Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 11, 1957 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1957
Page 19
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Thursday Evening, July 11, 1957. Josephine Lowmon Face Is Like Leather Boot, Needs Oil to Prevent Cracks "Oil" your face with dally exercise to prevent cracks. It is true trial we exercise the muscles of our face when we chew and talk and laugh. However, if) you will, try facial exercises' you will find that we use these muscles only in a very mild way in our everyday lives. You will discover elastic bands tried that these very easily. When you first start you should do a few,exercises five times each, daily. You can gradually increase until you are doing each exercise 15 times a day. I always recommend that you apply lubricating cream before doing facial exercises, because when you do the exercises you^will make little wrinkles in your face. If the skin is pliable these do not last. Like leather Boots Actually, you should remember this principle in daily life. Many women acquire lines because their skin is so dry that facial expressions make lasting impressions. It may not be very romantic to compare our faces to leather boots but the same idea can be applied to both. If you wear your boots withou Add Bands of Contrast oiling them, the wear and tear of activity will be sketched in deep cracks and scratches. On tfie other 'hand if you oil them regularly and keep them soft, the scars do not go so deep. Do these exercises in Iront of a mirror. 1. Fill your cheeks with air and blow them out. While they are blown up chew vigorously, resisting with your cheeks. 2. Lift the right corner of your mouth upwards toward your right ear. Do this slowly and hold while you count to six. Slowly resume usual experession. Do the same thing with the left,corner of your, mouth. Continue, alternating. I have received many letters from women telling me of the great .improvement in contour which these exercises have wrought. If you would like to have myjacial exercises send a stamped, . self-addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No. 9; Address Josephine howman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Weight Loss Hip Trimming in Line for 15-Year-Old Girl." Released by the Register Tribune Syndicate, HOT) " and LIMITED REPERTOIRE •CHICAGO (UPJ—A Spanish sen- orrla haa turned out to be Lady Bountiful for three Chicago youths, The boyii, who earn as much as $20 a day serenading passersby on Chicago's night club row, know only one song, "Lady of Spain." Ann Landers . Wife Can Do Much to Insure Marriage Against Divorce Dear Ann: You will probably :hink this letter is too fantastic to be true, but every word of it is the ;ospel, My husband and I were friendly with another couple for years. We :ook trips together and were, practically inseparable. About two years ago, the woman told me (after a few high-balls) that she was in love with my husband, and would get him' away from me some day'. ' This woman has since divorced ftcr husband and we are no longer friends. My husband and I are still happily married but she's doing everythiny she can to make good her promise of two years ago. She's • been writing letters to me saying my husband has been meeting her on the sly. She calls him on the telephone and' rings off when I answer 1 . She bothers him at his place of business and has him called out of sales meetings. I've seen her driving around our neighborhood in her car. My husband says to.pay.no attention to her because she has a loose connection. What do you'make of all this?— MYRNA It don't make ANYTHING of it, and 'she won't be able to either so long as you play it smart, lledou- Wo your faith in your husband and let him know you trust him. Return her letters unopened and make no mention of them to anyone. Keep her name out of your conversations. It's apparent that this woman is out to lunch and your husband recognizes it. There's very iiltle you can do about HER, but you can do much to insulate your marriage againat this dingbat. Reassure your husband of your love and faith and confidence, and all will be" well. Dear Ann: We are two young women who married brothers. Wo each have two children. Our sister-in-law is going lo have her first baby. She is a sister to both of our husbands. Grandma and grandpa (our in- laws) can't decide whether they should buy the new baby a crlb,-o buggy or a high-chair. It burns us up when we look back at the $1.98 rattles we got when our babies were born.' Pon't we have a right to feel a little hurt? We know it's supposed to be the thought that counts and not the price of the gift, but we think thisf"; m ti _ of ;» '-^rtti-., ~i—ui— i.