Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 6, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1895
Page 1
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YOL. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA- WEDNESDAY MORNING. MARCH 6. 1S95. ^^••^•^••••••^^••aVM^^BMM^^^^^^^BH^^^^^" ' lADIES! 00 oO Immensity of assortment and low prices alike proclaim us headquarters. A perfect stock, the best quality, the latest design, Not an old waist shown. $250 $2.00, $1.50, $100, 60 Cents. Silk Waists. All kinds of a celebrated make, fancy stripe?, black and blue ffll CA The latest styles. $G, |5 »pf,UU Colored Taffetas and Tartan Tlaids from every clan elegantly (Jlf7 AA made, perfect fit, immense sleeves, pouch front, pleated back ft | f \J\J The finest and best fitting waist made T Skirts. BlRok, Brown and ;Navy Cropons and Serges, full sweep, well fflO CA made skirts (j)U.Uu Black Crcpon and Boucle e(Toots, the thing with which to please (ftf7 AA the fancy of a, queen. Qoclet plftated, full percalmo lined, J)| t vJV very elegant, $17, ?14, $10 and T The belt and ties are here. This is the Ladies of taste's costume for this summer. Come where stocks are most complete, where only new goods are shown. One price. Your money back if you want it. Busy Bee Hive, 409-411 Broadway. 306 Fourth St. See The Specialists "For Chronic and Private Diseases and Deformities. Diseases of Women toeated by the new electrical method that has given wonderful results. . Don't forgot that tboir vapor treatment for all Cbronio Lang Troubles c^ts the remedies to the diseased spots and cures wheii everything else fails. Call ard investigate anyway. It costs you nothing f°r consultation. Drs. Christopher & Longenecker, AUThe Medical anfl Surgicaljlnstitute. 417 Market St, Logansport. Ind. For Fine Prating. * * You will find the Journal Job Rooms unsurpassed. LETTER HBflDS INVITATIONS NOTEitlEflDS, PROGRAMS, STrtTEMENTS, CflRDS, ENVELOPES n SPECIALTY. You get our figures andjwe'Il do the work. Do not fail to [call on theJOURNAUfor DEATH IN FLAMES. An Aged Woman and a Man Per- isli at New York City. Two Sisters Asphyxiated by Gas at Chicago — Colored Babies Burned to Death. Jo* Printing. NEW YORK, March 5.—About 7 o'clock Tuesday morning fire broke out in the five-story flat house, ^o. 370 Columbus avenue. The tenants were panic- stricken, and nearly all of them crowded to the fire escape in order to get away fro-n the flames, which were fast making their way to the upper floors. All escaped with the exception of one helpless old woman, Mrs. Ker.nett, 00 years old, who in tho excitement was forgotten nnd after the flames had been extinguished was found burned to death. Thu loss is about 525,000. .Man Jlurneil to Drutli. NEW Yonic, March 5.—Shortly be-fore 2 o'clock Tuesday morning Cre started in the kitchen of a restaurant at No. SOS Avunuc A, and before it was under control Thomas Dougherty, aged 20. was burned to death, and MJchacl Fanning, a, mail was-on driver, was severely burned about the face and hands, 1-1 c was taken to the hospital. Loss to property, 83,000. Two slKti-ro Anpliyxlatod. CHICAGO, March n.—Annie Bohan, 20 years old, a stenographer, and her sister Maria, aged 20, a dressmaker, wore found dead in bed in their room at C'H Ogclcn avenue, Tuesday morning having been asphyxiated by escaping gas from a defective meter. Colored JJiiIieti Uurnocl. BKEXHASI, Tex., March 5.—Wyafct Maybevry (colored) went to church Monday night and left his three children locked up in the house. The house: caught fire and thu eldest child, aged 7 years, escaped by climbing out of the window. The two youngest were burned to death, SHORT ON SENATORS. Knlluro to Klnct Leaven Delaware With Jiut One JU-Kibcr of thfl Upper House. DOVKU, Del., March 5.—The sixty- third ballot for a United States senator was taken Monday. It resulted as follows: Miggins (rep.), 8; Addicks (rep.), G; Massey (rep.), 4; Wolcott (dem.), 7; Martin (dem.), 3; Uayard (dem.), 3. The term of Senator Higgins having expired with the adjournment of the Fifty-third congress, there is now a vacancy in the United States senate from "this state. Uoth the llig- gins and Addicks factions remain firm and refuse to talk of n compromise candidate. They claim they will hold out us long ;is the legislature is in sessiou. This being the case, a successor to Senator Higgins will probably be appointed by Gov. Mrn-viii. SECURES HER DECREE. M.M. W. K. Vnnrtcrbilt V.'lns Il^r Suit for Ulvorco from Her lluhbuml. NEW YOHK, March ">.