Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 10, 1957 · Page 16
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 16

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1957
Page 16
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Sixteen Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Don't Run With Dogs If You Don't Want Fleas, Man Told Dear Ann: I'm one of those "rotten" fellows you wrote about who picked up a "respectable" girl at a public dance hall. Now may I tell you how it looked from where I was standing? This girl was good-looking, well- built and she gave me the "come- on." The first question I asked was her age. She replied, "I'm out of school, and old enough to know what I'm doing." I intended to take her straight home after the dance but she wanted to go for a ride and get some "fresh air." We ended up parking under a hours. bluff for two I had a devil of a time getting her out of the car when we finally pulled up in front ot her house. Then SHE asked for MY phone number. So, please, Annie Old Girl, don't make off like it's the fellow who is the bum, when some times it's the one in the skirt. — PICKED UP MALE Dear "Lily-White": Didn't your mother teach you never to ride •with strangers, Sonny? K you're a lad who prefers caviar, why didn't you pass up the beans when they were offered? The fact that the girl gave you the "come-on" means nothing. She didn't hit you over the head anc drag you into your car. It this pick-up date had led to that well- known garden path, you'd be jusl as responsible as if the whole thing was your idea. Life is a series of choices and this kind of a choice could fix your clock for keeps. My advice Is, don't associate with dogs if you don't want fleas. * * » Dear Ann: Every summer we have a problem with the staff at the library where I'm employed. The annual riot results because the library heads dictate what we should wear to work. Their theory is, "modern dress Is immodest and tantalizing and the men can't keep their mind on the reading." If we wear a simple scoop- necked dress we're asked to go put on a sweater. A summer cotton with low back is absolutely out of the question, even though •the front may be high enough to turn your face blue. What, please, is "vulgar" about the skin on one's back? We have no ventilation or cool- Ing system, only a few ineffective fans. Apparal which is "indecent" for us is 0. K. in banks, offices and department .stores. We don't want to wear bathing suits or grass skirts, Ann, we just don't wi-sh to bundle up in turtle-neck sweaters all summer. Please suggest something.-WILTED WORKERS There must be a happy medium somewhere between the naked back and the turtle neck sweater. 'erred to in your column. Why ;his was sent to me I'll never know. I've visited in- homes where children behaved -much worse than animals. Recently a guest visited me and I was shocked at the be- fravior of her child. He broke a flower pot, pulled the plants out by the roots and scattered the dirt on my living room rug. The mother's only comment was "Musn't honey." My dog sat there in wonderment, blinHng his eyes. 1 hope this makes your column, Ann I'd love to send it to a few of my "friends." — MISS JAY Dear Miss Jay: You're in — and I'm happy to oblige. (Ann Landers will be happy to Church Will Stage Father-Son Affair A Father and Son Banquet will be held Wedneslay night, 6:30 p.m. at the Ninth Street Christian Church. The program following the supper includes vocal numbers by Joseph Huffman, a devotional by C. Gilbert Smith and a sound film, "Shooting And Fire Arms," which illustrates the use of guns in several sports. A first aid demonstration by the members of the church's Boy Scouts troop 5 will also be given. A committee has planned gay decorations for the tables for the banquet wrich will Josephine Lowman Lowman Acts as Judge in Mrs. America Competition Today and for the next few ,;days I 'am going to bring you some of the excitement which electrified the very air we breathed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at the finals of the Mrs. America Contest. This year I was one of the judges. The new Mrs. America is the lovely Mrs. Lindwood Findley of Arlington, Va., who represented the District of Columbia. You no that Bob Ensworth, who made movies of the pageant, and television and movie technicians were preparing for the coming event. Perhaps you would like to know who the judges were: Here they are: Florence" La Ganke