The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1931
Page 3
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!U,YTnEV!U,E. (AUK.) COTJUIRK NEWS Alhlelcs' Miracle Man Near Dealli luif. Tlic ir.en sitfns'n atiLVC \vcre l<iudii-l hy UK r.[:;«! (Misers ill' " and \\ef lame hack UnoLitrncil to mil early (he brilliant i-arct*r nf Hnnus >Yn"ncr. ir.'iliaps Ij.iscliall's j;rcalcbt shorfs 1 .'ji. hut "Ktim-sel- tti" salvaged \\'.i;iii:r add the l*i- late shir cc-ntimiud fur year> PAGE TTTOEl 5SLWPET BRUSHING UP SPORTS ... r , _ ....... Lanfcr •"mally Turn Senators; :•< it', the v.orld Iv.-U |:l:','cr.i. fighters hf-ro.?, ii'.u!: a the rroilitlH'U'. aiui all va'.ks of l.te—a I 'V'C •::':n; hi? HT h:..- l:"e:i T!:i- iilhri- dav h;- is a:tf-rli'-'.'.a!eh I his Tai- Ij'rihdav. .'.ny •": innrki'd the d.i'.o. II inUht have Urn? a L-oldni aimivevijai y—fov !he Drv 1 has Ijm <alva';in; :-hal- Urc'.l inru tr.r more thnn 53 y;ars. At 3? ho C"!lr: 'o .Vl'.cr'l-' 1 .. (l>l!U:;r.inf. frn:n Wales. Ho CLUiiMi 3m r.rt from o:ie of !d ij-:.rr<.lt"ir> o.~ In 1 -, n.iiive cotm- ry. nn .i::r::'i:l ::•:< li-.'iuU-l dew i from Jct'.rr l.i :::r.i for man;' rratiri". "Crihnpcdic rur;;t"!7" the medical men call it. mil musiy ho lur: healtyl l(.;:cvc(l tins Doc worked nilrack-s. K:mb 25 yiaiv. r.];c.'k'l.aot nf the Ohio Legislature: j>ror.t;ri him the ri'/ht lo practice according t:i his methods. In the years sirce tl'.cn tho'.r- nnd.s of event athletes and famous nrn si>:l wranon have come. to| the hoii:-L' ai ^rj Park avenue. src!;-| repair. Hut they received no' KK-atcr aiu'iuion thin dkl a man fio:H Llio miils \yho had fallen ii'.s \vhii? carrying h:s wife's wash! 117. licui:s v/a"ncr. Ty Cobb. Hattling Nelson, Ciiick L:nv.:. C>?orsc Ohio, Rtiinlry C(.vc!c.-:k:c. Bud Taylor. ncvorr! Hornsti:.-. Willie- Ritchk-. Ki'rii C'.iylcr. ^!ax C.iri-y — 'iic^e wrr? .r.nie. of the men ho made whole 4).' Ilie io;:ch of his hrl;ii]i r ,' hamij. Dor R'.'e^e himself has mad: nc of hir, power. Thi'-ugh the fiinin--:'. iincr.niiy =eii^: of fc:-lJn; in bis finders ho d:.^:ov?i'cd dislocations of innscl-. 1 :. joints and s.n- cw.s. Ht 1 poisoi^ftl !Treat an:i was nhle 13 break adh::iions by n -svfkk'N t^'irt. ' Tlitf cr.?" of Chic!-. l,ang. the ioc- lu'y, fm nibbed an exainple cf tite eld Line's rcinarkabk- power. Sevc-nil y^ars n^o larue so'l hnnijs formed on fjang's wripfs. Titc bane- Eotter manipuiate^ the wris'.s Be:iUy. • ."P'.es that hint?" lie asked La:ig. "r\V v. i^ the reply. I'lhen [he bat^sctter sei^crl both hands and cave a sudden, terrific jerk tliat brought Lang to his knci'S. p.'r£p:rat:o:i spoutina from liif . ft.rel>?ad. . '•"nicl ti'.at iu:rt?' r asked the Doc. '")'. j'.:s; r.bonl ki':!ed :ne," gai;Kd x Red 'Against O.sceola Indians Friday Ihe Biylheville lied SOA', rec?ni-- Th- ly c:-.i'.ni:ed indt-pt'iulcnt ta-.ebi'.li lows: clnh. will open Iheir h.rme si-a--o:i here Frid.-.y with the O.i'eol:'. I:i- dia::s. sironx semi-pro club, as tlirir oppcnents. Mayor Nrill Herd has IsMiril a proelpmarlnn rrnuc'tin': ail busi- ue:r, hot:?es to cicse fcv the jfa:nc FiOJiv alterncou. The earn" -vill h'j i)!u v c-l at Ilal'v FieUi. .siariin^ a 1 . ^ c'clork. Mrnl; \Vri^h' wil!' as •'ttff STARS Pldlj it APT v^.y^, • I'KOCLASIATiOX \V!u-rea:i (.