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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, March 13, 1838
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THE EVENING POST. TUESDAY EVENING, MARCH I . When will the Mew York Legislature paw the general banking law? is a question asked" in our streets sortie, thousand tiroes a day. "Who can tell? Ilow tan we say at what time any individual, or any set of men, will do an act which it is evident they hare no inclination to do. When will Mr. Loyd Garrison set out on Ins travels through the interior of Georgia? We sincerely hope, however, that the legislature will not adjourn till they hare pasted some law on this subject, The question is between banking, limited to those who hold special charters, and banking; followed like any other business by whoso pleases between monopoly and freedom, between partial and general legislation. If we are not allowed to have the one we shall have the other. If wc do not pass a general bank ing law at this session, we shall hare a but tie at the next for a new Latch ot special charters, "called for by the business wants of the community" a battle in which they who resist the solicitations of the capital ists, and their jackallsthe speculators, will have need to fagbt manfully and desperately, or they will be overborne and conquered. Let the legislature then, at the present session, give a pledge that they do not intend to return to the practice of special lcgisla tion the unjust practice of giving away, or the corrupt practice of selling privileges and prerogatives, which are arbitrarily limited to a few fortunate or favored persons, and from which all others are tyrannically ex cluded. Let them pass a general banking law, though it should be good for nothing; though it should be such a law as no discreet person would for a moment think to avail himself of ; though it should be wrap ped up in harrassing formalities and restrictions, quenching its spirit and making it a dead letter. Let us have the law notwith standing. At another session we will improve it, simplify it, and strip away the incumbrances that make it ineffective. Let us lay the corner stone of the true system, even if we build not now; let us at least have an expression of the legislature and the law against the justice of special charters. Let the axe be laid at the root of the tree ol monopoly, and if not a stroke be struck at the present session, the instrument M ill at least be ready when those shall arrive who have the lesolutioa and the strength to wield it. We say not this because we do not think that it would be much better to pass, at the present session, a general banking law, consisting of a few simple provisions under which men could easily act, but because we believe that no such bill will be passed. The question will be between a bad gene - tal banking law and none at all. In this dilemma we choose the lormer. We have been informed that there is a project among, certain members of our party to procure the nomination of Richard Kiker from Tammany Hall, under pretence ot his being popular enough to run against Aaron Clark, and that sundry conservatives in disguise are busily making interest for him. This plot must not succeed. The nomination of Hiker will not be submitted to so vasily as those who are pulling the wires imagine. Kiker is a rank conservative ; be belongs to the very class whose intrigues kept the party in this city divided and feeble, and whose treachery finally left it in a minority. Are we ready to take these men to our arms, to heap honors on their heads, to give up to them the management of the party, and allow them to distract and divide the democracy with their selfish intrigues ? If we are to do this , ret us do it with a grace let us take the boldest and most violent of that faction, let us nominate Benjamin Birdsall, or John L. Graham, as our candidate, and go over in a body to the conservative party. Riker has been nominated by the conservatives, and accepted the nomination ; let him content himself with that honor, and solace himself with it as well as he can in his retirement. The democracy want no sly, supple, bowing, trimming Vicar of Bray to lead them to victory. If they cannot beat the whigs with a true democrat and an ho nest man at their head, let them remain in a minority. Is the public never to be rid of Richard Riker ; is he never to retire ; aftei havioc for so many years made a iarce of the administration of justice, is he to be Mayor of New York for the rest of his life ? The Coxtritt blunzes from blunder to blundtr. It aflirms this morning that the M Bank oi, France is a bank tn eommtrndUt," or in other words a special partnership. The Bank of France, eo far from being a special partnership, is a joint stock concern, a sort M anoi.ymt, as it is called in the French code, governed by different rules from a special partnership. . The notes ol the Bank ot France, which form but a trifling portion of the French currency, might be re ceivrd by the government in payment of taxes, but the notes of banks en etnmimditt or special partnerships, would no more be looked at than any other private notes. In compassion to the ignorance of the Courier on this subject, wo refer it to the French Commercial Codo, Book I. title 3, section 1st, where it may learn somewhat of the distinction w hich exists between the Bank of France and a bank rt comnumdit. The Whiz Convention for Ihe nomination of Msyor, last evening nominated for re - election Ihe present incumbent, Aaron Clark, Esq. As his Honor goes to all the public balls and assemblies to which be is invited, the Convention passed resold' tions approving his course in this respect, and nrg ing him to practice " new steps," (as the Masters ay) in furtherance ol his success in future. Who knows but his Honor will dance into office next month T The Philadelphia Sentinel is informed that no - democrat" have nominated Mr. Riker for Mayor That ioumal may as well disclose its future inten. tion w ith regsrd to the democratic party ; If it means to array itself on the side of Ihe " Times" about to be started in New York, which it calls also "democratic," it had better make the avowal. The measures of the democratic party cannot be sus tained by such journals. We erroneously gave credit for the lateet English papers, on Saturday, to the packet abip Independence, Captain Nye. They were brought by the packet ship Oxford, Captain Rathbone. The Inde pendence left Liverpool on the S tth ol January ; me unoru on ine 1st ot February. CoMrLikt tNTAav. A couple of Whigs, in a con. versation about the scheme of an Independent Trea. eury, acknowledged an entire change in their opi nions, in us lavor, oneoiinem at the same time re - aa .a at a s a marking iiiaiiir.oamoreien - s lale leport. in the House ot Representatives, tecs Ik t tpteck in Congrtts he ever rtad. O ne proceedings of the Common Council bust evening, and various articles in type are necessarily emu ten to - day. Small Bins. Tbe Albany Evening Journal in its anxiety to parade the popularity of the small bills issued bv the banks under the new law. overlooks too fmcl j, pretiictCui ,ue nks would not issue thetn Willi the obligation to redeem them in s pecie. Tbe Journal says large amounts of specie arctxehanged with the banks for their small hills, nnd the" people re delighted with them. Now this is pn - iisclv what the Democratic meniltere of (he Legislature said would be the result. The obligation to pay specie Tor these smalt bills makes I lie holders set a higher valueon them, and increases their circulation. The people are rejoiced to see bank notes which are actually what they purport to be, an equivalent for specie, and therefore welcome ami encourage their appearance. If the bill so vehemently urged by the lederal members of tbe Assembly, ami by tlie same journal in particular with no ' obligation to redeem them in specie had paused, no one would think of exchanging them with I lie bunks for rpcctp, and the very result then predicted by that journal would have really come to para, and their circulation would have been comparatively limited. We believe that in addition to the exchanges referred to at the counters of some ol the Western banks, Ihe same haa been done at Albany and in this city. At least we have the authority of some of the federal papers to this effect, and this is enough for our purpose. Tbi sustains conclusively Ihe argument of th Democratic members in favor of the Senate bill, with the specie paving clause, and cnlircly exposes the false clamour of tho opposition in advance, against this necessary feature of the law. Formidable as were the attempts to keep up in Ihe Slate an irredeemable pa per currency, it is matter ol congratulation that they are frustrated. The Girls Rcarino Book is Probe ind Poet av ron Schools, bt Mrs. L. II. Siooorsrv. New York, published by J. Orville Taylor, No. 123 Ful lei street. Mrs. Sigourncy has given the public a delightful little book, which we prefer to all her other published writing!. It is composed of various short articles in prose and poetry, all original all the work of Mrs. Sigoumey's pen, and all written with a beautiful simplicity suited to the persons for whom the work is designed. This quality ol ajnplictty it is which gives the principal grace tolheve compositions. We looked indeed to find sreat warmth and recti tude of feeling, a pure and kindly morality, and a poet ic imagination, and we have found thsut, hut we hard ly expected to sec the author's superior talent) per forming their task with such perfect eae, without any attempt at display ; in short with such a perfect de votednees to the task betore them. Thoprose pieces are made up of directions for moral and intellectual improvement, narratives, sketches, nnd short me moirs of women eminent for talents run! goodness, The pieces in Verne are of much merit Tin: follow ing is written with much of the suae graceful trim plicity w hich we remarked in the author's prone : The Sixth Blrthdnr. 