Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 11, 1957 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1957
Page 23
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Thursday Evening. July 11, 1957. Complete Pre-Fair Judging In Four Additional Classes Results of additional judging ofi ; 4-H girls' projects have been an- i i r> 'f « t nounced by Miss Eftel Nice, coun- II N til IOVS ty home demonstration agent. J 7 The judge — Mrs. Thomas Foster of Lafayette—was scheduled to inspect projects of club entries at Deer Creek and Jackson township Thursday. She judged the Happy Hoosiers Senior and the Happy Hoosiers Junior of Tipton-Walton, the 'Cly- merettes of Clinton and the Do-or- Die club of Tipton Onward Wedhes- from the judging of day. Results Happy Hoosiers, Senior, follow: BAKING Division 2: Janet Kunkle, B. Fair (Weather - By UNITED PRESS The nation as a whole was expected to share in the air, pleasantly cool weather evicted from the Great Lakes region today by an invasion of warm,, humid air. Except for random thunder- report said. Employment In U.S. at Record Peak WASfflNGTON (UP) — The government today reported that employment across the nation in June hit a record peak or the month ^Jt 66,500,000.' The figure was up 1,300,000 over May, according to a Commerce and Labor' departments report. The increase was due almost entirely to the rush of school-age youngsters into summer jobs, the Division 4: Judy Foust; Sandra|composed. Ann Guy, Joyce E. Harvey, Bar- pi as ii bara Winings, A ratings. Division 5: Mary C. Erbaugh, Nancy L. Foust, Barbara Grassmyer, Rita J. Kunkle. FOOD PRESERVATION Division 1: A rating, Judy Foust. Division 4, Sandra Ann Guy, A rating. FOOD PREPARATION Division 3: Sandra Ann Guy, Joyce E. Harvey, Barbara Winings, A ratings. Division 4, Nancy L. Foust, A. Division 5, Mary C. Erbaugh, A. CLOTHING storms crackling over the upper Great Lakes region, the northern Gulf Coast, and from the Rockies through the Plains states, the weather map was comfortably Wednesday drove more than 300 persons from their homes at Topeka, Kan., and. cut or the waler supply at neighboring Richland. Nearly six inches of rain inundated some 150 blocks before the flood subsided as quickly as il had come. A Topeka 'policeman was credited with staving of possible casualties by riding horseback through the streets and warning the sleeping Kansas city the floods were coming, a la Pa,ul Revere. Another policeman found himself! kle. Ann Guy. Division 4: A rating: Judy Foust. B rating, Nancy Division 2: A. rating, Janet Kun- playing a less heroic role when his !e. Division 3, A rating, Sandra ca r stalled in suburban Highland Park. Rescures found him sliand- , - _ , „. . _. . . . '"8 on the top of his -'car wiUi Myer, Barbara Winings. Division 5: waler lapping at hi? feel A rating, Barbara - Grassmyer, I About 50 evacuated families re- Rita 3. Kunkle. Division 6: A turned to their homes shortly after rating, Joy Canter, Mary C. Er- t (,e floodwartcrs ebbed but the baugh, A rating. Division 7, A Weather Bureau warned that rating: Nancy L. Foust, Linda Hinklc. For Happy Hoosiers Jr., winners BAKING smaller streams were feeding olh>\r rivers in -southern Kansas and that serious flooding could ......... _.. .J S;l| Doctor Says Cigarette Betty Harvey, Laura Lee Johnson,] Filters JuSt O "Hoax" Donna Kunkle, Carole K, Schwahn,| DENVBR upp> A tu'. Barbara K. SctSll, Vickie Scoit. Uivision 2: A rating, Nancy Guy. 15 rating, lielty Harvey. Division 3: A rating: Cheryl ,7. Downhour, Nikki L. Frey. B rating: Jean Brown. C ralinn:_ Ruth Goldabcrry, Sue Hahnerl. FOOD PRESERVATION Division 2: A rating, Nancy Guy. FOOD PRKPAKATION Division 1: A .rating, Nancy Goldsberry,. Vickie Scoll. Division 2: A ration, Cheryl J, Oownhour, Nancy Guy, BcUy Harvey. IS rating: !