Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 12, 1957 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1957
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INDIANA: Partly cloudy with scattered thunderstorms south portion tonight and most of state Thursday. Cool north portion. Temperature 12 noon 80 degrees. Sunset 8:13 p.m., sunrise 5:17 a.m. HOME TOWN INPETWSPAPE LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY NOW IN OUR 113th YEAR HOME EDITION Founded 1844— for AH Departmnta rkone 4141 ' LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 12, 1957. FDlI-Lea»ed United Pn»» Wlr< Oar and Meat Price Per Copy, Seven Cents STORMS STAGGER HOOSIER AREAS Ike Host To Congressman At Breakfast President Looking Fit After Stomach Disorder Enter- a $5,370,594,800 bill to operate 17 tains At White House WASHINGTON <LTj—President Eisenhower played host lo 40 Republican congressmen at a harmony breakfast today and heard the politically indigestible forecast tfial some House members might be "hung" if Ihey support certain parts of his program. The chief executive, smiling and Third Appropriation Bill Passes Senate Measure Providing Over Five Billion Dollars for U. o S. Agencies Goes to Conference. By UNITED PRESS | : The Senate approved 72-0 today independent government agencies in the fiscal year starling July 1. The measure, Ihird appropriation bill passed by Ihe Senate this week, was sent to a Senate-House •conference committee for adjustment of differing versions. The Senate outcut the House by $«,- GOfi/JUO. Elsewhere in Congress: Welfare Funds: The House Labor [.'Committee opened a full-scale investigation inlo the of looking fit after his painful weekend stomach upset, entertained at z buffet breakfast in the White ., .,, , ... House state dining room. Guests Commi tee opened a full-scale v/w e served o r a n v e juice,, vestigalmn into the handling scrambled eggs, bacon, sau . sa y c , 'i<-'"Hy 40 billion dollara in pension sweet rolls and coffee. f"" 1 wAclf , are undK - ^man Gra- The early morning .- kaffcc !bam A. Harden (D-N.C.) promised Match" was the first in a series of. ["<•"•• WOL i ld h . e ™ Punitive" anti- five harmony get - to - gether.s' la !™ r ^'^^". saying the corn planned for GOP House members. J"' llcc s ""^ mlurclii * '" drafl " Two are planned for Republican. ln senators. ' They are part of an effort toi "V Jjring about closer relations be- only legislation which would protect ! workers against "racketeering" union leaders. Oil: The staff of the Senate anli- ruKL Itepublican i more trou-, f°' Ja y , thal j n j investigate •We for his legislative program Congress. Most of today's breakfast, guests, chosen in alphabetical order, said the accent was social rather than Im.-tirif-.ss. JJght Schedule Today Hep. Clarence J. lirown said he told the President his home state of Ohio l.i "against the school aid •_,,.. , , . . Jiill." "I also said that in Ohio if lful fln "« i ' " f "'f Jupiter missile we voted for that school hill, we ,. ''"«"' /: '''<-™n"«wcr told Uepub- would all be hunt-," lirown said. llc1 '" congressmen at a White House harmony breakfast that he recommended he Justice Department the extent of control which major oil companies have over l/.S. pipelines and determine whether anlitrusl action is warranted. Missiles: 1.1. Gun. James M. Gavin, the Army's chief of research and development, confirmed in congressional testimony lhat Uiore have been "several recentsuccess- | fully supix/rls Postmaster General Arthur Summerfield's ultima- j ' The President, he said, merely laic.; bed. lirown also reported that, "a lot." of lac breakfast guests told the President how and why they were- lr """Y " r •"«« « fllrt , h , (:r tut supporling cuts in his budget. i^ 1 -" 1 "crviccs. He ti.ld one If such jicnlimr.