1 think this mnrniru of a feeble bibe, To whom the rift of life iliJ eem a mil It shrunk to bear. Ami I remember w ell. Tli" rare tliat nunur'tl her, ImhIi night ami Uy When if wiiulil aeeiu as ifthe taiiiiiu bn nh Mum leave hcrb.irioiii.aii.1 lirr fair blur eve Sank 'neath iia IMx, like MHiiecriu - liol ni l. Hi winter cauie, and now that aclf - Kiine Ixthr Winn with her neeillc the appointed lc uirili Of Iter light tank, and learuawith mtient .U 1 he daily lemma, tracing on her tnap All clime nuilricinn ol the peopled earth. With tiny hand, ahe (nidra tli writer' iinll, ftravtnf 'iIhmw line through which the xout doth rpeak. Anil poursin timid tones her hymn at ere. She, from Ihe pirtiir'tl pace, iloth wan ihe tribes That ravrl in the air, or cleave the flood. Or roainthe wild, delighting much to know Their various nature, and trteirliabilH all, From the huge elephant, tntlie sinall fly i naiuvetn nut a nay, yet tu inai nay Is happy, and oiit'preailn a shining win;, milium in the iiiignty xu nighty Maker's rare. Alio weeps that men should barb the monarch whale In his wihl ocran - home.and wound the ilnte. Ami IP I lie slaughter leadlhe trustin; lainh, And snari) the pigeon hastins toiis nest To feed its younx, and hunt the fiyitn; deer, And find a pleasure in the pain he gives. She lellsthc sweetly modulated tale To her yoonir brother, and devoutly rher At early moming, taterion bis knee. Her hoary rrandsire from the Book oi'f.'ud. W ho meekly happy In his fourscore yenrs. Heeds not the dimness patherim; o'er lus f .((hi. But with a saintly krndneslwiws hhn down To drink from her youiu! lip Ihe lore he loves. Fond, gentle rhiM, who like a flower that h..Hf s To burst its sheath, h.Uh come ho quickly torth. A sweet rniniiiiiHn. alkiohy my side. - - In lender love, lift thy vounx heart to t;o.l That whosoe'er doth please him in thy lite He may perfect, and hy hivStiiril s power Remove each ferm of evil, that thv soul. When this hhel' discipline of time Is o'er. May rise to praise him with an ansel's sniur. We hope Mrs. Sigourncy will find th'us laSadable exertion of her powers well rewarded by the jecep tion her work meets with from the public. Francs and Haiti. An arrival from Port a Prince, brings information of the settlement of the difficulties between Ilayti and France, relative lo the payment of the subsidy by the former, under former stipulations. The President of the Island, Boyer, had issued a proclamation to that effect The great meeting at the Park, held yesterday afternoon, passed a series of resolutions on the subj ct of the late duol, which aro forcibly expressed, and will be read with much interest. The New Era says ofthe meeting : 41 It is supposed to be tho largest organized assembly that ever met in our Park. At one time it filled the whole ares in front ol the City Hall, and extended to the posts and chains around the lawn. It did honor to our pre - eminent city. "W e commend its resolutions to universal perusal, for it will be seen that they are not of a party character." The following is from the Journal of C ommerce : The Mkkting in th Park. A tre American is pleased lo say we now league witbjche discip'es of Fanny Wright and Tom Paine" in regard to the late duel, we take tbe liberty to add, that we like our new company very well In the eu in, and are glad it Is no worse. Tom Paine was n Atheist, and Fanny Wright is what she is, but if either or both of them approve, or did approve, thai doctrines set forth in the resolutions ofthe Park Meeting yes terday afternoon, we are tree to say dial in our opinion they come a good deal nearer ihe spirit of Christianity, quoad hoc, than some others who mak - much higher pretensions. However, we must m - inform Ihe American, and all oilier presses which attempted to throw a damper upon tins expression of public sentiment, that they met with oor suc cess. Four o'cljck was Ihe hour appointed for the meeting ; a little betore which time, plauorni was set up fot the speakers and those who were to pre side. Across the top of Ihe platform wan hung a roll inscribed with the words, " The Riches ot the People" "Tbe Rights of their Representatives. " The early hour at which the meeting was hcJ I, necessarily prevented Ihe attendance of the laboring classes; but notwithstanding this, it is estimated that full three thousand perrons wero present. Geo. Wilson. appointed to preside, and adslress. ed the meeting, as dkl also Barnabas Dale, .Alex ander Ming, and two or three others. Men o all political parties attended, and it may be tairly eti - mated aa one of the most respectablo assciraUlaves which ever met lor any purpose in the same place. The proceedings and resolutions will b.; lound in another column. It wilt be seen that cars was taken to keep them free from party politics ; snd that the attempt was in a good measure succttisfuL The Bambers Discharged. The Court ol Sessions room was again crowrSed to excess yesterday at an early hour, with persoSt anxious to hear the Recorder's decision in Hie can T the HambeTs. Mr. B!unt, in behalf of the govern, ment of Great Britain, expressed sain bis conviction or the illegality or the Statute law upon which the Governor had acted, but at the same time contended that surrenders had been lormally mide by the executive in virtue ol the same law, in one in - Stance of which, the party so surrendered had been executed. He however thought it an unconstitutional law, and a blot upon our Statute book that ought t be obliterated without delay. With re gard to the present case, he said, w hatever course m ght be determined upon, he would cheerfully sub. mil to the result. Mr. Morrill read an extract of a letter from the Governor, in which his Excellency stated that he had transmitted to t he Recorder all the documents in bis possession in relation to the matter, and that as be had been informed that other papers hsd been produced since the order for the surrender of the prisoners had been granted, exculpatory of their conduct, he bad revoked his order wun a view mat tbe accused parties mishr. if set at 1 bertv at all. be acquitted upon the ments of the caso as it should appear in view of all the documents before the Recorder. The Recorder said that the affidavits submitted lo him, clearly exculpated the prisoners from the charge alledged against litem, and he had no hesitation in discharging them immediately from custody. They were accordingly discharged lormwitn. nu were received by an immense crowd of their countrymen in Ihe Park, with the moat Jovous acclamations at their safe delivery. Ejtpicsf. " For Ote Evening Pott. . ' I noticed in your paper of the 9th the proceedings of a mactingof the citizens of Westchester county in relation to the crossing Harlem river . with (be Croton aqueduct by inverted The oetea sthle ground of compliint set forth by the remonstre - tors, is that the proposed plan will destroy' the navi gation of the river, and thereby matetiuly injure their interests. 1 hey state that the d.nvrenco u tho cost to the city between the original project and that now i:t contemplation will be only $509, 713. of which vonr nniorial'rrts insist that it would be ineqtulable in Hie extreme, lor Ihe purpose nf savin to Iho I. liable inhabitant. ol the city ol New York tbe payment ol $509,718 to he divided among them that some ol your memorialists should he compelled lo !oe ihe large amounts ot ilitterence. of value of their land and farms bring bounded upon navigable water." I rnv svno considerable ac uaintan - o with the value of luiuls bounded by list tlurlem river, and alM with tha persons who have put their imiurs to tbe remonptiante, and I hazard noilitng lit saving that tlie sum ol money proposeo to be ss vetl by the commissioners won't! have purchased1 all the land in lee a:v way a Be ted bv the river, previous to its tiircha - e by a hand ot speculators in anticipation of this very difficulty of which they hope to avail themselves in the m inner in mien cases. i nta lact in notorious, u i r - qualty notorious that assessments for damage to many of the individuals who complain has in ma ny instances been exorbitant and iinrcasonanie, I it is said by many intelligent people that almost every man who has been paid damages as assessed, would have rather given the land than it should have taken a dirleront direction. Every land - holder doubled bis valuation as soon as the sur veyors marks indicated the route through his ground ; because, lie knew a great outcry would produce a great award of damages. - The commissioners have louuht their way through great difficulty; impositions of the moct g'anng description have