Harris, Food Editor, the Cleveland Press; Louise Morgan, Radio and Television personality of The Yankee Network, Boston; Dr. Gladys Stev- help you with your problems/Send be served by the Christian Worn- ctouDt nave seen nerp,cu£es many, g . ^ * - ' Fellowshi Tickets ma be ™ by no The decision the them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enter- • prises, Inc. Hospital Notes en's Fellowship. Tickets may be secured by phoning the church office, 3332, by Tuesday a.m. The committee in charge consists of Joseph Sumpter, chairman, Bernard Lowes and Amiel Sailors. MEMORIAL Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leiper, 340 Riverview street, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Willis Grabk, route 5, a daughter. Admitted: Charles Jordan, 827 Helm street; Miss Lucille Snow, route 1; Mrs. Verna Fry, 875 South Cicott street; Mrs. Jeanee Zeider, 709 West Broadway; Byron Jervis, route 2, Flora; Mrs. Margaret McConneU, 429 South Third street. Dismissed: William Bailey, 52R Burlington avenue; J, Ray Browne, 329 Day street; Mrs. Margaret Enyart, Kewanna; Mrs, Harriet G-angloff, 1-12 Tanguy street; Mrs. Sadie Gray, Burrows; Mrs. Esther Hendrickson, 3033 North Roselawn drive; Mrs. Charles James and daughter, 503 Di- zardie street; Mrs. Charles McKinney and son, Camden; Fred Phebus, Rockficld; Mrs. John Smith and daughter, Bie'/fe West Melbourne avenue; Mrs. Helen Tripp, 706 Sunset drive; Victor Werner, 1544 Grant street; Mr.s. Charlotte English, Royal Center; Miss Anne George, 212fi East Broadway; Mrs. Rufus Moore and son, 1648 Michigan avenue; Mrs. Nollie Pickett, Flora; Miss Darlene Pufahl, Royal Center; Mrs. Nellie • Shriver, 717 Helm street; Mrs. Martha Williams, 521 West Miami avenue; Mrs. Hazel Wolf, f>20 Tanguy street. ST. JOSEPH'S Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Wolfe, route 1, a daughter; to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Beck, 504 Helm -street, a daughter; to Mr, and Mrs. James Skellon, route 1 a son; to Mr. and Mrs. James MONEY PAINS FRAMINGHAM, Mass.—Many years ago Giqlio' Montanari won a bet by swallowing three quarters and a dime. Now, at 63, he's having stomach trouble and surgeons say he must undergo an operation for removal of the coins, revealed by an X-ray. CLOSE YANKTON, S.D.—Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Lowe's three children are within eight minutes of having the same birthday anniversary date. A boy was born to the Lowes at 11:52 p.m., Feb. 26. The birth date of his brother, Mike, 7, and sister Patty, 4, is Feb. 27. Stork Interrupts Education GENEVA, N.Y. (UP) — Mrs. William Grammer seldom missed a class during four years at the University of Rochester, but she failed to turn up Sunday for her graduation. She was having a baby. judges had to make this year was extremely difficult because there were, so many attractive, charming women among the contestants. In fact, it seems to me that they were all charming!' I had had no idea what a tremendous production the Mrs. America Contest is. As you may know this begins at the local level in cities all over the United States. The winners here then compete for the state title. Four days before the final contest began the 49 contestants and their husbands were flown into Fort Lauderdale whera they relaxed at a beautiful seaside hotel. The city itself is a glamorous and beautiful one. It has more than 300 miles of canals which are lined with lovely-homes, and boasts one of the finest beaches in Florida. It even provided us with a moon. On the week end before the week's judging began the sponsors and judges and handsome Bill Berns, Master of Ceremonies, appeared on the scene. Long before Whittier, California; Iris Daven- jort, Woman's Editor, Farm and *anch Magazine, Nashville; Arthur William Brown and Russell Pat- ;erson, famous New York illustrators, and myself. The Home Economics experts selected 15 out of the 49 contestants, after observing and grading them while they cooked, sewed, ironed and set tables. Then the seven Fannie Ulerick, route 4; William Mills, route 3, Delphi; Mrs. Matilda Monfroni, 1115 WoodLawn avenue; Larry Gunter, 333 WheaUand avenue; Mrs. Ida Harlcss, Burn-| ettsvillc; John Sprinkle, Walton;! John Barotti, 1107 West Linden avenue. Dismissed: Mrs. Chester Chassin and daughter, 605 Thirteenth street; Mrs, Arnold Foust and son, route 1, Royal Center; Raymond Hupp, 515 Nineteenth street; Mrs. Ralph Piercy and daughter, route 1; Mrs. Charles L. Sharp and son, routo 1; Mr.s. Harvey Todd Jr., and son, 522 Tenth 100% Sixth street, a to Mr. UUUIV UlJLl* UIC l.Wi w.