-'jitain cit^'.enis of Bly- il:?vi!kr have or:;an:z?l [lie Bly- llievill? Independent Ba:eta!l Team ' tbat thb; city may l-.avL- the same | priviliMS as ctlier p!n:rs by pro-1 \\ciiii2 bi'siball ya:m.s during the r.i:!]^ner months, find. Sliculd line lei- tin: bull nfT Hi: li-ft heel or more tuu-iril ttie riglil foot'.' Slar.s differ greatly on the position of the ball with regard to then' leet. For the drive. J!o!>l>y Jours Whrrcrii !l:o! of Ihe nalionf.! P'.ays his ball olf the led Insiep. me and Ihe s-:c-fss of our home | Amons other stars the position 01 Lah.;. Then M:i'iag-v.-rvank Tina;her of"th- ! !' 1)r: by allemlin Sex an:! F'.rer'.cin or S r n!d:i w;r. take the mot:::d for Oscccb. Th; Sox c P ene:l th'ir season lasl . ,,. v ., lc . v : jlc , „„ t , uj Sunday will a d'eis^e 12 t, -I vie-...: &r ^.-thoviil" to^rcgo busi- •frv over the Mor.ett? Buffalo's a: ' = M':nette ird:cntln» :hat' tliev will frr cur sup- uames. and. •'that HIT i-],< : n;n:; rnmi' of the sea. son sh.nukl hr well attenrird; Now ?s Mayor cf the Cily ol the. ball is mucn farlh.r baek.;n have one of liie stronifst clubs in j his se:'ion. The Osceolans have iiv ays b:i?]i well ivpreicn'.cd on • '.lit <!i?.iH3'.!<I. The R'd Sox team ccrip^rc.l of local tabnt. ! n(ss rirrsuits nnd lo attend th- openh^ game of trn season of the UlythcvUlc fndepeiident Base!)all Team en Fiirlay, ,\'.ay 3. 1331 from •2 to j p. r.:. NEILL USED. May,-.r. ! tho jcckey looked at hi: r>:s. Tl'.c lumps had v.mishrd. "Ju^t anolhcr case of weep : n; iK'As." =.axi the Doc. "caused oni 'turning the v.rists while under : f.)!K r n-Balllin» Nelson came to the liaise of wonders i:i Ycunjstov.-n. He had ^rfckea his hav.ris in a fiilu v.;th Frankie V/hitney in At- lanLa, Ge... in thv spring of 1913. V/hni he rame ti ReesJ. his hands! ^ r . . „. . . w-;re han;:n ; from his wrists,] ^ mn ]; B Cll!ok '' '" ^HQW fe-!STA! nut Indian*, pare set .'I:. Ill I..i' Alluvion UM';IU'. MOni y.M-i.J.iy ivhilc lh. 1 SO:TII 1 pl.uv i:) the NV.v Yuri: Y.iu- ' ke, > ii-r ihe first lime in iinny mtsjii- The Cards weie idle hi l!v sniio: I'juiiit Inn the :,eroud plv iGi.nii'. won over the Hro:>khn Hob- ins. Tin- Indians hit (lie ol!.'rlir,.s of four P:. lyiui-, hurlers hard lu d;>*v'i tiie u,mi.-m.'s II l-j G. Jenkins n'' the ]t:i><.\n* nisi! l-'onsera of !!•..• In- ionic-is. The Indian. I'm' inns In Ihe Ihhd In'iln :. '1'!|.- Yankee tumid hi their His'. vU"L!iiy OVLT the Washington elub ill a iras; lime In 18 to 3. Th. 1 Yank >'.u!;r;ers broke Uiosl a-;'»lii::: li'.iikr anil T.nischiT to slam on. a :.'!>s:di i .i wm. f5c'.:iig and Keen 1 hit knurrs (or New York, liulihvj wns tii? wmnln:! luuler. N'eiv Ynrk sc:.iTxl ci&;lr. runs in the sec stanza. Tiie Micks pulled up even wilh the lied H-JX in their series at I'lill- adejphi.i. ',iUmiu p ; -I to I behln i t'.'