Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 11, 1957 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1957
Page 3
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Thursday Evening, July 11, 1957. Charges New Firm Made Fast $46,225 In Highway Deals INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — The Indianapolis Times said Wednesday a newly organized corporation made $46,225 profit on 12 quick deals in Indiana highway right-of- way at Gary in the last few months of ex-Gov. George Craig's administration. The Times said it uncovered deals of the Norgold Corp. for ,Iand along t/he Tri-Sta'e Kxpress- way "after considerable search'." Xorgold was organized last Sept. 21 with assets of s:,000, ac- Callaway, Linda Roberts and Emajean Bossung. The annual White County Farm Bureau picnic will be held Saturday, July 20th, at the Reynolds fair grounds. In the morning starting at 10 .o'clock there will be Pet and Hobby Club judging and games followed by the basket dinner at 12 o'clock.noon. At the afternoon program there I will be a talk by James Williams, educational director, of the Indiana Farm Bureau. ' Concluding the afternoon ice cream and cake will be served. Committees are as follows: Round Grove Township, coffee; Liberty-Cass, iced tea; West Point and Union, chairs and. tables; of state's office, the said. Within the next few months, it bought 12 vacant lots in G'ty for $55,100 and sold them to, the state for $101.325, the Times saw. son-Lincoln and Prairie, ice cream. -Mayor WiJmer A. McClintic departed from Indianapolis Municipal Airport Wednesday morning for Las Vega6 Nevada ,. u x, u, Mr - McCIintic is a lieutenant sold to the state by Norgold before colonel in the Army Reserve and the firm was incorporated, the' was one ot the two reserve officers Times said, and before they ac-: in the slale ot , ndiana choscn to tually were owned by Norgold. observc the atomic bomb test al Norgold's office address was ; he Nevada testing ground. He ex- listed as 1300 Broadway, Gary, |pcc t s to return home the latter which also is the office of Mid-: par t of the week. City Investments, the Times said.! Saturday evening June 29 Mr Records listed Norgold directors ; and Mrs. Cecil Brookshire and as Norman Levenbers, ' George ; j. wo daughters; Betty and Bar- Goldstein and Charles H. Glueck, bara, arrived from Portland, Ore- accorxling to the Times. S on/ and are guests of Cecil'.s father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brookshire, and are also guests of many other relatives anil friends. Wednesday evening they attended the wedding of a niece of county club. Other officers wcrciKdna, Mrs. Brookshire, Miss Opa! Monticello The White County Rural Youth elected Jim Sharp of Reynolds to serve as the 1958 president of the Dave Kusler, vice president, Rosemary Gorman, secretary-treasurer, Dale Bartlett and Gloria Teeter> recreation leaders, Marilyn Hagerty, song leader and Wanda Saloman, news reporter. food stand at the 4-H Fair again this year and to enter a float in the Farmer's Day parade at the state fair. Those present voted in favor of paying the expenses and sending the new officers to a special training school that will he Timberman of Rossville and Milo McRuhy of Logansport, held at the home of an aunt, Mrs. Gilbert Milzer at Ros.sville. .July 4th they, along with their mother and dad w.ere guests of The club also decided to have a Miss Lillie Bailey, "Aunt Lill" to (hem, for a fish fry dinner at the Anglers, later driving along! the lakes, lo Lowe's Bridge so that |they might .see the many cottages and homes along the lake. The group then drove on down In the Leslie Paschcn home for a CROSSWORD PUZZLE Anlww «« Y«t.m.y t ACROSS 1—Earlhenwart veascl 4—Chln.es* pagoda 7—Open-mouthed 2—Ejd»t '3>-HlKh mountain 14—Anon • ' is—Once around track U—Kind of rifl« (Pi.) 18—Utcoran !0— Gaelic ' II—Peel VI —Play area [3—Ordinance '6—Masons' doorkenp&r . 18—Winded to—Placefl lor combat 32—Caught S'i— Explod« ., R4—Cat (collbq.) 35—Abstract belnx :tO—Persia 38—Break suddenly 41—SufCbc: follower* of 42—CSoblln 43—One who ! confers a trust linon • , Vt— Worm 48—Pale W —Girl's name 50—3n mu»lc, high Cl—Aromatic herb fi2- : -I-,lmb 63—French plural article . • DOWN * 1—Drug plant Euir. bj UDHM TMtuit / /2 Iff '* 21 3e 35 35 ¥3 n $i t 31 vy 3 2* r is- y 'A i H IS ft. ^ 'J-7 It J y/ U % V i 30 % it n n 17 '//< SI '//, k 1 1* a ft 9 y/ t z» iS n » '•>!> 11 St a to •"> 41 It * '!» 