Wisconsin State Journal from Madison, Wisconsin on April 30, 1993 · 41
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Wisconsin State Journal from Madison, Wisconsin · 41

Madison, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1993
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Wisconsin State Journal, Friday, April 30, 1993 TVENTERTAINMENT 5E TV PREVIEW ff't wtf .... I Fake death on 'Palace'; 'Poisoned Pen' for Perry Today on television: "The Golden Palace," 7 p.m., Ch. 3 Herb Edelman is always wonderful playing Dorothy's ex-husband Stan. Tonight, his ex-mother-in-law Sophia learns that he is dead and actually feels sorry. However, her sorrow is short-lived when Stan shows up very much alive. It seems he staged his death to dupe the IRS. A funny idea handled with sharp comedic flair. "Perry Mason: The Case of the Poisoned Pen," 8 p.m., Ch. 15 nere s a typical "Ferry Mason" case in which all the suspects are conveniently in the same place when a murder occurs. The setting is a writers' convention and the murder victim is a man who wasn't very well-liked (David Warner). The list of suspects includes Cindy Williams, Barbara Babcock, Keil Martin, and Tony LoBian-co. Burr is his usual "in-command" self and the suspects all appear likely until Burr's Mason narrows down the list. "Good Advice," 8:30 p.m., Ch. 3 A funny outing in which Susan (Shelley Long) rallies around a former children's TV star named Colonel Sunshine who has been denied the privilege of wearing his mask and cape during personal appearances. Jack (Treat Williams) doesn't want to take the case at first, because it would mean facing his old college nemesis, the lawyer who wants to take the rights away from the old colonel. However, Susan and the rest of the office give him the backup he needs and they go to bat for the old kiddie-TV star. "Get Out Your Handkerchiefs," 9 p.m., Cable ch. 16 A ribald French comedy, with subtitles, about the confused roles of the sexes in the emotional revolution. Gerard Depardieu, Patrick Dewaere and the lovely Carol Laure are a strange trio. Dewaere is a husband who has been sexually neglecting his beautiful wife (Laure) and in comes a stranger (Depardieu) who not only makes the wife quite happy but manages to unearth hidden passion in the husband, too. An offbeat menage-a-trois ensues. Steven Scheuer is a television columnist for King Features. Goren bridge STEVEN SCHEUER With Omar Sharif and Tannah Hirsch Both vulnerable. South deals NORTH 443 99 4 0 A Q J 4 2 A J 10 3 WEST EAST Q J 10 7 2 ? A K Q 10 7752 087 0 10 965 Q 8 7 6 K 5 4 2 SOUTH A K 9 8 6 5 ?J863 0 K 3 9 The bidding: South West North East 1 Pass 2 0 Pass 2 Pass 3 Pass 3 4 Pass 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: King of 7 Follow the bidding and play of this deal. At the end, decide whether any of the players could have done better. With a minimum opening and a good six-card spade suit, South had only one story to tell. Once North had bid both minors and South could not bid no-trump, North courageously raised to game with a low doubleton and the best contract was reached. West led the king of hearts and, with the possibility of a heart ruff staring everyone in the face, shifted to the queen of spades. Declarer won and surrendered a heart, but the defenders removed dummy's last trump. Now declarer went after diamonds, but West ruffed the third diamond and cashed a third heart for down one. Did everything go according to the