*. ii\*%-i* -J IF <^v»v—» . I .surest the Wilted Workers sit:Camden, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. down with the library heads and Admiltad: Mrs. Esteflla mons, 1203 Smead street; Tim- Miss decide where comfort and modesty <**<**•. * daughter; to Mr. and end and teasing the readers bo-1 Mrs Robert Townsley. — E j ns East Broadway, a son. Why not invite a local buyer ot ladie.s clothes to mediate this battle? Also, it might be wise to include the finance committee and discuss 20th Century methods of fighting the Fahrenheit. * * * Dear Ann: A "friend" sent me your column about the two dogs that ran loose and ruined a dinner party. I'm furious at the implication. There was no name, ol course. I have a female boxer who is & perfect lady. There's no parallel between my don and the ones rc- Hansell. Hobart, a daughter; to street; Ralph Wiseley, 1017 North Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Loulhain, Sixth street; Master James and Master Daniel Wright, 2129 Murdock street; baby Michael Han- kcc, 1717 Johnson slnjei.; Walter Mehatfie, 1327 High street; John and Mrs. John Guckien, route 2, MiUard Harvey, 1213 Murphy SAY IT WITH FLOWERS DIAL 5144 Pleasant Hill GraenhouM Snyder, route Miss Brcnda Snyder, route 4; Mrs. Walter Miller and daughter, 702 'A High street; Donald Miller, 1705 North street. STATE Open 1 p. m. — 50c Til 6 HELD OVER THRU WEDNESDAY Added 'Pun Wed. Night PLUTO CARTOON Tuesday, 7:46 HOLLYWOOD SNEAK PREVUE In addition to 'Tammy And The Bachelor" tea a brand new Hollywood Feature at no extra co it. t SHOWS i PRICK SUNDAY Jack Webb in '<D. I judges selected the six finalists. On Saturday night at the auditorium Russell Patterson, Arthur Brown and I, cast our votes for Mrs. America and the women who would take second and third places. You can imagine how exciting it was for all of us because we did not know who had won until a sealed envelope was given to Bill Berns and the winner was announced from the platform. It was a very stimulating week. For a couple of days now I want to tell you something of the .contestants and their husbands and let you in on some of the question which were asked in the inter views. This was a cross-section o ,„, iic au U1 ,,« ™ t ^ —, American life. The contestants department, ' Whittier College, came £rom mar W walks o£ llfe a .™ - - as you know, from every part o. Monday Evening, June 10, 1957. the country. II you would like my leaflet "The Most Attractive You," send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No. 72 to Josephine Lowman in care o! this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Beauty Not Sole Requisite in Mrs. America Contest." Knowiand Challenges Khrushchev to'Prove, Sincerity of Proposal WASHINGTON (UP) — Senate Republican Leader William F. Knowiand has challenged Soviet Party Boss Nikita Khrushchev to pull Soviet troops out of Hungary in exchange for the neutralization Norway. He disclosed Sunday on the CBS television program, "Face the Nation," lie "ad made tlle proposal in a letter to Secretary of State John Foster Dulles. He also declared that Russia's word could not be trusted on any disarmament inspection plan. He said failure to have a "brassbound" agreement would "jeopardize the security of this nation and the free world." Speaking from the same television platform Khrushchev had a week earlier, Knowiand threw back at the Soviet leader his assertion that the puppet Hungarian regime of Premier Janos Kadar would "flourish for ages to come" even without the backing of Russian arms. The California Republican predicted the Kadar government "would riot last a week" if th« Russians withdrew. Khrushchev proposed in an unprecedented televised interview that Soviet forces would withdraw from East Germany, Poland and Hungary if the United States would do likewise with its troops in West Germany and France. Knowiand proposed his plan as a test of sincerity of Russian leaders and to "put them on. tho spot." EYE-OPENER DAYTON, 111. (UP) — Mrs. Nellie Wilson, mother of 12 children, went out to investigate when she was awakened early Sunday by a series of house - shaking crashes. "Wfi've got a yard full of boxcars," she told her sleepy Iv.is- band. Thirteen cars from a Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad freight train had derailed and piled into the Wilson