—Judge Harrett, of the supreme court, h;:s just granted a decree of absolute divorce to Alva K. Vaudcrbilt against her husband, W. 1C. Yanderbilt. As all the testimony and the report of tho referee have been sealed, no facts can lie ascertained as to the parties who are implicated with Mr. Yandrrbilt. Although a liberal allowance has been granted Mrs. Vanderbilt, there is no record of the sum which her husband has agreed to give nor. The only paper the public can examine is the decree of divorce. Mrs. Vanderbilt is to have the care and custody of her throe children. New Aujutilllt tirm;l-.ll. LAXsrsn, 'Mich.. M'aixh 5.—The vacancy caused by the sudden death last week of .V.jt.'Cun, Charles L. Eaton was filled by the appointment of Col. AVilliam S. Green, of Detroit, ex-president of the state military board and past commander of Detroit post, G. A. 11. The new adjutant general was a Massachusetts artilleryman and has an extensive . acquaintance among the members of the national guard. William W. Cook, lieutenant colonel and assistant adjutant general, will be retired. Ship Canal Survey Becln». WABREX, 0., March 5.— The preliminary survey for the ship canal from the Ohio river to Lake Erie was begun under favorable conditions Monday afternoon by J. C. Oliphant and party, who are to work from here to the lake. They arc accompanied by Chief Engineer George Lehmam, who will remain with them until,Tuesday. The first surveying was done in this city. \Vestlaclionso Works Start Cp. WILMEBTJIXG, Pa., March 5.—After several months of an almost complete shut-down, the Westinghouse air-brake works here started up Monday in full on double turn, the first time since the plant was built, four years ago. About 3,000 men from now on will find employment here, and the works will run steadily. ________ Fire »t Ottan-a. JU. OTTAWA, 111., March 5.—Fire, which originated iu the cellar of the Armory building Tuesday morning,caused a loss by smoke and water to the firms occupying the building of over 511,000. The Gem Clothing company sustained, the heaviest loss—59,500. The building 1 was only slightly damased. SILVER PARTY LAUNCHED. Voters .A»kpd to Nominate by 1'otitlon » ' Candidate for tlie 1'reniiUsuny. TVASiiiXGTOX, March 5.—The American HimetiUlic loapfue, which has been holding- a. meeting here during- the last two weeks, will very soon issue an address to the American people asking 1 their support for a new party having 1 for the principal planks of its platform the free and unlimited coin- iijre of silver at the ratio of 10 to 1, and demand that the money of the country shall be issued by the government itself. The address will inaugurate a new feature in American politics, and by doing 1 away with the old system of noininatius: conventions will call upon the people themselves to nominate candidates for the oflice of president and vice president of the United States by petition. It is arpued that tlje <iele- g-ates to nominating conventions do not always represent the views and 'wishus of "the people sending- them, and it has therefore been, deeicljd Unit the people themselves, ia their own names, shall for once name their candidates. The league has had in conference here during 1 the last two weeks leading- silver men from twenty-four states and territories :nul the decision to ask the voter,-; of the country to lay aside their allegiance to the old parties nntil the great iifrht for silver has been won was not arrived at without much deliberation and consultation with thu silver leaders in all sections of the country. The address will place in nomination Joseph C. Sibley, of Franklin. Paw-hose term as representative in congress from the Twenty-sixth district expired "Monday. Mr. Sibley declined to run for reelection last, fall, preferring- to retire to private life, and it was only at tlic urgent and persistent solicitation of the members of the eon- fei-euce that he tinally consented to head the movement for a new silver part}' ______________ OFF FOR AN OUTING. President Cleveland JLonvcs lTii»lilii(ttoB Seeking K<nt iu*fl Kecrciitlou. '\\'ASInxr.Tox, March 5.