Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 6, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1895
Page 2
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«^. V"K- .'•'''j' 1 '! • '-,..-• ,- 1 .*- : *^ •'..».•.-• •'"/; v ' ; .\ '.'.,;'• ••,';•'.-,-.;•• <-. • -• '•".' ;_ '*"'".' ! '• •.'''•'.."• .''"'• '*''''• "'• o 1 '' .•' •' '• ; •• " "• COLDER MEDICAL DISCOVERY Many years SKO Dr. R. V. Pierce chief consulting physician to the Invalids' Motel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N V, compounded this mcdicim: of vest-table inprcdi- ent.s which had an especial effect upon the stomach and liver, rousinff the organs to health fill activity :is well a* purifying and enriching the blood. By such means the stomacliliml the nerves are supplied w t pure blood; they will not do duty without it anymore than a locomotive can run without coal. You can not get a lasttnff cure of DvspepsiiL or Indigestion, by taking arti- Hctally digested foods or pcpsm-the stomach must do it* own work m its owni way. Do not put your nerves to sleep with so- called celery mixtures, it is better to go to the sent of the difficulty and feed the nerve cells on the food they require. I)yspepMa, Indigestion, HilimiMiess and Nervous Affections such as sleeplessness and weak, •ncrvmt*; fL-cliii^^ -ire completely fitrffl oy *^^^^e^^^ 1-whole system. me n i n- -"» r'. v woml.-rlnl. Miice takinu I>r. I'li-ix-'.-'s Cokleii Mi-ilic.il IJis- covcry iniMMjriccliori •with'Ili-i ' 1'1'Mt.i-"'. I-ellcts 1 1 liav.'jjiiiii- ed in vwy i-..-[. particularly'm (Ir-h nod strenK 1 -' 1 - ^'. v livi-r wii* ilrciiiifiillv enljirKf-l and f Mll- fcml yjt-'My rnun <Iy-,t>i-(>-i:i. No pliy. Hiciati cniild «'ve relR-r. J»'OW. .'iflrr 1"'^ monllis I urn rmirt.- ly rc-lk-vetl <>f my diwaie. -Vy :ipfn- lito is excellent : food «-i-ll iliit—tt-l; much improved.'' MRS. '.vels refrubr crd sleep ENERGY IN THZ TROPICS. It i'i -Nol Iii'liuc-iiiii* li> t.'in Ollmiit.ii uuil tin. l-Xotli: Arlldii ."ifii'n IVItliiTS. "Kncr^-y iloesn't grow tlo-.vn there: I've been in tliu ominti-y lonjr onotiffh to diseovei' that fact," he exclaimed as he cut fir a fruuurous piece of rare roast boef- The vijfor with v.-hieh ho spoke and thcevident relish with which hu mas- ticiited the beef left Uiu impression that the spenlcer hud never spent any consiideniblo time in any pluco whore encrfry wu.s scaree. He hud just landed from ti Panama steamer, having come from San Franei.sco by that route, and had mailc sliort visits to various Mexican arid Central American ports. "Xot only is it not indigenous to the country, but the exotic article always withers and almost always dies," he »aid, after the keen edjro of his appetite had been worn otT. Then hu ordered a pot of coffee, lighted a cijrar and continued: "After we sailed from San Diego it was several clays before wo arrived at another port. We crossed the CiuH of California and touched at Ma/.atlan, in Mexico. I had promised myself that I should R-O ashore and see every town at •which we slopped in Mexico and Central America, so when the fleet of native boats surrounded the ship a party of passengers hired ono, and wo wcro soon on our way to the shore. The distance i"roru the place where the ship was anc'iorod to shore was about three miles, and before the distance had boon halt covered I was impatient ap,i thor- .oug-hly disgusted with the J-.