Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on October 15, 1919 · Page 9
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Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1919
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY EVENING, iZXXUlUiUUllO C TELEGirXFlX OCTOBER 15. 1919; tRT HUNTER TO ? GET POSTMASTER Civil service examinations will be fxell October 25 for a fourth - class postmaster to All a vacancy at Fort Hunter. Applicants must be 21 years of age, except women, who are eligible at 18. GOOD DUGS FROM ER III FAR EAST "Tour mother is getting stronger every day," writes relatives of S. Bhagwan Singh, 1345 Vine St., Phila., from Hindustan, East India. "That medicine you sent fixed her up in two weeks." ' Mr. Singh, a student here, said: "Several months ago I had trouble With my stomach, r was advised to take Tanlac. I got such wonderful results that when I received word that my aged mother in India was ill and run down, I immediately sent two packages of Tanlac to her. I am mighty grateful to Tanlac. I feel that it has - saved my dear mother's life." The genuine J. I. Gore Co. Tanlac Is now being introduced here by all leading druggists. LEO DITRICHSTEIN IN GOOD ROLE Makes Splendid Impression on Small but Appreciative Audience at Orpheum Leo Ditrlchsteln, the "Great, Lover" of the modern stage, played "The Marquis de Prlola" to a small but appreciative audience at the Orpheum last evening. It is seldom that Mr. Ditrlchstein favors Harris - burg with his presence, the .last time being in "The Concert," which he played with such success for several years. In his role of the Marquis, Mr. Ditrlchstein was more than satisfactory. He is a. wonderfully finished actor, reading his lines with the grace and ease and realistic intensity which very few stars obtain. His part last evening was one well suited to mm, one which he is rather accustomed to, in fact. "The Great Lover," which he played for many months, afforded him the same opportunities which the role of the Marquis allows him, though the "Great Lover" is a character which differs quite widely from that of the Marquis. As the paralytic roue, the cynical, unbelieving atheist, Mr. Ditrlchsteln arua riimrustinirlv sDlendid. In his more dramatic moments he surpassed even his former efforts. The attacks of paralysis, horribly realistic, showed him as the finished aetor that he is. The play Is not a pretty one. and I think Mr. Ditrlchsteln is preferable in other roles, such as that which he takes this afternoon and evening In "The Matinee Idol," but tor dramatic presentation of the der, "The Marquis de Prlola" cannot be surpassed. . . . The supporting company last evening was quite good. Brandon Tynan as the prottge of the Marquis, was a bit too "heivy" in his big moments, but very good for the greater part; Orlando Daly, as the Parisian, ecorid of the Marquis, played a difficult part very well, and Ann MacDonald, Lily Cahill and Josephine Hnner were worthy foils for Mr. Ditrlch - teln' aCUPg - MAX ROBERTSON. Solve Mystery of . Human Bones Found on a City Dump Bi .Associated Trett Cumberland, Md., Oct 15 The mystery involved In the.flndlns; of six skeletons in an old trunk on a city dump was cleared yesterday when a physician advised the authorities that the bones had been in his possession for a number of years for the purpose of study. He eaid he employed a man to remove them and thought they had been burled. ' "Harrisburg's Dependable Store" CONVINCE YOURSELF I i Hi Bypaying our store a visit and seeing the COURTESY with which you are treated see how we actually DO business and be ' one of our many SATISFIED customers who are appreciating more and more, every day, "a different "type" of SERVICE, SATISFACTION and absolute GUARANTEE - this is YOUR store where every purchase . must prove satisfactory by our most concrete ' GUARANTEE - Pay us a visit and you will be convinced that you have not made a mistake or have ; not been misled by. choosing "Harrisburg's Dependable Store," as your store And in our Clothing Department the best to be had in Suits and Overcoats at $35 $40 $45 Wm. Strouse & Co. is the home of LEATHERIZED THE insured clothing for boys and they .cost no more than the ordi - , nary kind "Metric Shirts" "Faultless Pajamas "Bradley Sweaters" "Vanity Hats 'Lewis and Vassar Underwear ... .. . mm. s 310 Market Street, Harrisburg President's Mind as Good as Ever, .Grayson Says in Personal Letter ' Now York, Oct. 1. The New York World yesterday printed the following excerpt of a letter from Rear Admiral Cary T. Grayson, President Wilson's personal physician, to an unnamed friend In New York. The publication was authorised by Admiral Grayson: 'T do not know of any disease that has not been Included In the rumors about the President. If I tried to refute all these rumors that have been scattered about, I would not have any time to devote to the President professionally. "I have not followed this course, and I do not intend to do ao. I agree with you f wish I was similarly afflicted It I could be as mentally alert as the President. "I' can sincerely say that his mind Is as good as It ever was since I have known him. "I hope the time will not be far distant when It will be considered safe to permit him to resume work, when his actions and his words will speak for themselves. "As he gains in strength his case is more difficult for me to handle, as he Is so very anxious to get back to work. "All the doctors I have called in agree that absolute rest and quiet Is essential to complete recovery. My great difficulty is to keep him from becoming Irritated as a result of the rest treatment, for, if he should, strain himself too severely, complications might result I believe you can appreciate the trying situation with which I am laboring." Would Penalize Railroad Strikers By A$ooiated Press Washington, Oct. 15. Inclusion In (he permanent railroad legislation of a provision to penalise strikes of railroad employes was decided upon late yesterday by the Senate Inter state Commerce Committee by a vote of 14 to 1. The committee did not enter into the details of the antistrike legisla tion, the vote being merely on the question of adopting the principle of penalising railroad employes for striking. Senator Stanley, Democrat of Kentucky, cast the only opposing vote, declaring he did not believe antistrike provisions could be enforced. .The committee vote was regarded as making certain inclusion in the final railroad bill of an antistrike clause somewhat similar to the clause of the Cummins bills pro posing fines and Imprisonment for concerted action of employes Interfering with Interstate commeroe. The phraseology of the antistrike clause is expected to be agreed on late this week. Lack of Million Dollars Will Not Keen Wonderful Machine Oil Market Edmund Miles. 956 South Twenty first street who claims to have Invented a perpetual motion machine, to - day Issued a statement in which he expressed disappointment that his Idea of $1,000,000 had been misunderstood. His sole Idea, he said, was to keep his machine under cover until he was secure. Several patents of his, he says, are in operation for which he received nothing, but lost lots of time, severe studying and money. Attention was called t several of them. ... . STOP HIM! Zemo the Clean, Antiseptis Liquid, Gives Prompt Read v. There is one sate, dependable treat" tnent that relieves itching torture end that cleanses and soothes the skta. - Ask any druggist f or a 35c or$l bottle of Zemo and apply it as directed. Soon Eu will find that irritations, pimple, ickheads, eczema, blotcbeajtngworn and similar skm troubles wiUoUsneat. Zemo. the penetrating, aatisfrins liquid, la all that Cc needed, for 8 twinyf most kH eruptions, ouks the akin soft, smooth and healthy. TbsB.V.KostCoaeTtlsad.Q Claim Mills Near Normal; Strike Leaders Insist on Gains By Astociated Press Pittsburgh, Oct. 15. Pittsburgh district steel mills aip operating more