Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 5, 1895 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1895
Page 8
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'•'• '•" ' •' i($f^fX^Wfl^.^^ '-:•- --y^ : -:^v^ ;> .^.^ ' > :•'• .' ••;:• ;;..- ".Vv' ; ';_^\' REMEMBER! SATURDAY, MARCH 9th. [s The Last Day of the DEN RUUB BANKRUPT SALE. Greater Bargains Than Ever Now Offered! W-1). PRATT. TRUSTEE FOOLESONO BROS. Undertakers and Embaliners And Retail Dealers in FURNITURE Of all Kinds and UPHOLSTERING. 424 BROftDWflY, Calls Promptly Attended to Day or Night. Phone No 99. DAILY JOURNAL For Fine Printing. You will find the Journal Job Rooms unsurpassed. LETTER :tt&flDS INVITATIONS NOTE.HEflDS, PROGRAMS, STATEMENTS, V OrtRDS, ENVELOPES f\ SPECIALTY, » You get our figures andjwe'il do the work. Do not fail to [call on the OURNAL for Job Printing. •ytr. Wellborn F»vorn » New Hiilldlnc Piano lor the proposed new church for the 'Cumborland Presbyterians, •wore exhibited and discussed at the evening services o! the church Sunday. The Rev. C. B. Wellborn's •discourse dealt with the project of erecting a new house of worship, his subject being. "The Model •Church. Shall tho West Side Have •It?" The attendance , at the --services was unusually large. Dr. "•Wellborn thinks a modern church should bo built, at the present church <ho says, Is only an lnoub»tor for the Imrger and grander churches, tn which the young people who have been raised in the Cumberland church, go when they get older, because the flhuroh is not, In their eyei,. good •enough for them. It It stated that a West Side citizen <wlll give fl.OOO toward tho new church, and the stone for the foundation Is to be donated from the Kenneth quarries. Baggy T»keu Up> A hone and buggy which was standing in the rear of John Lux's wholesale grocery was taken up by the •police last evening and placed in a livery stable for safe keeping awaiting •the arrival of the owner. porter wui *• * rl » d '•*•»'• The case of the State vs. Lewis porter, charged with hog stealing, will be called today In tke circuit court. Mn. Mollie Loegwell 1* vUitlng her 4>trenU t>t B»ttte Ground. MDTHEU8! BOYS! MOTHERS! TlioXcw X'ork Bankrupt Company'* Monster movement of modern merchandising has been a pronouced success. The mighty masses that have thronged our place of business were amazed at our Immenfe stock and low prices. Behold, this mighty movement is i I" Its Infancy. Thb roar of the hou uoes noi shake a community as will the great cry of tbe New York Bankrupt Co. During this great sale we are the pulverizers of high prices and" the destroyers of the ancient way of doing business. With our large capital we can control the eastern markets and are always on the lookout for large bankrupt stocks. Boys, behold! We will make & day for you—a special day for all. Our stock is great and our prices are low so we will give you the pick of our stock Wednesday, at $4 9S a su", which ar« well worth 8, 10, 12 and 15 dollars each. T»ke advantage of this great feast, boys, and secure what you want.Kemember, these prices are only good for ten days NEW YORK BANKRUPT Co., Logansport, Ind. A team owned by Fred . Dlebl ran away yesterday at 1 p. m. starting from Cash's barn on Market street and finishing on Third street at the Riverside sUbles. The harness WM TUESDAY MORNING. MARCH 5. Drink McLin's Kolatona. McKeen's steam laundry—good work Skirts and shirt waists, at tbe Trade Palace. Tennessee Warblers at the Baptist ohurch tonight. Get an overcoat now of Harry Frank at less than price of cloth. ' Silk waist and skirt waists in great prolusion at the Bee Hive. A popular concert and popular price at the Baptist church tonight. Spring capes and odd skirts at the Bee Hive in great variety in the annex. Hear the Logansport band a9 imitated by the Tennessee Warblers tonight. It_is very funny, Bonflde slaughter sale now going on at Harry Frank's. We 'can move money easier than clothing.. D. R. Lucas of Indianapolis' .will hold a series of revival services at the Christian ohurch beginning ;j onc.the. 12th. What remains of tha Golden Rule stock of dry goods, will this week be romoved by the assignee, W. D. Pratt to Lafayette. Miss Mollie Wise entertained a number of her friends Friday evening at her home on Market street In honor of Miss Mary Rogers. Look for the green ticket, 36 yards genuine bleached 4 4 Lonsdale mualln for $1. We give you Lonsdale and no other kind.—Bs'e Hive. Samuel Smith recently resigned his position at Long Cliff hospital and Is now employed by the Metropolitan Llfo Insurance company. The Rev. Dan Williamson preached Sunday night at tho First Presbyterian church. He was heard with attention by a large congregation. Hood's Sarsaparilla gives great bod lly, nerve, . mental and digestive strength, simply because it purifies, vitalizes and enriches the blood. •""The Young Ladies' Missionary Society of the First Presbyterian ohurch will give an entertainment in that ohurch Wednesday evening. Papers In the case of Mathlfts Snee- berger, the beer dispenser, va. Frank Pottmeyer, the retailer, stilt on "aC' count, demand $400, were filed- yesterday. A clerk will be detailed Dy the postmaster to distribute the, mall for the Northern '.Indiana M. .