-nts depressed T'lisonh'/v/cr, he did not show II •when lie poser] for piclures wilh the congressmen afterward on the filop of the north portico. AM for his recent illness, the President said, "Really, I had a I •rniicrable day Monday—-gee, wa.'i I! Now Possible For Hospital Memorial Hospilal Trustees To Ask.Bidders To Await Aid Decision In view of a possible federal aid grant for expansion, Memorial hospital trustees Tuesday night voted to ask conlract bidders for a time extension before accepting or rejecting proffered bids. Original deadline for decision on Ihe bids was June., 14. Hospilal officials have been conferring with stale board of health representative!! on the possibility of obtaining federal aid under the Hill-Burlon act. They expect: to know definitely about July 1, slarl of the fiscal year. The hospilal fund is now between $100,000 und $150,000 short of l.he sum needed lo begin construction. A federal granl would make up this deficit. Such federal grants are made nn priority bases. The hospital has rofiuosi.ed a re-evaluation of ils status on the priorily list. If federal aid is forthcoming, presen 1 . bids can then be accepted. If il is not, the only idlernalive | facing-the board is to scale Ils expansion plans in line with uvaila- THREE YOUTHS LEAVE FOR SERVICE gressmun he believes the are enlitlwcl to the finest poslal service and are "willing to pay lor .11." ; <:ivll HlghlH: House civil rights supporlers expressed confidence i they had the votes to defeat Ihe trial amendment. One sup- iniicral)!'- " i porter .-;aid two-llilrdn of House Afic'r th'i- breakfast Ki-icnhower Republicans and half the Demo- went to his office for n relatively i cral'i will oppose the mcjMire. turn lo Congress to give him more j^. f lln ,|,' in | The IMII-fJurton net allows the "•'State Hoard ofHenlth lo distribute I'L-(ipi»! fl . r | ( ,,..,| flln(J(1 f()p h(M) , )itll | light schedule of inorniiii! work. Withholding Tax Fouqht I.VUIANAI'OLIS UfPi—A bonk- kir'-per testified u» nn expert wit- ii'r-ci today in a bearing Ixi block withholdins! of Indiana gross In- <:ome tnxt, 1 ! lhat 7."> exlra minut(!S per year would have lo be de- •voteil by employi-rs to' liookkeep- Jag for each employe, William Iluchaiiaii of the Taylor Hookkr-irjjlrii; Co., Indianap'ili.'i, inadi! the c.-illmate al a hearing on tfi ?',uit for an injunclion to prevent, 1he 'ilale from imposing wilhhold- i.'ig beginning July I. The IUJJ7 l/f|(lslnliire ennc.'tcd n withholding lav/, (iwiier?; of cleaning shop In IMarion f.'outity fijv/n, filed wounds I/ml. lhr< Inw i« uncon;iti- 1.tilional because il rer|uiren crn- filoyerfl to beco/rie lax collector)! -without compcii!:alion. liuchanan testified in Marion f'iretill (.'inirl before Judge John L. Nlbiiick, l!ut at least one soullicrncr said he ill fuels the outlook "in pnjliy good" for adoption of the amendment. Television: Senate, Democratic Loader l,yndon Ii. Johnson (Tex.i called on Secretary ol Stale John I-'o: lor Dulles lo press linmediale- ly [or a chance to have American officials appear on Russian le!e- viiiiiin, He .i.'dd the "lime lo act is rlf.hl now" following the U, S. television appearance of Soviet Party leader Nlkita Klirushchcv, Start" for Russia Without- Children CHICAGO (I/Pi - A Kuwilan couple wiiose di.