The Morning Post from London, Greater London, England on November 18, 1851 · 1
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The Morning Post from London, Greater London, England · 1

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1851
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'1 24,317. LONDON. TUESDAY, NO VJiM BER R sin; (1 I" " VM COMMUNICATION I'TIIAMPTON and MADEIRA and g and horsepower, con- Fari1 including bedding, provisions, available lor ten months, with an W I,',,. passage money. For further par- ; . Veti.-c Ol ' I"' K"ai ' UniilMU; ur I CHAPPELL. Secretary. Kails a tin1 T rnlU TELEGRAPH COMPANY. 1 ,u iwiwecn all the Princinal all tin' Principal (,naii - -- ..ntf' Ss r,d., for 20 words. ,,!,d,!r ' 5s. OA. ' j forul Tariff commenced on the 17th j. s. pol'RDRINLEE. Secrotary. , .n 'ythbtt,y, . ,r R4ILWAY The DIREC- V V ni prepared W RECEIVE TENDERS ' ") -in- interest at tl 10s. pfr cent, per - cbotJ three and not exceeding seven HE ROYAL BRITISH BANK. Charter, for receiving Deposits at interest, makim- iitcln on approved securities, granting CASH CREDITS, and transactin'" every other description of Banking Business, issues PROMISSORY NOTES or BILLS, payable in London, of anv amount, and bearim-interest or not, at the option of the depositors or purchasers! These Promissory Notes are free of charge, and are transferable and negotiable, and may he taken either for deposits or be used in the varied transactions of commerce at home or abroad The ratcsof interest at presunt allowed by the Bank are as follow, On Deposits for New Shares for the gradual increase of the Capital in terms of the Charter - four per cent, per annum On Deposit Accounts, or deposits for six months -three per cent On Balances of Drawing Accounts, held at call-rates varviug :t:UUeiM- e interest is reckon Detailed terras of business and fonns of application for oncniue accounus, ire will be supplied at the chief office of t he Bank a d at the Branches, in the Strand, Lambeth, and Islington. By order of the Court of Directors. F IVE POI NDS REWARD. L LOST nr MIS LAID, a BRONZE GROUP of a moiiutad .. ,i; 1U i-umuai, un a peucsiai. uoever win give information respecting the same, or bring it to Messrs. Hunt and Roskoll 150 aew Bind-strecl. may receive the above reward. MESSRS. HARDING & Co.'s SALE, 81 and 82 PALL-MALL. By ORDER of the EXECUTRIX of the late Mr HARmvc a FURTHER GENERAL REDUCTION of PRICES has been matte. The liouse having been closed for an ENTIRE REVISION of the STOCK, has now RE-OPEXED. The stock consists of even-novelty and variety in silks, satins, velvets, merinos, dresses robes lace, and embroideries. furs, scarves, shawls, ribbonssashes hosiery cloaks, mantles, and Parisian millinery. Also, an assortment of Gentlemen's stocks, cravats, scarves and dressing-gowns, Sc. Every article marked in plain figures. Terms. ir , '"I0)1 INVFS CAMERON, General Manns 16, Tokeuhousc-yard, Lothbury. London. Tff j sit"'1 Tpmk to the undersigned. riTKEIUCK G SANDERS, Secretary. la"-- I ., w1LUff RODS AND COOPERS' FLAGS. .- "' VictuaUtng and Transport ' .i: :ir iJ'" scrviit. MESSRS. J. HOLMES and CO. invite an inspection of their AUTUMNAL FASHIONS. thestrwV Kr; P.,r4X,, , for the prutin fn. Their Registered Shawl Cloak may be had KOMOlER LIFE ASSURWCE AND 4 m e'' colour- im'1. baving several looms now at work, the prices Mm COMPANY. No. Chatham-place, Blackfrlrs . .1"- I fV JVlZt ?!i2Z . .. ., ,..,,.,, , auu, lasuy, inev ueg to claim attention to their vast stock of Shawls, for which "their well-known mart for this article continues its unrival'ed notoriety. All articles throughout the establishment are marked in plain figures, at that low rate of charges which has given such general satisfaction. Foreign and British Shawl Emporium 171 173 and 175, Regent-street. Established in lS2fi. Subscribed Capital, 2 10,000. This Society effects every description of Life Assurance, both Domestic and Foreign, on most advantageous terms, either on the Bonus or Non-Bonus systems. Tables of Rates, with" all further particulars, may be obtained at the Office. M. SAWARD, Secretary. s uiiersct-plaoc, 18th Nov., 1S51. MOURNING WAREHOUSE, No. 15, Vere-street. MARSHALL and SNELGROVE beg respectfully to call the special attention of Iiadies in need of Mourning to "this branch of their establishment, which is always supplied with every -Naval Officers. Bankers. Merchants. and I rf Z f iiiiil" . ,L. !: V ril""lv' or ?nip hmentary Mourning. in society, and for the Kristin., ,r rvvit :Z', I l a"u ""w""' " y ' . . vt . v..vv, T hh a ViUtim, .itOVERS for Executing the T11 HRlTlSH BENEFICENT INSTITUTION, I 1 1 'MM , hi 1 ADMIRAL of the UNITED RING- (or Wording PERM ANENT INCOMES of 30. per annum to Vi f'ltv ii. i IRELAND, DO lli'.REBV GIVE ',mar"''d Daughters of Clergymen, Military and i.i'l.U W''li,.v 1 ti - mil December next, at one ii s 1H i,. tP tN& with such Persons as uia be j piibtfjv ,Irillg ,lt; ! delivering into her Wajertr's 'j, ..j u undermentioned Articles, , l? SOP Td Rf Ml.IVKKKll. y..f ,,' ni a month, and the re-" -'-cuiaitT in a month afterwards or , greater portion, or the whole, ..." earlier period, if preterred by lb,' party tendering . .... ia than 6 cr-at taloi, and of the , - ! r.vill-ei bv the MfffiM IIA-. ' " -- ;) President Lord DE MAULEY. Subscriptions thankfully received by Sir Charles Price, Bart., and Lity ; ana at the Offices ol the Society, 63, Lincoln V W1LLIAM JONES, M.A., Secretary and Chajilain. Co., Banker, inn-ilelds. exnericuced hantLs so t hat ammnlMa outfit in be deUvered at the shortest possible notice Several made-up Silk and Barege Skirts at a great reduction from the original price Marshall and Snelgrove, 15, Vere-street Oxford-street. MOURNING. LEWIS and ALLENBY bee to announce that tht-y have devoted some additional pre- at the said Office. .... ..-I--.. .7- mat he sec 'TJ,!U after oarVi-tat, on the day of treaty. attend, or an agent for him duly i , !!-, .. i I the Secretary of the Ad- . .rm r t!..- w.irds. " Tender ta ? ;( Must air) U delivered at Somerset - MAllI. UOLD QUARTZ MINE, M..."'i,"i!1 . 'ahi"nua wCMEN 1 1 1 announce ttiat the STAtl i.-.v, 1. r faliforuia early 111 the ensuing Itiii iea atetj upon tneir arrival. c'ived advice bv the VIST TUTIOY 4Ylt r t iv-t unAn . . - - ucoieu some aauitionat pre I , , v ' 1 ' 1 w rwuu, isy wjw. watca tney have just built, to a sep;irate MOURNING SrT' f? "fSMtWr-CeneralV Report for the week ending Novem- DKPARTMENT, in which will be found every article requisite of 1 vt V.1. i,!i-''JlMei1 luat oXK 1'BSON died from destitution. "ie ,,est lesPription, at the lowest possible prices. iy: 1 195 197 Sll-B1 fiiedlrom "Vaut of Breast Milk."' Want of Bx;gcnt-strect. and CU Conduit-street. ' rsrcikst Milk is synonymous with :mi r P.ind s-ith.... mhoh are unaole to supply the natural food of their Infant 1 he applicants for food at the Kitchen this dnv rous no lesstban 101" persons were suimlied with ?rn beef-sou;., mutton-hroth.ailtl bread, ic. : and unwarrls ,,f tt ere sent I their Infants. re very mime- ftILK. LACES, FURS, MERINOS, &C. --.d nourishing kj Messrs. Ho ELL. JAMES, and CO. beg to inform the Nobi S of a hundred jdOra try. that they are daily receiving their new and well-selee Mine eyes do !:u with tears because the children and sucklings sw-Hiu iu the streets of the eitv. Lift up thv hands towards Hun. for the hie of thy young children that taint for hunger 111 the to; of every street. '- -Lam xi 11 1 Nobility STOCK of SILKS, ile.. for the urcsent season nd jwtt;'.u.. the honour of an inspection at their establishment, Nos 5 "7 'and Regent -street. Pall-Mall. cit tin 9 1 .' .i ., ,.,r... ,.t the !iuiTnent of ft Istive L ... amrs! 01 nWb Wul be dul advertised. A here inconvenient to contribute money, there may lie ability and disposition to make donations of left off .lot'liin g or Cldthiftg materials, bibles, prayer books, tracts Ac, to be lui w arded to Air .liihn Siieo-i tie.Tp.,n.,v. Vv.... . . J 1"l"u,u'' curious INDIAN Nil lmi ln.w 'IM. H,,,.l ..