The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 23, 1916 · Page 8
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 8

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Monday, October 23, 1916
Page 8
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pr ; EIHT 14^ CHE LINCOLN DAILY STAR. Market Quotations NEWS OF SHORT BROAD DEALINGS CROP LEADS TO FRESH ADVANCE MTIMATE MADE THAT 1116 PRODUCTION IS 25 PER CENT DOWN. l*ger Buylnj Ll«» Corn--Oats in Demand -- Provliloni Up In Spite of Hofli. CHICAGO. HI., Oct. 23. · WHEAT--Estimates that Uie world » W16 crop was 25 per cent short of last -year's total led to a decided advance to- di-v In the price of wheat. Continuance cf'the drought In Argentina tended also to' lift values, but a. temporary reaction *·*« caused by reports that the TM"\f there was unsettled. Liverpool ol*- patches savins that arrivals in Great Britain were Inadequate acted as a hajti- "o*p P en 0 mg th p e rl^e?. n 'which ranged trom J IHe higher, with December at ^·'"^^ 1.74 and May at JJ.73ffl.7«. were followed by a substantial setback, but then a fresh "^ubs'eVntly a big rl.e In ^o'a' 1 ?;"? it Buenos Aires brought about further tains. Profit taking sales here, how- TEND TO BRING HIGHER LEVELS FORWARD SPECIALTIES LEAD IN M O V E M E N T . Sugar, Leather. Steel, Car, Paper and Rails Amona Stocks In Active Demand. NEW YORK, Oct. 23. New mnximums for United SUtes ew mnx Steel. Sugar and Leather Issues and I tan Copper accompanied t o d a y s dealings. which ranked among the largest and broadest of the current movement. Dealings on a broad scale at higher level* were resumed at the °P pnln ,* today's market, specialties movement. High records lished by American Beet , loading were estab- »" d . Cu . 1 ? li " Sugar Cane sugars, and Central Lea her also showed a new m a x i m u m . Unil ed States Steel's belated opening showed a gain of a point with ns much or mote tor American Car, Pressed Steel Car. International Paper and Other metal issues AVestlnehouse. Inspiration Copper. funs. l-ruiii in.rv... 0 , , - : , ( · TI,. act! ·ver. led to something of a reaction The (close was unsettled l-\ to ?= '« . higher -with December at $1.74 ft and May * CORN--E^ger buying llftde corn. The 5 trength waTlargely the result of bullish crop conditions In Argentina After opening V®2M:C Higher, the market sagged a *. -WW . t _ ^ took another ,,^l,,rn were for activity general demand and the inquiry ^ a s a g n i n featured by unusual In Wabash issues, Denver ·- preferred. Chesapeake Ohio STRONG DEMAND TENDS TO PUSH CATTLE HIGHER STRONG TO 10-CENT ADVANCE ,,LARGE RUN. ON Hog« Steady to 10 Cento Lower--Sheep Tendency Downward--Fat Lambi Weak to 25c Off. (Special to The Star.) SOL'TH OMAHA. Neb., Oct. 23. CATTLE--Receipts. 14.000. There was a food liberal run of cattle today, but there was a correspondingly good de- i M ,«hcl« ssfi s .° 0 %·«tTn* 5sn?sz. frew 'fhrpZars aWffi "·#«': »«.!M3-sj Fair to Rood beeves S.aO® 9./o Common to fair beeves. Fancy graasers Good to choice grass beeves'. Fair to choice grass beeves.. Common to fall grass beeves Good to choice heifers Good to choice cows Fair to good cows Common to f a i r cows. . . 8 25® 9.75 7.75® 8.25 6.83© 7 75 6.00® 6- s » B 75Cii 7.25 6.50S) 7.00 little atid then .w.. . Decreasing of stocks here led after- Wrd to additional strength. The close was nervous at Itt to 2»ic net advanca. OATS--Oats rose with other cereals. Commission houees snapped up all the ""PROVISIONS -- Provisions averaged higher, influenced by European demand for lard. Declines in the hog market here failed to operate as a complete off- let. Chicago Range of Pr!«§. (From A. R. Uoberls Commission Co.. JH First National Bunk Bl(!g.) CHICAGO. III.. Oct. 23. Mas- July Oat Dec. lltty July Corn Dee. Mav Pork Oct. Dec. Jan. Lard Dec. Jan. Ribs i ! Oct. 11425-151445 JOTl, 1345 2392 1510 1440-35 1440 1350 K*n»B City Rar,B» of Price.. (Kroni Shannon Grain Lo 003 mat «» H o n a l Rim' B l f i K - ) KANSAS CITY. Mo.. Oct. 2S. Clos.- ] W u t d y and Rock Inland. _,,,«/«· Trading assumed much wider Proportions before 11 o'clock, embracing issues of every description. Increased profit taking ckerclaed little or no effect, prices nttalnlng higher levels. Unusual aotlvlO ", Bethlehem Steel w h i c h rose 30 point, to 580. was a conspicuous feature. Cent TM ' L e a t h e r and Sugars extended their ^^^^*$^^ ?r C neV h %ec C o n rd raI of fl5 l U A la w?t r n ffi S \ to 4 points In related stocks. Rails ·Ure relatively backward but firm. Deai- incs up to the noon hour, when almost buoyant conditions prevailed, approximated 750.000 -hares. Bonds were fIrm Steel at he new record of n\\ with f u r t h e r activity in other Industrials, eluding American nnd Continental featured the mid-session. Union G?od to choice feeder*.. Fair to good feeders .Common to full- feeders Good to choice stockers. Stock heifers Stock cows Stock calves eal calves In- Cans Pacific Mich I Low Wht Dec. May Corn Dec. May 167^6!) 