Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 5, 1928 · Page 16
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 16

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Monday, November 5, 1928
Page 16
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THE LINCOLN STATE JOURNAL, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5. 1928. FIFTEEN r- ^ r i , ^ Nebraska Among Twelve Undefeated Grid Teams] GEORGETOWN IDP LOT IN Ken Strong, Altho Stopped Saturday, Sets Individual Pace in Points. FLORIDA RANKING SECOND Bachman's Eleven Has Piled up 211 Counters in Six Contests -- Eleven Lose Saturday. NEW YORK, Nov. 5.--(UP)-Twelve football teams remain unbeaten and untied this season, following the removal of eleven others from the roll of honor on Saturday. Georgetown continues to lead in ·coring, with a total of 247 points. The unbeaten, untied elevens of 1928 are: Collet*-- tr, Georcetew* * ·Florid* « Tennewce ." 6 Army 6 Boston Collet* 5 Imam A "» underbill 0 "VUlnuoY» 6 Georgia Tech . . . . . -- 15 OP i: Ft*. 247 211 US 167 164 "180 lit 106 98 90 »· Vtnh S 5S Individual high scoring honors were retained by Ken Strong of N. Y. U., despite the fact that th* Violet star was stopped in his tracks by* Georgetown, Saturday Strong has scored 91 points, mak lug 12 touchdowns and adding 19 points after touchdown. THE LISTENING POST ·Y WALTER TRUMBULL. BELIEVE IT OR NOT. BY RIPLEY Blocker Who Clears Way for Provincial Aids Downfall of New York U. Team. BY WALTER TRUMBULL. (Copyright 1828 by the Jf. A. If. A.) Sheer ^courage and will-to-win never were better exemplified than' m Saturday's defeat of New York IMS. br N. A. N. A.) ·1THB big upset of Saturday undoubtedly was when, the New York University machine turned turtle" In collision with a smart, fighting Georgetown eleven. Once j more It was Indubitably demonstrated that the team which gains many yards, but fails to gain the one yard at the goal line, is, like the golfer who can drive a mile but can't putt, playing the same old useless game. New York made eighteen first downs to Georgetown's two -- and lost the game. Yale and Harvard figured to beat Dartmouth and Lehlgh, and did so. Notre Dame looked better than Penn State, and was. Princeton and Ohio State seemed to be evenly matched, and ran a dead heat. Pennsylvania had some trouble with Chicago, but won as was expected. Stagg always has his team steamed up for this Penn game. The defeat of Illinois by Michigan was an upset on paper, but scarcely one In fact. Illinois- had been pushed by both Indiana and Northwestern. M i c h i g a n w a s Weaker than usual, but only Ohio State had trimmed the "Wolverines badly. The team had been visibly improving. Michigan always plays hard agaisst Illinois. Here is an old -flaming rivalry. If Illinois was to lose a game, this was the one. No Surprise Here WOR was Northwestern's victory over Minnesota any stunning surprise. Northwestern has been showing a lot of growing power and Minnesota players have been badly battered. The smashing game favored by Spears isn't any too easy on the boys and -Minnesota came to the Northwestern contest after having played Purdue, Chicago and Iowa In a row. From a distant angle, it looked far easier for Southern California to trim California than for it to beat Stanford. Before the season ipened, Glenn Warner was well atisfied with his material. I do not think that he really expects to ose a game, and Stanford usually has had plenty of luck against" earns coached by Jones. Yet, where the; best it could do was to tie California, Southern California steps out and beats Stanford by 10 o 0. When those old friends, Tad ones and Pop Warner, meet^after the season, I fear that the "chairman of the Yale football committee will mention this triumph engineered by his brother Howard. Most of the elevens which looked 'MISS MARY BELLE UVE5 tN HAjRWSONVlUE, Mo. HER NAME REAM THE SAME THE BAPTisT CHURCH if SMTM *$* CAL WAS BUILT ENTIRELY Of LUMBER CUT FROM ONE REDWOOD TREE University's Georgetown. mighty eleven by Lou Little should be proud of those boys. There would appear to be small danger that he as not. When the graduates of the -- - Ditsrict of Columbia* "institution waited for the players to emerge after they were dressed, the cheers they gar* were for a real football team. Georgetown has just one chance and took