-oil 11.. -.. .... ,......... '' - -i.iieiuu.x reee:te,i uv Mivr,, , i Aitri.iS; some RARE and BEAUTIFUL CARPETS and Cl R TAINS --SEW ELL and CO. respectfully announce to the nobility and admirers of objects of vertu that they have purchased horn the foreign exhibitors, and other sources several PERSIAN. LEVANTINE, and other ORIENTAL xitusitc specimens of LYONS TAPESTRY and MOQUETTE for window curtains and portieres; a few superb i :old tti firder r.'BEi:T f tl, WttHiU N"f U.K. oausoai :uia m. raii-MaU East; Harnett and Hoare. Lombard- si reei; ires.-, n i. ( ,ro;e. a :U i i ' 'ireaflneeii rwi - i;lvn.,n,i r ...,. ..t. . ' " " " v" Fleet-stntt ; Hatehard and Son, peculiar fabric and unique desurn. which are now on ui,'- ... mLJL jueiuises. Loiupion liouse, uui t'ompton-street, Soho. DUKE Secretary. ! lo;abarit-streel ; Hoare and Co.. Piccadilly : the Rev. D. Feim. B.A. John Smart, to. Leicester-square: Honorary Secretary: and Mr. in i v li ir vriviv: ; L.l Ji j .y s t-. .uio.'u - .-, . . .old Mines in. the Mariposa - , ml.T L-avs fr.i:n the Honourable Colonel ,,.,i i - F.-'-a-itt ... i I- ni trHns ...oou. ooo. i: 4m of ti .r Si W eaeti, to Bearer wSlTl PK .l'l;V:'!l.!.ASX IN PARIS. regit !.'H1 U lig B APA1'.TE i E-,',.'i- ''' ' ; '-' Hat'' French Consul liiaira! in BttliRn i ,: lu,van4- .1 ii V.i.mts Hit An litor of the Council of State. - k:. ili Iat 'I'1!' il Railways in France. ir.i'! n.f : if ol :.. Niitioa: Agricultural Establish- UiU'olUlH'l Ifc, .I !; v. W!( : aifi ito!!'ki m toe jiijiistrT oi jaanue. Brl! -u t V . tn laei vits appeal m cans . . ,.-r ..' t'l. :it. ::-.i. A icniy ot Meoicmc, s.--jifci tvl'ivicr; l.E.M 3'H' Faliifn t'ltireiclii di 9Ucavr i -!!sl 'V of .sl I'EUV IsluV IN L'lNDOM S; S ihren filTli- Uurl , Port nun-s-piare. JjIi ,. Ad in- 1c, i HIM ExeUduSP mil linwi K-. i'xiTn Ex.-'isaugCv i, II :, ImuiTifT Poualaev-plao J..:.. I'i-iii. I.- ! Us Tin Iltdc E-es i, I' Iriui. 15 l'all-M-.ll. V Jii-c JJaisttiuJtt.-, luUi-stonc. E-sex IV.lM.KKS. ''. :: s yu 'i--..-'v.t-riiace. Tuara- BnKEKS. f!iiif it FnuiW- Paris, ti --11 v-k-n iari and Co.. London M fc MwitcruuUL Mcrs and C.j., Ii-indon. ' - "V a4 'aLin."-, an. Evex-streot Strand, Loud ta Rill if. I K- l!i' D, Fsxieu asi J 11 n, hi Threa' -t' Ht'tP.T. i d mtej-ia i KlHum " i-r Ej OftO ". l'. i -' dt la Par Ot'ri A' pi 1, 2 riawtr-;,itt . " a'l.isiieil in Frwiv- in Mav ls;, un or tj,c man m I ; .-n -ir nij. liaiaULv of each sfaare- ' i 1.1111 of hi, Shaw's, and these stei-es k I'Ml an 1 uBhip tu bearer (au porlcun. Ji iiU ,.r registration and no deed has to be WHAT A TIIOI SANI) POI ND NOTE WILL R "ES CLOAKS, SHAWLS. SEWELL and TT Do: i Mm yn- aV(1 now displaying Embroidered Cloth Jackets and v ii.aivs io iiiaien ior z; -uincas tnc set; Jacket and Gilet in cloth auutcivei; i.uer riaelron ; ;uet Louis XV.. in Marseilles tos royal and vv lute moire anti.iiie: also the uew Embroidered French .ilerinos, with Jacket t match, iris. lid. the set the Rnhe Paro.rrin ii im nun .oieivei or jiainie (any shape), to match, 7s. M. It will feed thousands of our half famished CI risti in Brethren ' It will provide warm beds, in Winter, for the friendless and the houseless : It will save hundreds of Domestics and honest Work-people from pauperism and crime ! It will snare main a Mother the patlgs of losim; her Child from want W Itn ast-Milk; " and will allay the cnivinKs of hunger of Evening and Ball costumes in Tarlatans, embroidered Blond' Lace the numberless Utile Outcasts ,n our Ragged Schools. I Ureses, -old and silver embroideries, are now read, tor t seasou ine t omnutiee ot the Leieesler-square Soup-Kitchen is making a eir-e lot oi real trench Slerluos, m all colours, 2s. xd., 2s. 9d., a preat eff..rt to establish a Branch Kitchen in the Citv before the I Ss' 0J 11 to 10, Old Comnton-strect, and Hi, 17. Frith-street, Soho' cold weathi'r shall have thoroughly st in. " . . em Li the Linsey-woolstn Jacket and Vest, plain or embroidered in nil """is. -tut "I mesc i, . Mm'.-.s v t.inr.ler in u f,.ii- 1U,N T,r. It is promised 'Ml. from F. K., ',, from A. B. : so, from W, F., Hvt from C. C and 15V. from S. (i. It thcrnFore requir-s frem 10 to 12 more ilouatious of r,u'. each to enable it to conclude arraiigehlhta for the premises, ic. Earlt doiuitiomc will be gratefully received bv the Rev. D. Fenu. Honorary Secretary: and b Mr. John Smart. In. Leicestcr-siiuarc ; or at Messrs. Ransom and Co., Pall-Mall East; Messrs. C.ltn. Halifax, and Co., Lombard-street ; and at Messrs. ilatchard. booksellers Piccadilly, THE ROYAL GENERAL ANN CITY SOCIETY. -TO Till'. GOVERNORS AND SUBSCRIBERS. -SARAH ANN ROWNKV, !e1 Gl years, daughter Of the late Richard Bownev. many years wholesale perfumer, lot. Halton-garden, be.-s to return her grateful thanks to hi friends and patrons for their kind support at the last election: and. although she (fid not then succeed, she again solicits their kind aid aud suppoil.and hopes thev will once and interest at the next election MAGNIFICENT CARPETS, TAPESTRY, PORTIERES, CHAIR, SOFA, and TABLE COVERS. JACKSON and (IRAII AM invite the attention of the Nobilitv to their original and beaut it'ul DESIGNS in VELVET PILE PA'lENT TAPESTRY, and BRUSSELS CARPETS, of a quality and' colouring iar superior to those usually sold as the best, anil in Patterns to harmonise with every style or decoration. J. and G.. sole Consignees ol the productions of the Ancient Royal Manufactory of Aubussou, comprising Carpets of almost every size, together with an immense variety of tine Tapestry Portieres. Table Covers, and Covers for i 'hairs and Sofas: and being also Manufacturers in London, their Establishment affords exclusive advantages to those who desire articles of finer ta.,t.e and superior quality. :i7 and :s, Oxford-street. more favour her with their in January -pr Hatton-sarden. sies are r. ted by Messrs. Rowland and Sous, f WINTER RON N ETS. MRS. EDWARDS bc-s to inform la lies that she has now ready for inspection a variety or pretty Velvet Bonnets in all colours tor one guinea each, also a new style of Felt Bon net handsomely trimmed with Velvet for las. fid. ami, oxford-street, near Port man street, next door to I the Post-ottice. i VT UMBER ONE. SAINT PAIL'S CHI RCII- ' Y VRD Messrs. DA KIN and COMPANY have most respect- fully to inform the inhabitants of the metropolitau districts, that, in i consequence of the great demand made upon them for the goods I they supply, they have organised such extended arranemc Us as will enable them, on and alter WEDNESDAY next, the I'.lth inst to DELIVER all ORDERS, w.tbin s miles of St. Paul's. ON" TIIK , DAY AFTER such orders are t:h en. The plan adopted by Dakm j an I Company, of delivering b their vans the goods required, and. i at the same time, or causing the young man in attendance to take I orders for delivery on a future occasion, has been so generally ap- proved ot. that it will now be extended, with a view to llifs-t the I rtnuurcmcnts of all residing vtithin S miles of St. Paul's. DA KIN and OUIPANY. Tea Merchants, aud Patentees for Roaf ling Coffee in Silver Cylinders, Number One, Samt Paul's Churchyard. GR A T U I TO US P R E S E N T AT I O N. A series of ENGRAVINGS, designed and executed in Paris by most eminent artistes, illustrating the novel elegancies in the mo le for the season, are now ready for distribution, and will be ' forwarded post-free, upon request, to Cue nobility and heads of pri-; vale families only. These drawings are executed' exclusively for the ; London General Mourning Warehouse, and the mantles, gilets, and I millinery made Iroui them will be found to surpass in style all former prodn 'tious. The Salons are now replete with souie per-ieetlv New Mantles, beautiful specimens of the Parisian modes in velvet. v. : and elegant imxlcL adapted for distinguished wear, or those for general utility, mav be seen in the most profuse variety at 1 the LONDON GENERAL MOURNING WAREHOUSE, Nos 217 : Pl , and a:,l. REGENT-STREET. BIMJKW11 an'! t,,e!T ES G I LETS, iibout which so much has been said ni.iiiuu.ii .