight, have proper hardware nd good construction, says Janson. Aluminum windows, inciden- ally, require little cleaning and may be left unpainted. Work Bench Vtade Easily From Table If you're a "do-it-yourself" fan 'ho has thought about construct- ng your own work bench, this is he right time of year to get started. The bench requires few materials and can be assembled and finished quickly with one or two power ools and several hand tools. Choose a spot in either lowe's tittle Roofer Says: "YOU CAN DEPEND ON US" To supply you with the "Right Roofing" or the "Right Siding" for your home. Just call 3666 today and we will be glad to give you a free estimate. You'll be glad you didl , Expert Installation Just N. on Road 17 G in either your basement or your garage, preferably a corner in which you can establish your do-it-yourself headquarters. Check the lighting situation care ully. Hook up a light directlj above the spot where the table wil stand. This light should be wired ndependently of the general room wiring system.' In case of a fuse blow-out, you won't have to grope around in the dark. Plan on a power outlet on either ;he right-hand side .of the table or on .the wall at that side. Natu rally, if you're left-handed place ;hese outlets on the left-hand side An old table converts .readily in to the basic framework of a work oench. Use one that has sturd> legs. If the underpinning is wobbly brace the legs solidly. You'll need plenty ow work am storage space for your projects an. your tools. This calls for a table top at least 30 inches deep an< about 50 inches wide. A 5/8 -inc sheet of plywood fills the need wel if no other .top is available. Position the new top on the table Allow at least 2. inches of over hang for clamp-on attachments lik vises. Wodworking specialist sugges you drill through the table top in to the legs with a power drill Countersink the holes and faste HERE'S HOW,.. MAKE A PICNIC HAMPER Carrying food and utensils for a picnic can be much easier if all the items are placed in one container. The hamper shown is basic and can be modified with separators and/ or compartments. Make the hamper using 1 by 12-inch lumber with 1 by 4-inch lumber for the top. Use a miter box for the angle cuts and to help cut square ends. When assembling the project, fasten the sides and end pieces on the outside edge of the bottom with glue and No. 10 wood screws, 2 inches long. The top is assembled with glue and No. 9 screws 3 inches long. The (screening is attached to the upper side of the frame. Use a piano hinge to attach the top to the box. Add carrying handles and a lock and hasp to secure the top when closed. Sand smooth and paint or stain and varnish. National Lumber Manufacturers Association Square Trees Deny Nature's Big Gift Many a logger has been heard o say jocularly that nature should grow tree's square so lumber could )e cut more easily than from the round logs. Nature's contrariness is man's blessing, according • to the West Coast Lumbermen's Association, which points out that the very act of cutting square cornered lumber he top with 3-inch wood screws. from round logs creates beauty. The saws cutting across the grain of the wood gives that im- comparable beauty of texture am grain which is so prized in woods like Douglas fir, 'west coast hem lock and western red cedar. More and more homes are being designed with exposed wood in ceilings and beams, paneled walls and built-ins, the lumbermen poin out. Fir, hemlock and cedar pro vide the ideal natural pattern: woven intricately by Nature t give this exposed wood the dis plastic wood. Then sand the entire op smooth with a power sander or the sander attachment of your Dower drill. Seal the top after sanding carefully. A natural finish is superior ;o a painted one in this case—so don't paint the surface. Paint is icratched easily by the pointed ;nds and edges of tools. If you have no table that you _ v an convert in this fashion, make your own table legs with 2-by-4 .nch stock. Brace the leg framework rigidly. The legs and barces jan be sawed with a power saw. It cuts faster and smoother than a handsaw, advise the experts. For tool storage, hang a 30 by 40 inch pegboard on the wall behind the table. This affords an easy-to-reach and easy-bo-see _ arrangement for your tool selection. If you plan . to install drawer space under the table top allow yourself knee room in the event that you wish to do some of your work seated. You can complete your work bench with" "trim" items including a stool, robber mat; and a litter box or waste basket. Provide a stock-storage area adjacent to the bench: by architects and homemakers. New Ideas In Bathroom Tricks with color, divided kit- hens for step-saving convenience, jial control of shower and bath •cmperature, glamor bathrooms, and appliances for push-button living - these are some of the hinigs featured in model homes Jiown in connection witlj National Home Week, September 22 and 9. , Bathrooms have the -glamor spot- ght in many of these homes, according to the Plumbing and Heating Industries Bureau. Latest lyles of square bathtubs with _integral seats, vanity i lavatories, and festyled water closets are shown. Easily a top favorite with women visitors to the model homes is he vanity lavatory which com- s plenty of countertop space with roomy storage underneath cvr bathroom linens and supplies. This is the fixture that brings the boudoir dressing' table into the oathroom and powder room. Fittings, BO less than the radiant colors of bathtubs and lavatories, add a feeling of luxury to the bath grouping in the model homes, 'hromium- plated brass faucets snd pop-up drains, respond to fingertip control. Also shown are single-handle'faucets of either the dial or lever type. No less important than the fix- ;ures are the new ideas in bath- roam and power room planning available for public inspection in the model home/Many bathrooms are comparfanentized to provide accessibility, for multiple use. BOTH FINED GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.