fully to - day than at any time since the nationwide strike of steel workers began more than three weeks ago, according to reports from representatives of the employers. The latest statements from the various companies indicated that hundreds of men are returning to work daily. Reports from the 'Carnegie Steel Company are that 39 of its blast furnaces are operating on full time. Clairton Steel Company officials say their 14 - inch mill which opened last Monday Is still running full blast, while 1800 men are reported to be at work in the plant of the Weirton Steel 'Company at Weirton, W. Va. The plant is operating "100 per cent." according to representatives of the concern. The claims of the companies were met by union leaders to - day with the statement that the Btrikers are gaining ground steadily and that no desertions have been reported. Strikebreakers brought into the Pittsburgh district recently are joining the union, an announcement from strike headquarters, said. Discharged Soldiers Raid I. W. W. Quarters and Destroy Literature Chicago, Oct 16. Aside from the situation at Gary, Ind., where disclosures of arrests of radicals and revelations of the discovery of alleged anti - Government plots by Federal authorities yesterday attracted nationwide attention, the industrial conditions in the Chicago steel district to - day showed no material change In the last 24 hours. From many of the plants tnrougn - out the district came reports of increased production with many strik ing emoloves returning to work af ter an absence or more tnan tnree weeks. Strike leaders Issued the usual statements that the strike had not been affected by the men who had resumed employment. An I. W. W. propaganda fcead - ouarters recently opened In South Chicago to - day bore a placard "stay away from South Chicago" and was empty of the literature it haa nousea Two hundred men including a number of discharged soldiers, last night marched to the hall, drove out the secretary and pitched the books and pamphlets into the street, where they were burned. War Tax on Series Nearly as Much as Owners Received Chicago, Oct 15. Nearly as much money was paid to the United States In war tax as accrued to the club owners of jach of the teams that partial pated in the recent world's series, it was estimated to - day. For the eight games 173,239 was paid to the Government as ' war tax, . while Charles A. Comlskey of the Chicago 'White Sox and Garry Herrmann of the Cincinnati Reds, got approximately $95,000 each. But. from that amount it is stated, it was necessary to deduct the expenses v of erecting temporary seats, players' salaries, the cost of transporting the players from one city to the other and their hotel bills, leaving to the clubs about the same amount as went to the Government. TOURING II. S. Wanhlag - toa, Oct. 15. Leaving Washington to - day, members of the French mission from the Ecole Poly - technlque to the United States will make an extended tour of Industrial and educational establishments in the United States. The itinerary calls for a stay at South Bethlehem, Pa., October 17, and It, with a visit to Steel plants and to Lehigh University. Constipation milotisness - necdache Dr. Chase's liver TsMets .aJSliMBidt!iv mMTmwtuatt rasww ssn bsbbsbbbsbi sssssb ssmsi ssbsswss lsBsMcsMetelssslaBeatar SSe. united MBiMcikn ooZnbMtA. ft. Carnegie Mills Operate First Since Strike Youngstown, O., Oct. 15. For the first time since the steel strike began, the Ohio works of the Carnegie Steel Company was operating to - day. Two of the company's blast fur naces started up, with indications of resumption in other departments during the day. The Brier Hill Steel Company has five open hearth furnaces in operation to - day, 'and the sheet and tube company started additional sheet mills. At the latter plant a large percentage of the skilled la bor has returnea, mm omciais saia. According to observers approximately 7,000 strikers, or about twenty per cent of the total in