-tii iitr,.i, i oe e:: laiiniis rrc s-es j ,, l-tuu,: ! iU Company mr.y thus ik- bri. ilr tllll- ar.- EM Iks I'j iy; ary . r . "' ti-i regi: HtUon is np 1 ,1 Tlial I lie ('..... r,,n i l"-at-.l UHiri- mr ridap,. (,f which js Ventled bt - -i .,!.. u That the Company po- " waw lemtorv sfien tiinee greater than "'.ii t ' i upon in l.i;r.;n- .ir America 4ih ' ' " " tuiniiHt -sett are for 21 ver. i".i-wa. i.-ji x. .tr 1,),. That ,,u. ootnpaut -Mluw- ; .-. Xi v-ars ol lamb ftflf the erection of '" "-Mniiti .a ;ii!,L . '-'"! S....1V, aw be made at the Companv's - '-rsi,t :u- i entia: i v on or b-iore Tliurdav y " ;" 'h"-ii W$ bppdeattons wUt be received". ' - ' i- KB in- had "a apphi-atmi: at th oHi'Vs. I No :'!, West Strand, and No i and:;. King William-street 'ad-joiniiig . in the TEA TRADE, by THOMAS I'll YTIIIAN, who has re- i niovi il his extensive connection Irom No. i:'. to the more eommo- i dious i.remise- a- above. Ti.e sto -k will be entirely new. and selected wilii the greatest care iduring the present very rtepre.-.-ed state of the market i. with the advantage of ample means and matured ludgmi nt. the result of upwards of twenty yea's' practical experience is tin- tea and colonial markets. The leading fea- tun- ti le recognised in this new and vast undertaking will be to identify the interest of the public with that of the proprietor, by suhjuilt ins a st ick to be equalled by few, aud not to tx- surp ;ssed in .u;nt and cheapness by any house in the trade. -Future lii. ss. No t:;n. West Strand, and 1 2. and 3. King William-street (adjoining). ie press in its remarks unon the nrooosei alterations in La lies' Gistiitiui. are ma le up ar-coriling to the best authority, studiously suite I to the require, ueiits ,)t the season, fiir promenade or dinner costume, at JAY'S. Families requiring MOURNING APPAREL arc respectfully informed that the immense business transacted at the LONDON GENERAL MOURNING WAREHOUSE enables the proprietor to purchase his supplies directly from the manufacturers. Toe saving thus effected will guarantee to all who mav honour this establ shment with their patroiia.'i- the most alvant.igeous terms. JAY'S LONDON GENERAL Mol'RNING WAREHOUSE. Nos. 217, 251, REG EN T-STREEf. 1ORT WINKS The LAST of the SEASON. A h - F&ntainint Pipes now Dottling, the liuest imported, at 36S, per dozen. A1B0, SHERRY and other WINES, at moderate prices. Terms Cash. .No. 1 Lower Area. Huiigeri'ord Market JOHN T A PfERSAIA N "'."I'l-N Mnl NTAIN of MARIPOSA SIMV, li,MPASi ..f CALIFORNIA. Ip"lt Registered 7 and S Victoria. v-I:'''";'iUTlll,Tn"'tra-t uflcxserromthe Hon. David ' m tun. in- .,t ii,.- lli, f...i,.r,,.i 1 ru. la. ''V.'. ''Calituriua. and Member of the Uuitcd I '" - i.-.i " Jwk D ml.. .-,;, shares of U. each, with power ! Til he paid iu lull, without a further 1 OLD SCHOOL. Parties seeking for OLD PORT WINK Ithe qualities of which are fullv embraced in these two word.-j are resectfulh informed that a sral liin of it exists in the c,-;urs of the ('AI)IZ WINE COMPANY', ftc price is lss. per do. , and (for sample). Half-Dozen Hampers are forwarded. CARRIAGE FREE to any part of England or Wales. N R. Price currents sent gratis, ou application to WILLIAM PA.AS. Manager, 2C, St. James -st reel. , ""Vi" l f hi ai,.-. ins. irge llennett. Esq V, ir, (, or. i.e.. ThoiliSOli, Esq. George Thomas, Esq. HM 1 us. ' "i.Hi.iina, Bank of London. Viv irons. "tt'"- iiiiiuiaiiney. and Prudene.-. "-:-' ,., .. ' -v''l 'V-l'U.-. . ', ' 1 'i inn biiRiueer in London, Evan Hop-' ha-'uieei iii California. Andrew Smith, HEDGES ami BUTLER, Wine Merchants, Sec, 15.'.. Regent -street. London, and 2'). King's-road. Rrighton. iIUQdtntly reeoiuuiend the following WINKS: Gordon's Golden Sherry. ,1b. per dozen; superior ditto, of soft aud full flavour. :;fis : Pale and Drown Sherry, from HUs. to 54s.: Amontillado Sherry (a delicate pale dry win - tor invalids). 4Ss. aud '().: Old Port. :Kis'. "'s , jks . and Cos.: White Port. 60s.; Claret. 2ss., 3i;s., 4ss., and fills.; Cliablis and Sauterne. :;'- and ISs.: Hx:k and Moselle, 36s. and 4Ss.; ditto, fins.. 72s., and His ; Champagne. 44s., 4os , 60s., and 72s. N.ll, Hid Pale Cognac Brandy, fio-. per dozen. 1 TICOLIS REGISTERED PALETOT is now ready at ill. 116 1 is. and 120. REGENT-STREET, and , CORNIIILL. for Winter Wear, at the moderate price of Two and 1 Three Guineas each ; t hus it deservedly bears the name of being not I only the most fashionable, but also the cheapest aud most durable Garment ever Offered to the Public, the intrinsic value of Nicollian I Cloth being, within the Uit few months, much enhanced, par-' Ocularly in A NEW INA EN TION. whereby much improvement in the preparation of Winter Trousers, at very moderate prices, has been lately effected; such is also now ready for inspection, but IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to detail in an ordinary advertisement the many advantages appertaining to the Public from Messrs. NICOLLS' System of Business, one fa -t will alone suffice ! Messrs. NICOLL are, in many instances, purchasers of the raw I material, but, at all limes, they make such arrangements with the Urins who manufacture lor them in the West, of England, so that ! in all kinds of garments, whether Coats, Trousers, or A'estiugs. an intermediate proht does noL exist between the producer and the consumer. The WA REROOMS in London are 111. 110, US, 120, REGENT-STREET, and 22, CORNIIILL. R ASS'S EAST INDIA PALE ALE, a dozen, and Si's, per Eighteen Gallon C:i 1' hus4i Ro'v-rlson, Esq. i;U SUR.II BR11KIK-. It l: .i-,i vt.., i,.i... sc.- Tok.-nhoitoiar'd. PRfJSPECTUS " iinpalse has ittm triven to the sold - tie Jiwovert of nutnerous veins of ' Wllh -"Id Several valuable locations 1 v ol jManposa early in lsr.u, which at-I ih.-ts to this rich portion r the conntv. '"-stems have been found to exist in other .. " '"' l'. an I 1 i. ..1....... 1.. l: . tbeeiidofthc-pnaioutyeartheeiport : ''! if not sreatiiy exceed 6n.omi.OiHi. v 1 " region of Mariposa, in which the ' ial( is an aunferou tract of about ' ; " Wiles im width, the upper portion I- ;,u - m iolf is known to in- intersected with " laMBce the richest masses of quartz bear- 1 r lll-i- the wiioie property, the waters :lu available loi luaemuery and other at 8.s. per Cask. FIELD " ABUKLU ami CO., after devoting irrcat attention to bottling this muh admired Ale. can low otfer it to their friends and the public in the highest state of perfection. Light Ales for summer use ; Scotch and Burton Ales ; London and Dublin Stout ; Cider and Perry : together with their Foreign Wines and Spirits, of a very superior class. Pale and Burton Ale. Stout, and Porter, in eask f eighteen gallons. 22, Henrietta-street, Covent-garden. A LLSOPP'S EAST INDIA PALE and other XJL BI'RTON ALES.- The public is respectfully informed, the ALES of THIS SEASON'S BREWING are now ready for delivery, ' and mav be oleained. genuine, in casks of is gallons and upwards . cither singly or in any quantity, at their respective Stores, as under. 