.e flue piU'him; of Cii'orp.e llainshau. Webb's h^mer in Ihe elishlh saiul the Eox from a shutuoi. Haas L-.! the Mrn-k altnrk. The Chicago White Sox pounded out a win over the Detroit Tiyer:; wilh old Hctl F.iber holding the Bengals dc.iui. 7 to 3. The So: out seven extra bus..' blow:;. Faber relieved Frazler iin:l allowed the Ti;;eis but one hit in four Innings. Brooklyn failed to touch Ihe offerings of Fred PH/slmiiions with any .success at Ihooklyn yesterday and the New York Giants won a shutout victory, 8 lo 0. Pitzslmmons allowed only three scattered hits, Ineliidlui; a triple by Frederick. Clark was the losing hurler. .Chicago's Cubs continued to make merry ami reap a victory harvest nt the •expense of the Cincinnati Weds. They won yesterday, 8 lo -V. Swecllanj hurled well lor Chicago. Cuilop cf Cincinnati and Harlnett of Chicago did the heavy hitting. Every Cub got n hit except Hornsby who walked thrice. Boston's Brave.s came from behind in the final inning to score two rims and trim the Phillies, 5 to -1. A hoLurr by \Vorlhinsto:i. a single and triple by Bdmlmerich did tl:e work. Gehulmerich also homered. Arlelt .of the Phillies''hit f.0" the circuit. UION $170,890 |M AM ERA. , „. OP TriiS 15 THE STANCE By WILLIE MACFARLME, OPEM CHAMPION Southern he same thii'-T Marines. !!i \\.'':',:i:i r'l-fk Atl-m'-i In the second contest n close m-^r developed with the Biron? I 7 : 1 -; 1 !" loese r.v.el por.-eric^s. I J'.'' Iterf.e ir.anipulrted thc::i back in-1 -> '- si,.ip.\ N;!so:i a;kcd what th: I The Barcnr won th? t.. wr.uM he. ' n two-same .^;. II Ii "Wi-.p.'.cvcr it is worlh to you." I " n holtjin^ the r.""iS was Ilecse's rcpl;'. Sr.hlev ?. homer for "It's wotili e',erytliin? I've got," said Nelson. . "\Vhnfs yc'.ir name?" asked the honevUrr. "IJalthn^ Kelson," was the an- sw;r. . "I! co^t Ihe man who beat Joo Gans int one i!ime." replied Ihe Dec.-.-. -Aiv! 113 shook handj and i iO;it';j IJaltlrr on his way. srccn.1 pi.i:.v 'i!h th? M3- Si. Lor..s New Yc-lk Chicago Boston PiSSoturfrh PliilaOeli.'hia n 13 11 0 to 5 after rallying to sc^ve f-«r Bvcjtlvn ............. 5 M->vr!?o:i CineinnaU ........... 2 Do: Reese has no sons, but his ski'.! will b'? carried on by another jeii. raUnn. Of hi-, five daiujhteii;-- Mniy Anu. Snrsli. Elizabeth. Kath- ci-:u- and Cirri;i:ik--thc yotui'-rst. Geilrude. has learne;! much" of her father's a:t. Duriir: ihe last few years, she hns 1ia:id>.l i:iany of the patients whr. come to see the Bonesetter. Many prcple in Youngslown s.iy She is.."almost as-good as her dad." An ornhin at II. a toiler In the steci tniUs f'T yf.irs. n physician famed Uiroyghciil the world, the Doc has rclair.eii always a feeling 6t fsiin'r-s and friendliness for .a!l vho c.vtr.e to his door .v>. A kinT relief. *fh • rirh p:'.W hi:n. From t/.e pcnr he t«:k nothing. Ii 0 i«s Mwip-hlciird a neck to: a 10-rcnt ei.;ar. Another palirr.t cave I"'' 1 n cosily limousine iti tliauXtislncss. He-has bren dear to Yotings- Idiiil." l.-iti-'-y !li<i i''K ; ilar Friday visits.'to a i!o''V:r.o',vn hotel, wlrre 1 lunchrd with old friends nnd ifed the rrst of (he afternoon, ve been mi : .^d. runs In lh" ninth i:i:iin \v?s tlie winning hurler. Tiie Marlnr.s heat t'-.e C'-iiekv 7 i to 2. in (he fir=: c"ro'ri'"r n.-uh I Owens tnkin? !'-« Gh ; cVT-iw.s :•; hurl. Tiie Chicks mitbittrvl the 'Marines. II hiis lo f«v.