The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 5, 1916 · Page 13
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 13

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, November 5, 1916
Page 13
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, t SPORTING SECTION THE LINCOLN SUNDAY STAR N E B R A S K A ' S B E S T N E W S P A P E R SUNDAY EDITION FIFTEENTH YEAR. LINCOLN. NEB, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1916. FOOTBALL RESULTS TEI TO VICTORY rilliant Place Kick By Nebras- a Captain Enables Huskers to Triumph Over Ames. jar of Nebraska Coaches Realized When Cyclones Stage Furious Fight. Weit. At Bloomington: Northwestern, T; I n - diana. 0. At Chicago: Chicago, 16: Purdue. 7. At Lawrence: Kansas. 21; Oklahoma, 13 At St. Louis: Crelghtou, 20; St. Louis. 0. At Cincinnati: WoosU-r, 20; Cincinnati, 0. At Columbus, Mo.: Missouri 3; Texas, 0. At Dayton: Miami, 0; Denison, 0. At Marietta.: Marietta, 7: West Vir- "ginia, Wesleyan. 0. At Ann Arbor: Michigan, 66; Washington. 7. At Cdlumbus: Ohio State, 14; Wisconsin 13. COLGATE GIVES ME DIG SHE VTING OF TEAMS IN I VALLEY CONFERENCE At Minneapolis: Illinois. 14; Minnesota. 9._ At Kugene, Ore.: Oregon, 0: \Yash- j ington, 0. i At/Los Angeles: California. U.. 27: Southern California 17.. 0. I At Pullman. Washington State college, j I SI: University of Idaho, 0. ' At Denver: Colorado Aggies! 21; Den- i I ver U., 13. East. I Intercepted Forward Pass and. Long Run Ail That For the Blues. Washington and Lee Romp the Naval Academy--Harvard Triumphs. NE\V H A V E N Conn.. Nov. 4 --Lc- j gore plucked a Tale victory out of uie j At Ithaca: Cornell, 15; Carnegie Tech. , air this afternoon when he received a By w i n n i n g from the Ames Cyclones ; 7. _ | forward pass from Braden. who stood , sterday on Nebraska field, the Corn- I At Cambridge: Harvard, ol; \ Irgmia. , on Colgate s 54-vard line and raced skers practically clinched their right , »· . for » touchdown a f t e r the visitors nud another Missouri valley conference I At Princeton: Princeton 42; Bucknell. | mauled Ell warriors all over the grkl- amplonthip--their seventh conference ! °- . | u-on during mosi of the game. The Html le In a$ many years. The Kansas Jay- At New Haven- Yale, ,; Colgate. 3- i score: 1 ale , ; Colgate. 3. I wk« still must be met by the Corn- | At Sprlngfiel. Dartmouth. 15; byra- i Colgate tore through the Blue lino , skers, but there Is nothing in the rec- , cuse 10. ! ? · , , " at t n ? oP^'ing of the game, but 1 of tne Kansans to indicate that they At West Point: Army. 30; Notre Dame failed two tries for placement goals. A i - the goods to menace Nebraska's 10 - i'i 0 " yar ?, , run b " Legorc took the play ilm on the valley title. Missouri stands I At Annapolis: Washington, and Lee, ( from -J ale terntorv. but a Yale penally ;ond to Nebraska In the valley race, but I 10 ·. . Na £?': '· . , . ,, ,,, T . ,, I ° ( , . ' ards sent It back as the Qiiarter i : Tigers were held to a scoreless t i e ' At Philadelphia: Penn. 19; Lafayette. - ended i their game with Ames two weeks-ago, I °- L/T /'"·?· ' scm ? f '"° form '' preM- uls the Cornhuskers have won f r o m , .At Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh 46: Alle- ; d e n t , and % orys and Oalt were put out - nes and also have to their credit a ' g»fny. 0. by injunes during the rough slashing- an sweep of victories in all games. ^ l Amherst: Amherst, 14; Trinity, 0. assault with which t n o Colgate eleven iference and non-conference, to date-! At \\aterville: Colby L'3; Bates^ i j opened .the second period. The Bin" « following table gives the records of i ,, A l . Haverford: Harvard. 21; Franklin bucked and lied, but Colgate sent a ly: valley teams in conference games ' Marshall. 0. braska ssouri les Jke nsas Agglet nsas ishington .. Won Lost Tie Points Op. , | At State College: Penn. State. | placement goal over. Three (inn's diir- ' ing the quarter. Yale stopped t'ie as- Geneva. 0. j sault barely in front of the goal Ihie. At South Bethlehem:-Lehigh. 9; Muhl- . A f t e r Legore had saved jj ! enberg. 0. 3 ; _At Cleveland: Cleveland Reserve. aS: c, : Oberlin. 3. ^·3 j * t r _ , 14 . »· 13 ' 26 j South -he records of the conference teams, | «f°''S p Washington. 0: Ursinus. 0. game, to date included, is as fo.lows: ! ^^Teci, S4 £ %"«£,,."; 0 . A u b u r n . 3; Georgia. 0. Tennessee. 12: Chattanooga. 7. At Houston: Rice, iO: Texas A. M.. ! Navy Defeated 0. ' ! ANNAPOLIS. Md Nov. 4 -- N a v y j .. 3 1 1 1 0 0 0 70 13 13 13 0 0 0 braska .. isourl 4 ics v 3 nsas Aggies. ... 3 nsas 2 ishington 2 ike 2 Won Lost Tie Points Op. 5 0 0 108 7 14 the dj v in i the last quarter ;\ith his touchdown, and had kicked goal. Braden grabbed a Colgate forward pass and ploughed 12 yard* , .\t Delaware: Case. 7; Ohio Wesleyan. i Carrying a load of Colgate p l j \ e i s ;uid j put the i-lsltors goal again In" danger. Legore diop ku-ked. spotting the g | post. A few m i n u t e * later H u ' c h l n s a n . nabbed a n o t h e r forward p.tss iml riiaden | tried the kick h i t t i n g the cross bar The I ball dropped as the f i n a l whistle blew. 79 61 83 34 28 26 . 17 I , At Waco. Tex: Baylor. 