Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 12, 1957 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1957
Page 1
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LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY, Logonsport Stores Will Be Open for Shoppers Until 9 O'Clock Tonight COLDER/ INDIANA: Partly cJoudy with scattered thundershowers likely tonight and Saturday Chance or a few widely scattered locally severe thunderstorms' evening and tonight. Sunset north portion this _ __„ _.._ Temperature 12 noon 87 degrees. t:13 p.m., sunrise Saturday 5:28 a ; m. Founded 1844— arojs "YOUR HOME TOWN KEWSPAPEP NOW IN OUR 113th YEAR HOME EDITION For All IDep*rtm«Bt» Thome 4141 LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, FRIDAY EVENING, JULY 12, 1957 ll-l>*««fi1 United Pr««» Wlra 1)«T *»t NlKhl Price Per Copy, Seven Cent* REQUEST FARM DISASTER AID House Clears Calendar For Postal Wage Vote Bill to Increase Pay of Postal Workers Will Be Voted Uj>on July 22. cleared The House today cleared the way for a vote July 22 on a 320- million-dollar a year postal pay boost. About 518,000 postal workers would get a $546 annual increase under the measure, which would be effective Sept. •!. The Eisenhower administration opposes the" pay increase on grounds it would aggravate inflation, and build up pressure for pay hikes for an additional one million federal workers. The measure had been bottled up in the House Rules Committee. But a majority of House members signed a etition to get it out of Mrs. .Huston Is Appointed County Nurse Galveston Lady Will.Assume New Duties Here Beginning Next Monday Mrs. Garland Huslon, R. N., of Galveslon, was named to the post of county health and tuberculosis the. commitlee. nurse Thursday night when the Other congressional news: board of directors of the Cass coupBuclgel: Speaker 3am Rayburn ^ Tuberculosis Association met in and other congressional Demo- i Wcial session at the .court house, crats cnidtd President Eisenhow- Vice President Mrs. H. L. Hener lor ordering government agcn-1 dnckson presided at the meeting, ties to spend nearly two billion • w , hicn w ! a f. callod tor lnc Purple dollars less, if possible, than hel" r appointing a successor to the budgeted for the year started July 1. Hayburn said the administration has resisted Democratic efforts to cut the budget, insisting no big reductions were possible. position vacated recently by Miss Dorothy Dipboye, who has accepted a position with the Logansport school city. Mrs. Huston, the mother ot three children;- received her training at lion dollars, priations subcommittees ware hearing, administration witnesses on military construction, atomic energy, and foreign -aid when the letter came to light. They demanded lhat the wi^icsseu reconcile l/ioir original budget requests with the I'rcsidcnl's order, When no reconciliation was forthcoming, all of the subcommittee* adjourned. The President's economy order ,, , „ ,, , .,,,,,, was-in a Jotter from Budget Di- Goo(1 ^rnaritan bospila In Koko- rector Perclval F. Brundage to de-i™- and did post-graduate work, at partment heads. It aims at a jh. John s hospital In Springfield, figure of about 70 t ,i|J Illln " lfl . Experienced in a variety in.. Three House Appro- " r nurifin « .