been attempted, and their partial defeat has caused a rancorous ten. ing agVinat Ihein. But it is Imped they will not be turned aside from their intrepid defence of their constituents against :he rapacity of a band of hungry specnl atom, who deeire the citizens o! New Yotk to make ip by a donation ol a " lew dollars cacti, tnetr probable looses in rash speculation." Ui course my remarks do not apply to that poitinn nl the remonstrants who "derived their lands from their ances tors long previous to thi; revolutionary war." But ol this very class I will say, that they are now ui their own expense t reating an inpediment to the navigation of this river, in the shape of a new bridge much more worlhy of complaint than the syphons. And if you take them trosn the list iA complainants, the sum ol $509,713 will now buy Ihe soil owned by every signer of the instrument, pruvuled you take Ihe taxable assessment roll as the measure ol vaiur - , or appraise the sunn at its sale value previous lo Ihe speculation in confluence ol me anticipated increase by tha passage of the aqiicduct tlnough that part of the county. MORE ANON. A new bridge has been commenced, and is leing built, for the exclusive accommodation of the inhabitants oi" Morrisauia." Ftirlht Etening lJotl. Cioton Aqueduct. The attention of this community baa been called to the plan recommended by the Water Commis sioners, for carrying Ihe Croton Aqtiedm t ucross Harlaem River ; and in an article published in the American of Ihe 9th inst they are charged, together with their engineer, with incapacity and want of skill, in recommending iron pipes in preference to a titxrh brtdao of masonry. This is a work of too great importance to the welfare of our city, to allow any reasonable doubts to xist in the minds, of our citizens of Ihe efficiency of thu plans the commissioners may adopt ; and as experience is the best guide, we have thought the opinion of men of expe. rienc would be useful at this time. We have theie - fore been perniitud lo make the following extract from a letter written Ihe 21st ultimo, by Frederick draff. Eim., the superintendent and engineer of the Philadelphia water woiks, to the chief engineer of the Piew orh water works. 11 win oe reconecicu that Mr. Grafl - has been more than twenty years engaged on Ihe Philadelphia wafer works, during which period Ihry have erected the woiks at Fair Mount, which have jto - tly boen the pride of that city. Mr. Graff ha probably had more experience in laying down and managing iron pipes than any other man in this country, and ns he has received the unqualified approbation ol his fellow citizens, his opinion, expressed without any reference to this controversy, and altogether unsolicited, iniial be en titled to sreat consideraiton. ' It is with much pleasure I acknowledge the re ceipt ol your inteiesting report on the progress ol your great work, and feel gratified that your plans meet the approbation of yi tir citizens, who, 1 natter myselt, w.ll, by your exertions, enjoy, in tlx course ot lour or five years, an abundant supply of pure water : the magnitude of your reservoirs, together with the various connections in Ihe whole chain of the works, are such as cannot fail. " I he plan you have adopted in posstng over tlariaem Kivcr wttn iron pipes, is. in my opinion. preferable to Ihe his'i aqueduct : the manner you have planned the whole strueture, together wilh the arrangement of Ihe pipes cannot but succeed to give a copious supply ot water. legislature: op k ew - york. IN StNATE. Sati'rdat, March 10. Rf.PORTS, &.C. By Mr. Mosely, by bill, to amend the charter of the Merchant's iviarine insurance un, By Mr. Edwards, hy bill, for the relief of insolent debtors, imprisoned for contempt o court. Mr. Tsllmadie introduced a hill to amend the charter of the La Fayette bank in the city ol New York. IN ASSEMBLY. It r PORTS or COMMiTTEFS Mr. G. W. Patterson trom the select committee of nine The bill to authorize associations for hank in purposes (with amendments ! I lie bill was laid on Ihe table fur the early (.ction of the House and ordered to be printed. Certain nmendments to the bill proposed bv Mr. Barnard were ordered to be printed. A number of bills were reported by committees, and ordered tn a third reading. Anions them. A bill in relation to the inspection of Pot and Pearl Ashes in Ihe city of New York. This bill requires that the inspection ol Ashes shall be carried on in the three lower wards of the city of New York. Mr. Griffith said that the present amusement sub jects every caek of Ashes to a tax of 9 to 23 cents drnvaze to the place ol inspection. I his tax tails entirely on the producers of the article. Mr. Sille man opposed the bill. Mr Gnffi'h was replied to by Mr. Mann. I lie bill was phased. rOREIOM SMALL MTRS. Mr. Mann called for the report of the Bank Com mittee on a bill introduced bv Mr. Barnard, uuthnr - sing the banks of this State tn put chase at alow rate the smnll notes of distant hanks and return them. He hoped this bill .would be reported and passed. Mr. Barnard believed that the small bill law late ly passed allowed the banks lo receive these notes. Such was the opinion which bad been given bv dis tinguished counsel, and the subject was now before the Attorney General. He Iru - tcd '.liere would be no need of further legislative action. Mr. Mann stated that tho Bank Commissioners had given a different construction to tho existing laws, from that given hy Mr 15. He believed that Ihe law of 1830 prohibiting foreign small notes was still in rlT. - ct. and that legislation was necessary. Mr. P. King thnnerht it clear that all B inks and all citizens are prohibited by our existing laws from taking foreign small notes. Hi! believed such a law as is here contempluted, absolutely necessary st this lime, in order to rid the people of this State without serious loss, ol these loretn smnll notes. Mr. Mann withdrew his motion. Alb. Eve. Jour. IlicmiAKDiD Robbery. A vounsman at Louis ville. on the evening ofthe 1st tnst. was rolilied or 85,300. He was attacked in front and rear, nnd a pistol held In his head to enforce silence, while the abstraction of his properly was effected. This took place nt nine in Ibe evening, at the corner of 5th and Market streets. To the Public. 13 - We sincerely thank the New - York public for having so generously espoused our cause, and assisted ns in obtaining our release from prison. We can never discharge our debt of grat'tudc to this Republic and its liberal citizens, and will bless them at our last moment. We will never forget the eminent coup Bel who volunteered in our cause Messrs. Wilson, Em - met I, McKeon, Morrill and Graham. Their etTurla for us have been generous and noble. We hope, however, we will not be considered unmindful of them when we say that we are particularly thankful to Thomas S. Brady, Esq., the first gentleman to whom we told our story in this country, snd under whose advice we have arted. But for his unremitting exertions, aided as he was by our second counsel, George Wilson, Esq., and the other gentlemen, we would probably have been on our way to Ireland, to undergo a trial and possibly suffer death, for a crime of which we are wholly guiltless. JOHN BAMBER, JAMES BAMBER. P. S. When, on our first arrest, we were discouraged by almost every one telling ua we must go back, and almost despaired, Alderman Brady restored hope lo us, sod assured us we would never be sent from America, against our will, We thank Ood that he was not mistaken, mar 13 - 2 GREAT MEETING IN THE PARK. tf - A lnr anil niiniomna meeting of the ettizrltg of New - Vurk. without Miumnmn of tarty, assembled in the I'ark on Mum lay alieruooa, at 4 orkc k, in eonseqwncc of a cau ut lue public papers, to expreaM tneur upuuuua Uontu the late xa.u:iiinary outrage at the scat of Govrrn - hciiu in wnirn rne meat tne now. jobjtihhvu.,,. m - aeriitrar in (Vtnrm fnumhr Htaieuf Maine, watisacrl - ficeil, ar.d to aart thaae rights of iho K. - prrsentatives of tu reopiff, wliten flu lmirt - r involves. i M IKi; K W II .11 N . Eo was appoiniea rrracieiu. ASMifANr MXlilliSWrS. Thomas Herftell, Alien M. riniffeii, lr. Phut, CJroree Seaman, John Kiker, Jr., Dr. Ituolitile. Jacob Aims, Jacob Hruh. John Rikinnn. erar1us Uoyce, Win. 1L Utinu, vick pHBsmrsTs. K ibert Townsrnd, rtamahas Raiea, TlmiiiasG. l allinaile, Alexaiwlr MleMiart, John V. Ilrowii, Keiihen Rowley l'eier V. R. nis. n, K. R., James S:n th, e.rue W" Matsell, Henry f. Sperry. I'iyss'es I. Kreu'rh, W'ul Froineut. Will. Jti Ksereau, Monmouth B Hart, Wot Siiiclare, Karinan lvy, Win. !lialer, Jel Kelly, V alter Keeler, Kihtard HorTinire, W ni TlmnipMH!, John Allwaiw, l liail.n F. liuedbeefc, Henry K. Rie!!, Alexander .Minj, Jr. GrcncTintB.4. Pnrius IWHiv, (ieorf e Brown, l'lulip S. t'r.Kike, John Ha'inon, Henr) l.iebcna i, Charles P. luly, 'harles Me. - ka. Jr.. Thomas f. Day, Joseph . Ikildwin,' IMiiiuiiittewan, K Malahey, wan. Josian notnier, tJ. ale, RESOI.ITTIOXH. Tho follow in? Preamble and Resolutions were ujanimou ly aikipted : H7i' rt nx. It is the mandate of the law Jh divine and lui - maii that "ihon iu kill :" and whereas tne on.Htllil tion ofthe IWii'e.lMiales proviiW - sapainstlheahridaiiu; ol tiie "freedom oi'sperrh or of the pres," and wileuinly declares thiU the Senntf irs anil Representatives in OMieress, tin any speech