1 where also a list ol the Bottlers may be had : The Brewery. Bur-1 ton-on-Trent ; 61, King W illiam-street, City, Iioudon ; Cook-street, Live-pool; High-street, Birmingham: the Exchange, Manchester: Royal Brewery, Dudley ; S3, Virginia -street, Glasgow. MESSRS. POULSON and COMPANY'S Registered PVRDESSI S, or Walking Coat. This really useful and truly elegant light Autumnal and WINTER OVERCOAT is correctly pronounced a redeeming trait to the many indescribable inventions of the day, wherein novelty is attained at the sacrifice of good taste and that classic elegance characteristic of the gentleman. It is admirably adapted lor walking, riding, and all purposes w here the continued action or the body renders a heavy garment both unhealthy and cumbersome. In autumn subsUncOs the price is Two Guineas ; but those for winter wear, richly lined and quilted, Two-aud-a-IIalf and Three Guineas. B. POULSON ft COMPANY, Merchant Tailors, ill, REGENT-STREET, QUADRANT; J and in the country aud colonies of their authorised agents. ! CASTILIAN REAVER, manufactured from pure Spanish Wool, perfectly waterproof, is better adapted for WINTER OVERCOATS (the garment for which it is principally I designed) than any other woollen material, as it possesses the requisites of lightness, warmth, and protection from the rain and snow, in a far greater degree ; to give a correct idea or this, it need ony be stated that, though not heavier than a superfine, it gives the warmth of a cloth treble its weight. Price from 2 to 3 guineas. To be procured only at the Wart-rooms of WILLIAM CUTLER, Court, Clerical, Regimental, and General Clothier, 25, St. James s- street. CROUPS, Messrs. -' ild pi - ton mav be extracted from i- : " l that inn.wim tons mav be annually W un were made on only three ounces per '' l,2'"ng siun of 1.0s7 :.iii per annum. . ... Irom Colonel Fremont for 21 years. f s . .,.. ,. uaviu 11011. nan. tiL.u., ana tliat ' ..'" . "',N ": 1 feci bv find feet (being three s'tiii Pi-m Mine), mav oe .i.nsideiv.d, with- GAME PIES, ENTREES, &c srs. PURSSELL beg to call the attention of connoisseurs, and persons giving parties, to the above, of which they have every variety a) ways ready. being made with great care from the choicest materials, and conveniently packed for the country. Wedding Breakfasts and Ball Suppers supplied by contract PursseU, Corn-hill, corner o' Piucb-Iane. c 1IS(TITS, in hk M3 the finest flour produced in the i the tease for agrieul- I ' "! be aauroiiriali-.l rrmn lis Leallbv conveniences for the parlies 1 li'-'is .f 1.. .. V spot evi . i.i.i 1 ai-co,i,p!Linos '"'-.and other . . " 'a.'-' n,'.-,I.rf''''''Ml ''"niuences at and varies I i?" fciUBMii lh,'!1"'"' produce ia gold, so that . , -ahlc but out of ihe ai-tual production ol '1'" 1 .Mi rota tt is nut-able. (1 urine h perfection, manufactured of utii of France, and baked by anovcJ and improved principle Upwards of fifty kinds packed hi tin boxes of alt sizes A great variety of plain and ornamental Cakes suitable lor luncheon, tea. or the dinner table: also for hools and presents. PI RSSI.LL'S, Cornhill, corner of Fineh-laue. r ""l" ....i..i , .tnu un- ouiiat i,,r macuinen Ire ',' tnrnis being, for special ntasons nitftwn V'-1- i le-s,,- iai!v h3ll-v o im.n: tavourable than ant vet madi ceiillemai! long kti -wn ti ihe i'liWiua attended by a'stafi of W scientific t i.i... , . auu tan-Hirers, lor : , ""aduct ample MH-urit- ,lbeahen - :n: :'11r fnharkation. Su f ;,mn.,.. . Hie lessee. Andrew Sum . n WCo of !' e: cli, a great por- i-iriiiM , ,. " ' ' '""'" lur- win o,- ampiv su!h- I, 'sr, . H. - ' i""i"i-eu to issue an.uiMi aaditioiiHl :. "u ''"'! u"- ie holders of thn present Ptenu. ' !'a" of W! like number at par lni; LATE EIRE IN IIOUNDSDITCIL J. MESSRS. RITCHIE and M'CALL tieg to apprise their friends aud the public iu general that, owing to the vigorous exertions made by the firemen on the occasion of the late calamitous lire at their Establishment, a large portion of their Slock has liecii saved: and that no further delay will occur in the execution of the numerous order.- tin t have on band : and Messrs. R. and M. will lose no time in replacing the Stock which lias been destroyed, in order to meet the very great demand that arises for their articles at this seasion of the year. ORE 1 1 ATS. GREAT EXHIBITION. Class X.VVIII, No. 12.1. -The use of cork not being as vet under stood amongst the hat trade, there is an indisposition to introduce il : and Jork Hats ought, consequently, only to be bought of those makers who are capable and willing to employ that material, and who, by the attention they hat e given to t ;C manufacture, can now produce a light, porous, pliable, and durable hat. The silk hat now in genera! use, upon a body of muslin, made perfectly rigid and impervious by a gum varnish, has been productive of great discomfort, and in some cases of positive injury, to the wearer. The elasticity or cork produces a hat which is as pliant and agreeable to the head as beaver, without its oppressive weight, and at less cost. The nature of cork renders it unnecessary to sullen it with strong solutions of gum ; and, being elastic, the hat does not lose Us shape so rea lily, nor show the effects of a blow or fall, as is the ease with the muslin body. This material is, therefore, from its native properties, the lfcst which has yet been used for the formation of silk hat bodies. The mere addit ion of plates of cork, as is frequently practised, to the inside of the ordinary gossamer body, and fastened by some adhesive varnish, only adds to the weight, without removing its objectionable qualities; and other equally unskilful modes of making-up Cork Hats, merely for temporary sale, are in use amongst hatters. THEATRE ROYAL, HAYMARKET. vfrcrof P?')l,lar Establis ment IS OPEN for the Season.-TIUS EAENING (first time). THE LADIES' BATTLE; or, Un Duel en Aol?U1' :,(,u.slave Crignon, Mr. Leigh Murray : The Countess de n - ' stlrmK- After which. TARTVFFE ; Tart litre, Mr. mt) u f;i1,,,lirc' Miss Rt,ynolds. To conclude with AX !" '-r SACRIFICE. KING CHARLES THE SECOND will be repeated To-Morrow and Friday.-On Thursday. THE SERIOl'S rAJIIiii . Mr. and Miss Yandeuhoff will shortly appear. 18; 18M' . Z Fl VEPKNf ' v.. H?JL PRINCESS'S THEATRE, Ttaw WH i fT?? U PectrtiU.v informed that this theatre W ILL OPEN for the Season on SATURDAY uext. 22d inst with Shakspere'a Comedy of THE MERRY WIV FSOF WINDsiiR. -Al ter which, the petite Comedy of TO PARENTS AN C tGUARuUNs' And on Monday. 24th, the First Part of HENRY IV" After which The Pomtnt:eno7x?mely' en4titled TEXDEB OmfZ tT engagement has been entered into with Mr. Bartley to perform the character of Sir John Falstaff. T ADIES' Mi PAINTING. CLASSES for DRAWING ami f'T iriTv j . u o uiii;iu.-i nr,-ori..i Jv.7 V,-EK, and, m addition to the ordinary studies, the Pro-tessor uurnoses tn mro - r. Hnri .., v ,, '. "z " ' "l"-st.- on perspective, iiessrs. v. a ni, , -tllfct'o of splendid water-colour drawings, bv all the ; Vam erS ofthe dav' U circulated on hire throughout the - .v,SuuUl. lerillS Ol sUDSI-l'intHm IU.I- Omrfo aud 638. it, -ew Bond-street, 21s., 12s. THEATRE ROYAL, ADELPHI-Enormous Success of, and roars of lano-von. ,v. , i Yankee Comedian, Mr. JOSH. delineator of Yankee peculiarities EVERY NICHT 'in tuZr Drama of THE FOREST ROSE. Bloomerilm n "he hT THIS EVENING (12:ld time), GOOD NIGHT. S GNOR P?VrL0N Aaer which. THE FOREST ROSE AND THE YANKEE '.VbOVVH BOY. To be followed by BLOOMERIsM : or. the FoUies ol ? & Day. To conclude with THE LOTTERY TICKET AT the PRINCE OE WALES' BAZAAR 209 Regent-street COSMORAMA. DIORAMIC and PAXORa! v!!'f10fi?ff EXHIBITING, the mfjjBS& i ' llslor'CJ-1 Hnd Scenic :-Edinburgh during a Conttagration -fire and smoke m motion; the Interiorof St. Peter's at Rome, with dioramie effect ; Mont Blanc ; Castellamare, near Naples - Grand Cairo; lark of er-ailles; Mount St. Bernard, and the Ruins or 1 icstum. Open from 10 to 6 Admission, is. children, half-price. VALUARLE AND CHEAP PIANOS. The COMPANY of PATENT PIANOFORTE MAKERS, No. 22, Bedford-street, Strand, established expressly for the manufacture ot high-class Pianos or unquestionable excellence, from Twenty -two Guineas. The practical talent of this Company, associated from some of the most celebrated factories in Europe, is an absolute security for a high degree of sterling workmanship, not to be surpassed by the most eminent makers, while the introduction of machinery, coupled with large capital, twentv years' experience, and a lieculiar and patent method of seasoning their materials, enables them to SELL first-class Pianos cheaper than any other house in the world, a result only attainable with safety to the purchaser bv a liberal and powerful association. MANBY & CI.EMENTI, Managers. A ?!F for INVALIDS. A Married Me.lical tabhlrhS!,-W,ll,0n-li encu,nh'-ancc, residing in a comfortable the west IL V I R 'ul'Vtm,t "car u 1!adiu thoroughfare in n 1,r. , - ,deslrouso1 RECEIVING ONE or TWO INVALIDS n his house, where they can have the advantages of a cheerful ,w,th m attendance. Reference will be give wvLwi m llor terms, direct by letter to D. B., care of Mr Woodwell, stationer. 