The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 31, 1989 · 56
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 56

Los Angeles, California
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Monday, July 31, 1989
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4 Part VI Monday, July 31, 1989 Co Angclefl Qftmea MOVIE REVIEW 'Friday the 13th': A Side Trip to By CHRIS WILLMAN Picture this imaginary (but not unlikely) scenario) It's late 1988 and an early planning meeting is under way for the inevitable "Friday the 13th Part VIII." A production executive outlines the obviousi "So we figure out another hokey way to resurrect Jason from the briny, then he kills a dozen and a half campers at Crystal Lake, then the last surviv. ing bimbette kills him again. We shoot cheap in Canada and recoup the first weekend. Miss Smith, could you please find some soulless TV hack to write and direct, and we'll see you all in the spring. Morton's, anyone?" Suddenly the clouds part as some brave soul in the back of the room a mail-room boy with au-teur aspirations, perhaps timidly raises his hand and squeaks outi "Sir, what if we had Jason slaughter teen-agers somewhere besides Crystal Lake this time?" He is, of course, immediately fired for gross insolence but later, a higher-up arrives at the same ingenious epiphanyi Perhaps the eighth installment isn't too soon to throw the slightest of wrinkles into a largely plotless series? Talk about high concept, dudes Jason takes a road trip! 'FRIDAY' Continued from Page 1 character's appeal, believes Rob Heddon, writerdirector of "Part VIII." As Heddon notes, Jason unlike Freddy Krueger doesn't dish out campy dialogue. "He's more your hardcore monster." The fact that he's "fairly indestructible" gives film makers considerable creative license. Says Heddon: "I remember asking the producers, 'Is it OK if I kill Jason?' They said, 'Sure, go ahead. No problem.' " Adds Heddon: "You know he's been dead for years right?" In fact, Jason was "dead" when he made his screen debut with the original "Friday the 13th" in 1980. Produced and directed by Sean S. Cunningham (who had done the notorious 1972 slasher film, "Last House on the Left"), "Friday the 13th" was made for about $600,000. To find potential backers, Cunningham took out an ad in Variety. When Paramount picked up the film for distribution, it became the first major studio to acknowledge the box-office possibilities of the gore genre over the run-of-the-mill terror movies. (Four of the sequels have been ftCWTUNYQTV DMJT - tTM 10- FH 4 Iff un HOW- tl:0 r-tiomiw Uttj SHOW - AMCBwMtIO (HI) 963-MOO tl (714) 270-1 100 tcotniau (714) ITf-4141 (714)1 WNWWOVOORAM HM(I06)1-7UJ ABJM HWH a (7M) 342711 MCQMlfeMSMMll 7W)M0-W 6 010) 01 mcs. (714)MM7 (714) U1-MM tO08)344770 IMA Mm lm Mm MNCT MUM 1005)100-7434 (714) 0011139 iiii)ijy AMUMOTON Vw Bww Or-) (714)010-2308 MMOM (714)003377 I SAVE YOUR TICKET ' FROMTMI8 TOUCHSTONE MOVIE AND GET K00 OFF THE PURCHASE OF A "WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT , I VIOEOCASSETTE. SEE COMPLETE OFFER AND DETAILS WHEREVER "WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT V1DEOCASSETTES ARE SOLD. I Whatever its creative genesis, we now have the would-be departure from formula that is "Friday the 13th Part Vlll-Jason Takes Manhattan" (rated R, citywide). Funny ad campaigns a real dunghill of a major motion picture. To begin with the very least of complaints, they went ahead and shot the bleedln' thing in Canada anyway. It takes the plot a full hour Just to get Jason and his victims away from camp and sea and onto the title island, and even then, except for a few fleeting scenes set in Times Square, it's all too obviously set-bound. Try singing "Vancouver, B.C." to the tune of "New York, New York"i It just doesn't work. This time, our ripe-for-the-maiming Crystal Lake teens are on a senior cruise to Manhattan; only a few of them make it even that far, as this is mostly a slasher-on-board sea snooze. Once the survivors finally reach dry land, Jason who by this time has spent so much time underwater that he's a dead ringer for Swamp Thing lurches after them and does his share to carve up the Big Apple. Satirical potential is rife, to be sure, in the idea of Jason coming to the biggest of big cities, only to have his mere homicidal mon-strousness dwarfed by the real-life horrors of drugs, rape, homeless- produced or associate-produced by Frank Mancuso Jr., the son of Paramount chairman Frank G. Mancuso Sr.) Virtually devoid of artsy pretense, the original film was a "showcase" for grisly effects including impalings