Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 20, 1891 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1891
Page 1
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She VOL. XVI. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, FRIDAY MORNING. MARCH 20; 1891 NO. 68.. DUNLAFS Celebrated S T I F F and S ILK, BEST MADE, SPRING STYLES Now on Sale D B W ENTER, The Hatter. Spring Suiting, Spring Pants, Spring Overcoating, «• The nicest, prettiest patterns ever shown, just received at JOS. S, CRAIG'S. " TRO WSERS! COPYRIGHT. 1B9.9- Perhaps You do not Need A New Suit Now, but Do Need a New Pair otTrowsers - Perhaps you will want them for Easter, if so Let us Have Your Order Now My stock is exceedingly large and the Styles are the ;--"... , Proper ones. COUNTING THE LOST The Victims of the Utopia Disaster Number 569, Heartrending Scenes Attendant Upon the Horror Told by Some of the Survivors. if IS APPALLING. GIBJIALTAK, March 19,—The official report of the number of persons on board the lost Anchor line steamer Utopia shows that when she left Naples the steamship had SSO souls on board, including passengers and crew. Of this number only 31L were saved. Thus 569 of her passengers and crew are either drowned or missing. The Freya picked up 43, the Rodney 80, the Anson 33, the Immortalite 2, the Curlew 21, the Camperdours 40, the Amber 6. Ten have died since their rescue, and oth- ert who are suffering are berthed in the naval and colonial hospitals and the sailors' home. A sailor from the Rodney leaped into the water in the height of the gale and rescued a drowning woman. The people were in the rigging of the Utopia till 11 Tuesday night. The bravery displayed by the seamen of the fleet was unexampled. The coast line is still strewn with corpses. Divers who have made an examination of the wreck of the Utopia report that there are hundreds of bodies in the steerage and between decks. During- the course of the day the bodies of 28 men and 1 woman were recovered here, while at various other points alojig 1 the coast the bodies of G men, IS women, 7 boys and 1 girl were washed ashore. One of the women when her body was taken from tjje water was found to have her arms firmly locked around the corpse of her child. The remains of the unfortunate people were taken to a cemetery in the Spanish lines, where an inquest was held. Not until now lias it been possible to give an account of the eause of the catastrophe. Early Tuesday evening the Utopia was seen steaming into the bay in the direction of the anchorage. When abreast the ironclad Anson the Utopia staggered as though unable to make headway against the terrible current. Suddenly the strong gale, combined with the current, swept the ill-fated vessel across the bows of the Anson, and in a moment its hull was jpierced and cut by the ram of the ironclad. The Utopia after pulling clear -of the ironclad drifted about before the wind and sea. The rapid inrush of water through the rent in its side caused it to settle down in. five minutes from the -time of the first crash. The sea was so heavy that the boats of the rescuers could not with safety approach the wreck, so they were compelled to lie to leeward, where they picked up the people as they were swept from the deck. • Petersen, a Swedish quartermaster, says that while on board the Utopia after the collision he was surrounded by a terrible mass of human beings, fighting- their way desperately and savagely, regardless of sex or age, towards the boats. Men, women and children tumbled and climbed over each other in that horrible fight for a chance of escape from drowning. One poor woman, who was rescued by Anson's blue jackets, went raving mad when she was convinced that her children were drowned. There were similarly distressing incidents by the score, the most awful, of all occurring when the Utopia, with a final 'desperate lurch, sank with its human freight clinging- about it. and drew . hundreds of living persons down with it. Many of those' TVho had sprung into the sea as they saw. that the steamship could not float many moments'longer, were then also drawn down in the whirlpool caused by the Utopia's disappearance: Some came, to . the 'surface again for a few moments before sinking finally in their watery tombs. Others, more lucky, were able to cling to pieces of wreckage, floating- spars, oars, gratings, hatchways, boats, life belts, etc., aad thus kept themselves above water until rescued by the warships' boats. But, as .usual in such cases, the weaker sxiccmnbed more readily. Shrieking, praying women sunk to rise no more, with their terrified offsprings clasped to their breasts. Children clung to their parents so desperately as to in many cases cause the death of' both, where both might have escaped had. better judgment been used. Husbands and wives sunk while grasping each other in frantic efforts to ,ke'ep each other afloat, and many a good swimmer went down with some horrified, fear-maddened person clinging to hinvwith the tenacity of the.despera- tion of death. ^ Death of C. r. Kimball. NEW YORK, March 19.—Charles P. Kimball of Chicago, formerly United States consul to. Stuttgart, Germany, died at the Brevoort house, in this city, where he had been stopping. The cause of his death was heart failure. Costly Fire in Jersey. ELIZABETH, N. J., March 10. The works of' the Elizabeth 'Cordage Company, comprising .several brick structures covering, twenty acres, of ground, .were totally destroyed by fire Wednesday. The losses is estimated at .^00,000, FEOM HOOSIERDOM. A Column of Fresh est to Indianians. Inter- Tlie Governor's Latest Stuml. -OLis, Jnd., March 20.