Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 12, 1957 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1957
Page 3
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Friday Evening, July 12, 1957. Industrial Production Shows Rise During Year WASHINGTON (UP) - U.S. pro. duction of goods and services hit a record of $414,500,OCO,000 last year, about 6 per cent higher than the 1956 figure. But the Commerce Department said half the increase was due to inflation. The other half stemmed from a greater physical amount of goods and services sold in the market. All indus'j-ies except agriculture shared in the increase, the department said in a report issued Thursday night. In other developments on the economic front: —The Commerce and Labor departments reported the number of employed persons in June jumped to 66,500,000, a record for the month and 1,300,000 more than in May. But unemployed also rose by 600,000 over May to 3,370,000. The rush of school-age youngsters into the summer job market raised both figures. —The Commerce Department reported fewer dwellings were for rent in the first three months of 3957 than in the same period last year. Rental vacancies totaled 1.8 per cent of all housing during the first quarter of this year compared to 2.2 per cent a year ago. The number of houses for sale in the period remained about the same — around .5 per cent. — The Securities and Exchange Commission said sales and earnings of manufacturing corporations "continued at a high level" in Ihe first three months of 1957, setting a first-quarter record. The report on the gross national product said rises wure recorded 3ast year for national income, personal disposable income, business lion dollars. Part of this increase was due to higher interest rates. Twelve Mile Twelve Mile Council of Churches evening worship service for Sunday evening, .July 14, will be at Ihe Hoover Methodist church" with Rev. 'John Turley bringing the message. Home Demonstration club will meet at Memorial Hall,.Thursday afternoon, July 18. A lesson on "New Drugs" .by Evelyn Johnston is scheduled' to be given. Roll cail will be favorite vacation spots. Hostesses will be..Flora Skinner, Maude Snell, Laura KanUer and Florence Fidler. Farm Bureau will meet Wednesday' evening, Juiy 17, al Memorial Hall • for their annual ice cream social. This will also be a public 'relations meeting. Corinth Women's Missionary Society met Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. Oscar Conrad. Assistant hostesses were Mrs. Mary Booicwaller and Mrs. Esther Dillma/i. Mrs, Mozelle Greer opened the meeting with prayer. Mrs. Mona ShiiHz, leader read the Call lo worship, "Open'My' Eyes That I May See," was sung. Mrs 1 . Shullz was in charge of the thank offering. She read the. hymn, "Master No Offering," all sang "Ciount Your Blessings."- Prayer was ' offered by 1/lLis Edna Carson, and Bible study, ^'John. The Model of Greatness," 'was given by Mrs. Mary Jane Dillman. Mrs, Mona Shullz .gave the topic, "The Brethren deal of Brotherhood." Mrs, Mae Green and Mrs,, Mona Shullz offered prayer for the prayer circle. Mrs. Blanche Easter read the closing Meditation MISTER BREGER I.NDJANA Au.'onor.ic investment, consumer purchases | and the W. M. S. benediction was and saving, and wages and sala-1 repealed in unison. Fifteen mem- n'es. hers, three visitors and five child- Net Interest payments jumped I rcn attended. Mrs. Mona Shultz -.about 10 per cent to about 12 bil-1 received the door prize. „ i Skinner I-adie.s'Aid met Wednos- 'iay evening with Mrs. Grace the singing of "America." Devotional topics, "The Expectant World," with scripture anil "The Crowd May Be Wrong" were given hy Mrs. Herbert Tomson. Roll call was answered by "What America' Means to You." During the social hour, prizes were awarded lo Mrs. Eernieoe Grafjle, Mrs. Florence Ililcman and Mrs. Vfrnice' Cormcr and drmr prize to Mrs. Alice Gra- hlc. fifteen members and gue.sis, Mrs. Alice Grahlc and Mr.s. Bcr- niece flrable, Twelve Mile; Mrs. . n:>7 UKilKt. iM/'ju.ir; HK,wir\<; County, Infilling. iy|JJ on the 121 h rlny <if A ill th.. N. C.iiirl Kimni. JfolJKi;. In Ui* ';lly of l,ow;iiiwi(orl, ilmlluriil in «;*(<) (foii/ity, buKlri ln- V''f.tl«at.Ioii tit lh« in»iiHf::itlijiin o* 1-liB following ii;uny<! PIM-MOIIH, re- '|ll'!