ordebaie hi ei - her House, shidl n lie questioned in any other place." and whereas these luiniaii.etH.u i.nn - cipleof euxl order, peace snd liberty, have Lee i - iitelv .m.l want.otiv in the oen - on of the iieeu rii'uiie - lUe Hon. Joi.athan jot, an, an t'uiey, a Keiu - esentaivre in .uiui"!. ....... .... Slate of Maine, who for trorrfs skrn in drhatr was challenged to mortal romlr - it, and, in all moral truth, murdered. m vii.;:,; ion both ofthe laws ol tiou anunuui ; "o ' - it is obvious fioto the statements mad" by those wlw parti cipated in this muriterniia transaction, tliat nothing .would saiisty their thirst for b ood. but a base ar.siiimieMKniei.i of vvluu al, - heedto be false, or the life ot him w ho not subscribe to degrading and humiiwtins terms ; ami whereas it is the solemn and iiupiralive duly of every Iri ml ol" liberty and koihI order to express in the clearest anil stiongest manner his abhorrence and detestation of ihi ! - Ulioti ofthe and happiness of the eommtmily, and lo bear his testimony against this barbarous, uueipnl and unjustifiable mode f tietilinic disputes by a resort lo deadly weniiouH; and whereas, it is expedient the citizens of New ork exiress their approbation oi tne measure oo.o bv I'omirc. - ss to invesiicate the circumstances comieiteil w:iih the late murderous duel and to enact such liiw s as may be Dcressarv to protect their Representatives in the faithful um learn discharge uf their piinnc ouiiea. i uer .i, Kesolved. Tlial we bold in utter abhorrence tlie pracii. - e of iluilluii. as l.emia violation of ihe laws ot liod and of oiirroiimry, and that all those who in - siUe, aid, and abet ihe murderous practice, are unworthy of a place m a civilized coiiitnuii.ty and are imlly deserinof Ihe puh - lir scora, and tlie severest punishment which tlie l ews ordinarily inlli.t on the coiumou ruiftui g lilty ofthe crime of murder. ... Remlved. That ihe challenio civen to tbe Lite Honorable Jonathan t :lle on account of words ,.pokeii m debate, vvas a cross public wrnne; a pnlpahle violation t! the constitutional pri'ile'. - i' which secures to each member of Oman's ii - e. toi,i in Oi I. ale ami protects mm iioim uis boned in any othr - r place"' lorwlial he may y in hisotlu ia caimcity. Re o.ved. the in.intier in wlucii rn - iare u n - i was roudiirliil. asrejK.nedliy the ret - muls. .Messrs. wise nun Jones, i - - mat kcl bv a f rocity nil ipted to a barbarous ae, ami evinced a determination on the part of those who ron - dncte, ii, ilialuoihins short ofthe destruction ol human hie hoiild ter.imiat; - their lenolile lenil. llesolve.L That we consider the statetn - nl ot . certim d hv and .as published ill the ."Sew Yoik American, ax exhibiting the uniM iinbliisnin impu dence, it. pravitv and wickedness by aunotuicina ins oeii - berate determination to Inaim or inurder oneot the representatives nl the nation for uttering words in d bale vvlm b he believed to be true. ... R'Milvnl. Tb it ihe tlwnks of tlie fnenrts ol libenv aun cisKlonh rare.lue to the lion. .vir. rsirm - iu. lor mcaui uanlv st. n l which he has taken, m siie ol Ihe sneers ami threats id duellists, lo raise a roiiiuiulee lo imesiiirate ine circutiistaii.'esroiinected with the late duel, audio evpuse in tl.eir ti ue characters all the pities conrern - d in this murderous transaction. Resolved. That w e look with confluence to the committee auoo Ml. il i,v ll.e House ol Kelire M - nianv es lor a mi'. iao , mid impartial investigation of the aifiir, regardless alike ot tlie ttin - nts ol loose w ih are unpiemieo, ui m iu,w " "j lv nrihis b ii barons practice ; and without any ts.lMira' ar - tialitv or aiiimomty, that Ihe gudiy may be x( - . l to the just exeer.iiio u of an insulted commuuilv. J . . .... . . . u i . .1... Kesolve.l, 1 tilt we li'(;aw app.iivetu ine.,.,, , o.v Hon. Mr. I'rentiss, of the' I uiteil (rale Senate, li.r his tiromnl action in uitrnducnL' a bill to suppicss uiie'iMii; aioom: the meiubersnf t'oiii(i'ess vid in Ihe District of Co - luinbia, ami that wc look to our Men uors ami ixepre - ma - nve m t'on;re.s to jive ihcir nnuiiinons supsirt to Ibis measure. KeMjh ed. That we will not support anr man for any oflice of trust, honor or profit, who miy hereafter give or accept a challenge, or nl,oslull itirrctl) or indirectly enrotirage tlie practice of ilileUmi;. Kewiivrit. rtiai it ncnooveg tne niitiuc press, vvmrn oi richt, ought on all occasions, lobe iu reality the ortan of public Keutiiiieut. in vindication of the aiknitl'ed laws of Und and man. li egoless iusfroiut and emiiliatic laiutirijtc, the utter letestatiouoftliis enl clitened of the inhuman and miirile reus practice of duelling ; audio bold uptointamy and ronteuipl all aiders, ahi tturs ami ai;euls in (Ins inhuman practice, as at once ill violation of the laws of religion, hu manity, and the peace otthe community ; ami tu it any I inure in anv uuhl.c inim:iL todisctiarife so iiwiiueiitous a i.nii - Ik - duty, if liereaiier iinhapnily demanded ley the exigency of any occasion therefr. wnl aiTordau uiian. - weralili justification t.ra withdrawal therefrom of all ronm - nancc, en - countemelM and support of every friend ot iirality. or - ler and nairVsisin. Resolved. That we hold in utter detestation the conduct if thai portion of the miliar press which atlrmptsto palliate the crimiiialcondiict of those persons who were rniaed in this murderous transaction, or givt s it a ,ari:san political chsraf4eiv4 whira uiav ilraw oiF the aiention of a iu - llv incensed rommiin'ty Uroin tlie guillv viotitors of the consTitiitioii and lavvsof onrcoontrv. Resolve,!. Tuat the tliauks ol tha whole roininunitv are lue to that iiortion of the pressof ourrity vvh.rh has fear lessly ui tailami d the liberty of ypeerh ami ot the press, and more especially the hold and manly course ofthe Kv ning Post. Journal of ('ouuuerre, tiazetle. ami New 1'ra. which have siok n of this trausaition in the terms tt deserves. Resolved, That a copy of theae resolutions be sent to the 7cna!ors ami Representatives in v otmrens u oin trie ri;iia, and tothe lion. Mrssrs. I'rentiss and Fairfield. Kesolve.l. That the proceeiluijsof this meetlm; he pith lishr liii.the p.ipt rs ot this city. F1HJUT1I WAK1). H3r At a meeting held at the Ji llerson House, corner of lluane ami vVilli.uii stteets,oii t - riday evening, pursuant tn the call ol the Democratic Hepuhlican (General t'onimitlee, on moiioii. EI.DAD IIOLMKS, Esq. was called lo the chair, and t;K(. M. MOKK11.I. w is aiisiinied Si cretary. Tho call ofthe meeting having been read, on motion, the meeting went into Imllol loselecl three candidates represent the Ward iu tbe tii - nend Nominating t.'ommittee. tobe held at Tammaiir Hall on the l.'sh inst .tn uominate a candidate for Mayor, when the lollowiug gentlemen were appointed unaui i:i.i.n iioi.mks. jo - iith nroNxoR, : JflllN D. KVKKSOV On motion, the meeting w ent into Isillot to Felecta commit tee of seven to nominate suitable csndiiiates 4s t'lianer Ol - fircrs for the Ward at the ensuing fiiriug lections, when Ihe following gentlemen were una li'.nonsly appointed : . Ii. I.voo, Danl. rent, W m. lieuiamin, . . Urysim. Martin O t ounor. John Mct'asker. Danl Mitchell. On ino'iiin, a rouunitlee was apKiiiiied to drafi resolutions and reported the foliovvln;, which were unauiii.uusly accept - d : Wtiereas. it is a notorious fiict, tliat white our fathers under former democratic city iroverument.s, enjoyed common ptosperity, peace, security and comliirt, under iaxes tar microns and htirthc maitiie th;.n thry now receive under fe - deral whi;rule; and Whereas, li is also notorious, that while the common prosperity has not been increascil, out city taxes have risen to the enormous increase of 711 per cent, beyond former rates ; therefore. Resolved, That as part of the people, it is our duty to watch over our public stewards, and throng h't be Itallot box, remove to retirement, the unworthy, Ihe, and ihe de - signing. Resolved, That we deem it a serious consideration for the eople of this city, whether they will agaiu consent to elect men to ourcitv'coiiiicits who regardless of tbe pressure of the times, are wpianderiiih the public money on n - lilical mrti'jin ; and for political etfei l. Resolved, That we cannot cotiteni to see retained in office as t'hicfMasisirate of thisei'y, any "nrerife' erei "tirlinf't." Who in hUroudict towanlsllie seroiel oifi - cer ofthe nation, violated tbe common courtesies of life and in bis unlet ling trea - meut to niigrauls, itisrared the couiiiiou hospitrditiesof mail. Resolve , Our ronfi.l. lire in the purity, pstrio ism and fidelity of 'In - head nil' the Democratic (ieneral and ;latc vrniii.enis ren.aius iindiiiiinihed, IliNvvith - Sanding Hie an irks of Henry t'lay.andhia roadjulors, who in heapinc abuse njionthe li'ue and pre - nt aihiunisnalioo. have e vhilut - dcal'lurt uiibecoiuing liigh - iuindi. - d and bon - ordile siatejiuen. Resolv ed, That the committee have power, in case of re - siitnalloii.tofill iipvaranriea. Resolved, Th.xt tbe proceedings olthis meeting he signed by ihe Chairman and rVcretary, and published in all the Democratic papers. KI P AD HOLMRH, rhairman. ii. M. Morrill, Secretaiy. marin It SF.Vr.NTII WARD, PRIMARY MF.KTINO. ITT" PnrrU 'nt to a call of Ihe Democratic Republican Reneral C'onui'ittei - the Democratic