167 ...... SS 171% ....... 166 167'., ....... * *. ' 1 " ' St) ,· Sa 3 4 1G5 166 · · * " * * * " * " · · " " 'A. R. ROBERTS COMMISSION CO. (Correspondents E. W. Wagner Co.) Chlcauo Cash Grain. CHICAGO, 111., Oct. 23. WHEAT--No. 2 hard. J1.7:'!4(»1.76 !l j: NO.J hard. $1.71 @1.75; No. 4 hard. $1.4u c'ortN--No. 2, 9Sc@Jl.01; NO, 3, 99'-aC® I 1 0 0 W ' No 4 9S?4!S'9S 1 ^|C; No. 2 w h i t e . 9»W'®» 01- No. 3 white nScigiJI.OO'/i: ^0· 2 yellow. 90Hc@»1.01H; NO. 3 yellow, 99ii . e-ll.Ol; No. 4 yellow, 99c«t*1.00; No. b yellow. 9S®i4c. ,, OATS--No. 2 white, ClHiiTol-^c; No. o white. SO'Sl^c: No. 4 white, iiowjlc: standard. Bl@52'ic. Carlot receipts: \ TODAY--Wheat, 9S cars; coin. 54 cars; o»tB, 307 oars. TOWORKOW--Wheat. 2U cars, corn. 124 cars; oats. 649 cars. St. Louis Cash Grain. ST. LOUIS, Mo., Oct. 23. WHEAT--No. 2 hard, Jl.77gH.SJ; No. 3 hard J1.75@1.77; No. 4 hard, J1.67. CORN-NO 2. ji.ooffi.02: NO. s. si.oo: No 2 white, 99c; No. 3 white, SSijc; No. 2 yellow. Jl.OS; No. 3 yellow. J1.02. OATS--No. 2. 52c; No. S. OOc; No. white. 63c; No. 3 white. B2@S;c No. 4 white. 51@52o: standard, 63c. Carlot receipts: No report. K*nus City Cash Grain. KANSAS CITY, Mo.. Oct. 23. WHEAT--No. 3 hard. Jl.75ffl.80: No. J'hard. $1.71®1.78; No. 4 hard, J1.69© "CORN--No. 2, 97@9SHc; No. 3. 97(8'98c: Ko 4 95g-97c- No. 2 white. Jl-00: No. 3 white 97@99c; No. 2 yellow, 9Sc@$1.03: No. S yellow. 9Sc@Jl.02H; *Jo. 4 yellow. '©ATS--No. 2 -white. 51©J2c: No. 3 white. 50%c; No. 4 white. 49H@50V4c. Carlot receipts: No report Omaha Cash Grain. OMAHA. Neb.. Oct. 2j. WHEAT--No. 3 hard. Jl-70@1.71: No. X hard, S1.67@l-71; No. 4 hard. J1.65I5 1 "CORN--No. 2 92©92^tC; No. 3. 93Vi@ SJe- No. 4 93@9iaic; No 2 white. 905? 92c: No. 3 white. S9@90c; No. 2 yellow. «6«T96c: No. 3 yellow, 94 I Si{f95c: No. 4 yellow ?4%iff95c; No. 5 yellow. 94- t (g95c: No. 6'yellow. 94®95c. OATS--No. 2 white. 45Q-49HC. No. o ·whit*. 4SH!S'4! 1 c: No. 4 -K-hlte. 47\5f-IS'ic; sUndard. 4S x i@49c. Carlot receipts: TODAT--Wheat, 124 ears; corn. 6 cars: o«t«. 69 cars. LAS TTEAR--Wheat. 9S cars; corn, 24 cars; oats, 135 cars. Chicago Cash Market. CHICAGO. 111., Oct. 23. RTE--"No. 2. $1.3201.34. · TIMOTHY-- S3.25®5.25. CLOVER--$11.00® 15.00 - PORK--J28.50. RIBS--$14.'o'o.'' _____ Minneapolis Cash Quotations. MINNEAPOLIS. M i n n . . Oct. J3. FLOUR--Winter patents. 2-V hisher; quoted at J9.55: firsts clears, snp hiisher: quoted at J7.90; second clears, 50c higher; quoted at $5.00. BARLET--S6c@JI.02. RYE-- $1.273*1.28. BRAN--J25.0(K8 26.50. Liverpool Grain. UIVF.RPOOL. Ens.. Oct, ZS. WHEAT--Spot No. 2 hdrd winter. 15i\ NO. 1 northern Euluth. 15s. _2d ; No. 1 .Maiiitobn. 15b. 6Vsd.; No. 2, 15s. 5d.; No. 3. 159. Sd. . . CORN--Spot American mixed, new, i l s 3d. yielded 1 to 2 points In 'the later operations, but rnnde partial rocoyeries on the strength of high grade rails. The cloilnp wan strong;. New York "Last Sale" Stock LI it American Beet Sugar Americnn Can American Car ,t Foundry Am^riein Locomotive American Smeltlnc Reflningr. American SilKtir Rennlng American Tel. Tel American Zinc. Lead S Annconda Copper Atchison Baldwin Ixcr.motlve Baltimore ft Ohio Frooklyn Rapid Transit B u t t e "and Superior Copper California Petroleum C n n n d i n n Pnclflc Central Leather Chesapcnk" Ohio ChlcaKO. Milwaukee St. Piutl.. . ChlcfiKO. Rock JsUind Paclnc Ky Chlno Copper Colorado Tiel (t Iron Crucible Steel Erie Clener.'il Elertnr Oreiit Nnrtnt-m pfd G r e a t Northern Ore ctfs Illinois Crntrnl I n t e l h o r o U K h Con-ol Corp I n u p l r a t l o n Copper Inter. I l n r y e s t e r , N, J bid Inter. Mere. M a r i n e pfd. c l f s . . . · Knn«:» C l t v Snutheni Kennecott Copper LrtnNvllle Nn-«hvllle, bid Mexican Petroleum MIninl Copper - · Ml-5-.ou.Tl. Knnstas A- Texas p f d . M l H P O u r l Pnclflc · N n t i o n n l Lend Xcvndn Copper Ne.\y York N. V.. N. II. A H Northern Pacific ., Pennsylvania Piiclllc Mail R n y i^on?eUdated Copper U e p i i b l l c Iron Steel S o u t h e r n Pnelflc Southern Rnllwny Ftiideh.-iktr Co Texas- Co Pnlon Pnelflc I" S. I n d u s t r i a l Mcohol r'nltert S t n t e ^ fite"! United States Steel iifd I ' t n h '"nppei .. slVnbnsh p f d . "R" Western I'nion Blectrie . SR'i . 82 H .11 1*1 .120% .13S14 ...107% S4 K3 1 2 4 ' 178 90 70 9551, 25 . B8H . SB sti .119 . 4 4 % .109-4 . 17S . ·« 1171' .117 137 . 58 . 2 ft*. . 26 . 11 1 V. . 7RU Beef bulls, stage, etc ols6@ 6.60 4.25@ 5 55 7.50® S.OO 6.75® 7.50 7.50$ S.OO 6.25® 7.25 B.2T® 6 50 7.00® S.50 sold 1 p n t . i t l v e l y t i b e i a l . !ii«-ans a \ e r y u c u t p i s - i i u j i l l o n ' n e x t sprint; but t h e r e i« the ' pluineo t h a t prenent liberal f o i e l S " ''*" 1 · n a t i i l mm i " M M t In « u f l l ' U - u t . M C C I H I U U t i ' u i s . i l j i o . i i l lo t n a k e forelj-ncr'- CJIH- I l » i i : i t l \ c l - . I n . l i f f c r e n i l a t e r in the \car. ! ,* i ^ e n t in.i c'op n e w s rlld not i m p ' O ^ e i ·ni:tt'"t 1 «i.iitry e . l d e n l l . w i l l huv.