The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 9, 1952
Page 5
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f r PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JUNE 9, 1952 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION lUlly nt« p*r «»* tol ronsrcuHi MlBlntim charg* ** r 1 line p«r lin« >« 2 limn p»r lln« p«r rlny >< c I timf« r« Hi" per day '<• • tlmei p*r 1'"* P* r (lay ' r II tlnta per line p*r day ........ JJr Month (•" line • • • Mc Count rl»e arerM' word* tn trif line. Ad ordered for three or til timfi inn Mopped .efote fiplrallon will bf (hatted lor the number or llni" III' art • prraretl »«d adjustment of till mailf. • Uteri by person* resluine ontMiIe »f the elty muil h« arromrniilrtl I'y r *< h Hale* may easily b« conipulfd from the »*iTe table. jKtrrnislsiK ordered tor Irrez'ilar ln- wrtlont tike the one linn table. No reiponilbllttv will 1).- "ken tor More ihan one Incorrect Inierllnn OT KHT claimed ad. All >4j are re«trlclert to their rr.rji" rl»!tHlc«tlon. style »nfl tn'e. Tnr Courier Sews reserfel the Tlelit tr. el" or reject any ad. _______ Aporfment tor Rent 1 rm. Mm. «pt.. fledrl* klf-hfii. newly clrccmtcd. Ids \V. Ky.. ph_ 310' REFRIGERATION i.perl eer¥lce on Alr-Condlllonlns. ... TrlizerRtlon and Appliance* Hill Tegtthotl «nd Hurry Brooki rhone 6PR6—It no i\nK'ATr call WM. IIROFK REFRIGERATION CO.. .337 Blroll. SJ1 ck If For piimplnK septic-lank*. rr.sspfXJls. outdoor tol]cHs--rflll Jf^f Turner, !W3 l«!e SI. riioilf 8291. Work gin.rlilitfMI. 66 ]>k 13 E. n. Allpy—Air conillllrinlnt! rolrlu- r.-ntlon sorvlre. Pri 217B. 102 K Missouri BlythcvUle, Ark. el |'« "> email tnrnlshed room Ph W>. 6 7 p "»th Watch and Jewelry Repair don " ferrtre on Jrwplrj -3 <inj* on rs anrl nlorfcf, (iiinrantfpd work by exprrt repairman lowest PAT O' BRYANT Main <t Second I0!3 rk It For Sole, Misc. Grocery store Bnrl fixtures (or sftle 573 Wes1 Asll Bt, ^ ^ V^ " ROAfrHKH! I'-.c p«c:h, 510 l,iun«-i:iTe. ph. 270], " «' 1'K l4 HPVP 2 nrA' motor hontE. plvwoocl, 12 (l. limu. priced to "11. Abo IB 1n nMIc J«n. cheap. Sr« »l «1 A«h SI., ph. <W6. 63 pk ID Unturnlihpd 4 room apt - •-• ,-.- : ™te r»sth infl slaved.In bnr* por(h Electric hot water heater. Ph B31S 6 |ik HI | Unt. 3 room apt Apply nt 112 E Cherry. 6 " !>* 16 3 room film apt.. cliwf In. Utllltlrj uml.htrt. Ph. 2552. « 6 p* It) Film. apt-, two l«A!r» ISM H'»rn C.ll Mr,, IVI.™ 2909 Sat. or Rvm^ ^ mont. Close 6,1 ck 11 3 room irnlnriilshpd In. Phone 2S95. • Item. (150. Call 8S06. 6 1 pk 10 PIANO STORAGE SALE Carlnnd pianos MUM *rll quickly at ,ome price, lor rush tn fi.ivp ^orase 15fl — 115 -- $15 Memphis. Teri 1 2.1 J>k 6 23 Civil in for your next pUnlc or p:ir- tr V.'e can *nre yoir llrne and nio- nec Cecil Iftwe Orocen' and Mrir^rl. ph. 4507 S.M r* « 2H 3 room (urnlitbrrl apt,, hoi wat<-r. nrtvRt* bath «nd entrance. 1"^ P.. • >n ~ El" Ph. 3483. 6 3 pk 10 We have frc*h dally, T>a iil<l [r>'T^. chLrltpn Mvlfiil. plmlento clircsp pot^lo home haked ham Crcll 1> nnd Mnrkcl. ph 4597. rlli lirj J room Iirrn. npl . ulllHIes '""'• Couple only. 1409 W. Ash. 6,i pk 12 ~J~:~m. nntnrn. »|>l.. p't. DBth. cle hoi wMcr heater, rh. 3.1Z5. 