Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 11, 1957 · Page 12
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 12

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1957
Page 12
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•Twelve Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Josephine Lowman Beauty Not Sole Requisite In Mrs. America Contest Many people think of the Mrs.] America Contest as a beauty con-' test. It is far from that. Practically all contestants were judged on their home-making ability at the local level, and all of them at the state level, before they even were selected to represent their state. In their interviews at the first of the week long contest held in May, they were asked about their participation in church and civic affairs. It is amazing what these women do for their communities. They are extremenly active in Parent-Teacher associations, in Boy and Girl Scouts, in various drives, in women's clubs, and civic organizations and in church work. 145 Children A large percentage of them teach Sunday School classes and some sing in the choir. Many made the charming clothes they wore. All of them have children, many three or four and one was the mother of seven. Just for fun I added up the children represented by their parents and the total came to 145, or an average of almost three to a family. I noticed, too, that the majority of the mothers are college graduates. They also mentioned recreation such as bridge- and swimming and square dancing. I don't know how they do it all and yet look so lovely and gay r calm and well-groomed! Different Backgrounds Their husbands are a fine look Jng group of young men representing many different phases of our working world—some are salesmen, engineers, one is a reporter, on a railroad conductor, another a tavern operator and the husband of the winner, Mrs. Lindwood Findley of Arlington, Va., is a lieutenant colonel in the air force. That gives you some idea of the diversity of backgrounds represented. When I looked at these couples, singly and collectively, it made me feel good all over. We read of so many distorted and sad, tragic happenings. We are well aware of the high divorce rate. It was refreshing to know that Mr. and Mrs. America are out there, dedicated to their homes and their communities, intelligent, hardworking, charming and attractive. Mom Recaptures Lost Youth With Daughter's Friends Dear Ann: My mother was 16 ever, for the victim of this cheap Mrs. America contestants are Ann Landers when I was born and my dad left us. She's only 32 now, and looks younger. Although I prefer to call 3cr "mother" she insists I call her 'Sis." She wears her hair like mine and tries to copy my style of clothes. When the kids eome over she plants herself in the middle of the gang and monopolizes the conversation. She's a very good dancer and latches on to the fellows who dance well and we girls never get a chance. The fellows don't seem to mind, but it upsets me, and my girl friends resent it, loo. Frankly, I don't like my mother to act this way. I mentioned it to her and she flew off the handle and called me "jealous" and "spiteful." She said I should be happy to have a mother who is peppy and full of life. Please tell me what to think. I am all mixed up.—TRUDY. Your mother should get back into her own generation and not try racket, was just plain stupid. I married a man whose ex-wife is a cunning shrew. We are finding the "cost of leaving" -a darned sight higher than it ought to be. Not only are we up against it financially (with no relief in sight for many years to come) but his ex has taught his children to hate him. The court ruled that he can see the- kids once a week, but what's the use after she gels through poisoning their minds against him? Why must the husband always bear the brunt of the divorce when often the wife is equally guilty? My husband's ex is living like a queen on what we send her every month, plus what her present husband earns. In the meantime, entitled to be supported like • a queen" nay advice is tell it to the judge. Many men complain that the little woman had a record that would've made Madame Pompadour look like Snow White, but they kept mum to "save her name." Later they regretted not giving her the works. I say, sing out loud and clear, boys, and forget the heroics./Don't be a silent martyr and a sap. In If you would like ray leaflet "The Most Attractive You," send a stamped, stJf-addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No. 72 to Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Hubby's Queried Cart-fully test." in Mrs. America Con- Childish Habit Can Cause Protruding Teeth CHICAGO—If junior persists in .hrusting his tongue between his ips while reading comic books or watching TV he may be headed for a severe case of protruding teeth. Dr. Thomas K. Barber and Dr. Earl W. Renfroe of the University of Illinois' dental college wrote in .he