The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 19, 1916 · Page 9
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 9

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1916
Page 9
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$!P^%$$S$^ 't#B^Dlf,,'b0T09BB"·!'». \9i£\ .' '"' ' " *" ' . ' \ ' fHE LINCOLN DAILY STAR, 1 · VASWK wy$r. i'^Wf*iPtiS;sf, y^SflftffSiwH '»'·* '-· ,".*..· '7- ;4v,-' ;vt'??f§vK?%i?liP|^ ''}. '' J -^INB :¥· SS°f± On the Sporting Pike By HOMER JOHNSTON RIPPLED TEAM WILL IEET YORK SATURDAY. X Coach Herb Reese believes ho haft complicated malady in his Red and lack football camp. H is a comblnu- on of injuries, sickness ;xnd over- onfidencc, the latter due to the vlct- ries of the high school team. On tonday there were four first string layers out at practice, on Tuesday ve or six and en Wednesday the inks were far from being rilled. The ;sult is that the Lincoln lads tire- in leir worst slump since the opening I the season. Though most of the injured and sick laers will be able to take part in aturday's game with York, it is sil- icst certain that Grittm. the cruck ilfback will be out of the game. HU suffering from a bad case of charlev orse and the present cold weather ill do nothing to help him recover e has not been able to enter any of le scrimmages this week aud Coach eese has given up hopes of using him i Saturday. Jimmy Colliers, who replaced Grif- n in Wednesday's workout, will -obably be given first call at the job r yncoop. Lamb, or Stoll may possibly 5 put in for a few minutes at half- ick. Capt. Brian and Cypreanscm arc 3th in good condition and will beady for Saturday. Webb, who has a id shoulder, will be able to play* mine he injures it in practice. Kd Moore got Tnto the scrimmage "ednesday for the first time this eek. His rib which he cracked^ last eek is s,lowly healing and Moore ill no doubt he at left end in thi Drk contest. Vern Moore, is on. the ck list and Richards played left ckle in Wednesday scrimmage. Dan,\ is on his old job at left guard and art plaved center in the scrirnmng-e. ui. is apparently in condition to play rig-ht guard. Pillard, the right tackle s not been at practice this week and until Thursday morning-. Coach jese had been unable to locate him, cGlasson a freshman played right ckle on Wednesday. Lamb" Neall. ·ft and Stoll remain about on a par r. the right end position, Lamb fill- S the wing position at the last prac- ·e. The team not only shows a decided jakness due to the absence of first ring players, but lacks the usual pep d snap which has marked it hereto- rc. Coach Reese expects to give the uad a hard work out on Thursday the weather permits and a rest on iday with nothing more than a few jnal drills. Camera Shots at 'Husker Players been \ \ i t l i t h e squiul Mhce \Voilnos- Utiy. he Iwn't h.iit any luitlionly, vivo in un nihlsoiy vaptu-lty. I'Yom now on he will rise M-r fail w i t h Harvard football. The big ll.xl of Injut etl men is worrying: the coaooos considor'iibly. Know ami Claik. g-. srdx and l.ovoll ami T.olor. t.u-Ues nrv mil xpectKl to le ie;uly foi w o i k u n t i l uc.vt week Bund ami Tliuchri ·! thf rojjiilir I ' M - k f i e l d . also nrc out of jla\ for ' o n days. w i l l ) IM- pioMxHt l i u i l .Hlowei. another \ a i - s i t y half baok. *'wll|' bo out soim\vhat longer. C.mer. t h e tennis star. and Sweet- ,-cr. liotli tackles. wore dlsolwrpr v d from the doctor's care today and ran through signal ill 111 w i t h iho team Tno Hfternoon's %\oi'i \as light. A Ions bl.ickboaui la!'. opened ui the two hours practice. MAXWELL. MOTORS TEAM SEATS BOOTERY BOWLERS. The Maxwell five, in the Capitol bo.vl- ins league, bested the Booterv'*. crippled tPKsn on the V. M. C. A. alleys \Vecl- ···ssdaj- e- riling-. Dehuej- of t o o Bool- rv team, did not buwl, ami in eacli r-'nie the lowest sco.r of the Sluxwoll ·iMins w a s added to tne Bootcry score. Tin finals follow: Hoolerv -- tst Heilman .............. 