—The president left Yv'ashing-ton at JO o'clock Tuesday morning on the lighthouse tender Violet, which is to make her regular tour of inspection in the lighthouse district, including- the sounds of North Carolina. The president was accompanied by Dr. O'Reilly, his physician, Commander De F. Wilde, naval secretary- of the lighthouse board, and Commander Benjamin Y. Lamberton, inspector of the -lighthouse, district. The cruise of the Violet will cover •about the- s;i"»e.' tqmtory...as . was cov- f "ered on 1 , her former'trip with Mr. Cleveland. The trip is likely to last for a week or ten days. DECOY LETTERS ARE LEGAL. So Suy« tho L'nltcil States Siipri-uio Court In » KiM'i'ht UrclMim. Yi'ASiiixGTO'. March 5.—The supreme court met alter a recess of. four weeks, with all the justices except Mr. .lack- son in attendance. A long' list of opinions was disposed of rapidly. Tho interesting' question whether the conviction of a pel-son by means of a decoy letter is legal was passed on in the case of one ilrimme, convicted in Missouri for dealing in obscene pictures. Ife answered a letter from a post office inspector which resulted in his conviction, and he appealed, complaining against the means by which it was secured. The court held that, decoy letters were both morally and leg-ally justifiable. Biir Combine Coutuinphitud. jSTicvr YORK, March 5.—A Times special from Newark. N. J., says: A gigantic street railway deal is said to be under way by the- consummation of which the Broadway Cable company, of New York, the Consolidated Traction company, of New Jersey, and the Philadelphia Traction company are to be united. This deal would result in the formation of one of the biggest corporations in the eastern states, as •amount of stock represented by tho three companies aggregates something like $200,000,000 Want to Create a Monopoly. LOXDOX, March 5,—The Pall Mall Gazette says another attempt is being made to unite the petroleum, producers in Russia under the auspices of the Nobels o.nd the French Rothschilds and thus create a monopoly. There will be a meeting of producers with this object some time within the present month. The project is favored by the Russian ministry o£ finance. Must Give Up All Their PniDSKb. CHICAGO, March 5.—Railway postal clerks are in a great state of Indignation over an order SP.nt from. 'Washington to the division superintendents of the service requiring clerks to give np all railway passes in their possession. Member of Commons Gone. , Loxnox, March 5.—Sir Joseph Dodge "VVeston, member of the house of commons for the east division of Bristol, died Tuesday. In politics Sir Joseph was a liberal of advanced views iu favor of home rule. He was a magistrate of Bristol, and was mayor of that city from 1SSO to 1SS4. Will Attend the TJnTeihnR. PAJUS, March 5.—The Figaro says President Faure will be present at the unveiling- of the Carnot monument in the province of Cote L'Or on the anniversary of the 1 murder of the late president. ARE IN EARNEST. Cuban Eebels Are Very Anxious for Freedom. Laio Advices Showing How General the Movement Is — Government Soldiers Kept Busy. NEW YoiiK, March 5.— The steamer Viffilancia,. which arrived Monday, brings interesting news of the revolution in Cuba. According to the passengers the outbreak is of a more formidable chai'ac- ter than the Spanish authorities seem willing to admit. La Lucha. the loading republican paper of Havana, under dii°o oC February 2S. gives the following account of the different outbreaks: "Vlvln Culm T.ibrc." "The first now.s or Uie rovolulioa was ro- ccKud in Monozar.illo Febumry -3. A puny of over iKty mun ;it Cuiicis!? li;id brol;en oia Into '-lio fiiuiillsir cry of ihe Cubiin pmrlots •VivHi Cuba Libre!' CT.o:iK live free Cuba") Tho b;inil w:is hosuieil by Don Uartolo Muso, ouo or tho Iciuturs In tin: revolution in l«». He was iiccompini'.eil by Don AinaJor Ouorr anil Dou Enrlquu Cospccles. MiKic Ovorttin's of TVarir. "The Kovcriimont tried to capturo Mic banil wHiumt bloodiln'il and maiio overtures. A commission compiled 'jf Don Jiiua Kaml- roz. Uo:i Elelisipi Leon. Don Guilk-riDO. S-.akemon and Don Ku-son R:o< was appointed to treat with