20; Southwest- i boosters got a discour.isrlng l i n e of dope 55 I crn. 0. for the Army-Naw classic this j f t e r - THIS MILL LOOKS LIKE REAL slble that Dillon could have gono yo f u r bark from the form of ills Ku lisa it City fight us to become u chopping block lor the cautious Lcvlnsky, yet tluti Is ox- nelly what occurred n t ihe Hub, according to t h e detulled report of Unit encounter. Dillon and Gibbons Due to Get Together for Ten Rounds In St. Paul Ring. Furious Fray Sure to Ensue, Providing Contestants Go On the Level. Rut to return to the upp-oachlnsr h t u t l u 'tween I'lllon tind Gibbons. If no obstacles intervene the fans of the n o r t h west should see a t h r i l l i n g mutch Friday night. Kor three yenr.s p:is; jiro- moters everywhere have sought to bring about a mooting hot woe,i tliesc men, but It was not u n t i l H a r r y Sherman, the big gun In the boxing «f!im. «i ,he Twin Cities .devoted himself to ihe task that the match was arranged. Krom nil Indications tlio bout will draw n gate around $30,0vip. as Intetcxt in (no a f f a i r IK ut fever heat. The system of commission control of l».'\ing. originally st«rt«d In New V o i k state, and later copied by V$l9con-l:i, Minnesota nnd Louisiana, seems lo bn growing In favor In m a n y suites mid e f f o i t s now are being made (o Induce t h e vat-loin legislatures to pass I U U M this winter to legalize, the spoil. l''!'om Oen Motue.-i. In., this week came reports t h a t a determined campaign will be I n s t i t u t e d nt once to secure n o t i o n law. Although Feather Champ Refers Con* tempuously to Boxers He Has Faced In Ring. Dopesters Figure That Johnny Is Craftily Scheming to Get Somebody's Goat. B O X I N G BOUTS THIS W E E K . ' '«'" l "'» »««"«". "'·. mis wrciv I.-;IMH- i B " R I N G S I D E ' M -,,i , ..,,. .... ' r e p o r t s t h a t « determined cumpalKii ...,,,. , , y " l " uall -' t Monday, Nov. eth. j w l j t b( , | na( |, uletl , u 0110C , 0 S( . cm . 0 l l o t ion N K U ^ ORK, Nov. 4.--Debonair Penny t'luirles W h i t e VK. Joe'Nelion. fi rounds. ' on the proposed law. Although t h e . Leonard has abandoned his quest veineiu^for ^ii box^ns ^onimlsslmi ^CMU- r l l g n t w M g h t championship--for juit a few rounds, at Philadeiphfa. ' *""'" I nh'ero'lt.s 'biuMu'ra are' legion'/t'n-M'o Begins ! " I0n ll"'. Benjamin does not Intend to Knockcut Brown vs. Buck Crousc. U j to be a s e n t i m e n t In seveial'of the larger J peiter Fieddy \\'elh"li for that length - l t I « s of the s t a t e In favor of n t t e m p t - ; tl m o . ror h p llns B O m e th| n g of more Ing to pnus a "boxing law at tnc com- I i,,,,,,,,., , , . , , . , , ing wesslon. Importniu-e on ills mind. And It deal* Frank (Jotch. before bin re.tlremont. I al"o w i t h a ring champion, but In an- the chumplon heavyweight wrestler of ] o t h e r rlas.s. Leonard is a f t e r the scalp the world. Is i n k i n g an active part In of J o h n n y Kllbane, boss of the fcather- the present stale campaign and mav be | weights, culled on to chnmplon such a measure. I l.eoiuiril nnd K i l b n n e have exchanged Des Molnes, Sioux City. Davenport. | greetings in i b e ring but once before-n u b u q u e nnd Waterloo are looked on nH i on A p r i l 23. l!Mu. to he exact. The belng t l i e cities which would profit most I cnslon was a (en lound bout at catcli- from the passage of a boxing law. Ten- weights at the old Federal A. C. on the round bouts have been Hinged from, lime Bowery. Ivllbane nearly caught Leonard rounds, at Pittsburgh Wednesday, Nov. 8th. Bcimi) riinvrz vs Krank Tucker, rounds at Pt. l.oilis. Mo. Thursday, Nov. 9th. Joe \Volling \ Pnlsy Cllno, 10 rounds, ut New York City. .labei: \ V h i t o -.-«. H a r r y K u b n k o f f , 12 rounds. ,u. St. I.ouli. .Sailor 0rirley « ! : u c ) ' \s. ,lun S m i t h . (i lounds. n t I ' h i l m l e l j i l i l a . Friday. Nov. 10th. Jack Pllloii % s . .Mike Uibbons. 10 lounds. at St. Paul, M i n n . Johnny K r t l e vs. Mickey Byrne. 10 rounds, nt Cleveland. O. Jeff Smith \ s. Joe llorrlek, 10 rounds, at Mllwiiuke. \Vls. , to t i m e In each of the cities ond have | on weight, for he was only two , been well a t t e n d e d . Mason City, Cedar , r/mdH behind T^eouard's 130 pounds. Ilnpkls. Ft. Podge, Kookuk. Burlington As a m a t t e r of record, the bout wi and O t t u m w a also uro mentioned as possible boxing cities provided u bill can « * i.l t I ,1 .1 H l x f . » J ^ l . i f p . Penny Leonard vs. Stanley Yoikum, 10 I ,, rounds, at New York City. i proMd be parsed. .tal provide for ia^.s at the present club n m t c h w f i . . . vai ono of the tamest and most lackadaisical seen nround these i n m p a r t s in many day. There was l i t t l e execution done by eltner lad--although the disappointed crowd favored the- execution of both~Joe Burman vs rrankle WlIIioMa. 10 ! followers of the boring game ricsert that at t h e nearest lamppoat. rounds at New York Oltv ^^ I tlie ' l l l p f l n r t "° ! i l r l c t that-high claai I Opinion was divided IB to the winner. c,f,,^o,, rvj«,, \'.th i talent c.innot be o b t a i n e d . I The l.eonnrd adherents claimed a \ la- Saturday, Nov. 11th. Jne \Vellmgs \s. \Vlllle Scnaefer. 