script? Given a 3-2 trump split essential if the contract was to succeed declarer has 10 tricks going in: five spades, four diamonds and a club. As long as declarer can protect those, the contract is a sure thing. That doesn't require any outlandish maneuver, just simple technique. When West shifts to a trump at trick two, declarer should simply duck. The best they can do is take another heart trick, holding declarer to the contract. Should they try anything else, declarer will be able to draw trumps and then run diamonds, thereby scoring an over-trick. Radio today Music B a.m. - Classics with Jim Fleming (WERN): New releases. 10 a.m. - Classics with Norman Gilliland (WERN): New releases. 1 p.m. - Classics with Vicki Norm (WERN): Beethoven: Violin Sonata No. 1; Panufnik: "Slnfonla Sacre." 2 p.m. - Ben Benedetti Shaw (WIBU): Featured artists are Jimmy Dorsev, Jimmy Palmer, Blna Crosby and Connee Boswell. i p.m. - Classics with Bill Lutes (WERN): Welner: "Hungarian Folk Dance Suite." 7 p.m. - Chicago Symphony (WERN): Chrlstoph Eschenbach, conductor. Dvorak: Serenade In d minor, Op. 44; Tchaikovsky: Serenade In C, Op. 48; Mozart Symphony No. 38. Sports 7 p.m. - Baseball (WIBA): Milwaukee at Texas. Variety 1 p.m. - Studs Terkel Almanac (WORT- FM): Anne Soukhanov, editor of the new third edition of "The American Heritage Dictionary," Is Interviewed. Davtime TV 7 a.m. - This Morning (3): Entertainer Wayne Newton. 7 a.m. - Good Morning America (27): Actor Danny Alello. 9 a.m. - Sally Jessy Raphael (3): Confronting an assailant. a.m. - Maury Povich (15): Reuniting with an estranged friend. a.m. - Montel Williams (27): Updates on previous shows. 10 a.m. - Jenny Jones (27): Comparing parents. 10 a.m. - Vickil (15): Celebrity twins: Diane and Erin Murphy, Liz and Jean Sagal. 3 p.m. - Oprah Winfrey (3): Family disappointment over an elopement. 3 p.m. - Regis ond Kathie Lee (15): Charlton Heston; Jay Thomas. 3 p.m. - Senior Golf (ESPN): First-round play In the PGA Las Vegas Classic Is telecast live. 4 p.m. - Phil Donahue (3): Unhappy marriages. . A. M t l - - week (MMHtilJlt TV TONIGHT e6:00 News 6:30 7:00 The 7:30 Dudley 8:00 De- 8:30 Good 9:00 Bodies ol Evl- 10:00 Newt 10:30 11:00 Mur- 11:30 12:00 Star MASH Golden Off the signing Advice dene The Formula. Cheers Ab- phy Brown Newhart Trak: The WISC Snappier Palace One Record. Women Sunshine on Ryan's involvement with normal The Bum- Much Ado Next Gen- Judgement Angry Stan. (CC) (CC) My Shoul- a murder suspect Is Psychology, mer ot 42. About Mitch, oration 8 (CC) der. (CC) revealed. (CC) (CC) (CC) 1:00 rTTk 6:00 Nawa 6:30 Enter- 7:00 Secret Service The 8:00 Movie: "Parry Mason: The Case ol the 10:00 News 10:35 The Tonight Show 11:35 Late Night With jZJ talnment Assassin. John Hlnck- Poisoned Pan" (1990, Mystery) Raymond Burr, Musicians Bryan Ferry, David Lattarman Tina WMTV Tonight Ja- ley's attempt on Ondy Williams. Lawyer Mason defends a writer ao Kirk Whalum, Jevetta Turner; Kevin Kline; saxo- K.nr . son Priest- President Reagan's life, cused ol killing her mystery-writer ex-husband at a Steele. (CC) phonist David Sanborn. 0 ley, (CC) With James Brady. (CC) cocktail party. (CC) (S) J CT 6-0 MacNallLehrar 7:00 WeekEnd A review 8:00 Wash- 8:30 Wall 9:00 Talking WHh David 10:00 Marcel Proust: A Il1:00 In the Mix Drop- 112:00 Oil S3 NewsHour Newscasters of current events and ington Street Weak Frost United Nations Writer's Life Interviews, out prevention programs; the Air detail trie day's top profiles ol newsmakers. Week In (CC) Secretary General lilm and re-enactments motorcycle safety; fashion ... 