Republican Klcriorsof the Seventh WanU in numbers unprereiletitril, assemhied at their old be ul - tiuarters. lemocnt!ic. Hotel, I.Vj .Madison street,on Friday Kvening, March the 9th, lor the puriose of apptsjniitig a Nominating Committee for Charter ollii ei a ; amlal .m a delesatii Out three tmin ram warn to lorm - eral Nominating Committee at Tammany H.iM, lor the nominal inn of Mamr. On luotion t'.inaiti J xMKS MORfiAN was e. - lli! to Ihe Chair, and ALLAN M. SSIFrKN and THOMAS) Itll.UV, were appointed Secretaries. I he call of the meeting having been read and unanimously accented, it was. on motion. Resolved, That a Ward Nominating Committee, to consist of twenty - one. be apiMiintf d by marking, and also a delegation of iriree 10 renresent ihe Ward in the Oeneml Nomina ting Committee to meet At Tammany Hall, tor tlie purHseof nominating a randulate lor the omce ol mayor. Re - Hilved. Tnat we now proceed to pm in nomination nanu s to be marked lor, and the three persons having Ihe greatest number of marks be the lt'legn.HUi to Tammany Hall, and die twenty - one liaviugtheneai higher number of marks be Ibe Ward' Nominating Committee for Charter Officers. Messrs. Abraham Tnrnure, John Murphy, ami Captain John B iker were appoinlctt tellers, wnoreponeti the loiio. ing result lo the meeting: delegation to T immauv Hall : ALLAN M. SMFKF.N. DR. JMErl II. ROfiF.R3, ALFRF.D A. fMlTH. Nnminaiinx Cnnuni'tee for CharterOfncers : tsaleb it. loidliaiw, William A Cor, Abraham Tiimure, Alexander Cusraddeii, John McKiblien.sen., traucis Peck - nell. John Baker. WiUiam Lock wood, James Nash. William Keiih, Clvarl's tiriffen, EUene3serciarK,.un.. Jonn Kol.l.uis, Pisierrtmi'h. Daniel Dusenberry. John J. Kullenr. John S. Conger, Robert 11iillisv. Cornelius Riley, Joseph l'erkins, Jnnallian l. rVeveusisi. Resolved, Tliat tbe proceedings of this meetinf be sianed b tne I lis ruiaii anil secretaries, aim imonsoru in me niufi Post, New Kra,TnUtl Teller, antl t Jerma - l paper. JAMrS MORfi AN, Chairman. Allan M. SuitT..'ii. . : 1'boinas lklby, S ' maris It NINTH WARD. CO" At the large meeting of Democratic Republicans ever convened in Ihe Ninth Ward, held in pursuance of the callof Ihe Geurral nnd Ward Committee, at Jefferson Hall, on the evening ol" March h, l&tt, ANTHON Y MOKFATT. F.sq., was called to the Chair, and (S. A. VVASSON and EDWARD PATTERSON, apinredtecretarics, The object of the meeting having been Mated, on motion it was neilveil. T i we nroceed to the election of three dele gates m represent the Ninth Ward In the Mayoralty Convention lobe held at Tammany Hall on the l.'sh Inst., and also to the elertkvn of a Ward Nominating Committee lo nominate candida'ea for Ward, Officers to be supported st ta sturnr eeetion. When the following gentlemen Were chosen delegates to ' Ti miiia.iv Hall: JOHN C. GREF.NrTF.LD, RICHARD McCAHTV, UAKRIT liU.BKRT. Ward Nominating ( oinmiliee. Jamea W. Bush James IT. Hauelilalin. William Qusckenbush, Peter 1). Weslervelt, James McMillan, OgiV - n R. Crane, Harris Wines, Lawrence van wart, John . Ic - oiter, r.inmt vvatser, reter i . uaiu - ir, I Jinn Mcuikier, John J. leinarest. The followin; resolutions were then offered, and unani mously adotseil : . . nesotveit, i nai on ine remit oi ins apprnarmiu: cuaner election riefiends, in a great measure, the future wtrcess of democratic princijvles, and tint we as democrata, will use all honorable means to remove from power ihe Whig members of the prevent corporation. Kesotviit. i tni tlie course pursued Dy tne Mayor oi tms rilv. anil the Whig majority of the Common Council, to wards foreign emigrants while it violates the spirit of onr laws, and the whole policy ol our government, trom us organization to the present time, indicates a spirit too brutal and inhuman tn exist in a civ ilixed community. Resolved, Thai the perseruUons of indigent foreigners seeking for freedom and ihe means of subsistence under the benignant Influence of ecpial laws, by the Mayor and his woriuy couipeers, un not comport w it n tne nattering tan gunge used inwards them in IKU, when they were vainly at tempted to be seduced into the support of the then styled National Republicans. Resolved, That, in common with our fellow - Democrats throughout the ritv. we will endeavor to elect a Common Council that will be l..inest enough tu pay contractors and laborers on ihe public highways tbe,just compensation to which they are entitled. Kesolved, 1 nat tlie oM enemy to tne democracy never on - tains power without evincing a desire to curtail the interfer enre ofthe people in the concerns of government ; that this riisiKisition was manifested in their strong desire to retain in our state constitution the freehold qualification of electors, whereby tiro hundred andnjty dollars' worth or real estate, and ms. the man, should be permitted to vote, while the poor, but honest and intelligent riti7.en should he excluded by his porirtti from exercising the dearest right of freemen; tliat this disposition is now again manifested by the recent mov ement to obtain a registry of voters, inasmuch as tbe effect of such a law would be to throw impediment's in Ihe way of a poor man's voting. The rich occupant of his ovvn house win expem - nce no inconvenience. 1mm tne journeyman mechanic, though as honest and intelligent as the lormer, may not ne anie to lose a lay in registering unvote, snu woming now in one w nrd and next week in another, will find a more freiptent registry necessary than if he was the owner and constant resident in bis own bouse; Ibat the Whlgs have often Ixiaateil, that it is to tlie operation of such a law, in excluding from the polls what thev are pleased to call the lower oriter ot tne people, that they owe their coutuiuen success in Philadelphia. Kesolved, 1 hat considering, ns we do, honesty and intelli gence as the true basis of ihe elective franchise, we cannot view any attempt, either directly or imbrertly, to alter that basis for a property qualification, or lo deprive the poor man of the invaluable right of freemen, otherwise than as a direct attack upjfi the liberty ofthe people, nnd as such deserving our strongest condemnation. I he meeting then adionrned. ANTHONY MOFFAT, Chairman. v.. a. vtasson, K. I'lutersuti, Secretaries. UllVIt TENTH WARD. EO - Al an immense meeting ofthe Democratic Rrnubli - can Electors of i he Tent b Ward, friendly to Regular Nominations and the General and State Administrations, held on Friday evening, Ihe Mill iust., at Military Hall, comer of liraitd and latdlow streets pursuant to the call of the De - mocn - tic Kcptihlican t.i - ueral Committee. JUIi x. IIAK - HKNBKtKlK, Esq., was appointed Cliairman, and NEIL Rr.V anil LAW RF.NCK P. JORDAN. Secretaries. The callof the meeting was unanimously unproved. I.. D. Slaintn offered the followim preamble and resolution. which were unanimously rdopted : inasmuch as the coining election to lie held in this city, is one of Ihe utmost important e to the Democracy of ilie 1 iiion.aivl involves in iu, results questions of v ital interest to tne w iiole people : And inasmuch as a spirit of union and co - oneralion is ab solutely necessarv - to make complete and decisive the triumph which the people will certainly achieve over iiiii mini - ill - i - iiiii. - s, I lie IV it I a I jpnriv , wii, llir; treiuu - craiir Uepublican Hectors of the Teiith'Ward iki solemnly resolve : That tothe Ticket regularly nominated for Mayor and Charter O.licers, we will give our unqualified and uncoin - pioiiiisuig siipiMirt; nn'i laving aside questions a ol iiersonal cotisiderjti'iu, we will rally under th:1 broad banner of De mocracy, and with our united and individual exertions cause to be elected (e 'i'irket, the trholr Tirktt, und nothing but ihe I iekrr. Ami that w e will hold those ol our pro:essed fiiends, who do not do likewise, as our political opjs - nents, and as such unworthy of our further confidence and sutiiiort Volet I, That a Nominating Committee of fifteen be elected to recommend eaiidiilales lor Charter Ollicers, to be sttp - sirtednt the ensuing election that William II. Perk and Jeremiah Welsh be appointed tellers and Jonathan Purdy and Win. Boggs. challengers. On canvassing the votes, it appeared that the f.illowiiic gentlemen were elected: Willi.uii .'Marshall, Peter Hurley, John F. Oantz. John Stilw. - ll, Jas. Johnson, John W. Ketrbam, William W. Wet - more, Vv illtam SiM'i'.'ht. Jr. Samuel Purdy. Win. M. Ileils. Joseih M. Marsh, William Currie, F.diiiond ;mss, A. V. Hendricks, .Nnhotas l.berljaril who were unanimously approved bv the meeting Voted. That three delegates be elected to represent this Ward in Ibe tiener.d Noinina'ing Committee to meet ai Tammany Hall on Thuisday evening, tlie l.'sh in st. it. re - coinmiiil a suitable caiulidaie lo be suptmrted at I he en - ii - ing election lor Mayor and that J. V. Stephens end Jonathan Purdy act as tellers. On canvassing the votes, it appeared that the following gentlemen were elected; JOHN W. HARDEN IIROOK, tilDKON OSTRANDKU. THOMAS J. FUN WICK, who were ttnaniuHiusiy approved by the nieeUng. The following preamble and resolutions were submitted to the meeting by C ol. Ming, ami approved without a dis senting voice : Whereas, the people of this country have been suddenly deprived of one ol their abb: representatives in Congress bv the late