-Klre lo n-l.urn lo liieir homeland pi-ompti-d them l.o abandon their four children were Owners of a j en route to New York today on P.eoeh Oruvo, a I'be flr.-it leg of their long journey what you want CLASSIFIED ADS PHONE 4141 home, The parenl.H {i-monUi-old son so u cM to iiph it their wilh them out of tin- country, but iiherlff'ji depulicii took the child from his mother's armrt late Ti|(.-sday ."ihortly before they boanhjd a train. The mother, Mra. 'Nflbejda Ko/.min, Il.l, iinrrendered Hie bifaiil l.o aitlliorillos without, prolont. The f,'il.h<:r, Oe-orge Ko/,min, M, and l-'edor Slomalln, chlnf nf the Itun- slan emba.'iiiy'.'i con.inlar dlvbilon who war! hiKlrumcnUtl la pi;r- .•aiadlni; the Koy.inbiK to return, abio utooil i|iiiiHly by. Young Cool Miner Entombed in Shaft SIIAMOKIN, I'M. li;P) — Hope faded today for a Ill-ycar-oid miner trapped for more !'ian 24 hoiini by a nhali! Inll 100 feel below Ihe niir- lace while working In bin fallloi''.i indtipend'inl in I tin oporntluri near bo.rc. More thnn 100 volunteer reiicuera worked around llin clock through heal and a driving rainstorm during thi) early morning houni In frantic efforts lo free Frank Puf- il'ii-k, believed burled und/ir moro than r/0 lon;i <>!• »hale. expansion, according lo hospilal needn. Of n, r i Indiana hospllals, Memorial now ranks .'15th. A re-evalual.lon woultl move the hospital up Ihe list and place il in position for the grant. In other action Tuesday riighl, the board approved a contract for a new doctor who will nerve ns coordinator of the hospital clinical laboratories, along with Dr. Clarence M. Cobb, pafholughit and preiienl director of Ihe laboratories. Dr. Chri.sl.os I). GenUlmos will share the directorship alarllng Aug. I. The hospital board will accept coal bids al Its next regular meeting July ll. Bids will also he considered al Dial, lime for Ihe purchase of hospital laundry ciuiip- inenl. Coal bids few ilayii. will be Hdverliiiod In a Death Claims Jimmy Dorsey NKW YORK MJI') Jimmy Dorney, M, Bandleader illed today al. Doctors Hospital five months after he underwent, surgery for removal of a growth from Ills lung, Doniey's brother and long-l.line luijiociale, trombonist. Tommy Dorney. died las!. Nov. a! at his home hi (Jreonwicli, Conn. Jimmy Dontey enlcred Ihe hospital linit January for iitirgery and wan able lo return'briefly to liln comluftl.lag chiirc/i at n mldl-own hotel In February, lie returned to Ihe hospital Marcli i;i and had been confined ever Mlr.ce, Dorisey, famed an a clarlnol.lnl,, began hl« career nn aaolhor lu- nlniiiienl—tho coriiet—In hl« fn- Ihcr'ji hraiiH band whoa he wan in hi.", ICIIIIH. Jimmy nail Toinmy or- ganised their flnit combination In I MO and had an ofl'-aKnln nn-UKaln parlneivdilp an band leaders until Tommy's death, Board Will Purchase Truck for City Parks The hoard of works was scheduled to upon flcnled prripomibi on the piirchaisi! of a new half-Ion truck for llin park dcpnrUnenl, ul Its Wednesday iil'lernoon meeting, Ahin nn llui board agenda wnii consideration of the twn bldii for a new fire truck lo provide I'lru protecllon In adjoining lowiuihlpn. Tornadoes Menace Many States Ily ONtTKI) I'KKSM Tornadoe.'i raced aorons -l of the centra! Plaimt TiK.'.