^'"vilien, she nerved a« a supervising surgical nurse for four years, and for.a time performed industrial nursing. She will assume her duties Monday. Other business at the .special meeting Thursday night Included planning for the first-aid booth al the county fair, un annual servlcp extended by' Ihe association. Thin year, Mrs. Ilcndrickmm staled, the American lied J'uWlc Works: The Scftale Ap- ^i™"^ ,„ ,«mrlflii«n« Committee approved .." r'"'"-™' 1 ' m propr!ali an $HB4,luI,32:i public works bill, The total is yffl,33!!,30Q more than the llouBi,' voted la.it fall. It also in $7,093,32:1 inure than President Eisenhower asked. New Law: ('resident Klscnhower signed u new housing bill containing what he called "»crlou« defects." The law gives the Federal Uie booth. Plans wurc laid for the TO Clln. Ic, to hi* held the flr«t week In August. The clinic will be stuffed by Mrs. Huston ^nd Mrs. Matilda Lybrook, of Young Amerlcu, who'Is a member of the association board. Dr. K, Thompson, of the Fort Wayne Irene Byron Sanitarium, will be. on bund to reud the X-ray RAIN-RUINEP CORN CROPS IN CARROLL COUNTY This Is not'n lake. 11'* an uerliil vluw of the farm or John Peterson who liven Z'A mllcn north of Delphi In Carroll eounly. All wnter (o (hi! rlijlil of trees wnHhoil ovor and destroyed 50 a«r<m of corn Hint l'i:temon had plnnUtil. JIB expiicled to get 100 luislicln nn mire nn tli« corn. lie mild that lit: tried yuHtcriluy to disk tin: noil lor repluittlni; bouim but tlmt hi* muuhlne got utiich, (nil hv hud to Icnvv It. I'titni'son planleil 250 acrex Itilx year. , (Photo l>y John Peterson.) IJ«u.iin« Administration auUiorUy|p, clurc) , aru) (o m .j lu ,jla K no»eB. to cut minimum d</wn payments Th( , ro wjl , bo/no ch f|jr lh to new lows under lU mortgage Insurance progarm. It also author- ixes $I,MO,(XX),000 In nw mortgaue money, college houwlng loans and jflum clearance .yrants. The Preo- idc;nt Balil thin was too much — twici: what h<; aiikod. Me had, however, "Mkei\ standby authority to cut down paynu'ivln to spur the nunlin'. InduAlry. Aid: Senate Ucmocrallc Ixjyder Lyndon n, Johnson »uld Tresidfnl Kl»enh«wor'« foreign aid program will run Into new trouble from economising coni{r«»»mun, Burglaries Net $1500 WINAMAC — Burglars took np- proxlrnntftly $1500 In cush »nd Hfi- other $1300 in checks from four places in MciJwryvlDc and vilkf Thursday nlKht, Hhi.-.-!ff Ralph Calbroulh said loday, Sheriff Ciallirnalh, two clulccllves from the Dunus stale police pont, nnd thu marshals of Km Iwo lowim an; InvcsllwitliiK tins breiik-lnA at /''arm Dureau and Klovalor at Medaryvlllc nnd al the CH-OH Klcvjilor and Oulweln's Mlll- \nv. company In Krnnccsvillo. Safes In iiach of the iiltices v/f.eu priiid open with a bar, bu.L Khoriff (iallirealh said llicri! wwe no ap- The losses for each nf tho places incliiili:: farm fiuruaii, $111, In- eluding «ilvi:r fro/ri a vending IIIH- *i!00: iind Gulweln's, $110(1 plus SKIOO In sliiickx. " service, und parHanu desiring the cynrnlnullon aro.askod to arranfju a vl»it lo the clinic through their family physician. Young-Demos Back Winters For Treasurer Unhurt Hiirvey Withdrawn Jn I'nvor ot Stiirkc County Mini; liirvh Hnyli Spc.nltH Hobiirl Wlnteni, Sturku county treasurer, wan chomin us the cun- dldatu of the second dldlrlcl lor trcnsui'cr of the Indiana Voung Deniocratu at a district mooting /if this Dn Thursday night In Kulrvlow park. Winters wa/i named nftor llobcrt Marvuy, Cans candMale for tin! office, wllhdrow In favor of Win- tors. "Win with Winters" will bo tho slogan of the district, organl/nllon when It cniiipiilgns .In hl» buhalf at llic itlute convuntlon of You/ig DimiocruU lo he held July 'M uml 27 In Jiidlnnfipwlls, (JlKlrlct heud- iirlcrii will bo In Ihe Claypool hotel, nccoj'dln« to Don Oiilbreulb, Wliuimac. dlntrlct president. Ken. Hlrch Uuyli, Jr., ol Torre Iliiiiti:, who 'served as Democratic Moor loader In the Hnunu of Hop- rvriflnliillvoH clui'lnt; HID liinl (Ji:ii- eral AHSt'mbly, «p«ko brlol'ly dur- Ing iliu