10 rounds nl New Yoik City. I O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 98 116 Carle ton. 79; Beloit, 0. MU'liiRaii Aggies 3: South I.. 3. Louisiana. 17; Arkansas, 7. By "CY' ! SHERMAN. v successful goal kick from place- j nt. propelled by the boot of Cap- j n Tim Corey w h i l e standing- on the ' lead, it was quite apparent that the yard chalk-line, netted the Corn- I die was cast and that the Cyclones jkors three points yesterday nnd en- j were doomed to go down to defeat. ed thp University of Nebraska to j . Statistics Favor Nebraska. eat the Iowa Cyclones from Arnes 1, incidentally. to maintain its | noon when WashinR-ton and L e e ' . . . . _ _ _ Dakota. ' over tne middies. 10 to 0 Three weeks ago the' Army beat the. Virginians. Harvard Buries Virginia. CAMBRIDGE. Mass.. Now 4.--H«u- ard buried Virginia t h i s afternoon ."1 o 0 With a substitute backfield 'nnd CAPTAIN TIM COREY. Whose successful goal kick from place* mcnt gave the Cornhuskers th.1 victory over the Amos Cyclones yesterday on Nebraska field. | O P H Y S I C A L DIMENSIONS |0 O O DILLON. O 163 O T w e n t y - r o u n d contests w l l h Is tho hope of Nevada's bn\lng f n n « for tory for t h e i r Idol, w h i l e the few Kll- bane supporters summarized the affair by merely miylng "Hotten.'' Leonard 10 t n * ; m.'1/u ill i ^ t - ' ^ U U L l ^ I M » \ I I l f i I J I I i n l t . l i . . - . - . . - . , . . . , . , . . . . ,, n e x t year. AViilter E. Dralmlrk. Gol'l- ! couldn't fight ( t h a t ovenlngr) and KII- fleld, WMO repr«Meiits a symllcnte of Ne- bane wouldn't. Leonard wan willing to vadu m i n i n g " men. tell* of llr °P the m a t t e r right there, and DO wai G I B B O N S O 158 O _._. ! swept up and down the field, scoring The statistics of the combat, care- ± 1 ":L t at wl " on 11lc demoralized south- conference. The vic- i- came after as gruelling- a grid- i ^jnibat as ever -was staged on Neska field. Both teams entered the v with their ranks shattered from atic-s who crowded the stands most thrilling struggle for.mas- y which followers of the great- of all college sports had witnessed ··e the memorable encounter been Nebraska and Notre Dame dur- all-ictorious thp Cornhuskers' ipaign of 1915. fever was a football conflict in souri valley annals -wag-ed on terms te so even as -was the one of ycs- their own story of the most unique conflict ever staged in the annals of football at the Cornhusker institution. The yardage and the downs were in Nebraska's favor only by a slender j margin. In forward passing, the Corn- huskers also had a. slight edge, whilo in the kicking end of the game it is disclosed hy the figures that Dobson, the Nebraska punter, booted the ball more consistently than Sloss, who did the kicking: for the Cyclones. Three of Nebrask's passes grained a total yardage of 41. One of these passes netted 25 yards. The Huskers failed on eight other charged with nine , _,. .., . . ,., , . . w h i l e g-aining: 14 yards on its only lay. The tide of battle surged to succes «£ ul f° rwa rd flip. Penalties fro, firs! one aggregation gaining apparent advantage, only to be cost the Cornhuskers 70 yards of distance, while the lost but five O 42 In. O 8i- 2 In... O H'/,, In. O 31 In.... O 22 In O 16 In ^ 9'., I n . . . OF D I L L O N AND G I B B O N S O ! m n l f t o w a r d the ' end Unit the leglslu- I Kllbane. N o t h i n g has been mentioned ur- U I L L O N AND G I B B O N S . ° U ire ut Its next -os^lon shall vote on I ""· a f f a i r bv either since that evening O I the question of lunger boxing bout p. " n l " tlui other day. ' The move ncrordlng to Drabulolc. "iinn It was thai Kllbane broke the long Hllence of that fiasco by announcing from the stage of a theatre where he was showing t h u t Leonard wns "ono of the sofleat marks he over met In 'he ring." l i e supplemented this with: "Leonard furnished me w i t h a little exercise t h a t evening, for 1 wns never outcome. I bandied he was !lko a baby \J loo . VvClO nt | 5 S O , , i , n i v / t i , ' t i i i i i u i n p s LU i 'i it iju i cu O 5 ft. 7i , In. .. . H e i g h t . 5 ft 0 In o l o i l R l n i i l o U In U o l d f l e l d , but hai the sup O 72 In Reach 72 In. O I P 11 !", 1 ° "portsnien l l n o u f c h o u t N'evada. . C h e s t , . . , .. . W r i s t . . . . Bleeps . . . W a i s t . .Thigh . . . - C a l f . . . . . . A n k l e . .38'' 4 In. O i 2 In. O "If t h e I p g l s l n t n r o takes f a v o i n h l o rc- tlou." "tales TJrnbnlck "nnd there 1« hot- 121 In O 1 IM t4t!in n neven chance t h a t It will the 29i', z j n | o | butlnoss men I Goldflcld will Co-operate i n n i o nrike our town a boxlne center nnd 1 , 1 . V/ , _ l . . l ,, . , ! , , . , · ,, . , . _ , . . . A . worried about tho outcome. I bandied ^ u I him Ilka a toy money. YVhnt we want Is the publicity. Vf '" m - v hands." ""iasZ n' O 1" doing so we will hid for the bent nt- worried about tho "" / n' 0 ( t i a o l l o n w w i t h no I n t e n t i o n of making I "" lilia a tov . tt "d . . · · . , I I l l \J ,T.I. . . . . .. . . i . ... i l l t nt \* t i n rti-tm " O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O ' w r '" !!r on " Bllfm ' W1 'H ur milking money j In nn I n d l r e r l way -jiutt ns If wo had W h a