it. And that touchdown wasn't the fluke it seemed. When a New York back rumbled on Georgetown's ten yard line and Ken Provincial swept up the ball and sprinted for that other goal line, so far away, there was hot pursuit Two New York players running like a team, were gaining on the Georgetown end with · surety that promised they would pull him down. ·locker Docs Work. Between provincial and these would be tacklers Han another Georgetown player. Measuring his distance with coolness^ timing his plunge with the accuracy of a stopwatch, he hurled himself across the legs of- the pursuers and spilled them flying. I don't know that boy's name. I wish I did. He was as responsible for that touchdown fully as much as was Provincial who carried the ball. Tack Hardwick, greatest of Interferers, could not have done that job more neatly. Jim Mooney calmly kicked the goal Every man did his job. That's what won for Georgetown -- team work. The team, which was said to rely on speed, out smarted and outfought a stronger aggregation on a slow and sloppy field. When New York, desperate and with its yelling rooters scent ing victory ·was within one yard o a touchdown and had two downs ti make it Georgetown, held. Those two rushes totaled only something over two feet That was a gallan exhibition. . Violet in Big Try. Meehan's men certainly tried Grant was a tower of strength li a line which ·· refused to yiel ground. Nemecek is a whirlwind end. Strong and Follet are fine backs and almost got away more than once. .But the New York interference was not doing Its JOb very welL Time after time, interferes missed their man. when to getb! m would have meant a runner in the open. And I did not lik to see the Violet lose all faith !n its ronnlag attack and resort to flocks of forward throwing them -on first so evenly matched before Satur- lay'a games proved that the dope was -fairly correct Not alone ·rinceton and Ohio State, but Cornell and Columbia, Tufts and New lampshire, Vermont and Norwich, Lafayette and Washington-Jefferson, Ma'ne and Colby, Michigan State, Centenary and Birmingham, Jelplt and Lake Forest and a num- er' of other elevens battled to ties. A CALF WITH ITS HEART IN ITS THROAT It is possible lo like it ir\ One's hnds wi both ftel and sea rt beUng v THE ANIMAL 15 NORMAL OTHERWlSt PLAN IS APPPEO BOARD TO HANDLE ALL FINANCES. State Divided on Eligibility Question--Omaha Schools Are Likely to Enter Fracus. BY WALTER E. DOBBINS. Unanimous endorsement of the eturn to the district high school jasketball tournament plan as ad- ocated by the state board of con- rol'was voiced by the athletic re- reaentatives of the six school dis- ricts in the state last week. The probable return of the Omaha high schools to the state meet; he shifting of the financial bur,en of the tourney from the University of Nebraska to the board if control and the divided opinion n the eligibility question were of the high points brought 499,155 Georgetown's Defeat of N. Y. U. and Michigan's Triumph Over Illinois Feature. ' JONES. United States Those Extra Points. NUMBER of these drawn games ' and a number of others woa y a single point were due to inability to kick goals after touchdown. It still seems to me that coaches would stress this matter more. There certainly should be one man on a squad who could be depended upon to boot the ball over the bar. The Tindefeated teams are growing fewer week by week. Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Detroit, Florida, Army, Georgetown', Boston college, Princeton, Ohio State, Carnegie, Nebraska, Southern California, Ohio Wesleyan, Villanova, Wisconsin and a few others still go marching on but Saturday's carnage was considerable. New York university, Illinois, Haver- fort, Louisiana State, Texas Christian, Temple, Kansas and Clemson dropped from the ranks of the undefeated. It was surprising to see Texas Christian lose to Baylor and Clemson so badly beaten by Mississippi- Those unbeaten teams are bound to become fewer still. Army has yet to play Nebraska, Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt meet next Saturday. Carnegie plays Georgetown, Boston college must get by Fordham, and Ohio State and Iowa meet at the end of this week in a btttle likely to decide the championship of tfie western conference. All of the undefeated teams have at least one risky game ahead and most of them have more than one. In these days, no games are easy. down--every down--In a gambling liopp fashion. New York completed four passes out of twenty-two. Five *?re intercepted. To my mlno. such a percentage makes a bad gamble. N«w York was anritaj: snowers of passes -when there were still sev» n minutes left to play- "Sou «- r»ct such tactics frora a wek team --not from a strong one. which York University undoubtedly BY CAPT. "BIFF Hrad Footbal? Coach, Military Academy. WEST POINT.,, N. .X, Nov. 4.