-n. Tii lh" ^r-eirl rentes', an ahh r ev ; i'ed affair, the Chicks wr>:i. I f n i" w- C'l hi!ii:i-s. Hariunl rf th' M" phis club bested Oiilharn in a ci luirlin; (iuel. c.ic'.i p:'.c:er al'i in" four hits. i The Little Kork Ti-nvrlrrs nvv hold «ror,-.los5 by CJli.i'.ln an! lo-t I IT New Orl-.ins reliraus 7 to 0. j The Birds hit tiie ofTerir," of | hnrri. Th- Pe'.K cct till five • P ,. .511 si! n-.ain thins;, cf course, is to tee the ball at the sp:i where it will b hit by the club'r.eaJ at the lowest pMnt in the swing. i In Iron shots, many golfers play I Ihe hall sli;htly more toward t'nr j li';ht fool. This give.s you pr.rfecl I j>35i:ion ID hit t'.own r,n the bul so tha'. turf may be taken aftlr the tall is hit. ; TO.irOK!(O\V: How'ran one avoid ' shanking liis masliie. shuts? lli;h( on the mnttcr. nut, with Dick Porter playhiff n (j'eat name In drill for the Indians last year, and with Fjldic Morgun In'.i'iliv; Ihe ball all over the lot, 11 did appear that Bib and Lew ml^ht h: traded. Now look at iheni! Falk has been playing a Ecnsalional game in tield. He f?ol his clianec when Porter fell 111, and now Porter faces a- job displacing him. Fouseen. assigned (o until Morgan, who reported late, could get into condition, has started out as though he meant to make this another season like 10?.fl when he led the American l.eaju? in halting. The Old Man's Kids . Man o' War never won HID Ken- lucky Derby, the rhlef re.i.-en b 1 - ing that he'E. entered In it. But, In 102rt. a son of the Old Man's —Clyde Van Dusen—took the berries. This year there are four c.! Man o' War's progeny in the field. They fire Anchors Avvel?h. Friqalr Bird. Ironclad and War. Anchors Aweigh has been cutthij soiiir pretty |-!gli caper.s this yi-nr, and j ho can't be counted out. The olh- Is Bennett Tired? ers, of started, will be ions shots. Fred Bennett, formerly of the' ... Browns, declared a free agent by. Morvirh's Boy Judge Landi.s. signed with Ire 1'i- ! Mor.stone. son of Morvich. wis rates. Considering lhat Ihe Piratis. lightly regarded as a Derby ca:!;!!in the two Waners and Comorosky. date until lie woke up Ihe other • have one of the best outfields in Ihe day at Jamaica and won a pix-fur- National League, it looks as though ,1011" heat by 15 lengths. Mjr3'.",c i in 1:1> I As llv: Here is tin Malay's esphn-Uion iof u linll. When the bull gets an- oT nn ear'.hrpmke: The enrth Is iij^ry nnd shakes bis bead nn -Dji^tb- sarl of i'i!s. resliii? cm the horns I (piake results. .Gil .soo ,37-i 1 American N'ew York rhibcielphia Chic.igo - .Detroit ^ :B:i=ion - :SI. Ixjlli! V-'. 12 in 10 . 3 (I GAMES TODAY Snnlhrrn League Memphis n; Mobile. AUenta at Iiir::u;ie,ham Cl'.e;^a a'. Nashville. I ittlc Hci:k :H New Orleans. American i.ea^tic Chieaco at Detroit. Cleveland at S{. Ixniis. Hr.ston at I'hilarielphia. \Vashinslon at New York. National T.eatile Philadelphia at Hoston. N'ev,- York at Brooklyn. i;:ii-im:a;i at Cliicago. St. Louis at Pittsburgh. F'rcd wanted lo rest up a he joined the Uuc.s. as though , long heat by 15 lengths, bit when I made the three-quarters Crash, Crash! Every time Ihe track athletes «et logcther these days, no less than records are .shattered. I wonder how they do it? Watch Fonseea The Cleveland Indians had SMI:? j trouble in the spring in ?;«nin;< Ed- j die Morgan, first b.ispinau air.l | home run hitter. Finally Morgan j cama into camp. About the time Mcrgun appear- ' ed. Lew Fonseea and Bib Falk. right fielder, upprcachcd your correspondent in the lobby of the hotel at the New Orleans training base. In unison, they asked: "Where are \vc gciuc this year?" "1 hear I'm goin? to be traded to the Browns." s.ikl Right Fielder Bib. "I understand they are trading me for Willie Kaimn." .said Baseman Lew. Your correspondent could shed m 11-5, and just bree/.ed ! hanJIrappers s.