16S ' l i k e ............ 133 Armstrong- ........... 194 J. Heilman ........... :56 XobOtlv .............. J27 Jd r.rd Tol'l 1S3 19S 137-- 4SS 170- .".41 IK 109-- -4Sr 170 1!S-- 524 1D9-- 4L'5 139 Totals, 70S S72 773--244I 1 . j M i x w p l .Motoi*! 1st 2d "id Tos'l j ^ i c i l c u i .· 127 I'l'o 21'J-- 371 I 'tluff .-S4 I9S 17-- IH10 f'tik 173 -OS 13SI-- J4L' I Mockett ISo 1SG 371- ;· Thomas I»7 1J9 2'JS-- 31 a LORIN CALEY. This is the second .\eai I'oi Calev and he has been consistently developing into one of the best quarterbacks that ever pla% ed on a Cornhusker team. 3RNINGSIDE PREPARES · R SEASON'S STIFF BATTLES. The Jlarqgjj-Tsciuad at Sioux City lias ranged a prame with the Nebraska irmals. of Wayne, for Friday, which 5 dopesters say will be the last easy me for the Morning-side players this ison. The Sioux City Journal makes ; following predictions: Definite arrangements whereby Morning Side colleg-e will meet the Nebraska State Noimal --chool of rt'ayne. at Mizzou pfirk Friday aft- ·rnoon liave been completed, accorrt- ng to an announcement made yes- erday by Coach J. nl. SaunJerson, rector of athletics at Morning Sile. Allhougli the' pedagogues should je outclassed by the Maroons, the .howing the teachers made against fankton college when they held the he latter to two touchdowns makes t appear that they -will furnish a ,tiff practice game for the Meth- xJHts. The tussle with Buena Visto Sat- irday brought to lignt another back ield man whom feoach Saunderson -an rely on for steadv work. "Tom" jloyd, "who worked in Gantt's place at left half, while the latter -was nursing A torn tendon in his shoulder, showed up lo good nd\:in'ugo when given a chance w i t h the ball Light workouts are dtfped to be program on Bass fifld th's week in preparation for the game Friday. Only a light scrimmage was held yes- tel·da^ afteinoon, and only today and tomorrow will be g«ven over to scrimmages with do second stringer*. When the Maroons nrc thiouga with the Nebraska Normals the real football season will set in. The following Saturday they vlll meet Dakota Wesleyiin university here The Dakotans trounced Morning Side last year. L'S to 10. and the Methodists are anxious to 'settle the old score On November S. Nebraska. Vfes- leyan university will be met at Lincoln Arrangements to charter a special train for rooters are being made. Morning Side' managed to nosp out a X to 0 score against the Nebraska Methodists here last year. The last two g-jmos are with Ames and South JjaKota. Pcrhaos the biggest game of the year is No- ^rnber 18, when the VentiUlon flroyotes journey to Stoux City to meet Morning Side HAUGHTON RESUMES COMMAND AT HARVARD. Percy Hangbton. for years the brains of the'Crimson football machine at Harvard, has forgotten his Boston .Braves and now returns to Cambridge to shape the 1916 destinies of Harvard's football team. The following icpoit comes from Cambridge- Harvard tootbail is again back in the hands of the man who made it synomympus with Iseastern g i i d l r o n supremacy. Percy D Haughton. who has just finished "nis active duties as president or the Boston Braves, today assurr-ed ftill command of the Crimson football forces Although the famous coach has DBO IQI oao IDI DBD IDI DID' IDI O«0 IOI' QBO IOI 00 IDI DBQ IDI DBO IOI DID IOI OBB IOI OBO IDI DBQ I- A Friday Special Sold to Men Only Flannel 1$ Shirts ·Eegarclless of their exceptional value, these are splendid shirts, giving you warmth and comfort for the whole body and perfect protection at the throat. Come in tan, navy or gray with convertible collar that can be worn high or low. You'll want more than one at $1. a-iriienzel Gx QUO IDI DID IDI DID IQI DID IQI JF Totals ;66 95G 95S--2773 Coach Stewart Makes Further Shifts In Lineup--Gives Chalk Talks. (Special to The Star.) (By "CY" SHERMAN.) RAWLIXS. AVjo., Oct. 15.--(Oil board the Cornhusker.s' sceolal de luxe).