5:19 <* ») J room * 4 room apH tor rein Cnll Mil. 0, Abraham ___ Modern 2 room fur apt I'" ' 5 '5 »' 4545 - ^-^ r 4 ,r-w and life*! po^vrr mi rle part^ nml repairs Also era tor rent. rt'esilirook MiichiiiP Shop Ar.rofi* Irnm KrnRct s;i Ucxlern ftp!. 3 rooms and bath, new- IT decorated. KOQd furniture, tt*s en"ll>- mern. Ph. 3373. F. Simon. »;21 c> tf Small Apartments, furnished. *8 up per week.'Bedrooms $4 vip single. 1M West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tr Auto Supplies and Services Don'* endanger your family with uHy tires—BUT LEE TIRES CHAPMAN SrmVICE STATION ' Un1n and DlTlslon Phone 25«3 13:i3 ck <f Services » UINtmi PTIOTOSTATIO SIRV- m O'STWTN'S STtlDIO. 115 W MAIN I2!< ck tr Mwic-ea Beauty Shoppe no-c open M!kln. 313 Lilly St. Ph. 6902. 6 fl pk 12 Higher prices pair! for old earn, •crap Iron, metnlv batteries and rad- latore. No longer connected with nly- therllle Iton i Metal Co. For plck-"I> and a r-qunre deal call 4609. \v. A. Al- Ifnsirorth. 6 8 pic 23 Moving & Hauling Closed Van trucks. Safe—Dependable. Experienced help. W. W. Beckhrun. 117 WMt Boit, Phone R928. 69 pk 7-9 3(1 yoimz KCPFO 3W nu. Booil vrimw corn. Ph. r)HI 21-12. Save Money When Vou liny _ Sell — Trade Used Furniture GMN HAKKISON & SON FUHiNlTUKK CO. 517 W. Asli Hi. TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO 111 W WnlmM Phr>nf ai Plenty of Parking Space USFD PTANOS FOR SAI.K— tit to' SPO.- Ounrantpprt cnndlllo 2059. PHILLIPS USED SMART BUYERS 1 10)6 CMKVKOI.IC'r JU95 19,10 IJUICK $345 'l'u<lor Sprlxn pqtilriplrt A'Ull rnrllri ittid hc.itrr. Drke II ... you'll Ini) It! Triced rlgltl! I ill 7 KOIU) 'J'mlnr Set!an . . , «. flue a utu- mnMIe! H;i«; rnclln ai\tl hratrr. ll's n-aily for ynur vacation trip. Sec- II tn.]:iy at Turin/ S^Han r<|iilppfH with er. It4*Atl>" to jrivft yr>ii many, many rnllt.s of wonderful driving. 1017 KOKD TRUCK $:W5 Z Ton with Short Wlrfel Bas". Rrndy for lire furm wnrk yon h:ive In mini], See It! \ 1918 MKRCURY $745 lOlfi CUKVROI-KT Ul) nor will i r:nl|ri and hf.iff r. Vim'II en Joy flrivlnir this aittn- moliili* In town or country. The [irlrc h right. Pirk-l'p Trut'k at a price Jn- tPiifletJ for quick sale. It's a dandy Irurk . . come by loil.-ty • net look U over. 300 Broadway Phone 4453 Repair Parts John Blue Fertilizer Equipment Jack Robinson Implement Co. Ulylheville, Arkansas — Vhone 2371 For Rent 4 room tinusn—3 julJr.s jrom rliy lltn- il. Phonr 6571. 67 pk 14 3 nx:iii IJOUSP A- hath. J2n » tnotilti. Oht'i.r Ali'Kfmder, Ptione ^170. 61 i>k 11 d.-'oriin-'l. i;iose- in. I'lLOui- ,1270 fitter ?i oYlurk. fj 7 pk H vine. <;.ui :i5iu. i;"v cfc n 2 room hOj-iKC. Call 6H6, fi 5 pk R 12 Shoi1:uitl iK>nlps hy the *t:,y, wci'k or limnth. JJcllvciy Keii'Lcf John I) Mc- Dowvlt, ph. 3708. 15 pk 76 ,-i room ho • 6 p.m. attic fan. Ph. 6 5 pic 9 Instruction WANTED MEN TO TRAIN FOR TECHNICIANS IN ONK OK AAIKIMCA'S INDL'S'I'KIKS IK Voii '•an qna]t/y—this could be yonr i-haric* for /mure security and the kind of work yon ll'rie. You must be bet-*eon the- aK<>5 of IS and 35 and have the rtjnlvnleiH of an 8th Giads Education or niorr- . . . NO EXPERIENCE nrrrR- 5,uy»bnt must he willing to trnln In sr-arf lime at noinc , . . ,W1U not Interfere with present ]oh>. For /nil drifilEs and further hi for, malloii on how you may be able to turnlshrrl honsp, RM | qntliiy--Write giving nye and ptluca- Inquire fit 835 ChlckR- ! iion to *- 3ck ,% rtvoin houKp and hTth. furnished, H<*c. kitchen. 