—John D. MaUoy,' 17, was fined $5 because his mother, Mrs. Leona Malloy, drove his car without an operator's permit She paid a $25 fine. CHEWY MYSTERY RAPID CITY, S. D.—Police went looking for a gum-chewing burglar. Someone broke into the Physicians and Surgeons building and made off with a gum-vending machine. Stran-Steel Smashes the Price Barrier! QUALITY is GUARANTEED . briMing Here's the brand-new M i "iReal Bargains" '21.95 DOUBLE BOWL 30 gal. capacity WATER HEATER 10 yr. warranty 415 8* STREET ' <K»u 3658 AL <w VON SCHMIVT Another Stran-Steel first ... an all-steel, all-purpose pole barn that is fire resistant ... at a new, money-saving, low price. So easy to erect you can do it yourself in less than a week without special tools. Easy to finance with the Stran-Steel Purchase Plan. As little as 25% initial investment, up to 5 years to pay. Available in six sizes for any farm job. Thousands of fanners and ranchers asked Jor this building... and now Stern-Steel's as tow as 1.25 per sq. ft. Floor area—built on your farm got it! The all-new Stem-Master, as/large or small as you want. It's fire-safe •all-steel for long-lasting quality. And its price is far lower than other standard steel build-, ings. Ask your Stran-Steel dealer for complete information. SEE OUR DEMONSTRATION BUItDING AT WAYNE MYERS STEEL BLDG. SALES Vi Mi. N. W. of logansport on Old Royal Centtr Pile* QUALITY AND DURABILITY ALUMINUM DOORSandWINDOWS ORDER NOW! 10% Discount During October On Triple Track... Extruded Aluminum Combination Screen and Storm Windows This 'Offer Good Only ipuring October Aluminum Combination STORM & SCREEN DOORS $30.00 Cass County Farm Bureau Co-op 108 I. Ottawa St. Dial 3141 HOTS HOW.-.. MAKE A GUP RACK Fine china given proper care will provide many extra years of service. Cups-tend to suffer the most abuse from improper storage. To prevent worn or broken handles and chipped edges, cups should be placed flat rather than hung. A rack which provides for flat storage can be made of 1 by 12, 1 by 10-inch lumber and_ %-inch quarter round moulding. . Make the base of 1 by 12-inch lumber, rounding the leading edge as shown. The back, made of 1 by 10-inch lumber, is rounded at its top edge. The rack is made of 1 by 12- inch lumber beveled at the edges. Fasten %-inch quarter round moulding along the sides and at the center of the rack. Position the rack 3 inches in from the leading edge of the base and 1% inches from the top edge of the back. Use 6-penny finishing nails to assemble the back, shelf and rack, and 1 inch brads for the moulding. National Lumber Manufacture's AssKlatlon Demand Rising for Hot Water in Home Has your family been in enough hot water lately? Back-to-school days bring the perennial morning race between dad and the youngsters for bathroom facilities. The family's 'hot water supply, often adequate for summer, meets its severest test now, says the Plumbing and Heating Industries Bureau. The result is that many water heaters are giving-the family the cold shoulder these fall mornings. Reason: Family has grown up or increased in size, additional bathrooms have been added, and automatic dishwashers and clothei washers installed. The practical and thrifty solution is'the purchase of a new correctly sized automatic gas-fired water heater. With these automatic heaters, there is never any "hot water fadeout." There is plenty of hot water for normal uses as well a» for abnormal demands when company comes. Quality construction and precision engineering are combined with operating'economy in the latest types of automatic gas storage water heaters, Some of the important point* which characterize a quality water heater are efficient burner, dependable and. quick-acting controls, adequate insulation, durability, and attractive appearance. , It's a mighty fine business A savings and loan association—like F'irst Federal—does two things Ithink are pretty finer 1. It helps people save money. 2. !t helps people finance homes. It takes in the savings of many people and pays dividends on these savings. It lends part of this money at a moderate rate of interest to folks who want to build or buy home*. I don't know of any business which is better from the standpoint of helping people and helping the community, and it ft a business in wh'ich I am proud to put my savings. Your savings account at First Federal is automatically insured up to $10,000 by an agency of the U. S. Government. WANT A COMFORTABLE MORTGAGE? If you need a mortgage loan to build, buy or improve your home, talk 'to First Federal. You can pay it off in comfortable monthly installments over many years. Improvement loans up to 3 years. CURRENT DIVIDENDS PER YEAR CONVENIENT HOURS: Mon. thru M/9 to Fri. Eve., 4:30 to 7:30. Closed Saturday (UK4U4- « 314 Fourth Street ASSETS OVER $12 MILLION

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