2—Plowed, land' 3—Newspapermen 4—M.ounta"in lake 5—Beverage i ti—Come into vlt» 7—Native! of Alaska . «—Openlni In fence 9—Devoured* 10—Through U—Bitter vetch 1.7—Bo mistaken 19—Checks. 23—Pootlllie part S3—PurttilriinK to rile larynx 24—Consumed 25—Married 27— "Distance from aide to Bid* 29—LarJnt 30—"Mim's , nickname 31 — M n fry TO— BriRfcc «rar M—Light color ,17—ThlnKS. In lafl 39—PanSjtKcway 41—Floiver 42—Boast 43—Gnltlo'i hl£h 44—I5°lf(rlou» flnvntre 4!i—Prods: thrne 4C—Girl'* name held at Camp Tecumseh in Sep- visit with the family and to see tember. |a real farm home. -Later they A group of visiting Rural Youth stopped at Mr.s. Estella Funk's from Newton Cciunty provided spe-ihome in East Monticello lo visit cial entertainment. Following rec-i'Aith her and her mother, Mrs. realion refreshments were served Van Meter or a.s she is called and the meeting adjourned. The weight control class at its meeting held recently in the UK- MC building had for the committee in charge, Mrs. Wilma Emerson, Mrs. Maude McBee and Mrs. Ona Doctor. Mrs. Marie McDougle led in group singing. Lois Jean Million of Lois Jean's Beauly Shop demonstrated exercises to strengthen sagging muscles and talked concerning skin care. The class decided lo vacation during July and August but will meet again in September to resume class get-togethers. However members will "weigh in" as uxuul and may record their weights on the . (.-hart in the county extension office, by calling or sending in the information. The County 4-H Dress revue judg- "Aunt Zelta" to 135 members of the -immediate family. Sunday, July (Hh. the Brook- .ihire family of forty some enjoyed u picnic at the city park. Cecil will leave for his home in Portland, Oregon, this Saturday evening, but Edna and Iho girls will slay a few weeks to visit with relatives near Delphi and Rossville. Walter Simons was lo return home today from the Veterans Hospital at Indianapolis where he ha.s been a patient for treatment for over three weeks, Miss Bertha Bo.slick of Monnn was rc-r.Occted chairman of Hie White County chapter National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, al the annual meeting held recent- ly'in the office of County Supt. Forest Lake in the court house. ing will be held Kriday, July. lii.j Mis.s Bontick is serving her !.9lh al the Roosevcll High School. The year' in thai capacity. schedule f»r judging will be: 9:(X) a.m.—Division V 8::iO a.m.—Division VI and VII 10:30 a.m.—Division IV 1:30 p.m.—Divisiiin II 2:.TO p.m.—Division JII All the clothing girls who take Pi\rt in Ihe judging will be in Uie Other titt'ieerx re-elected were: vice chairman, Mrs. Forest Lake; secretary, Mrs. Mclvena Nelson; treasurer, C. D. Imler; cx-offieio member of the executive board, Dr. C. H. Mayfield, county health officer. Reynolds; medical chairman, Dr. S. K. McCIuro, Monon; as campaign chairman, reported on the 1957 March ot Dimes. Mrs. Lake presided at the meeting as Miss Bostick submitted her report. Miss Bostick's report showed, [hat the 1957 March of Dimes! broughl in $4,614.89 compared to! $6,52.1.12 in 1956, a 1.8 per cenl loss locally with 16 per' cent loss in the slate. The county board of commissioners at their July meeting received and approved several plats, that of Hightchew's Pleasant View Subdivision No. 2 located in Union !(.wnship; one for Ihe Bedford Bay Subdivision No, 4 located in Monon township and one for Hichey's Buffalo Park Subdivision 'u- C'.lccl in Libi.'riy .Township. • A petition was received from Frank E. Sehlcichcr et a! rela- live 'o trie vacation- ct a riiad in Camp Kcuhen Liberty township. The commissioners appointed Clarence Pherson, Leonard A. p'ross and Guy Ginn as viewers and they submitted their report, deeming the vacation lo be of public untility and such portion of the highway should be vacated. A petition was prcsonlotl by Dr. Ellis of Ihe state veterinarian's office which was signed hy 79 per cent of the heard owners lo have the county commissioners approve Brucellosis testing for cat-He. The commissioners approved the pclilinn snd will enter the necessary funds in Ihe August budget for the consideration of the county council, The testing will, cost $22,049 nf which the federal Kovernrneiil will pay half or $ll,S2J, the slate 25 per c'cnl or $. P »,M2 and the county 55 per cenl, or $5,002. Deer Raising Proves Profitable to Farmer FKANKTON, Ind. (UP)—Farmers who own herds of cattle, sheep and even goats, are common-in. these parts. ' But . farmer JWin Braddick's herd of deer is .unusual enough to attract hundreds