^y movements of the native oarsmen. Our time was limited, too, and that increased my irritation, because I was anxious to see all I possibly could of the place within tho short time. "I jumped ashore at last and hurried up to tho town, first to tho post ofliee and then to other points of interest. . It waa in the middle of tho day and the •un beat down and reflected a^ain from the white houses and the streets, which wore paved with small cobblestones. Scarcely a person was on the street, except the people from the ship. The natives lounged about in their shops or the sccUulcii courts with which each house is supplied. The shop keepers were invariably smoking cigarettes, and it was with difficulty that 1 induced one of them to rise from his indolent position to supply mo with, some •mall purchase which I wished to make. "Walking rapidly from tho postoDBce through tho principal street to tho cathedral, and then to tho markets, and apnin to tho public square, I was in a perspiration before I "realized it. But my soul was filled with contempt for tho lounging 1 , lazy natives, who, it •eemecl to me, conld do nothing except •moko citrarettes, rest thoir heads on their hands, and feebly say: 'Manana' (to-morrow). I saw everything there •was to be seen and found the party at the landing impatiently awaiti.ng my arrival, so they could return -to tho •hip. Whilo I had done the town throughly I had to admit to myself that I had never been so tired in my life as 1 was when I reached the deck of tho ' ; City of Sidney, and stretched myself in a steamer chair to smoke and think over what I had seen. "My spirits revived when wo got •under way again and had the benefit of an ocean breeze. I renewed my determination, to soo all tho towns at •which we touched—and see them thorough^'. We dropped anchor again a day or so later and I promptly made a •bargain with ono of the natives to take roo ashore. For some inexplicable reason I did not feel half the irritation at tho slow movements of the oarsmen that I had felt at the first port. 1 lounged back in the boat and smoked, and was almost lulled to sleep by the movement of tho boat as it rose and fell on the long ocean swells. "When I reached the shore, however, I shook off the lethargy and started briskly out on rcy sight-seeing trip. When I reached the public square my tnthusiasm began to show signs of •peterine out.' With difficulty I tore myself away from a tempting shady seat and visited the few places of interest Then I went back to the boat, and although I reached the ship an hour ahead of the time set for departure, I found that all the passengers had returned ahead of me. "I was determined to see as much of the country as possible, however, so at the next place 1 again hired a native to row me ashore. I took an umbrella this time, and was weak enough to use it us a shield from the rays of the tropical sun. Arriving on shore, I walked leisurely as far as the post office and back to the boat. Then I sat down on the small pier, smoked cigarettes and watched the lazy motions of the natives rowing barges p'led with bags of cofTee out ot the ship and the empty boats back to the shore agaiu. Very few of the other passengers had come ashore at this place. "My determination to see the country had not quite all vanished when the anchor was dropped at tiie next port, and once more i hired a native to uiUo me ashore. When we arrived there 1 Mtmplv sat down in a shauy spot and smoked cigarettes. My resentment at the laziness of the natives had all vanished. L said to myself: This talk about energi'tiu people eomi:if; down here am'! making money rapidly is all riffht—for i.alk. Hut the man who is able to withstand the enervating inllu- enee or this hot und murky air mu-t be mai'k; of energy, so that when his vigor was gone hi' would disappear.' 7 '—X. V, Tribune. THE PLOT WAS INTERESTING. Lord nanclolpliClitirciilll's Opinion oC Ono • of Slmkt"ipfan;'.i 1'luys. Henry Irving tell;; a story about Lord E.