t w i l l he t h e a f l e i m n l i i of t h e ten j «nti!buted to the chamber of commerce. round c n i - o u n l e i between Jack Ulllon .nul '" ''eni^ylvnnla « n d California, the Gibbons'.' move for legalized boxing hna progres- Oliphant-Vidal Combination and Forward Pass Defeat the Westerners. i j T,,, *],,, ,,«^««t««. ,.,u:i, it, -»i lanue, wnne uiie A^ifies josi oui live ted by the undertow, while its ad- | d f ! infliction for o f f - sjjrv tlipri trtnlr its turn in forirofner . . , , -, . . . _ _ . . . y then took its turn in forgoing he front. Neither r-Ieven Tv*as able register n touchdown because her could flash a consistent of- se. The defense was so virile and interference so impotent and rag- that the opposing- tackles ^enernl- ^ere breaking through to hurl tile tier to the turf. Cyclones Fine Fighters. he Cyclones wore not the equals oC Cornhuskers in point of beef, yet lowans asked nothing- from nor :eded nothing to their huskier op- ents, and the inability of the Ne- ikans to smash their way down field and cross the Ames' goal ."ided a sterling tribute to the ting spirit and determination of Cyclone players. ebraska rooters may have been dis- ointed because of the failure of the ikers to tear through the sturdy ;s' defense, yet there was no ?rin on the part of the Nebraska ·hes, who realizing that the Cornier team was gravely crippled, ;ted keen pleasure from the g-oal by Captain Corey which made it iible for Nebraska to emerge mphant from the bitterest football Ic a Nebraska eleven has been ;d on to wage in many a day. giving- the Cyclones full credit stag-ing a desperate fight, it is" unfair to -relate the plain facts the lowans were not once within j side play. Holding- was Nebraska's chief offense, a violation of the rules which set the Huskers back a full 60 yards. Quarterback Sloss and Left Halfback Aldrich/were the only consistent ground gainers for the Cyclones, while Cook and Caley, the midgets ol i the Nebraska back field, were responsible for most of the material advances reeled off by the Cornhusker clan. Caley's sprint for 17 yards yards around Packer, the famous Ames end, was the most spectacular feature of the final period of play, the WEST POINT. N. V.. Nov. '-(.-The driving attack, the brilliant overhead play and the finished defense of tho Army's Olipnant-Vldal combination, was too mucn for Notre Dame this a f t e r noon, nnd the westerners were beaten, 30 to 10. Three times the A r m y scored touchdowns, nnd each time It was Vidal who went over after long forward p.'isses fiom Oliphant. In addition. Vidal drop kicked a beautiful field foal from the 43- yard line, nnd Oliphant lifted two over from placement from the IS-yard line. Cofall and Bergman did the heavy work for Notre Dame. Cofall equalled Vldal's feat, sending a drop kick soaring from the 45-yard line. Bergman crashed through the westerners' only touchdown and Cofall kicked the goal. Five thousand saw the Iloosters forge Big Nine Championship Lies Between Ohio and Northwestern. W i l l t h e r e be a of .ilib's ard e x - ! · t " Hll "'''" /"rUier t h a n II has In Iowa CUSPH by tlie principals in an e f f o r t lo I '-""' N-uid.i and m i p p o r t i rs of tho mea- cover up " wretched m i n - n . W i l l t h e ' ?'"''' n u ' ' i m f l d c n t of success In the near ;-,;i-k hi- puflsed f i n m one to He o l h e i an I f u t u r e , was the ens.- In the enl ' l - s w o i ' h y of m e n t i o n In t h i s con- f'T-HCAGO. Nov. 4 --Ohio slate and Northwestern are the only undefeated "levens in the Big Nine conference tonight SOgement 7 Or w i l l t h e r e be some ro-.U f l K l . l i n g do- vrltiped? It IN a hard m a t c h to lorrtvist. The finger (if siLsplrion II.IH been p o i n t - net-tlon t h a i (he operation of rommlxslon suporhlKlon over boxing 1ms been general- Iv aurcf H H f u l and because of It t h e sport b u s been f i r m l y e n t a b l l n h e d on n high plane. The .stigma, a t t a c h e d to the. game I 11^ I I I l f c ' - l III :*UMUK I till II.IM IM'I'II 1IUII1 I - I : i , , 7 ed t o w u i d t i i c M l l l o n a n d Ulbbons b a t t l e , '" t h ^ P a " , l l H H almost entirely dliop- bui l i t t l e ciedonee is placed In charges, localise It Is generally K n o w n that they are tho o u t g r o w t h of a jealous jioared u n t i l nowadays both pre-si nnd public nllke are coming to look upon leg- i t i m a t e boxing contests as n nplendld form f.-ud for Iocs i tin i IN being waged hy ", r ' · " t c r t n l r i m e n t . The Hlindy und tricky clnss of promoters are being weeded out ( C e r t a i n interests In Chicago t n a t luivc \Vipc-onsIn and Minnesota, who WPTB I been more or less prominently I d e n t i f i e d , expected to fight it out for t l i e r-ham- w i t h the boxing game. plonshlp. went down to b i t t e r defeat '-o- | Dillon and Gibbons, hecause of ' ' ' day. The former Jost to Ohio state. 