-ifl^iy xilidit and weathermen warned of more violent weather today alonn J .Hijuall line iilretchlnK from 'I'exaii ti. Ohio. At leant III 11) r n a d o funnebi nwirled (jver eastern KatwaM Tuesday nlKht, but moist of them remained aloft and no (IcaUw or In- Jurlen were rcportod, Olher twliil- «r» w»re reported In Ml.-wourl and JQllnoli. A Unllcd Pre-M count ahowed at | leant Ihree doalhii blamed on Iho jiitormii, all of llicm In Illlnolfi. Two '|ier»on« were hilled In a traffic cnmh on a rain - swopt highway and a lelephone llncrmian wail electrocuted repairing ulurin dam- Ulf.i! near Klmhur.'it, III. The KnniiaH Iwlnlcm were reported near Lawrence, Ilutchln- lion, I'lmporla, Fort Scott, OUnwn, riiirnoU, Slllwell, Piiola, Independence, RiiHeilale and Hock Creek. Olher lornadoen wore nlnhted at Columbia and Hlver/tldo, nisiir Kan«u.H City, In Ml«nourl, and a funnel cloud wioi reported over M o n 11 c « I 1 o In central llllnolH. .Soutlmrn !lllii(iln WIHI undnr a tor- iiiido alert until 7 n.in. c.d.l, I'll.'iowhere nlonti the nlortn linn, opiiwiind by a cliwli of cold and warm air, severe wlndn, rain and hall taiffelcd (Kictloim of the Texiu< Panhandle, Oklahoma, Colorado, KaniiiA, Mln.H(iurl, llllnulK, Indiana Kentucky, and Ohio, Winds up to 'tin m.p.b, cmmoil cxlun/ilvo properly d u m u u * ut Scotl Clly, Kan. Count Damage in Knox And Daviess Counties Torrential Rains and Vicious Winds Lash Indiana; Greene County Has 4.75 Inches of Rain. By UNITED PRESS Three Cam county «ele<!leen, Jay Shailloy Crlpe, William Uni{cr mid Donald Owens, left here Weil- nciuluy murnhiK hy special IXIH for Indianapolis to be Inducted Into (he ai-mi-d forces. the .lunc draft cull for the county. (I'huroH-Tribtinc They represent Jordan-Egypt Near Break Diplomatic Relations Further Strained After Cairo Radio Denounces Jordan's Leaders as Traitors Who Should Go to Gallows. Girard Case Controversy Waxes Warm Defense Department Counsel Says He WIIN Misquoted Jn Disclosing evidence- WASHINGTON (UP) — Controversy mounted In the Girard ca.se today over whether a I'.lgh defense official gave awuy damaging evidence a-galnsl (Jt William S. Girard. The official, Defense Department Kenorul counsel Hubert Decherl., Tue.idny night he was inls- i]iiotod a.i saying II, S. findings Indicated the Ottawa, 111,, soldier "etiMced a JnpancHo woman clon- r before firing an empty carl- lr!gi! that killed her on a firing nngc In Ja'pan. Deciierl, In a slafomenl. Issued I, the Pentagon, said the stale- nic.nl. atlribui.ed l.o him by a Miami, Kla., reporter "limits l,!io crucial worilii "Hie Jupano/io claim. 'At no lime did T express n personal opinion ;« l.o whether actions charged to (linird v/ere wnni mil. In lino of duty, or act ap- his statements had canned "such a complete inljiiinilerHlnndliig" and "certainly did not. Intend any InjiiKtlcc" lo Army Spu- clallnl. :i-c (ilnird, The roporter for l.he Miami Herald wlm inlcrvlowetl Dec,'ierl, at Coral (jableti, Flu., Minulay limi.'ileil he had limited the ddfeniii) official corriielly, He haw kept his nol.cn aiifl would illicit by his iiiioUitloiin. ills editors said they would back him up. UechiM-t'H, aliened HlalemeiilH al. Coral (iablo.'i, and iiln mibncquenl. explanntlon, dnsw sharp crlllebiiri from ,-ioine /iciialor.i and (llrard'H lawyers here. Sen. Italph I';. Flanders fll-Vl,), member of a two - man Senate iiiibcominlll.ee which Iju'ird J)o- i.ilierl.'H nxpliinntlon of the cam; behind cloned tlmim latil Wediionday, lohl reportoni Oeehert wnii "dead Diplomatic relations between Jordan nnd Kgypt ncared Ihe breaking