—The governor announces that he \vill immediately bring- legal proceeding's to test the constitutional questions involved in the appointments by the legislature. He has served notice on the auditor and treasurer of the state that they must not pay any more money to any of the trustees appointed by the legislature. In case the auditor and treasurer decline to issue warrants to the trustees before they have been commissioned the latter will be forced to bring- mandamus proceedings against the governor for their commissions. If the warrants are issued the governor will bring suit to enjoin the auditor and treasurer from paying out money to persons who have not been commissioned as provided by the constitution. Last Monday he sent a letter to Auditor of State Henderson, notifying him that the appoint- 'ments were illegal and all payments made to them would be contrary to law. Wednesday Anditor Henderson replied to the governor's letter, declaring that he is obliged to recognize benevolent institutions, and so long as the money is applied to the proper purpose he proposes to recognize the de facto officers. Serious Collision in Indiana. JfoivT WAYNE, Ind., March 20.—At South "tt'hitley Wednesday a rear-end collision between freight trains on the Nickel-Plate road occurred. Three passengers were badly injured, one, it is feared, fatally. Simon Cohn, traveling for Mitchell & Co., of Rochester, Ind., was fatally bruised about the head; James Nichols, of Kinzie, Ind., had his shoulder dislocated; A. Y. Mosser. of Three Elvers, Mich., traveling for Luce & Co., of Kalamazoo, was bruised about the head, right hip crushed and a large splinter passed through the fleshy part of one leg, and the other leg was badly lacerated. Couldn't Keep trow. Driuk. IXDIAXAPOLIS, Ind.. March 20.— Charles 0. Beray mysteriously disappeared a day or two ago. 'Wednesday his wife received the following letter, which has nearly set her crazy: •'Mr WIFE: When you shall have received this I will be dead. I cannot keep from drinlc. I will not drag yon through a drunkard's life. Bid good-by to sister for roe. I always loved yn-a, nut cannot keep Irom dr;nlj., I don't thinlt fhave a natural fife to live. nnvrrr v. " ' Has N'ot Yet Decided. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., March 20.—.1. A. Lemcke was asked regarding the report from Washington that he liad declined the treasuryship and that Huston had determined to remain in the position. He said there was no truth in it, and that he had neither accepted nor declined the office. ; \VIll Build a Now Brewery, FOKT WAYNE, Ind., March 20:—Having failed to purchase the Burgoff and Centivre breweries here, an English syndicate has begun the erection of a new brewery to have a capacity of thirty carloads per day. A Murderous Assault. GKEENSBUKG, Ind., March 20.—Adam Ehrhardt's bartender threw George Aldrich. of Indianapolis, out of Adam's saloon here. Aldrich will die. ( Barkeeper Bruce is in jail. Would Have Murdered Her. PETCU, Ind., March 30.—James Brown has been sentenced to two years in the penitentiary for attempting to kill Mrs. Thomas Holman on account of a debt for fifty cents. . Held for Assault. COLUMBUS, Ind., March 20.—Lambert N. Goldsmith has been held in $5,000 bonds for assault with intent to kill upon Eobert Skillman, whose condition is critical. A Farmer's Loss. . .GOSHE.V, Ind., March 20.—The farmhouse of Daniel Stutsman was destroyed by fire near here Wednesday. Loss, 82,500; insurance, St,000. Five at Greenwood. GKEEN\VOOD, Ind., March 20,—The planing- mill, hotel and elevator at this place were burned out Wednesday night. Loss, 825,000. Wlieiit Thieves Arrested. , ROCHESTER, Ind., March 20.—Albert ' and Thomas Carter have been impris- i i oned here for stealing wheat. Mexico Cannot Have Her. .AUSTIN,- Tex., March' 20. — United States Judge Maxey has discharged '.from custody Mrs. Inez McCabe, who some time ago in Mexico killed Judge - Max Stern for slandering- her. Mrs. • McCabe was imprisoned, but' escaped to Texas after breaking her ankle and then riding- 00 miles on h.oreback across the Elo Grande. The Mexican authori- 1 ties demanded extradition. The decision .was received with hearty applause. Tlie Government Ileaten. ST. JOILVS, N. F-, March 20.—The celebrated case of James Baird against : the captain of the British corvette'Em- ' erald for unlawfully interfBring- with the former's business of .canning lobsters in Newfoundland, has been decided in,. favor of Baird. The factory was closed because it was said to infringe on the treaty rights of the French. Universal Remarks And Facts. Every one that has experience in the dry goods business and dry goods stock, remarks when observing the way we are crowding in goods, that they never .have seen sucli a good stock of good and pretty dry goods as is carried in your store, and that with such an immense stock and the way you buy, that you could do a much.larger business in a larger citythan here, knowing the- fact that we are doing a very large trade. In answer, we plainly say, Logansport and the people are good enough for us as long as our stocks are as well appreciated as they really are, p,nd that trade is increasing here every year, in fact. We spare, no trouble nor capital to procure a very large variety in our lines of the best and newest the market affords, and the majority of people and judges of goods know it, and those, who do not know it should, for their interest, take a good look around at our goods and prices and they will be convinced. I WHISTLE FOR D, A. H A U K He has the goods and prices. ', Best Clock for the money,- ," Best Watch for the money:-,i| -vBest-Mspecteele for- * thifci^ money. ,'| Best work done for the^-l money. : No. 41O Broadway. The Jeweler and Optician; D. A. HAUK. CHICHESTER'S ENBUSH, REO CROSS TH^niClNJll. AND GENUINE. TbtonlrSafe, KfrngtrtMbltTlUbrato. £M«.^^^^ All pill. In pn.te6o.nl 6oxe». pint wnpvert. Kctwtvroat counterfeit*. At Diyiiit.. 01 4t. ID Jump, for pirtfcrcl.n, icctimonlil., ml "JWBrf forl^dlt*," in law, ty 1B.OOO TwtLonlJd«. Mm* Pop*. CHICHESTCR *•"•-•«' Co_. M. Bold by »U Loc»" - ' ' Sure Death To Cockroaches, Rats, Mice, and Bedbugs. FISHER'S LIGHTNING EXTERMINATOR, At Ben Fisher's Drug Store, 311 Fourth St. JOHNSTON BROS. "The Corner Drug Store." Johnston 'Bro?. have removed to the Cor. of 4th and Broadway,, ( Strecker Building.) A Full and Complete Line of DRUGS ON HAND PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED,

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