- ;i K i e n t I ly i-fduci-d --inplu.s for export out of 'ills' \'enr'a h a r ^ e s t . ' Crop news from India ami A u s t r a l i a | on the other h a n d , N encourasing. I F a i r l y Liberal Receipt*. I Primary receipts of w h e a t last week though only about half the phenomenal movem'ent of a year ago. were almost as larjre as two years ago :md 40 per cent larger than three years ago. The movement Is m u c h In excess of normal for the size of J h e crop estimate* nnd the exports thus far have not prevented con- t i n u e d a c c u m u l a t i o n at market centers. The visible supply last Monday. 59,324 ""0 bushels, was more than three times t h a t of a year aj?o and the largest for twenty vears". with two exceptions, at this time of y?ars Todaj's statement Is not expected to show much change. S u r p l u i Wheat All Sold? Exports of wheat and Hour from the I ' n i t e d S t a t e s lasl week were about 4 000 000 bushels, making a total of about bushels .to date since July 1. probabilities are that upward "f 40.000.000 bushels of wheat now in the I'nited Statef are under contract to KO abroad and w i t h the 581000.000 already leporterl forelBners have probably a.- readv bousht the entire theoretical sur- p l u s ' o f wheat in the United States above home needs. . Millinc demand continued brisk last week The northwest mills reported sales in excess of output. The Kansas and Kansas City mills are making- more Today in Ring Annals 11)11 - ieoi'RO Curpeiitier p'i in 10 louniH ,tt Kii'jicu boxer 1efo:iteO i I .Vildo'l. t i l . M I a j m . , «. i * f\ _.-. Into Receding Ocean Breaker. (Special to The Star.) By "CY" S H E R M A N SCENIC Wash. .Oct. 23.--The .Corn- husker football train is speeding over the Cascade mountain ranpre today the way home from the victorious The K t e a t . . l i g h t w e i g h t . a l t h o u g h a six-fuoUT a l t i t u d e , and he rasil defeated .ne | Hebrew battler, who stood only 5 fc-t i 0 inches'. It was while training for this j bout that C'irpentier had his flrsi neet- Tin DlUP^ ing . w i t h Bombardier U'ells. The ! « - t » r l I l(j L / l v v ' 0 ] offered to spar w i t h the Krenchnun at i ! his camp, and the bout soon developed | I into the real article. The So'Hb'udior . I w a t not only 2 ini'iieh caller tiiau O«'.rses . but he was about 50 pounds heavier, and about 6 years oldt-r and more experienced. In spite of i h l s disparity the slender French kid showed a lot of skill and grit, but the Bombnrdier' put ovir sevti-iil ruisty blows wnieh weie noi at all to Carpetuier't liking. Uese^mps, Carpentier's manager, was even more peevish about the way Wells had waded into his man in a friendly sparring match and t h e n and there tne two Frenchmen on in- , B.!6 HOQS-- Receipts. 4. SOO. A few -arly at steady prices, the remainder be- lOe lower. The bulk sold at $9.10® ng 9 83 with a top at tlO.25. Representative sales of hogs market today were as follows: on tne No. 44 (17 37 67 64 73 R7 234 274 4SO 23(i 120 243 . . 285 40 172 40 252 .. 212 20 Dk. Trice $9.75 9.75 9.80 9. So 9.85 9.90 10.00 10.10 No. 75 C4 65 52 C6 BS 81 Av. Dk. Price "22 80 $9.75 27S 200 9.80 9 SO 9.85 9.90 9.93 278 640 235 320 270 40 148 80 212 .. 10.10 -- R e c e p t s . 2!.010. The run was I n r R o T o d a y " w i t h the tendency downward, on some kinds, at least. Aethers ,tml yearlings were about steady, the top bringing $7.65. Ewes were I001»c lower with a top at S6.C5. Fat lambs were slow and weak to n q u n r t e r lower, with feeders opening steady. Quotations on sheep find la "i°? : .-_ 1A ft TjirnbR. good to choice JlO.20SjtHO.30 Lambs, fair to good Lambo, feeders Tdarllngs, good to choice.. Yearlings, fair to good Yearlings, feeder* Wethers fair to choice Ewes, good to choice Kwes. f u l r to good Ewes, plain to culls Ewes, feeding Kwes, breeders, nil apes... 7.00^ 7.50 7.00@ 8.00 6.50© 7.75 6.50(§ 6.75 5.75gi fi.50 4.00fji 5.50 4.JO® 6." 6.25® 9.00 29V, .152% .13*', .120H .121 '4 .100'i . 31 U New York Money. NEW YORK. O.M ·:;'. ·MERCANTILE PAPER --3'i per cent STERLING I'XrH.VNG !·:--- Sixty d,i hills. 4.71U: oommerclal. 60 da bills 4.70'i: demand 4 Tri^;. ·RA ItSILVER--(""HP. MEXICAN DOLLARS--2»o. BONDS--Government, steady; railroad. (Inn. TIME LOANS--Steady; 60 d:iys. a f i S ' i per cent; 90 days and 6 months, 3 l i(!;"-s per cent. ' CALL MONEY--Steady; hlfsh. :»i per cent; low 2U per cent; vtilinR rate. 2 per cent: Inst loan. "V- per cent: closinK bid. 2i 4 per cent; orfered at. 2',£; per cent. New York Metal. NKW YORK, Oct 23. COPPER -- Firm; electrolytic, fiist quarter J27.50'jf2S.OO. IRON--Firm; No. 1 northern. $21 00® 12 00: No. 2. J20.50W21.GO: No. 1 southern. $20.25(0'20.75: No. 2. $20.00^20.50. TIN--Firm: spot. J4l.00@41.50. 1 K A t - M e t a l exchange quotes lead at SPET/TKR- Steady spot. East St. Louis delivery, S'utjrlO'ic. Minneapolis Grain. MINNEAPOLIS Oct. 23. 51 Mnv WHEAT -- December. J1.55 7 *: closrd SI R l ' n : Cash: No. 1 rmrd ff?1 !2 S »: No 1 northern 51 No. 2 northern. Jl.s: B »'i?l 17 C O R N -- No T jellow. n 4 f ? O \TS-No. 3 whit". 