yard. TWINS PITTSF1ELD, Mass. — Mrs. Reno L. Buratto's twin sons weru born 11 miles apart—one in tha family home at Lee, the other at St. Luke's hospital here. Open 7;00-10:00 P. M. CHILDREN FREE! Final Today Co-Featur* "BIG HOUSE USA" TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY $ BUCK NIGHTS $ A*- Bring a Whole Car Load for One'Dollar vmtuM IHOLDENL LOVE IS A MANY- SPLENDOKED THING ClNEM.ScOPE WATCH POR OUR PARADE of First Ru,n features Attractions, Starting Thursday. MON. and TUES. ONLY USED RECONDITIONED SINGER Strawberry Time IS MERE! SILVER BRAND Fresh Fruits TODAY "The tail Hunt" * J7h» Yearling" DAVY Tuos -' VVocl - iVUAl & Thursday OPEN 1 p. m. FUN AT NIGHT Gary Cooper Grace Kelly in HIGH NOON" Show Start* At Duik Calcs Open Hair 1 Hour Earlier TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY 'Shoot Out at Medicine Bend' (Flr.t Run) Randolph Scott - James Craig THURSDAY - FRIDAY "TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON" (Color) Marlon Brando — OUrtn Ford Reconditioned and Electrified by Elec. Hy. With Hy. Parts "USE OUR LAY-AWAY" FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION ONLY Model 127-3 Ask for a Free Home Demonstration on the Famous Electro-Grand Sewing Machine CALL 6313 , TODAY Round Dobbin Built-in tight Snap-Out Raco Forward and Rovori* Automatic Darnor Walking Preliuro Foot Full Slip Sewln0 Head LOOK AT THESE FEATURES! * Full-Spool Bobbin •fa Sewj Over Pins and Heavy or Fine Fabrics -fa New Motor •Jf New Knee Control •fa Needle Spring Cover for Embroidering, Darning, Monogramming and Buttonholing. •fa Choice of Cabinet Finish. Some slightly damaged. 49 ONLY $5.00 DOWN Per Week RESERVES ONE LIBERAL TRADE-IN For Ycur Old Machine, Regardless of Condition! PHONE 6313 ELECTRO HYGIENESALESCORP. Logansport, Ind. Phone 6313 Mer-Del's are now taking orders for top quality, delicious Michigan strawberries. These strawberries will be washed, stemmed, USDA .inspected, sweetened and packed in 30 and 15 pound cans. It's easy to repack strawberries in smaller meal-size packages and they're wonderful too, for jams, jellies and ice cream topping. PLEASE ORDER EAR1Y POR JUNE 19th LOAD June 19th is the middle of tha season when quality Is best. To insure peak freshness all strawberries must be ordered in advance and should be called for at our plant June 19th. LOWER PRICES, TOO Berries will be cheaper than last year. Watch this paper for our price which we will announca as soon as Michigan noifites us. OTHER MICHIGAN PRUITS IAT6R Monrmorency and dark sweet cherries will arrive early in July, blueberries, reel and black raspberries later in July'and peaches In early September. Pineapple tid bits can be ordered for any load. BUY FREEZE CONTAINERS AT MER-OEL'S We sell Vapo, Lindloy, Kordite and Tlte-pak freezer containers. MER-DEL'S PACKAGE FRUIT, TOO For both locker and homo freezer customers we will repackage and fast freeze fruit for you. You pay for containers used plus 2c each for filling and- 2c per pound for freezing. Phon» 4770 315 Hanna St. BARGAINS IN COLD WAVES Lanolin Oil Pcrmanenti Including Hair Cut FOR ONLY Hourit 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. No Appointment Nocosiary LOGANSPORT BEAUTY SHOP Clo.ed All Day Wednesday 5th and Broadway OVER BAILEY'S Summer Term Enter June 10 or J-me 17 Day or Evening Classes Call in person if convenient, write, or telephone 4276 for information. Free Placement Service for graduates. Approved for veterans. Indiana Business College 501 Barnes Office Building Logunspurt Smokers Notice! Tobacco Dep't. now at the Wall Street entrance. THICK-THIRSTY AND PRICED SO LOW!... HEAVY QUA1ITY TOWEL SALE! BATH SIZE 48* • 20"x40" and 22"x44" • Pin m or fancy border. • Nylon and Dacron Salvvdg** Only bocauio of most rigid itu|)oction on* tin*jo claulflud ai irrogulan. All laloit ducorator color i—iolidi—iiripot. Large Multi-Stripe Thick, thinly lorry thai will JTQ dry you In locondi, In a daz- J jj £ zllnp array of decorator Color ttrlpas, Two-tone stripe on white. Lot tlili lively itripo towol add choor 1o your bathroom Quick drying, lilting color harmony. SPECIAL BUY! SAVE OVER %! n o-ir. n FIBERGLAS DRAW DRAPERIES Heavy textured Boucle-Solids Rich, lustrous prints Quality fabrics found in draperies selling up to $15 Boug'ht from leading 5th Avenue decorator fabrics house. — These dr a p e s are designed to enhance tho decor of any room. 84 and 90 Inch- esjong.

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