«tlllK Ul« lHMl« If).till) JLDIlll- <:;inl«, at n,r lnfu.Hi,,, hTnlniirlrr «"t «nl, of Ilin Ali:nhiill<: /InvuriilC'i J'''rrnllK or tho <:|IIMHI;H li»rri'fni!ri'T fl>r«li<nHtft(I mill will, ;tl n;itil llmi' Jiiul pl;tc«. ruc'.lvi, lnrocin:ill'jii cnn- <-nrnjrijc Dm flint-mi i,t nul,l apj;)!- «'iml», uii'l iliu urr,prl'!i-y of IxniiliiK tHi, jKirrnliji »[j[)lli!fl for to Hiirti AfMillcrtntK ut Ihii [ir<TnlKi>n ii!<rnmr. Tony l'r«Kiillo if;n:kitK« Slof I , , r , , . 7H!»r, r.l'iunr ft wii)« jji.iiii.i. 927 'lonn Run, Mrs. Marforie Bock- i.oif»n«[,.,rt, iniiiiin;t. over and Mrs. M.ary Woodhousc, Peru and Mrs. Ann Komedhak, Dc- HAIIJ INVCWTHiATI'iN ^ /iw o/'K.v TO TI/K I'l.-m.ir, A.vn (roil [Till,1C I'AltTKJII'ATlON IH III-:- ', INDIANA M,r:rii\r,i.if TlttVKHMiK f:o.M.MJMH|C)N Tly K. C. MIM.N'IKAIl nry Mrs. Nancy Swank enlertained the K, U. B. Ladies Aid at her home recently. She wan a»«:fcled hy Mi.i« Eachcl Bell and Mr.s. 'c'linininiiiiMyrtle Oldham. Secret pals wen: revealed and Ihe chapel fund was counted with the results that the team of Mrs. Alma Hoover is lo entertain Norma LeffeKs team at the next meeting. Miss Kathy Pickering received the door prize. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Tomson and sons, Gerald Dillman, Bobby Kileman, Miss Virginia Ulerick, Hev. and Mrs. Jay Kesler attended the World Conference of Youth 'or Christ at Winona Lake, Tuesday evening. Mrs. Lena Blacketer Is visiting Vlrs. Stella Ghump, Wadestown, West Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. ,T. N. Babb and family, 'Misses DeAnna Fornero and Diana Babb spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lane and Miss Sandy Babb at Rock- 'ord, Illinois. Recenl guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Kime and John were Mr. and Mr.s. Lonnie Kingery, Mrs. Paul Mavrick and children, Mrs. Mary fisher and children, , Mr. and Mrs. Lester Flory, Peru. A picnic dinner was held, Fred Kingery spent a week visiting Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Kime. Miss Alice Ann Sullivan was an evening guest. 4-H Fairboard members of Adams, Belhlehom, Clay and Miami townships will mud. at Memorial Hall, Monday evening, 'July 15, al 8:00 to complete arrangements for Hie Twelve Mile and Community 4-H fair lo be held August 5, through in. This is the last scheduled mciiting before Iho fair. Program brinks and advertising supplies will be distributed. All ex- hibil workers, special cummillee members and adult n-ll leaders nre 16 meet with Ihe board except the Home Tulcnl contest committee which is lo meet July W. Rochester The ' Neighborly Home slration club met in the home of Mrs. Bill Severns, Tuesday evenr ing for their annual hamburgeir fry, with Mr.. Severns as chief cook. The assistant hostess was Mrs. Lawrence Norris. Following the supper lh^ business meeting; was conducted by the president, Mrs. Guy Bryant, who opened Ihe meeting with the club collect, and the pledge to the American Flag. The group joined in singing'the opening song. Mrs. Melita Snyder gave the de-. yotions.. Several bills were allowed. Plans were made to attend a show in Warsaw, preceded by a dinner party, at.the "Wagon'Wheel Inn." Happy . birthday was sung to Mrs. Carl Overmyer, Mrs. Cleve Kindig, .Mrs. Charles Long ..and Mrs. Oral Kindig. Mrs. Estil Carter gave 'a report on a recent meeting held 'at Purdue, which she,' and Mrs, Bryant, and Mrs. Tompkinson attended. The Club creed was recited in . closing. Mrs. Cleve Kindig was honored during- the program, in observance of her golden wedding anniversary, 'which, will be x July 30. Mrs;'.Carl Overmye'r and'Mrs. Myron' Burfcheiser, dressed in hill billy, .costumes, sang .."When Pa! was Courtin Ma;" which was followed with a' hill-billy wedding; with Mrs.. Fred Logan, groom; Mrs. Estil Carter,, bride; Mrs. Ora Castle, best man,; Mrs. Guy Bryant, bridesmaid; Mrs. Melita Snyder, mother of the bride; Mhs. Mad^o Stephens, Father of Ine bride; Mrs. Arthur Brubaker, ring bearer; Mrs. Albert Tompkinson, flower girl; Preacher, Mrs. Harry McVay. A shower was held for the honored guest, ;wd she was also 'presented a lovely gift in gold, from ,the club. Mrs. Qral Kindig gave a resume. of outstanding events-in the honored guest's life. A bepulifully decorated wedding cake, baked and decorated by Mrs. Carter, centcrd the serving table,.'from which cake and sher- bert were .