40";? FLAX-- S2.660S? 2.770. Kansas City G r a i n . K A N S A 5 5 '''TV, WHEAT--TllKher: No l.SO: No. - red. S1 SSSl J1.69 1 *: Mav. Jl.R9 T i. COKN-Hls ; ier: No. " mixed 9Sfi99e: No 2 white. 9S?TJl.fiO; No 1 yellow. $1.00 ffi 1.02: Pecember. S6 v ,c: May. S7 a *c. OATS--"Higher: Ne. 2 w h i t e , oOtt.iie: Xo 2 mixed. 4SS5JC. " hnrd S1.74i55 fancy, rwtfd 75. December. | ^g^. Chicago Live Stock. CHICAGO, 111.. Oct. 23. Hoc arrivals here today aggregated the mi-Best totnl yet this season, and there was a consequent setback in prices. Cattle -were relatively scarce. Receipts or shepp and lambs proved liberal. HOGS--ncreipts. 56.000; steady. 5c tinder Saturday's fivcragc; bulk of sales $095(0110.30; llKht, 59. 5(5110.40: mixed J9.70310.43. heavy. $9.70ffT 10.40: rough $9.7019985; pigs. $7.25'9.40. CATTLE--necelpts, 27000; firm: na- t i v e beef cattle. $6.50(^11.40; western steers Jfi 25ff9.50; stockers and feeders. $4 76@7.75; rows and heifers. $3.40®9.50. calves $7.25®11.85. SHEEP--Receipt-;. 33,000: stoidy; weth- ers. 57.00®$.25: lambs. ,$8.23@il0.50. Kansas City Uve Stock. K A N S A S CITY, Mo.. Oct. 23 HOGS--Receipts. 11.000; steady; bulk of sales $9 70@10.05; heavy. 59 90@1010, packers and butchers. $9 Hcnt, $!» 6O«S10.05: pigs, JS 30fpi9.40. CATTLE--Receipts. 25.000; steady; prime fed stecr«. S9.500-I1.00: dressed lieef steers. $7.00@9.25; western steers, $fi 00ii9.;!5; cows. J4..iO37.23; ^"f; $5 76ii?9.2.-i' stockcrs and feeders. ID 00(ft I 00; bulls. J4 75(8)6.25: calves. *6 OOfflnO.oO. SIIKEP--Receipts. 3.000: steady, lambs, Sin.OOiS10.BO; 5 cartings, $7.50(0)5.50, weth- ers. $7.00(98.00; ewe.i, $4.75@7,5o South St. Joseph Live Stock. (Special to The Star.) SO ST JOSEPH. Mo., Oct. 23 (-VTT1.E--Receipts. 2300: steady to Mi-one- steers. J7.00(irl0.75: cows and helfcrR 1 $5 r-Oiifn 00- calves. $S OOdf S 2o. HOGS--Receipts. 3 SOO; 55'10r· lower; top $1013: bulk of sales, $9.85@10.05. SI 1FEP--Receipts. 3,500; steads . lambs. $ I O . O « i i ' i n oO; yearling. $7.75©S.25: ewes. 56.73^7.25. Chicago Produce. CHICAGO. 111.. Oct. 23. Bl'TTFR--Stendy: creamery. S t X f i S t ' i c . EGGS--Steady; receipts. S.22J CHSCS. firsts SO^Slc; ordlna^- nrsts. 2SV44* i;9';c, at m.irk. cases included. --"^M ""POTATOES--HiBher; receipts. 90 rars; Minnesota and Dakota white. $1.HO« ...0; ·Mlnnesotii and Dakota Ohlos. $1.40(^1_nO Wisconsin and Michigan white. 51.35(0' POVTjTRT-- Alive, steady: fowls and springs, 16 He. New York Suqar. NKW YORK. Oct. i;i. SUG-VR--Raw, firm: fi 52c molasses 5 B4c; rertned. steady; cut loa,. S f i a c - crushed, S 5 0 o ; mould A. S.OOc: cubes S.OOc: xxxx powdered. i . h » c ; powdered' 7.COC. fine grnnulated. 7.oOc; d i a - mond A. 7.50c; confectioners' A. . 40c; No. 1. 7.330. f u t u r e s were firmer on commission house Inline and continued support from Cubnn interests. At noon prices wore fi to 10 points higher. Most of the early advance was lost u n d e r icalizhiR nnd the market closed 4 points higher. Sales 2.800 tons December, 4.9Sc; January. t.o4c; March, 4.22c. New York Produce. NEW Y O R K . Oct. 23. TiUTTER--Firm; creamery hipher t h n n extra Stiiff^c: creamery extras ("92 scored. r h ' i c ; firsts. 345?.!5c. seconds. SJ'ilfv " FGG?--Kirmer: receipts. 6.932 cases: fresh ratliered extra tine 3!)tf?'40c: extra 3tTfj~3«c. firsts. 335?."."c: seconds. ..0 n e n r h , ' h e n n e r y w h i t e s f i n e t o So'JffiOc; nearby hcrnery browns. nour than n. year ago. Carlot prices of wheat advanced about as much as futures. Fancy No 2 hard wheat In Kansas City brought 11.76 and the poorest- (trades o f No. 2 hard sold, t cents over the December price. Sensational Corn Prices. Carlots of corn sold last week as high as a dollar a. bushel In Chicago and 94 H cents In Kansas City. These prices are the hlffhest attained since 1S88. when the top was $1.02 in Chicago. In paper currency, which -was 25 per cent discount under gold. In 1S92 the dollar mark was in a manipulated deal that quickly collapsed.. With these phenomenal prices for car- lots the December quotation advanced ^ 10V. cents in Chicago and S cents In Kansas" City with the Mav deliveries up almost as much. Present prices for new corn futures surpass all previous records at this season of the year. A combination of influences save the market its b! K boost last week. Probably the most important was the Information that all the corn in Chicago elevators-1300000 last Monday--hns been sold to tin o u t . leaving the trade dependent on the current meager movement. Kansas Cltv stocks are about 300.000 bushels, and presumably are mostly under contract to go out. jiidcring from the stiffness of the cash market. The extraordinary prices have failed to attract much old- corn to market, which seems to Indicnte that reserves are about exhausted. The flne fall -weather recently preveil- Inir was broken last week by widespread rain and snow, which will cause some delay in gathering arid marketing the new crop. Increased foreign buying was anotnei