The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1931
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Served bij the. United Press THE DOMINANT NKWSl'APER OF NORTIIKAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUKI Blylhevillo Courier, B'.yiheville Dally Nc<vs, Hjvtheville Herald, Mississippi Valley Loader. IJIATIlICVll.UO, AKKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY. MAY II, l!):ll HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES-FIVE CENTS item 10 Strife In Kentucky Coal Fields Almosl No Opposition to Snbbath Snort Recorded at Polls Yesterday. ally o\vr Mississippi county fnr rovcra! yours despite thc existence of Sunday blue laws torbHdiu^ thr* pastime, received approval of voters in th:- comity at u special rleclion yesterday by a margin of nlmo'it six vot-.'s for every vo'.c cast against it. Complete unotliciul re- ttirjis showed <!05'.> voles for Sunday baseball and 35S votes against the Sabbath pp.nime. 'J'he turn out of votprs. although light, vas larger than had been anticipatrd bv advcx'f.ic\s c.i Sun- <!av bas r ba!l and opponents alike. Lltt'c interest, liovovec, was manifested. Promised Land and Hiiif Mcon citizens appuii'tecl to SC-IVL* as jiid:; t -s nnd oltTk.s reported :io inttrcs'.. and wi!h no indication of any desire on the part of residents of the communities to vote, the pclliiu booths were clcseJ. A total of 2403 votes were cast yes- trrday compared to Eipproxima'ply 5830 in the last Democratic primary. Indicative of Ihe popular approval of the Sunday sport was the voie rolled up for (lie Sabbaih pns- time in every votin? precinct. Of the 'twfy-itiy-two precincts, on 1 .,- onr. Bowman H-hcol. showed more vctes [i'jahist the measure than in' approval. Incidentally Bowman i . c rhool registered the smallest vote of ar.v box, totalling eleven hi op- IJOsition and two for the measure. 4 to 1 in Blylhevilie Blylheville -voted practically four to ono for Kmidav basebnll witli tiie Third .and First wards bil- Ijtin^ almost solklly in fr.vor of the pastime while most of tlie opposition was confined to the Second ward. Tlie total city vote was 41-1 for and 104 arainst. Osceola. as expected, turned in a bit majority for the proposal to leyaiize the pastime which it has enjoyed for a number of years j wi!limit official sanction but also! without interference by officials. Every vote recorded at .Joiner. Killed Husband to Save Family Says Memphis Wife LIFE IFTEB OF MKMl'lllS. May U. illl'1-Mr.;. Ilo-olk- Huberts. 115, slmL lliul kllli-il IHT llu-luiul. W. II. Hubl'ili,. 3!t. t'>.by "bi'tMtisp It was llu* only tliui:; 1 could do to suvi* inysi-U :u:il I'lUliln-ii Iruin 11 drlnk-mi man" She* Is ln'liiK held liut no clinriii's I lull, i" lifl'll placed. HolH'lls ll:icl lour I V'-lnrin I!«"; Hammer In Mls l< " l) '' rt:i •"•<• 011C - rlu '>' twvi ' \' uses iMiimui to ,, u , liy thc ,„.„,,,„ m ., rv i as!e . D l Til- - • • \\'T |IUl\i' OtTll placed. HOlH'ltS ll:ld tOlll 1'MN'lllCM IVllSSISSlppl \Var-I'luMivu i, y a former marrl:i..;e and lamiiK :ill Wile niif] Children. HI.V'H MOUNTAIN. Miss., May 0 'I 1 !' 1 An inerM-iu wnild war vel- iTiin. :II>II:II-MI||V 111 11- i'/v. killed four perso-is lien* List iii-ht and then shot himself !lii-<-n>!li '.lie heart. Th" vi-l-ran, A. W. Carlcr, bal- Iviv-ii Hi- lir-uds of his victims with \/ , ,-, :• I'.'uv liiiminor. The victims ap-j KeimiCkV LiOVCt'llOl' ,-i'ix* slccpiu'; when the X was bcCTii. The dead in- d tbi-'e lueiiibi'rs of his fnm: i'v. ivrlud'.ii'i his wife. Nora Car. Irr. 2.1. nr-d liis two ilauijlilers. : M.-i-v. K, and Marlha. 