of Sunday drivers ,who want to see the animals. • Braddick began raising .deer several years ago when he purchased part of a group of over- shocked d«er .at Lafayette. He also tried his hand at raising buffalo and elk.' - • . ' Although the buffalo proved successful, Bcaddick \ said, the elk were "not so hot" He said the big problem "with the elk was keep- .ing them- penned in. The animals, endowed with the ability tp leap unbelievable heights, .were constantly jumping out of their fenced enclosure. The wildlife enthusiast also has' about 75 pheasants which he started raising about a year ago. He started by purchasing 40 small birds and although he' said they have sold tairly well, they require constant care and the deer are still his first love. Others started their own deer herds from' Braddick's stock. 'An Anderson man obtained a pair from Braddick and now has two fawns. Two other persons, one Hoosier and an Ohio man, also have purchased deer from Braddick. . Braddick, who began raising deer as a hobby, said he wished he had started years sooner after discovering how profitable and interesting it could be. He 'recently sold four does for $500 and said the market' for deer was very good. He said -a deer brings only as much as a cow, but added that one cow will eat as ! much as 10 deer. The deer recently were moved lo ; an area occupied by the Erank- ton Conservation Club. They evidently have some unusual feeding habjts. Braddick said the"8eer will come close enough to be hand fed in the'early evening, but stay as tar away from human beings as possible, the rest of the day. Read the Classified Ads 409-415 E. BROADWAY DIAL 4166 NO. 15138 STATE OF INDIANA)' • )SSl COTNTY OP r:ASS > JN TIIJO .i,'Ass CIRCUIT counrj ATllllj TKKM. i:i"i7. '.VOTICIi} 01.' A ll.lllNIX'ril ATION NoLlcfc IH Imreby Klvini lhat Lloyd 1.. Rlilllviin mix, cm 2lilh rlny or Jtlltu, I!l. r i7, appointed Administrator oT HID firttate of John T. .Sulllviln r]«.c:nfiHf!il. A!] jmrfonH liiivJutf (;lnlm« Kalimt willd I'HUi!.)!, wli<t.t.]ier or mil now dm-., muni rile tin* ham<! I'll nald enurl; wlUiln Hlx ((1) inonllu from l)Ki rlali; of Iho l'!r*l. jinM). '•allon or IhlK nol leu or said cliilnu will hf ftn-dvc.t- Imn-'Hl. iMili-d lit. l/f>minHi)ort. Inrliunn tlilu 26lh any of Jn;,,., 19B7. Kllx.Ujnlh nirlciM 1 Clerk i>r thii Circuit Cn'.irl for I'IIMH County, indli MIII.'H & JIIIIJH Atlornny for JOwlnlo TIlR tfll(/r;|-nlnnr:(J Will • HI'II lit J'lllilli: Auction lo Ilifi hlK'hcm blil- diir, fur iMiHli. oni! HIM Kuril 1 dnnr. Molor No. l'li;;TIII!|23ll n| Uu in(iri:l»l (Yc'rtlt (.'or|i., f^ii.fnyi:l Inilliinn. ill. Ill A.M., on .Inly It, Jlir.7, lnkiMi iinditr lurnm ot Con- illlloiinl HiilP. TIlu liililiji'nlKiii'it rn.Hi'l'VUH the 1 riK'M. li: hill Hi till* S,il<". 'JOM.VIUIIC'MM. CJIIOD;'!' CORP. by C. MuHaroH " INCONSPICUOUS ...QUALITY HEARING AIDS FERNBAUGH'S Jewelry Stora 416 E. Bdwy. (HMMvr MOMIV-IMK •OAJIAWH I public dress revue to he lie-Id at |education committee chairman, H;00 p.m. on .July 19. All of the County Kupt. Forest Lake, who Is winners will be announced at this time. The Dress revue committee; is Mrs. Don Klnnel, Mrs. Kathleon Hedges, Mr«. Barbara Kuehjint!, Mrs. W. 0. Harmon, Miss Helen ;ilso a . slate director; publicity chairman, Virgil 'McClintic, Miss Roslick presided a I Ihe meeting when reports were heard. Mr, Imler Have the treasurer's' report and Miss Bo-ilick who served "New Store Hours" Sale Friday 9 to 9, Saturday 9 to 5 NEW, IN SEASON BARGAINS WAS IS 2 Big 8x8x18 deep family she pools ,$36.95 $24.95 1 20" Boyi' Bicycle with guide wheel . .$42.95 $29,95 1 20" Girls' Bicyclo with guide wheel . .$42.9.5 $29.95 2 8' Galvanite Slides .$19.95 $13.95 2 Wading Pool Slides , $ 5.95 $ 2,9B 2 Swing Sets witti glidor and swing , . .$16.95 $12.95 HOUSE CLEANING SPECIALS Some good, some not so good ' WAS K 3 Maple Straight Chain $2,50 ,$1.00 1 20" Used Boys' Bicycle (looks terrible but runs good) 7 Toy Money Sols 98c 50c 2 Tole Croft Prints wosle'pcipor baskets , ,$3.00 50c 7 Elec Tractors ; $5.00 25e 2 Silver Knight Sets , . .$1.98 25c 1 Stamp Album Loose Loaf pages '.$3.95 25c 1 Pilot Helmet ...$5,00 25e 1 Piano Book $2.99 50c 6 Race Car Helmets (small size) , 59c' 10« 1 Trailer Truck Van tf.9£ '- 30e 1 Bunk Bed '. $5.00 50c 1 Noll Peg Table $5,95 $1.00 4 Sets Jumbo Stencils . ..' 40e . 25t 2 Dressed Varga Dolls $1.98 $1.00 1 Varga Doll, undressed $1.98 50< BICKELS 3 DAYS ONLY-ibn,M,*rf. 29- 39< Values! 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