121 V. r . DA vis. Csll l-fr (T!1L 2fi06. 6 5 p'K 12 3 room ho'ise. hoi nnd cold u'flior. hath. I'h. 46 12. 6 5 pit 12 iu good location *•*. electric 2!V:R B 1 ck 74 \ctftf Block rsulldlng, antlAhlr for e- •••( istnrc nnrl adjoining 5 room with hfiih I.ocaiofl In curve on nlde of Holland, M< 14 ft, plywood boat. 12 h,p. motor, ,-heel trnlier. I'h. 4453 or fi!70. 4 row Rferamnn cotton cho good condition Hcnsonnbly Burdetto Plantation Ph 47"2 COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION CO. Air ConclHJonlnK. cominerclftl r»no ^ouaenold refrigeration service. Phone S39I day, 3175 night. 416 K. Mnln, 523 ck 023 I Mil and Install complete water •ystem knd no money down. Brimll pn^rnenta. Fh. 6349. H. Meyers. 5131 p* l[l Plans-Estimates For new construction, remodtUn? or ttpstn, F.H.A. OR O .1. LOANS NO OBLIGATION Phone 20C6 Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. Gunranteed piano timlni; anrl re- pulr. c»tl 2011 days. 20W nlghlA. 5 2fl tf footl 1 Dayton Rrnlc 1 Hoharl fillccr ] food chopper 1 meat hlorV I CHiOl TfglSl^r 1 Curtis 6fln Air CondLHnnlng Unit 1 31.TO nirnt snw I codec mill Knu.irU Wilson Knuiiril Wll.son Groci Lucian Games Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture {or new. f will also buy your old furniture. Farmers terms \,'<t down, balance in the fall. Formerly Arnold & Gnines. Ph. 6357. -1117 ck tf Clrorerv clt 620 II1'7- Il0|) fl cX tt vrllnw pfc 6.12 'on !e re SON . 2552 .2 c» It RS~ IDS ing f tow (IS 2071 or 2 C* "22 motor, z e;« pk n pppr. In nrlni; . m a box (10 B Unit y 8.7 pk H "BIG STINKY" FI.Y TJIAP Nationally known nix! advertised. Will positively rid vour home of flies or your iioney back. HUGH W. AI.LKN Osceola, Ark. fiin nk fill!) For Sale, Real f state '1 room house antl Ijalli on enrner lot on (>l lligliwny N. and Liunerale St. A home or (food I)iisines3 location, lot 75 x 75. Priced for quick sale ?'ir>00. Modem and cxlra roomy -1 rnom house and bath on paver street in northeast part of town. Same as new— lip-top condition inside and out Large lot $1250. cash, $<14.00 total monthly payments. Vacant, move in tomorrow. Modern 4 room house am bath 1116 } learn St. Choice neighborhood, beautiful back I'ard, newlv decorated inside Vacant, ?1500. cash, $<I3.1G a month, ll's a norui investment. Have several that will rent it. JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone 4iri Residence Phone 2506 5110 ck tf 4 room house and K»rnt;i> MSIJO J200 down nnd IH5 :\ tnonltt. Also cnfr. lo- c;\tprt ftt Itrondway nnd As»; Phone 9012 C Abrnlmm. 530 ck tf — — - .- Real ESTATE Farms — Cily Property LOANS If lRi«reitrd l* SujlTii \loble Gill Agency INSURANCL- Glencoe Bldg. Ph. 6868 »;30 ck tt 5 room on Hcarn Street, (it) ft, lot. . .'3 bedroom house on -Madison Street on double loL 6 room house on Ash with < room house in rear. Both for price of one. Several farms for sale. CATES-WTGGS CO. 115 S. Third Ph. 2751 or <12B8 #3 ck 10 A tirlcfc hulltUnc; with n cnfp In the 4DO h!