41 stories. (CC) With Dave Iverson and Review Boutros Boutros-Ghali. profile Proust. savings; paying taxes; 11 Lynn Spangers. iCCJ (CCJ parents. (CC) 6:00 News 6:30 Wheel 7:00 Family 7:30 Step 8:00 Get- 8:30 Where 9:00 2020 Scandal in- 10:00 News 10:35 Mar- 11:05 Il1:35 Jane Whitney ol Fortune Matters Hot by Step ting By I Live Mat- votves American woman rlad ... Nlghtllne Husband's adult film ca- WKOW CC' Stutt- lCC The Psv' Giv9 Peace 00lm and lrisn bisnoP' (CC) w"h Cn"- (CC) reer threatens his AD fs -r chic. (CC) a Chance. (CC) dren (CC) marriage. AbC 7 l CCj (TC 6:00 6:30 7:00 America's Most 8:00 Sight- 8:30 Sight- 9:00 21 Jump Street 10:00 Da- 10:30 21 Jump Street 11:30 Studsl2:00 Arae- VsXv Golden Rosaanne Wanted Children tell ol a Ings Psy- Ings (R) This Aint No Summer signing Fun With Animals. Han- nlo Hall WMSN Qlrt Tnrse Good-Dye violent, drug-addicted chic Deteo (CC) Camp. The Penhalls Woman son's new partner may Demi iKin q on a Couch. Mr. Right father. (CC) tives. (CC) probe an abusive reform be a bigot. Moore. (CC) (CC) 1 camp. I (CC) 100 unn 5:30 Movie: "Bingo" 7:00 Movie: "Ricochet" (1991, Action) Denzel 8:45 Movie: "White Sands'" 10:30 Tales 11:00 Sim- 11:30 Movie: "Shakaa nDU (1991, Comedy) Cindy Washington, John Litngow. An escaped hit man (1992, Crime drama) Willem Defoe, From the mons' Dal the Clown" (1991) Bob-WiDiams, David Rasche. seeks revenge on the policeman turned district Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. (CC) (S) Crypt (CC) Comedy cat Goldthwait (S) 1:00 2 (CC) (S) anorney who sent him to prison. (CC) (S) . - - -. Jam (CC) pW 6:00 Movie: "Any Which Way You Can" 8:00 Movie: "Zelly and Ma" (1988, Drama) Is- Il0:00 Movie: "The Day the Earth Stood 1 12:05 "Sgt. (1980, Comedy) Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke. A abella RosseilM, Glynis Johns. An orphan's stem Still" (1951, Science fiction) Michael Rennle, Patrl- Pepper's bare-knuckle brawler battles crooks with his grandmother disrupts her pampered life with a : cia Neal. Klaatu and his guardian robot Gort, ..." 2:00 14 orangutan, girlfriend, buddy and mother. European nanny in 1958 Virginia. come from afar to warn Earth about nuclear war, DIGNIFY 5:00 Movie: 6:35 The 7:00 Movie: "Pollyanna" (1960, Comedy) Hayley Mills, 9:30 Movie: "Anna ol the Thousand Days" (1969, Histor- 12:00 UIOINCT Tha Railway Jane Wyman. A 12-year-old orphan brings gladness to a gloomy ical drama) Richard Burton, Genevieve Bujold. Henry VIII leaves Crosby, Shaggy Dragon 1912 town, especially her rich spinster aunt (CC) his wife and forms the Church ol England to marry Anne Boteyn. Stills & 15 D.A." (CC) - -- " - From the Maxwell Anderson play, Nash 1:00 MA 4:30 Movi,: 7:00 Movie: "Uranus" (1991, Drama) Gerard 9:00 Movie: "Get Out Your Handkerchiefs" 11:00 Movie: "Going Places" MAA "Cyrano de Bergerac" Depardieu, Philippe Noiret. Communists, Gaullists (1978, Comedy) Gerard Depardieu, Patrick (1974, Comedy-drama) Gerard (1990) Gerard Depardieu. and other factions vie for power In a French town Dewaere. Two Frenchmen try to satisfy one's wife. Depardieu, Miou-Miou. 1:00 16 (S) after World War II. (S) ,.". - :. SHnvu 4:00 Movi,: 7:00 Movie: "House Party 2" 8:35 9:05 Movie: "Child's Play 2" 10:30 Movie: "A Kiss Before Dy- 12:05 OtlUW -Dsnces WHh Wolves (1991, Musical comedy) Kid 'N Play, Tommy (1990, Horror) Alex Vincent Jenny Ing" (1991, Suspense) Matt Dillon, "Sorority (1990) Kevin Costner. : Tisha Campbell. Rappers try for Davidson: Agutter. Little boy has rematch with Sean Young. Hustler Mils tycoon's Babes ." 