-mdolph which probably has never before appeared in print. Irving was playing "Hamlet" in Kdinburg. He was just comiiiK into fame then, and everybody in town who could find room in the house went to see him. There was one notable exception that nearly drove the local manager of the theater enr/.y. Lord Ik-axiclovc's box was empty. Such a thing had never happened before for years on so momentous an oe- c;ision. No matter how brilliant the rest of the audience, solongas his lordship's box was empty.'Irving suggested to the manager that perhaps he attached tot» much importance to the matter, but he was not to be consoled. The next night there was a young man in the "royal" box, as it was called, sitting in solitary grandeur, and paying tlit; strictest attention to the play. Alter the second act Mr. Irving received a message that Lord Itondolph Churchill wished to eome behind the scenes to spealc with him. In those days Lord 'Randolph Churchill was a good deal of a "masher," and Irving thought it was merely a pretense to come behind and have a chat with the ladies of tho company. But Lord Randolph walked right into Irving's dressing-room and made himself thoroughly at home. "This is one of Shakespeare's plays, isn't it?" he asked. -Yes," replied Irving, looking at his visitor in astonishment. Lord Randolph was fresh from college, and at that time the curriculum was closely cpu- lincd-to tho classics and mathematics. No attention at all was paid to literature. "What becomes of Hamlet?" was Lord Randolph's next question. "I can't stop, y'know; got an engagement." Mr. Irving told him, and then he inquired: "What becomes .of Ophelia?" This question WHS also answered. Then Lord Randolph prepared to take his leave, remarking that the plot was "very interesting." In shaking hands and biddinggood-by, he said: "I think, Mr. Irving,"thiit suggestions that have occurred tomoduriny this play to-night have laid the foundation for my whole future career," At a dinner in London a few years ;igo, where Mr. Irving and Lord Randolph were both present, Lord Randolph told this story on himself.— Washington Star. It has "been claimed that the celebrated Empire world's fair express made 112 miles an hour, but the statement fails entirely of authentication. The figure of 10-.7 miles per houf- for short distances appears to be nearer the mark, and even if there were an error of a second the rate would still have been 100 miles 071 hour. Between Jersey City and Philadelphia it, is a common occurrence for the engines hauling the Blue Line trains to reach 90 miles an hour. Speeds of over S-l miles an hour are often made by the Philadelphia t& Reading and Central Xcw Jersey Dyers. In England a Great Northern train has made S-l.l miles an hour; while a Midland train between London and Scotland has run up to the same speed. The London & Northwestern has gone up toSl.S. The continent of Europe does not appear to afford any examples at all approximating the American and English records, n. fact attributable to the conservative dislike of the government oi;icials to high speed rather than to actual inability, ' t2T'lt is all a mistake for this administration to attempt to outline a foreign policy until it has a domestic policy.