Journal of the American Dental Association that tongue-thrusting is detrimental to dental development. ' "The effects vary from person to person and at different ages," they said. "The habit is most injurious to the newly erupting incisors (front teeth) of the child between the ages of six and eight years." The educators said the period when the child's permanent teeth begin to appear is the important one for detecting the beginnings of so-called "crooked teeth." During this period, they said a simple job of prevention can be done before the condition progresses and becomes worse. (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) Instant Taste is gone! tihe divorce finish last. courts, "nice guys' Dear Ann: Do you think it's necessary for the parents of a 16-year-old girl to know the entire life history of the boys who date her? I don't. After all, shouldn't parents trust their children? Please answer this in the paper. I need some help.— PATSY. What do you mean by "life his- Hospital Notes MEMORIAL Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Gammon, 936V4 Helm street, a son. Admitted: Mrs. Velma Wilson, <ucerne; Guy Branarrian, 514 Srown street; Miss Linda Maddox, !40 Burlington avenue; Mrs. Lena VIontgomery, route. 1; Mrs. Mary Jackson, Galveston; Mrs. Nellie McCartney, 615 Northern avenue; VIrs. Maude Shaff, Perrysburg road; Mrs. Elizabeth Deane, route 4; Miss Jessie Guy, route 5; Mas- :er Gregory Gammel, 1431 North Third street; William Harrison, 710 Bates street; Mrs. Jane Reed, 323 High street. Dismissed: Mrs. John Gaylor and son, 1612 High street; Dean Jacot, tory" the boy's name, 'address, age, where he goes to school, his plans for the evening I will probably never be able to and what time he thinks a 16- have children of my own because I year-old _ girl should ^be ^broughl I'll have to work for the next 10 years to help support a family that hates us. .' • ; Print this latter, Mrs. Landers, live in church and cfvic affairs yet ^ recapture her lost youth by always look well-groomed. horning in 'on your activities. She can ask you-to call her the Queen of Sheba, but she's still your mother, and ought to behave like i Of course it's nice to have a mother who is peppy and attractive, but she shouldn't waste her energy jitlerbugging with your boy friends. There must be many men in her own age group who would be interested in a gay and energetic woman. She'd be wise to aim her good looks and pep where it might do some good. It would also be helpful to the mother-daughter relationship. if you TULSA are so TILLIE. doggone fair.— Dear Ann: Your answer that "alimony is the high cost of leaving" with no sympathy, whalso- Show Sfarfs At Duik Gaffls Open Half Hour Earlier WEDNESDAY 'Shoot Out at Medicine Bend' (First Run) Randolph ScoH - Jamei Craig THURSDAY - FRIDAY 'TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON" (Color) Marlon Brando — Glonn Ford STATE Open 1 p. m. — 50c Til 6 HBLD OVER THRU WEDNESDAY Added Fun Wed. Night PLUTO CARTOON Tonight, 7:50 HOLLVWOOD SNEAK PREVUE In addition to "Tommy And Th« Bachelor" soe a brand now Hollywood Featuro at no extra cait. 2 SHOWS 1 PRICE SUNDAY Jack Webb in "D. I." YOU'RE talking about child support and I'M talking about alimony, which is a mare of a different hue, TiUie. A woman loses her alimony when she remarries, but .a father must support his children even though 'he doesn't live with their mother. This is the law. We have courts and judges so justice can be done. If the wife is "equally to blame" and "not gZ Instant Folgers Coffee Buck Nite! TODAY and WED, -2 FEATURES 2- and HOLDEN JEHNIFU JONES LOVE IS A MANY- :SPLENDORED THING 1st Run Features Starting Thursday. "20 Million Miles To Earth" and "Twenty Seventh Da/' Plan to attend our Drive In Thursday at 7:00 p.m. for a big auction. Many valuable items to be sold to the highest bidder. ROXY Now—2 Features 35c TIL 6 Open 1 p. m. FUN AT NIGHT Tuesday Evening, June M, IC57. Start Psychiatric Training of Local Registered Nurses A 16-week deferred psychiatric nursing program for registered nurses who lack psychiatric preparation has been inaugurated at the Logansport state hospital, it was announced today. The first student enrolled in the program is Miss Cleo Stickler, a graduate of the St. Joseph's training school for nurses at Fort Wayne. It is the goal of the Logansport state hospital to equip nurses interested in psychiatric nursing with skills that are two - fold, namely liaison of personnel between institution and community and qualified nurses to care for the emotionally ill patient, Long- cliff officials stated. During the training period emphasis is placed on the total per- 925 Cecil street; Shockley, route 2, Mrs. Mildred Camden. lome? If tin's is the "life history" Jie answer is "YES." Wanting to know the answers to hese questions doesn't mean your jarents don't trust you, it simply means they have sense enough to want to-know what kind of