Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 12, 1957 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1957
Page 10
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Tea Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Couple Likes Each Other But Has Nothing in Common Dear Ann: I'm not a letter-writ- tr. In fact, this is my first plunge into the "free-advice creek." Never thought I'd do it—but here, I am. I'm dating- a man who is 'a year younger than I am. He's a Catholic and I'm a Protestant. I'm a dancer and he's a sitter. I brim with n- ergy and he's the calm, cool and collected type. I like Little Theatre work and he goes for soft-ball. He's ft Yankee and I'm.a rebel. The only thing we have in com mon, Ann, is that we like each other very much. Is this enough? Or should I stop this romance before someone gets hurt? Please advise me.—CASSANDRA Dear Cassandra: You've selected i most appropriate signature. Cassandra was the prophet of Troy who looked into the future and •warned her countrymen of ap- preaching doom. Look into the future and what do .you see? • I see two. churches—one for you -and one for your husband and the' ; children. I see a woman dancing— -but not with her husband. He's a . '"sitter." I 'also see a couple going ; -their separate ways for recreation because she likes Little Theatre work land he goes for soft-ball. In the evenings when you two are at home together you could argue about the Civil War. The word from here is NO. * * * Dear Ann: Is the way most people address you when they write, but I prefer to start this letter in my own way: Look Stupid: The answer to "Lonely Wife" made my blood boil. Your crack that "The Other Woman isn't fit to shine the wife's sheas, much less fill 'em" was a classic in brainlessness. Oftencr than you care to admit, Mrs. Landers, it's the other way around. Of course you could never say this in print because you must always be on the side of Marria^, Motherhood and The United States Marines. I know of more than one husband who would give hi.? good right arm .. __ ...__ ... _ If he could get rid of his wife and i paper and enclose a stamped self- former marriage who is 18 years old. Her daddy died 10 years ago and I've raised her to ,be a fine girl. My husbands keeps kissing this child and when I tell him to kiss the baby instead he says she's too little. He has a habit of kissing, my sisters and my cousins, also my mother who will be 80 years • old in September-. Can you tell me what to do? This is upsetting me. —WHJMA I suggest you pay a littel less attention to the new baby and a little more to your husband. This guy is apparently a very-affectionate type—so pucker up and be ready. P. S, Since he seems to limit his kissin' to the kin you shouldn't be upset. Dear Ann: I was all dressed and phone rang and- it was his buddy. He said, "Howard says to tell you he's sorry h« can't make it." I asked if Howard had suddenly taken ill and'he said, "No, he just changed his rnind." I felt so hurt I cried. If Howard should ask me for another date some time, should I accept? I like him a lot, but I think this was a real dirty trick. —DISAPPOINTED If Howard isn't old enough to use a dial telephone he isn't old enough to go out with girls. If he calls for a date' within the next :wo years, tell him you've had enough of that old alfalfa and the answer is No. * * « CONFIDENTIALLY: A GROWN •IBL: If you don't put an end to :his dictatorship at once, youll be stuck -forever. A girl of 2fl shouldn't have to fill out a ques- .ionairc every time she leaves the house. Tell the family to lay off or you'll move into a rented room. Envelope May Reveal Ago Khan's Successor, Reveal Untcjd Wealth GENEVA,'Switzerland (UP)-A sealed envelope in the office of a Geneva lawyer was reported today to hold two of the Aga Khan's best kept secrets—the name of his chosen successor and the amount of his untold wealth, The 7!f-year-old leader of the Ismail sect of the Moslems died Thursday 'morning following a heart attack at his villa in' suburban Versoix. And his tens of millions of followers were most anxious to le'arn whom the Aga Khan had chosen,It was .believed Che letter, containing the Aga Khan's will, would ready to go out with a boy who've opened today or ^Saturday^ asked me two weeks ago. The tele- "~~"~ " " """ (Ann Landers will be happy to iclp you with your problem's. Send Ihem to h-er in care of this news- marry "The Other Woman." But society exacts too great a penalty, financially, socially, emotionally, and otherwise. So, he sweats it out with the old ball and chain rather than upset the apple-cart. You'll never print this in the column because it doesn't agree •with you. But at least I've had my say.