--Football is a fall sport in .sensible climates, but in Wyoming the game of the pigskin must take rank with ice cutting:, snow-shoveling- and other winter pastimes. A f t e r encountering- a near freeze at Julesbuig where they sprinted througrh theii morning- practice, the Cornhiiskcrs. on their way to Portland to collide w i t h the Orcg-an Ag-gies, bumped i n t o n brisk blizzard the moment their U n i o n Pacific special train croshfd over from Nebiabka on the bleak sand stretches of Wyoming-. The snow came p e l t i n g down all afternoon and when tho Corn. husker playeis, mii.sirin.ns ana roofers disembarked a t La ramie at ." p. in., a three-inch snow blanket covered the ground. The abbreviated track .suits \vith which the Huskers shocked the citizens of Julcsbnrg-, again were in evidence in Laramie, where a novel spectacle was i r e s e n l e d O f two full teams of Nebraska, all bare-leggred despite the below freezing temperature, putting- on a stiff thirty m i n u t e .signal practice while plowing through the snow filled streets. Larr.mie, blase from its dance hall and gambling dive indulgences of the frontier days, decided not to be horrified at'the baie legs and instead turned out to'Qheer the travelers from the Cornhusker commonwealth. . r Head Coach Stewart was not_'satisfied with the morning drill at ".TuleK- burg and made another shift in the varsity lineup at Laramie. During one of his chalk talks in tho players' private sleeper, I h e coach gave warning that unless closer attention is given lo the study of every play, the first trt.m lineup next Saturday at Portland will present the faces of several second team performers. Friends of Dr. Stewart, at Portland, are wtrmsr him facetious messages urging the Xebraskans not to abandon the ( r i p to Portland merely because the Oregon Aggies defeated AVashington State colleg-e, 1915 Pacific coast champions, last Saturday at Pullman, Wash. The Oregon jokesters are to get their replies next Saturday afternoon on M u l t n o m a h f i e l d . Today in Rhig Annals ZS03--Terry McGovern defeated Jlm/ny Briggs in 15 rounds at Boston. Tnat was the last battle of Terrible Terry's real career, and although twice thereafter he tried to pull off a come back stunt, his Boston bount with Briggs was really the finish of the famou uo'oklynite as n headline!'. Soon after that he became ill and dropped out of sight for a couple o( years. In October of 1905 he started another campaign, but ic didn't get him anywneie in particular. Again In 1908 Tenv fought a couplo of unimportant | bouts. Jimmy Briggs showed a lot of class, defeating such good men as Kid Broad. Martin Flaherty and Tommy Peltz among many otheis. but when ho went against the topnotchcrs he wasn't nulte good enough. During his long ring career he lost to. Dave Snlllvnn. Young Corbett, Charlie Neary and Harry Lewis. Briggs fought frequently for ten years, his career covering the period from 1S9 to 390S. Mo4tl 7S B 635 ftoidattr J«20 '.t k. T.I.J. More Coming! f With the factory thousands of cars behind orders, it hasn't always been easy to get the $635 Overlands. But we're getting them in right along and everything that can be done is being done to satisfy a demand that seems never ending. horsepower --r greater size and -- Greater comfort than so little money ever bought before--abundant speed, --and great economy, 20 to 25 miles per gallon of gas-These things made the tremendous rush to own these cars. "When do you want yours ? Lincoln Overland Co., Distributors 1644 0 Street, Phone B6664 Th« WUly»-O»wI«nd Company; ToUdo, Oht» President Tener Says Something Must Be Done to Better Its Efficiency. (4s*oi-(atrd Presi) . NEW YORK. Oct. in.