The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 26, 1916 · Page 5
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 5

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1916
Page 5
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THURSDAY, OCTOB V EB 26, 1916. fiE LINCOLN DAILY STAR, mem made In the elicular le-Uc-r sent out from democratic hendquarters-t Is not t r u ^ Let him answer before the people or f'tand oonvictccl bv liU silence The ciscular containing Sutton s iec- i ord is proving the most effective piece of I uunpiugn literature of tin.v thing so far i U'-ed In connection w i t h the btate caiu- [ p.ilgn About 70,000 copies oi it hav e I aheady been sent out. and requests, a t e , I coming- in e\eri day for more The Mate, I committee had Bordered another batch pi khted. Attack On Legislative Record of Judge A. L. Sutton In Good Faith. Langhorst Says People of State Have a Right to Know How Candidate Voted. Printed circulars showing the record of A L, Button's votes In the legislature during the tiio sessions when he served as a house member, have been distributed generally throughout Nebraska by the democratic state committee The committee has had this matter sent out because it believes the \oters of Nebraska ire entitled to know the truth about the public acts o£ a man who claims to be Sevoted to moral reform and Is pleading- for votes on that Issue. While Tudgre Sutton remains silent and Dff^rs neither a denial nor an explanation 3t the facts disclosed bv his record some 3f his campaign managers are throwing; aut the intimation that the circular came from some anonjmous source and was lot sponsored by any particular author- tr In order to remove any doubt upon .his point. Chairman Langhorst of the lemocratic state committee makes the olloTMng statement "This circular was printed for the de- nocratic state committee bj its order ana Jirectlon and was sent out from Uie lernorratlc state headquarters in Lincoln There Is no mystery whatever In regard o -t and the committee stands behind It. Well Within Record. , "Every fact in the circular was taken roin legislate e reco ^' m «he printed louse journal. The Miowme might have 3een made e\en stronger but the com- nittee took -pains to keep everv state- nent -well within the limits of the actual acts as disclosed by the record ·Instead of trying to make a mvstery Hit of this, when there is none, it would e much more to the point If Judge Suton or somebodv for him would answer he charges regarding his \otes in the oei«lature HP certainh under-rates the ntelhgence of the -voters If he thinks hat such a recoid as he has made can e Ignored . 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Get your winter's supply now at The Basket Stores Nebraska Tourists On Special Train Arrive Today Via 'Burlington Road. The Cornhuskers came home today from their successful invasion of the Pacific northwest, \\here they trounced the Oreg-on Angles 17 to 7 in last Saturday's gridiron conflict on Multnomah field. The Nebraska special pulled into the Burling-ton. station at 1 p. m. and the Huskers. the cadet band boys and thie other tourists were greeted bv a thousand or more students who save the Nebraska yell and cheered for the team Forming in procession, the band paraded to Thirteenth and O streets and rendeeed a brief concert while H A. Lindsay, the movie picture expert who made the full trip with th« Corn- huskers, took his last views of the Junket. The Cornhuskcr pUjers must buckle into stiff practice right off the reel by wa of preparing for Saturday's engagement with the Meinodists from Nebraska Weslejan and the combat witn the Ames Aggies the following -week when the Missouri valley title will hinge on tho result During- their tour, the Cornhuskers and their train covered upwards of 4 500 miles Departing from Lincoln a week ago Tue§- da night the special traveled to Portland -via the Union Pacific the Oregon Short Line and the Oregon Railwav Navigation road Ed B Slosson general agent of the Union Pacific m IJnjoln. was m cnarge of the train between Lincoln and Portland V E Jones, traveling passenger agent for the Great Northern, took charge on the return trip, which included a daj's ride to Seaside 01 er the North Bank rail-was and the subsequent journev to Lincoln b way of Seattle, Spokane Glacier National park Great Falls and Billings on the Great Northern and Burlington railroads, Tne personnel of the Nebraska partv was as follows- Personnel of the Party E J. Stewart, coach, R B Rutherford, assistant coach, Guv E Reed, manager, Jack Best, trainer, Dr Clapp, facultj Dr Oliver Everett, pnysicJan, Mrs Oliver Everett chaperon .,,,.. The team--H Corey captain, Ted Riddell R B