—A READER Dear Reader: Since you can read, why not take a good look at the small print on your boy friend,'s marriage license? # * * Dear Ann: I've been married to this man for two years. We have a brand new baby who keeps me very busy. I have a daughter by a Thrifty Sewing for You SEW SIMPLES Gay little summer loppings that ire fun to sew, and. economical, too. Halters require less than a yard of fabric; the blouse slightly %nre. No. 8407 with PATT-0-KAMA In- cludod is in sixes 12, 14, 1(1, 18, 20. addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Hospital Notes ST. JOSEPH'S Born: To Mr. and Mrs. James Elzbeck, 806 Garticld avenue, a daughter; to Mr. and Mrs., James Laing, 530 Washington street, a daughter. Admitted: William Strahlem, 520 Helm street; Mrs. Patricia Townsley, 1220'/i East Broadway. MEMORIAL Born: To Mr, and Mrs, Charles Moss, route 1, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds Lake, Rockfield, u daughter. Admitted: Louis Emmerd, (18 Sixteenth street; Mrs. Mary Simons, 022 Shullx. street; 'Charles Walker Jr., roulo 1, Delphi; Miss Mary Ellen Hudson, Lucerne; Cophus Teel, Itoyal Center; Mrs. Oracle - Ross, Wlnamac; Kenneth Bell, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Dismissed: Miss Joyce Quadc, ftBB Garfleld avenue; Mrs. Luln Buck, 338'/ 2 High street; Mrs. Jennie Morris, 1333 College street; Miss Nellie Lewis, '1518 Miles street; Master George Drake, 112 Eleventh street; Robert Shideler, 115 East Linden avenue; Mrs. Kathleen Walleske, Flora; Mrs. I m o g c n e Schreckenghaust, 833 State street; Mrs, William Glover and son, route 2. Moslems were anxious to know if Prince Aly Khan, 41, — the nominal successor — or young Prince Sadrudd-in, • 24, would inherit his father's leadership. Two others were eligible, Aly Khan's two sons by his first-marriage, 19-year-old Karim and 18- year-old Amine. But Aly, one- ;ime husband of Rita Hay-worth, was considered .first in the running. Bluebird in the Kitchen Embroider a set of towels for your kitchen rack with these,eye- catching bfucliird designs; or .cut off tho day name and use the motifs on guest towels. Either way, you're sure to receive many compliments! Pattern No, 5BC5 contains hot- ron transfer—7 designs; material .•cqlurcmcnts; color chart; stitch illustrations. Send 2!>c in COINS, your name, address nnd the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT, Pharos- rribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, Illinois. It's ready! The 11)57 Needlework ALBUM — fifty-six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus llrections for making 3. crochet items and a ciuilt. Only 25c a copy I Gatveston The Galvcston Lion's club voted at its regular meeting to buy an inhalator for the Galveslon fire department. This i.-j a project of the club for the benefit of the community. This-was the last meeting before the summer recess. Miss Chris Smith of South Bend has been visiting at the homo of her aunt, and uncle, Mr, and Mrs. Robert Sines. The Methodist W.S.C.S held on all-day meeting at the home of Mrs. Flossie Ault. Miss Mary Sprinkle, president, who was In charge of the meeting, read the purpose of the organization. Mrs. Olivcno Altebcry gave a reading, and a covered-dish luncheon was nerved during the noon hour. The rest of the day was spent in sewing. The meeting was attended 2-5, burglary. William .lolmson, Elkhnrt, 1955, 2-5, burglary. Mesdames daughters, Lucille Wilson Thclma Walker, and Eva nnd Kathryn Scott, Pearl Ault, Size 14, 