--The N a t i o n a l league m u s t be strengthened In Ihe opinion of John K. Tcner. it.s picsldcnt. Mr. Tener s?nys he bellevi-s t n o 21-player limit has \\orked against, the league in T\orld series gnmes and t h a t the limit will be increased next year. "There \i no u^e in the National league making ^nv excuses or giving any alibis," said Mr. Toner. "\Ve played poor ball. \cry poor bull in the inst few series. Our pitcher* held up but that was all. .1 appreciate that Bsomethlng must be done. In my annual messugo to the club presidents I Iwe called attention to toe fact that the National league does not get is prestige 'in the executive office, but on the ball field ··;MO nriu can ac'ually tell whether the 21-pla.yer l i m i t lias Iniured us In competition \ \ i t h the Ameneali league. This limit Is a delicate m a t t e r wnloh the men with the money investigated must must settle for themsehes. Persolally T believe It ha.s worked against die National league and I ttilnk by next season the player limit In our league will be increased." Tt was reported todav th«t president Tener, Tlarry Hempstend. the president of the New York National league club, and John J. McGruw, the club's manage!, will meet here tomorrow o'r today to t a l k over MeQraw's criticism of the New York plavutn In their final series w i t h Brooklyn. [iimiiiiiuimiiiuiiinmiiiiiiiimiiiiimiiu I BRACELET I I WATCHES 1 15-Jewclecl in Gold Filled 5 Cases. Small size-- -$10.00 I This is the best value we = have ever offered in a Brace- =j let Watch. | 1 Harris-Sartor | 5 Jewelry Company E = 1323 0 Street = fnmiHiiiimiiiiiiuiiiiimimiiiimiiiiiiiili irt tLday Calend ar Old Jabei White. One of tin- present crop of promising young riiiR bsLttlorH, now Hcrupplnv in the b u n t a n i w c I g h t division Is .n Albany. N. V.. kid who lr.ii.elw under the noni du bo\r of .lube-/. "Whllr The montikei bus a ftimlllHr ring to t h e old timers among the fight fans. Th. original .laber. While was nn English liKhUviKhl and If ho Is still In the land or tlic Hiving, will puns hi ."-forty-third nulestoii" t o m o i r o w . Old Juboz w a s bin n l n UliinhiBham, the ICiiR- Jlsh c i ! y which In tin- old days tin nod out move top-nolchrr piiRlllsln than any other, mid began f 1Kb I Ing tiu'ie iibout t w e n t y yrais ago A f t e r a ff-w l i m i t s l e \\i-nt to Ijontlon. and for yfiirs he mingled w i t h the hc"U llglitvu'lahts t h a t came alnng. p u t t i n g nf them to slf'p \VhiMi Spike S u l l i v a n . I h c seittppy I r l H i i A m u i l r u n light''!-, went lo Kngland In 100" he wnti twice dcf on tiul by Jubra. llavlnf,' cleaned up all the host hoys of John Bull's country. Jnbcx decide lo tnlte a whack at Uncle Snm'i lightweight ring warriors. Karly In l O O K he landed In New Voik and piocceded to .S,m Francisco, wheie he was mulched w i t h .Tlm- my Britt .labez was a f a m i l y man and a proud pun-ill, and. realizing that hi- was taclc- l i n g a tough customer In .Jattir-s K d w i i t r l . ho cclded to take prccaiitkins by providing himself w i t h a innsrol This look the f o i m of a pair of baby 5noes. which he tied w i t h « R i l i n g In hl« corner. Ri-ltl outpointed Jnboz ulmoHl from tin; B l u r t , but -whenever J i m m y locked him v.lth a haul blow Iho Brlll.'Oicr looked ·it Ihe I n f a n t slim"!. Riilm'd rnnewcd conr- aRr ( l i p r c f i o m , and riiiiRhl dciKKOdlv on. -\Vhltf lo-?t the declslyn in that bout, but he won t h f :uimlratlon and ajiiilatisi- of the CallforniatiH by hl« Biinicncss. That was thf only battle IIP fought on t h i s sid»; of thi pond, with the fxccpl- tlon cif a no-decision boui w i t h .loo GntiR seveial years Liter, when .Inbpz wn 1 ! t r y - ing to pull off n come-back. W h i t e had a n o t h e r try at the old Raine onlv lliroo years ago. when he was forty years old whon he lost tho, rtfcialon to Hill Johnson In a fifteen round content in his n a t i v e city. Miner Brown IB 40. This is t h e fortieth b l i l h d a j of AJor- elccai Brown, once the stcllni I w l r l o r of tho old Chance machine. The three- flnRered miner has been back In a Cub uniform this year, after paHtlmlngr with the Feds, and flg-tin-d tn about u dozen srnmed for tho Tinkoiltes. In fieptombcr he