Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 12, 1957 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1957
Page 5
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Friday Evening, July 12, 1957 — Pick Powder Puff Winners PHILADELPHIA (UP) — Mrs. Alice Roberts, Phoenix, Ariz., and her co-pilot, Mrs, Iris Critchell, Palos Verdes Estates, Calif., to day were named winners of' the llth trans-contincnta] Powder Puff Derby. The lady pilots averaged a top groijnd speed of 188 miles per hour over the 2,567 mile route from San Mateo, Calif., to North Philadelphia Airport. Mrs. Roberts, who has over 550 hcurs /lying time placed second in the annual all-worr.en race the past two years. Mrs. Roberts, mother of two children, is the wife of a pilot. Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Critchell will receive a trophy and 1800 first p'^ce prize. The secr«<< team was Mrs. Doris Eacret, Elko, Nev., and Mrs. Jean Parker Rose, Arcadia, Calif. Their average ground speed was 138 miles.per hour. Second place winners will receive $600 and a trophy. Mrs. Barbara Kiernan, Andover, Mass., a helicopter lest pilot, and her co-pilot, Mrs. Esther Gardiner, Waterford. Conn., 'placed third. Mrs. Kiernan averaged 189 miles per hour but her handicap was 369, giving her a total score of 20.4. Mrs. Roberts with a handicap of ]B2, had a total score of 20.5. The winners selected on the basis of total points determined through flying time, general performance ami handicaps. dist Church will have a- general on Tues^ evening, nnw i a S e n^r Oakdale dam. Cars will meet at the church at 6:30. Everyone is to bring a covered dish and table service. Fourth o! July weekend brought a number of traffic offenders to Justice of the Peace Lee Stone's court. Fines were meted to Robert A. Habberman, of'Chicago $10 and costs of $15.75 on a charge of speeding; Max Eugene Myers, of Delphi, $15 and costs of $15.75 on a charge of traveling at an excessive speed; Lawrence Sylvester Humphrey, of Delphi, $5 and costs of $15.75 on a cahrge of reckless driving; Emma Doty, of Lansing, Michigan, -$15 and costs of $15.75 on a reckless driving charge; Gary. L. Kemper, of Kokomo, $5 and casts of $15.75 on a charge of reckless driving. Also fined were four persons brought ir, by the conservation officers. Roy Cooper, of Anderson, was fined $10 and costs of $14 on a charge of operating a boat within 200 ft. of the shoreline over the speed limit of 10 miles per hour. Richard H. Swain, of Lizton, Indiana, was fined $23 and costs of $19 on z charge of throwing beer cans along the highway. James W. Maionc and John W. .Burgess, both of Gary, Indiana were fined individually $2S and costs of $19 on a charge of throwing trash on a public fishing site and picnic grounds. 'The Wesley Wed class of the Methodist church met' for a cooperative dinner in the church dining room Sunday, July 7, Rev. Campbell was the guest speaker. Following his address, .members joined in a group discussion.-Committee for the meeting was Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pyle and Mr. and Mrs. Dean Overnolser. Mr. and Mrs. Ttwma.s Kempf, of Chicago, visited last weekend with Mrs. Kcmpf's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Hathaway, of Delphi. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Popejoy and family of Wilkes Barrc, Pa,, are guests in the home of Mr. For You plan. iro~isTl957'gVad J - and Mrs ' Raymon d Orr. The Pope- uate of the Delphi high school He| J ' nys are P lannin « a ^0 week-?' •will attend Field Radio Repair visit wilh fricnds arld relatives in school after completing his basic and arounti Delphi, •training at Ft. Leonard Wood fol- v "'"°'"" "-•"«'" lowed by a two weeks' furlough at home. Delphi Mrs. Bess Carey and Mrs. Josephine Brown wi'l attend the State Convention of Court Reporters to be held at the Roth Park Hotel, Saturday, .July K). A banquet is planned for Saturday evening in the hotel room followed on Sunday, by a business meeting. •Russell Holland, 18, of Delphi, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Heiland, ha.? enlisted for three year.s in the regular army under the Reserved The VVSGS of the Delphi Metho- NOTIOU TO OK (,'AKH, SM- .<>.?. INDIANA, COUNTY NO: I'ruliiiMi ].',07« Notion lu .NliII-Il»Hllll. n lH Of K Ol<- CJIAUL.K.S KINNKY VS Tin, Ijfiknuwn DiiKcBiidiiiilii. Heir,,, l, c . vlm:nn, LoKntium, TrilHlnisil njlU A»»IKO» or UiariuB jciimi<y; /.;t Ai d»y"'of'.7m"!:' < !' ! ii;7', ll ['if,, '"L"','" ,""' •H\ A(iniJniH(.rnuir, riiiM] wiih um . linn purnntiN lii|..,n<MLi:rl III 111.) iittlij of Dm rital «Hlutu In Um itljuvti »n- 1 timl tiuuKo, L»Mittlinr wtlli Ma uf- rirlavlt that Um UnrunrliuiiK ami H'THurifi iniftrenicfl in Uiu Hiiln of «;i|fl rmil witum. hnrtilntirLftr inuii- •><! am not ruMilfiniH of. 1.1m Ntuln «f Indiana and, thai Uu; runliJonfu Jifi.f fiitriiuif of Um ilcMccnflu.'iUi, liftir*, tlovlHOcH, IUK;II(!IJH, I.I-UHI.ICH and uHHltfrni, of Hit id |j(!fMftriM, upon <fl1]«cnt. liiimli-y, ar« unknown, L«I- wit.: 'VHn l/n known OitHcunituiitH. Jittlrn, iJovU^dM. J.,'!|£JU(!HM, 'J'riiH- l««« and AHiltcnn of Charlntf K!n- Ji«y; ChiirtnH M. Klnriny; Thr, liii- ItHuwn butn.-HnilitnlH, ilnlm, W«v(- «m.M, J,fiKRitn:f«, TruntiKm and AH- ^llfIlH of Thai-Jim K, Kinnny; .Tullu f*nnjon; The i fit known I ) 11*11; on d- Hiitd, ir*j!rw, ]>evlmj ( ;j<, J^tiKUtctoA, Trimtftdft iiritl AHH!K;IH of Julia (lor- (lon; N. 1*. Klniidy; Tlin Unkiiown DtiHconditntn. Muirn, lj« VI;UMJH, lj«- KaLtii;H, TruHLofH and A«H|J.;II« t>t N. I'. ICInnny; Calllo ICInnny; Tim i in known iJoritinnilanin, llnlrn, H«- vl» ()( 'n, iMKtiinnH, TrtiittnriH jind A»- NlKHH of CalMn K'liiti.-y. That naif! DiiLltlun |» for HIM Halu of fJocMdniiL'H r't.-il iiHtntv. wnlcili In duKcrliMMi a» foilowKr ho In NunihnriMl Tlilrl v-nlrin CM) unit y-Vjrty (•(()> In ('iriifii- J*alm«r A'l'llllon 1.*i Um Oily of IjoK'tnKport, Hill (I [jitfrilllhl nt« It nil IiCl'KOIlrf 111- t*rf.Hlati in thtt nnln of Um rnnl »-«ial« thurofiti-'t ar«i Imr'ihy noll- f\t*ti of t.lni fllliiK and jj(irn.'fsn«y f*f Halrl poMtlon n^s.\i\nl tllcjn, mid tii;ii. Hjtli'HM th«y nitjihttr urnl n.n* HWor ur iliunuf ihcnitn, n I Urn ciill- IIIK oC mild en n)m at 1.1 MI Cnurf. JIoiiHo In fli« r.'lLy of IjfiK.i-riHport.. In i'.unn County, In Ltiti .H tit hi of Indlnnii, on thi II rd flay of Hoptrtin- linr. llifi?, aud urtld jinUMnn nncj Mm nui 1,1 HIM and thlnKn Him'<iln r.in\- tninml and ii lifted, will )>n luutrd iiiiif ilfilurmfiiKrf In Lit.ilr altH«iic«). WITNKHH lh<i ricrk nut] Hoiii nf nft!d Court, LhlH 27LU day of Juiin, Olork C.tLHH Circuit Court Kcrmnn I.. K I CM II n« Artorimy f«r I'lalnllff Mun.ston Crewstcr continues to improve at the Memorial hospital. Mr. Brewsler had entered the hos- . pital for a. routine chcck-up 4 hul on the day .scheduled for his dismissal, suffered a light heart attack. He is in room 104. Word has been received of the death of Mrs. Myrtle Miller al Ronan, Montana, on June 25th 01 a heart attack. Mrs. Miiler was a native nf Flora and formerly lived at Idavillc and Guernsey, Ind. BfKE RIDER. KILLED BATESVI-LLE (OP - '1 Clifford Davis, 10, Batesvillc, was killed Thursday when his bicycle \ was hit by a truck drlvc-ii by Raymond Bloomer, Batesvil'ie, on a county road south ot !iore. I.ICI:.M, NOI'K;K Thn iiMilitrMlicfiud will i ..11 at public Auction Lu lh<1 hlKllCHt bld- unr, Tor riiHli. nnfi luffl Kurd -1 clour, Motor No. IIIIUT If) !l 2 2 a HI Com- rrHirclul f'rudlt Corp., Lafaycl t c, Indiana HI 10 A.M., on July III, l!ir>7, :al«:n uridur 1'jrrim uC Cun- (lltlonfLl Half!. Tim uni.l(!nilKnrt(l rtmijrvGH tlm rlfrhi lu lild n.l tliln Halo. UOMMK'Kl.'IAIj OIUCDri.' C'ORI'., by <:. MdHRroH NOTIOI4 'I'll TAXI'A VlflllN < N<il.l(;o IK lini-iiliy y;lvuu llm LU)f- IiayiirH or .liictkiion 'J'ownnhlii, CILHH County. 'Jmllanii, that lln; liroimr liWJil urrlcMirn of tin Id tuvvimhlp will mocL at thrt 'rrUHUic'it office In hl» |KJIII» In fll'.ld tuwnnliln al. 7:30 o'cluilc I'. M, (C.H.T.j on tlm Hilh day of July, lOCT, !•• coNiddur-tlui Eoll{»w!nK aflilltlrjiial aiMiruni-liLtlutiM which tmli! ufCiuiii'M cnriKldr-r iioctiHMiify lo nuMit tlm l i.lilti Unif ,41'KCiM, Cl.irlc Hi . lo Kodornl (ixiuin r>f M lltlury tiiKlul 1.100.00 tiiiiitiltiK Khali liavd a rlKhL lo Ixt luiiinl tlKirisoli. 'l'hi> aildll.lunal aji- liroiirlatluu a» flniilly iriadn will IIM aijlomal Irally rurnrr-fd 10 tint Htftln Hoard lit Tax (Joiriiillnxloilliri. whli-li Hoard will hnHI a filrlh'ir hnarlriK wllhln riruitn diiyn at. Ihu (!fiunty Auilltur'N offlch uC f'aiiit t'fjtl)ll.y, Indiana, or al. Himli oUn-r plactl IIH Dlliy 1}'^ <l(|HlKIIII.I')d, At mnjll ImarliiK, taxliaynl-H iiliJucltlriK lu liny oT Much gi.ddltlnnal .ipjr'ii' Iirlitllonii may hi) hoard an.! In- t'M'iuilod Inxpaynrn may liiqulru uT llm County Ainlllor wlinii arid whni'o Milch hiifirlli^ will IMI Illdlt. W. !•'. KnlinnH, Tl'lMltnll .Illl'Unon r l'wp. Turn F. Hll'Hchatiui', AtLy. R-1 ~ WANTED PoopU who want to conquer clangorous overweight with the world's greatest program for weight control, Successfully, Easily, Efficiently If you have known discouragement and discomfort whom you havo tried to lose those extra pounds, "you will b« delighted when you find out how easily it can be done without going on a starvation diet or taking drugs. There is absolutely no drugs In our product. Just think, you can lose those extra pounds, safely and nasily, and feel better than you have In years for as littlo as 50 cents a day. Start now, just contact Mr. Larry Manny in porso.T at Barnes Hotel or Phon« 5191 between 8:00 a. m. wild ,5:00 p. m. Friday and Saturday,' July I2K- and 13th. NOTICE We are looking; for a representative For this ar«a. He must have considerable selling experience and must be a person who can head an organization of his own, This will bo your own business loss than $70.00 In, vestment. Unlimited Incomo, early retirement. If interested please contact me at the above address between 8sOO p. m. and 10:00 p, m. Friday or Saturday, July 12-13. Full or part time. Apply in person. No phono calls please. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE C'?EN 'TILL 9:00 BOTH FRIDAY & SATURDAY Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribun* giv« FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE OPfN TILL 9:00 BOTH FRIDAY & SATURDAY S-A-V-E GIANT DELUXE 1957 2-DOOR NORGE "Big Freeze Refrigerator-Freezer II $ ONLY NOW WAS $529.95 357 " • 124 Lb. Separate Freezer Locker • Automatic Defrost • 13 cu. ft. Total Storage • Special Moist-Cold Compartment • 3 ice trays • Double-deep loor shelves • Roll-out aluminum •helves. • Twin crispers Safety-Dooi 1 Latch Meat