17 (CC) (S) college and quick cash. (CC) (S) ln Phllly Chucky the killer dofl. (CC) (S) daughter, weds her twin. (CC) (S) 1:30 jyir 6:05 Movie: "Trie Lawnmower Man" (1992, 8:00 Movie: "Hook" (1991, Fantasy) DujSn Hoffman, Robin 10:30 Movie: "Delta Force 3" 12:15 "Dou-' M" Science fiction) Jeff Fahey, Pierce Brosnan. A sd- Williams. Aided by Tinker Bell, a corporate lawyer turns Into Pe- (1991, Action) Nick Cassavetes, Eric Ne Trou-entist uses a low-IQ man to test virtual reality, the ter Pan to rescue his children from Captain Hook. Directed by Douglas. President pits commandos bio" 2.00 61 computer simulation ol the real. (CC) (S) Steven Spielberg.; (CC) (S) against nuke-armed terrorist. (S) T r 6:00 Food Science 7:00 To 7:30 8:00 Optimal Aging 9:30 Japan 10:00 10:30 MacNeilLehrer 11:30 One 12:00 lLLl 3 Contrary McLaughlin (R) Llllasl NewsHour (CC) on One Market (JIP) yyw-.. . 6:00 WYOU 6:30 TV or Not to Be 7:30 In the Trenches il30 9:00 Freedom ol Peace 10:00 IBM Show 12:00 WTUU 4 (Live) Producers Announce MMCn m 6:00 Sool 6:30 C. 7:00 Building Assets ol a 8:30 Mufti- 9:00 Parent Forum: Parents as Partners 11:00 School News Canada MlvlSU 10 News Wllhoyte Community cultural wk. riTI 19 6:00 Hul,n 6:30 L9al 7:00 Michigan Up and 8:00 Wis. 8:30 Focus on Equality 9:30 10:00 Community Bulletin BoardJoblina 1 System Out ol Poverty Terns Gentleness ...... 6:00 Do- 6:30 Baseball Chicago Cubs at Cincinnati Reds. (Live) 9:30 News l0:0O Night 10:30 Uptown Comedy 11:30 Movie: "Who signing Rosenthal, Court Is the Black Dahlia?" Woman Payne. Futureman. (1975) Efrem Zimbalist 13 (CC) (CC) Jr.. 1:30 rwar on 6:00 6:30 Money 7:00 Money 7:30 Steals 8:00 Dick 8:30 Dick 9:00 Tom Snyder 10:00 10:30 Deals 11:00 Dick 11:30 Dick 1 12:00 Tom ONbO 20 portfolio Talk Deals Cavatt Cavett Personal Cavett Cavatt Snyder n cnn 6;1S CalMn (Live) 7:00 Event ol the Day 12:00 Pol- v-orN 21 Icy 12:00 . iibo sibo 7:00 Primenews (CC) 8:00 Larry King Uve 9:00 World News 10:00 10:30 11:00 Crossfire 12:00 Larry LNIM 22 Moneyllne Cross(lre ) Sports MonoyHno Nawsnlght (R) King ...n 8:00 Movtoi:. ?IWlvs) O'clock High" '1949( War) Gregory 8:30 Movto:'. flttand of Los 10:00 Movie: "Room Service" 11:30 Movie: Peck, Dean jagger, An Allied flight commander and his succes- Souls" (1933, Horror) Charles (1938, Comedy) The Marx Brothers, "Twelve O'clock High sor run daylight bombing raids out of England. Directed by Henry Laughton, Bela Lugosi. Lucille Ball. Broadway producers wait (1949) Gregory Peck. 23 King. Best supporting Oscar (or Jagger. for sucker in hotel. 2fl0 6:00 Quantum Leap 7:00 Murder, She Wrote 8:00 Movie: Iron Eagle IT 1988, Action) Louis 10:00 Movie: "Summer Job" (1989, Comedy) 12:00 Make UoA (CC) The Search for Peter Gossett Jr., Mark Humphrey. A U.S. general recruits Amy Baxter, Sherrie Rose. Coeds cavort with guests Me a Star Kerry. Reappearance ol a a jet pilot for a U.SiSoviet mission to destroy a and co-workers while working at a Florida resort 1 30 24 missing heir. (CC) Mideast missile site. (S) : - " - ' .ptq 6:00 In Search Ol ... 