—Toledo Blade. —Sympathy is that within us which enables us to look at our neighbors aa our other self. —Young Men's Bi'a. DELIGflTE WOMEN! . Or Debilitated Women Should Use | Every ingredient »ppss«s:s superb » Tonic properties, S and exerts a won£ derrul Influence in J toning up anil SstrongihenVnslier 5 system by driving tbrouch the proper <) > channel all imparities Health and strength j n I are guaranteed to result from its use. . Sly wlfo »-tio wn» bedrliWi-n for tlfthtcen FEMflLE" REGULATOR. Prepare for Spring * , * .,_ i • i— Th a C.TITPH accomnlished by Hood s If you were about to journey to warmer or colder climate yon -would make careful preparations. Besides taking u supply of manner or cooler clothing, as the rase might bt you would thoughtfully select a. Bto'ck of medicines as safeguards to keep you in good health. The cures accomplished Sarsaparilla tell what it does more eloquently than any argument which can be written. Read the frank statement below: " Last spring, on account ot overwork and bad huroora, I became very,much run down. About June a scrofula ibuncb. ap- Now we arc all about to change to a wanner climate, though not of our own volition, and what is more reasonable than to take a reliable mrVJ.-.iiie to resist the debilitating effcc'..? of higher temperatures? . Hood's Sarsaparilla is y^( (hcincxli- cine needed. It thoroughly expels peared on the left aide of my collar bone. It TVOS very sore continually, and after i a time my left arm began to toe! dis- 1 agreeable. In R short time it pained me nearly all the time. With that and the • scrofula I was in perfect misery all through the summer. I became BO bad that my friends tried to me gflt to have a doc- ti-om tlic blood tho impurities ivliich li-ivc accumulated (luring the winter : increases the appetite and improves Uin digestion, drives rway that tired f<>cli!V''am'l nervousness. P-'.ul Ji'ivcs the strength mid vigor •n-iMwiit which ire cannotappreciatebeauUCii! Spring. It is a 3B*5K JdB tor, but I thought I would try Hood's Sarsaparilla. I have tckeu five bottles and part of the sixth and am feeling like myself again. I have gained flesh rapidly Thu scrofula bunch £md my lameness has all gone, and I feel like « new creature." Miss HATTIE M. CLASS, Parkman, Maine. And the Best Blood Purifier. , UTOR for two monclii. iii .JL JOHNSON, Hnl'tTD. Art. »i $1.00 p*r boiil*. OR CO..AU STARTS FOR JAPAN. Li Hun;,- Cliims. Pca'-o Knvoy. D.-purtl on Ills Mission. LONDON, March S.—A Central ^e\vs (lisriiitcli'froro Poking says that Li Hung- Cliatif,' sturtecl for .lapa.il via Tien Tsiti Tuosi'.ny. He is now iii^supreme favor. Durinfr'his stay in IVkSnff he hud five andii-rices with the emperor and two with the empress. Mr. ivthick, American tutor to tho cliiUlivn of Li 11 medians', has beou appointed private adviser of the interpreters who will accompany tho mission. \YASIII.VCTON-, March n.—Iheise arc the latest developments in the China- Japan war ns officially received here: The American ministers, W' 1 - Denby at Peking- anil Air. Pun at Xokio are ac-' tively°en£ag-ed in arranging- the preliminaries for the reception of the Chinese peace envoys iu Japan. Through thoir good ofliees Japan has learned the character of the powers conferred upon Li Hung: Chang- and Prince Kun£, and has informally conveyed as- Ktiranccs that they live entirely satisfactory. Count Ito and Viscount Mutsu will represent Japan at the meeting-, which is expected to take place about the last ot this month. In diplomatic circles hero tho belief is expressed that the negotiations will result favorably. THE INCOME TAX. Thomni JJnrlaiid May* tlic Kevciine Dopu- tles Cannot Collect. NEW YOHK, March 5.—Thomas Uar- land, who was deputy commissioner of internal revenue when the war moasuro income tax htws were in force, and who successfully defended Samuel J. Tilden's famous income-tax suit, has given n.n opinion which, in substance, is to the. effect that the income-tax law puts the collection of the tax in the hands of oflicials-who cannot constitutionally collect it. These are the deputy collectors of internal ruvenvie. They cnn- uot collect it because they are not "public officers," but merely the collectors' hired men. THOMAS JONES IS DEAD. Man Who Helped Llucoln'8 Assns.sln to J2»cap«i Expiron. BALTIMORE, Md., March 5.