strengthening- influence. There Is a wider mnrsrin between Chicago and Liverpool prices for corn than for wheat, though Enclnnd is petting fairly liberal siinplics from Argentina. Corn prices appear to be abnormal, considering the fact that this year's crop is about equal to the average of the past five years the hay crop is the larp:- est on record and the oats crop has been exceeded only twice. There have been only four larger crops than this yca^ s nffl'flal estimate. Shere will be the utmost economy In the u*e of eorn this year so t h a t farmers may market as much as possible at the extraordinary lre; prevailing-' The Week's R a n g e of Grain Prices. The range of pricos for active gram futures week and the clo=e Saturday, with comparison"!, are here Rhown: KANSAS CITY. ------Close- High Low Satdy. Week trounced the Oregron Saturday's gridiron battle on .Multnomah field. Stops were made Sunday at Seaside near the month of the Columbia river and at Seattle, while the itinerary for today includes morning and afternoon stops for practice. The Nebraska Players and tourists were greeted by Nebraska grads at Seattle, -where the cadet band paraded the streets, while another hour's halt will be made tonipht at Spokane. The sights of Glacier National park vrill be briefly inspected Tuesday morning, after -which the Nebraska special will pull away on the long- run for Lincoln. Forty of the football -warriors and band musicians enjoyed an ocean swim and experience he whipped Wells ;it Ghent and again in London. George is now an avitor In the French military service, while Wells is ngraln wearing the uniform of the British army. Sunday morning at Seaside -- their first dip into the briny deep. Halfback Caley provided the sensation of the adventure by diving into a breaker when the water was only half wav to his knees. Caley had been tipped off that was the correct way to take an ocean swim. The breaker suddenly receded and Caley landed on his head In the hard sand. tiehm Hopes to Defeat Team That Whipped Harvard WHEAT-- D«c. ...165% Mav ...ISSVi J u l v ...138% CORN-Dec ... 82% May . .. S5Vi KAFIR-- pec. ...1041A May ...115 W H E A T -nee. ...171 s ; May ...171 1 " Julv . . 1 4 3 CORN-Tec. ... R 7 U May ... S7 1 J u l y ... S6 OATS-Dec. .. May . · . P5H 153 CHICAGO. 1.13*8 50 6 s 170k- 157'i- 141 l33-\ S6-\,-7 7fi»i 86;»-7 7SV4- S6 50H 4S 54^ 51'i 57%SS .11 WEEKLY BANK CLEARINGS BLOOMINGTON. Ind.. Oct 23--Coach Ewald O. Stiehm. of the Indiana -university football squad, is making a number of "changes in the lineup nnd none of the men yet is sure of starting in the game igalnst Tufts. In the intersectional con- est to be staged at Indianapolis October 28 Stiehm is bending every effort to w h i p i n t o shape a football combination that can defeat the Medford. Mass., eleven, which downed Harvard by a 7 to score and held Princeton to a 3 to 0 victory for the Tigers. ' In addition to drilling the Crimson players In the rudiments of the game. ·specially tackling, and working put new plays for the T u f t s game, the big coach s putting the players through hard scrimmage practice every afternoon, continu- ng- the work long after dark under the arc lights Installed on Jordan Field. To build up a "never-say-dle" spirit. Coach Stiehm has been giving the second team the ball on the 'varsity's five- yard line and letting them keep it until they make a touchdown. Notre Dame Hard at Work Preparing for Big Games T H R E E I I T E I ! IN BLICT Nebraska, Missouri and Ames Are Still In .Race for the Championship. KANSAS CITY. Mo.. Oct. 23.--Expected clarification of the scrimmage for the Missouri vallev conference championship was not forthcoming from last week's games, which left three undefeated teams still fighting for the prize and Nebraska with two unconquered opponents to put away, instead of one. if the Cornhuskers wish to duplicate their feat of last year's victorious season. At that the Corn- husker team bids fair to turn the trick as eiidenced bv their clean victory scored in Portland. Ore., over the Oregon .\£''rif a s. Valley football teams todav hailed Nebraska's far-western triumrh as a v i n - dication of claims that teams of this section are playing a highly developed game which the best teams in the country -would do w e l l to overcome Missouri and Iowa State (Ames) remain with Nebraska in the undefeated class of the conference. A matter of inches Saturday twice prevented a decision in the scoreless tie played by the Timers a n d the lowans at Columbia. The Kansas Aggies plaved a mediocre came agairst the "Ernporia (Kas.) Normal school, v.'inning 13 to 3 Drake defeated Washington 13 to 0. T'niversity of Kan- sps utilized an off-dav to rumple up the Kansas freshmen 19 to ft. while Captain T.'ndser -natchetl the K:UI,ST= Aecies in preparation for the game vith the team Saturday, and Conch _OIcott journeyed to Dallas Tex. to see Oklahoma in ai-iion. in the hope of getting- points -for the Knnsns-Oklahomn game on November 4 The Dallas game, which resulted in a \ i c t o r y for the Vui\ ersitv of Texas. 