9. i Caitc-r Iht-ii turned his <*.Uark uiMii Mis. Niuinie Jeffries. GO. i'.nd lieni licr lo death. Tin* vel"r- pn'*i fiiiullv mad" their home wlln Mis. Jel Appeal of Sheriff Blair cf Marian County. IIA1ILAN. Ky.. May G iUI'1 — Formal :ipi>ea! fur Kentucky state ln;t:ps t<i co:io wllh (lucrlllii warfare In Hnrlan county was met vilh tin* response frum Govenmr j Fl'.ui Sampson that, local aulhori- and the slaylniT was- [los ., |m|s( CIUry 0|| us lm , B nb „,<,,,. I not discovered mill! nlmosl mid-; |:ow ' (1( . r , loWs ,,, y .. sllcri(r Jullll nnr.ri.iim when Elaiu Mnltnx, «; ncnrv Bblr told the United Press I l;rothi'r-1n-law fit (lie veteran.'. 1,^5-. j ivenl 10 Ihe hoib-e. \ ^ }K Ra vcmor wns nskcd by my- Unnljle to eel nnvone to romc lo I fclf alt! i by county Judae II. H. [tlio ibor M;it1ux Invretltalcd nnil u man < ( O ,- mA ( r 00|w | lcri ., but : rim- tlie bo'lie.i on llin floor. He GUNS. ARSOM AND THE PINCH OF IIUKGElt the weapons in Kentucky's you see miners gathered .it a .union meeting which is guarded by men with slu •!ua mother and. h-r biiby ?.cA a view of llw nesorted mine vil'.nu pany-owued home::, all empty, v.-c-re burned lo t ml mine war. lien is nil ii/!es. a typical. 1 " 11 " at Cciwood, Ky.. where- Ifi coin- L* ground. instructions for his..burial.. sheriff snid ihc veteran had j br"n receiving (.ompensation for Injuries received during the war. 15,000 Women ami Children Face. ilmigcr In-.Ml Woman Maniac Chops Little Girl to Death j Bishop .Tames Cannon 1 • Iir l • IJ • l' AK.KUIV, U., Mliy U lUl')—UlUISe. in Washington Hospital I rsnrlcson. 5. was lured Into the ; basement of a house today by - Threaten Violence When Told Negro Killer Is Not Confined There. Miss.. May G —Ten carload-; of citizens from Will:-- Valley, Miss... where thri Will H. Wanner, aged j b.inkcr of Hint town, nnd his wife '. j ! \u-rc- found liuckeil bv a Ilensl Ml- . Irr, urriV'.'.l here shortly before 2:30 I'. M., and demanded of county authorities that they surrender S.vm Ciri-eii. in. iK'Sin said to htive con- Tlu- men were told by county au- thorilies till* negro was not in jail i here, but \vevc nol convince:! and , a-jainst the nuthorl- tles. 1i.<- ii:en sho'.iled they had "more re-enforcements coining" ; iinrt said p;>rl ot Iho crowd that '.M the .1101 Hi Mississippi town | liurt i-li.ppcd outside ot the city. | WATEH VALLEY, Miss.. May 0. ; tut 1 )—Despite- efforts of .state-nnil Seven feel nine inches tail is I county oittc-rs to head them oil "Beau Wolf," Riant Irish wolf! automobile loads of aiiRered men hound shown above reaching for i nm\ boy* boean moving from hevc ii morsel held nlott by his inns- : shortly after noon today Intent on doliiR violence against the 19-year- old ne^ro youth held for tho brutni . slayloii of Will U. Wnjncr, wealtliy banker of this town, and his wife. The in ;ii left, here in groups of • two and ti.rcp. machines uolng directly toward Greenwood, Mks., where it is thought ofllccrs have placed Sam Green, a hoiiseboy in the \Vagner 'home. Officers s?.!d <i confession by Green Infuriated the thronj .nnd. tr.ey wern liolplcss in blocking them . from lc:-V"!: town. II was-thought - Elov.-ah. Brissett and MrFerrin was ;Eivt]ievil!cs new pouoflice has rein fnvor of th; Simrti-.v sport whil» jC-'ivcd his mnrching ordeL-s. only one ballot against it was He is H - G - mtiK 'f- oislnct en- ]»li'd at Huflnian. ,«inMr. So far as known Missis.sippi conn- 1 Mr - Ridi«''s orders, issued in (he i;iHTt)US NOIK: Tills Ls tlie \r;-n i~> i • ' f ' rst ° r lu " '"•'' Iusive stories en Will KepOl't 011 Locations ll '» uuiisiial later war in Ilic cod O ff i f X T ni I titUd.-: nF caslrrn Kcntiuky, wbrre itored I0r. New 15'ythC- , minors wlm Pl ve up tbcir mfm- licisliip in the I'liilril Jlilii- Work- c:-s of Aincriea. for thr. Ku Klux Kl:in durius the palmy days of prc.sprrify are now fighting lo gel bark in fhrir iminii au;l also vc- ivin recognition from the mine ownriT;. Tbf. Colirjrr X.