point today. Cairo Radio savagely allacked Jordan's leaders as truilor.H who should go to the sallows and blamed them Cor the loss oC Palestine in HM-ll when Israel defeated the Arab world. It was the must hitler nll.iick over made by Cairo's "Voice of the Araibs" on mioflier Arab .state; II. emphasised thai. Syria and Kgypl had been left aluno In tho bloc i)f "positive neulrallty." IJbya also wa« angry at the Kgypl Ian Ambassador Ahmed Hassan FiiKih to his office In Tripoli unil protested against Knypflan press ntlackfl on 1/lbyu's rulers. An Ainniiin dispatch unld Abrlel -MoiH'im HI Klfnj, Hid ,/oi'dnnian ambassador expelled by Kgypl, had returned home and accused llin lOgyptlan governnien!. of misusing Arab nationalism for Its own Interests, King HusKoin himself was con- whether (.ilrnrd did or did mi 1-0 entice tile Ja|mne!<f to proai'h him," UMclierl. milil, lie voiced "deep regret" wrung" in nay woman donor. Glrnrd lured tho Clarence W. Stephens Dies in VA Hospital (Jlnraicii W. Sloplienii, ill, renld- ng at IIIU nnlitu Hlrenl, died al. I:.'ill a,in. Wi!ilii«nday al. Iho V«U 'ruiiM liospllal In liidlnnaiiolin, fnl- owinK a lingering lllneii.'i. llu wa« a mechanic for lliu city 'if Logaiinporl,. Horn In J'eru on Mnreli M, I nun, hit was the non of John II,, and l.llllo J, (Rife) Ktepliiiiwi. Thit decuuiieil wan a vel.ernn of World War I, u m»mlior. of Kio : tfipll/sl Temple, l.he Tiplon MiiHiin- c lodge, the Aimirlcim liiiglon, 10 & Ii, and Ihe Kaglon lodHi), Stirvlvorii Include Iiln wll'e, Ruth, iriiilhor, Mm, IJIIIe Htuphenii, and u iitiipnon, Tom l.ewhi, nil of I,n- Kanisport; and u iihiter, Lolnh, Cleveland, 0, Tim body In nt the Clume-MUlnr chupul whom frlendii may cull uflur 7 p.m. Thuniday. Funeral iirrunjje- nonta uro Incornplolo. furrlnx with King Sntid of Saudi Arabia on the worsening relal.hnm lietwwni Jordan nnd Kgypl. and il appeared the Arab rill, exlended In Sniiill Arabia and J'lgy;il. as well. Saudi Arabia and .Inrdnn Issued a coiiiirmnl(|ue In Amman today announcing that travel by Moslem pilgrims l.o Mecca via Llie (iulf of Aiiabii was undesirable because n! 1 the "current Blluallon" In the gulf. The comniiiiihiiie cilcd Israel as rcNpim.'dblo fur thu iinsnl.lsfactory cnndli.loni In the Aijaba urea. .Saudi Arabia recently priileHled to the U.N. Keclirily (Jonncll analli.it the presence of Israeli war veiwels In what |i. called "Arub territorial Local Draft Group Leayes Foiirtnen Solecl.lvii Service rog- InlrmilK lufl. here Wiiilneiidny niiirn. Ing by npeclal bun for the' Indian- npnllrt Indiicl.liin Nl.al.lon, three fur Induction Into tlh! armed forcoii and nleveri for pro-Induction physical cxamlnnllori, ThiiiiK who I of I for Induct Ion were Domdd Lee Owmui, Jay Shndluy Crlpe, and William Norman Ungnr. Thdiiii who left for examlliallon wuri! Itlchard Allen I'owlen, Lowell Marlli! Kliiiw, Danny (innn Cbtw- iioii, Itlchnrd Allen Hriiwn, li'raii- chi Patrick C.'ronln, Jr., John 1'iitil Crbipiin, I'Javlil llendenion St-lirod- i:r, (Jlnlrn Lei) KrneHl. Jonim, Morilunll, und Hclinleb. Solecl.ee« from Jlumi, Dnnlel Joe William Jonepli lluwnrd Fulton, 1'iilimkl, Miami and Howard conntieii went to ImllanapollH on the mime npo- (.'Inl bus. Expect Base To Be Extended In Cass County Fulton Crash Causes Death Of Woman, 69 Six Persons Also Injured In Two-Car Accident At Intersection Of. US 31 And Route 110 ROCHESTER—A two-enr acci- lent :<l the intersection of US .11 uid route 111) in Fulton county at. l.