Ho urged llio group lo tukc un aclivi! part In. the stnto ennvnntlon and " lo coma homo from II with H strong figlillnK spirit lo glvo llifl senior organlxntlon now blood for a vlgoroim campiilKfi In J9I58," John Morrall, of Delphi, socond Hlrlct parly chairman, pral/iuil Ilnrvoy for hl« action In withdraw- Gov. Handley Evacuated" LICIiANON, (ml. CVtM-CJovur- nor Hundley "eviiciuitcd" his nlr- eoaililloned Indlnnn Kialehoudii office May and Net 'up shop In a | n({ „; „ C nndld»le In favor ot sultry trailer Ml miles away In ai winters lo nMiirc parly tinlly. practice run of how Is react lo | [,; UK ,, mj Monahan. president ol' «n aiunile Iwtnb attack, lhfl (: , m Y ounK Domocruts, pro. landlcy and several other stale v | ( | w i r ,j(. 0 rd<!d music and officials sped In a wxivoy wild mmill fm , tno , nuol | ng . Miimhors »lren« walling In a iHi-mlnulo trip wwt , pre ' M .,,i f r0 rn Cuss, Uonton, from f downtown Indlanajwl« lo n Cltmll PultlM si(|( , ke 4-11 tub park on the outskirts of IM)(i , md VMon count | oll . this iKxinc County s*i>l city. Temixjratures wore In Uie IWs tM llic group Icfl IJio cool offlcos In the Storehouse and Iravek-d In iilalv I'ollcc patrol curs up U,H, 52 nn purt »f the Civil Defansv "Operation Alort." In llio oxor. I'l.ANN Don 0'N«III, prusldunl of the oily xcliooi board, Is unending a coin- mlll«u at\ Purduo unlvor- «Hy today planning for u School Board Workshop which will he hold , a "bomb" altack was «lm-] after ibis summer at lh« ClaypwoJ liotol In liidLanupol!* Draft Plans For Traffic Survey Here Slate V I H n n i n g Knginocr Meots With City Engineer Wiiync Dnrnn .In Determine Chuck rains liiiimliitcil Un: corn fli;UI ui'.IXili' Klnton who fiirins '/,'A tnlks north u( Orlphl In CIIPTO! Governor's Decision Follows Conference Hondley Informed Thot 35 to 40 Hoosier Counties Are in "Dire Need of Help." ' INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Cover- M • nor Hundley decided today to ask, liniKinfl the/federal government to declare I IwllJlU\J a vast expanse of Indiana farmland as a "disaster area" after receiving reports Hint 1,334,606 acres of crops were destroyed by floods and heavy rains. fj |% " j t Handlcy made the decision in KV r rP^lflPnt conference between federal and Lite Expresses Displeasure at New Bill Some Fenturcs of . New Building Program WASHINGTON (UP)—President Eisenhower 'signed the $1,990,000,000 housing bill today even though he said il has "a number of serious defects." Tho new law permit* the Federal slate agricultural authorities in his Slatchousc office. The governor was told that 35 i to 40 counties were the worst hit I and "in dire need of help." That 'evaluation was given by L.N. Roberts, chairman of the Indiana Agricultural Slabilizalion nnd Conservation Committee, which surveyed the flood damage county by county, Hnndley prepared to send a lele- Housing Administration lolgram either lo President .Eisen- to nn all-lime low the mini- howor or to Agriculture Secretary mum do-wn-ipayimont requirements Ezra Tuft Benson asking the dis- on now and old homes under its aster declaration. mortage iiLsuruitcc progi'iiari. The President gave no Indication when or whether line ndminlstra- tion will cut down payments under Uie now authority. It also aulhoriiMis $1,740,000,000 in addlllonal nwlgago money, federal loans for cullcgc homing, and federal grants for urban renewal and slum clearance. Tho President said ho Is "most concerned" thai Iho act. authorizes •more home-building aids than he requested. He snld "painstaking efforts" had been 'nuide hy the administration la balance the needs of •federal programs while keeping