this city and East Toungstown have returned to work. Neither company or union officials would estimate the number returned to work. The valley remains quiet with few pickets on duty. Army Headquarters Show Need of Field In a bulletin issued yesterday from Army headquarters in this city, attention was called to the fact that n,liknw will Inaa its nnnortunttv to be placed on the . aerial postal . . . Service map unieas action is utKen soon by city officials to provide an aviation landing field Within the city limits where there will be ample ground and adequate police protection for any planes that land. TO PLAY TECH SCRUBS ' The Melrose football team will meet the Tech scrubs on the Island Saturday afternoon and the following day the Outfit will clash with the St Joseph's nine of Lancaster on foreign soil. Players are requested to meet for practise at Nineteenth and Greenwood streets, on Friday even ing. Players composing the squad are: Clough, Snyder, Dunkle, Harvey, Harrison, Strlne, Rahn. Matter, Kurts, Stouffer, P. Shafer, B. Shafer, E Shafer and Handshaw. NEGLECTING THAT COLD OR COUGH? Why, When Dr. s King's New Discovery So Promptly. Checks It ITS natural you don't want to be careless and let that old cold or cough drag on or that new attack develop seriously. Not when you can get such a proved successful remedy as Dr. King's New Dis covery. Cold, cough, grippe, croup does not resist this standard reliever very long. Its quality Is as high to - day as it always has been and it's been growing steadily In popularity for more than fifty years. 60o and 11.20 a bottle at all druggists. Constipated? Here's Relief Not that often harmful, always violent and temporary help that comes from harsh purgatives, but the comfortable, gratifying, corrective regulation of stubborn bowels so pronounced in Dr. King's New Life Pills. ; Tonic in action, they promote free bile flow, stir up the lazy, thorough ly but gently cleanse the system of waste matter and fermenting foods, and give you keen zest . for hard work and healthful recreation. All druggists 25c. Only 180 of 440 Treaty Sections Read By Associated Pre vUh. Ot. 1K - Rnat ml. I .lulr, miner thai,, niuilnniretl 1 .1 raw, wa....a - - struggle with the text of the peace Treaty to - aay, nave passea inrougn only 180 out of 440 sections of the mammflth A AMimAflt. fLOCfiFdlnaT . tO latest estimates. Debates and ora torical efforts of Senators alike nave Interrupted the progress ana mere ha laaiil.stlinai tr - A m r that thai proceedings would be speeded up in ine near luuiro, aespiie ma i u the senate convenea an nour earner, PASTOR RESIGNS Announcement has been made of the resignation' of the Rev. waiter Toliver as pastor of the Zion Baptist Church. : . ' MEMORIAL PARK ADDITION The Suburb Unparalleled. Adv. A DOCTORS EXPECT RETURN OF! if NET ITCMTA I VUUSlVMltWI If the grip comes back this fall, as doctors say it is likely to, be ready to fight off the germs by taking Father John's Medicine now to build new resisting power. - Remember, this pure food Medicine is guaranteed , free from alcohol ; and - dangerous drugs and has been successfully used for 60 years for colas, coughs and as ft body bisi&r. W aWTLaaBafV T . M - M - Sl ST m - m. i . m& JMSOW1V Barb ef IIGHT to the end at St Helena Napoleon kept his fastidious liking for a smooth chin. Bourienne. his biographer, says that he shaved himself .with singular dexterity, one valet holding the glass, another the . towel. The greatest of all war strategists was so proud of his razors that he stipulated in his will that hiq splendid silver shaving set must be delivered, on his death, to his son, the King of Rome. How much more pleased Bona - ' parte would have been if he could have added to these beautiful razors the convenience and safety of the A ReaUtyot mode ifiiiS A The same rightly - designed razor that Napoleon used the same fine balance in the hand and comforting "feel" on the cheek the same wide, keen - edged "shear only it