<irk on \Vrst Afib fitrrrt with nil furnl5>i1nRs anrt flx.nRs Inrludtnir bocr pprmlt. BiilldlnR has two rnt cftncps. physlralLy inmblp to cr.ntlmie In hiisl- nrss This hu.iiln^ss ]ins rnrtinrt $25.000 to afll rhPip. On<*-hfll[ ra^h and Hie on terms. Two tiP.iiUiruL lou. nil on Nor :h :iomp* Pilcf nn one ilOOO Hiid one lot 75 bv ISO 11200. , W. M. IJurns. Realtor Phone — 33G1 IIS North, Rcrom! Strppt niythevlllp, ArktinFnj; 6;3 cX 10 2 bedroom home wilh hnrtlwood floors niul vpnrUnii hi! nils, plenty r>f clo.-rt Apiu'c. Small ilowit pnynii'tit. bulmu't 1 In rnsy juoulhly pi.yii.fiil. David Real Kslale Co, Ph. 8GSM — 2'I8(> H. M. Beck Sam Godwin \ 6 5 Ck 12 CR.: 41R4 0( wrlle Paul Byrum Iniplc- nrnl Co, Ii22-c>: tl Koan and corn land. K. B GKK COTTON CO. Call C. C. CoMncillc, 6G'J5, 2020, night phone 2880. 5'6 ck If lor two. working eJrls. 115 W. Ash Mrt Ca%sldy, 5,-U pit 6^14 Business Opportunities KKOXKN CUSTARD -Stnrt your own ilusliifss or Increase your present business with Fro/en CiiBlartl or Free/.or I-'rvsh Ice Cream. For full clot nth see K. E. Van Bibber, P. O. Box 561. Phone 6300. Blvlhirvlllr. Ark. 6;5 nk 7,6 Female Help Wanted Home Party nemormrnlnr Wanted. MHF-I liavp car. Enrti *SO or more \vpi-k- Jv. W(Lt€ W. T. Rnwlelsh Cn. D.'pl, AKF-210-HP-3, Memphis, Tenn.. pLvini; education and experience. 69 pk 10 Girls for curb service. Make ago. Applv in person. RAZOR- RACK DRIVEIN, Ph. 43'U. 6:0 ck 12 Room, board and snlari - tor trip carp of urn chlldcm. Ph. 6~9fi. 6,5 pk 12 For Safe 100 head of i?ep.«f for snip. H. L. Hrvl- ^ell Promised Land. Phone 6032. ft,2 pk 6.10 Help Wanted. Male Salesman to sell plumbiii). and Iniikiiiiu niiilcrial.s. Won [lerful opporUinily for riyh man. Expei'ionce not noces BOX T-4, Courier No\vs 6 9 pV 12 Private Rooms Room for rent. 311 S. Division. 67 pk M Bfclroom ranvenlcnt to bath. 611 W Main. Ph. 3325, fi 6 pk 7 t Hfdrooin for employed Incly. Kltcher prlvltrK«A If desired. Ph. 8315. 6'4 [>'x 11 Bedroom with pri ate bath, ph 2 6|4 ck 7,4 Nice ' bedroom [or rent near high ' school. Comfortable antl cool, prlvat ntrance. Plrone 3403. 72 DH 2 bedroom private biUh I'hone 4643 6,2 pk 72 Persona/ Are you having trouble from exceA! drlnkhiK? WnulU you Like tti q<ilt? Le 1 us shnw you a way'to liiipplue-ss, WE It* Alcoholics Anoityntuits. Bot fl7H, B!y Ihevllle. Ark. 5|27 u* 6 : 2 Wanted to Buy We will pay CASH (or your olrt Kodak*, camcrnx and lenses for parts O'STXKN's BTUDIO. 115 We*t Main, HIGHEST PRICES PAID For t1n ' wire and a11 kintls of scrap metal. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N. Bdwnv & Mnultrie Drive Phone 8962 4]t5 ck tf Wanted Leav-lns Tuesday Drnlng for San or three pRMi- SM. 30SI Btilck fl'7 pk 10 •* room hnnsr, 5 nrrr.«i tif proiinri UlythrvLllr. IJoutp -1, .1. O. S thwar LAND FOR SALK SPECIAL We have 320 acres of choice 1912 Hearn Street 2 bedroom modern home. Just redecorated. Ideal location. Choice neighborhood, priced to soil. person to MONTGOMERY GG ck 11 Railroad & Ash Street tOOKATIHISE Before you tmj a user! car we SHS;- pesl you conic by and srr nnr better uscrt r^rs. NVr'ro anxious In tr.irtc. our price! CHAMBLJN TRUCKS! 