-')5 a.m. Wednesday caused Ihe Icalli of n California woman and n.iured Six persons. Dead is Mrs. Stella L. Whillen- jerger, (ill, of Carpenteria, Calif., passenger in Ihe car driven by ier husband, John, 7-1, who was unhurt. She died ul Jt a.m. in Wnocllawn hospital. The injured include Wllli.'im liny Isom, 25, his wife, a brother, JU; daughter, Jacquelinn Sue, 'i; u son, William Jr.. Hi and a sister, Miss 7Mi\ Leonard, 27, all of Marion. All the injured wore Inkcn Woodlawn hospilal. Donald is re- Dorled suffering from a concussion and abrasions and Isom's son s also suffering from a concussion und Is Ilsled in fair i-ondilioii. The Mlier passengers in the Isom car were injured less seriously. Slate Trouper Wayne Jordan said .he ncldeiil occurred when Whilli-n- burger, driving n lll-IU Cadillac and House Committee Approves Eijfht Million Dollars For Acquisition O£ More Lund jpnll'i'ng' a house Iraller, allempUid . ,,.,,, . I n turn left tiff t.-'S 111 ontii route Approval by lie House ArmiKl .,., wiilUcnLeru,!!- car was Services committee ol Jll.Oim.ooo s(nlck |)y ]smn .., ,,,,;,, ,, imlim , which wus traveling Minl.h on route for the acfiuisllion of land for the Bnhker I III! Air Fnrcu bane today uroiised speciilallnii ' about how III, Assisting in the were the sheriff's muclMnore Uiss county land la to fn)m Murshall and Fnllon countirs. be taken by the base, The public relations office nt E.he /ill* hnsc reported thai, uu OIK^ (.lien. 1 had any Information about tho matter. Capl. A. II. Kelley said II. probably would be two or three weeks before nay Informn- llon Is received from WashlnrJon, There linvn been unconfirmed reports fur months that. Ihn mala runway at Ihe base, now 10,0(11) feet. In length, would he extended II.OIH) feet lulu Jackson township, (Jiiss county, Jnclison township schnul nffl- clnls hnve heen especially con- eerned nhoiil, Ibis lenglhcnlng of the runway In the smilInvest since II, would bring the end of Ilia runway wllliln abiiuf a mlh> and a half of the Lincoln school. The Jackson township ollieiahi recently wonl. lo Washlniiton to Iry lo nblaln i])i|)i'i)yal of an appropriation fur ilnmiiftus fur .laelcmn lown- iihip In help mi.'el. the cost nf relocating the school. There have been nthcr unconfirmed rcpnrl.il that the hum will be extended a mllu Into county mid thai, llin haiai properly will he ni|iiareil lliriiut'Ji the purchase nf more land to I'llmlnalu the projection which now exliils al Lint noiilliwu.'iL corner dim lo Ihe runway. Mrs. WhlllciilM-rgcr has n daughter, Mrs. Alice Until, Santa Barbara, Ca!., nnd several relatives In fhii Rochester anil I-'ullon communities. The body wns taken !o Ihe Dil- mlru funeral home In I-'ullnn. Indiana cooled off slightly today in t<he wake of windstorms and thunderstorms which dumped up lo nearly five inches of precipitation on some areas and caused heavy damage in a two-county area around Vinccnncs and Washington. i Official reports from Elliston, in i Greene County about 40 miles i northeast of Vincennes, showed •1.75 inches of rain. Torre Hauto had 3.01 inches, and Bedford, Martinsville, Newberry :ind Williams moro-lhan two inches. Windstorms swopl Knox and 1 Daviess counties. Lightning tore a M by 30 foot hole in tho wall of a Baltimore & Ohio Kailruaii repair simp at Wiishinglon, the pusloffice was unroofed by wind aiul a 12- year-old girl was hurt by a falling tree at .Montgomery, ami heavy properly damage was reported at. Uickncil, Kdwardspiirl, l-'reelaiid- vlllc and Yiricenncs. Funnel cloud.