Would Gut Loan Right* Fruits of the declaration would be emergency credit ..for former,* whose crops were wiped out and who cannot gut. loans from privata lending agencies. Scheiick, 20-year presi- Plr.il step In plnimlng n com- prclioiislve survey nod Inventory of Ijognnnpoi'l. KlrcetK WUK taken today.. City tfnglnoor Wnync Donin met with Sttili! Illghwny Planning Kn- glnixir Arch J, Kvol'till lo Iny nut n number, of chock nolnls lor do- lurnilnlng thn nniDUiiL of Inifflc on what hi! termed "primary and secondary" .vLi'oulft, Dime «l.n.'ol» 'of mnjor urns olhnr tlinn male lilgh- vftiyn lliroiiKh tho clly. Tin: sui'vny IK ono of 77. thai. In ciiiTBirlly txilng nuido l)y tiiii Stale of major Indiana cltlon. Kurvvy ' .. to u tnlidmtun. The $l,IKW,OM,OOo In now oljllgn- tlonnl authority nulhorlxed In Uie bHI, he said, more tlinn doubles his request, Me said he has insl.pu.ctml fodural agencies lo Hmll. use of the now authority u> "amounts consistent with UK; nvir-nll budget program." Since I her« is no requirement In .ohllgnle llic amounts In this fiscal (your, lie snld, Hiere would be "no ,., , i. „„ , , , , , , , , . dounty. KlHton mild .III IIKHIK of corn, wlil«h IIR i!X|>»uliMl to gut Kll bnslmlN mi ni;ri: from, ww* iihsoliiUly | rj m j|nyji ' w||] be i'0))»ii()(l lu llti- riilnnil null )tll iillicr ni:ri!« won! iliiiiiiigKil niiiiniwhut, Illn farm Is on MID rlvnr bottom, noxt to this VVnl)'i»li rlvitr wlilnn wunlHiil out of IU banks rlxlit uftiir tho July \ rain, Fnur minis ot (KIIIIIK WITH iilsii rained. i said ho will replant the corn i In (I'liHi'on-'I'rlhiiiii) Girard Case Will Open In Japan Aug. 26 liulicfi(«s Tliut Only Mild Controversy Jjooms Over Stntus of lfon:«n\ A(jre«tncnt WASillNd'I'ON UP — Conjiresif' ajipoaroi! today lo !>o movlnjj tii- wiird n mild sluily of the co.uli'o- vortilal (llrurd casu IniiU'ad of ucliiiM lo i(crii|> Ihls nil with alllos, / In tho Houfii), lenders Hiild tijyy havu a "«i>od chaaco" lo diil'cnt nllompls lo rbvoku lln>. ugrooinoiits which (iovw'ii whollior llio (Jiiltod SlaiBii or n forelKii i^ovoraionl trlcn <!!'« for cclmos eutrimlUixi.nhnHid, Thuy huvo dodd'jd lo .Uik^it calculated risk on ;'»iiiidl;i« up'mwugh voton lo kill such allomplri, At !.))« «ltmo tlnut, two nwijor'ln- vostlaallons of thu (Jlntrd cano unit llio MliJluc-of-foroos iijfrcf- muntH Issuu woru jiropoacu, l/i Jajwin uiitbarltle/i «ol M'% M HB tho dato for Hiortlnu Ulmrti'ii trial, .Cilnird, In a new* confui'- encii at Cainp Whllllnglnn, said he WHS rosluned to, « .lapunono tfluf »nd wnu pulling full confldonco in' hlii Jnpnneim Juwyor and American military advisor. He cxpros- soil approulatlon of ofl'tirn of lo«ol counsel from the United Stales, hut said ho could not accept llieiti; ttfitiro Huyn«lil, iiio Jnpaneiui lawyor for Qlrnrd, wild h« IH miro Uii>.«0ldl«r will «ot e "Juot" Will nnd duclulon. COMING NEXT WEEK! '^Highway Murder; A Doctor's View" l>y Dr. W. W. llniiiir A tlmtly serin* lit nix mil* i:lt>K ,l»y tint Dlroelur ot Kiluoulluii, ot DID AK«I>- WiiUh l»t It N1CXT WKKK In Ihn I'HAROH-TKinVNK Klilml WitlllnK Knr HIIS SOUTH BIErJB (UP) — Am«w Kirk,. (Ujoiil «o, South iiund, wns killed today when olrucfc by o U-tick drlv««'by Mrs, .?ull« Kflllelt, M, MlKhnwakji, while ho walled for n bus on South Send'* iu»»l State Legion Converges On Indianapolis Robert K. CntuN Exiiuclcif (o U» Klvctuil Comnniiidor «l ' Annnnl Convention JNDIA.VAPOUS mr) - Tim ImHnnu D«ptM'l.m«nt ot Hie Airwrl- win .U-tflmi opo))od Us 3Wll) anmui) coiwitnlloii today with 'itobort K, (idles of CojLwwblj) Oly wihcdulcd t« ho (ilotiod slate wwiunandor, n Job hnld hy his father 'M yoars ago, Ciiiloii, mi