62, Berners-street, Oxford-street. DENT'S PATENT WATCHES and CLOCKS. E.J. DENT begs leave to inform the public that, in addition to his extensive Stock or Chronometers, Watches, and Clocks, he has purchased most of the Watches manufactured in Switzerland for the purpose of the Exhibition of 1S51. E. J. DENT therefore solicits an inspection of his stock, amongst which - is the SMALLEST ATCH in the world." that attracted so much curiosity and admiration whilst at the Exhibition. Ladies' gold watches, S guineas gentlemen's, 10 guineas; youths' silver watches, 4 guineas ; durable lever watches, c guineas. E. J. DENT, Watch and Clockmaker bv appointment to the Queen, II.R.H. Prince Albert, and II I M the Emperor of Russia, 61, Strand (late 82), u:5, Coekspur-street and ot Royal Exchange (clock-tower area). WATCHES and their MANAGEMENT. T. COX SAVORY and CO. have published a Pamphlet, describing the constructions of the various Watches in use at the present lime, and explaining the advantages of each, with Lists ot Prices. It is intended to give the information which should be obtained previous to the purchase of an article the principal characteristics of which should be accuracy and durability. It also contains remarks on the proper management or a watch by the wearer, it may be hau gratis, on application nersonallv or bv i.nst T. Cox Savory and Co.. 4". Cornhill Ixmiinn seven ,loo' fr,,. Graeechurch-strcet. THE LIRRARY for NEW ROOKS, Conduit street. Hanover-square.--Additional Conies of all the nmrnfa ,, " ,, , "- . v ..., u.,.,.,5 leeinvuu nieir .tctv itooKS are iumi-neil a sui)enhers rcoii usual large and well-selected STOCK or CLOCKS. CANDELABRA, I blishmcin. and the best New Works supplied bronze and Ormolu ORNAMENTS, for the boudoir, drawing-room, I cation The NEW SUPPLEMENTARY CAT; TJRENCII CLOCKS, CANDELABRA, See M. Messrs. HOW ELL, JAMES, and CO. havimr received their A ?S?2rw. LADY of respeetabilitv is desirous of TEVDFVrrn till requiring a Sl'PERIN- I , to manage his house, or with a WIDOWER, whose young LAnPZIT1 W W0UW S COMPANIOX To I wt? nain F - i lerCn'eS au'1 ''equired.-Plcase address, post-paid, G. F ., 2J, Seymour-street, Euston-square. XT SH i NG. -WANTED, A FAMILY'S WASH- ,7 hy A resI'cetable Laundress, who has everv eon- 10 Stanmore h & to address W , in, stasmore-place, Camdcu-town. rpOWN HOUSES.-Messrs. ARRER and SON their FTFNsn vT!VthC.tttfnti f t,,fi "obilitJ" al,rt Wntry to . Mhf . i,K IST' includes HOCSES or even- class in all the fashionable s.tuations. Parties favouring Messrs rber with ST. GEORGE'S REPOSITORY, 28, Shepherd-str ct. May Fair, and White Horse-street. Piccadilly ror the SALE of HORSES. CARRIAGES. HARNESS, 4c.. hyommLon Daily, and by Public Auction every Tuesday, at 12 o'clock. This Establishment, under new management, is now OPENED and the first Weekly Sale by Auction will lie held on TUESDAY, the 2d dav of December next. The Proprietors, in soliciting the patronage ot'the Nobility. Gentry, aud the Public, respectfully beg to state' that all transactions with this Repository will be for Cash ami that the proceeds of all horses sold not warranted (aud delivered), will be paid tor on the day of sale ; and warranted horses, on the following 1 riday. The annexed scale of moderate charges is respectfully submitted: Commission on all sales, live per cent.; offering bv auction, it not sold. 3s. iid. ; livery, per night, 3s. All horses for' Tuesday g sale, are required to be at the Repository two days previous Out-door sales of every description punctually attended to. Stocks valued in town or country. CURE OF STAMME RING. French method infallible within a few visits. Principal cures effected : " 'thin ten visits, a boy quite dumb; iu eight visits, a strong stammerer of 2i5, treated without any success by all other methods-many boys unable to pronounce K. S, R. L. etc. Apply to Pa BERNARD, 10, Regent's-circus, Piccadilly, from 11 till 5 NOTICE. In 2 vols. svo.. price ::r.s THE HISTORY OF " THE WAR IN AFFGIIANIST W By JOHN WILLIAM KAYE IS NOW READY, And may be had of all Booksellers, and at all the Libraries tw.. u out the l uited Kingdom. WWOnghs Richard Bent ley, Publisher in Ordinary to her Majosty NEW WORK BY MADAME PF3ANI. In .'! vols., post svo.. HIE CONVENT AND THE HAREM. A NOVEL. By MADAME PtSAN'I. Author of "The Banker Lord," "Vandeleur." 4c. IS NOW READY AT ALL THE LIBRARIES. Richard Bentlev. New Burlington-street. T NEW WORK BY THE Al T1IOR OF "TYPEE," 4c. Now ready at all the Libraries, in 3 vols., post Svo., HE WHALE. Bv HERMAN MFr.Vir.TV " Contains graphic descriptions such as we do not remember to have met with before iu marine literature." Athenicura. " Intensely interesting, It is not a mere tale of adventures, but a whole philosophy of lire that it unfolds. "John Bull !' - ,nPlIar novel. The satire is biting and reckless." Spectator. ' Displays au unusual power of enchaining the interest Morning Advertiser. Pajier 6 ra"e8t thilg of 1 he kind llMrt was f!v'-'r produced." Evening " Melville's greatest effort." Atlas. ' A most extraordinary work." Britannia. " Unquestionably the production of no ordinary mind. " Morning Herald. Richard Bentley, New Burlington-street. Now ready, with Portraits, 4c, price 12s. bound, MISS STRICKLAND'S IFE OF QUEEN EL1ZARETH, COMPLETE, IN A SINGLE VOLUME OF sun PvGES Forming the Fourth Volume of the New. Revised, and Cheaper Edition of LIVES OF THE yl'EENS OF ENGLAND Colburn and Co.. Pubhshers. l;!. Great Marlborough-street. CHARACTER FROM HANDWRITING. MR. W ARREN, of No o. Great College-street, Westminster con nines, with great success, to Delineate the Character of Individuals from their Handwriting. All persons desirous of Mir 1 ,J, art are mvi ed to forward a specimen of their ordinary writi, g togetner with 13 postage stamps, and a mention of their age to the SrJ. Holies-street. CavendLsh-wmftro URSCRIRERS to CHI ETON'S LIliRARY cx-penencmg a temporary dini.-ulty in obtaining the NEW LOOKS for perusal from that establishment, are l-espectftillv in-tormed that they may be procured at BULL'S LIBRARY Holies-street, Cavendish-square. Terms with Bull's" Library 'circular on application to Mr. Bull, librarian. Holies-street -Now reaily, in 2 vols. Hvo., with Illustrations, and a valuable Map T2ss. bound. RAVELS IN EUROPEAN TURKEY IN tsr.o. Through Bosnia. Servia. Bulgaria, Macedonia, Roumeha. Albania, and hpirus; With a Tour through Hungary and the Slavonian Ppi-vniccs of Austria, &c. By EDMUND SPENCER, Esq, Author of "Travels iu Cireasaia," &e. " A work of great merit, and of paramount present interest. Mr Spencer is an intelligent, impartial, an -1 candid Eiurlishm.-m nn.l such, his views of what he has so lately visited are of the highest value." standard. "These valuable and interesting volumes are replete with information upon countries of which we know but Utile. The work must be considered a standard production." United Service Mag. Colburu Co.. Pubhshers. 13. Great Marlborough-street. G13, Great Marlborough-street. ENERAL SIR CHARLES NAPIER. " LIGHTS AND SHADES OF MILITARY LIFE." Edited bv Lieut.