7:00 Time Machine Im- 8:00 Investigative Re- 9:00 Carolina's Comedy 10:00 An Evening at the 11:00 Time Machine Im- 12:00 In-A Swamp Monster ages ol the Civil War. ports DEA: Undercover Hour Jack Simmons; Pe- Improv Host Judy Tenuta; ages of the Civil War. vestlgatlvs Abominable Snowman. . Battle re-enactments and Eddie. Agent Ed Follls ter Schwaba. Todd Barry; Clinton Jackson. Battle re-enactments and Reports 25 paintings. poses as a drug dealer. Craig Higgins. paintings. 1:00 CCDM oc 8:00 6:30 NHL Hock,y Adams or Patrick Division Semifinal, Game Seven (It 9:30 Baseball (Live) CorN 26 SportContor necessary). (Live) TKT 6:00 6:30 Bugs 7:00 NBA Basketball Atlanta Hawks at Chicago Bulls. Eastern 9:30 NBA Basketball Los Angeles Lakers at Phoenix Suns. 12:00 In- I N I Jataons Bunny and Conference Quarterfinal, Game One. (Live) Western Conference Quarterfinal, Game One. (Live) side the Pals NBA 27 CC 6:00 Unsolved Mysteries 7:00 LA. Law The Urv 8:00 Movie: The Rape ol Dr. Willis" (1991, 10:00 Jane Pratt "Sex 11:00 Unaolvad 12:00 Un- LIFc sterile Cuckoo. Leland Drama) iJaclyn Smith, Robin Thomas,; A surgeon without touching." Mysteries (CC) solved bets on the office Softball stands accused ol murder after an emergency Mysteries 28 team. operation on a man who has recently raped her. (CC) 7ZZ Looney eibo 7:00 Get 7:30 Van 8-00 8:30 Lucy 9:00 M.T. 9:30 M.T. 10:00 A. 10:30 11:00 F 11:30 Dobie 12:00 Patty NIOK 29 fune Bullwlnklo Smart Dyke Dragnet show Moore Moore Hitchcock Superman Troop Gillla Duke . 6:00 Big 6:30 Maniac 7:00 Movie: "Hollywood or Bust" (1956, Com- 9:00 The 700 Club (R) 10:00 Scarecrow and 11:00 Bonanza Heritage 12:00 Paid rAM Brother Mansion edy) Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Two buddies win a Mrs. King The Three of Anger. Ex-convict re- Program- Jake (CC) (CC) car and head for Hollywood to meet Anita Ekberg. Faces ol Emily. Amanda turns to his tired wife and mlng 30 interrogates suspect. land. (R) . 4:30 VideoPM 7:00 Crook and Chase 8:00 Nashville Now 9:00 Warner Bros. 10:00 Club Dance 11:00 Miller Company 12:00 NAon 31 Shotgun Red. Records Salutes TNN Shelley Mangrum. (R) Marvin Hamlisch. Nashville TZT. 6:00 Real 6:30 Picture 7:00 Top 20 Video Countdown 9:00 Yol MTV Raps 11:00 Alternative Nation Speed MV 32 World I Racer 6:00 Bev- 6:30 Baseball St Louis Cardinals at Atlanta Braves. (Live) 9:30 Movie: "The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission" 11:30 Movie: "The Too (ry (1985, War) Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnlne. An Army Beasts Are on the Hillbillies major can either do hard labor or lead Gl convicts Streets" (1978) Carol 33 Into France on a suicide mission. Lynley. 1 :30 TZZ IT 6:00 Triple iiio Tibo 7-30 8:00 Video Soul Top 20 10:00 10:30 News 1 11:00 Midnight Love 12:00 Rap Bbl 34 Threat Attlt'de Sanlord Comlcviaw Generatlona Videos City 10 nicr oe 6:00 World ol 7:00 7:30 8:00 Valor 8:30 9:00 Wonder ol Our 10:00 10:30 11:00 Valor 11:30 12:00 Won- DISC 35 1 jungi. Book . Wildlife Profiles skybound World Wildlife Profiles Skybound der 1:00 Bold numbers era Madison cabla numbers. Other Madlsoncabls channels: Weather 36, CNN Headline Ntws 18,Cbl Value Network 19. Will 'Quantum Leap' live to jump again? By Mike Antonucci Knlght-Ridder Newspapers Good television shows get it in the neck every season. They're invented with love, received with devotion and canceled with heart-lessness. But it may not be that simple in the case of "Quantum Leap." With the help of people such as San Jose, Calif. 