14 to 13. the lack of an agile toe p u t t i n g them out of the running. Minnesota's huskies were t o u t e d to 'heir- high standing and pivHtlgo. cannot possibly afford to bo a p a n y to any agree- m e n t a f f e c t i n g the honesty of I n e l r encounter. Not only In Ihch- reptilutlon at run up a big score over the Illinois | stake In this »week'R b a t t l e , but t h e i r cripples but got the surprise of t h r l r young lives, when the down state I l l i - nois boys showed t h e m up nnd gave them the last end of a 14 to !) score. Ing f i i t u i e haijgs In t h e balance afi well If the a f f a i r is .ib.solutelj on t n o levtil, and there In no good g i o u n d to ! otherwise, then the m a t c h Hhould Ohio state had already bealen 1111- I duce some of the f l g h t h i E nois. Conference Interests will therefore staged between middleweight since the to distance before an Ames tackle coula hurl him to the sod. Penalties Proved Dangerous. The Cyclones threatened the Nebraska goal line on two occasions--once in the first period and again in the fourth period. Two penalties for holding,' which cost the Huskers 30 y^ wlio covered 2o yards o£ j opened up their forward pass play. [Nebraska City Loses to Nebraska Ag-gies The school of agricultuie Asgies de- yards, aided the Cyclones in working: j f pa ted the Nebraska City lush school thp bull well into Nebraska territory and a forward pass by Sloss, the only successful flip manipulated by Ames all afternoon, enabled Johnson to cover 14 yards and down the ball on Nebraska's 27-yard line. Two line smashes gained eig-ht yards for the tearrf Friday afternoon on the farm grounds by IS to 7 score. This is i h e first defeat Nebraska City has suffered out of four game. Tne score stood 7 to 6 In Nebraska City boys' favor at the end of the third quarter, when their line failed and the Aggies made two more touchdowns hy continuous line Cyclones, but Johnson fumbled on the plunges. Wheeler and Osborn did the next play and Dobson promptly booted bulk , of tn ? ground gaining for the ^ _ , - _ _ ^ _ ,, , , _ , r -- I Aggies, while Smith. Nebraska City's colorea end. intercepted an Ags'e pass and ran half the length of the field to . the oval out of the danger zone. The A iple«. while Smith Cvclones importer! tWiT- h»=t- colored end. intercepted ihusker territory deep enough lo I Cyclones uncorked their best offense e a menacing- "bid for a touch- during- the third period, when the^ ,, ,, n. The Huskers, on the other rammed the line and circled the ends Cornell 1, had two opportunities to cross I f °LSams which totalled 53 yards. j Herrin touchdown. The lineup. I..TC Smith .. ington L.G Miller The Ames warriors were in posses- | Culbertson L.T Mnrlowp center In the game between Ohio and Northwestern at Columbus. November 25. when Stanley Kctchfl nnd Billy Papke fought for supremacy Both U l l - barrlng of course, a swatting for either | Ion and Gibbons are really wonderful of these teams in the m e a n t i m e Tonight -even co-eds were- sobbing on the campuses at Madison and Minneapolis. I f i g h t i n g men. Wetenui fulloweis of the boding game, who lu\ c to dwell on th« fistic prowess of bygone heroes of ihe - - - ti, e Bowling- Statistics Hty Commercial League, Class B. Won Post Pins Liiidwlg B r o t h e r s . . . . ? L' T.'i'tfl Fleming Jewels ...." 4 7007 Fillers' Pharmacy .! ^ 7D93 Buick A u t o 7 4 7300 Plattner-Yale 3 fi 70CO Orpheum Cafe :.' 7 C974 Individual Averages Games Pins French 9 squared circle, freely a d m i t t h a t I loonier mlin killer nnd the .Saintly pnnntom are splendid types of ring nnr- rlors ami w o r t h y In t-very way to bo placed on the same pedestal with Kolchel, Papke, Fitzsimmons Ryan and McCoy. sion of the ball on Nebraska's 28-yard line at the start of the final quarter Iowa goal, yet failed in both in- ces. Early in the second quarter, s, the Ames quarterback, fumbled ng pass from center. The Corn- I 'S S^*^ tSfSkSn' -s_thro_wn_for^ ? ten-yard joss. Two ^"^(cV " I 1 U k e r r 0 t e l S uneasj Thomsen C. Troxel R. G. Nelson R.T. Mstz Versaw iced into the arms or Kositzky's g-uard. Kositzky had a clear field touchdown and four of his com- s were on his flank to form a wall nterference. The Husker guard red ten yards in his flight and permitted the ball to roll to the nd. The Nebraska,ns pounced the ball, but the opportunity to down the rectangle and across the ones' ffoal had been frittered Cook's Run Centering Wedg*. :braska's other bid for a touch- i featured the third quarter. Sloss led another pass from center and ' Huskers downed the oval on s 27-yard line. John Cook, suc- r to Caley at left halfback, then ;d through the left side of the s !ine, "wriggled away from a pair 'yclone tacklers and. doubling: in forward passes failed and the Huskers took the ball on downs and Dobson speedily kicked deep into Ames territory. The remainder of the fourth quarter was played entirely on the Cyclones' side of the field. The Huskers braced In their offense and reeled off three first downs, but the Ames defense stiffened and when the Nebraskans switched their tactics and resorted to the forward pass, the Cyclones succeeded in breakings up every plav but one of that sort by the Co'rn- eleven. The ball was in Ne- Wheeler Osborn ( C ) Q.B... L.H... .. ..F.B .. R.1-T... Anderson (C) Nelson lloberg Crandall Bowen Beason Fumble Loses for Wisconsin COLUMBUS. O.. Nov. 4.