34 busi % yard of 45-Inch > Moynlo Garrison, Ada Wilson, Nol- for oach halter; blouse, 1% yards. lic n ush nn(i Lcnr m Cornell. For this pattern, send 35c In COINS, your name, address, rlze desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago «, 111. ' Include 25 cents more with your pattern order for the Spring & Summer '57 issue of our pattern .book Basic FASHION. It contains dozens of smart new styles for all ages; gift pattern printed inside the book. The Hicks reunion was hold at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hicks. Those present were Mr. nnd Mrs. Bill Diuilela and son, of Indianapolis; Mr, and Mrs. Bob Gray nnd family, of Montlcello; Mr. and Mrs, Bob Smith and .loan, of Midiigantow;]; Mr. and Mrs, Carl Elliott of Logansport; -Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ecord of Flora; Mrs. Mnry Joo Slivy and son, and Mrs. Donnbelle Krutzer nnd son, of Peru; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hicks ROX Y JUU4NCE TOOL — COOl - COOL TODAY & SAT. Open 1 p.m.—35e Til A 2 Features—Comedy TK. llBtMng Mar ol 1*Mtt«MM<(- AUDMMWHIT Mui J.rl.1 "King •! th. Carnival"— »im.—"Hvmm Jun|U" *. "Shot Oun" Josephine Lowmon 15-Year-Old Needs to Lose Weight, Trim Hips Here Is a good hip-trimming exercise. (The 'Friday QueeUpn Box) [Stretch, Strengthen Back Muscles.' Q. "I know I am big-boned but (Released by The Register and I think I am very fat, too. I am 15 years old, 5 feet tall and weigh 120 pounds. Measurements: bust 34, waist 24 and hips 37. Is there anything I can do to reduce my large Debby Butler, two year old hips?" A. You are overweight but since you have a large frame you may not need to lose more than five to 10 pounds. Your measurements are in fairly good proportion, although little loss from the hips would make 'your figure more attractive. My hip-slimming exercises will trim this area. If you or any of my renders these, send would like to have a stamped, self-ad- SUNDAY 5865 SATURDAY dressed envelope with your request Lo Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. , • Q. "I have just had a baby. Be- Tribune Syndicate, 19K7) Winamac Debby Butler, two year daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Butler, is recovering from cuts and bruises she received Monday evening when she was struck by a car driven by Mr, Andrew Sera. The little girl was crossing the street with her mother near their home on North Monticello street and dashed out in front of .the car. A daughter, was born July (i, to Mr. and Mrs. James Berry oE Kc- wnnp.a at Carneal hospital. A daughter was born July s to, Mr. and Mrs. James Louthain of Royal Center at Carneal hospital. Mrs. Ruth Stults of Medaryvllle underwent surgery at Carneal hos- fore the baby, and even through | pltal on Tuesday. high school and college I weighed A Jarge'portion of the-people in 126 pounds and measured bust 34, waist 24 and hips 41 inches. Now, after tho baby, I weigh 104 pounds and measure bust 32, waist 22 and hips 38 inches. I am 5 feet 1'A inches tall. My baby was born prematurely and I lost him. Perhaps that accounts for some of that loss in weight. Please tell me what you think of my figure?" A. I am so sorry to hear about your Joss. You are underweight now, and should gain around 15 pounds, or close to it. Your bust and waist have been in perfect proportion with each weight. However, your hips are out of line. Take hip-slimming exorcises regularly. Q. "I am 14 years old, 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weigh 130 pounds. Am I too fat? I think I am but my friends say I am just right." A, Na. you really are not too fat. At the very most you should lose only five pounds. Since you look just right, you .probably do not need to lose any. This depends pni'tly on bone structure. Vour measurements are good, too, ex- iccpt that you are just a little thick : through the middle; but this Is natural at your age nnd you will slim clown in this measurement naturally. THREE CRT PAROLES INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — The Indiana State Prison Parole Board las authorized paroles for the flowing