them, out tho revolutionists bail ri:tr«iiieU and the commissioners returned without accomplishing uny -Another outbrc.il; wtis in 13;vin;, but the object there w:us to procure tho removal o[ the alcaliloof .littunhi. and thi- in-.modluio establishment ot reforms Ion;,- recommended by Don Maura in tbc Spanish courts. ••Silll another revolt manifested itself in Jo-uey Granfle. Tho insnr«cnts imrocili»*.els raised' the cry of Cuban liberty. Their success was of short duration, ror they were de- teuted by a detail of government troops. ••In the eastern part of island is another outbreak that seems to be of more serious i-har.icier. as the uoverr.incut ha; sent from Havana :v battalion of troops be- lonirlni; to the rcpiiacnt of Isabel la Git- loUici, under the command of Col. Fidel San- tosi-lldes. to subdue Iu Another party of revolutionists has been discovered at Jlarrero, near Colon, and in Guantonoma is unotlier uprising. ^ Ua, K ||t Killed. "The last uprlslnp was reported in Seiba Moclia. a-,il was headed by the famous bandit Manuel Garcia, generally known in Cuba us -Key i!e Jx>s Campxs de Cuba' ('tlic Hiitf of the cuuntrv .of Cuba'). He proposed to plunder In the name of freedom. But one day his party murdered a mulatto, .lose Lope/.. The report o! the sun which Killed T,opc:'- frljth toned Garcia's horse and ho dashed uway. When ho was returning the wholo party ir.ot'bim with a volley. He was burled in tho cemetery at T^a Mocha." Klotcrs Disposed to SurroiiUor. ST. Twouif, March !>.— I-atc dispatches from ITavana state that the governor of the province of Santiago has reported " to the governor gcncr- nl that tiie rioters at, lilaire arc disposed to surrender, and a favorable result of parloyings with them is expected very soon. The entire band of insurgents in Joguey Grande, with M'ajTero, their leader, "have surrendered. " • j.Uirtolo >Taso, commanding -00 men in" tliedistrictof Monozanillo, has taken refuge in the mountains and is completely discouraged. There is a band of JOO men under Amndor Gtiurra, and a small band is stationed n t Bayamo, headed by Esteben Taraayo. The milit:i.ry commander of Guanto- noma reports that several members of 1'oclro I'erex' baud liave surrendered. Tlie ofiieials ot the district assert that the rebel force there- numbers only 1^0 men; that they are poorly armed arid have very little ammunition. It is thought that they expect u. fresh supply from abroad and warships arc cruising along the coast to intercept any vessels that may bring ammunition for them. Martial Law Declared. HAVANA. March :>. — Martial law has been declared in the province of Santa Clara, as the result of the uprising of two insurgent bands, one of them under the lead of the notorious, bandit, Malagas. VflVL Uavo Civil Trinln. WASJIJNGTOX, March !i. — The Spanish government has given assurances that American. Citizen Jose Maria. Afruirse, captured with other rebels in Cuba, as well as two other Americans among the prisoners, will be tried by the civil tribunal. All revolutionists who are Spanish subjects will be dealt with according to martial law. THE MONETARY CONFERENCE. Senators and Kcprtnentatlvci Appointed UK Delegates. WASHINGTON, March 5. — As announced, the senate in executive session at 2 a. m. Sunday selected Senators Teller (rep., Col.), Jones (dem., Ark.) and Daniel (dem., Va.) as delegates to the proposed monetary conference. Speaker Crisp was relieved of the a-opointment of - one of the three delegates to 'repi<fkent the house at the conference by the^option of a resolution naming the spider W as a member of the 1 delegii^n. Tt remaining delegates are Messrs. (rep., 111.) and Culberson idem..,Tex.;?^ Speaker Crisp "and Mr. Culberson are* free silver advocates, while Mr. llitt occupies a diametrically opposite position. _____ _ _ Sir Kuwllnnon IJead- T,OXDON. March 5.— Maj. Gen.. Sir lu-nrv (JrcMvicke Rawliuson died Tues-i .. -.."i .r.i:-i:r. H'e^was formerly Britr .. • ..•'..,- to the shah of Persia .'-.- member of the couucil NO. 56. HOOSIER HAPPENINGS. News Briefly Told from Towns In Indiana, To Get u. Now Trial. TV.\sm>-GTOX. March 5.—The supreme court of the United States in an opinion rendered by Justice \Vhite has reversed the verdict and judgment of the court for the district of Indiana and ordered a new trial in the case of Francis A. nnd Peroival 1>. Coffin. Th.