ttllonioy, will com- ploto (.ho I'lrHl I'lUhoi'-soii Inwiri In llio IwlWn Hooslor history lo holtl Mm Inn office, His CnllMiy former Cov, Hnl|>h I 1 ', Ga'litH, was ulectod In HM.1, OfflcuM wilt IMS oluctod Monday at the (:oncl(iillii(( tuwHlonii ot tho 4-clny convonllon, CnminlltoiMnoellng/i oponod tlio C'oivvwnllon. • Compured wltli his father's eloc- lion, Gates hnd vuHy sallloK, Ho was unopposed, burring lnsUmln- uto rivalry from sixmo unari- nouncnd cnmlitltUis, HI* falher hud tliruu opponwnU but dirfonlcd Uiwn and wool on to bncom mnndors lo win election M governor of tho SloUj of Intliann, Abotil lo.iwo ixirsons, (ndudlnx tlologfttos ' and visitors and member* ol the American Loglon Auxiliary wore duo for Iho sosulonii, 1 Gov, ,/oa FOOD of South Oakotn; Murlnc Corps air »ce of World War !l, wnu ,i(,'l)«ltiltx) lo morning, fwlornl governmfliil and will be used an a basin for distribution of Urn gun-lax refund lo the slate and city. 'Kvisrell. said dlslrlbiillon uf gas- 1 lax funds have liorolnfiiri! been an a hH-aml-mUs basis nnd Ihn survey report would glvu Iliu >|ovorn- nittiit uv.ldoniM! to iliiilrllmli: II, In the fuluro on a "neod" 1 basin, The survey and Invnniory 'of Lo- Kniwporl Hl,recl.H will bo rinanced hy Iho slnln, Kvnrntt Haiti all (ho Mtilu was nuking the city lo do wns .to pi'ovliln Hi/! porjfonniil lit rnaku the traffic checks al strnte- al« polhis. Dale for lh« traffic check Is un- iloloi'mlned, Dorm) Snld ho l« r«- quodllng Iho aid of savtirnl Lo- Uan/moii elvlc organizations to aid In Iliu count. Kvoi't'lt. salil Iho Iral'flc chock will bo rniido bol.weftii Iho hours of 10-12 a.m., which iiro coitnlilitr- od nvitniKo hours, nn either TIKVI- day or Thursday, which arc considered nveraiie </nys. After UNI' traffli! check l« made, a group of m>KlnoorH will laltu n physical Inventory of •ull.prlmnry and noeowlnry ''slrxiuls, bridges, railroad cros-ilnim, railroad brldg- os, «nd will Mtlmnlo co*t of r«< coiiHtrucllon thai will bn nocesnary lo brlnjf tb» alnwl* up In future standards, KvnreU wild Hint post Indicate thai Irnfflc horn will, bo doubled In IS yonrs, Slreett ilinl n«ed roviimplim will b« divided on it'prlorlly bnsU. A bookliit will ho compiled by llui state and mailed to. Un; city, II will cimliiln all pertlnonl datn ol tho (itirvey and inventory; and It can be lined as * fulure'ifulilo an lo which NlmoU need ropnlrlng, nnd when, ' The report by Ihn nUtn lo llui clly will b« rmiroly In llio form of. u guldo,' lo une as Uiu city eventuully itvu* (It, Kvcrott »in- phailzed, Th« I'rnsldcnl c/iIiiKf for roppnl of Uin bill's liicn>nsi> In the price floor on mnrlKHK''.* purcliased hy the Kodnral Nallnnnl Morljjaiio AHHII. I lir .said llui provlsliui would "(I I '/con ra i(o p r I v a I. e morlKak? ItiiittliiK and heiicu plnci) a jfrr-aler nf Ihn financing mirdnn upon the KoveriiiniMil." Them was iw Indlcalliin of how Thoro was n>i>i)rti'd to he a fllH|)iitu wldiln thti administration ovor Hint, Kl.'ionhowur himself liavo lo miihn tlm final In bmlftM. i>trorln nntl ha UIIIH could S!KII I he bill. The Presltloivl. alxn ftHind "dls- anpoln4li)K" n provision niitlwrli;- liiK Uie KlfA and Iho ViMt-raiw Ad- inlnlolrallon lo.set "rai.Honnblr" illHcoiuvtn on some housing loans. This wan wrltlcn Inhi Ihn bill over Iho nttmlnlstral.lnn'H ohjiMMionN. occur wlii-n a loader a (wilder nmntinl of tln> morl^aKc but KC-IS l)iwk principal and lnk>ri.'»l i>n the ')asls nf Iho full amount. This Is ii syKlcin for «Hnwln« (lii> li<ndrr Intori'.ii, pnyimonls than othnrwliw ponnlllnd undur Kovcnununt- dent of the Indiana Farm Bureau, standing expression of the magnitude of the situation. Asked