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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 40
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 40

Los Angeles, California
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2 Part 111 Tuesday, December 6, 1988 Coo Angcleo Sllmca Tho NOASam McManis Heat, Near Record, Still Stuck at Zero in Miami TONIGHT (UPPERS) Lakers, at Sports A rem, 7:30 TV Channel 9 Radio KRTH (930) and KLAC (570) Records Clippers 6-10. Lakers 1 2-3 Record vs. Lakers (1987-88) 15 Clipper update This is where things get difficult, as if playing 10 of the first 16 games of the season on the road isn't difficult enough. The Clippers get the Lakers tonight. Houston Thursday and Utah Saturday, the consolation being that the games are all at the Sports Arena, where the Clippers are 5-1 Coach Gene Shue said he will use the same starting lineup as last Saturday's game against the Phoenix Suns, which means Greg Kite will start in place of Benoit Benjamin at center and Gary Grant will go ahead of Norm Nixon at guard.

Benjamin, sixth in the league in blocked shots, missed most of practice Monday because of a sore left buttock, an injury he suffered after bumping into a shelf in his house late at night while getting a drink of water. However, he said he will play tonight. Laker update Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's status for tonight's game still is uncertain. The swelling is down in Abdul-Jabbar's bruised right knee, but he did not work out again Monday. The Lakers have played 3 straight games without Abdul-Jabbar, close victories over the Seattle SuperSonics and the Washington Bullets and a blowout over the Utah Jazz.

After tonight's road game at the Sports Arena, the Lakers return to the Forum Wednesday night to play the Phoenix Suns. Richmond as the league's most promising rookie, ahead of the Clippers' Danny Manning and Charles Smith, had only to watch Tuesday night's game between the Warriors and Chicago Bulls. Richmond outscored Michael Jordan, 27-26, in a Warrior victory. It was the first time in 91 games that Jordan did not lead the Bulls in scoring (Brad Sellers led the way with 32). The last time was Dec.

1, 1987, when Jordan was held to 16 points by the Warriors. "Mitch is the best rookie I've seen this season," said Chicago Coach Doug Collins, whose team has also played the Clippers. Dick Motta is only an unpleasant memory for Dallas forward Mark Aguirre, but now it appears that all is not well between Aguirre and Maverick Coach John MacLeod. Last Thursday, in Dallas' loss to the Rockets, Aguirre sat out the last 17 minutes of his worst offensive game since 1984. Aguirre scored 8 points, a season low, making just 3 of 10 shots.

When he was pulled in the third quarter, Aguirre put on his warmup jacket, buttoned it all the way to the top and didn't talk with anyone the rest of the game. He bolted from the locker room before reporters entered. Said MacLeod: "I felt like he wasn't having a good game. He could have played. It was my decision." As the National Basketball Assn.

season moves into its second month, the expansion Miami Heat has expanded its losing streak to 13 games. The Heat is only 2 losses away from equaling the league record for most losses at the start of a season, held by 3 teams. Looking ahead, the Heat figures to be in a good (bad?) position to break the record, matched most recently by the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers. If the Heat doesn't beat the Sacramento Kings (2-10) at Miami Wednesday night, Miami might be in for a winless December as well. It could tie the record with a home loss to the Denver Nuggets on Friday night, then break it Saturday in Chicago, at the start of a 4 -game trip.

Coach Ron Rothstein, when asked before the season to reveal specifics on his contract, said: "I had a great lawyer who negotiated it. In my contract, it says 3 wins." A single-digit victory total may be realistic this season. Whereas the Charlotte Hornets, the NBA's other expansion team, signed many veterans, the Heat chose to build slowly with young talent. At one point, four rookies started. Asked if the thought of setting that kind of record is preying on his mind, Rothstein said: "To quote one former NBA player, I'm amphibious to the whole situation." The Miami fans have not been amphibious, er, oblivious to the Heat's struggles, but they so far have shown restraint and patience.

The Heat has sold out 5 of its 7 home games, and the only time the club was booed was during a 4 -point loss to the San Antonio Spurs. "Ain't that something," veteran player Scott Hastings wrote in his weekly column for the Miami Herald. "It could be a long season if that's the way they will always react to us. But maybe they just don't like what I'm writing." United Preaa International Dunked Manute Bol (left) of the Warriors stuffs a slam attempt by Xavier McDaniel of the SuperSonics. Morning Briefing who has twice been treated for a drug problem, apparently is close to being released from the NBA-sponsored facility in Van Nuys.