men: Homer Pribolt, sentenced from Lake County In 1947 lo 2-W years 'or sodomy. Q. "Is it possible to have something dnne about big ears? Both my ears arc like ripen doors. As a young girl, fortunately, it was becoming lo have my hair long and full around my face. But I have passed the high water mark In years now and very much dislike little girl hairdos on women who are no longer little girls. I'd like to bo able to wear short, neat liair- Idos or pin my hair bnclc in a bun. Frank Mears, Madison Co., 1954, A friend told mo that there Is an ind family; Mr. and Mrs. Wayne '•licks and family of Kokomo; Mr. and Mrs, Georgo Hicks, Mrs, Mildred Hicks, Mr. and Mra. Elmer Sates and family, of Galvc.fton. Honored gUMls were Mr. and Mrs. 3111 Hicks, of VanCooper, Washing- .on, who made their first'Visit h&re n fifteen years. operation lo correct oul,-si7.eci ears. Would you tell me if this is so?" A. Yes, these can be corrected by plastic surgery. If you would like the name of a well-qualified one In your part of tho country, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for it, However, you can have chic hairdo and still have the hair cover tho ears. Tomoi'row: "For Best Posture, TODAY AND SATURDAY 2 FIRST RUN FEATURES 2 The itory behind the ttrange events that made guns go off one deadly day at The O. K. Corral! Wlnamac were watching television Wednesday when fifty teenagers of the town and vicinity appeared on WON TV. They went there by chartered bus in the morning and were guests of M. C. Wally Philips. The group was chaperoned by Miss Beverly Lcbo, Mrs. Fred Russell and Mrs. Harry DcPoy, ' Winners of the dance contest were Sharon and Jerry Lewis, twin children of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lewis. 'Toni Snyder and Dob Lewis, Georgia Lcbo and Tom Lnmphcar, Rcnee Lewis and Danny Pcsarcsl, Beth Moody nnd Lerqy Ash wsro the runners up. The fc'roup has been invited to return on Thanksgiving day. Bill Chnmbcrlin of Evnnston, 111., is spending his vacation with his mother Mrs. Lylo Chnmberlin of Bnkersriold, Calif., who is visiting In ihe homo of her mother Mrs. Myrtle Phillips. They were all guests Thursday of another of Mrs, Damage Suit Asks $15,000 FRANCESVILLE, Ind. — Damages of $15,000 are asked by. Merton Lanie, of Francesville, in a suit, in federal court at Lafayette growing out of a fatal accident in which his wife and an insurance agent were killed. Defendant in the suit is • the Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance company of Iowa. Lanie asserts in his complaint that a car driven by Robert' M. Howe, formerly of Monon, crossed the center line of U. S, highway 421 a mile and a half north of Monon on Dec. 14, 1056, and collided head- on with an auto driven by Mrs. Maxine F. Lanie. . Howe, the insurance company agent, was engaged in company business at,the time, the plaintiff asserts, State police who investigated the crash said that there were no witnesses to the tragedy, Lanie was appointed administrator of his wife's estate on April 30 by the Pulaski circuit court. Friday Evening, July 12, 19ST. Beautiful Evening Gown Medical Insurance For Retired Workers CHICAGO—A Moriwn Grove, 111. manufacturing firm claims it is the nation's first major industry to give • retired employes medical j oare insurance, | Bell & Gossett Co. sa-id the cov-' er-age is in the form of single 1 premium contracts, effective on the retirement dates of the employes. It insures both them and their wives for the rest of their lives, the company said, . The company said it will pay the en-tire cost of coverage for both the employe and wife in the case of all employes retiring after 20 years' service. Kmploy.es retiring after less than 20 years will be covered by payment of a substantial portion of the cost. Normal retirement age at the company is 65. The plan, worked out in cooperation with actuaries of the. Continental Assurance Co., provides hospital benefits for 31 days at $14 P day, a 210 maximum for miscellaneous hospital charges, and surgical benefits ranging from $5 U> $300, the company said. Monficello Robert E. Peters