--Ohio state established the right of a serious Big Nine contender todav when tiie most desperate gridiron struggle ever waged on the local field resulted In the van- n o s a line when the final whistle sounded j n g directly In front of his goal, fumbled the termination of the ancounter. Husker Tricks Concealed. The press box fairly swarmed with scouts for rival teams which the Cornhuskers and Cyclones must face in future contests. Assistant Coach Rockne of Xotre Dame, Head Coach , racks, raced down the other side i ofcott of Kansas university and Head c rield for a l a - j a r d grain. Cook's i Coach Howard Jones of Iowa unlver- t planted the ball on tnc Ames I 3 ity were taking notes on every Ne- ird line and the Cornhusker root,- braska formation. Dr. Stewart kn p w aegan shouting for a touchdown. " " .. . . Simpson's kick out after a. touchdown. Nelson McClollan Turnipsced 8 Wilson Gumbel Fnstoe Ilopewell Carlson Orownover (J Herzog Brever Planner. S. H. Thorgrimson Hudson 9 Gelt man Cook fiamson Shedd McDonald ............. fi 7 ............ 3 9 9 9 F.irrow . ., ............ ft L-udwig Planner. B Carper "Washer Richards 9 Kallerjohn 9 Wetter fi Koenig 9 Fleming ?, Farmer 6 Stem Is 1 Plattner. S 9 Obbink ]62fi 1431 ]60S HI 4 ir.Sb 15S.T lf.8.' 1 OS5 1577 1050 152(1 r.04 1501 100-1 HSS w; 1150 491 H f i l Hf)4 i-ur, 1437 1433 1 4:;o 14:;", H1K 140C, nor; 4 4 4 S."9 1279 1277 421 When the m a t c h between Dillon and *^l j Gibbons first was proposed tho shcwd ·'f.f I Judges of ring form raised questioning .00,1 j ,,y es ,,t the stipulated weight of liil .,a6 i pounds, because II wns generally k n o w n ·"·'· I that this was a tlgurf which Dillon "«!oo cou ' 1 ' not make and still retain all his ·--" natural strength. The ilooslnr assassin, I a f t e r thinking the a f f a i r over, evidently I realized the danger t h a t l a y _ t l i e r e i n be- I cause he later declined to BO through ' a I w i t h the contest unleHs ho could enter · " ' " - · · - - - - - - - · 163 pounds, weighing in nt 1S1 179 1 l f l ! the ring at 1 ." . 3 o'clock. _ . . . ., ..,,*.,. At this figure he will be In _J I possession of his greatest strength and l^jj j therefore he should be In position to give ' i " j h l n beet efforts toward victory. There ' i l l will be an advantage in weight for Dll- ji' 1 ! Ion of some eight pounds, but that Is not i - n ! a i ? unreasonable handicap for a man of 1 '" | Gibbons' fighting class. , Glb'bons Is considerable faster than Dillon, has a classier style and undoubtedly ha« more ling tricks. Mlki: IH a cutting jabber, can hook and uppercut 167 167 I 6 C 166 !«·( 164 1C2 162 160 IS!) 158 lf,S e v e r y w h e r e and responsible men now eon l i o l p r a f t l c u l l v overy bin boxing club In t h i s c o u n t r y . PhiHO co-operHtlon betweei t h i s class of promoters and tho various cominlsuloiih haw c o n l i l b u t o d malerlall to tho u p l i f t ol the sport. EQULY RfllEO Schaefer and Slosson Ran a Close Race for Supremacy At Billiards. In the history of bllllard.i there never were two morn closely matched rlvalni t h a n the late Jacob Schaefer and George Slosson. A l t h o u g h Schaefer by reason V x h l s brilliancy generally wan accorded the palm, yet a summary of their big matches e x t e n d i n g over a pe- ilod of about t h i r t y years shown that the plodding "Student," won us many mutches as Schaefer. One of the most notable finishes mide by Jake against George accurred in tho second world's championship at the three-ball game. The main prize was an emblem and SI.000. The prize winners were: Schaefer, $1.000; Slosson. $600 Sexton, J300, Daly. J200, those finishing o u l s l d o the money being Gamier, Galla- and his right has a stupefying j gher, Rudolpue nnd llelser. Slosson. Daly potion In It. He proved t h i s not so very | anc | Gallagher are the only surviving long ago when he flattened the, niglily raem bers of (his octet, touted Young Ahearn In less than one Although .Slosson had the best aver- ro l" 1 °- . . , , , , , » a * e ° r 3 "- 60 h was unfortunate enough Dillon Is a- much more ruggedly built to encounter Daly at his best, the lat- T*-» **I-I/-IF« t 1-, o % n I K K f. r+o T_!A ( « 10 * i«n-. W A M ,. nrt \ . . . . * . » . . . . . 1B1 H8 H2 140 High three game, by team: Buick Auto High -single game, hy team: Fleming Jewels, 970. High three games by Individual: Nelson 588. High single game by i n d i v i d u a l : French 219. line plung-es netted five yards, which the Huskers faked a · kick and. instead, attempted u buck wh'eh resulted in the run- jeing tackled for a two-yard lo^s run Corey then rc*-ate"d to the- ird line and squared off for the for goal which netted Xebraska ·jctory. ' Itoscr's pass from PI»T»- ras perfect and. with Cook hold- he ball to the turf, Corey drove oot into the pigskin and "sent it of the presence of the triumvirate mentioned and the Cornhuskers were under instructions to keep, certain plays jn their repertoirp closely sealed. Formations which tHe Huskers might have used--plays which have been consistent ground-gainers in the practice drills--were not brought into ac- ! tion. The orders from Dr. Stewart | wcrp to "open up" during the final | quarter if necessity demanded, but the i three points netted by Corey's goal