engaKed in a pitrhliifr duel w i t h his old rival. Chrlslv Alalhewson, but (lie Rpda Rot nineteen hits off ills dcllvoiy nnd won Uie frame by n score of 10 to 8. Old thrcp-Flngers wasn't far behind M a l t y In effectlveneas, however for the Cubs' touched the Old Master for fifteen hits. I-nst July Brownie proved that his old skill as a Oianl-Kllli-r hadn't entirely debited him by holding the McGraW- Ites down to two hits in five Innings. It is h l K h l v improbable t h a t Brown will I play bull next season, but having now | reached the venerable age of forty lie can afford to rest on his laurels. He was born at Nyesville. Ind.. Oct. 19, 1876, and I still spends his winters among- the Hoos- lei's. a l t h o u R h no. h«H mining Interests In California. Brown tried his hand at the manaReilal rolo with the St. Louis Feds in 1114, but didn't make much of la "nit w i t h the Mound City fans. Brown I broke Into the, m.'tjors with the Cardinals i in 190:;, but was-soon trade to the Cuba, | and he, remained with Chicago lor nine i seasons. He went to the Reds in 191H, and skipped to the Feds the following: year. I He has pitched professional ball for sixteen scasonH, having: spent a year in Terre Taute and another In Omaha before breaking- Into the bis show. Billiards and Pocket Billiards Proprietor!! of these halls or* members of the Lincoln Billiard association. They forbid sambllnf, playlne by minors and in all way* endeavor conform to the rulna of tho National Billiard association. The Saratoga Billiards and Pocket Billiards 146 No. 11th St. Lincoln Centra! Billiard Parlor Billiards and Pocket Billiards 1420 O St. Lincoln Good Luck POCKETB1LUARDS SO. 11th Street. Baltimore Billiard Room Billiards and Pocket Billiards 132 No. 12th St. Lincoln Orpheum Billiard Hal! Billiards and Pocket Billiards 143* O 8t. Lincoln THE CAPITOL Billiards and Pockot Billiard* 136 North Eleventh Street THE NEWPORT Pocket Billiards 13« So. 11th St. Lincoln TiieVictor 146 SO. 9th Street. lax Hall 139 So. 10th St. Lincoln THE GLOVER LEAF Pocket BllHarda. 139 No. 12th St. John A. Johnson Pocket Billiards 829 O St. Lincoln De Luxe Billiards and Pocket Billiards 142S O 6t Lincoln T H E O X F Pocket Billiards 1063 O St. Lincoln Tkn I lit) POCKET BILLIARDS 206 3o. 12th Street. THE DUBtJQUE Pocket Billiards 1M2 f »t. STOPS FIGHT. K A N S A S CI'I V. ( l e t . 19.--Rennv Leonard. Now York !liilit.wol(ji)t. scored a t c h n l o a l knockout In the w l f l l l i round of his fltfhf ivlth Evor Hammer of Chl- caso. li"re l«st night. Hummer's manager stopped the bout to rcvopni his man l"lng puni«hpd furlhor, after Hammer itnd been knocked down for thf c;ount of Uiroo. Tne fight was to have gone flftecjh rounds. Changing Seasons Bring Colds "Stuffed-uir head," clogged-up nose, tight chest, sore throat are sure ai(?ns of cold, and Dr. King's New Discovery | is sure nslief. A dose of (his comblna- tion of antiseptic balsams soothes tho irritated membrance, clears the head, losser.H the pi^sm, you breathe easier Gustin Co. Lincoln, Neb. Wholesale Dli- trlbutort Federal Rubbtr Heel.. TRY THEM. and realize your cold Is broken up. Treat a cold persistently; half-way measures leave a lingering cough. Take Dr. King's ICew Discovery until your cold is gone. For 47 years th« favorite remedy for young: and old. At your · druggist, 50c.--'Advertisement. Js Boys EVERYBODY PICKS ON POOR SKINNY. Registered United Statss Patent Office By Tom McNamara LOOKA WHArtOp DOME- l£0KA RWR P4DDY F'NBERK* HE HAD HIS /*l)TH ALL^ET RjR LOLLY'ft?F5 , AND YOD MY piFTBew ee^rs r f TiND LOLLY BUNKED WE ODTA DID AMDfbOf? PADPr Mfei r OOSH, IDHAT DO THINK MYFlN I S A LOLLY POP? CERTAINLY VOURC SUW A. THOOtfMr HE'D YOU, HA, HA !! YOU CAN WJAKE !N$ AS YOU OH* TO i COSS THE OLD 6OAT t. SUCK THE BARBER. WHO KIDS YOU /Nro A SH/NE 5HA«F AfviO SHAMPOO ALL YOU WAMT 15 A HAIR cur. NEWSPAPER to WHY ARE YOUR NEWSPAPER!

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