-.E. ; ' conference which meets in Lopansport late in the month. _., v- ' A motion to dl8harg«: ; Rlley Ellis, who Is now in jail awaiting sentence for complicity in the assault on War. ren Kaowles, was yesterday overruled In the circuit court. c ,.,, Mrs. Frlck, the widower of Ch»s. Frlck, received fl..OOO insurance money yesterday from Agent Cockburn on account of policy in Washington Life Insurance company. Care tar H«*dicKe As a remady for all forma of headache Electric Bitters has proved to be the very best. It effects a permanent cure amd the most dreaded habitual sick headaches yield to its influence. We urge ill who are afflicted to procure a bottle, and give »his remedy a fair trial. In cases of-habitual constipation Electric Bitten: curea by giving the needed tons to the bowels, and few CMOS long resist the use of this medicine. Try Jt one*. Large bottles only fifty cents cat B. F. Keet- ilng's drug JANUARY COA1 PREMIUMS The coal premium sheet of tho Chi. cago division for the month of Janu ary shows that there was a very la'g-e amount of coal consumed in excess of the regular allowance, in fact nearly 2.000,000 pounds. Tais ia duo to tbe rigidity of tho weather that prevailed during .that period when nearly all trains were delayed some of them arriving twenty-four hours behind time. Out of 152 employes whose names appear on the sheet but twenty-seven received premiums, namely fourteen engineers and thirteen firemen. The laipest premium was paid to fireman, $1.70, J. M. Mlnneman while engineer W. H. Green received the next best award, $1.50. Oae engineer had 65,000 pounds of coal charged up to him and a fireman who worked but five days had 12.000 pounds on the wrong side of the ledger. The entire premiums amounted to but $23. VANDALIA. APPOINTMENTS. j: M. Ltodley has been appointed road foreman of engines of the entire Vandalia system with headquarters at Terra Haute. For eoms years past Mr. Licdley has been trainmaster of the Louisville division of the Pan Handle. D. P. Downes, live stock agent has been appointed general claim agent vice Fred Ellison, resigned. YESTERDAY'S WRECKS. Two wrecks of but little importance occurred yesterday on the Pan Handle, [n the morning the wreck gang were called to Kenneth where a couple of cars had left the track. .About 1:30 tn the afternoon a similar accent hippened at Wtnamao. The damages wfore but trifling. Qua Hetzner of the Pan Handle car shops spent Sunday in Peru. Pan Handle engineer Andy Miller is sick at his home in Bradford. Tllden Sample, clerk to yardmaster Larger Is sick with the grip. Pan Handle conductor Ed Gardner is hunting ducks on theKankakee. Pat Dolan of tho Pan Handle round house force is down with the grip. Tbe Tennessee Warblers attracted a fair sized audience at the railroad Y. M. C. A. rooms Sunday. Nineteen engineers and firemen were reported sick yesterday at the Pa'n Handle round house office. On account of bad conditions the afternoon train from Peorla has ar. rived here later than usual for the past few days. The many friends of Pan Handle passenger conductor Thos. Courtney will he grieved to learn that his wife is seriously 111. It is understood that Ed Miller who was deposed from the road foremanship of engines of tho Vandalia will be given a passenger run on the main line. The widow of Pan Handle car repair Chas. Frick received a check for lil.OOO' yesterday, tbe amount of life Insurance carried by her deceased bus. band. The condition of J. W. Armstrong has Improved somewhat in tho last few days and his attending physician nowhas some hopes of his ultimate recovery. Engineer George Green who runs the plug engine between this city and Chlil is off duty on account of sickness. His place is being taken by Engineer L. L. Young. Passenger travel on the local lines is up to the average. The ticket receipts at the Pan Handle station for the month of February were far in excess of. the same period of last year, a very gratifying result. Pa'n Handle engineer J. C. Carew who for some time has been sojourning In California writes home that he Is gradually Improving and is row feeling much better than when he left here. • He expects to return to Lo. gansport-in May. C. D; Kerlln, L. L. Truman, Henry Voss jr., and several other Pan Handle employes, were at English Lake Sunday in 'quest of fowl. Although ducks were plenty they could not get a fair shot at them and returned home empty handed on No. 10 yesterday morning. The recorli show that there is now twice tbe amount of work turned out at the Pan Handle shops as there was ten years ago although the working fo'rce ha». been increased but 25 per cent This is partly due to the Intro- duotipnof new Md improved maohin. ery and partly to a stricter surveillance of the employes. John:HM8ett, Pan Handle section foreman at KentUnd died on Friday and WM buried on Sunday- He WM »D employe of • the Pan Handle for upwarda'of- twenty years and had held the foremanshlp of the Kenilufl Brand New! Stock of Spring Clothing arriving daily at the Progress. All the new shades in hats, grandest line ever shown in the city. THE PROGRESS. Con Market and Fourth Street. Logansport, Indiana. 