<ul)i fJolelsbwry, .Sue Hiihn- i:rt. Division 3, A raling, .Janice Ilinkie. CLOTHING Division I: A riitinx, Cynthia K. Denislon, Nancy (luy. Division 2: H ruling, Sue Ilahnert. Division 3: A rating, Nikki L. Kruy, Janice Hinklc. For (JlyrneretlcH of Clinton township: BAKING Division 1: 1'iirn IScrnhtirdl, J!; Patricia HickB, A; .land Lacey, B; Sherry Lane, C. Division ''i: Ann Taylor, li; Kurun liolllnnur, C. Division .'!: Sharon Ann Cable, A; Corinna (,'owcll, A; Judilli I loin- burn, A; Uclly l.ucey, U; Murda Anni; L;ic(?y, IS; .Sharon Lcuxcnby, 1!. Division 4: Carole Carson, A; Phyllis Hull, C; Jane Justice, A; Phyllis McCloskcy, A, Divi.iinn 5: Marian Uwinor, A; Carolyn Oinn, A; Jiianlta McClux- «y, A; I,. K;iy ,S;iilm f «, Klaim: Sallorii, A; .Janet Shaffer, A; Sharon Thomas, Ji. t'OM) I'RKI'AItATION Division I: Kathy Chuuibi/rn, A; Phyllis Kail, A; lliilb 1,1ml, I!; Ann Taylor, li. Division 2: Sharon Holllnj;er, I); Sharon Ann Cable, A; Corinna (,'owcll, A; .lane Jus lien, A; .Sharon J/oax.cnby, I). DM. sion .'i: Krlsl'trm Chambers, If; Dully )/ac«y, '); )'liylli;i McCJoskcy, A. Division 4; Marclu Anne l.actty, A, Mivinlon .1: Kay Sailors, A. Oivl- sion li: Marian Dunnur, D. CI,OTIIIN(i "Division 2: Carole Cm-fion. H. Division ;i: Kay Sailors, A; Jnm.-t Shaffer, H. Division 4: Klaino .Sailors, A. Division .1: Carolyn Conn. A. For Din Ti|>U>u-QflWfli'<J Do iir l)io club: IIAKINC nlvi.ilnn I: I'Ki'ny Ifrdrirrk, (',; Judy Turnpiiujili, A; Bonnie Wll. son, II; llully X,«l|, C. Division 2: Klolmt Xi;l!, li; Division 3: Dlamia Doui/lfisK, I). Division 4: Suridni Clem. A. Division '>: Bonnie Kratil/,, DENVER (UP) _ A INew U»employment also rose.by 600,000 over May totals to 3,300,00*. Here' again the accent was on youth, the report noted. The,, unemployment figure rejected ,the influx of youngsters as job-seekers. Persons with temporary layoffs of less than, 30 days and students waiting or work now are included in the unemployment figure. Farm employment continued to pace the seasonal job rise in Jane with 900,000 new workers added. It brought the agricultural employment total to 7,500,000. Total employment outside agriculture also hit a new June pea-k of 59 million, the report stated. Manuacturing employment rose by 80,000 to 16,noo,000. This was somew-hat ^mailer than the usual J-une increase. ' Average weekly factory earnings climbed 81 cents to $82.59 in June reflecting a longer work week and a small increase in average hourly earnings. The rise in weekly earnings was the first since last D^jembcr. Crop Damage Is Now Over Million Acres Survey Conrinctad by Agriculture Experts Shows 1,288,566 Acres of Craps Ruined IN-DIANAP(LlS (UP) — More than 1,300,000 acres of Indiana to re P° r crops were washed away by floods the y had " very httle or no dara ' denti of three county banks and they told me they have all the loans they can manage and for the past IB months have had to turn a lot of farmers down. These farmers will.have"'to renew,their present loans plus the- extra 'money they, will want next s'p ring at planting time. All three banks, said they definitely would -not' have credit available for an emergency such .as this. All of those I contacted felt that a grant-in-aid would be the only way the situation could be handled." Only 12.pt the first 65 counties to report their losses indicated and heavy rains this season, agricultural authorities said today. With B2 ot the state's 92 counties reporting the results of surveys to' determine an unprecedented agricultural economic loss, /officials said 1,288,566 acres were ruined and the figure would go above 1,300,000 acres .by the time the last county is in. The loss included. 