untimely death of Jonathan Cillcy, of the State of .name Therefore. Resolved, That as a moral, patriotic and virtuous people, we cannot too indignantly execrate the instigators and abettors of tins hichlv criminal and bloody stTair That we hold the chalkiigin duelist, notwillisuuiling his vaunted "rode oi" honor." asculnable as ihe ttre - .nrdiialrd murderrr, and equally deserving tbe late and punishment of a jrm : Tliat we respectfully reqnert the Congress, if it would nuclei its own honor end preserve the character of our country, tu investigate Ihisoritrage forthwith, and bring lo proper pumsnmetu ail Who may ne prov ed to have caused or excited ibis rrttW and cold hlnoded murder! Resolved. That we deeply sympathize with the widowed wile antl falherlessrhil.lretini'ilie late Honorable Jonathan Cilley, and offer to them in their alluded bereavement ihe sincere condolence ol itie Democracy of this city. Resolved thai ibe proceeding, ofthe meeting be Publish ed in the Democratic papers, signed by the Chairman and rtecrcuines. JOHN W. HARDF.NBROOK. Chairman. .vicit.ray, ( g . Lawrence P. Jordon. S mar 12 It ELEVENTH WARD. CJ The Deiuivcratir Electors of the Eleventh Ward' assembled!!! vast nuinl.t rsat their bead - rpiarters. James W'aring's.t;i Houston stn et,on Friday evening, the Ihh int, agreeable to a call of the R. - pilhlican Democratic fieneral Cmninittee, to choose a nominating committee for Charier Officers for the ensuing year. Also lo make choice ol three delegates to represent the Ward in Ihe Convention lo meet at annually Hall, to select a candidate for Mayor. THOtf. I'. WALWORTH was called to tbe Chair ami EDWARD It. FELLOWS and RICHARD B. CONuLLY, aptiointed ieiitti - i. The call ofthe meeting havin been read. On motion, a retiring committee of fifteen were appointed o me iiir - t - imi; 10 iioiiuiuuea committee oi nttt - en to select Charter Officers forthe ensuing year. The following persons were chosen said Committee : John Culver, Horatio N. Hinchman, William Uoyer, John Henrietta, Thomas P. Walworth, Isaac 1. Smith. John O. Young. Edward ., George Sibell, John Wooilruff, W. S. t:tsper, John Demaiest, Robeit MclJary, Albeit U. Howard, and John Heanv. Also, un motion, a reiuing committee of nine was appointed lo select three Delegates to represent the ward in tlie tiencral Committee, to meet at Tammany Hall, to nominate a candidate lor Mayor. The lollowiug persons were selected said delegates. JOHN TOWNSEND, Jun., HOWARD S. SCIIENCK, CHAR I. IX DEN IKE. Resolved. That the proceedings of this meet nir be nub. lished in the New Era. Kvening Post. Truth Teller. and her. man Luton. THOS. P. WALWORTH, Cliairman. E. B. Fellows, ) a . . K. B - Conolly,, marl3 THIRTEENTH WARD. K - At a meeting of the Democratic Rrnuhliran Flectnra ofthe Thirteenth Ward, held in pursuance ofthe call ofthe General Committee, at the house of Am Ontlcrdonk.on Friday evening, the 9th inst., JAMKrt RIKLR.Esn. wasapsint - ed President, and Alexander Stewart and ft. it. Hebbard appointed Vice Presidents, and George M. TrouUuan, Secretary. The call ofthe meeting having been read. Ihe ft.Uuwins t omiiiitiees were aptioiufetl, vis : llt - ..KMMl W. 1W)NNF.I.I. WILLIAM L. WALTERS, ALEXANDER pTEWART. the delegates to the Convention for nomination of Mayor. . . . . i , i. a. . . - . ... - u.t.iew vwiii. ii. cTtirma. ivivvarti riaunagan, J. vv. Wheeler. James Riker, Peter Esuuirol, Richard Harroltl, Stephen Fecks, Franrig l.alore - ,1, Nathan Roberts, Mall era rallun, Wm. II. l'atnrkand Hovd Patrick, the rommiuce to uominate Clianer Officers for the Ward. After which, the fbllowifia resoluliona were unanimously adopted: By a resolution, nrdereil lo be published in all Ihe demo - cratic papers in the city. Rt solved. That the course pursued by the Federal party since they have obtained a controlling influence in our city councils, have evidence)! to ns, tliat no means, however corrupt, will, under any circumstances, be untried to insure a permanent tyranny over us. Bribery, iuliinitlition, misrepresentation ofthe principles contended tor hy the Demo - rr:rv, ail are called into action to secure their selfish ascendancy. Re ofv ed. That the tlemocr.itic party are called upon by a sense of duty to themselves, to make use of every honorable ex riion to counteract this baleful determination of their uppouc nta. Kesolvetl, That this meeting regards nret Livo as a deep moral otTeucr anoftence discountenanced by Him from whom we have our existence, as well as by those whose moral sense leads them to reverence the brotherly and preserving structure of social rights and social order. Resolved, Tliat litis meeting having read with grief and Indignation tbe account of tbe preconcerted murder ufone of our National Representatives, for sentiments uttered in id bate, and w hereas the tlignity and liberty of discussion is secured by the Constitution of our country, we hold it lo be Ibe undivided duty of the whole American people toconsid - er him who attempts the suppression of this necessary right, as an enemy to one of the most sacred privileges ever exercised inthe deliberative assemblies of freemen. Kesolved. That while we regret tliat the honorable ami hich minded Cilley, weakened his natural and proer dignity in descending lo accept a challenge from the rreaiure and brawling associate of hhnof the Courier and Enquirer : we nevertheless admire the honest sternueas of character whir h prevented luin from assenting to what evtry intelligent man would consider a most atrocious anil notorious falseliood, namely, that the Editor of the Courier snd Enquirer was a gentleman. Resolved, That this meeting earnestly urge upon t he committee of inquiry into this sanguinary alTair, lo exert every energy of their luimLi, in exposing and bringing to justice the actor and abettors in this scheme of villainy. Resolved. Tliat the Whiir in alle.nminif lo deny the a... theutirity oft heirf narrow tiundcd circular lo employers of , uuiwui laisenooa to miamy. jiati una jiany never im . m ated or practiced sucuoorirmes, we might oe lett to believe that they were not its legitimate authors : hut while we can point with unerring precision to repeated acts of this kind, w bile we are again prepared lo behold as during ihe 'us fall election, ihe use of various colored tickets to ttelect ino who were in slaves enough to sole them vv one we see every oinre holder belonging to the Whisror. (oration whipped tothe polls. lo watch the unfortunate antl independent democrat, who dares invite the despotic riis - cliarge lrointheseye.tVrsonourny rerenue, we must believe that ibis circular has emanated from the benevolent ueanaoi rms iimisi liberal ami generous iiartv. ttesolvrd, t hai we are determined to contend (or equal laws, ejual rights, snd coital iustice. thninrh the stiuie personal sacrifices as did our political fathers of e?fi JAMES RIKER, President. Alexander Stewart, ) ... . , Geo. R. Hebbartt, tre Preaiaents. marl3 It George M. Troutman, Secretary. SIXTEENTH WARD. CO - At a very large and respectable meeting of the Democratic Republican Electors of this Ward, convened at the I .lion House, corner of Bioadway and 21st street, oa the evening ot tne wn or March, in pursuance or tne recom mendatlon of Lhc General Commiitee. for the Dnmosa of aa. f k'"Uri tare prtvHu) to represeni tbls War tn oarrvaiioB for the nomination nfMavor. and for the further purpose of choosing a committee to" nominate suitable persons to be aimported as Charter Officers of this Ward, THOS. J. STK - V'E.NS was ca led to the Chair, ami John W. Hrown and Patrick Cattery. Assistant Clu - nmeU ; immel t. iiemaun and Daniel Soarks, Secretaries. on motion. Resolved, Tlinl we go in ballot for Ihe above committees. Whereu(on die following persous were duly chosen delegates to the Mayoralty Convention : wii.Li vM w. hoi.ij:y, T. J. JONF.S, PATRICK (,'AFFERY. rorfliarter Oificers. John W. Brown, We arlan. James Mr Nespie, Isaac Kennard, Etlwanl Teague.lVmald McRobbi, Dlasverick, Joseph Whaley, Saml. E. Thistle, Daniel F. Tiemann, R. R. Jones, Saud. Jackson, Andrew Leary. On motion. Resolved, That Messrs. Holly, Stevens and Caffery, be a rnmiuiitee to draft resolutions expressive of the opinions of this meeting, together with an address to the citizens of this Ward. The committee reported the following, which were unanimously ailot ,tetl : Resolved, That we have full confidence In the patriotism, ranacifv andimeriiv of Martin Van Utircn. President of the United Stales, and we cordially approve of Ihe measures of ms aeiuilllsi ration. Resolved, That our Senators nnd Representatives in Con cress merit our warm approbation for their vigorous and en lightened supimrtof the ofthe measures ofthe Executive. ResulvetL That the di - oosite Innks lutve moved them selv es unsafe public agents, and that government ought not toentrusr its revenues tn institutions over which it has no di rect control, but to place them under Ihe charge of agents who are at an times immediately responstbte tome people. Resolved, That the revenue of the nation are in I em led for. and ran legitimately be applied to but one ptirposi thai of defraying them ressttry expenses ofthe government ami mai mey ever ought to He totally distinct trom tne oisiiievs iransariions ol the community. Resolved. Tliat the suspension ol ttnecie navuie