Rhodes Lum Doyle. Pat Norris Mike Selzer Ellsworth Moser Grove Porter C Donnegan, P W Proctor, Roy Cameron, Ben Dale, Bud Heller, Jim Maloney, Paul Dobson. Hugo Otoupalik, Ed Kositsky Loren Caley, John Cook, Sid Hoadley Harold Wilder. Jim Gardner, Ed Shaw, Sam Kellog Rooters and Boosters--O w Palm, R E Greene A L Adams, A W Farmer, J. E Shuff, W. C Wilson. A V. Hlava, C. I Anderson. \V T Irons, E E Angle, W M Bauman. H"Wilson V T Jones, E J Prusa, J A Cejnar, E W Truman, Jr H W Hicks University band--D T Lane, major R J Saunders captain and drum major, Fred Garrison "W A Schumacher, R L. Theisen H N Aldricn. Done Stevens. C L Meislnger, Leslie Ellis. D P Thomas Earl Wilson, P T Babson. Fred Creutz, Burce Neumann, Cecil Beacham Harry Huffman, Ed Youngr, A. G Matousek, D B Dow, Jack Emley M L Springer E F Moore H B Lewis. Harry Harris E E Watkins. C F Ellsbee, L W Kline. L H Redelfs P B Po'lnicky. Raymond Turnure, H G Schroeder, Edward Bush, B F Pi,man, E S Sens General staff-~"E B Slosson, general agent Union Pacific, Cy Sherman Lincoln Daily Star, R A Lindsaj, motion picture pnotographer, Peg White mastei of properties, A M Hegelund, Pullman conductor S I Park dining-car steward, George Doudle train electrician Ban on Poker Playing Wire reports from -Cy" Sherman, the sports editor of The Star kept Star readers informed as to all Important details of the trip until the final day, the lea- tures of which were an accident to Ole W Palm organizer of the party of business men who acompancled the Huskers on their entire trip and a discoverey Wednesda-v night that a few of the Nebraska pjlayers had violated the jntl- poker rulft raid down by Head Coacn Stewart The offenders offered apologies and gave personal pledges that the -ule laid down b the coacli would be rigidly respected during the remainder of the football season. The trip was the most pretentious -ver undertaken by a college football management The Cprnhusker party traveled every inch of the Journey on an~all-Bteel train of several coaches setting a nark which has never been previously ap- vroached In the annals of toe game of the grid Very few of the football player and band musicians ever had traveled farther west than tne boundaries of their home state The trip carried the train through one of the moat interesting regions of America from a scenic standpoint and on that account was beneficial from- an educational standpoint The presence of forty members of the cadet band aided the university management materially In advertising" the Cornnuaker school alojig everv line of road over which the Nebraska special traveled Corns Loosen, Lift Right Off Nothing But "GETS-IT" Will Do This to Corns and Calluses. 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What tvas recoj?ni7ed by most people a month ago as inevitable has now come to pass, bv thp putting Into effect of the new freight rate-? recently filed by the Nebraska rallronds, which supersede the olaes rates thnt have recently been annulled bv the interstate commerce commission The new rates became effective Wednesday They are based on a flat distance tariff being materially hlfjh- p- than the old rates for short distances and lower on some of the longer distances The protest forwarded to Washington by the Lincoln Commercial club and five' other commercial clubs of Nebraska asking- to have the new rates suspended i pending an !nvestimation was disiegard- ed Whether it will be possible to secure a revision of the rates so as to pre- ser'-e the formei relative adjustmrT* Is doubtful This definitely ends the flght over N* 1 - bnska class rates The undecided Uti- gatfon over them now in the Nebraska supreme court, becomes automatically a dead letter. 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Oct. 26 --Detectives t o d i y recovered $13000 of the J32 000 stolen from a paymaster of tho Rur- roughs AddlnK Machine company in Detroit. August 4 Thi detprtlvos rocovpred the mono by opening- the safety deposit boxes at the Mercantile Trust company The safety deposit boxes wero rented throi» davo after the robbery bv n man who Rave the name of lames I-«ne The keys to the safety dpponlt boxes were reoched todav from Dnllns. Tex whcrf Jumos W.Uton OS St Ixiuls wn« arrested last Saturday, In h1n confession, Walton said UM BMit«y WM in tb* *af« Uoposlt vault. f, f ST PAUL Minn , Oct 2G --Governor J A Burnqulnt today issued the call for a special session of the state legislature to assemble nt 11 a m . Saturday, October 28, for the purpose of considering legislation would rntlce It possible for the Minnesota national guardsmen now at the Mpxican border to vote In the general election November 7. 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