—Thomas .Tones died at La Plata, Charles county, affccl 74 years. He was the man who helped j". mikes Booth to escape into Virginia after the assassination of Lincoln. Booth was hidden for seven days in a swamp on the farm of Samuel Cox and was supplied with food by Jones, who later placed Booth and Harold in a boat and piloted them to the Virg-inia shore. He was offered 5100,000 if he would make known the hiding- place of Booth. He refused the money. Sreamer St. Aintustlno Safe- XKW YOSK. March 5.—Steamer City of St. Aug-ustine, C:ipt. Gaskill, which sailed from Jacksonville January 30 for New York and was blown off tho coast, making- Bermuda February 13, arrived here Tuesday morning- after the most tempestuous voyage ever experienced by her master. Indictment Quashed. CHICAGO, March 5.—Judge Freeman Tuesday afternoon quashed the Booth 'indictment against the Meadowcroft Brothers, ex-bankers. This action wag duejtolthe ex-bankers offering- back-3000 taken after they knew -they were in solvent. Severe weather has returned to Great Britain and northern Zurope. ilurt by IJyuauiUc. OSIOSTOWS, Pa., March 5.—John and James Mellon, Herman Christ, Peter Glissou and five other companions were badly injured in an explosion of dynamite" while attempting to blast out a ground hog Monday evening. El-Mayor of lynn, !UH»»., Dead. LTJTX, Mass., March 5.—Roland Green TJsnar, ex-mayor of Lynn and ex-warden of the state prison, died Tuesday morning at his home in Lynn. He was" born at Medford, Mass., Jannary G, 1S23. Forc*rjr Bother* tbe Official*OMAHA, Neb., March 5.—Union Pacific officials are much worried over the sys- temntic and extensive swindle by. which hundreds of the checks with which the employes had been paid were raised. One of Lincoln's Answers, Speaking in, a recent speech of certain Washington experiences iu Lincoln's time, ilr. Dcpew said: "While I was there Mr. John Gnnson, of Buffalo was a member of congress. His face and his head were hairless and polished like a billiard ball. lie was a demo cnlt, hut supported the president. The conditions of the army were very blue in the cast and in the west. G/inson came in one day and said: ¥ Mr._ Presi dent,. I :un risking my reelection in sup porting your war measures. The campaign see-is very unsatisfactory. 0: course I will not give out anything yoi tell me. What is the situation at the front?' Mr. Lincoln, in his searching and sad way, looked at him for.a mo ment as if he were about to reveal the secret of the whole army, and then tumbled Canson out of tin. reception room by saying: 'Ganson, how clean you shave.'" Tho First Metal. Gold, because it was found pure am fairly tractable, was probably the flrs metal used by man. Copper, it is true is found as a metal, but only in onr comparatively restricted locality. Oc casionall.y gold fish hook's have been discovered in graves in New Granada In mining :i tunnel in Cauca a golc hook wcis found hi ISS3 fifty feet nude tho surface of the ground and beueatl what must have the bod of a river Copper fish hooks have been found ii many of tho ancient burial mounds o ' Peru. TILE MARKETS. Grain, ons, Ktc. CMICAKO, March 5. ' FLOUR— t-lglit request: steady. Q'uouWo Wlnter-P:H.onis. *--''0 'ff~<S- strniulit*. JJ.33O fi.r>0 clours. S.in-Sfi SO: seconds. ?I.D08£00: (trades, $l.GO^lS."i Sprlns— P;itcncs, S3.00 "4 DM- stniMits. ?i I0.»ir.i: Walters', Jl.f«'/i2.i); low cradoi. .