com pany you're keeping. Any more questions? * * * (Ann Lenders will Be happy to jelp you with your problems. Send them U> her in care of this newspaper and enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.) Copyright 1957 Field Enterprises, Inc. ST. JOSEPH'S Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sprague, route 5, Peru, a son. Admitted: Douglass Lake, route 2, Walton; James Cain, 418 Barron street; Master John Clark, 609 Shultz street; Mrs. Ethel Allen, 2123 Smead street. Dismissed: Charles Weser Jr., 2225 Spear street. sonality of the patient. This requires the knowledge of all allied services both institutional and community and the role each service plays in the rehabilitation program. New State Teachers Commission Created INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—Formation of a committee to assist in conducting a separate inquiry into the training and licensing of public school teachers was announced over the weekend by Wilbur Young, State Supt. of Public Instruction. The committee will supplement a similar commission created by the 1957 Indiana General. Assembly, Young said. It will be headed by Dr. Wendall Wright, dean of the School of Education at Indiana University. Candy Consumption Soars WASHINGTON lUP) _ Americans ate a near record amount of candy in 1956. The Commerce Department toJay estimated per capita consumption at 17.4 pounds. This was a sizable increase over the 16.6 pounds in 1955 and the highest since the 18.4 pounds reported in 1950. Read the Classified Ads "HIGH NOON" with GARY COOPER GRACE KE1LY REMEMBER DAD NEXT SUNDAY With ti new Sheaffer Snorkle Pen set with hi* name in gold free on each. Sheaffer Pens $3.75 to $25.00. Timberlake's Gift Shop WEDNESDAY MORNING' ONLY These Make A Dish Towel Nearly A Yard Square BLEACHED FLOUR SACKS Heavy quality, no itains, bloach- , ed and laundarod, roady to horn or cut. Ma leas two to wo It aprx, 18x36. 25 FuH Double Bed Size. Striped PLISSE BEDSPREADS No-iron plisse, choice of bedroom pastel colors in broad' and cluster stripes. 1.99 White Percale PILLOW CASES SIio 42x35'/2 inchos, 146 threads par inch, wide horn. Snowy white. 28c Men's Short Sleeve WORK SHIRTS Sanforized blue dun- im, double itjtchad. Small, medium and largo sizot. 99c 'Men's 2.99 Faded Bluo or Charcoal DENIM LEISURE JEANS Nationally advertised at 2.99! Elastic back, belted front, sturdy sanforized sport denim. Medium and large sizes only. On sale 'til noon only. 1 .99 Never Before Has One Car Won All / Four Top Awards! MBNI SAVE ON MATCHED TWILLS! SHIRT 'n PANT SET. . .3.' Penne/s own cool, comfortable summer weight twills. Full cut, proportion sizod, reinforced, no skimping at alll Sanfor- ized, vat dyed. Machine wash. pants size 29 to 42 2.49 ihirt iizes 14 to 17 1.49 Women's First Quality FULL FASHIONED NYLONS Leg flattering smooth t% dull finish. ** Pr. 'I MEN'S STRETCHABLE NYION SOCKS Long wearing Nylon — machine */ Pf washable. -*•»•• 1 The men who know the most about cars pick Plymouth as tops in value, styling, handling, economy! PLYM,OUTH-"Your over-all bast buy"—Car Life Magazine. "After testing all the 1957 curs we choono Plymouth as today's over-all host buy because we feel that it offere more und better transportation value than any oilier 1957 cur ra- gurdlexH of price." (From the Juno i«siie of CAR LIFE, the family auto muguzine.) PLYMOUTH-"Style lender of the year"—Dell's 1957 Cars Annual. "Style Leader of the Year Awurd, presented to Plymouth Divimon of Chrysler Corporation, by the eili- torn of Dell's 1957 Curs Annual who have chosen llie 1957 Plymouth as the style leader of the American automotive industry." (Inscription on the actual award.) PLYMOUTH-"Economy leader of its field"-1957 Mobilgas Economy Run. "In the 1957 Mohilgus Economy Run Plymouth won first plane in Clnss'A,' the division that includes all of the well-known low- price curs. Tile winning Plymouth wus powered by a V-U engine wilh automatic IransmJHsion." (From the records of the U.S. Auto Club.) PLYMOUTH-"Suporlor ro'adabH- ity".-1957 Motor Trend Magazino Award. "Pn-Bcrilcd lo Chrysler Corporal ion for superior handling anil loadubilily fjiialilies of their family of fine ears." (Citation of lln: 1957 Motor Trend Award, presented annually to the U. S. manufacturer making the most significant engineering advancement.) • First in every way! The only low-priced car wilh road-taming Torsion-Aire Ride ... breath-taking Fliglit- Sweep Styling ... Push-Button TorqueFlitc or Power- Flilfi ... the .sure control of mjpcr-safe Total-Contact Brakes. Now's the smart time lo ijuy! Your Plymouth dealer has the buy of a lifetime for you today! ...the Car of Verified Value! Enjoy great TV entertainment from Plymouth I The laugh and love hit of the year, "DATE WITH THE ANGELS," starring BETTY WHITE, and LAWRENCE WELK'S "TOP TUNES AND NEW TALENT." So« TV section for time and station.

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