's Christina Mavroudis, TV's most eccentrically original program is fighting for its life with a sense of indignation as well as determination. Mavroudis, a Silicon Valley secretary, is one of the leaders among production support provided by UW Hospital & Clinics Free Mother's Day Card With Any Purchase of Ten Dollars or More Choose from our extensive collection of Jewelry, Stationery, Stuffed Animals, Soaps, Fabric Boxes, Paperweights, Balloons, Luminary Candles, Stained Glass and other exciting treasuresl r a itPuffinfcl Heritage Square Mlddieton Springs Odaru at Whitney Way 2520 Allen Blvd. 274.5613 836-9119 MF 930)8:30, Sat. 9 30 5, Sun. 11:30 5 If you want to try to influence NBC's next move, write to Don Ohlmeyer, the network's new West Coast president. The address is 3000 West Alameda, Burbank, Calif. 91523. the fans who have transformed the 4 Vi -year-old show into something more than entertainment. She and her fellow "Leapers" don't call them "Leapheads" have imbued "Quantum Leap" with a status that emulates the "Star Trek" phenomenon. Most TV shows are just for watching. "Quantum Leap," which stars Scott Bakula as a heroic, accidental, body-switching time traveler named Sam Beckett, is for much more. That's why Mavroudis, 32, started a newsletter about the show in 1989. That's why a few thousand disciples attended a convention earlier this year. That's why news, speculation and trivia about the program percolate on computer bulletin boards. Indeed, that's why "Quantum Leap" fans, distraught over last week's news that NBC is canceling the show after a May 5 finale, are scheduled to rally this week outside network offices in New York and Burbank. The "Quantum Leap" production staff and cast have developed friendships with a number of fans, who have come to be considered the show's extended family. Don Bellisario, creator and executive producer of "Quantum Leap," Home Inspection Services Presents CRAFTSMANSHIP This Week Replacing Windows Bwilh runseil LUMBER & MILLWORK Join us on 27 Saturday Llat5:00 p.m. J last. Enjoy o ap of coffee & fa daily Wisconsin State Journal or Tt. r..u.l r foriust7Si Jj at Madison area I in. Clgo Quik Marts.&zzr. -.J says the obsessed core audience and, the continuing vitality of the show's' premise mean NBC's decision won't dictate the show's fate. ; "I know this show is going to goon," Bellisario said this week. "This! show hasn't reached the end of its time. ... At some point, I'm sure there'll be a movie if there isn't a show." Bellisario says it's doubtful NBC will reverse its decision, no matter how impassioned and impressive the protests by Leapers. But he said Universal Television, which owns the rights, is exploring the possibility of moving the program to another network. The charms of "Quantum Leap" include delightful performances by Dean Stockwell as Al, a frequently exasperated friend of Beckett who catches up to the site of each "leap", as a projected image a holographic guardian angel with a lascivious streak. As Beckett has leaped in and out of just about any type of character female, disabled, black the show also has confronted social issues with a deft, suspensef ul style. The quality of this season's episodes, however, has been erratic, as even Bellisario and Mavroudis con-! cede. In the May 5 finale titled "Mir-, ror Image," Beckett leaps into him-; self in 1953 and discovers the power; that has been propelling him through time. But Bellisario says there's plenty of room to pick up again with new adventures for Beckett. "At the end," he said, "I left It wide open as to where he was going next."

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