-51.75uil.su: Red Dot-', 51.83®1.7i; R,-c. SiiwaiW ViiEAT— Lower. No. i cash, 55, l 5 r t52?aO: May, M'Mr-Wye: July, 55JC./.R5WC. , , OOUN-— Qulot ami sicady. .N T o. - auil No. 2 'i o.- loiv.-lllc: No. 3. 4i;v*-H'/,c: No. 3 Yellow. J!M (841Ji<-'; M'i>'' -l-l?;;£.-IJi:: -July, -MJiE-IJc: September, <tf?.iC. OATS— Fair trading and s'.Onciy. Cash ^o. -, "B^c- May M@:o>ic. Samples firmer: supply .moderate idemsind (food. -N'o. 3, i'i«®30c: .N'o. a w-'-e, 3lia3:o: No. 2, 287$QiOMc; No. 2 Whue. SlVS'lM^o. KTK— In rooder.ite demand and steady. No. 3 'in store, 51 '6IHc; sample lots. 5it{5-JiC; No. 3, about -(8-a-iOc; May delivery, 53c. B vRLiiv— Steady, but dull; offerinRS small. No 4, 50@5lc; No. 3, 5!'i53c for fair to choice, and No. a.'SSVifflWc. funcy possibly .ibovo. Muss POKK— TraSinR was comparatively active. Pr-oes hlRbor. Quotations rauged at »1030.0)10.3r'4 for cash regular: SlO^SftlCUO for March, and J10 45-*!0.50 for May. LAUD -Piilrly active and higher. Quotations ranged at ja.42^.0.43 for cafh: $fl.-10&««« for March, and .{6.55g0.57'/t for Mny, LIVE POULTBV— Per pound: Turkeys, 7©Se; Chickens. &T(.9V:c; Ducks, 9®Hc; Geese, per roa:nOry, pacKiap Stock. Ofe7e. OiM-Hc:idJlffht, 173 tost. DVSc: Gasoline. ST den's. 10«e; 74 des's, S;ic; Naphtha, 03 deg s, 7c. LiQCORS— Whisky quoted steady at S1.28 per gallon for blffh vlr.cs. _ NEW Yonic. Marcli S FLOTJK— Stnte and western, dull, stcufly. WnEAT— No - red steady. lalrly active. March. SSiic: M»y. SBWijiSO 11-lfic: July. 59«a 601-lDc: Ausust; COK5i'» 3-l«c; September, . CORN— No. 2 quiet, easier. May, 43;,'(2.4Pc; July. 4D :,«Hc: No. 2,KiitM%c. OATS— No. 2 dull, s.iendy. May, 3:i?n'c; State. 3&a-llWc: wesicrn. SSfr-ll^c. BEEF— Dull, unchanged. POBK— Moderate demand, firm. Mess, 511.JS ©liOO. . LARD — Quiet, steady, stcam-rendevcd, K 75 J3CTTER— Weaker. -Western dairy. 8^®I4«; do. creamery new, HUSOc: do. old. I0-(.17c: do. factory. 8;>l3c ; Elffins, -Oc; Imitation creamery. 10315c: rolls, SQISo. CHEESE— Firm, (air demand. Sia-.e, large, 9-SH^c: do. fancy colored. IlHc: do. white, ]0:»ailc: do. small. OW^'^c. EGGS— Heavy recepts, lower. Western, 23c; firm, unclianced. Live Stock. CHICAGO. March 5. HOGS -Market active und fccllnsr flrm. Prices Sc Higher, Sales ransed at J3,0>o.4.00 for Piss; 8.1903.4.20 for llcat: K5.93silO for ro'ich packing; S3.9334.35 for mixed, and *4.1= 1^4.45 for heavy poking und sh'.pplni; Iocs. CATTLE — Market active, and tie reeling was steady with prices unchanged. Quotations raided at $33:J3S.9-, for choice to extra shipping Steer-i: H7055-4j for uood to choice do.; H »*">-'* for fair to good; $37O;1440 for cominoti to medium do.; $a40Si4.0S for Butchers' Steers: Si»S3.50 for Stackers: ij3.37S4.i5 for Fecdftrs: $1.40 -,3.35 tor Cows: J3.0J U.-a for Heifers: SiW $4.50 for Bulls: ao03-(.75 for Texas Steers, aDd K3a3 6.50 for Veal Calves FLOODS SUBSIDE. Cold ' W»v«t Brlnei with It DeUvenuiw from Immediate Danger. PITTSBURGH. Pa., March 5.—Except on the upper Allegheny river there vas Tuesday a marked subsidence of flood stages at all points in the vicinity of Pittsburgh. This is attributed mainly to the cold wave which reached here Monday evening- Reports from all points on the MonongahcU from head waters to this city show a slight fall. On the Allegheny no rise in the river s reported,even from the rrorgod places, although there is but little change at those points, as the water is unable to get through the ice. All streams trib- itarv to the Monongahela snd Alle- •heiiv rivers are reported falling. A BIG DAY'S WORK. Supreme Court HrraUn tho Record by I>l»- poxlnf; of 3S Ca»e» In One D:ijr. W.VSHIXGTOX, March 5.