21 to 7. was taken to indicate that Oklahoma's supremacy south nf the Missouri river lias met at least a temporary check. Certainly the defeat v i r t u a l l y eliminated the Sooners from the southwestern conference title race. STAR WANT ADS PHONE B-6724 ADVKKT1S1NU KATES: The rat» foi inseitlng Want Ads In The lUuly or Sunday) is 1 cent a word each insertion, m i n i m u m 15 cents Special weekly late 4 cents per word per week, m o n t h l y rate xor standing ads 1 dollar \er line per month. Exceptions: "Situations Wanted for permanent positions three times free when brought to office. Clairvoyant. Matrimonial and Doubtful Financial advei Using not accepted. CLOSING HOURS: Wunt Ads to be classified properly must be in The Star oftice before one p. m. the day or publication for The Daily Star, and before ien p. m. Saturday for The Sunday Star. Want Ads received alter closing hours will be inserted under the heading, "Too Late to 'CCJUN'T THE WORDS of your ad. putting one word as the first -ndex- ing word of your ad and two worda for Star address, when such address is used: count each number or combination of tigures as one word. TELEPHONE your Want Ads to The w h e n it Is more convenient to do so and collection will be made at your home or ftt your office wiUlin a few days. This is an accommodation service rendered Star Want Ad patrons and payment should always be promptly made on presentation of bill. Always ask that your ad be repeated back to you by the ad taker to make sure that it has been taken correctly. The Star cannot assume responsibility for errors in telephone ads OUT OF TOWN -adyertlsementa must be accompanied with' cash in full payment for the same. Note the foregoing instruction about counting the -words and the rate per word. Alphabetically Arranged. ANNOUNCEMENTS. \Vll2r?A~Y~'~$2^0r for dead animals. John Darner. 141 So. 1st St. LS408. ll--!3 PRACTICAL NURSJS. ten. 1451 Rose. F1975. Call Mrs. Peter- 10-28 THE BEST In "Good Housekeeping," two jears lor $2.00 umil November 10. J i \ e subscription to your regular solicitor or call W. E. Turk, L5622. District Manager. W-n CLARK JEARY. Lawyer, Clk. Phone B41SO. 218 Richards 11-20 RESIDENCE CALLS for Hairdresslng, Maswim;, Manicuring. Call L5424. 10-^7 STOVES repaired, polished and set up. Call B1161!. 10 '^ A Suggestion for November 7th. 1916. ADDISON WAIT for SECRETARY OF 3TATB. KOTRE DAME. Ind., Oct. 23.--Wabash I ' l a x s used by l hi; frohhmen. aided by Notre Dame stars of former years ha\-e been responsible for a number of touchdowns made by the yearlings against the 'varfcitv In preparation for the. same with Wabash here on October 28. The fresn- men were able to make long gains by uslns the "Wabnsh formations nnd C o a r h Harper is devoting much of the practice to building a defense against the Little Giant's plays. While working his men m a i n l y for the ·Wabash game. Coach Harper is also drill- in" them for the annual contest with the Army eleven to be played at West Point on November 4. Americans Win in Christiania Races New Tork Chicago Philadelphia .. Boston St Louis Cansas City .. San Francisco. Bank elenrinRS In the United States fo the w e e kendins October 19 .T= reporter to R r n d s t r e e f s Journal, New York, as Tecnte $6.867250,000. against So.04,.- m 000 lust week find $5.224.597,000 in this week last year. Canadian clearings ae- creefite $253,120.000. as against $189.- S49000 Inst week and $199.023.000 m tins week lust year. The following are partial returns for this week and last: October 19 October 12 4 r- 109.000 $3.124.4G1.0f0 R35 4S7.000 .152 620,000 353 292,000 231.022.000 260,315.000 175.166.000 1=6.323.000 121.754.000 12fi.S31.000 125.104.000 96 940 000 63 SIS.000 77 364.000 5S.460.000 45.310.000 32.722,000 6S 06(5.000 48.325.000 53 643.000 46.R47..000 41 190,000 29.040.000 37.S67.000 37.211.WO 31 274.000 21,S4Sflt'0 37,015.000 25,472.000 S6.445.OflO 32 4S9 000 25,135 000 23.'K:.000 21 643.000 16.329.000 3 2 1 4 4 0 0 0 30.6SS OOi) I 16.304 000 22.17:.000 21 OS5.000 21.SS9.000 22.944.000 lfi.194.000 11,499 000 firsts (fiJ2c C11FKSK-- Firm; receipts. !'tl boxeo, - t n t e frc'h spei-inls. 214121VJC: do., aver- ,isr? fancv. 20$r\.c POI'T.TP.V -l.ii e. flrm: no prices set lied Dre«scd. dull nnd weak: chickens. -0??JOc fowls. 1S(ff244r: turkeys. 2 Review of the Grain Market Stdte-s. the V3\erpool quotation Kansas City Produce. KANSAS CITT. Mo.. Oct. 23. BUTTER--Creamery. 33Mc; firsts, SO'iic: seconds, 29c; packing, 27^0- EGGS--Firsts. Sic, f POULTRT--Hens. ISc; roosters, trollers. 