—t—— t A — I initiation ot Pick Tom Cowell Eagles Delegate Tom. Cowell was selected by the Eagles lodge to" represent the local order at tbe Grand Aerie convention in New York', July 24 to 28, when tile group met Wednesday night at the lodge hall. Secretary George (Bus) Bender will go with him as State Treasurer.'Headquarters for the New York gathering will be in the Statler Ho- is "pretty shabby treatment. Are we justified in complaining or not? —LEFT OUT To whom would you like to corn- lain , your Congressman? Surely you don't intend to mention this to your husbands and drag them into a penny ante family fight, You can'l possibly complain to your in-lav/s because a gift is whatever people ,_want to give. There's no point in complaining to your sister-in-law. So your best bet is to forget about it, girls, and be thankful ,you don't have problems more serious than this'. » * * Dear Ann: I 1 am a girl 13 years old and have a serious problem. A certain boy I have known for a long time comes over almost every night. He is real smart about getting on the goojl side of my folks. He's made my mother think he's the most wonderful thing that ever drew a breath. He gives her compliments oh her hair and her cookies and to make matters worse he plays the piano. July 21, with th degree team in charge,' The annual picnic will be on Labor Day, at' the 4-H building on the fairgrounds. Harry Dunphy will serve as general chairman 1 of the event. Family program is set for Friday night, and Saturday's dancing will be to the music of tbe Gladys French orchestra. Attendance awards went to Jess Morgan, Joe Sylvester, Bob Woods, ,T. W. Clem, Leonard Foster, with the Patron Eagle award going to William E. Hansen. Mailbox in England Returns Post Card SCUWTHORPE, England (UP)— Mail boxes in England are great big cylindrical affairs called pillar boxes and, are painted bright red. Wednesday Joyce Fisher popped a postcard into the pillar box and it popped right out again. She pushed it through the slot again. It came out again and a voice said with > bit of annoyance, ''You haven't put a stamp Joyce took a stamp from her pocket book and pushed the card through the mailbox slot again. From inside, the voice said "That's better." ' Then the workman 'Cleaning the inside of the mailbox stopped out the rear door. transport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Nineteen Marshal Zh^ikov's Star Rises in Russian Orbit Read the Classified Ads LONDON (UP) — Red army Marshal Georgi Zhukov is rapidly emerging as the key factor behind the power shift in Soviet leadership, top diplomatic sources said today. He is expected to. assume a top position soon—possibly the premiership. «• The jut-jawed defense minister, conqueror of .Berlin and wartime friend of President Eisenhower, played an important role in. saving party boss Nikita Khrushchev in last week's Kremlin revolt and Khrushchev depends on his loyalty for survival, -'the sources said. Zhukov was not considered > man seeking a military dictatorship, and not a "Napoleonic type." But he is being pushed upward by the constant increase in strength of the Red army over which he has unchallenged control, diplomats said. It was not known definitely he would replace Premier Marshal Nikolai Bulganin, But Bulganin was believed under a cloud and on his way out because he sym- paUiized with Vyacheslav M. Molotov last week when Zhukov iav«d Khrushchev from the wauld-fce Molotov coup. Diplomatic observers said to make the Khrushchev • Bulganin split less obvious Bulganin might be kicked upstairs—that he might take the place of President KU- manti Voroshilov who would be dropped. Voroshilov also backed Molotov. It was noted that KhAshchev took protocol precedence over Bul- ganin today' in .Prague and was greeted—as he evidently expected to be greeted—as "leader'.' of the Soviet delegation. Bulsanin played this role in their previous junkets abroad. The diplomatic sources said that Zhukov could topple Khrushchev even now by withdrawing his support since the Red army has great power and appsrentfy is the only major, stable power factor in Russia. Locust Plague Serious Threat in Mid East ROME (UP)—The worst locust plague in 20 years is threatening North Africa, the Nile Valley and the 'Middle East; the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) said today. • FAO experts compared the situation with the 1929-39 plague "con- the Classified Ads He was over last night until mid. sfdered the most serious invasion ight and I was dying to go to y ear '". modern history." They night sluep. This morning he was in the house before I got out ot bed. I would give anything to get rid of this creep but he's in so solid with my folks it's impossible. Will you please tell my mother that 13 years old is loo young lo have a boy over night and day — especially when she can't stand himV—E.A. This is a switch. It's the first time I've ever been • asked to tell a mother to keep a boy out of the house. Your mother mokes a mistake when she pushes her choice on you, If she continues lo do llilc she may find you rejecting some very worth, while young mon merely because she likes them. If you think this boy is a creep said major danger spots are Libya, Tunisia, Tchad, Sudan and Saudi Arabia. It fits your figure