-'WS anil XKA -Scn'ice sent Slovc liumpli- ville Postoffice. WASHINGTON. — Tiie treasury g^nt who is to inspect the site for by scnvj oltlccrs had onlwllted' ths ty is !hn fir=t of f>iir counties giv- . lib'. Sllll- i en the peivilos,'.-* of le^alizinv dny bnsplnH by vnti 1 to rofercTdum on the i^sii?. of the reornt leiiislriluie that countic.s of SO.QOO and more population might, hold special elections on the issue and vote approval of the sport lc?:i!Iv. Pubfki nine cili°s which iic Ls to visit f.n- hold a | llle purpose of ln«p,Ttii!g pnstr.f- An act ^ lc ' e s'te-s- jiovideii <: ^ l: ^ or ^ c " hi which the ciiies on Mr. Riciiey's list are to be visited lias l>ocn left to thc agent's ovui discretion, treasury omeia'.s s.ilri. aJthoi:"li it is the practic- in 511 rry. nf tbc staff of Hie nrnrhy Kno\ville t'l'rnn.) \rv.-s Srntine', in(n IJic ftol fieId.i fur thcs:^ rx rlusivi* st;u-ii'.s. nnd Ihey \vant to get back. Prosperous, Forsook Union They blithely forsook tu United Mine Workers of America in the iialmy days Ji:--t nf'.."r tbc v.-.;r nv STEVI: iirjiriiKEV \VrillL-n for NLA Service - I \vlien co.i! was selling for a hi;h price, operators were cnjoyiu/ bi-j iCcn!:nu?d on I'asc Twoj . county has enjoyed Sundav base- ' casts '° "e' 01 " 1 "l>" tilc u " or k i" the " ball legally for some time. Tho special election held yester- dav TWIS c^'.'cd bv Jud^e Zal B. larger cities iCo;iy:-i:;hl, 1031. NEA Seevice. Inc.: H.ARL.V-,", Ky.—Here i:i t :c hill. 1 ; of eastern Kentucky, a few milss ficui tlie Virginia l:ne, SW3 women and children face liunyov the I!)23 presidential campaiiin woman's house when she called to rters. w'ho 1-f. in such a liurrv tin' ! ''f' 11 " llS alternooii said they would when lie fought Alfred E. Kmlh in. them. She singled out the pretty: nip of them lest a shoe, "uncl- storm Ihe jalb to get the nesrro.. Virginia. 'red haired girl. 'That's thc one I'Bill's Kim "jammed" while tllc! omcl -'rs who have attained tD I want." she said. She drngscd her : n ^| r wer; makinc (heir hasty exit' frus'.ralf- violencr- since the slaying down the basement stairs nnd with ! |;ov:ever. am' tl-ev took with them j wns discovered !n single blow cleaved the skull of :ih"iit Sll In momv the store- ' nicrnins would •the small victim with a hatchet; keener had H-crc'cd in Ills trunk : -Gtetn was held. His cJnfession was In her hand. | „ wr ,tch and a small quantity of i contirmcd by Ghej-ifl Charles Doyle ' Louise's mother. Mrs. Marie. r r.~ceri/;. i ftml detectives of il:? Fox-Pelletlsr GLENDALK Cnl.. May fi. IUP1—. Burlcfou. a v.-idox. was "' " '' u ~ ' Clara "About the Same" Sanitarium Announces S he nree^ls ha:l been made in. early yesterday not say v:here ot i iempni-> '.no ec ' " *" , (jijn.i'djmjr. L.JII.. ma) u. iui> — • *"*. i^.-,jn. .1 ..tvju.i. «.i.^ I-.HULJ . £,Q nrre'is na:i oec-n mae eS^ Const "lai! rianc i The bare statement that Clara Dow i breakfast- whi-n neighbors told her j connection with Ilic robbrrv ( 0[ | V! by relatives of lh» slain couple, v;l:o L 1 . H» ' ftns "a 1 *" 11 tl'-c " Ille " c:> ?Ras mtO mountain from OlendaV S.-mitariu came today what had itarium where : coilajise. • , 'Miss Bow i.; umicr treatment for | liURBANK. Ca!., May G (UP.- nervous collapse. _ Pilot Arthur Starbuck and a co- '• It w&s said the star rested Ex.u-L dates on which Mr. P.ich?y ii'ntion today in the'newest coal i Pilot, C. R. I'armaice, believed to intervals ilurliis the nishl. Studio visit B'.ytheviile. or any of the field war between capital and labor, i ;-' e of San Dicso, were believed to officials, newspapermen and friends . S!ie was nsar b'.it jKilice wfre convinced that tl'.e thieves were negroes with the siz 1 lived olone in their large; home. Officers sai-.l Ihe nejro confessed • in: at | Face Federal Trial for | lnR Government Boat Theft; and tvcs of shoe left behind lend- killing, Mrs. Wagner first and th?n attacking and Itilllne l:er husband when he rushed tj her defense, • leaving (he ag«l matron, v.v.o held ; a posilion of social prominence, on Huge Nirro B'ast FaS's cau-ht : ll'.a ravine and -Ahen she appeared i to be still alive jumped down niter cciv" tiic npnrovnl of tac stolen a motor Ijoati it wn.s.c.