Ms. and tlie continued refusal by the banks to fulfil .their promises ol resumption, when confessedly they have the abilily, is a wioonn uiHi!iiuu in me principles ni moral, nonesi. anti the social obli:atiiiii!i whit - bet un lit societv.and is itilendetl to increase their kwi r of extorting from 'the hard - woriiig inan.ine agriculturist, and the nieelumic. Resolved, That it is the of it,.. , - ,r...iht - rI of n free and enliithlcm d pt uoie lo si - arch into and correct the present very imperfect and insecure banking system, aiulto secure to tlie constituency, as soon as may lie, lor all minor ami uauy transact. uus,anexrms,ve inetalic current y. KesolveiL Tiiat. ill tin suteTreasurv sv stem, we recor nize tlie iecommemke.ioiis of a Jefferson ai.d a Jacks,, n, and the principles of sound, uneomprouiisuig Demociary ; and in a iiHlinnal bank those of Ihe Federalist. Hamilton; and that on this issue we are prepared to wage ine same war as ditl our forefathers, inscribing on our banners Democracy ms Aristocracy. Resolved, Tliat wc retain Ihe fullest confidence in the purity and soundness of Deinocra.'ir principles, and that we have an entire reliance, that although for a nsmietil we have been under a cloud, vet that Ihe deceptions and sophisms of our political opivoiif nts sre fast tailing away, and that we fee no reason yet to "despair of the Republic" Resolved, That we most heartily invoke the Democratic family tn examine the nrincinles of Whiilgism. to satisfy themselves ot their destructive tendency to ibe liberties of our country, and to unite with us heart antlhand in Ihe hal lowed work nl perpetuating Ihe privileges which we have received from the heroes and sales of tbe revolution, that tlie rights guaranteed to us by our sacred constitution, may ne ii aiismtiteu inviolate lo our latest posterity. Resolved. That we are onnosed to a National Bank, be lievim; it unnecessary, inexpedient, unwise, unetmslit'ition - al, tending to rhf rii. - h aristocratic distinctions, gild dangerous to tiie rights and liberties of the people. Res lived. That m ihe la:e atrocious murder of the Honorable Jonathan the Capitol, for words tqmken in bis place as a uiemberof Congress, and the infamous conspiracy that led lo his death, areaiuong the blackest simiis on our uaiHiuai esciitcneon, and one ol the loulest tleeds recorded iu tbe annals of crime, and should meet with the reprobation of every virtuous citizen. Resolved. Tliat a nailv which resorts to the iiernc tralion of such atrocities for political polioses, cannot receive tbe countenance and supttort of any honest man ; and that w e confidently look that a virtuous indignation will be aroused in Congress, which will expel from that body the conspirators in ihisoiitrage on the moral feelings of an insulted country. Resolved, That any person on Ihe above Charter Committee becoming a candidate for any olhce, his place shall be vacated, and the coniinilie have power tu fill the vacancy and all others that may is - cur. ivesotveo, I nat the proceedings nl tins meeting be published in the Democrdlicpapcrs of thiscity. I litis, j. stisv t,s, chairman. Pa!sn1,"rrn'tAsSis,.t'hair,,,en. Daniel F. Tiemann. ) Daniel Sparks. "erretaneM niai 11 SEVENTEENTH WARD. tO At a very numerous and highly respectable t, lectins of the Democratic Republican Electors ofthe 17th Ward. held at the Tammany Branch, on Eridav evening. March 0. in pursuance of tlie recommendation .If the fJeiieral Com mittee, the meeting wasorganrzed by calling Mr. l'IKRSON 11 AIiTEDto theChiiir. and the anoniiitmi - nl of WILLIAM THOMPSON and CHARLES II TIMI'sSON, as Secretaries The call ol the nicciiug having been read, it was, upon motion, Resolved, That we now proceed lo ballot for three Dele - gates to represeut ibis W ard in thn Committee to mcei m Tammany Hall, on the l.'sh instant, to nominate a suitable candidate to be supported for Mayor at the ensuing election. William 10 and George W. Matsell were apKllili d tellers, t'pon coiuitiug the ballots the following were declared elected : JOHN PETtGREW. PASCHAL B. SMITH, ROBERT n. ISO VI). Resolved. That we now proceed to ballet for fifteen persons to form a Nominating Committee for Charter Officers. The following wrre elected : James M'f'arthng, Jacob Aims, Geoi - ge W. Matsell. William Meserve, Thomas Cluis - pie. Jacob Vngelt, Thomas et. Dav.l'hninas II. White, James Walsh, William A. Baxter, Charles W right. Pa'.ll Groat, Jolui SuitTen. Richard Hunt, Charles B.rd. Residved, Tlurt the above committees liave power to fill anv vacancy that nay occur. Resolvetf, That a Retiring Committee be appointed to draft resolutions expre. - it.ive of the views of this meeting. The following were reported and unanimously adopted : Rcsolveil, That, in view of the approaching ('barter Tlec - tion, we are railed upon asciu'en faithfully to discharge the duty we owe to Ibe community in which ive live, nnd are particularly called upon as meiiibersof the democratic par ly, wno leei ine importance ot sustaining tne earlv anri well tried prinriplesof the General Government, as well as of providing for a faithful and economical administration of our municipal atrairs. Resolved, That, in the present representatives of our citv government, we do not ttiscover the former old - fashioned members of ihe Hoard, who were in the habit of counting the cost of a measure before thev voted for it. and who agreeable tothe old adage (which is now sadly forgotten) looked well before they leaped. Resolved, That we Ik) not deny that the present Whig members of the Common Council are thinking men. but only insist that they think nsjre ol'thelr own than the public, good. On this point, if any should be sceptical, we refer ihein lo ihe collectors hooks of the lsth and 17th Wards. Resolved. That the only hope of reform iu our city govern ment depends upon a change from Whig to Democratic re presentatives, ami uiat the nope thus entertained does not depend upon v isionary or partial calculations, but upon past O'liu a?ieti wen ii - e.ti ejvpeni - nce. neaoiven, i nat tne presi ni .Mayor nas utterly tailed in representing the accustomed liberality of this citv, and that by his indiscriminate attack iiKin the freedom of emigration (which is not denied even by the despots ofthe old world) we rii. - 'rover a smallnesKof mind nnd puriose incompatible with the high and honorable station to which he has been mproperly elevated. Resolved, I'hat we cordially invite ihenntltneli.nn TriemU ol well as tlewe whose principles have been sunken t,y falsohooil ami misrepresentation, lo rally in theii wonted strength in defence nfanrientimnerishahle nrin ciples. nnd not for a moment lo he misled bv supSisiug that their old optionf nls, the Federalists, are niore entitled to confidence, because they are disguised in a borrowed name. Resolved, That we recommend to our fiiends in the dif ferent VV ards a spirit of union and firmness in view of Ihe approaching contest, and say to them in tbe wordsol'tbe lamented Lawrence, " Don t give up the ship'' until we can use the language of the immortal Perry, " Wc - liave met tbe enemy, and thev are ours," Resolved. That the proceedings of this meetins be ti.'ned by the Chairman and Secretaries, nnd published in the Era antl Evening Post. PlhRSON HALS! EAD, Chairman. William Thompson, Charles H. Tunpson, Becretaries. maris It NINTH WARD. I t" A regular meeting of the Democraiic Repub lican Committee ofthe Ninth Ward, will be held at Jefferson Hall, corner of Hudson and Charles streets, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, March Uth, at half past seven o'clock. LEVI KIDDER, Chairman. Richard H. Colfax, Secretary. niar!32t A CARD. & S. M. A1KIX.220 Hudson street, will open on Thursday next, 15th inst., a splendid assortment of PARISIAN FASHIONS, and MILLINERY ARTICLES, for the present season. Orders front any part of the country for Dresses and Patterns will re ceive prompt attention. Prices in accordance with the times. N. II. Wednesday of each week, throughout the season, will be the regular Show Day at this old es - tablisbmenL inarlJ 3i B - AUTHORITY.! LAWS OP THE UNITED STATES PASSED AT THE SECOND SESSION Or THE TWENTY - flfTH COK0RE8S. rPltBllc. TV,, R 1 AN ACT to prevent the abatement of mils and e.. lions now pending, in which the late Bank I the Uuited States may be a pnrty. Be it enacted bv the Senate and House nf Ueoresen - tatirctqf the United States oAme.riea, in Congress assembled. That no suit, action, judgment or decree, now pending and unsatisfied, in which the late Bank ofthe United States is a party, plaintiff or dctr - nd - ant, shall abate, or be discnnlinued or dismissed, by reason ol the expiration ot the two years alter the expiration of the charter, limited by the twenty - first section ofthe act of incorporation ol the said bank, lor the use ofthe corporate name, style, and capacity ui ma D.inK, tor the purpose ol suits lor the linal settlement and liquidation of the affairs and accounts of Ihe corporation ; but all such suits, actions, judg. tnents and decrees shall be allowed to proceed lo fins I judgment, execution, satisfaction and settlement, as if the said two veers had not exp - red. JAMES K. POLK, SSpeaker of the House of Representatives. RH. M. JOHNSON', Vice - President ofthe United States, and President ofthe Senate. Arrsovio, March 