\v were indicted for conspiracy to v v;.-k ;ho Indianapolis national b::nk which failed iu the panic of lSf'3. The defendants were sentenced to the penitentiary for ten and live years respectively. Tho reversal was based on Judge Baker's charge. ROCKVILLK, Ind., March 3.—Six years ago Aliee Holies, a school-teacher iu this county, was engaged to marry iliram Cower, who lived in Oklahoma, but not heaving from him for several years she later married lirant Cronk, a farmer. Gower's brother has arrived here be-aring news \hr>t Iliram died a. few months ago. and by his will he left S2.1.000 worth of Oklahoma City property to his former sweetheart. Mrs. Cronk's hnsliand has trone west to perfect title to the property. Srarohmc for Oyn-.iinH.flr^. VixcKNXKS, Ind.. March S.-Early Monday morning at the town of Decker. 12 miles south of here, a dynamite- bomb was thrown under the house of C. A. Heuuett, shattering the dwelling-. No one was hurt. The wildest excitement prevailed and guards were placed around the building-.while parties were dispatched to this city for police and bloodhounds, both of which have begun their work, AgiiliiKt tin- SffrpilliiH: F.rtlilan.. ISDlAX.M'orjrs, Ind., March 5.—Judge Brown has decided the case of the Koerner lodge. Knights of Pythias, m favor of the plaintiff. The ruling agrees with the court's decision of th« law questions involved three montha ago. The decision gives the property of the seceding German lodge to the grand lodge of the state. tSr»ve Kot>b<-m Con-rlctcd- FR.MNKJ.I:;. Ind., March !>.—• Jamei T'~'jjii3ck and Thomas Kirk,.of Indianapolis, and Lee Martin, of Greenwood, have been convicted of robbing the grave of James M. Curry, ex-sheriff ot Johnson county, last Christmas eve at Greenwood, and the jury fixed their punishment at six years each in the state prison. -• CoulO Not Acf'c. S)iKLByviT,i.E, Ind., March fi.—Tho jury in the case of Maggie Kuhn, charged with murdering her husband, failed to ngrc.C; standing G for conviction and G vfor acquittal. The defendant was returned to jail, whero she is confined with her mother and two brothers, who were indicted with her, Accidentally Killed. LA. PORTE, Ind.. March 5.—lion. W. II. Schoeneman, an ex-member of tho Indiana legislature and a politician of (state reputation, was instantly killed ut Michigan City Monday afternoon by the accidental discharge of a revolver. FntnUy Jnjurod. WABASIF. Ind., March ,1.—Andrew >lann. a fanner living near South White!} 1 , was fatally injured while chopping wood on the farm of William Lansdon, a large limb falling upon his head. _^ Attempted Suicide. SOUTH liiixu, Ind., March 5.—Mrs. 15. T. Schermcrborn, whose husband is said to be in a Chicago hospital, attempted suicide in this city, but a physician arrived in tiine to save her life. Bled of Diphtheria. ELKHAI'.T. Intl.. March !>.—On Sunday two children of Mr, and Mrs. S. J. Dilt./c died of diphtheria. Monday another child died and their remaining two children arc critically ill. The Oldest Renldnnt- TEBKE HAUTE, Ind., March 5.—John Wanner, aged 04, a native of Berkf county. Pa-, died here Monday morning. He was the old resident of thi» city. . Uoe» i'olHonnil. TEKRE HAUTE, Ind.. March 5.—Within a f-ew days more than 100 dogs hare been poisoned in this city. Some ol them were valuable animals, To Pot Klajjn on School liou««;«. *! K-VXKAKEE. HI-, March 5.—Whippl'j';' post, of the Grand Army of the Repu>> lic, has undertaken the task of floating 1 the stars and stripe.-, over every schoolhouse in Kanka.k'ee county on next memorial day. . T-ivo JSIock* Jircrrwio. • - ERIK. Pa., March n.—The business portion of Waterford was destroyed by "Sfe Sundaj-. Two er.tire blocks, comprising seventeen business places, are in ruins. The loss will probably reach nearly §100.000. Ceiixus <Jllic<- Not x. If arena. WASHIXGTOX, March 5.—The census office has ceased to exist as a bureau and hereafter until the work of the eleventh census: is completed, will constitute merely a division of the interior department. About a score of the census volumes are yet to T>e published. Of these twelve are now r«ady for Usa- ance.

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