-The title of this should ~be "fumble, fumble, who's got the fumble." The dope bucket was kicked into a shapeless mess. Bad weather and muddy fields caused many breaks which partially accounted for the large number of surprises. A study of the game statistics shows an unusual number o£ fumbles, intercepted passes and blocked kicks. All of which can be expected as a result of a wet, heavy, soggy ball. In the east, the biggest surprise was Georgetown's defeat of N. Y. U- The latter marched all over the field, outrising and outpassing the alert Georgetown team. Fumbles broke up every assault the N. Y. U. Two of these fumbles were particularly costly. The first tin Georgetown's 5-yard line was recovered by a Georgetown end who raced for a" touchdown, enough to win the game. The second costly fumble was on Georgetown's 2-yard line and was recovered by Georgetown, sa-ving the game for the Blue and Gray. Georgetown played a strong defensive game to hold its lead and Mooney's punting under terrible conditions was particularly commendable. Columbia Fumbles Costly. In the Cornell-Columbia game, Columbia's f u m b l e s were disastrous. The first one deep in its own territory gave Cornell an opportunity. F r o m -here Cornell pressed to the goal line, missing by six Inches or less. The next Columbia fumble came on the second down with six yards to go, for a touchdown. This was recovered by the alert Cornell defense, killing off the only Columbia threat- Up at New Haven, Dartmouth, minus the services of five of its stars, including Black and Marsters, was holding its own against Yale almost minus most of its strength, including the great Gar- cago, I haven't heard of It. Chicago in the last period heaved a forty yard pass. This was incomplete, by interference was called giving Chicago the ball on Penn's 7-yard line. Chicago crashed over. from here, tieing the score. There was now thirty seconds left. Penn received the kickoff. On the first play came Penn's fifty-nine yard pass for the winning touchdown and the game was over. A few minutes after the opening whistle in the Northwestern-Minnesota game Northwestern recovered its own fumble behind its goal line for a safety, giving Minnesota a two point lead A few minutes later Northwestern grabbed a Minnesota fumble and~ran seventy-five yards for a touchdown. It was not until the fourth quarter that Minnesota's power tactics shoved over a touch down. A placekick by Northwestern gave this Purple the winning margin by a 10 to 9 score. The credit for Michigan's victory over Illinois, in a striking upset, must go to a well coached Wolverine defense. Michigan's line stopped the great Humber and its pass defense stopped nineteen of the twenty-three Illinois passing at tempts. Furthermore, Michigan intercepted one Illinois pass which gave the Wolverines the chance for their placekick, enough to win the game, destroying tb« : championship ambitions of Illinois. Nebraska Dumps Kansas. Wisconsin's stalwart line and deceptive double and triple passes SS stemmed the Alabama. Nebraska's Crimson Tide from bone crushing machine wore down a game fighting Kansas defense that had withstood assault after assault in the first half. Missouri another leading contender in the Big Six conference, lost to Drake, by one touchdown, made by running a Missouri fumble across the goal line. Southern California toppled Stanford. The latter fumbled at critical stages of the game. East is east and west is west, also fumbles are fumbles. SOUTHERN TEAMS SLIP ON SATURDAY By DAN M'GUGIN. C»cli Vudnbilt nnlvenKr. Copy rijht, 1938, bj" '. A- "- ·*- Kentucky State. L. S. U., and Clemson have joined the list of defeated teams, losing to Vanderbilt, Arkansas, and University of Mississippi, respectively. Kentucky "Barney, 1 _ Jimmie Arbutlinot, official- timekeeper at the University of