761,042 acres of corn, 367,158 acres of soybeans, 160,366 acres ot small grains, and an .undetermined tobacco acreage. L.N. Roberts, chairman of the age. These were all in the extreme north portion of the state. The" reports still. were coming in on the eve of a flood disaster conference scheduled • for Friday in the office of Governor Handley, when state governmental and agricultural officials will talk about what to do for relief of the farm- Cass Junior Leaders" Plan Swimming Party Cass county 4-H junior leaders State Agricultural - Stabilization ; W 1H meet at the municipal pool and Conservation Commjttee, said j a t,7:30 p.m. Monday for a swim- it, was the w,orst weather-caused m i' n g party Followed by a weiner farm disaster in Indiana history. Roberts said it racked up a grim economic toll that would reflect on the whole economy as well as .he farmer's income, * Farm Credit Strained•* Roberts said reports -indicated credit (o farmers from banks is. strained to the point where few if any further loans were available :n imany areas. He cited. this report from .ypical: Demdnd FBI Files Produced at Trio I Of Segregationists KNOXVSUjE, .Tenn. (U-P)—Defense attorneys for 16 men charged with hindering the inle- Orleans surgeon and. cancer ispc-'grulion of.Clinlon school were ex- cialist told the Ulh annual Rocky I pected today to renew their efforte Mountain Cancer Conference I to examine the secret FBI files Wednesday that he i.i often asked whether filter cigarettes help anyone, and here i.i the answer: "They do. They help sell more cigarettes." The surgeon-.spocialisl, Dr, /tllon Ochsncr, said the- use of filters not alter the relationship between nmoking and the growing incidence of lung cancer, Ochsncr, a long-time critic of cigarette smoking arid lobuccn companies, said he recently tested filler* on four popular brands n! cigarettes by comparing I1ic| amount of tar colluded in the .invike with a fifth brand. "you couldn't loll the difference," he suid. "Filters'are purely a hoax." ic i was tilmon fcrgollon in ,iie-l ir moil touched off by ilelcnao Edward E. Troyer Rites Set Sunday ^ PKIt/tl—Kdward K. Troyrtr, n.1, a rolirccl farmer and former resident of Miami county, dim} Wednesday »l his hoim: In MttlliKiurac, Ma. The body is being ruliirncdl'lo the Laird fumtnil homo In Ambny wlfern final riles will hi: conducted al 2:.')rt p.m. Sunday with U»K Itev. Forest HosU'.LliM 1 officiating. Burial will he made i" Ibn Cbrislnur (MitnuLery and the Oalvcstpn Masonic lodgm will be In churgu of ifriivouMe rites, Friends may call at this chapol nfliir noon Friday. Survivors Include Ills wifij, Mary; four SOIIH, Mcridan, Kokomji; John, Darwin, and D, It. Troyiif, sll of Florida; n dwifjhlw. Mrs, Shlrloy Meadows, MlvnrpHVlllc; ;m<lj two sis- IWH, Mm. J/ydb Ifelninlb I/o- KaiiNpni'l; and Mrs. Abit Kclm. Kokumo. Soulh Dakrilfi s«rvn nisik-ly II,(KM) on Ihe case. The defense Wednesday succeeded in obtaining one document from the government's pre - trial investigative reports, but Federal District Judge Robert L. Taylor