and decapitationsinvolving the deaths of unsuspecting teen-agers who were spending their summer at Camp Crystal Lake. Released on May 9, 1980, in 700 theaters, "Friday the 13th" grossed $39.7 million domestically making it the summer's second biggest moneymaker, following "The Empire Strikes Back." Like an earlier gore landmark, 1978's "Halloween," "Friday the 13th" set off a land-rush of gore movies. Gore was in. So were calendar-killer movies, including "Prom Night," "Happy Birthday to Me," "Graduation Day," "Mother's Day" and "My Bloody Valentine." The "Friday the 13th" sequels were inevitable. Traditionally, these films are made with nonunion crews and under title pseudonyms. For instance, "VIII" was known as "Ashes to Ashes." During its production Paramount representatives denied knowing it was the next "Friday the 13th." Q Briefly, the "Friday the 13th" .. . 4 NOW PLAYING M0MKMU MmttaMRQ T)4-4j (714) toilet La (714) reumui mum E0MrtfiFCMMVtfw (714, 430.1500 NUJRICN NKUnnl HwvditwnGa (714) 153-1000 (n4)Z3(4H7 (714) 011-0441 sac (7M) 073-0M0 Hun nmmmmm wmMHOuafwooo SoCJiiEMja. CtrtjsW (714)3174404 01MMIM 013)3)04001 Cm (411) HUNTMOmm0fiCHUMB OUttH tMrClvtoC4MI NKUiM (714)041-0770 40KU1 114) i(7H 832-0373 ficOc'i Im M Trail OMCmtnaa (05) 2304050 (005)730-1501 wutoaonr (010)3224450 Imummm (05)2744204 Manhattan ness, disease, despair and all-around urban decay, all of It unrealized in a script as witless and willfully imbecilic as any of the preceding seven. And there can be no suspense when as usual Jason goes after whomever he goes after, usually quickly, until the last couple of survivors. Not that this urgency means there aren't still a few lingering shots of cowering f emmes screaming as the invincible stalker takes his time going for the final kill. Whether you're a callow teen coke fiend or a courageous athlete, you die violently anyway, so why bother being virtuous, kids? Given the degree of slow-mo sadism on view, whether this was made by sick minds or for sick minds is a distinction that finally matters little. Rob Hedden wrote and directed this, his first feature; there's no reason here to look forward to his second. Meanwhile, since it seems like just about anyone who's taken a film school class or two can get a shot at doing one of these, we'd like to take this opportunity to pitch the only possible palatable scenario for another sequel. It's a little treatment we like to call "Friday the 13th Part IXi Jason Disembowels Bill and Ted," to be shot on location, of course, in the Great White North. Morton's, anyone? saga goes like this: -"Friday the 13th Part II" (1981) : Jason returns to avenge his mother's death. Among the special-effects highlights: a spear through two bodies and death by machete, pike and chain saw, among other things. Domestic gross: $21.7 million. -"Friday the 13th Part III" ( 1982) : Jason knocks off more kids at Camp Crystal, this time in 3-D. Domestic gross: $36.7 million. -"Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter" (1984): After causing more deaths, Jason is chopped up by a child (who's a monster movie fanatic) named Tommy. The film climaxes with Tommy seeming to have somehow become Jason. Domestic gross: $32.9 million. -"Friday the 13th: A New Beginning" (1985): Tommy is now 18 and institutionalized. Then comes a series of murders. Is Tommy to blame? Has Jason returned? Is there a third party emulating Jason? Domestic gross: $21.9 million. -"Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives" (1986): Tommy's in for a surprise ... an encounter with you-know-who. This one's "highlights" include a bare fist thrust through a stomach and a 360-degree head spin. Domestic gross: $19.4 million. -"Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood" (1988): Jason encoun-Please see' FRIDAY,' Page 5 mm AtCM (714)0304770 pmmomff teAtiftoMcrm 0rtt 434-41 Jt ftflUMMHA (sw-tuT nCOHMM PacMe'ifMlDM- (714)964-4177 EOTHmMC4I (7(4) 443-22M EdMrilVlMtCt (714)M1-0H7 ftOIUOsOUIV Map SMI fOtO) 700-4441 tWBIM wm mivi FwHc'iVmNum on(tt4)7i-3ae CuMvl (105) 144 MM WMUU Hm' 101 DMH 040-3071 Dtwiihui AMCftuatO SoUt El 014) (it) no-ran StCtfitacMnjoi S04-1400 (714)013-0100 (714) 330-5511 ftOAMUMO (005)037-3511 (714)2454231 fr2(7W)OI2-t5M WMOLM4M (714) 703-4401 (010) 440-7771 -- THESE UNIVERSAL CITY II CINEMAS Atop ttto MM III!) M-tMS 50tfPti Cfcarya MW Parakeet at atevto Ticket) HwtaalM MNM Opt MIMNM(N-! Ill III MMfcHMOVIIt) to THX Sound rmy m ism part va JASM TAKES IMMnMl to Un.Stotohd tW-9:30-fc44-tOt-10:18 Late Shew Frt 4 Sat 12: Coupona er TtteaAn VJJ. 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