by 11 a n d 1 e y for nn evaluation, ScliL'iick said: "If there has ever been a lima in Indiana history when there has been merit in having '« disaster duclarntion, this is it. I've been around Tor 04 year* and this boats anything I've ever seen." Immediately .after the coiifoi^- once, a special disaster committee met lo decide which comities would be Included in Ihe request for a disaster declaration and whether Ihe request, would . ha made to Kisenhowtir or Demon. . Squeeze Ni-xt Winter Jloboits reported Uiat .survey! showed 7l)(!,rt42 acres of corn, 37fi,«5ll acres of soybeans and 171..KM acres of small grain either were destroyed by Ihe floods and rains or prcve;i|(>d by li'ic weulJier from being planted. Hubert Atafimdi'i 1 and ]{ o It e r t. Demure*-of the Farnier.s Homo' Admlnlslr/itlon «nd U. (iov. fivnv- ford F. Parker, who is slate com. mlssloiu-r «f agrleiilture, wer* amoni; lhn.se at Ihe conference. Dumnrui! .sal<l there Is Illtle need for credit In most areas Immediately, "The s<]iieeM will probably b* felt when whiter comes on," Dem- ni-uc said. That would be Ihe llin» when crops normally luirvesU-d Mils summer and fall would b« s<ild. On the ove of tlm conference, I'arlier Hiild he would "strongly urfc'e" Jlamlk-y (<i ask for a declaration |o help "li'iese tliousaudj «« J'nr Ci-iit Arfi't'tril Pnrlter npoliiKlr.ed lii a stnlo- inent for recommending federal aid, which he nnd Jl/indloy oppose. Hut he said while h« :>pp<iiied It Tba now law allows cnl.s Jn down - payments ninglng from m pw cent on n $10,000 huusn In 25 por cont on n hoiiwn nppralsi-d al $20,000. This would allow mm- vntonms and volnrann alike lo buy n 110,000 home umlur tho FIIA prnurnin with only fMo cash, or lilt In moi'u tlinn the Woo required »f votowins undm- th« (tf houslnii program, C'llA «li'W»Jy Juts drftftxHl plniu for rrtdiiclng down • paynninU. Homo bullitovi hnve clum'wod for action, bul some m), offlei/ilji wei'iv ro- ported lo huvn opposed n roducllon now on srouiids Unit U j»l«h| iitlimiliiln more Inflationary ewllt, U. S. Public Health Links Lung Cancer To Cigarette SmoMng WASHINGTON (UP) „ The U S. Public Hoalih S»rvlc« »«lil fo- day lilioro Is "Ineruaidng and con- ulstonl ;ovl<k>nco" Ihol "oxcOKslvc" clitnrollo wrv/klnu Is oiw of tho faclorn whlcii can cmisii Iun«-t'aii- C'tir, Gonornl I.nroy JS, |)ur- noy suld itudlnc hnve "conrirnwl beyond a rnnsonnMo iloubl Unit thorn Is it high diigrce of stalls- llcnl iwwioclntlon Iwtwecn lung cancer urn) honvy pfolonged cl«w etc handled lit home," he belluven Mm "unprecmlenlwl mimmur flouds were an act of Clod and beyond Iliu control or planning of any governmental unit." Hobcr-ls' survey showed thai 110 per cent of (lu> countim miffi>r«d crops losses ranging from 1,(XX) to JOrt.OOO ui-ifis. 'Jills wan far beyond lint total unlldpnted whon tlm disaster com- mlllen mot, last week fur a pre- llmlniH'y dljicussloo on unking federal .disaster nld. On Iho ovi> «f Iho canfwwnoc, . Sen, t Wllllam 1C. ,l»nner leleplioned fi'oni Wiishlngton for latest word on tlm situation nnd told Uoborti ho would "bit glad lo use my puw- now Deny Hoffa A Mistrial WASIJINCTON UJ» - Kedonil Judgit Uiirnlln Mnllhews (lenlnd iodny n defiinnu inollon for » nils- Irinl In the hrllxtry-conitplracy eneo agidiuil Toinivilors Vleit President James H. Jloffn, lloffa's iillornoy, Kdward Hun- mill Williams, firittiKd that llnfln ithoulld be trlts' at it lal^r dale with co-ilcfnnrinnl Jjymiin I, Klsch- bach of Miami, Judgo Mallhews p o s I p o n « d Klschbaeh's trial until n Inter dale Thursday Iwxuuse of a Hidden Illnow of hli

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