Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 10, 1957 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1957
Page 17
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Monday Evening, June 10, 1957. RIP KIRBY RISHT HERE.' > A CONVERTIBLE.' WE'RE ROUGHING / SOT.... IT TOPAY--WFTH ,A _/ I TOLP THE TOP DOWN.' Vf- waCOME TO PRf SULG-f, KIP. THE STAR- BAR RANCH IS WAITING TO SHOW / THANKS, JACK. YOU ANP PE5/IAONP / IT'S SOOP TO A FINE TIME... s£ SEE YOU... ANPAT THE SAME STATION... PRY 6ULCH.' JUST \ BUT NOT FOR LON6 THINK, STOSIE, J IF MY PLAN WE'RE PROPERTY / WORKS, BELIE. OWNERS HERE/ YOU THIN6S HAPCHAN6SP OUT WEST, PESMONP. IF YOU'LL TELL ME WHERE OUR BUCK80ARP IS, MR. TAYLOR, I'LL LOAP THE LUGGASE. MICKEY FINN HMMM! IT'S JUST WHAT I HAD IN MIND! NOW, HOW MUCH IS IT GOING I'M SORE YOU'RE GOING TO BE . SURPRISED! ONLY THAT IS CORRECT, SIR! AMP EVERY INCH OF IT IS HIGH ANP PRV! ANPVOUSAY AHUNPREP ACRES-OF IT IS ON THE WAIN „ HIGHW4V? THERE'S THREE \ VES! AHP THE WAV HUNPREP ACR OF IT. EH? ^^JT GROWING POSSIBILITIES \i ENORMOUS! Lagansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Seventeen KERRY DRAKE ITS BEEN A6RAND EVENING , FRANK / MANV THANKS.'.. ANP I'LL KEEP THAT PROMISE TO YOU, MINDY ' \f THE OLD SCHOOL FUU-RftCK CAN STILL READ SIGNALS/THAT ONB MEANS: • IT'S LATE - A AN END RUN FOR HOME ' • MOTHER OF CHAMPIONS", RIVERTOWN HISH SCHOOL ) IT SAVS IN MUST BE QUITE A PLACE, / OUR SONS.' HOWEY — TURNING OUT SOT. PRAKE AND YOU.'. REX MORGAN, M. D. WOULP IT HELP TO TACK ABOUT rc KEITH ? rrs BEEN FILED, JUNE IN THE CONVOLUTIONS OF W SKAIN — FOR THE B*ST FIVE YEARS' I PIPMT KNOW rr WAS PERSONAL, KEITH.' I THOUGHT IT WAS TO BE FILEP.' NO June.' NOTHING WOULD HELP.' REALIZING THAT HE HAS LEFT'THE LETTER ON THE DESK, KEITH CAVELL RETURNS TO FINP THAT JUNE MAS REAP IT.' EMMY LOU "Mom, for my date tonight what d'ya think I should wear? Your new blue dress or your new yellow suit?" GRIN AND BEAR IT '"Some MUD, ch door?... DWn'f I toll you the b«t plocn to tat an where t*vc truckdrivtn' union officials cot!..." Small Dairy Herds Becoming Impractical CHAMPAIGN, 111— Changes i rnarkeUnK and increasing mechanization are aboul the gradual disappearance ot 10-cow dairy herds in lULnoi.';. .E. E. OrmisLon of the dairy eciencc department of the Univer- Enjoy alight Between-Meal Treat.*. | ChewrdresWng.deViciou. igley's Spearmint Gunu Satisfics-yet never ,rich or filling. 1 sity of Illinois said small herd, which depend on the sale of cream for a market are running into <. decreasing demand for farm cream and an increasing doma-m' for fluid milk. This demand for fluid milk i being met by technologies changes which are helping to fore the small herd ou-t of existence Orrnuslon said. Bulk tanks, pjpclinc milkers, au lomalic barn cleaners and othe labor-saving machinery are bi investments, and they roqui-r large herds which can produce large quantity of milk per man hour to make them. pay. Dairying, Ormiston said, is rap idly becoming a commercial busi ness which has no place for th small herd maintained as a side line to general farming. The United States meat industry's output is 25 billion pound; annually, the world's largest. BUZ SAWYER HE TALI GENTLEMAN NONE OP YOUR BOYS HAS BROUGHT DOWN MR. ZORKA'S BAGS? WITH THE BLACK GOATEE! YOU'RE SURE YOU HIWENT -CALLED HIM A TA» IN THE LAST HALF HOUR? BEEN ON PUTY ALL EVEMING. ARE you POSITIVE XOU PIDN'T TAKE ZORKADOWH IN THE ElEVftTORJ IK QUESTIONS THE ELEVATOR BOV ABOUT ZORKA'S DISAPPEARANCE. For Gifts you give with pride, let Bailey's be your FATHER'S DAY Gift Guide. MARY WORTH > HOWEVER.W PRE5CR1PTBN B DAIiy <*H DOSESOFSALTAIR/SUNSHINE— AND I COMPLETE RE5T! IF IKWOWVOUR. TYPE, \ YOU'DSETLrraEOFTHELATTERIN \ THE PLACE YOU'REHOW UVINGi THE CONDITION EXISTS,, BUT a ISN'T THAT BAD! YOU-UH-'tlVEWITH RELATIVK,MR5.WORTH? 1" HliTwi'FE MAY I A5K-"WHC i A£E & AM D AN THEY & THAT MY HEART CON OmON 15 SO ALARM- AMRMie J '««»£"£«£ IN THE NEXT OF KIN? LITTLE ABNER WWIT, FELLAS.- 1 .'- . AH LOVES AND RESPECKS TH' U.S.ARMV.';'' NANCY OH. BOY—I. FOUND A Q.UARTER AND NOW FOR THE MILLION- DOLLAR .QUESTION STRICTLY BUSINESS "Well, at least, they accomplished something—they voted to get larger ash trays!" STRICTLY RICHTER >?>7, King J-wiuit* J,jn.i«ilr, Jni.. Wmlj rifihu reiflcvwl. "I'm going to be a June bride — he said he'd marry me on a cold day in June!" CUTIES "I can't understand it... my wife prefers the scenery in the mountains!" DOTTY DRIPPLE IT'S AAV SEASONAL CHANGE-OVER I TAKE OUT THE COLP MEPICINES -TO MAKE ROOM FOR THE- SUNBURN ANO MOSQUITO LOTIONS; WHAT ARE VOU P01NG, MOTHER? GRANDMA QEE,GKANDMA, IP YCUS HOMEMADE SOFT DRINKS WON'T ..WIL.L.YAGIVE USTH 1 TUB FUL VOU HAVE UBFT? [ WE'LL HUNT UP A LOTO 1 FANCV LITTLE BOTTLES.,

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