i kick had put the Huskers out in front I thp crossbar and between ' a n d the Xebra^kana were content with | uprights for a placement R-I^I In victory by a low score, rathpr than two entire periods of pla- t ' - i o . f o flash the formation which may ,ers hfli-1 been balked hy the . prove valuable In the coming combat i py Cyclone defense, but * n h p n ' with the powerful Notro Dame aggre- ; ·'s ?onl '-irk planted the ,Hnk^r i (ration on Thnnksffiivnff day. i n front to the oxteni of n three- j Statements By the Coaches. ! lead, it was quitp npnarent oul Coach Stewart of Nebraska: "I'm it's over and (hat we were win- ant lo tho extent of a three-point to the extent of a Hire hdl hrdlu (Contimied on Page Two) Statistics of the Battle Yards gained from snapback: Nebraska Ames First downs: Ames Yards tackled for losses: Nebraska , Yards gained on kick-off and punts Nebraska In 16 :.. Ames In 13 Kicks returned: Nebraska Forward passes succeeded: Nebraska Forward passes f a i l e d : Xebraska , .... Ames : Yards gained on passes: Nebraska Ames Yards lost on penalties: Nebraska · A mo* ,."..' Quarter f!2 0 1 Ii 3 1% 155 32 23 0 1 0 t 0 H 0 Second Quarter 48 17 1 0 3 14 84 135 IB 0 t 0 4 3 2S n r, Third Quarter 23 53 1 3 2 3 198 9fl 33 n 0 o 4 n 0 is 0 Fourth Quarter 56 25 i 0 10 15 120 SB R 0 2 0 4 1 Ifi 0 10 0 Totals 143 127 5 V 4 20 35 598 471 52 36 s i 4i ; 14 70 5 than, Gibbons. He Is stronger and can hit harder. He Is a better Inflghter t h a n Michael, besides being: good at long ranRe. In the latter department, however. Olbbons outshines him. The matcn | Is likely to develop into a defensive fight on the part of Gibbons while Dillon can be depended upon to earnestly try for fighting at close quarters. If he can connect with some of the solid body punches with which he beat Frank Moran a few weeks ago. It seems likely that t e r getting a run of 370. the beat In his career to that dale. Daly won and this reverse inadr it necessary for Slosson to defeat Schaefer In roder to tie him for first place. Schaef»r nad only nineteen points on bin string. while Slosson who played In phenomenal form was within twenty - points of game. Slosson missed and Rchaefer, getting the balls together, ran 283. He was still ran a lew weeics ago u. seems HKeiy t n a t , o far behlnd that no one concedcd hlm ?. e JJ' 1 ' 1 f w _?/ ) ^ Jl ?f .".P. 6 ^.-?' 15 ?. 0 ^ «· ««ance. Again Slosson missed and to his own gait and In t h a t event It Is almost a certainty that Dillon, will r«- t u m winner, perhaps not by a knockout but at least on points. Dillon Is a "hooker." in the parlance of flit- ring. He seldom swings or jabs. He shonts his blows, vhlch usually do not travel more than a feiv inches, eitiv-r over or under his o p p o n n n f j aims. Dillon naturally ought to rule fnvoritn Schaefer, giving another demonstration of his wonderful nerve, again began to count rapidly. He reached the century mark and continued counting until h« had turned the second century. By this time the huge crowd was In a state of tense excitement. Jake kept going and ran out his string of 600 points with an u n f i n i s h e d count of 28fc" Slosaon hnd high run of 648 for this among the wagering men His i e-orrt j tournament. Schaefer's best mark being ^, fc F" c . h ^ r! .£^ ltA J?i e . t i\ a ". *?,,?' 376. Jake won seven straight games. . those who have cl watched the Hoosler in action believe that if hs had fully extended hlmsolf In a] his battles that he wouM have piled up a more formulnhlj K. O.'.i than he now enjoys. t i n n y of The Impression has always prevailed that Dillon has held himself In reserve In inany of his l-.-ittlt-s. \Vii--n hr- \a failing, unless hard pressed, be neenis to be "battling Jhdy wraps." !nnt is. h« floes not put all his str;nattn l-chlnd his punches The fighting arnrne Is n hard rnph business w i t h Dillon Just as It Is w l l h nil fighters. In this ens' of Dillon he outclasses hla division just as Wlllard does In the heavyweight clnrr. To decisively defeat every man he meets ' would mean eventually that there would bo no other opponents left for him to and his earning naturally would h( curtailed. That Is the )m- p)pM«k:i on* gains from sc.i.minit f h * performances of the Hoosler against d i f - ferent flght«r*. ^ N As a case In point. Inke the ntiinornus matches between Dillon unrl T.avinrky. A few months ago they -clashed at Kitn- t.AK City nnd Dillon ,"wor ensllv !n practl- rally every round. Since then th«y hnv» had three other engagements an! In two nf th«so tho Hooxler th« popubr decision. Lust week they met ijfuln nt . Roston, nnd thl» timp r«tnrn«d winner. It do«« not neeni humanly poi- tralght games. Slo»son being beaten by Schaefer and Daly. Only one match was played subsequently for this emblem. Schaefer defeating Slosson, 3.000 to 690. at Chicago, a side wager of JI.OOO going with the emblem. Slosson's match with Schaefer In this tournament and his one with Prank Iven. In the 18-1 championship at Madison Square Garden. In November. 