-served. The Auxiliary of the United Spanish War Veterans, and their husbands and guests, enjoyed a carry-in chicken supper, Monday evening at the City Park. Following the dinner, "dirty bingo" was played, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Woodcox have as their house guest, their' grandson Don Kline and his friend, Darrell Pyle; of Compton, California. The young men have been in Washington D. C., Niagara Falls and other eastern points, and wilt visit relatives in and around Rochester, before returning to Calif. Keith Hoffman, employee of Sherrard and Sons, received first and second degree burns of his right han* and arm, Wednesday while at work in the shop on the Sherrard farm. He was rushed to Woodla-wn hospital, where, after being treated by Dr. Lawrence Kelsey, he was released to his home. He was cleaning a dozer for painting when a spark from a scraper ignited cleaning fluid he was using. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Knepp, and Mr. and Mrs. Don Knepp and son, Stevie, of South Bend, were 'Wednesday evening visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Thousand and family. . ' Mr. and Mrs. Paul Knepp are leaving on an extensive lour of the Eastern slates. Squirrel Season To Open August 15 INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — The Indiana Dopartment of Conservation announced today that the open Lojwnsport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune I (ik True Life Adventures FISHING CATFISH AMERICAN BUU-HI=AD (OR CATFISH) WJWES HtMSEUP IN THE MUP--EXCEPT FOR HhS UONO WORM-UKE BA.K8EUS. (FEELERS)VJHICW HE WI<3e»-E6 TEMFTINOUV. GREEKS' 1NVESTISATOR6 TOO I-ATE THAT THERE IS A HUMOR 1 / ATTACHED TO THEM. BUO-l-tE,M7S <5AN LIVE OUT 01= THE WA.TEK FOR HOURS. season for fox and grey squirrels will range between Aug. 16 and Oct. 13, both dates inclusive. Bag limit is five per day. The department said field studies show fewer squirrels are frisking nbout the woodlands than last year—but there still are plenty for Hie hunters. Read the Classified Ads 1>IU, KILLS BABY LAFAYKTl'K (UP)—Dale Glon Shumate, 20 rnonth.H old, was dead on arrival ut llnmu ' Ilnapjlal Woclno.sduy tMKht. Doctors said ho appuronLly choked on a bal»y- si'/.cc] aspirin tablet. TERRIFIC VALUE! GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIG-FREEZER 'Combination »pacloui automatic dofrott rtfrlgoratar and zero dcgrtn freezer that holds 70 tb». frozen foodt. Revolving »h»ly«« put aM foodi at your fingertip*. $ NOW 299 95 With Q.H.IIfi.d What a Refrigerator! SEPARATE FREEZER llfttr '«<r «|»M ii towk * IM, ilMM HfamMMl, it- l«9y. Wltjr. rVrtwiMt BUY HOW ON fASX BANK Jims FROM WAREHOUSE TO YOU FOR BIG SAVINGS! archonse i Bargain galore ... Terms as low as $7.25 a week All top values in their class and all low priced to save you money! 3-T Siiper-Cunhlon by GOOD/YEAR Knloy tbo fumrmi St)p^r-Oiifihlt>» . — ^^ -»», i • on ii i it » i 'K'B^BU'm rl.l« . . . j)lu« "Sl,,p-Nol«h" HM» *|/V5 Trfind For {{rontnr Lracllon, A H rot> ^ ' '^ (ir« vulu.tl ,' 70 '"j 3-T Nylon Do Lux it Supur-Cunhjon by GOOD/YEAR Goodytjnr'ji njrf;lnilv» Trlpl»- "/*«rrt[t«r«*J fl-T Nylon, pound for pntind, l« Mron^nr limn stunII Jl<ir«'d jin tiiMMjiiitllrd llro vulu«j ,lor U)«i 3-T DcLuxc Supcr-Cuiihion by GOOD/VEAR Gnnriynnr'i eicluilvis Triple- Tninnnrcil, Trltilo-Toiiiili .'I-T Kiiyon $ C)r»'u horly foi' xrtwtw nimn^tli line) rluniblliiy, Jiton-Nciluh Tiraul wilh llnniiiinffs ol Sitloly Ktlgi.'.s in(;iin.t p| ( « tnx ami top jiotuh ti'fldlui! anil i:>lrn ^infety. r*cpf>pnl>l* M'* |{c Naw 'I'rcHtU by GOOD/VEAR .Xlrn-MJUnHii Now TroHclit g)v« you $1 A'"^^ now t(r« truntlon »mf ftpiWMinnu:«—• • V Hi, iibouI. hulf llm oortl of )mw tlrmt, 7,70x is pint tnx rmrf ' r*c«j*))ubl» |(p« $1.00 DOWN DELIVERS ANY TIRE Official Baseball HI LO twin Mats Pop-Up Toaster Comport al 95c Jjjj* Compare of t3.2S ***** CIGAREI LIGHTER Golf Balk TERRY SEATCOVER III yum HOiff f»tultti 7Si 10 DAY (July 11 to July 20) GALA OPEN HOUSE * FREE COKES * FREE SOUVENIRS TRADE-IN allowance on your old washer RIGARDLISS OF ACf OR CONDITION ... 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