refused a motion In turn over Ihc entire file'"on the grounds that Ihc mollon was "premature," The government opened its eon-' tempi pf court case against suj,'- rogalionW John Kasper and 15 Tcnnessc'CanB Wednesday, but tho third wllrirv/s called lo tiii? lur- by ilelcnao re- rjuwih for (he FBI files. Al tin: '.'durt'K direction, 111'- 1 prosecutor navs Ihi: dcfun;o OMC statement lo Ihc FBI, Before.the government got start- I, former U. K, Judgi; Coorxo Washington Williams, for the di:- !enne, moved for a mistrial, lie (Mild the defense of the IS from Clinton had not had a clumci! lo prepare Itself Ixicatixn It lacked access lo Iho FBI Illes on the case:. Hi! was Uh'nii the rcwnt, S 1 ,- preir:" l".(.\.rl decision in Liu caM! of a nmcllur workors unlim »f- fi,clal, Cllnlxin Jcnuks, as n prc- ccduivt. Joncks' convlcllori on ra:»o swearing about (Jommunlnl lies was ruvuriwd bucituso the dhfcnsc did not have a look at Flil In- Taylor ovornilod Ihu irilstrlnl inotlo'n bill ntsorvwl ax "praina- tiiri:" a defense mntlnii Unit It lie accorded Fill records In this case, , DnklnK of hot bi'«iid bailer and dough* on wnflle grids of an «luctrli: grill is 'lugiC'-Aluil I'Y honiii nconoiiilslH, Cut In llircn or four flli'lpx, these "w[iffl«K" viii'e appro, prlati! and liwtly nccomimnlinnnl In salnd.1 or »oijp«, JOE'S AUCTION—FRIDAY, JULY 12 7:(M) I'. M., (Ill IM.UM ST., l.OUAN.HI'OKT ;iil-ln«l) laviiLory; i.-lisdj'lc faun; z'l-ini:li wluli; poiluslnls; bol.l.lo KflN nUivu; 'liaby lied; KIIH nLnv«; Klialrs, all kinds; i'tirfoctlon fill liiuilcr wllli i!7r>-K»l. tnnl; lnwi:. inowrr; wi'lnKnr wasliliiK iniiclilnoH; linllnr.n; liibii; In'diil'.liiMl itoln; hi'dc wlUi ii|)i'liiiiii; davonporl. with chairs; cruain si-iiiinilor; \i,\»m i-huin; tdh-hiMiwnrii; dlsliun; fi anli(|Ui; wrilinx drsk; iml,li|ii<! H walnul. lied, KM yours old. fop iimpiMiUofr, dny of snlii I-.l ii.in. Tcriris, (Jasli. Nol Aticl., Tc«l; Clui'k, Miii'lln, PUBLIC SALE A; .lanclli! lloppw, A; Mai'lnm.' riixpoiwlbln for Hopper, A. | KOOI» I>KKI'AKATION Division I: lionnle Wilson, I!. 'Division '!.: Dlnnaa DoiiKlans, A. .Division 4: limitil). Kra/ilx, A. (.'I.O'l'IIINIi Division I: A ralliiK, T'miara Jl«|i|iw,' /ioicalrr Wllnon, (.' rullriK: Dlaiia' DouulnsH. Division 2: li ralIng: Judy K. TurnpaliKh; C rnlliiK, ' /( 'KK,v Kcdrlck. plvittlnn 4: A nilIng: Diiniiiu Fninl/.. Dlvlnlon li: A ratlnn: .IniiKlIn lloppiir. II ruling, n.fi. (ionural liloclrlc rnl'rltioralor; Utblo and chairs; Sandra Clem. Division 7: A r.'iliiid, ! « C! wlni( iii/ichlnc; uulilo; iiuduntul; Ti odd chairs; gun iilovu; kllttlutn Mariana llo|ipcr, l,ols Ann Wll!ion.:,..;iiiiiio|.; kltchoi) lulite; Spool! QIIIIDII wunhor; H|it|i iiloiil; iniidluliiii c/iblwH; '1. curt) liil*lon; wlchar laliln; Ult-bni.'k (,'jnili 1 ; «owl»« AH admlnlstrnlrlx <il' Ihi! obtain of Itotia Myurs, 7 will offer the llenifi for sain at public auction at IlilU Hawi strool, SATURDAY, JU'LY 13, 1957 SAI-K W; START AT 12:30 P, M, (I)HT) Weight Control Class Will Convene in YWCA MiimliiM'H of Miit wniuht contnil class will ini'cl. al. II p.m. Monday In Ihr illnliij; mom (if Itio YW(;A, Minx Whirl NIc ilcmonMrn- linn iiKi'iil, said today. Seal™ will tin available and •wc-lxhtn will l)« chucked. Thi^application of conmoUcH will almi be (lomonnLriititd. IHHIIH llullilliiK I'crmHn Building Coinmlssloijor Itobiirl nd mirror; Motorola poi'tuldii rnillo; 12x15 Mdhiiwk < rocking chairs; (irimsw wlr)finlrror; <1 (ll)ur foouril wardrolins) 2 wltikoi 1 cliulrs; lamp lalili;; 2 hull