won't cut your fece. In addition, youTl have a two - edged detachable blade with the best tetqptr of any blade on earth. Don'f tnrow this blade mwajf when dulled. You can hone it you can strop it - r why throw good steel away? These extra advantages added to the good points of the old razor have led seven million men to change from other razors to the Durham - Duplex, a real razor 01000 aafe. Go to your nearest dealer and join these seven million now today, THESE LEADING DEALERS SELL THEM: HARRISBURG, PA. ' H. B. ALTHOUSE, Third fc Muencfc Streets P. J. ALTHOI SE, ISth Mnrket 8t. ALBRIGHT A SIMONETTI. Hardware, 1218 N. Third St. BOGAR'S SPORTING GOODS STORE, 13 N. Market Sq. BOGAR HARDWARE CO. 131 X. Third St. W. BRENNER, JEWELER, 1315 N. Third St. COHEN'S SPORTING GOODS STORE, - 481 Market St. CLECKNER BUHKE, - 132(1 N. Third St. J. W. COTTEREL, DRUGS, - 1800 N. Sixth St. CLARK'S MEDICINE STORE, 300 Market St. CLARK'S MEDICINE STORE, 300 Broad St. C. M. FORNEY, SI N. 2nd St. GEORGE'S DRUG STORE, 1O0S N. Third St. J. K. GARLAND, DRUGS, 1830 N. Sixth St. GRUNDEN'S DRUG STORE, Y th & Boas Sts. GEORGE A. GORGAS, 1 Ji. 3rd St., Penn - Hnrrl. Hotel P. R. - R. Sta. W. B. GOODYEAR, 1001 Derrr St. GOLDEN ' SEAL DRUG STORE, 11 8. 2nd St. HARRISBURG HARDWARE CO 0 N. 2nd St. HARVEY A HEAGY,. 1200 N. 3rd St. . F. JOHNSON. DRUGS, 181 Mulberry St. B. H. JENKINS, 2300 N. 6th St. KITZMILLER'S PHARMACY, 1828ft Berry St. C. H, KRAUSS, JEWELER, 411 Market St. C, F. KRAMER, DRUGS, 122S N. 3rd St. CROLL KELLER, DRUGS, 405 Market St. W. J. KILLINGER, 37 8. 13th St. J. F. MILLER, 1782 N. 3rd St. MEHRING'S DRUG STORE, 4th 4 Peffer Sta. A. E. MARZOLF, HARDWARE, ' 2204 N. th St, C. A. MOLLER, DRUGS, 2nd Chestnut Sta. W. B. MARSHALL, DRUGS, 630 Boa St. C. F. MACLAY, DRUGS,. 6th A Forater Sta. MCALLISTER PHARMACY, 1880 N. 2nd St. MARTS BARRINGER, DRUGS, 13th Derry Sta. O. C. POTTS, DRUGS, 1100 N. 3rd St. PARSONS DRUG STORE, 1104 Ji. 7th St. RYDER HARDWARE STORE, 1218 N. 8rd St. SHENK TITTLE, 203 Market St. A. U. SPOTZ, 7 Ji. 13th St. It. M. STALEY, 1417 Ji. 6th St. W. F. STEEVER, 1324 Walnut St. W. F. THOMPSON, 2027 Ji. Oth St. THOMPSON'S HILL PHARMACY, . 13th & Derry St. XV. H. ZEIDERS, HARDWARE, 1435 Derry CARLISLE, PA. G. W. BOGAR'S SPORTING ' GOODS STORE, Ji. O. ECKLES, DRUGS, , M. F. HORN, DRUGS, ' V. H. RITCHEY, DRUGS, SHEARS i DRUG STORE, " STEPHENS DRUG STORE, DUNCANNON. PA. J. WILLS A SON, HARDWARE, A. L. ZEIFRUNG, HARDWARE, . DILLSBURG, PA. E. C. SNYDER, DRUGS, - ENOLA, PA. R. E. HOLMES, HUNTINGDON, PA. J. B. BROWN, JEWELER, HENRY'S DRUG STORE, READ'S DRUG STORE, ' ' STEELE'S DRUG STORE, SPONEYBARGER SPORTING GOODS STORE, W. TYSON, DRUGS, LEMOYNE, PA; ' W. M. SHEAFFEH. , LEWISTOWN, PA. FRANCISCAS HARDWARE CO, GANIES DRUG STORE, J. A. MUTHERSBACH, DRUGS, C. G. RHOADES, HARDWARE, RITZ DRUG STORE, J. P. ROTHERMEL, DRUGS. , MECHANICSBURG, PA. H. F. BRUNHOUSE, DRUGS, ' HUCK BROS, HARDWARE, J. L. POWELL, HARDWARE, E. C. SNYDER, DRUGS, THE QUALITY STORE. MERCER SBURG, PA. HARRY B. KREBS, MIDDLETOWN, PA. LAVERTY'S DRUG STORE, C. OBER, HARDWARE, RAYMOND'S, HARDWARE, ' WHITMAN'S PHARMACY. NEWPORT, PA. F. E. TAYbOR, HARDWARE, , NEW CUMBERLAND, FA. J. F. GOOD. " STBELTON, PA. H. F. COLEMAN, .. ' J. JIRAS, NOVELTY STORE, W. F. MAGINNIS, HARDWARE, W. K. MARTZ, J. A. McCURDY. PAUL F, C.EIGLER. If you are ft Durhan - tuplex dealer and wish to have your name added to the above Hat in aubaequent advertlaement. aend your nme and addreaa to thla newipaper and writ the Durham - Duple Baaor Co, for a tree window dlaplay. . ;; ' v ....... OMB DOLLAR COMPLETE Qreatet Shavirf MOeage at Any Afea TUs eat contains a Dofham - Duplat Raaot wkh an - teae ; wUM bandK safety goanl, streppinf attachment and padnf of, mdeom leather ut. wiumBrw"w",7,,"" Additional bladee SO cent's for ' O. f" y, l ; - " ptokaia or 5. ':r - - v::.:Xv, DURHAM - DUPLEX RAZOR CO. 190 BALDWIN AVBNITE, JER8BY CITY, W. J. FKANCC rrAtV CMMtaattao f 1

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