21 c. Duluth Llnieed Close. DULUTH. Minn.. Oct. 23. LINSEED--On track and to arrive, JJ.7l4c- October. $2.70 ashed; November, 12.76; Decenib«r. $2.66: May, $2.71. LOCAL PRODUCE MARKET. Samuel L. SJiostak. dealer in poultry, butter and eggs. 217 South Ninth St., quotes the following: EGOB--Fresh, per doz.. !7c. ; BUTTER--Table, per lb., 30c; packing, lb., 27c. POULTRY--Menu, per lb.. 14c; springs. old roosters, 8e. ducks. l i e ; turkey*, l!c; old toms, 14c; plgcon.i, · 7««. The t w o "exceptions Were in 1SS when j t a l i o n s ha !ho lliitehins'Oii corner sent the Chicago | citnce. rrlce t n $2 In a hlclily m a n i p u l a t e d mar- Larger k r t . nnd in 1*77. when the top was $1.7'i' s under .'Imilnr conditions. Generally speakinp. wheat is biBlicr to- da\ i-i the United than thnn ever before in'nft.-irly fifty years. Farmers in the great wheat producing regions ne\ er obtained as much ns they nrc now getting fo-- wheat. The w h e a t situation, like, many others in thl'' remarkable era. Is without nny precedent on which to base the probnble f u t u r e courye of prices. Urgent Ennllsh Demand. Henyy English buying lint week removed " t h e preceding week's doubts ns to the policy the British government would pursue In monopolizing wheat Imports. The Kngllsb buyer" proceeded promptly to take large quantities In the. United "States--estimated as high a"? 7.000.000 bushels, but the Canadian government, acting for the British committee. teo!c over all e x i t i n g ivheit eon- tracts In CnnsuM. These nctlon? seem to I n d i c a t e clear! t h a t the Kngllvh a u - t l i o r l t i e p nrc keenK solic!tnn« o v e r f u - t u r e Mippllet- a n d m e l i u j l n g wheat wherever they CRII Ret It. W i t h ICnclnnd inl.lny; larpe n n , n t l l l e p of wheat and prices Up 13'cents In the Baltimore ... Cle\eland Detroit Cincinnati .. Minneapolis "Los Angeles Omaha New Oilcans Milwaukee Louis% ille Atlanta St. Paul Seattle Buffalo . Portland. Richmond . Denver St. Joseph . Des Moines Wichita Sioux City. "Lincoln Topeka. CHRISTIAXrA. Oct. 23.--(Via London) - The MinTican runners ns.iin snowed m front in the games here yesterday. The '·100-meter dash: "Won by Joe TjOomK America- second. Rustad. Norway: third. Andry Ward. America. Time. 10 h - i u SOO-meter run--Won by J. "BoHn. Sweden Time. 1 m i n u t e 56 5-10 seconds. Second Ted Meredith. American. Time. 1 m i n u t e 56 6.-10 x-ronds 110-meter hlRh hurdler--W on M Boh Simpson America; second Fred Murray. America. Time. 14 9-10 seconds 400-metpr relay--"Won by American t e a m - Toomis. Ward Simpson and Murray; second, Scandinavian team. lime. 43 seconds. .» W E A T H E R C O N D I T I O N S . -·- » -»· The area of low pressure noticed -»· -^ northeas-t of the lake rncion S.-itur- -»· -o- clay has disappeared to the eastward -~ - arid an area of high pressure w i t h ·+· -*- fnir. cold weather covers the east- * -·- ern states today, with the highest -·· ^- burometer in New Knprlnnd. -*· -»· The barometer is hisrh westward ·*· -^ in the n o r t h e r n states to the Pa- - -*· cific coast. An area of low nressure ·+ -*- has developed in the southwest and -» -»· the low barometer extends eastward -» -^ to Texas anrl Oklahoma. Rain or ·* ^. snow has f a l l e n in Wisconsin, north- -9-~ ern Iowa, northern Nebrnsk.i. west- -» -» ern South Dakota, Wyoming and -» -» eastern Colorado. ·* ·9- An arf.i of low pressure has ap- -» ^- penred n o r t h of ^Ionian 1 ! w i t h the ·*· ·»- center north of the l i m i t s of the -» -9- map. F.iir w e a t h e r has prevsiiled In -» ·*- the northern nnd western districts.. -» -*- The southeastern area of low pros- -» -*- ure will move eastward w i t h the -» -·- center south of Nebraska and w i l l -» -*· cause mostly cloudy weather in this -*· ~- vicinity tonight and Tuesday, with - -»- some rain or snow. -* W I S N E R DEFEATS M A D I S O N . (Special to The Star) WTSKER. Neb.. Oct. 23 --The }M.-^ner hish school football defeated Maaison hich school in a close same Saturday at Wisner by the score of 6 to 0. The pi me u n s played on a snow-covered field but both teams displayed a classy brand of ball. Crew Lost in Hurricane Wreck Ore. . . 5 423 000 5.274 000 4.S7S.OOO 2.5S2.000 Total. IT. S. .$6.667.250.000 Tot. out. N. T.$2.545.141.000 13.527.000 15,473.OAO 20 4 4 4 0 0 0 15.153.oon 10.6SS.OOO 6,702 Oftn 5,709.000 5.777,000 :;.143 OdO 1.039.000 $ JI.922.6S3.000 TEMPERATURES. Hieh FOR B4.104- first class, reliable nurses, call tl DO your dressmaking and altering-, improved Dressmaking pa ^° r f; 1115 O. W-** PHONE i:. v^'jr Want Ads--B6724. HOTELS OF LINCOLN. EVEKY tnoaeiii convenience--rales rea- ·onable--European--Lunch Room. "'"I coir Hotel. Lincoln.- u AUTOMOBILES. ^~^r~^f^~f^-s~ s^-~ -- -~'~-- ·--- ·~ 1 -FOR SALE: CHEAP. One Buick Koadster. A-l condition; one Fold T o u i m a C a i , o-pussenger. one- ..passenger liner-State, one 2-cylindei Buick w i l l make a good truck. 3028 M St Untraiiuo behind Babket Store No. 1. Phone LSIoO. R. M. Seibort. 1U--S FOR SALE--Mo'orcyclc carette. Call 10-^i FOK S \ L E OR TRAUE-- Five-passen- KOI 4-cyimdei Ilwo HU2, good condition. three new tires; would make good t i u c K ; w a n t l u n a b o u t or cluai lot or cheav CJhh. BiJSb 01 call 1.5GU1. The Machine Shop. 22nd and 1'. roi Al Jennings to Run for Governor NEW ORPHANS. Oct. 23--Sixteen of the crew of the steam Hirtes, i n c l u d i n g Captain F\ M McKeige. jr.. of Now Tork l.