2, 1838. M. VAN BUREN. WM. SIDN EY MrCOUN, COUNSELI.OR AT LAW. EDWARD C WEST AND JOSEPH H. MrCOUN. ATTORNEY AND SOLICITORS' No. 69 Cedartrect. m. - ,'r1 - V SUBSCRIPTIONS TO THE EXTRA GLOBE 01, . AND THE DEMOCRATIC REVIEW 95. Received by LEONARD SCOTT, Agent, . , lr2TT ret and Broadway, mart 2awlraDC ' - vxi vv - tj - Hardwire Package Sale We roLce with pleasure, the first Spring sale to be made to - morrow, by JAS. M. MILLER & CO. 30 Broad street, of 3 OO packages of Birmingham and Sheffield Hardware, consisting of a very general assortment of fr eBh imported goods ; this being the first opportunity this season the trade has had presented th t nt, we anticipate good prices and a good attendance. mar 13 It No. 157 IQr Labor Sals or I'lamtb and Flowxbs lit Bloom. Will be sold at 152 Fulton street, To - Morrow (Wtdnesday) morning, at 11 o'clock, by Wm. W. Shirley, a large collection of flower plants all in bloom, from the celebrated nursery of Mr. Livinrston at Eioomingaaie. FAT IIEEF AM) VEAI rv The subscribers. No. 64 and 56 Washine - ton Market, will ofl'cr for sale tho ensuing SATL'RDAV 17lh inst , four very fine steers two fatted by Henry Martin, of Dutchess the other two by H. Goldsmith, o Oranare County, lopeihtr with one extraordinary heifi; rCalf, fatted by J. Doughty, of Dutrhtss Couniy. The public are respectfully invited to call ami examine for themselves prices moderate. They cati be seen at thtir sbi:ghtcr house in Fourth Mrier, one door below Second Avenue, until Friday 12 o' - flvKk - DANIEL BlRT.ETT. EDWARD FITZGERALD. mar 13 5t .i ,C A" adjHurnetl meeting of the Slock holders of ''.p.7)''rkStnte Murine Insurance Company, will 1 held on 1 1 F.SDA Y, the 20th day of March next, at their office, No. 55 Wall streel, at 12 o'clock. ny timer. HENRY BIXLINO, Scorctnry. mnrn t20thmar KRF.F.llOI.DIUtS AWAKE. TWELFTH WARD NOTICE. O - A meeting of ihe Freeholders and all those who are interested in tho prosperity of Harlem, and nre opposed to the present unjust and tinconstitution - al mode of opening the public streets, arc rcoticstea" to attend a meeting to be held at Brown's Eaole Hottl, A FTFltx! in v ' iu A!? n"rlem' on MONDAY to air.; d N' 'J0'1 19,h - at 4 'c,utk. lo into consideration sueh measures as may be cxDedi. nt l.Lu,",,lno.n,i t"e law relative to theoixninir of streets, and ibe appoiniint ntof coinmifwioners for the some. MANY FREEHOLDERS HI? Vt 4DT rr mar,2 lw .. - . IC A stated uieetingof the Mew York Iliatt.ri. cal Society, will be held on TUESDAY, the 13iu instant, at 7i o'clock, P. M. iiiarl2 2t Complimentary Ball to Mr Georsje Anderson. A DEROi will lake place nt the Sliakspeare Ho - o XV EDNESDAY EVENING, Mart'h 14th. vai iiiiiiiw! nave great pleasure in announcing, that in addition to tho peneral order of dancintr. lr. WILLIAM RUSSELL, assisted by thrte other gentlemen, have kindly volun - leTed to tint.. - e r"., !.. - ...' : . . .. , 'eiio in cnaracter. Also that several Hornpipes will be danced in addition thereto in the course of the evening Mr. Oodsworth's celebrated cotillion banda'e engaged. rh,rle,P n ,A - " DUC0MBE, Chairman. Charles P. Daly, Secretary. mar!2 3t ODD FELLOIVS UALIj. 3pT First AnmiHl Ball of the Imle?iident Order of .ya renows win be prven at the Citv Hotel, on TL - miivii.iv a. . i ' . i ,r i will be splendtdly decorated wiih banners, motlos, etc., emblematic of theonlrr ritvl..,n,.k. ..t. i ' ml. . '!," lne ls"n tnst. ed Band is onpiwJ, Tickets 82, (including refreshments for the ladies.) to be had at ihe bar of the City nousi, v - opt. peeiy s iirancli Hotel, Atwill's Music - 7, .1. ia, jinn music store. I - ranklm Square, or of eitlierof tbe Managers., tvxt v - r tit - vHARLICK, Sec y. WM. . CLARK, Prest. ;ftIio 5t TAMMANY IIAL.L LOVrJOYrHoTpr0fhTan,n!!lny i1'11 - and l,j wuv s HOTEU have reduced the m ir, their Eating Department to their pricca previous i, the high price of provisions, and will endeavor to serve their customers with as i?ood fare, and as bbe - ral in qiianuty as any Ealing Establishment in lbs "' roarlf) Via Tuscan, LeRhorn and Straw Hat Bleachinjr. O" i - w ILSON, No. 52 Howard si., Hlcarbes. Presses and Stliet.s all kinds if Tuscan, Lce! horn and Straw Huts, to look like new, without damagine the texture cr hn vini? any amell of sulphur. He also extracts green, pink, iron - rust and ink stains, and restores the colors of hats which have been bad - ijr iiieueiieu, m most enses. jy New leghorn Hst3 for sale. marlO 1 w CATI.IJi'S OSCEOLA. A likeness of this celebrated Chief, drawn on stone bv Mr. Catlin, nnd bcnutifldly colored, from his full length portrait, is this tisy published by iis - se!f,m.e twenty by twen;v - six inches A Junius! number ol these prints enn lw procured on and after Monday next, from Mr. Cailiu'sportfolio, which is to be left for a lew days at W. A. Colpisn's Btore, No. 20j Broadway. Persons desirous of procuring copies are requested to makeiminediatr application to Mr.Colnmn, as the nature of the drawing admits of but a limited number of impressions. PHRENOLOGY. 13 - Messrs'. BARLOW & L. N. FOWLER, at 286 Broadway, opposite Washington Hotel, between Chambers and Reade t reels, keep constantly for sale Phrenological Books, Busts, Charts, Specimens and Instruments. Phrenology is tsupht by exsmining the head, and giving the natiirnl talent and character, accompanied by a chart of development, on which the character is estimated, and a synopsis of the science given. V isils to families and parties at any hour in the day for practical examination. Private lessons to individuals or to classes. The Cabinet consists of bunts of Statesmen, Divines, Politicians, Scholars, Merchants ; and of mtir - derers, thieves and villains; also, of a larpe number ol Indian Warriors, perfect likenesses, taken in Mr. Earlovv s new mode of taking busts in plaster; also about 200 specimens of comparative Anatomy of the higher and lower animals, all illustrating Phrenologv. This cabinet is now classified and arranged in such manner ns to show the development ofthe special organs, antl thus to enrry conviction tothe student. Busts taken in five minutes, giving perfect likenesses without any danger or inconvenience, at a price unequally low. Rooms open free to visitors from 10 A. M. lo 10 feb22 THE STUDY OF BOOK - KEEPING, 1 4 Cedar - street, near It road way. ty C. C. MARSH'S Course of Instruction is a routine of the most comprehensive Practice. Call and get a Prospectus. C. C. Marsh's Works" Double Entry Bookkeeping Simplified ;' " Single Entry Book - keeping Improved ;" and ' A Lecture on the Study of Bookkeeping," nil for sale at the Book Stores and at the Rooms. jun 6 13 - The NEW YORK TIMES AND COMMERCIAL LNTKLLIGENCF.R will be published from theoiTice, 45 William street, on Wednesday, March 14th. Yearly advertisers, and others, nre requested to send in their advertisements on or before Tuesday eveninir. marl2 2t HOUSE FURNISHING AUCTION & COMMISSION STORE, No. 92 Broadway, sbtwben Pine & Wall bts. DO - W. V. SHIRLEY has removed from i 152 Fulton street, and taken the large store No. 92 Brondwny, where he intends to have a sale every Tuefdav and Fiiday. at 11 o'clock, and also keep consianly on hand cheap at private sale - good city mske Cabinet Furniture, Piano Fortea, Looking Ghisnes, Clocks, Mantle, Astral and Hall Lamps, and house furnishing articles generally. N. B. Cabinet and Piano Forte makers, also, importers of Fancy Goods will find this situstion the best in the city for quick disposal. Out - door Sale of Furniture and Merchandise generally, will be thankfully received and properly attended ,0' . ii niar6 lw AN HIGHLY IMPORTANT CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. ' Cure ne tituhes" Beware of falling:. CT DOCTOR EVANS, 100 Chatham street, take the present opportunity of tendering bia most unfeigned acknowledgments to the numerous pstiwnts (afflicted with the various form, of disease incident to humanity) who have committed themselves to bis care, and he has the satisfaction of knowimr from many living evidences, thathia remedies have removed or relieved their respective maladies, as far as lie within the compass of human means. How distressing to the afflicted is DYSPEPSIA OR INDIGESTION 1 poisoning all the sources of his enjoyment, and leading, in many instances, to the miseries of confirmed hypochondriacism. Long as it has been msde the subject of inquiry by medical authors, it remains involved in much obscurity. Jaundice Diarr hota, Cholera and Colic, also performs a conspicuous partin the drama of morbid affections. DR. EVANS has been singularly successful in the treatment of lite above complaints, by remedies d rawn from the researches of the most eminent physicians in Europe. He has also had vast experience and success throughout the whole family of delicate diseases, aH of whirii are for the most part aggrnved by, and rooted in the constitution, by the CONSPIRACIES OP MERCURIAL MURDERERS.UNPRINCIPLED, UNEDUCATED AND L'NPRACTICED in any art save that of attempting to lend the credulous on the road to ruin. Dr. Evans' office is supplied with the choicest remedies from foreign markets, and compounded on the most scientific principles ; a physician is al ways In attendance, and all tboso who come there in the hour of Reed wfll go off rejoietp ''fth&

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