When he rejoins the team, it may present a few problems in Detroit since insiders say that no one on the Pistons wants him back. That's mostly because Darryl Dawkins, a favorite among Piston players, is the most likely to be released. A sure sign that Bedford's return is imminent occurred last week, when General Manager Jack Mc-Closkey messaged other NBA clubs, asking if anyone had an interest in acquiring either Dawkins or rookies Fennis Dembo or Michael Williams. policy of giving star players a little slack when it comes to fouls was cited again when the Houston Rockets complained that Akeem Olajuwon was not getting his due respect from officials. Ray Patterson, the Rockets' general manager, spoke with Dar-rell Garretson, chief of officials, about the perceived slight.

Said Rocket Coach Don Chaney: "They are not treating Olajuwon) like a star. He's among the league leaders in every category, and he's getting treated like a first-year player. People come to those games to see the But Akeem is getting beaten to death on one end and doesn't get a call. Then, he goes down to the other end and gets a foul for a little thump." Ralph Sampson, continued: The Warrior center, whose game has been severely affected by knee injuries, invoked a period of silence for about 24 hours last week. Earlier, Sampson told a Portland writer that he might pull himself from the lineup for a rest if his knees did not get better soon.

When the story ran, Sampson claimed he was misquoted. Warrior management persuaded Sampson to resume media relations. Those wondering why a majority of NBA general managers voted Golden State Warriors guard Mitch That unwritten NBA officiating Piston center William Bedford, They're Banking That It's a Great Advertising Forum PROBATE AUCTIONS Wednesday, December 21, 1988 5 SINGLE FAMILY HOMES Lakers Practice Magic, Find Another Magician When the Lakers arrived for practice Monday morning at Loyola Marymount, Coach Pat Riley said that if any player could duplicate Magic Johnson's last-second 3-point shot that sent Sunday night's game against the Washington Bullets into overtime, he would cancel practice. Riley set up the same half-court inbounds play, and players took turns trying to duplicate the 37-footer that Johnson sank the night before. Rookie David Rivers, in perhaps his biggest basket as a professional, made the shot, and practice was canceled.

And how did Magic do? Air ball. Billy Ripken of the Baltimore Orioles, on Eddie Murray: "In L.A., he might hit 35 homers and drive in 120 runs. He's capable of that." Said Jim Traber: "With Kirk Gibson, who can run, in front of him, Eddie might just take off. He's still a clutch hitter, and out there, you'll see a person who's not going to have as much pressure on him, self-imposed or otherwise." Trivia Time: Who is the only athlete to win both the Heisman Trophy and the Sullivan Award? Answer below. Said Roger Craig after gaining 103 yards in San Francisco's 13-3 win over Atlanta: "We can run against anybody.

We've been running like this all year." Well, almost. Against the Chicago Bears, Craig gained 31 yards in 10 carries. Dallas Green, new manager of the New York Yankees, has been called blunt. How blunt? "Ask Billy Connors," wrote Steve Buckley of the Hartford Courant. "He's a former Cubs pitching coach who will be reunited with Green on the Yankees in 1989.

Connors, who underwent hip replacement surgery following the 1986 season, remembers sitting in a chair in his hospital room when Green stopped by for a visit. 'I got up to show him I can Connors said. 'I was so proud of that. And then he says to me, "We have to make a change," and that's how I found out I was being Would-you-believe-it In 1958, Don Buford was USC's leading ground gainer for the season with 306 yards. Barry Sanders of Oklahoma State, against Kansas State this year, gained 320 yards.

Against Kansas, he had 312 yards. Kansas City Royals catcher Bob Boone, who hit a career-high .295 for the Angels last year, told the New York Times: "As amazing as it sounds, I learned how to hit. It took me 20 years, but I've learned how to hit. It's not a fluke. I did a couple of things and I had great balance.

I've always been able to put the bat on the ball. Being in the proper hitting position when the ball gets in the hitting zone makes a big difference. I kick myself for being such a dummy. Why couldn't I have found that balance earlier?" Trivia Answer: Doc Blanchard of Army. Quotebook Buddy Baron, sports director of Houston radio station KKHT, on the possibility of Nolan Ryan signing with the Angels: "Nolan Ryan to California? Out there, they think Cy Young is a cosmetic surgeon." 607 Via dc la Paz, Pacific Palisades (V2 interest only).

3 Br, 2 Ba. Open house: Wednesday, IX-cember 14, AM. 79)6 Flight Avenue, Westchester. 3 Br, 2 Ba. Open house: Wednesday, December 14, 79X) Flight Avenue, Westchester.

2 Br, 2 Ba. Open house: Wednesday, December 14, fl ORIW.R OP THE LOS ANCIil.P.S AUCTION 711 N. Paulina Avenue, Ue-dondo Beach. 3 Br, 2 Ba. Open house: Wednesday, December 14, 16547 Grayville Drive, La Mi-rada.