lim«ni foot dtool; 7 window HCrodiis: sUidlo coiiuli; metal lied (link ripriiw, InniTfipi'lnKi; hi'ldKc lump; 4 (inil tallies; oil lulilo mid stnol; ommloiml chair; !l-way I'lodr lump; dressing tiilovlslou nlool; nrmlDsii wiln; 2 ulocll'li; fans; ;i ulitulrlu hwUurs; I'dHliH'Opodlo miillroiis and inutal liud; Klltiir t)iwon nwwixif wllli wllHufunuiiU; |M)ci:)i awltiU; survlnii tail; Hlii)))|)l)iK wirl; Ironing Ixiiii'd; dlnliqs mid nllvurwiiru; pop-up lonnti-r; ulcclrli; Iran; litunsllii; pIcluroH; rollnwiiy li«d and mattrunn; kurosonu lionLer; wash ' stand; cherry drussur haiio nticl mlri'or; inutiil food (cnl'l iiprlnxs, cotton tnntlruMl; Iwthruwa nvulun; Solh Tliomiw clock; iimull mlmir; bnmn bed (link spring lnrwniprln«)! wiwh stand, pltohrir nnd limnpor; bocldlnu; Kurlnlim, !l pr,; aurliilnn 2 pr,; :i Inblo larnpn; ollxtr artlclus not muiitlonud, Buck Isnuud two building pormlUji |«unilry baxkut; a whulnol nhilvim; J m««n«lne rack; llirnw Uliiirnday. , f^.^ ,.|||,),,. r ii,,,,^. mUcullnnvuwi Unwn mowor, looJs, utc,) Many To Kdwanl W. Bailor, 41 a K. Ot- tiswa, will build u now homo on Lot » In Forest Hills al an csll- muled cost of $1.1,000. To Cilllmrl Mc(!uir«, 1420 Ushur, will In.ilnll now «[«p« and walk at thnt nddruss for an usllmatutl cost of WOO. TKHMS-CAHII. Not rMpimsibl* for accldonln/ MRS. MAXINE McDOWEUL, Admx. Wnldrnn, Auctlimoun Dial 49m O'Neill Ik O'Nulll, AUyii. .Jennings County as "The financial condition oflh". 'nrmcrs in this county is very poor. I checked with the presi- j n spencer park. The business meeting will also be hehl at the park's lower 1 pavilion 'and the group will discuss 4-H .fair planning. Members are asked "lo bring wieners and buns. The committee —the Bethlehem township AG club with Harold Erclmann as chairman—will furnish cold drinks. Everett Little, 58, Rockfield, Succumbs , CAMDEN—Everett N. Little, 5«, Rockfield, an inspector at the ALCOA plant . at Lafayette, died' Wednesday .night at the St. Elizabeth hospital in that city. . Born March 6, 1899, he was the son- of Arthur M.,j and Ella (Shanks) tittle. He married Ber- njce Krontz in 1920. She survives with three daughters, Mrs. Virgil Little, Logansport; Mrs. • Gerald Nipple, Rockfield; and Miss Glenna Little, also of Logansport; a son, Hobart, Logansport;'mother Mrs. Ella Litlle, Rockfield; two sisters, Mrs. Edith-Fatly, Camden; and Mrs. Esther Jackson, Van Buren; and six grandchildren. • Final rite.s will be conducted at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Rockfield Christian church with the Rev. E. E. Coleman.officiating. Burial will be made in the 1OOF cemetery.. The body will lie in state one hour at the church. Friends may call at the Gentry funeral home after noon Friday. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Tweotjr-thrM Latest Market Reports Hawkins Stockyards Meat I'vpe Above Quotations 190 to 210 ..'.' 20.40 210 to 230 20.15 230 to 250 19.80 250 to 270 ....,, ...'... 19.40 270 10 300 .,' 19.00 Sows 17.25 down Boars , 10.00 down Stags 10.00 down Veal „ 19.00 The Far West pays the best college faculty salaries according- to Hie National Education .Association. TRURSTY ESCAPES PBNDLETON: (UP) — Robert Nicely, 25, a trusty at Indiana Reformatory, slipped pway from a work detail in the institution's garden farm Wednesday, Nicely was sentenced from Johnson County last December to 1 to 5 years for issuing bad checks. Producers Stockyards 190 to 23fl'No. 1 :. 21.15 J90 to 210 20.65 210 to 230 20.35 230 to 250 ..,.'. 