Wash-; iagton. has been on the sidelines of every important grid game the Huskies have played In the last four years. The New York Coliseum, gigantic sports arena now under con- gtrnction. will be used for boxing, bicycle racing, soccer and hockey. An Indoor track for the racing o! greyhounds and whippets will be provided. Ernie Qnigley. who ' t * 9 **** In the National league . Georgetown deserved lojwia. AU- AROUND STAR. Christian Keener Caglc. Army 5 r5diron star. Is an all around athlete. H« -»on varsity letters to football, baseball. basketbaM and W3e at Southwestern Ixra- Institute before entering West Point of the biggest grid games"and has officiated in the National A- A U. basketball tournament for th epast eight year*. Cy Denneaay. wao will help Art Ross manage tie Boston club in the National Hockey league, held dow» the left wing Jfrtn for the :·- t e e n flm - the bawk like Eddy who stepped °° over for a touchdown. Yale's handling of the wet ball was a remarkable feature of the game. The line also did some good work to turn back the only Dartmouth scoring threat. At Philadelphia. Notre Dame, showinc dash and fire, pushed over a touchdown against Penn State ia tie first few minutes of play. After this, the Irish left it to their strong defense to repulse any attempt from Penn State. The South Bend backfleld bad terrific drive when called on, aad its line outcbarged Penn State both on attack and defense. Penn State had a few fumbles and its passing game was hindered by tie slippery ball. Notre Dame, however, handled the ball cleanly. Pitt Stops Syracuse. x Pittsburgh succeeded !n stopping the Syracuse passing attack, and She had not only a powerful line and brilliant backs including Covington and Sn5c»T but she had team spirit of the fin est character--the kind that usu ally means victory. Arkansas and I* S. U. had one of those gamesj which bangs on a thread, an intercepted l- S- U. pass resulting in the one touchdown of the game. JU S- C. has advanced this v»ar nnder Russell Cohen, and is still undefeated in the southern intercolleciate conference. Nebraska Continues Show Strength, Should Be Good Foe for Army, Warner Declares. BY GLENN S. WARNER. Head football Coach, Stanford Vnivcraitj PASADENA, Calif., Nov. 4.--The underdogs had another good day Saturday when several of them rose up and. smote their supposedly superior gridiron foes.. The most notable upset was Michigan's d e f e a t of Illinois Zuppke's team was supposed to be ust about the class of the mid vest teams and Michigan's trl umph Illustrates just how uncertain the outcome of gridiron battles can be. In baseball the tailenders quite often defeat the leaders in the-different leagues and football is getting to be about as uncertain a game as the national game. Mich gan's win shows that its sophomores are improving rapidly even without the coaching of Goss. Stanford Loses Out. On the coast,* Stanford's defea by the University of Southern Cal Ifoinla was about the only upse if it could be called such. Coas critics and sport writers had Ie( the public to believe that Stanfon was a couple of touchdowns bette than its southern rivals but How ard Jones 'team played as perfec a game of football as I have eve seen and while Stanford did show more ground gaining ability this was more than offset by many costly fumbles. Stanford's defeat leaves the University of California and/ Southern California the only unbeaten teams In their conference games. From this distance it looks as tho the Army, Georgetown and Carnegie Tech are the best in the east These being about the only unbeaten teams in that section but these may meet their Waterloo In one of the next three week ends. Pitt Looks Good. Pittsburgh must, be pretty good to defeat Syracuse so decisively when It Is recalled that Syracuse put up an even battle against the strong Nebraska team a couple of weeks ago. The latter team continues to show great strength and should be a tough opponent for the Armv on the twenty-fourth. In the south. Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt kept up hteir winning form and these two teams look to be the best in that section. In the southwest. Southern Methodist, the team which the Army defeated by only one point, seems to be leading the way while in the Rocky Mountain section. Utah barely nosed oat Colorado College to retain the conference lead. The results of games thrnoct the country show how much more the jut in the meetings held at Norfolk hadron, McGook, Omaha, North latte and Lincoln. District Meet in 192S. In the seventeen years of state ournament competition the dis- ;rict plan has been given but one rial, that in 1925, when ninety-six basketball teams, the winners and runnersup from the six districts, were registered. The university in recent years has undertaken the responsibility of underwriting the financial end of the state classic and the pro- ratioa-of the surplus funds to the entrants, tinder the present plan and upon the authority vested by the unanimous district vote, the ioard will attend to all pre-tourney irrangements, expenses and refunds. The divided opinion on the team ligibility question simmers down to this: Should it be the winners and runnersup from the six dis- ,nct meets or the sixty or seventy percent winners of schedule Teams winning half of their agmes were allowed to compete in the L927-28 fracas and the board of control had suggested that this point be changed to 60 percent winners. The Omaha group went on record as favoring the winners and the runnersup idea with only eight teams competing in the state meet- All six districts (were in favor o: hi eh school teams limiting them selves to competition in only two Big Ten Crown May Be Decided Saturday CHICAGO, Nov. 5.--(UP'-The mythical title of champion of the big ttn football conference Is expected to be decided at Columbus next Saturday when Ohio St»t» and Iowa meet for their annual battle. The two remain as the only teams In the conference race not beaten and not tied, as a result of last Saturday's upsets. Illinois will be the only remaining team in the way of Ohio State If the Buckeyes corns thru with a win over Iowa, while Iowa has Wisconsin and Michigan left on Its schedule. tournaments, the district and state, thus abolishing the various state college and county meets. U. S. C. WINNER OVER STANFORD BY HOWARD JONES. Conch TJnlvenlty of Southern California. Southern California defeated a mighty fine football team in the Los Angeles coliseum Saturday. The 10 to 0 victory was achieved only after one of the most strenuous games I have ever witnessed, and it was scored over a team that had as much potential power as 1 have ever seen. Naturally, we of southern California were pleased to win. I am very proud of all my players, and only hope they can continue to play the fine brand of football they displayed against Stanford. To single out ony of the men aa better than the rest is unfair to the team as it was team play that made the victory possible. However, there were players who contributed important performances and because they were out in the open, these acts were more promi nent and may be commented upon without slighting the line men, who carried the heaviest part of the battle, and are deserving! of great credit. This boy, Nathan Barragar, is all there. He will take the biggest man on the opposition and tackle him time and again without the slightest hesitation. When he toppled Hoffman in the second quarter, Barragar hurt himself rather badly, but stuck to his guns I have no hesitation in saying thai had Hoffman come down the field on a similar play the very next minute, Barragar would have tackled him just as hard as he did the first time. He is a fine foof ball player and a great center. 111,896 FANS Official Check Is Made by" Director Allen -- Kansas -, Players Not Sen- "^ ously Hurt. ~ LAWRENCE, Kas.. Nov. 4.--Af£ tendance at the Kansas-Nebraska' football g a m e here yesterday was 10,896, an official check ot tickets showed, it was announced bv Dr F. C. Allen, director of ath/ letics at K U. That is the largest crowd of the year at a game here, despite the three days of rain and' snow which cut down the attend:, ance materially. T_ No further clews as to the idea-. tity of the robbers who broke- Into the athletic office safe and stole between $4,000 and J5.000 In cash had been found today, county, and city peace officers announced.. Injuries Not Serious. No Kansas football players were, seriously injured in the game and all will be in shape to play against Marquette university at Milwaukee Saturday, Coach Bill Har? giss announced tonight. This dis^ pelled the gloom which had settled over the Jayhawker camp when George McCormlck, right end; Captain Hauser, left end;Art Lawrence, star halfback; and Charlie Smoot, center, all were carried from the field apparently, badly injured and reports had gained headway that they would be out for the season. Only bruises of a minor nature were discovered on the injured athletes' today. * Iowa State Playing ^ -Husker Nov. 28, 1929 : AMES, la., Nov. 5.