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Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, the Evening News from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania • Page 2
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Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, the Evening News from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania • Page 2

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:

Thirty-TKree will be at 8 and 10:30 a. m. Rev. production of "The Bad Children." The play was presented hv the colleee's Misericordia John J. Dastick is pastor. Plains STANLEY PETROSKI 2 Union Street Art 1 S. Korean To Be At 1st PM Church Wyoming Daniel Mihalko 654-2252 LL Season Will Players who held several performances over the last few CHURCH SERVICES The Duryea Bible Presbyterian Church services will include Sundav school for all ages at Duryea JOSEPH SWENTON Phone 457-4209 Class To Receive First Communion Dr. Samuel H. Moffett of days. Scout leader Marilyn Krawczyk ill 9 a. m. Church service witn me. iSeoul, South Korea, dean of the graduate school of Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church of Korea, will be the Open On Monday President Leonard Butera, of Rev. Darrell Lewis in charge at led the following troop memDers to the Dallas campus playhouse: Joanne Coorier. a 1 10:15 a. m. seph's Church, Wyoming, by th late Rev. Joseph J. Losieniccki. The couple has four children: Edward and Joseph, both of Plains Twp. and Mrs. Edmund Dziedzic and Mrs. Frank Ski-binski, both of West They also have eight grandchildren. Mrs. Holub is employed by the Wyoming Area School District. Mr. Holub, who is retired, also celebrated his 68th birthday anniversary on May 4. ORLANDO Col tnd Firtl Oil Compwy, 701 Wt Eljhtti Strert. Wnt Wyomlnf. Budirt tun tn ffect. 10 month to py, no chtrtM. discount on ton caah totd. Prompt dfUwry. 34 hour ruMlr itrvlct on oU tumice. 693-3340: 654-OaM. 'visiting speaker tonight at 8 in Beattvs. Lisa and Susan Bed Instructions for the first Holy Many Problems Aired narczyk, Donna Cross, Theresa the Wyoming-West Wyoming Little League, announced that this year's season will officially Area Woman, 23, the parlors of First Presbyterian Church. S. Franklin city. Through Organization Krawczyk, Margaret Kosmacn Karen Butch. Karlvn Kosmacn begin on Monday. Communion Class will be held in the parish hall tomorrow morning from 8:45 to 9:45 oclock. The class will receive First Holy Communion at the 8:30 a. m.j Macs nn Kiinrfnv Thp Christian! Helen and Joseph Kramer, Karen Missing One Year Opening day ceremonies will Employes of the township's Dziedzic. Janet Logan, Kose be conducted on Saturday after I Meeting was arranged by the "For a fledgling unit, the! Couples Club of the church. King's College Senate accom- Members of the congregation! dished much durinir its initial! and others interested are invited. Mrs. Ilonka Cann. a 23-year- sanitation department and mem noon with the annual parade Mary Mattey, Nancy Bowanko, Walter. Kathv and Joan Mattey, Shickshinny area resident bers of the road crew just re Mnthort Altar nnH Pnsarv Sn-iOlu through both communities beginning at 1:30 p. m. Chairman of vear of oneration." Dr. Robert! Dr. Moffett was born in South year of operation." Dr. KoberU was oorn cently completed their task of who disappeared from her home about a year ago, is still missing. ciety wiH receive Holy Commun Lodge, chairman of the EnglishiKorea, son of a pioneer Presby-imn a at the 7 a Mass picking up refuse and an as Karen Ralston, Joan Rozanski, Karhlcen Keefe, Elaine Ever-hart. I Marv Sudul. Janice Madison, sorted variance of unwanted the affair will be Ben Drogalis. Boys are to meet at the Shoe department and first chairman tenan missionary. He was grad-on Sunday. Confessions will be) State Police at the bhickshinny maker Ave. Elementary Build items in and around the house. A six-man detail had to laboriously haul away an iron furnace Diane Mocion, Marie Suchocki, of the Senate said today. uatea lrom wneaton Louege ana heard tomorrow afternoon loaay salQ lnere nave "I feel trfat after next Theological Seminary to 5 and in the evemng at been no new developments in the and durin" our third year received his Ph.D. degree! case and that the investigation Cathv Lalko. Joanne smiuewicz, ing at 1 o'clock. Major league teams will play on Saturday. Minor league teams will play on Senior Parents To Meet Tuesday A general meeting of the Wy Mary Ellen Walsh, Susan Lewis as they placed the heavy furnace body will have reached vital iaie uimer. uy. auinor. is suu open. oHnQtAriof two books. "Where er the I I Mnonap Wi Mrs. Cann, who resided at anrf Kathv KrawczvK. on the