1897, he considers two of the most remarkable In his career. In this match Ives had six point to go while Slosson was trailing over 100 points to the rear. Although Slosson iraa In fine stroke and confident, he had been unable to get an opening, but after Ives had missed Sloaion got In a big run and following another miss by Ive» he ran the game out. giving Jilm four straight wln» and frl»t of tl.460.KO and the embl«m Tn this tournament Ives made his record run of .140. averaire 3] .25 in that game Schaefor flnined second, Ives third, Daly fourth and Sutton fifth. Angered by Kllbane's Talk. l.ltlle wonder Henny boy i» riled. Can anyone Imagine a f u t u r e lightweight clmmplon being bundled like a toy by a mere featherweight clmmplon? Leonard b u n taken umbrage a t Kllbnne'a remarks, and he means lo make the Clevelander "dwaller t h e m woldH," The only possible wiiy he can arrange for such a clr- ciimstnnce IR to moet Kllbane in ring combnt again--and t h a t IB what Bonny IIIIH avowed to do. If It takes him th* rest of the winter to do It. Keonnrd N ready to acquiesce to any reasonable weight Imposition Kllbun* may dommtd. Leonard, woo Is one of Ihe few legitimate 133 pound llght- wntghtH, will readily consent to do 12J poundH for Kllbano. It la hard to visualize Kllbotie dodging a. meeting at thlfl weigh!, for he took on Leonard nt ISO ponds, and even then ''handled him like a toy." Just nt present no promoter hag ofV- fered to stnga the return bout between Leonard and Kllbano. However. It would prove an Interesting match this tlmo, an Leonard has Improved «om« 600 per cent slnco tho last meeting; while Kll- bann ha* not deteriorated In a single por- eiiillago point. As a matter of fact, he has nlnce shown that ho Is ono ot (he greatest fighters of the generation, judging by tho easy nffinner In which he accomplished the downfall of George Cnaney, the knockout king. The K. O. king was K. O. d. In Just three rounds. A battle between Leonard acid Kllban* would aHo serve to settle, or go a long way toward settling tho moot question of how Ivllbane would fare In a bout with Lightweight Champion Welsh. The uhwersal Idoa appears to bo that Kll- bane would comn oloso to knocking out Welsh, whero ho so disposed. Whether he would may be determined before next spring, an ti Kllbanc-Welnh fight Is be- vond the Incubation stage and negotiations may bo closed even before the Kll- btine-Lconard match Is clinched. Leonard has met Welsh twice In tea round bouts, for an average of EOO. Benny won the first clash by a wide margin, while tho champion ^evened the order In the second meeting-. Leonard rounds--In the fourth round of the first fight--but ho lacked the punch to finish off the title holder. Leonard Has K. O. Punch. Since the second tilt, Leonard has knocked out Ever Hammer. th« hardy Chlcagoan who a few months previous had given Welsh a severe trouncing In twelve rounds. Leonard flattened the bristling blond In twelve rounds, holding the upper hand all the way. So, It 'will ' be seen, comparisons are odious. In his little talk tt western theatre- goers, Kllbane reveals some Interesting facts. After taking hla "fall" out of Leonard, the featherweight king declares that the lesser lights of the division have caused him Infinitely more trouble than the topnotchers. Johnny Dundee, whom many consider as efficient a lightweight as there Is In the world -today, was quite easy for him, Kllbane aay«. Continuing. Jawn declares: "The toughest opponent I ever Mi- countered was Eddie Wallace, a 1JS- pounder from Brooklyn. I met him on two occasions--once In Brooklyn; the other time in Montreal--and In both bouts he made me mlsa repeatedly and jabbed my face as no other fighter ever was able to. He even left a. scar on my cheek, and try as I could I was .unable to make him. stop his annoying tactics." Can ii be that Johnny Is angling for another Wallace bout? Dopesters Believe Cornhuskers Will Hold Championship CORNELL. RUNNERS WIN. SYRACUSE, N. Y., Nov. 4.--Cornell ran away from Harvard In the annual cross country run this afternoon, winning 34 to 76. Wen*, of Cornell, led by 75 yards, with time 34 minutes, 24 seconds. Of the first six runners in, five were Cornell KANSAS CITY, Mo.. Nov. 4.--Three big football games, only one of which was a conference battle, held the attention o'f Missouri valley football followers today. The Ames Aggies, losing to the University of Nebraska eleven at Lincoln, cam* nearer to beating the Cornhuskers than n years. Ames lost the only confereno* tamo of the day to Nebraska, ft to ·. followers of the valley schedule say this Was Nebraska's hardest game and that the Cornhuskers undoubtedly -will k««» the title this season. The University of Kansas upset the dope nnd for the first time in five yean, ' beat Bcnnle Owen's Oklahoma Sooners, · 21 to IS. The game was played at t*w- rcnce. At Columbia, Mo., the. University- of Missouri beat the Texas. Longhorns, 3 to -0. Wants Cubs to Train There -;·« CHICAGO, III.. Noy. ---Pre«W«lt IWeeghman's plans for t'kivtg hli CulM to Pasadena. Calif., for spring training were Jolted tonight bj^rord that Tamp*. F1».. business men would not r«leaM tli«, Cubs' contract to train there. We«(h- man hasn't found anyone te take the contract yet. but h « s l not to «o back to ftorM* EWSPAPERl MEWSPAPEJRl

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