^y. <3on'l overlook ; him. WANT 10 10 II ! The longest village In the worin • is probably Keinpton. near Bradford. England. It strangles alc:i.', a single rnad for seven miles hils off the Pel hur!:r. AUhouqh makinj . In Ihe final inning i stro-iT rillv the NashviMe Vol.s never had a chance to overcome the Lookouts win c-»: oil (-• a Urlve rim bat! nnd (he Lor.k- outs wo^. 12 to 4. Conrler Nc«s Want Ads Pay. 1'rrfcrrrrl Ton-ars In Wife ^T'OKANE '.Vashint'on. <UP» — ^etrcs Wadman. predai.-irv animal man's' hunter, can fare a. cougar without fli-ii-hisie. hr.l when it coi'ies to riandine mi l»fore his wife-tiial's a different matter he told a )url»e in divorce court here. lie sought a divorce nftr-r his father-in-law had allegedly threatened to kill him. The tide in th" world is |in llv Bay of Fimdy. where th 1 Vx'reine rise nml fall dillers hv. 70 | feet. For Sale or Lease Moiteni Collnr, Cijini:ig Plant, cciuippcd \\\\\\ Six S0-S:i\v rniitincMlal Gin St:i;nls, Mitchell Clcani i's. Two Hyilntulic rr«.--soy. Two 100-Hoi'si' PDWCI' F;iirl):iiiks Oil Kn;jiiK's, 'IVn Thousantl ttallon Oil Slovajrc Tank. Sooil Houses. Seed Hopiior. r>:tle CdUon House, Kniriianks Registering Scale-. All in lirst cluss condition. Located mi railro;id switch. W. V. SIIICT/rON, Jr., STORK CO. Kenned, M«. 77* \ SHORTEST \ LINE V BETWEEN USE PHONE HAVE BASE BALL Blytheville FRIDAY, MAY 8th Blytheville vs. Osceola Opening the Season High School Park Tho Mayor Has Issued a Proclamation For All Klorcs To Close For This Gamp. lietu'fil lilytheville Sdtools CA.MK CAU.KI) ^ 1'. M. ADMISSION — 50c FORD BRAKES ARE UNUSUALLY EFFECTIVE Reliability and safety due to simple design and careful construction ONE OF the firsl things you will nolice wlien you drive llic Foril is llic <i»icfc, effective action of its fn«r-whccl brakes, i Tlicy are imnsiially safe and reliable because tlicy urc inecliuiiicul, iiilcrnal expanding, with all lir.tkingBurfucca fully enclosed. This prevents mud, water, sautl, elc., from getting between llic Land and drum and interfering wilh brake action. Other outstanding features of llic Ford arc the Triplex shatter-proof glass windshield, four IIou- daillc double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers, aluminum pistons, torque-tube drive, more than, twenty ball and roller hearings, Rustless Steel, reliability, economy, and long life. You save when you buy Ihe Ford und you save every iuilo you drive. Tilt ?ORI> D K I, U X K PDA ETON TUfRTKKX BODY TYPES ^430 to ^630 (F. o. b* Detroit, pins freight and delivery. Bumper* and spare lire extra at low cast. You ton pnrc/inie a Ford on economical term* through ihe /tutkorizcil Ford Finance J'Jans o/ the Universal Credit Company.)

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