1019 STUDKBAKKH 2- Ton Long Wheel H;isc 7.50 front lires, 8.25 rear tires. Plenty of power for big hauls. JS95 1018 CMC, 1'j-Ton Long \Vhecl liase, 8.25 tires . . a fine truck nt a low price . . . See it NOW! $795 1947 DODGE 2-Ton Long Wheel liase, S.25 lires . . . here's an extra good truck at an extra jjmid price. ?G9o !i>l!l S'l'l'DKliAKHR '/, Ton 1'ick-l p Truck . . . \ve hiive if for yon to choose from. Farm truck specials! $795 STUDKHAKEH Ton Pirk-l'p. Drive il and you'll like it. For your light hauling at only . . . $795 19((i CHivVKOI.KT «/ 2 -Ton l'ick-( : p. Here is a real bargain. You'll have In hurry ... or you'll tie late! ?o95 Authorized (IjBH Service • 2 Big Lott at R«ilraa4 & Ath StrMtt. • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. if Y**c Friendly A Afl D«al«r «i \- t\n\ o ot-u m_j f.i ui UJIUILU --,l - I I C" land in front oC levee short LhlCKaSaWDa bt. distance from Armorcl. Gniv- 2 Bedroom home localcri in si road riniiiiiig through the u, e 1500 hlock of Chickasiiw- Help Wanted .met, with 1(>0 acres on each .side of gravel. This is tractor land and Wanted — Helpers JIusl be at least 18 years of and willing and able to liotler soil is to be had. Taxes re praclically n o t h i n (j. Shown by appointment only. w. This lumie is in perfect | do heavy physical work. Ap- j ciinditiDti :nnl has a womlcr- ply in person. 1'cpsi-L'ola Hot- n " fnl lociition. tlinif Co. GJ7 ck 11 acres of hi^h cut over These are two of I he nicest homes to lie offered in Bly- (licvillR and should lie invos- r ! tl>?ato ' i lf - vml ave l(loklng f(lr Insurance For land in front of levee. quick sale, price ?S,(1()0. KIALKS I,AM) CO. fio ck 10' . m . co "", Shown nly. ' hon!e by appointment 2 h^rtrooiix slilfff*. pnrAer. Mtrnc.l nnrt l>ir.)f<->ip pll. Gnnd pnlcl'borho Svhil PhiiHps Mrs. Joe Bl\fti I'll. 10^0 Brokrrs Ph. «n ee PK See or call • SteV6nSOn J Nolile Gill Ajjency Thone 6868 G6 ck M KILL JOHNSON GRASS witli Snrliinn Chlnr^lr. W f purr! Fitir Irrntrri for ilry aprillralinn. 512.50 prr 100 Ihs. A. H. WEBB Clil.VKRT TII.K CO. Hiway SI. Sl«le I-lnc—Vhnne 8114 CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sl/rs tip tn 3f> In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sires up tn 81 In. A. H. WEBB Arlomalic Flood (i.ites Conrrelc * Metal Septic T.inks Sewer TUe llesl 1'rlre.i We Uellier UUhway 61 n( Slate Line rhoiit 7H (hat means Speedometer Repair! tt> s|ircbll;e In .el vine l-ilay ^rrvlcr on xprrrtoniptcr rrpnlr for all ni.tkr.t of r.irs and trurk*. Privr in lomnrrnu —uc'll liclp ynn DRIVF. WITH CAKE. T. l.SEAY MOTOR CO. riimter-riyninulli Dealer UI K. Main I'linne. 5122 Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection GI KNCOF HOTKL RUILDIN'O 134 \V. Ash SV Lost & Found SHOE REPAIR ;taeans EXTRA w ««l HflLTCRS JUPUITY SHOC SHOP 1 2 I W. M « I N ST. LOST — PAT R MEN'S GLASSES, RKLI KV E U LOST OX MAIN ST. FRIDAY AKTKKXOON. CALL COURIER NEWS, -M61 OK ;;m. 6-;i riu 10 Notice FIN A FOAM . . . the Xcwly- Df Tclopcd Bitbhle "nth for Fint Falirics, RTIS* * Dpltolsterj dof5 a speedy foam denning job. ARKANSAS I'AINT * GLASS CO. 105 K. Main Thone 2272 FUt.I.KR BRUSH .IAMF.S I.IGHTY. OKALEUj For serrtco at ynnr <loor. rail 6.