—An examination of Monday's calendar of the supreme court of the United Statosshows that it disposed of fifty-eight cases. tifty-four by opinion, and four by dismissal either under its rules or by motion of the parties concerned. This is by far the greatest record ever made by the court in one d:iy. Voilnj; Bosiiu'*> Men Oo YVronp:. ST Lons, March .1. — Crawford M. Kcndvick and Charles A, Kcndrick, t\vo brothers who have been ongagod in business here as a firm uiuler the name.-, of the Eureka Vineff'ir company, the Mississippi Valley Mercantile company and the Interstate Candy company, have disappeared -from the city leaving creditors w (he amount of $73,- OUi>. The young men rankcil liigh^iu business and social circles. It is believed they have Jloil to Mexico Amorican Crew round Siarvinc- ,,!,,,,.i'00i., March .",.— The British steamer St. Pancras. Capt. Young, from Port Koyal, February i:>, lias arrived here and reports that l'V.brunvy JS in latitude 35 degrees, longitude 71 degrees it spoke tho American schooner Astha, with decks swept by severe "•ales, hatches, boats and main boom g'ouc'aim the crew in a starving condition. After supplying the schooner with provisions the St. Paueras resumed its voyage. JJalliuityno S«c<ir.-.« Hi» Dlvorca PAIMS March 5.—The action for di- TOroe'broutrbt by George A. Ballan- tyue, of Newark-, N. 0., against his wife has been decided in his favor, the court finding that his charges of adultery against Mrs. Ualhmtync were clearly proven. Mrs. liallantyne received uo pecuniary benefit through the separation, but'is to have the custody of her cliild for six months each year. _ ._ Snffl In Harbor. Foirr MOXKOK. Va.. March 5.—The five-masted schooner Cov. Ames, the only vessel of its class in the world respecting wlio.v safety much anxiety •was feH, dropped anchor in Hampton. Roads at 9 a. m. Tuesday. The Gov Amen k-ft Salem, Mass., on February 5 bound for Philadelphia and was long over-due. She had been driven out o her course by heavy weather. WASHINGTON, March n.—The follow ing named postmasters who fulled o confirmation during the session wen Tuesday rcappointed by the presiden before leaving on his outing trip: IIu nois—John Beard, Danville, vice W. R Jewell, commission expired. Kansas— Robert Kennedy, Pleasanton, vice Louis A. Holmes, removed^ WASHINGTON, March 5.—\Vithia tw hours after Mf. Ransom, of Xortli Caro lina, ceased to represent that state a a senator ho had qualified as Unitec States minister to Mexico. Uvutb of a Typo Founder. XBW YOKK, March 5. — Aaron D Farmer, president of the A. D. Farme: &. Son Type Foundry company, died a iii.s nome- in this city m the 8-1 th year o'' his uge. Capital punUliUH-iit I-aw »tcoialn«. ST PAUI-, Minn,, March 5. — Th house has indefinitely postponed Ziers bill to abolish capital punishment f« murder in the first degree. An E»K'-r and • Ml»»lnz Wind, A cor.tlnuoui down poar of rain, Inclemen weather, genprallr In winter and spring, are un favorable to all classes of invalirts. B»t warmth and activity Infused Into the circulation counter ae 8 tbi»»« Inline- ces and interpose a defers atfitnetthem. Hostetter's Suunnci Bittern, most thorough a d fflectlv* of Mornsdilcs and tonics, not only mrlcbes tho bio*!, but BtceVrates Its circulation, vor a <-h.il. or pre ; onlu.ry simp- loms ol rlieuroatism and kidney'coroplalnt, PHC^ tlculnrly prevalent at tnesa se-isons. It Is the Deri possible remedy. It Is also mvaioaftle for dyspfisla, liver complaint constipation and nervciusi.ess. Never ,*«t out. on a wl"tr or spring ]• urney without It. Eldeily persons .and llie delicate and convulfscriuare RTeatiy aided by It. F«r Oror Flrtj V«ri Mrs. Winelow'8 Sooihiofe Syrup-has