-; woro ivjKirletl seen in the Kvansvillo anil Munli- cello arens. according to tlm Wea'.her Hiiivau, but noiu 1 was known to have touched lloosicr larlh. Tho woalherman saw m<>n> sluiwors and llmnilcrslorms over tho siiulhorn two-third.-' of i'i» stnti' today, tonight ami Thursday. Tile l.oavy rain was spotty lain ,--y and during Iho Marlmsvillo hail '.Mil roiis had little <»• mm-'. Tho Inilianapo'.is lulal was only It of an inch. Other totals Included llloomin",- tiin 1.117, (Jreonoastlo I 10. Purt- Innd .(<'.'.. C'ovinglim .(W, ("rawfonls- ville .:tl>. Sponi'cr ,. r i7. Srntt.shun,' .!)•!, Anderson ,!H. Viiioonnos 1.71, Seymour .Ittl, Fort. Wayno .11-1, Kvansvillc .%. and Lnfayi-tlo .0(1. Girl Knocked I'ncoascloliN Tho Woiilhor lluroaii saiil .fifi of an liH'h foil in Kvansvillc In M minutes tills morning. At Montgomery, Phyllis Haag. Jii, WIIN knocked unconscious and sustained a .sovero head lacoratioii when a tr<-o hlow over as sho playod in her yard. Tho postoftieo was uiirnofoil and mail was mm-oil Charge Soviet Intervention In Mid East U.S. Nolo Korwnrdcd To Moscow Accusers Subvcr- Nivit Russian Tactics Cass Coroner Files Four Death Verdicts Knur ilmilh vui'dli'lii were fllcul WedncHdny by Coroner M. II. SLewnrl In Urn office of County Clnrli Mllnibulli Illekcr; Tlioy arc: I'Ved ' Allen, (17, of route I, Hrlnghuriil, on May II from cerebral lu'iiiorrhaiiOH eaii-'i- i;d by n fracliirod cranium suffered when bin farm tractor and a truck nldi!Hwlped on the WASHINGTON (UP) — Tho (hilled Slates Unlay aecu.sed the Soviet Union ul' waging n cainpali-;n of "siibvor.-ilvo lalorvciilioii" In Ilio troubled Midilln Kast. This government, in a note do(.„,„• llvi-rnl to the Suvloi Mlnbilry of Foreign Affair.'-, hi Moscow, abio rejected "as unnci-ivisary" an earlier Soviet, propo: nl fur a Hig l-'<air declaration /iKalnsl. using foroo In Iho Middle K.T.I. The Soviet proposal was made by Moscow In nulo.-i In tho llnlleil Slates, llrllala :md l-'ranco nnd dnloil April 111. Dlploinals nnld Britain and Franco also have delivered now noli-'i la Moscow on Iho Middle Kn.-il. Tlu'iic lilg Throe nolo-i were iiald lo he "parallel although n-nl hlr-lltlflll." The IJ.S, note look sharp Issue with a Soviet, as'iorllini thai Its noi'lh of HiirlliiKlon; l-'loyd Keevor, IK, of VOl) Wilkinson, oil Mny III, coronary Ihriimlirmlii; Unvlil Hoi- lur, 'M, on Mny :i, coronnry oeclu- «lon compllcnloi.l wilh uhroi'ilc myo- carditis and rheumalolir nrl.hrliln; nnd Mm. Alice Itlclcells, 'in, on jr.lnio'd at llin li-glllmiilo i-fl'nrls for Juno-V., iiciiln myocardllls coinjill-j m ,]f .lolonsn undortiikcn by Iho na- I cid-cd by cardlne i'alhire, ||| on ., )„ (|uo/ifloii," Iho niile sidd. Tow Mayflower II to Provincetown PLYMOUTH, MU.-III, (UPl—The Pilgrim ropllen ship Mayflower U, boating her jjlianl)y prodecc;!- nor lo Iho New World hy H days, wn.i towed by n Count (Juard I.UK Inlo 1'rovlncel.own harbor today for her flrni anchorufiu In Amarl- i. The nigged DH-foot bark cnterod Iho imually harbor al 11:2)5 n,m, ii.d.l, for w recniictirienl of the ning of tho Mayflowor (.-(impact later tndny. .' The veiinul wan oxpeclod to »nll lu) Z5 mllo« Hottn May lo J'lymoiltli Thurmlny for a reci'i.'allon of the binding of the I'llgrlm.