Saver •.Egg nest. Butter-Cheese Keeper WB Trads long — Give us a tryl 3rd Floor * Usual Terms (£_'» First Quality-Full Fashioned NYLONS Sizes 81-i-n 1957 Quality 1939 Price • Whispering sheer • Stretch top for added comfort • Long wearing Hosiery — First Floor To Our Customers... We believe that the stores should have a consistent policy of store hours whose fundamental aim is to serve you, the public, in the best possible manner. It is our observation that you do not buy groceries, hardware, etc. the same as you buy clothes. We Xeel that these specialty services should have their hours of' Opening which are best suited to your needs. t However, we do not believe any store should dic- , tate to you when or where you should buy. That is your prerogative; We 'do not care to dictate to them or to you when we will stay open. i i 1 We feel the people' in surrounding areas who can ; only .come to Logansport at night, can most con- i veniently dp so' on Saturday night. The history of i merchandising in community shopping substanti- -' sites this belief. We have been very happy, in the J past, to serve you on Saturday night, and will continue to do so if you desire. 1 You have been very good to us ... we owe our " success entirely to our policy ol: trading fairly— both in pricing our merchandise and trying to serve you Ihe best way we know how. Any busi- ! : 1 ness man should place service to his customers, r; ,ind his community above service to himself. ; H you want us to stay open on Saturday night, we \-. i shall. We will know this from your patrpnage. If i you want us to change, we are glad to. The deci- 1. sion is yours, our business is to serve you, Any ;', suggestions you have concerning store hours, or % inything else concerning Olsen's . . , will be ap- is predated. Olson's is YOUR store. / Beginning Friday, July 12 we will be open to serve i you on both Friday and Saturday nights. This will ;. i in no way efleet the present working hours of our i , employees, as additional people will be employed [' I to serve you. All of our people will continue to \ : work just one night a week.' i i, . STORE HOURS | Monday, Tuesday, Thursday .' 9;00 to 5:00 •" Wednesday 9:00 to 12:00 I ' Friday & Saturday 9:00 to 9:00 !, i' Sincerely, i M, F. Jacobscn, Manager f Nationally Advertized Strapless BRAS Sizes 32 A-B-Cto40C Cotton Padded 6-way 5 styles Corset Dept-. — 2nd Floor $2.50 $3,50 $3.95 BOYS'CABANA SETS SIZES 3-8 • Sanforized • Solid boxer short • Matching printed shirt • Navy, brown, charcoal Girls' Sanforized Shorts Sizes 3-6x, 7-14 • Full cut • Poplin • Twill • Soorsuckor • Wide range of colors SATURDAY EVENING SHOPPER 6-9 ONLY SPECIA 6-9 ONLY MEN'S SHORT SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS REGULAR $1.88 VALUE $1 • S-M-t-XL Solids • Stripes • Plaid: • Dots • Novelties. Beautiful Summer Cotton Dresses VALUES TO $13.79 Jr. 7-15 Mi.iy 10-20 Half 14 1 /i-24'/i • Bolter cottons • Drip Dry • Many stylet COTTON BUDGET DRESSES REGULAR $2.98 VALUE 12-20, 14'/2-24'/i Sum or Sloevloif Florals • Stripes Plaids. 43x90 3"hemi Eggshell RAYON MARQUISETTE CURTAIN PANELS REGULAR $1.84 VALUE RAYON MESH PANTIES REGULAR 39c EACH x—2x-"3x Step In . . Band legs Trunk «tyle • Briefs-white only FMftOUS CAMJ0N W TH TOWELS » Thinty Terry Cloth _ large Slz» VALUE 67* GROUP OF TABLE LAMPS, CHAIRS TABLES, LAMP SHADES 20% OFF Terrific Value*— YOU S-A-V-BI NO IRON POLISHED COTTON SHORT or HALTER REGULAR $1.88 SET 3-6x,7-U Pink and blue 2 shorts or 1 hatter*

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