been used for over fifty jears by nall- lioDS of mothers for their children while teetbicg, with perfect success. IL eoothes ibo child, softens the gum*. allajs all pain, cures wild colic, and ia the beet remedy for diarrhoea. It wH relieve tbe poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by drujrgletB In every part of the world. Twenty-five cerste a bottle. Be sure and as It for "Mrs. WtnBlow's Soothing Syrup," and take no other kind. Children Cry for Pitcher's Ca*torla. E'nebart's Worm Lozenges are the best beeau's-e they remove the worm npfts. Sold by B. F. Keesling and Keys-.one drup store. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and -jiuds to personal enjoyment whea rightly used. The many, tvno li-re bet- ier titan others and enjoy life more, with ess expenditure, 1>7 more promptly laptinS the world's best products to _he needs of jihrsical being, will attest :he value to V.saHh of the pure liquid amative principles embraced in tua remedy, Syrup ot Figs. _ Its excellence is due to its presenting n the form most acceptable sjid pleas«it to the taste, the ref reshingand truly Beneficial properties of a perfect las- ,ti\-e; effectually cleansing the system, INpellin"- colds, headache* :uid fevers ind permanently curing constipation, •"this eivcn sttisfnccicw to millions ana net'with-the approval of she m«Heai profession, because it acts on the Kic!:. e vs Liver and Bowels without \VO:IK- -nlng them and it is perfectly iree irorn •very objectionable substance. Svrup of Fiirs is for sale by all drug- ;,<tein f.Oc.WSl bottles,but it is^man- "iHctured by the California tig &yrap -A, onlv, whose name is printed on every .-.lekaire, also the name, Syvup of 1-igs, m.i being w»ll informed, yoni will :m* sc-.cep r . any substitute if offer*^- 1 ' SPECULATION! | c vvlieiher you linvcc.ver flpe-mil.iusd § 2 or not you will find sometning of$ |gr«nt inierest. to you in our new§ o pHiYiphlet. It WUs S SHOW TO MAKE MONEY QUICKLYS S In Stocks, Bonds, e!c,, and Is sent free upon request * | RICHARDSON &. COMPANY. | IIOWALUST., NEW YORK. BE (OLUnBlfl PAP CALENDAR For # * # '*L A Desk Calendar is n. necessity — most convenient kind of storehouse for memoranda. Tlic ColumbiaDesk Calendar is brightest and handsomest 0 | a n — full of dninty silhouettes and pen sketches and entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you of the superb quality ol Columbia Bi- cycks and of your need of one. You won't object to thnt, o! course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-ccnt stamps. Address Calendar D*p»rttncnt, POPE MFQ. CO., Mcntloc thl» piper. Hartford, Conn. Cqre orHc»4Klii>. Headtobe ia generally canned by the two main orga.ce, the liver and kid neys not performing tbeir se- dutlea, and thereby impairing " tion and imparity to the blood purities tbat in turn Inflame tbe system and produce fevers and headaote. The remedy to prevent and cure the»e troubles is Rioebart's Fills, Sold byB. F. Keesling and Keystone drug store. Children Cry for Ditcher's C When you feel bad with heodaclie, take RInihart'B Pills. One a dose. Sold by B. F. Keeellcg and Keystone drug store. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. •When Babr Wbeo «t>» *»§• Cbfld. ti>e cited for O*ortfc Wtao«neoecanioSDanOe cJmiKW Worms are generally troublesome to young child-life, and are often the cause of p»le, emaciated and lifelew condition of children. The best remedy to dispel all kinds of worms^' Rlceharv'* "Worm Lozsncee. 1 ihe only remedy that destroy* »orm nest, which, if not removed, soon breeds more of the peats. Sold by B. F. Keeeling and Keystone drug <

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