truck. A large number of sun" and "The Christians of UL- Huntington Mills, was reported At a recent meeting of the old television sets were carted MJJ C.l I 'missing by her husband, Charles oming Area Senior Parents away. Living room suites, tables, Sunday afternoon. Couple Observes troop, Mary Sudul was eicciea "Girl Scout of the Year." DG neiQ OdlUradViCann, Jr. Police were told that Making up the college Senate Dr Moffett is a mem-are 23 members of the adminis- of Jh rc (ration, faculty, and student1 P08, n.d lamps, chairs, bicycles, stoves, Mrs. Cann was last seen at the clothing, stones and large pieces The Duryea Little League will family home about 10 a. m. last bodv. Many problems have on, Ule Dar5 01 r' its opening day ceremonies and be held Tuesday at 7:30 th high school auditorium. Plans will be finalized for the all-night party. SURGICAL PATIENT 47th Anniversary May 25 and that an infant son, 'tomorrow afternoon at 5:30 versity Soongsil College, both in Seoul. of lumber were only a few of the throw-aways taken by the hard-pressed township employes. The sanitation department was then 15 months old. had been left West Wyoming Society To Meet oclock at the Stadium. Council- Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Holub, in the home when Mrs. Cann dis aired through the organization which otherwise might not have been discussed. Academic committee includes Richard Probert, president of AtVint- Vitnicfol 1C (Jpnpml of 25 W. Brady West Wyo vcr, ci-i ari appeared the Couples Club, and Mrs. Pro- one day pickup behind due to the Melba Moss, of 348 Monument ming, observed their 47th wed- in. aince mai nine, oiave ruure arrange jbert are in charge of the Rev. Robert Comiskey, CSC, be OT" fLrrn nlhave conducted several searches will ments. Refreshments is a surgical patient in Wilkes-Barre General Hospital. i anniversary yesterday. They were married in St. Jo- wholesale disposal of clean-up, pick-up, paint-up week. Chester Rosengrant, road supervisor, On Monday Night Christian Mothers Altar and Neil Conway. Rev. William area for the missing nrltlPlna i be the Forge will ahue. CSC. Timothy Powers, Dr Rnsarv Society of Our Lady of said the sanitation packer is now on regular schedule. Sorrows Church, West Wyoming, will hold its monthly meeting on woman. In addition, a missing persons report is still being circulated by the State Police. Mrs. Cann was described as being five feet, six inches tall, weighing about 122 pounds, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Meanwhile, fire chief Renato Filippini observed the i Monday evening after Novena speaker. PauletteBarlilc. Engaged To Wed Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Barlik, 137 Dickson Street, Duryea. an BO PLAN SHORTAGE IS trucks and said that homes An should be as free from fire traps as possible. Rudolph Schleieh, and Thomas! V'isgilio. i On the student affairs commit-1 tee are James Donnelly, Frank Gartland. CSC, Daniel Gilroy, Thomas Kameen, Russell Singer. i Finance committee has Joseph Balz, John Davis, and Edward Delaney. Serving on the professional affairs committee are Rev. James Doyle, CSC, Dr. Donaldj Services. Mrs. Walter Rezar will preside. Mrs. Charles Spitale and her hostess committee will serve. Members will receive Com-mnninn on Sundav. June 6 at the "It was a good clean up and clean out," the fire chief ob nounce the engagement of their Eidam of interest daughter, Paulette. to Gregory served. "The township workers should be commended." Dance On Friday At Civic Center Owen J. Costello. centers di DISCOVERED Pavlik, son of Mr. and Mrs Jacob Pavlik, 26 Mason Street 7:30 a. mass. Rev. Gerald M. Hughes, pastor, is Exeter. Miss Barlik is a graduate of Pittston Area High School Chicago 10 At least $70,000 is rector for the Heights Civic Cen Farmer, Martin Hudak and Rob- and is a sophomore majoring in i missing from funds of the Chi- ter, has announced that a teen ert Neher. Scouts See Play At Misericordia Girl Scouts of Troop 831 and LEASING Community relations commit-caS designed to increase elementary education at college Misericordia. Mr. Pavlik, a Leaves of the sassafras tree are of three different shapes. The leaves differ in shape, even on graduate of Exeter High School the same twig; some have no age dance, featuring the Projected Image, will be held at the Heights Civic Center, 294 E. Market Friday from 8 to 11 p. m. Admission will be free to all Model Cities residents. It has also been announced their guests recently attended College Misericordia's Theater lobes, others have two or three. and Electronics Training enter at Philadelphia, is presently a sergeant in the U. S. Air Force stationed at Fort Meade, Mary tee has Dr. Margaret