-i /it Plymouth Hock. Scoren of yiii-litu iinllud out lo HHicl the Mayflower, which bobbed In tow of the Count Guard eullor Ynnltlim, Tliiiti.iandn of periionn watched from l.he sandy Hhore. The Mayflower, thu American flag at ln:r forepnak nnd lliu Union Jack al her iriiilo, bonded directly for u Coimi Guard mooring (iff Iho town wharf, Tho Mny flow »r II miui* 111* loiag damar.oil by rain. A grain mill roof w.is ripped <tff and Ihrort cnrliiads «f grain damagci! by wali-i'. Tho I! nnd O's repair shop mill- noom, a '!. story brlok structure, wns damaged by lightning anil bricks Kina:;lioil lhroui;li Iho floor. IVivloss Cnniily Ibispllal at Washington was \\'illinut oloi-trli'al power for nn liniir. Power failures also ooonrrod In Kniix Cnnnly whoro strocls autl liii'.hway.s woi'o hhickoil by fallon Iri-cs and 11-iibs and utility wires, nnd Iraflii- signals woro dark. Al. 1-MwarilNporl, throo chihli'on 'i-Joi-p In a bi-ili'oiim at llh AuMhl (Viamin-ss homo won- bruisnl slightly whrn a troo foiled hy lnj:U wliul siiia.-.iii-il into Iho hnc-,i-. Cunilh-r'N Miillli-l- Ilill-l Mrs. llarloy Norlnn, llfi, mnllior of llavlowt County Cnriinor Dr. II. O. Norlnn, wa.s injured and 1111- 'iolnn.s fur many hours allor was blmvu off a sorooaod piir'-h at her homo In I'lainvillo, Al. f a n n o I 1) u r K. Iwo troo.-i blockoil Iho l(. K, O. llnllronil track:! and n Jinsllly •Mimiiionoil '•-riiup nl vii.'iintoor.s t-leareil llin dobrirt just b(»for(i a pas-.i-ngcr train arrival. SI. Peter's Caallmlle Church lit Monlgomory win; ilamaijod by Din wind and Ih,. All Saints I'liiiroh hall riinf al ('niinolliuri! wan llfloil oft and hiirloil Into n wln-.il field. 'I'lli-lllo!- Srl'oi-n Itllloril An niililiinr Ilionlor wrorn at Washing/on v! a.-, nihiod tinil fivi* small planes al tho city's airport woi'o overturned, <ino nl them, n trainer piano, nu,-.lalniiin ciinsldor- altlo whig (laningo. I'olorsliiiri! iiniilflolnl wniroos said a 'loo-lool wide Iwi-ilor strurk Iho clly'n norlhoaiil ,ildr, but ex- pcrl'i iloubti-il It win: n tornado. Knox County nmv.-iiiicn who npont hours ob.-iorvini-: (Iiimai.-.<- in Hint, area <lii(l tin- hiss would In- In tint hiindroili «f Iliiiuiuiiids nl dollani. Two schoohi nl I'-rooliiiidvllli- anil Illckm-ll wore (!ania;)rd badly by llin wind. Al Kihvanliiporl, n now car wan iuii:r.hoi| hy a falllni! Iroo. Hunotf from heavy rains which woro oonconlralod over tho lowor White Itlvor I.-, expected |<> oail.-in nlroamii lo n-,i> to aboiil llooi! iiliiKo or hiK/ier at a fow points wlUi KreiilcHt rhion trom Kllbilon lo Nowborry. Only rola'lvely minor risen am oxpoi.-lnl iiloiiK tlio Waba.Hh cxt-opl. al. Mount Carmol (III.) win-re Iho comblnei! flow of tho While and Wahniih will pu.-ili lo within II or \ Cod under Count.j f(-,.| of Mood ulage on Juno III. oiicort, Tuesday nlKlit llv Tin- White was within .7 of .-» ' thai Iho brisk wind fool of flood Magn at Spencer at concern about Mlildln KaM condl- llonii iiliiinmitil from Iho clo/io "It may bit Hem-rally observed Hint II, l« jii.'it thono ciiuntrlo.s lying cloiiosl to the Soviet Union which havo boon mo.-il vlnorounly allocked la llin roconl Soviet, earn, palgn of llironl. mid Intimliliilion .'I.SOO-inllo Allnnllo croiuiliiK In M diiyn, comparoil with <'•<> days lalton by (lie original Miiyflowor. evon IhoiiKh Iho bitter called a dllforonl, nhorler route. Sklppiir Ahin Villlors ordon-d lull CIIIIVIIH n.i thii Jiw-lun wpiarii | rlgxor iikirlod ilaiigenai.s Nnnluck-l ol shoalii walorn and irdged north | toward Cape Guiird Hrl him Umn lo I'rovlncutuwn noon and duo to cront foot abovu flood iitaijo tonight.

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