--Grinnell, Mis-, Bouri, Kansas and Drake are in : eluded in the four home games on, the 1929 football schedule for Iowa State college, announced from the office of T. N. Metcalf, director of^ athletics. The schedule is as follows: ' Oct f--Grinnell at Ames Oct. 12-L-Mlssourl at Ames. Oct. 19--Marquette at Milwaukee. Oct 26--Kansas at Ames. Nov. 2--Oklahoma at Norman. Nov. 9---Drake at Ames -ov. 16--Kansas State at Manhattan. . Nov. 28--Nebraska at Lincoln. Joe SIZE NO BAR. Walcott, old-time welterweight champion, who numbered many middleweights among his list of victims, was only five feet one and a half inches tall. X. Never ··» » Before" Starts Instantly in Cold Weather Mississippi scored a. touchdown each Quarter against Clemson, Gerald Walker. Smith and Woodraff standing out. Mississippi has a so°d football team, and one of the best balanced iackflslds in the section. Clemson, in all probability, had drawn on her mental and physical reserve 3n her great victory over South Carolina, last week, and had not reacld. Possibly old man over- T « , U]e the leading ] TWOHANOEO Ottawa Senators for always rating among scorers of tie circuit. The Oshawa lacrosse team the senior Ontario championship .after fifty years of effort. The i last time this club -won the coveted was abl" to push its own attack j confidence, tie cause of so many Syracuse defense for bitter disaypoiaiJn?nts. because unnecessary, was responsible for the 5 " lias rolld .vxr same? Oa* was s eraately wJth Jus right ·£^1 atlewas in 1S78. perfect Boo* FartKUn. Georgia . l the ^ £ lies feu Tech's bgst ja iolates all the princi- form in Wcking, ] arge iy gained Jts ^^5 attack. Ohjo s ,*te and Princeton baWcd to a draw. An Ohio State fumble on its own 34- yar? line, led to the Princeton touchdown. A costly offside penalty large score which cured, Mississippi se, Florida, having a great defense and a wonderful scoring strength. with relentless consistency crashed Sewanee, Georgia won from Aa- a|»Ji»t Ohio State in the march I bum, V. M. I. from Maryland, and from that point »3so heJjod. In the ] North Carolina antf North Carol a s t period a combination o f . Jina State ited. and clashes bj ' Virginia gained a critical and Ebby and Holman, enabled Ohio State to tfc the score. If any garce j»« mor« «ciOr S taaa Pean-Chi- forward and lateral passes are being used--how closely the teams are matched in every section and how difficult 3t Is to keep a team at its highest point of efficiency lor every weekend contest There appears to be DO doubt that a football team can be very, very good on one Saturday and very, very bad tie uext Saturday aad to keep their teams good every Saturday Js the toughest Job football coaches have. Overconfident* Hurt*. , OverconTJdence raias the records I of more good teams than any other j one factor and Jt Is no wonder that many football coaches get the reputation of being pessimists. They have to be to counteract the tendency of their teams of getting in a self satisfied frame of mind be- eas9« of JJielr success. Th*n. too. there is tie reaction of one week ^ . _ . . following a sapreme effort aad it ing victory over on? of Jier is a pretty hard thing for a team j great" old time rivals, Washington to rise to the superior heights c~ aod Lee. jtwo successive Saturday*. even when new, has my motor ran so smoothly and delivered the power and speed that I get with the use of "Refiner's Ethyl" That's the verdict of thousands of enthusiastic users. It will be yours, too--for remember, performance pays the premium. Refiners Ethyl, the pioneer brand* is fast overcoming the prejudice* based on misunderstanding, that has caused many motorists to d e n y - themselves the supreme motoring comfort and satisfaction that only Ethyl gasoline provides. .UlCrj Starts in Cold Instantly Weather STATE OIL CO, * Distributors 24 Progretthre Lincoln Stations now Distribute Refiners Ethyl in Lincoln. Buy at the Sign.

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