icpi.u-uu Anthony Mussari. i a ijstruction trade jobs, the secre-O-Connor and Robert Orbin. treasurer of the organiza-Evening school was represented reported late yesterday, by Richard Krokos. i Thomas Nayder said the short- Conway has been secretary! age was discovered when a and Mussari, parliamentarian. check was returned marked in- land. you con ease a 1971 CADILLAC Coupe De Ville With Air Cond, Radio, Electric Win-dows Seat, Padded Top and Many Extras For As Little As Rev. Father Doyle was eiecteo suiticient tunas, i piano lesson. pmrMsiorui ifr. that the Heights Civic Center and the Iron Triangle Community Center, High and McCarragher, Streets, will close their centers! on Sundays during the summer president pro tem, and Delaney I Further details of the lossiw Ca" i u. :i.ui. Evans. WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP WTLKES-BARRK TOWNSHIP VOTERS IN AREA UNIT 9 Voters of Wilkes-Barre Town-Thank Your For Your WP-J a you for your Wonderful Support In wonderful support in Tues-Tuesday's Election day's Election. MICHAEL LYONS, JOHN FARRELL MICHAEL LYONS, Chairman mil rrrwr VlUlir Wllk-Brr Townbi anO btUKUt lAnin Dfmocratlc OrtinlMtiwt KINGSTON KINGSTON was namea wuuiu nui ue a anauie umn FIREMEN TO MEET A special meeting will be heldi months, effective this Sunday. by the Excelsior Hose company During the year, a search com- Friday, Nayder said, mittee was set up to evaluatej The Chicago plan has come candidates for the position increasing criticism since dean of students. It was sug-jits inception in January 1970 for gested that the local Association! slowness in placing minority of American University Profes-lgroup workers in area construc building, at the hose company I $190 Monfh I tors cnapier lurnisn guidelines jobs. It evolved after a on Tuesday, at 7:30 p. m. The meeting will be in regards to the fund-raising coin folders which were distributed throughout the town. on promotion and tenure of fac group of 61 black community or $636 Sought For Damages To Auto Automobile damages of $636.65 are sought by Narcissus J. Ce-sarz of 228 W. Main Glen Lyon, in a suit started at the courthouse today against Ronald David Cross and Janet F. Cross, ulty members. ganizations shut down $80 mil- I lion worth of construction proj In early December, the Senate bylaws were presented and ac- ects to focus attention on their Voters of Wyoming Valley West I ftrmityiTr' We Thank You For Your I PJUfttf Confidence and Support I fM.dljiili! Ed Yarmey Forty Fort I liUMl1 mrloiriVv TEENERS GAME The Duryea Teeners will play Old Forge Teeners in a home cepted. Report of the committeejdemands for acceptance into the u) seieci ine oean or siuaems cjty's 19 building trades unions proposed the Kev. Albert The Labor Department initial- game tomorrow evening at t(6 s. Mam Shavertown. oclock at the former Duryea The complaint, filed through High School Football Field. Atty. Richard M. Goldberg, al UAionzo. ror me posiuon. jv bailee the plan's announce-Late in the year, the core cur-ment an(j granted $449,000 to un-nculum was approved by thederwritc its implementation. Senate. Recent reports hinted the 91 Ccb II W. leges plaiintiff was driving his i FIRST NATIONAL BANK. Duplon-Pltts ton Township Branch open Monday through 1967 car on the 5ans bouci parkway. Hanover on March Labor Department was consid- Ti.und.3r to 5. Friday 11 to 7. Saturday Club Incorporated ering replacing the voluntary 9 10 4, 1970, when a 1962 convertible li Ed Konefal-Edwordsville 1 if; CgniliHC pffffT li.l,.M.,ll V- iowned by the defendants and Judge Robert J. Hourigan has Chicago Plan with a mandatory MASS SCHEDULE by Ronald Cross pulled! Confession will be heard issued a decree incorporating plan, similar to that in Philadel morrow afternoon at 3 and in the Ten Point Rod and Gun Club of. phia, under which contractors evening at 5:30 p. m. Mass will on federal construction jobs are onto the highway and struck the rear of plaintiff's vehicle, causing $636.65 in damages. Costs also are asked. Luzerne County, 49 Stark Plains on motion of Atty. Thomas E. Mack. required to mee. minority hir be celebrated tomorrow evening at 6 oclock. Masses on Sunday ing goals. AT RICHARDS IN WEST PITTSTON YOU GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH AND THEN SOME! ESPECIALLY DURING THIS MOST BARGAIN PACKED WEEK. LAST FEW DAYS! ftJCE CREAMS I (1 FRIGIDAIRE CHEST FREEZER Stores up to 525 lbs. Food! I III HAND-DIPPED HAND DECORATED Frigldaire Electri-clean Oven cleans more than itself Even cleans the oven racks and surface unit drip bowls, so you don't have to. Cook-Master oven control starts, stops cooking automatically. 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