-General Sir CHARLES NAPIER. G.C.B.. Now ready, in 1 vol.. svo., price 12s.. bound. " A narrative of stirring interest, which should be iu the hands of every otlicer in her .Majesty's i service. "Globe. "One ot'the most interesting, and. as regards General Napier's share or it, one of the most original productions of the day." Indian News. Colburn k Co., Publishers. 13, Great Marlborough-street. REDUCED TO TUUEE SHILLINGS AND SIXPENCE PER VOLUME. Complete in 183 volumes, price nineteen guineas : or separately, in IX pence each volume, seis or series, price three shdlin--s ami bound in cloth and lettered. rp II x. .. i,; luiuiv same. 10 iuu :oDuuy anu ucntrv, and re-qiectt'iilly solicit an inspection at their establishment, Nos". 5 7 aud :. Regeut-street, Pall-Mull. ELKINGTON and CO., Patentees of the Electro-Plate, Manufacturing Silversmiths. Bronzists, &c, lieg respect imiy 10 can attention to their Establishments, 22, REGENT- I oik.i-.m-, anri ill 'ORGATE-STR EET. IjOndon : and Manufac- unmediatelv on aonh- VfALlKil'E has inst -.. peareu. anu comprises a select Library of Juvenile Books, which has been now ilrst added, at the suggestion of several subscribers Terms, within the " London Book Circular." on application to I JOHN FORSTER, -uessrs. cauuuei-s ami uuey, uorary, Couctuit-street. Hanover-so. 4c-.-te-.fti ; , having now become the sole property of Messrs. Longman and Co., HOME WfflTSFWFVT fr il, ifixr ftfw V- v reuueeu me price to three shillings aud sixpence each Tvi i . I -uvn- r V x, - LOtSG EVEN- volume. The price or a complete set, iu 132 volumes, is reduced to x.....,L , o i.iiH, iu i , ,, Miu uonu-sireet. sub E CABINET CYCLOP M D I V series oi Original Works bv Sir WALTER SCOTT, THOMAS MOORE. Bishop TIIIRLWALL. The Rev. G. R. GLEIG. J. C. L. DE SISMONDI, JOHN PHILLIPS, F.R.S., G.3 Sir JOHN IIERSC1IEI Sir JAMES MAI KlNTuSH ROBERT SOUTHEY, Sir DAVID BREWSTER, THOMAS KEIUUTLEY, scribers have the privilege of Seleetin; -Sub- Books, for Perusal, from a lor,-, .fwuau-sircei, Birmingham; at either of which places thev I ' ouecuon oi upwarus or oo.noo Volumes, to which everv NEWltli irly.Tleee; and the volumes on natural history are copiously illustrated have always an extensive stock of their own nroduetions. The Patentees teel the necessity of informing the public, that articles sold as " Electro-plated by Elkington and Co.'s process" offer no guarantee for their manufacture, unless such articles bear their pateut mark, viz., " E. and Co.," under a crown. Estimates, Drawings, aud Prices sent free by post. Re-plating and Gilding as usual. nineteen guineas. The volumes of this series, originally published at Os.. contain, on ' uie average, between 3im and tUO pages, with au engraved fronlis- LAMPS OF ALL SORTS AND PATTERNS. The largest, as well as choicest assortment of PALMER'S 31 AG N I M and other CANDLESTICKS. CAMPIIINE, ARGANI). and SOLAR LAMPS, with all the latest improvements, and of the newest and most recherche patterns, in ormolu. Bohemian and plain glass, or papier maehe. in existence, is at W. S. BURTON'S, and they are arranged in one large room, so that patterns, sizes', and sorts can be instantly selected. 1 PALMER'S CANDLES, 64 and 6.'.d. a pound. PALMER'S PATENT CANDLES, all marked " Palmer." Single or double wicks fid. and G'.d. per pound. Mid. size, 3 wicks 7Jd. " ditto. Magnums, 3 or I wicks Kd. ditto. English's Patent Camphine, in sealed cans. Is. per gallon. CUTLERY, WARRANTED The most varied assortment of TABLE CUTLERY in the world, all warranted, is on SALE at WILLIAM S. BURTON'S, at prices that are remunerative only because of the largeness of the sales. 3' ineh ivory-handled table knives, with high shoulders, 10s. per dozen ; desserts to match. '.Is. ; if to balance. Is. per dozen extra: carvers, 3s. fid. per pair; larger sizes, in exiut proportion, to 25s. ier dozen; if extra line, with silver ferrules, from Sfis. ; white bone table knives, 6s. per dozen ; desserts. Is. ; carvers. 2s. per pair ; black horn table knives. 7s. 4d. per dozen ; desserts. 0s. ; carvers. 2s. fid. ; black wood-handled table knives ami forks, fis. per dozen; table steels, horn is. each. The largest stock of plated dessert knives and rorks. in cases and otherwise, and of the new plated fish carvers, in existence. Also, a large assortment of RAZORS, PENKNIVES SCISSORS. 4c, of the best quality. WILLI AM s. BURTON has just completed some extensive alterations in his premises, by which he has TEN LARGE SHOW ROOMS (all communicating), exclusive of the shop, devoted solely to the show of GENERAL FURNISHING IRONMONGERY (including Cutlery, nickel silver, plated, and japanned wares), so arranged and classified that purchasers may easily and at once make their selections. Catalogues, with engravings, sent (per post) free. The monev returned for every article not approved of. 3t. OXFORD-STREET (comer of Newman-strict); Nos. I and 2 NEWMAN-STREET; and t and Ii, PERRY'S-PLACE. Established a.d. 1S2U. PRIZE MEDAL for the CELERRES LAM PES FRANCAISES HADROT. Mr. A'.UR. of 12. Castle-street, Holborn, and 2;, Regent-street, begs to remind the trade and public, that he has the sole general depbt in England, Scotland (agents, Cronin and Co.. 1!. Buchanan-street. Glasgow), and Ireland, for Hadrot's celebrated French Moderator Lamp, which is warranted to give the greatest amount of light with the smallest quantity of oil ; and he further begs the public not to mistake it with anv other bearing also the name of Moderator or French, or advertised under the title of ''Celebres Lam pes Francaiscs," which cannot equal Hadrot's lamp, the superiority or which is acknowledged all over the Continent and the United Kingdom. At the ab .ve depots will be found the largest and handsomest assortment of lamps, as well as cottons, globes, chimneys. 4c. All lamps repaired on moderate terms. Sole depot for FRENCH COLZA OIL, at 5s. per gallon, made expressly for the carcel and moderator lamps 12. Castle-street. Holborn ; 2sa, Regent-street, close to the Polytechnic. For rear or fraud, the original lamps are ALL STAMPED WITH HADROT'S NAME. i i bmv.1 i loa ot interest is added on the day it apnears. V naii-veari) . yuarterl.v, or Monthly Mihsei-iiitions mav l.efiimm,-,! from any date, by residents in town or country. PHI YATE BOXES ! i tor au me lutAiBM may be engaged at 27, Old Bond-st. I Uses ou Science suited to the general reader, Natural History, and . . Arts and Manufactures. with engravings on wood. The series comprises Histories or nearlv ill the Ancient and Modem Nations of Eiirouc. Binerstuhies Tmii- REST and CHEAPEST STATIONERY HOI SEin London. -RODRIGVES' superior, thie-r. RE- li-laid ADI1ES1YE ENVELOPES, stamped with auy initial, Is. per 10, Us. per i.uiii); cream-iaiu note paper, lull size, live quires for yd., 2s. ed. per ream ; extra thick cream-laid note. id. per quire. Gs. per ream; superfine foolscap, fid. per quire. 9s. per ream : black-bordered envelopes, is. per lOii; black-bordered note, td. per quire, fis. per ream; very best sealing-wax, in slicks for Is.. Is. per lb.; all kinds of stationery and account-books equally cheap. ARMS, CRESTS CORONETS, or INITIALS stamped on PAPER and ENVELOPES in the most elegant style. Card-plato fashionably engraved and 100 superfine cards printed for is. fid. Observe at Henry Codriicues-21, Piccadilly. BOND'S PERMANENT MARKING INK; tho original, and by far the best, requiring no preparation, offers the surest means of protection for every' variety of household linen and wearing apparel against loss or mistake, for which reason be careful to ask for ihe genuine article, prepared by the inventor, JOHN BOND, 2s. Umg-iane. West Smithtield. Citv. London. Sold hy most chemists, stationers, and medicine-venders." Price Is. a bottle. SPENCER'S CHINESE LIQUID HAIR DYE, and other distinguished appendages of the TOILET SPENCER'S CHINESE LIQUID HAIR DYE. patronised by thousands for upwards of twenty years, is the only article extant which effectually changes in a fev minutes, without trouble, red or gray hair, whiskers. mustachiOs, 4c, to a dark brown or black while" other dyes destroy tho hair, this article promotes its growth. Price 3s. 0d.. lis., and 10s. per bottle To be had or Spencer and Co., 29, Nottingham-place. Fieldgate-street.Whiteehapel-roud. London : also! Sanger. 