as smoothly as silk! Collarlcss frock in half_ sizes that features an off-center closing, short or Uirce quarter slcevcn. No. 8109 with I'ATT-O-RAMA in- oludcd is in si/cs J2'A, Wk, Wk, \&Vi, 20'A, 22'A, 24%, Ml'/!. Size 14'A 35 lust, short sleove, 4% yards of 35-inch; '/i yard contrast. For Ibis puttern, send 3Sc in COINS, your name, address, 3i*c dcsirdd, and the PATTKl'lN NUM' HER to Sue Burnett, 1'haroa-Trlh- line, 372 W. Qulncy Street, Chicago 6, 111. Include 25 cents more with your pattern order tor the Spring & Summer '57 issue of ou,r pattern liook Basic FASHION. It contains dozens of smart new styles for al; ages; gift pattern printed Inside tlie book. ROXY Now—2 F«atur«i 3ScTil6 .Fun At Night Open 1 p. m, with "Return To Treasure Island" TAI HUNim NOW THRU SATURDAY 2 BIG FIRST RUN FEATURES Plus Colored Cartoon THE STRANGEST AUIANCE THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN OR HELL! HURT MASTER [ ( KIRK DOUGLAS HALMLIS' l, il( GUNFIGffMO K CORRAL Second Feature—Ruth Roman—Starling Hoyden in "FIVE STEPS TO DANGER" tell him not to come over unless he phones first. You can then fill your calendar with people and tilings YOU want lo do. And ns for your last statement — 13 is Ino young to have a boy over to the house night and day, whether you can stand him or not. (Ann Landers will he happy to help you with your problems. Sent them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stomped self- addressed enveloped Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises Inc. NOW thru SAT. OPEN 1 P. M. - 2 FEATURES - OOOt - COOl" OLPH SCOTT \ JAMES CRAIG-ANGIE DICKINSON --.. nowcuirlKWMMO«'.m<iuHWI«»l.M( SUNDAY - "BERNADINE" with Pat Boon* Sh.w Starts Al Dgik O.t.1 Op.n Half How lartfw FRIDAY "H«av»n Knows Mr. Allyion" (Color) O.kor.h K.rr-H.k.rt Mllchum SATURDAY "TALL MAN MDINO" (color) ••nj»t;>rt Intt . D 1902- SHOP and BANK In Lbgansport Friday Evening i Our Bank Will Be Open Friday Evening From 5:00 P. M. to 8:00 P. M. Open As Usual From 9:00 to 12:00 Saturday -THE FARMERS & MERCHANTS STATE BANK, Logansport Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation / Member Federal Reserve System ~ .'.•...'- - J5 Ye»r« ul Unlnlerniptwi Sorvlee to Thin Community -•••••• •••• • •——- 1957 Open Friday Nite 'till 9 SATURDAY 9a.m. to 5p.m. PULL FASHIONED KNEE-HI NYLONS 2 s-88e If parfoct $1 a pair) Cool for mm- m«r waor. 51-15 ili»«n— lummer ihod.-Siioi e',-4-11. 1.00'LADY CARROLL Circle Stitched Bras Regular and contour typoi. Dtilnllly packaged. 5I*« XO, A, B, C. 32 to 88c STRETCH GLOVES 100% HBLANOA NY1ON All whlt» nylon itr«tch glav*> lo III woman's tlxiis 6 to 8Vi—Specially 59c priced. SPECIAL Trim and tailored for cool summer fun JEWEL TONE SHEEN COTTON PLAYWEAR .66 SHORTS T-SHIRTS wWl» knit with lalzB and aqua Y-Sl.irr, black, r trim. Shortt'ih««n,iet1on In block maize, mulon and aqua — Sli.i 10 lo ID. USUALLY 1.99 PEDAL PUSHERS 2.22 Pvdcil puihtri and Jamaica In m. 10 lo 18, Colon maixo, melon and aqua, ihoiU bock, MEN'S BRIEFS T-Shirts& Shorts 79cto 1.00Values 58" SPECIAL SUMMER SALB Famous 'Ellie' Bras 2for38c Finn quality broadcloth bicn In your favor Ho ilyfm. Comforlublo band keepi brci In placa. SUMMER SALE JEWELRY 2 for 88c Bvautlful imoilnumt of «ar ring*, pint and nocUacat, Fa. Sol* of cool eombud cotton brl»fi and full cul T-SlilrU — Pin* quality Broadcloth. Solid color Baxar Shorti. MBN'S HOT WEATHER WALK SHORTS Your chotc* of blu», Qr«y or brown Ivy Lqaguii or regular ilyl»d modal cool and coin for- 1. L66 Riders With N»w £l»c>ron!eotly FUSED KNEE COOL SUMMER LINEN-LOOK RAYON AND RAYON AND ACETATE BLACK P*?f »h*arti tirtd flar* ityUc In coof errata <••• lUtnnt black; with wlillo colluri, mono pram or cuff t to add a touch of Icing. A complain iftlftctlon far Min»i and Womtm 5 .99 Ado bnaullful n»w luminar waih find wnor coof folloiu Ilicil ruqulro HHU or no Ironing. Coloiful pallanu. Slzet 7 to U-10 lo 20-1214 lo l*Vi, Exlra denim fused to an Inseparable bond inside Ihe legs. Does not affect the genuine cowboy pants op- pttarance. Sanforized Lee Riders keep Ihelr fH. BOYS SIZES I) 4U.1J Z. July Coat Clearance SHORTY COATS 10 WATER REPEUANT CAR COATS We« 7.99 Only 7 On Sale J* f ' OAfl $5 $5 Tweed Fleece* CHOICE Of ANY Spring Suits Valuet £ 1 A To $24.99 3> 1 U ENTIRE STOCK Of SETTER QUALITY Spring Coats Valuoi £9C To $34.00 3>/J SALE! MEN'S 2.99-3.99 SHORT SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS VARIETY) QUALITY! VALUES! LOOK AT THIS ASSORTMENT) Hundred* of imarl ityl*i to otioom from Including, nov«lty print** •mbrald*r«H fronti, wov«n •trfpM, camb«d *oHd colon, •tc. All ar* auawn* («*d waihabl* fin* cotton*, Hurry tn today for ihli itmaMonal lavlngi tak, Slxnt S'M-L. ONE LOW PRICE FOR All Cool, Cool Sport Shlrto I for Hot W»ohW MEN'S DACRON BLEND SUCKS Fabuloui Dacron HUndi at 1h» low«it prlc* *v*rl K»g. 6,99>9,99, Cool, wrtnkl«-r«tlilanl, •aiUit caring ifack* you *vtr w0r«—imartfy ifylnct, llo«, gray or brown.

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