of West Jefferson SSreet appear*!. in court before Mayoi 1 Wilmer BY TRACY ADRIAN ' HPHIS beautiful gown is impressive enough to grace the •*• most important of social events and carry off the honors of the evening. Very feminine and flattering- it is of embroidered and cut-out Swiss organdy in white over while satin. The embroidery is'a delicate tracery of leaves and tendrils. Its fitted bodice is sleeveless with a cuff collar at the neckline with one pink rose at the front. A draped cummerbund of white satin ends in a bustle- like bow in back with the ends fringed and there is a built-in crinoline under the s'ldrt which is anltle length. • city Me- Clintic on a charge of -failure to pay 'two parking meter tickets, preferred by City Meter Officer Bill Musall. Peler.s pleaded guilty and paid $(i in each case. Mr. and Mrs, Wayne Goby of .Royal Center are the parents .of a son, Steven Glen,,born ,Juij> ',' at M-amoriul Hospital at Logansport. Little Sandra Gaby is slaying with her grandparents, Mr. and M'rs. Gkn Rogers', Royal Con- Phillips daughters, Mrs. Glenn jtcr route 1, nnd Cheryl and Alan linger and family at South Bend. I Gaby are visiting Mr. nnd Mrs, Word has boon received by friends that Mrs. Elsie Pearson of Wlnnrnac, who hns been visiting relatives at Haverhlll, Muss., is confined to Baker Memorial hos- pltnl in Boston; She underwent surgery there on Monday. Sgt. Richard Onken has received his discharge from the Marines after n three yoar enlistment, five months of which were served In Keren. Ho was accompanied by his wife _from Las Vegas, Nov., nnd they will spend some lime with Merle Rogers of Rochester while their mother is in the hospital, Mrs. Jesse Washburn left Sun- Mrs. William Wldup 'at Walton. Her granddaughter, Mrs. Junet Burggrnbe, of Evansvllle, was here with her the first of the week and accompanied her grandmother lo Walton when Mr. Wldup came for thorn. Robert Jalmxdn, who is quite ill at his home, has ns guests Tuesday, his slstors, Mrs. Anna Gcyor thnlr parents, Mr, nnd Mrs, Arthurinntl Miss Mima Johnson of South Onkcn of Piilaski and Mr. and Mrs. | Bend, and also Miss Sandra Kop- Marion Plonk of Wlnnmac. . _ . — Mrs. Anna Wldup one-! and one year old lady of Wlnainac, became ill last week and on Tucs- day for Woodland Hill. California, called by tlio death of her sislcr- ill-law, Mrs. Flossie McCabe, Mrs. Washburn left by plane from Lafayette Airport anil then look a jlnnc out of Chicago for California. She expects lo be pone sev- oral weeks. NAMED TO POST INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Slitlo Police Supt. Harold S, SSeis today announced promclion of LI, Mnrk A. Nelson >to'rc-pluce Capt. Harry A. SulhiM'lln as head of the com- Show Slarti At DoiV Sal,, Op,,, Hall Hour Earll.r SATURDAY "TALL MAN RIDING" (color) Randolph Scott - Dorothy Malan* mimicalions division. Nelson Is commander of tho Dunes Park 'tost ni Soiilli Ik'iid. HNW tOGANSPORT'S COMPLETI AWWNG CENTER • Canvas • Fiber Glass • Aluminum FREE ESTIMATES THE GRAY-MILL CO. 1302 E. Bdwy. phons 2218 WJRT KIRK UNCOT'MJOJIS HALWALUS; OK CORRAL •J.BHONO* "• JO JOHN FLEMING -VAN FLEET- IRELAND TECHNICOLOR" 2ND BIO 1ST RUN FEATURE To be shown at 8:30 and 12:30 p.m. The Bonus'Feature Saturday.at No Extra Co*t WERtWOlF -HOMO* SHOW Or THI AOII Airman .left Brennnn, in training at the Naval Air Training Cente "OH MEN, OH WOMEN (color) Glng*r Rog«rt - Dan Dallty ut Memphis, Tenn,, spent the weekday was taken t« thfi home of her end In the homo of his parents, son and daughter-in-law, Mr., and Mr. and Mrs. George Brennnn. Now 2 Hits Open 1 P, M. __ 50c Til 4:00 BEAT THE HEAT IN A STATE SEAT- SATURDA MIDNIGHT SUN.-MON.-TUES. PENNEY'S FULL SIZE WINTERWEIGHT BLANKET PAT BOONE-IEW MOORE ANET GAYNOHEnH JABBER Rayon strengthened with ny- Ion, ono of the finest blankets anywhere at this price. Machine washable in luke-warm water. Dries kiiten-ioft. Ace- fate binding, SAMUEL 0. ENGIL . KOMV LEVIN - MOHK KM! • * I0 v l> i"i >h>1 ' .te ,i r,, !„„. „ ,h. flrit 100 itrls Sunday •ft*rm«n. _-._,, 72 by 90 Inche*

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