^?3. 5.23 pk 6,23 Specials Til. New Hrkne Curll* Ware RcTlvtT .«1500 Condition*! JIO 00 Other oolrt %-avps I.S 00 and up BKAUTY BAR Ph. 3202. GlcncOB Hotel Bldjt 51IS cX 8 15 Bo and Doc's Boat Dock •1 mi. \\Vst of Gosnrll Hac'k of (Jvccn's Store j Hood l-'isliin^ — I'icnic Area Knats — Motors — Hail K:itul\vklu>.s — brinks 6^7 pk 14 Where Customers Bring Their Friends MORE USED CAR VALUE JfloO CHKVROI.KT Power Glide Fleelline 4-I>oor Sedan. Fresh Air Healer, Defroster and 1'las- $-| JAC tic Seat Cover* . . .' I*t99 1919 FORD \-8 Custom 2-l)oor, Overdrive, Maroon Finish, Large Heater. A steal at 19IK CHEVROLKT 4-1>oor Sedan, Plastic Seat Covers, Heater and Defroster, Green Finish. A real jjiMMl tar for 1918 CHKVROLKT '/.-Ton Pickup Truck . . . 1C AC a real buy at 033 FARM LOANS You Can Pay ANY AMOUNT at ANYTIME from form incom* without penalty TTiii Krrmoiif FARM INCOME PRIVILEGE tt irrittfn into your note when \nu titiff tt Innnfrom TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Hione 23M Morlgage I.nans of All Kinds KORI1 V-8 Vi-T. 1'kp Trk, low mileaKe, fOQC clean, rims like new, tires extra good. SI'KCIAL! 033 l!ll!> CHKVROI.KT '/ 2 -Tim IMckup Truck, very $ low mileajfe, clean as a pin ... a dandy for only 1950 CHEVROLET ft-Ton Pickup Truck . . . $| Deluxe Cab I!)IS STUDEHAKER 1-Ton Pickup Truck. SPECIAL! 995 $ 495 ]9oO CHKVROr.KT 2-Ton I.WT! Truck, Motor Perfect, S2. r >x20 front tires, 9(10x2(1 rear (ires. All Six tires look as nood as new . . . it's really a steal $14QE at this low price l£9</ Many More to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can alwirs make a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The l!ir Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 See it now! mitpsi Tod cry'i Big Difference in automatic washers— HALSELL & WHITE FURN. CO. Main & Division Phone 6(196 TRUCK Headquarters! HORNER-WILSON IN BLYTHEVILLE I9fil GMC Z Tun Shnrt Wlieel Base. Brand new tires, rielnxe- rab anr] very low mileage. Bargain! $1645 1950 FORD custom Club Coupe. Radio, heater, white »idrwaU tires. Ourk hlue color. Cleanest car In Blylhevllle. $1295 1951 STtfDFBAKER Ixing Wbecl Base. A'nry low mileage. Just like new: See It today at Hnrner- Wilson. $1195 !94« PONTIAC Z-rloor Fleet- line, Radio A Heater. WSW tires, light blue color, fi-cyl- Inrier, .with standard transmission. Priced at $995 I9.SO OMC Pick-Up with prae- lically nftw (Ires. Delnxe Cab. Prlc«i tsjwrlallj low. SEE IT! 19S1 CHEVROLET I Dnnr wilh lUht crtrn finish. Ha« rartio, henlrr nnrl while sidewall (Ires. Cltanl $1695 1941 CHF.VROni.F.T 2-door Sedan, yrood motor and new tires. Drive It. . . you'll boy It at this low, low price of only $295 1948 \ A S H Ambassador 4-door Sedan with new tires. Ha.i radio and h«atcr. Specially priced for quick sale... only $845 We have a large selection of Small and larger si/.e trucks on hand and priced right. . . . See 'em NOW! HORNER-WlLSON I EAST—: MAIN Rocket Uldsmobil* — (JMC Trucks Phone 2«5t Us«l C»r Lot — Phone 6151

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