19.85 250 to 270 19.50 270 to 300 19.25 Sows' 17.50 down Boars 7.00-10.'.00 Stags 7.00-10.00 Third Strait Market Veals 18 Lambs 16 Veal Hides ...' 12 Beef hides 04>4 Eggs '.... .25 Wayne's Produce Leghorn Hens 11 Heavy Hens 13 The University of South Dakota now has 17 third generation students and 163 second generation students. The chances are 700,000 to 1 of a bowler bowling a perfect 300 game, Ihe American.Bowling Congress says. Popejoy Dressing Plant Heavy Hens .13 Leghorn Hens 12 heifers strong; vealcrs steady;; few choice steers 24.75-2S.2S; fev»' good and choice heifers 21.50-24.00; ' good and choice vealers 19.00-23.00. • Sheep 700: spring Iambs 25 low-; er; extreme top 50 lower; year- lings absent; choice and prim* spring lambs 23.00-24.00. - CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (UP) — Produce: Live poultry steady; 73,000 Ibi. No USDA price changes. . Cheese steady; single daisies and longhorns 38*4-39: processed '. loa 36-37; Swiss Grade A 41 43; B 39-41; C 35-39. Sutler sleady; 1,018,000 Ibs: 9t and 92 score 59; 90 score 56^4; 89 score 55.. Eggs steady to firm; 9,000 cases; white large and mixed large ex- Iras 33; mediums 29; standards 27; current receipts 25Vj. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (UP)—Livestock: Hogs 5,500; uneven, generally 25-50 higher; No. 1-3, 190-2-10 Ibs 20.75-21.60; 250-2(10 Ibs 20.25-20.75. Catl.le 2,000, calves 300; s'.'iiiRli- tcr sluers steady to 50 higher; INDIANAPOLK LIVESTOCK INDIANAPOLIS (OP) — Liv*. stock: Hogs 7,000; strong to 25 higher; 1'90-250 Ib 20.50-21.50.; 250-270 Ib 20,0030.75; heavier scarce; 160-190 Ib 18.50-20.75; 120-160 Ib IGiOO-lO.OO. Cattle 90; calves 200; fully steady to strong; good and choice steers 31.50-24.00; Rood and low .choice heifers 20.50-23.00;' vealcrs j fully sleady (o strong: Rood and jchoice 19.50-22.50, few high choict 23.00. Sliee-p 500; sleady (o 50 lower; good and choice spring Iambi 19.00-22.00. Read the Classified Ads FARMERS; the door is open at our new PURINA FEED and FARM SUPPLY SERVICE We 'are opening a new service for farmers and poultry raisers in this community. We hope to stippJy you far more than famous Purina Chows. We want to .become known as th« frienclJyi help/ul feed service where you can get your questions answered on feeding and management problems. We will have a complete .farm supply store including Purina Chows, Purina Health Aids, feeders, founts, Seeds and Grain Service. We'll have back of us the knowledge and experience-of the Purina Research Farm and the Purina farm experts who do nothing but study ways to make more money with cattle, hogs, chickens and turkeys. Drop in any tim« and «•• what w« Kav« to offer. You'r* always welcome, and w«'ll b« glad to show you around. SOME OF THE THINGS WE HAVE FOR SALE PURJNA CHOWS, tfc« moil popular faeds In Hit world for poultry and livestock, Evory on* dovnl- opod by careful tailing at the Purina Re»«arch Farm. PURINA HSALTH AIDS, iricludlno fly iproyj, worm•n, dltlnUctcinh and many olhen ... all Purina R«- tvarch Farm t«»t«d to ai- >ur* Ih* belt poulbl* farm PURINA POO CHOW for pett and working dogi. Alto tpecial f«ed« for rabbltt, goatt, plgcom, horiet, gam* blrdi. Bring your growl grind and mix it with Purina Coitccntrof •• acciwt/i'na lo cipprov**/ formula*. PURINA FEEDERS AND FOUNTS, made for durability and farm totted lo keep down f«*d watlag*. Several kinds and to VORE GRAIN CO ROYAL CEMTER, INDIANA .•.v.v.v,v •OftKLBIMAN Owrwr-Mcmoaer PHONE 3235

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