3 Br, 1V Ba. Open house: Wednesday, December 14, All properties will be sold individually i-or complete information, including photographs and the terms and conditions of the auction, obtain the Auction had Sheet by callinfi (213) 452-2775. COUNTY PUBLIC ADM1NISTRA LOR BY KI-NNLD V-WILSON, INC. SANTA MONICA, :ai.ii:ornia, broker By BRUCE HOROVITZ, Times Staff Writer If the Sacramento Kings play at Arco Arena and the St. Louis Cardinals play at Busch Stadium, where do the Los Angeles Kings and Lakers play? Well, how does the Great Western Forum strike you? That's Great Western as in Great Western Bank one of the wealthiest thrifts in California.

And Great Western has decided to share a portion of that wealth perhaps $15 million to $30 million or more with Laker and Forum owner Jerry Buss. In exchange, Great Western gets a advertisement. Officials from the Forum and Great Western jointly announced Monday morning that for the next 15 years and potentially the next 30 years the Forum is dead. Long live the Great Western Forum. Indeed, if the publicity machine at Beverly Hills-based Great Western Bank has its way, sports -casters, reporters and most importantly, fans who have been calling the facility the Forum since it opened in 1967, will suddenly call it the Great Western Forum.

As if, so to speak, by Magic. Monday morning, maintenance workers were busily painting the Great Western name on the ice for tonight's hockey game between the Kings and Winnipeg Jets. Likewise, when the Lakers and Phoenix Suns square off Wednesday night, the Great Western name will al ready be painted across center court. But that's just the beginning and the writing is literally on the wall. The name on the canopy above the arena's highbrow restaurant, The Forum has already been changed to The Great Western Forum Club.

And the parking lot marquee sign has also been altered to read Great Western Forum. Already, there have been some snags. The Forum's telephone operators were instructed Monday afternoon to begin answering the phone, "Great Western Forum." But some callers who assume they've dialed the wrong number and reached a bank are hanging up. "Maybe the name sounds kind of strange to them right now," said Bob Steiner, a Forum spokesman. "But we expect they'll get used to it." All of this, of course, comes at a price.

But neither Forum nor Great Western officials would discuss that price Monday. Marketing experts speculate that the deal is probably worth at least $1 million a year and quite likely more. What are Buss' plans for all that money? At Monday's press conference, Buss indicated that it could help him buy a professional baseball or football team. "I am building a war chest with a hope that I will enter another major league sport," Buss said. "With this transaction, let's say we're getting quite close." FORECLOSURE AUCTION SPACIOUS 360 VIEW HOME IN SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18, 3:00 PM 5 Palm Hill Drive (Thomas Brothers Map, page 36, E-5) Minimum Bid: $495,000 3 br, 3 'A ba, den, 2-car garage, loft.

Equestrian property on 1 xh acres. PALM SPRINGS AUCTION SINGLE FAMILY HOME WITH GUESTHOUSE IN THE "TENNIS CLUB" AREA SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18, NOON 3 br, 3 ba, dining, den with bar, pool, large guest house. Large lot on private road. Minimum Bid: $190,000 (800)826-5118 BROKER COOPERATION KENNEDY-WILSON, SANTA MONICA, CA (213) 452-2775 IP HEWLETT PACKARD "BEING HOMELESS IS HIP LcaseirJIe Series II Printer HP esIrJef Printer It's frightening, dirty and cold. It's two thugs rolling a JiW drunk.

It's a vagrant panhandler. It's also a desperate, elderly man, out of money, kicked out of his apartment, two days without a square meal, burning a cardboard box for warmth, in desperate need of food, shelter and someone who cares. Someone like the Los Angeles Mission. For 39 years, the Mission has been a safe refuge in a hurtful world. But they can't do it without our help.

So let's help the Los Angeles Mission care for the hungry and homeless this Christmas. Tommy Lasorda 300 300 dpi Text Resolution 'Up to 8 ppm Print Speed Correct Order Output Porallel and Serial IO Standard $11599.00 (Cosh Price) fnct) vtctudn loner cortndpo Additional toner cartridges Laser Quality Output Prints on Plain Paper Built-in Sheet Feeder Full Page Hi-Res Graphics $679.00 CUP AND MAIL WITH YOUR GIFT TODAY 1 YES, Tommy Lasorda! I want to help provide a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and safe shelter for the destitute men, women and children on Skid Row. Here is my gift of: low rrx available 384.00 ea 1 1 Name Good thru 12788 Address $15.70 to feed 10 elderly people $31.40 to feed 20 homeless women $50.00 to shelter 10 homeless men $157 to feed 100 hungry people $1,020 to help feed and shelter 500 needy people LOS ANGELES MISSION OfCOMPUTERS City State Zip Thank you for your tax-deductible gift. You will receive a receipt. P.O.

Box 21448, Dept. TAWE Los Angeles, CA 90021 0300 6840 HAYVENHURST VAN NUYS, CA 91406 (818) 781 Location: 443 S. Loa AnfHn SI. THIS CHRISTMAS LET'S All EAT!.

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