150. Oxford-street; 21, Old Bond-street; ;;. Farringdon street; lis, Cornhill; 220. Strand, Ac Observe Spencer and Co.'s address is on the wrapper of each article. SPENCER'S RUSSIA FLUID is celebrated for promoting the growth of hair, whiskers, inustaehios, 4c. imparting a brilliant gloss and perfume, and giving elasticity to curls, ringlets, and bands. Price 2s. fid. Is., and ss. per bottle- SPENCER'S ITALIAN ALABASTER TiiOTlI POWDER preserves and immediately whitens natural and artificial teeth, if never so much discoloured, removes tartar, and yields to the breath a delightful fragrance. Price 2s. per box. A detailed Catalogue may be had of all Booksellers. London: Longman, Brown. Green, and Longmans. NEWMAN'S DISCOURSES. NEW EDITION. The Second Edition, in one volume svo., price 12s. cloth, S U U L K S E S addressed to MIXED CONGREGATIONS. By JOHN HENRY NEWMAN. Priest of the Oratory of St.Phihp Neri. 2d Edition. London; Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans. D1 -The Times. 2s. 5d. each, or bound SPAIN ; Or. ADVENTURES the rpiIE TOILET of REAUTY furnishes JL ruble proofs of the high estimation in which GO W LAND'S LOTION is held by the most distinguished possessore of brilliant complexions. This elegant preparation comprehends the preservation of the complexion, both from the effects of cutaneous malady and the operation or variable temperature, by refreshing its delicacy and preserving the brightest tints with which beauty is adorned. " ROBERT SHAW. London," is in white letters on the Government stamp, without which none is genuine. Prices, 2s. tld. and .is. fid. ; quarts, ss. fid. PR I Z E M E D A L FOR (i A S S T O V E S. No CHIMNEY is WANTED for RICKETS' PATENT CALO-RI FERE GAS STOVES, in churches, halls, or shops, and for conservatories or any other close building a small pipe can be attached to convey away the products of combustion. These highly approved gas stoves have been for some time in constant use at her Majesty's Mint, Post aud Colonial-oltlces, and in hundreds of other buildings in every part of England. Gas apparatus for quickly broiling chops and steaks, frying. Ac, also for heating laundry, hatters', and tailors' irons, bookbinders' tools, and many other useful and economical applications of gas heat, may lie seen at the manufactory, 3, Agar-street. Strand, opposite Charing-cross Hospital. OIRSAIN'S VENTILATING GRATES and STOVES. A long sought-for desideratum at last obtained. Great economy in Fuel entire Prevention of Smoking in Chimneys and Perfect Regulation of the Temperature or Rooms, effected by the new Ventilating Gratas, which may lie applied to any fire-place. The Proprietors solicit tho attention of the public and scientific men to the patent apparatus, the utility and superio: advantages ot which will be satisfactorily demonstrated at the Depot, 131, Regenl-street. to any visitor. The highest testimonials given. Prices, from Two Guineas upwards. S. KIDD, Agent. . . '".line .i... , . ' "' ! 7i?r : I i. ir,u... c'-v wbseribed for. "9 llll J ''I!. 1RESERVED SOUPS, Sec. PRIZE MEDAL, Great Exhibition of 1851. At this season of ihe year, a basin o: really good soup is a great treat. Those desirous of obtaining such, am recommended to purchase RITCHIE and M CALL'S PATENT Hol'SEHOLD SOUPS, which, with various descriptions of made dishes, ice, are put up in canisters hermetically sealed, so as to be ready for use al any moment. With a few of these canisters at hau l, a Ilrst -rale dinner may he put upon the table as quickly as the cloth can be laid. Turtle soup, 1 5s. per quart , mock-turtle, ox- FOLDING SCREENS. FOLDING SCREENS. FOLDING SCREENS, gold and embossed; door and library-leathers, of every description ; covers for pianofortes, harps, globes, and tables; dish mats in great variety. Folding screens always ready, from 7s. Gd. a fold. At M. PA N.V ELL'S old-e itablished manufactory. , Skinner street. Snow-hill. N.B Theatres and the trade supplied. Old screens repaired, and library tables lined, gilt, and ein bossed. rpVO PRIZE MEDALS for DRAWING-ROOM X STOVES One to DEANE, DRAY, and CO., and the other to ROBERTSON, CARR, and STEEL. Sheffield. EIGHT of the identical STOVES for which the above Medals were awarded, are now ou SALE at DEANE, DRAY, and CO.'S STOV E-RANGE and FENDLU W AREHol'SES (opening to the Monument'. London-bridge. C HANDLES, SOAPS. OILS, &c The LONDON J SOAP AND CANDLE COMPANY. 76. New Bond-street, bog to recommend to their numerous Customers this month as the best for laying in tho necessary supplies of House Candl- s. Soaps, and every article required for the winter's consumption. Present cash prices are: Finest Sperm, Is. fid., 2s. , and 2s. 2d.; American Wax, Is. 4d. ; Patent Wax and Sperm, lid.; best Composite, fi.'d.. d.. and ;d. ; Palmer'u. 6'd.; Store Dips, "'d. ; Moulds, fid. ; best household Soaps, 42s. and 4Ss. per H21bs.; Argand, Carcel, or Pateut Oils, Is. 6d. ; Seal, 3s. 6d. ; and every other article for the house, kitcheu and pantry, at greatly reduced prices. 7G, Now Bond street. fairs' tin Hun ton. The CelebratedChiuese Collection. 1 ESSRS. CHR STIE and M ANSON respectfully lyM. give notice that they will SELL, by AUCTION, at their Great Room, Ring-street, St. James's-square, on WEDNESDAY, Dee. to. and following days, at 1 o'clock precisely, The renowned and perfectly unique assemblage of works, illustrating and realising the history and manners of China, so well known throughout Europe as THE CHINESE COLLECTION. This wonderful assemblage, formed by the late Nathan Dunn. Esq.. of Philadelphia, during a long residence in China, assisted by Howqua, Tingqua. and other eminent Hong merchants, contains every production tending to illustrate the religion, arts, manners, and customs, agriculture, and genius of this wonderful people. It comprises very line specimens of gold lacquer, highly interesting bronzes of different periods ; porcelain, comprising numberless rare and beautiful objects completely representing this important national art; beautiful cups, and gromis of silver and enamel carvings, and other objects of vertu ; embroidered brocade silks, draperies, and carvings ; paiutingsof landscapes. Rowers, and interesting portraits ; musical instruments; and a beautiful museum of ornithology, con-chology, and other branches of natural history. The collection may lie viewed on Saturday and two days preceding, and catalogues had. " Mr. Murray's meritorious Series.' .uw renoy, complete in 7f Parts, post svo., up in ;s7 vols . A TURR AY'S HOME & COLONIAL LIBRARY. IwJL Forming a compact and portable work, the bulk of which docs not exceed the compass of a single shelf, or of one trunk suited for all classes and all elhnates. BORROWS BIBLE PENINSULA. BISHOP HEBER'S JOURNALS in INDIA. IRBYaud MANGLES'TRAVELS in EGYPT and the HOLY LAND DR1NKW A'l'ER S HISTORY of the SIEGE of G1BR ILTVR HAY'S WESTERN BARBARY , Or. MOROCCO and the MOORS. LETTERS from the BALTIC. Bv A LADY. THE AMBER WITCH. Bv LADY DUFF GORDON SOUTHEY. s LIVES of CROMWELL and Rl'NYIN MEREDITH'S SKETCHES of NEW Sol Til WALES BARROW 'S LIFE of SIR FRANCIS DR vK E. FATHER RIPAS ACCOUNT or the COURT of PEKIN LEW IS'S W EST INDIAN JOURNAL. SIR JOHN MALCOLM'S SKETCHES of PERSIA. THE FRENCH in ALGIERS. Bv LADY Dl IF GORDON. THE FALL of the JESUITS, in the lfmi CENTURY BRACEBRI DGE HALL. Bv WASHINGTON IRVING. DARW IN'S VOYAGE of a NATURALIST. LORD MA1ION S LIFE of CON DE. BORROW s MANNERS aud CUSTOMS of the GYPSIES of SPAIN MELVILLE'S RESIDENCE in the MARQUESAS. I.IVONIAN TALES. Bv A LADY. ABBOTT'S LIFE of a CHURCH MISSIONARY in CANADA SALE'S BRIGADE