-cre drowned when the steamer was sunK in the Parribcan sen, forty-five miles east of Belize. British Honduras, in the tropical hurricane on October 15, according to a wireless message received here from the agents of t h e O4^ Ms'iu- facturinp; company, which hns the ship under charter. Only three members of the craw were saved, the message states. ··· Stations -9- Boise *- Boston -» Buffalo -»· C.ilgnrv -~ Cllicasro ^- Donvei' -·- Tiff Monies -* Duluth .. ." - Kl Pa'O H^ Calvepton «- Hnvre -t- Helena -·- Huron . . -*- Kansas City -» T.OS Angeles -«- T-ouisvillc ·*· ilemphis » Montreal -t- New Orleans -«- Now York ·*· Oklahoma City .. - Omaha *- Plioenix -9- Pittsburgh ^- Portland. Ore. . .. ~ Pueblo -·- Rapid City * Pt. T.ouis « Salt I pke C i t y . . . San Dlesco San Francisco ... S-.inta Fe Seattle Sheridan Pioux C i t y Spokane "Vi'a'ihinatrtn "^'innippf; Yellowstone Park Yuma Low BO 5S 42 5S 3S 3S 3S 4fi ~- C4 56 64 4fi 68 »S S 4 44 «« 48 3S Gfi 4S M 62 62 5S 31 "0 56 56 ·"'* 30 S8 1 H \ V K a belf-starter Overland Six. 7-pas.s.enser. e \ t i a s»od. to exchange for Ford or bmall car and w i l l take note 01 ci^h for dtrterence. Carl Miller. 90S K. B3555. i---^ HAVE n 1915 Overland. sclf-sta.rtoi, good condition, to tiade, a l l out in gro- ot-iios by the month. Carl -Miller, B3555. !)0i) K 10 '- -Ifi · SO 1S * 54 -~ 40 -- 4fi * U 2 ·* n4 -» 44 ·* 52 ' ·» 44 -* 32 * OWNERS -- Attention! i n 01 del to d e m o i i a t i a u m.\ »bs,o.ulv, ..armless Caibou Remoter, y W i l l remove i . n b o n f i o n i your car tms week lor i-i-y": Phone U41U4. F l a n k C. 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Shipments from t h a t ) source Inst week were 2.000.000' bushels nnd they m n \ be expected to Increase. Argentina .-hipped 1.792.000 bushels and Tndla 2.000.000 bushels. Exports from the United States and Canada were r. 324.000 bushels. Last -week was the first In a long time when America supplied so small a proportion of the totnl world's shipments. French Osmunds Satisfied. The rise In the market way halted Fridav by a semi-official announcement from 'Paris t h a t the French government has completed purchases of enough foreign -whcixt to supply probnb'e, requirements up to the end of July n*xt. -11 this mean? t h a t France N no longer to be n competitor for wheat. H might hnve nn important effect In checking the rising prli-es though if Frnnee has merelv contracted to t n k e when! f-om shippers In Mnerlea and elsewhere who have yet to obtain t h e w h e a t , it might )v\\'e the oprtoslte effect. Most trader"" b e l i e v e H i n t Ihe steadv tlg'Meninc of t'.ie market s i t u a t i o n now, while stocks are large nnd receipts com- LOS ANOELES. Calif.. Oct. 2S.-- Al j. Jennings, once a bandit leader, according to his st.itpment. :nri now a revivalist, announced today ne ·would be .1 candidate for the second time, for tho democratic nomination for srovovnor of Oklahoma. He was defetited at the primaries in 1?04. Under the OKUlioma 1 iw onndidates must file nomination papers by January 1, precoclinjr the fall elections. Harvester Company Suit Postponed ·\VASTUNrtTON, Oct. 2.1--Thr- department of justice t o d n y asked the supreme court to temporarily postpone r3-arfrument of the dissolution^ suit against the International Hain-e tor corporation for i^ext week. Tlie motion was granted, but no time for rc-nrgume.nt was set. FATAL "MOVIE" F I R E . REPUBLIC. Waah., Oct. 23.--Mrs. B. P. Hibbard. wife of the proprietor of a moving: picture theatre, was i burned to dcnth and three biilldlngs were destroyed here late Saturda\ night in a fire w-hicli started in t h n , theatre. Thirty person putrons os- , capod unhurt. The fire was caused by a piece of hot carbon falling into I a'loose roil of Him an tho floor. I United States CeparlmsiU of Agriculture Weather I ureau Charles f Marvin. Chief C E M E N T W O R K . BASKMENTS cemented, excasntcd anrt repaired. Damcivood,. B304S. ~" CHIROPRACTIC. CHIROPRACTIC 'THE CHIRI'JPKACTORS Consultation and Examination Is FREE _ _ 1-05 0' St Phone LINCOLN 1.P021. Resldcnof. Asnworth. r n , l y Bid* CLOT M ES "SHOE'S. TRUMPS BOUGHT. \VF Bl'Y old clothes .-hoes .iml trunks. Pnv Vrom Jl'.OO to JS..OO foi suits Phone LSI 74. ^ __ _ CHIROPODIST. M A R Y K . FORM'. OiHi.i B e m t y 17 So 14th. B192S. F" 0 "' mass,-- I -Tl 1 1 -23 Cl.AS" rx m. S FOR \Ve-l.. Frl.. A i t . . BuM.isd 7:30-S:30 s. B110-:. tf ELECTRICIANS. u-ic Vv'orl-. t-.sli 1.7200. tf a t FLO'JR. TRV nnr Prize Flo,:.-. 1 "M per sack. hiRh patent. -Cialn Co. 10* -S F I R E ESCAPES. C. H U T Q S«- 1-7*39. Observation taken at 7 a. m. Air pre«nre reduced to sea level and lines drawn through points of equal pre.ssnre Arrows tly with the wind. O Clear; Q Partly Cloudy; O Cloudy; © "»; A Snow; ® Report missing. W A N T A D C A L E N D A R . p'fi ^ WOU 1 .! 1 v,i e\-er ^ t n h u e tnppe-.' to t h i n k \ ed If Noah ·» h EWSPAPER

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