1895 SPRING 1895 We take Pleasure in Announcing the Arrival of Our Spring Suitings! And we feel just : y proud ii the success of our untiring effoVts which enable us to ^how you this season the Latest, Most Stylish, Most Attractive and Exclusive Line of woolens in the city. Carl W. Keller, Tailor & Draper. 311 Market St. A New Hack Lina I have started a Hack and Parcel Delivery and in .'the future I r oa» be found at the corner of 4th street and Broad way. wherel will be prepared (torn 9 o'clock in the morming to * in the evening to deliver parcels or sarry passengers to and from any part of.the^oity- My Charges Will Be Reasonable. I will endeavor to give the best services possible for the money. If fou have a parcel to deliver or a passenger to deliver, or any light work that can be done with a street hack, I will be glad to do it. What oonld you do that a customers would appreciate more than calling the hack for him? Special rates will be give* you. Leave orders at 12ch street Livery Stable or Geo. Harrison's 617Broad wav. YOUIB Truly. Wm Lynas. tlon for ten years. Deceased has two daughters living here. Mrs. ^. F- Eeeder and Mrs. W. T. Myers. Eastbound lines havo reduced rates on grain from Chicago to the seaport to 15 cents a hundred and on provisions to 25 cents. It is even charged that some roads are accepting less. Itia eTident that the Pan Handle is expecting a long struggle as they have leased several hundred cars from the Commercial Transit Co. for the transportation of grain. Fifty cent underwear, 38 cents; 50 cent suspenders, 38 cents; 50 cent knee pants, 38 cents; 50 cent flannel shirts, 38 cents; 50 cent gloves, 88 cents; 50 cent mother's friend walstf, 38 certe; .50 cent caps, 38 cents—Tobe-Bure at Harry Frank's. Robert Radabauph and John Shar. ahan have bought George Chapman's Third street restaurant. CONTRIBUTION NO. 29 Snbmluel Durlnt Oar Recent Adver tlHloc Conle«t- II you'll only take advice And buy your ahoes or PllUng, Tm sure that you will Ilka &l« price 'Twill eave jon manj a shilling. Not only are the prices there Just what will suit your mind. But you will see the shoes will wear For they're the bei t you'll ftnd. Yes, Pilling will your wantt supply. In every kind of leather. Just what yru want for wet or dry, For cold, or summer weather. His stock is nice and new and neat. He'll salt TOU. one and all, HJs shoes so well will flt your feet The largest will look small. "He who hesitates Is lost," thty say, Then hesitate no more! Bnt go to 412 Broadway And buy at Pllllng's store, Spring time is coming and the in- dioations are that we will have a very rainy spring. That means wet feet if your shoes are of poor quality and wet feet means sickness and a doeter kill "An ounce of prevention Is worth a pound of enre," or in plain English buy a pair '«f wet weather shoes »t Line Broadway Shoe Store. Tllden Sample is very ill with the grip. Miss Minnie Pottboff is reported quite sick. Our spring wraps for tbe children have arrived—The Bee Hive. Tbe Cbrlstiin church fair will open Thursday at the Justice building. Four new members will be initiated in Tipton lodge tomorrow evening, t, L. A. Davidson, an aged cltiz Jackson township is said to be sick. The suit for a partition of the Tjams estate has been postponed to March 15th. Mrs. Carrie Radabaugh has resumed her position at Wilson and Humphreys. We guarantee to give you green ticket Lonsdale, you hive no risk, 16 yards for $1—The Bee Hive. Go te Harry Frank, 2 B sure, he will make it more than interesting for you before hli removal tale. Boys' and children 1 ! suits and knea pants 25 per cent. of. Come and tee Harry Frank, he'll do you good. The genuine greea ticket Lonsdale muslin, 4-4 bleached, 16 yards for $1 at the Bee Hive. Look for the green ticket' Chae. E. Carney, who has been lerl. ously sick, was last night reported by his physician, Dr. Sterrett, to be resting easily. A full measure of enjoyment for "all who hear the Tennessee Warblers tonight at the Baptist church under tbe auspices of the auxiliary of B. B. Y. M. C. A. William Calloway of Jefferson town- iblp, who was locked up Sunday, plea* guilty to a charge of intoxication and WM called upon by the Mayor for the usual fine, which he paid. The memorial services In tke late Frederick Douglass, bold ftt the A. M. E. church Sunday n'CbV were very in tereitiog. A Urge crowd WM present. There were addresses by Mayor McKee, the Bev. B, McDanlel* and other*, and appropriate

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