in Al-i'GHANISTAN, aud the DEFENCE of JF.LLALABAD. LETTERS from MADRAS. Bv A LADY. ST. JOHN'S WILD SPORTS or the HIGHLANDS. HEAD'S RAPID JOURNEYS ACROSS the PAMPAS. The SIEGES or VIENNA. Translated by LORD ELLE3MERE FORD'S GATHERINGS from SPAIN. SKETCHES of GERMAN LIFE. By sR ALEXANDER GORDON MELVILLE'S ADVENTURES in the SOUTH SEAS GLEIG'S STORY of the BATTLE of WATERLOO EDWARDS' VOYAGE UP the RIVER AMAZON. MILMAN'S WAYSIDE CROSS: A CARL 1ST TALE. AC LAND'S MANNERS and CUSTOMS of 1NDU GLF. GS CAMPAIGNS at WASHINl.ToN. RUN ION S TRAVELS aud ADVENTURES m the ROCKY mountains. CARNARVON'S TRAVELS iu PORTUGAL and GALltTA. GLEIG'S LIFE of LORD CLIVE. HAYGARTU'S BUSH LIFE m AUSTRALIA. AUTOBIOGRAPHY of HENRY STEEPENS. TALES of a TRAVELLER. Bv W ASHINGTON IRVING. CAMPBELLS SHORT LIVES or the BRITISH POETS. LORD MAHO.VS HISTORICAL ESSAYS. STOKERS anil POKERS; Or. The NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY. ST JOHN'S ADVENTURES in the LIBYAN DESERT. LETrERS from SIERRA LEONE. By A LADY. GLEIG'S LIFE of SIR TIP 'MAS MUNRO. MEMOIRS of SIR POWELL BUXTON. LIFE of GOLDSMITH. By WASHINGTON IRVING. John Murray, Albemarle -street. M A Collection of Pictures, formed by an Amateur. R. PHILLIPS is instructed to SELL, rms THE NEW ROMANCE T I C E. T II E D E A T II E L A G . By the Author of " Geraldiue of Desmond,'' ie.. -i vols., IS PUBLISHED THIS DAY. Immediate orders should be given to prevent disappointment. 2. LIFE AND ITS LEsmoNS. Bv the Author of The W ire's Sister" :t. LORD W. LENNOX'S PERCY HAMILTON. :i vols. 4. Second Edit ion of LADY BULWER LYTTONS MIRIAM SEDLEY 5. CLARA CAMERON. THE BELLE OF THE SEASON. : T(JLs fl. CAPTAIN REID'.-s RIFLE RANGERS. 2 vols., plates, lis. W. Shoberl, Publisher, 2o, Great Marllwrough-street. AUCTION, at his Great Rooms. New Bond-street. DAY, Nov. 1 , at 1 precisely. A Collect ion of ancient and modern PICTURES, including works of the Italian. Flemish. French, and English schools, bv artists of repute and other disciples, selected by a gentleman during the past I HEATH few years. Tho subjects are agreeable, and unite the styles peculiar to the following masters: Guereino TcnierS Berkheyden Reynolds Cignani Houdekoeter Wyeke Ibbetsou PrifcontI Ruys.hiel Rembrandt Morlaud Loeatclli Waterloo Ostade Wilson, Ac HEATH'S KEEPSAKE. Just published, price 2 Is . elegantly bound KEEPSAKK for 1S52. EiUted by Miss POWER. With Contributions bv the most Popular Writers of the dav' tea engraved under the superintendence of Mr FREDERICK David Bogue, Fleet-street., ...... . i. . . ... . , r '. -. ... :i' before 1.., i ,, , ,' K-''u -"eQ u' MMS tsul, giblet. 2s.9d.; mulligatawny, hare, green iea soups. 3s. per ' '"'"i i Pn'm .'i' 1,"!ri"HT1 lhtl mn- ' quart. Entrees. ., at prices email v reasonable. To be had of all rrunoni in this country, aud ai.provcd i de piinciwu oil and Italian Warehousemen in town and country : -'U-f,,. -' '- Uu u?. ,Ul ,,(' invle. to tho above stockbroker.-, i i!y he re -ei-.-ed after Wednesday nt1 tne principal Oil and Italian Warehousemen in town and country; and v iioiosale of Ritchie and M'Call. 13V, Hou idsditeh. Iiondon. Sample hampers, U. each, contmning an assortment, forwarded to any part of the kingdom, on receipt of a pov.-offlce order. Detailed price hstsj pi.' fn'e on ap; hcation BLANKETS for CHARITY. HEAL and SON Ijcgto oiler BLANKETS for the purposes of charity of the following weights, sizes, aud prices. U yards by 2 yards weight Sjj lbs is. 3d. per pair. 1 sl 5 6s. 3d. 2 " vi ' Hs. 2d. Heal and Son's List of Bedding, containing full particulars of weights, sizes, and prices or every description of bedding sent free by post on application to their factory, 190 (opposite the Chapel), Tot! enham-eo'.irt-road, Londou. HARVEY'S EISH SAUCE. E. LAZENRY and SON, having numerous complaints from families who arc imposed upon by spurious imitations of their Harvey's Fish Sauce, request purchasers to observe, that each bottle of the genuine article bears the name or " WUliam Lazcnb' " un the bac'. in addition to the front label used so many years, and signed " Elizabeth twenby." Manufactured only at the old-established Fish Sauce Warehouse, 6, I'd wards-street, Portman-squarc, Loudon. TEETH.. Teeth. .V Single Teeth, 5s.; a coniplttu Set of l0 Sllrrrl Un IDMl'S i.iinr(,n.rtentist. iUVCIltor ."i luiinuriu-turer of improved artifteial teeth, winch are uxeu uie same as the original teeth; they are permanent, never ciiange colour, a "0r ae'a-v. and possessing a perfect combination of strength arid lightness, with an appearance beautifully natural, arc b tter 'winpted tor mastication and articulation Hutu any hitherto in use. At home from ti) till 6 o'clock. Consultations free 129, Strand, next Wiiterloo-brldge A few framed prints and pie'.ure frames. May 1)0 viewed up to the hour of sale, and catalogues had at Mr. Phillips'. Modem Furniture, noble Glasses. Carpels. Pianoforte. Linen, a few Books, and various Effects, removed from Messrs. Tilbury's store warehouses. MR. PHILLIPS is instructed to SELL, by AUCTION, at his Great Rooms. New Bond-street, TOMORROW (WEDNESDAY). IDth inst., at 1 precisely, Superior modern FURNITURE, principally in mahogany; comprising a capital pedestal sideboard, sets of dining tables, easy aud other chairs, covered in morocco, rosewood drawiug-room items large ottoman, curtains, square pianoforte, excellent chamber furniture. Including three winged wardrobes, Arabian and four-post mahogany and birch bedsteads and clean bedding, wash and toilet tables, chests or drawers, and other appendages, several chimney glassus or large dimensions, Brussels. Turkey, and Axminster carpets aud rugs, damask table and bed linen, a few books aud nume rous useful effects, the property of a gentleman. May lie viewed to-day, and catalogues then had THE BOOK OF BEAUTY In a new and splendid binding uriei. . i, ffWm ALBUM for 1S5:: a sVnes o Twelve Portraits ol the Female Aristo,;nicy. engraved by the most iminent Artists, from ISwud phical aud Historical Memoirs David Bogue, Fleet -street. by JOHN HAY PER , with Biogra- BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED WORK Ct.P,V U"P' SV" ',ru'e '-u': ioi-ea Plauis. 12s. HRIhTlAN (i RACES IN OLDEN TIME by aE3MBESS Engravinss-wuh VM David Bogue. Fleet-street. riate and Plated Wai-e : in dozen of line old Port; items of decorative Furniture, Marbles, Bivnzes, and objects or Vertu MR. PHILLIPS begs to announce that he is instructed to SELL, bv AUCTION at hu rZ d New Bond-street, on W EDNl sii YY 2d Dei-embe, t T &0 A TABLE SERYICi' of MODERN t5fiutT ounces), comprising-Side-dishes. waiters. eandlesUcks cruet frame Vm0US l,latcd musiea sn uff-es' and items t bijouterie ; about to dozen of line old Port wine n T' Uule -4"a furmturerhroSi oiu olu clocks marole groups, and miscellaneous objecU-removed m "ence or a gentleman deceased. Mav be viewed tl-e day preceding the sale, and catalogues then This Day is published the Eighth Edition, greatly Enlarged, price SOPHISMS of FREE ' ''t RAD E, and Popular Political Economy Exainininl . y JOBS BARNARD BYLES. Sergcant-at-Uw. don '''t-street. ami Hanover-street, Hanover-square. Lon- fliis dav is Published, SEMPER IDEM; Or, POPERY EVERYWHERE and ALW AYS the SAME. A SERMON Preached in the Parish Church, Cheltenham, on Wednesday. Nov. the 5th inst. Pnc 6d. Londou ; Thos. Hatehard, Piccadilly ; Hamilton, Attains, and Qu, Paternoster-row. ' s WEDENBOR1J ON HEAVEN AND I≪ being a Relation of Things Heard and Seen. sffBUEfftW TRUE CHRISTIAN RELIGION; or. The Universal TbeoloCy New Church: a complete Body of Divinity. With ndsa pages, svo., cloth, price IDs. tid.-SWEDENBOlti.'S t&$M&&BB REVEALED. 2 vols. Svo., cloth, price 12s. SWEDLN BtWO b THE DIVINE PROVIDENCE. o., cloth, price 4a. VUMMItMjtm LISTS of SWEDENBORG S WORKS mav be hail ou appUcan. W. Newberv, 6, Kiug-stroet, Holborn. f . '

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