\plr.iued. Mr. Kichcy plin: —The U. S. govornmcnt is opening nr- " rc eight, days n?o. thrcughoiu the couutv. covenrr.cnt fleet qu _ 'to pick up landmaiks and cr.i.-Ucd . Ashabranner Reelected tiic location of tlie new postotiice. into the mo'.intain .side. I-rachviilc ................ G7 Cities which share with Slythc- '•. sive and fe.irless. vllle a place on Mr. Ridley's i'.in- j O:1 , hc M:CT sWr Vnrbro ................... 44 G&snrll .................. 04 Huffman ................. 37 Tomato .................. 22 Joiner .................... 207 Ftowah ................... 4.5 Lnxo:a .................. F,9 Clear I akc .............. 2-1 5!a-s ••!•, .................. 30 ................. '1 Wdfon .................. 10i Whitton ................. 15 Kci=cr .................... 20 Biirdctte ................ IB Mci-Trriu ................ 252 ij i ~ ------- . i V7. 1 i:u: uu.v i jiin .i.,...i.». = ij.. nj.-- GQ crary are Alexandria. l..i., Monroe. • tennmcd mirers. re.iiicrd 13 \u\f-- | HangS ITOn About NeCK 17JI,a.. Cltvdand. Mis-.. Colurnhia. tv i, v imc ,,..pioyir.cni. anmm whom 1 in" « If • U ' ' 10 UrOWR Oelt in cated by state's ir.vesliqators and turned over to fcdcial authorities. Tc;:;1 - Ha'.ticsbiug. V.'iuona. Miss.. San ,,„, \-c.isl of union agi:alior. Texas, and Nashville.; , V(1r j :rt | s ;,, ro was p; were reduced I anrt since—as tliey charge—condi: lions in son'i'* mitir- liavc become 1 intclerabb. There are boiwccn 12- JCCO MIL;! 18.00fl miners in Harlan Expc!?!i3ionts Show How -i,~. ~ '.icn a , M an „ I csur.iy. but in the rxistim untet- i how many are mv.Mn:iloyed. Behind t're ;c=nes, helplessly i o - iaw.ii'1m She o'.itcuine of the battln 8|doy, the equivalent of 7 7-8 miles. I Mmen worlif , rs nnd bosV-s, are 11 0 11 '. . 5 j BOSTON. (Ui'i—The average 11 American lakes 18.033 steps per At least this Is the estimate of I/r. Joseph T^clyveld of Total 2052 350 rector of research for the National Association of Chiropodists-Poaia- tV.e wives ani children of the* min• di- I „,— ,*-,,.,,- ^.f them already h^^in- . er.--ir.aivv March Will Be Pastor ( f i i • 1 J 1 * lcr d Ot UlUrCll Ul- Indiana 'ns fnr I trtsls, based on a scries of expcrl- | ir.euts. "i The average housewife. In doin? * lcr dally hoaseiiald tasks, walks as from cojsl to coast each '• nir.g to feel the pinch of hunser. i ";isOO Vace Starvation" Mng Veteran Attempts Comeback in Oregon MOHRILTON. Ark., May G 'l-'P) ---Fisr.pval feiviccs were hrld tcday fnr M:-.- W. J. Lowe-Hen. :ifl. who commuted suicide* at her home Jimmy Byrne, near here yeifrdny by tyin-r nnizled veteran of sc.-re ircn ari:::nd her neck and j.;:up-[lles.'is atieinptu'.:: to ing into a deep well. jiner rutjgcdness n:ici In a series I MYRTLE POINT. Ore. (UP) — b. Ky., griz- r.r rin5 bat•^ i::i his for.•i-e.-l here. lights. Loud Sneaker Plays ! "? htin s •> draw n , ' ... , i ['anger, heavyweight ciumplon rrank on Woman Leader Canada 1 Byrne climaxed his performance by Charley Bc- of WASHINGTON. (UP)-A i Byrne o:ice recognized as The nitro Glycerine was cxplod-i v iih the;; of tho suspected nejro. ed without ca«ua!;icb though a : VMni-ance Hclicvcri Motive IWanil?. City IVlarslial \ V'wc of metal sliattered a news i Grcen ' and another noijro, Em- reel man's camera hundreds of j mn[ s; ,,, w a:> _ f „,„„,. e ' mn]3yc t ,t. MANILA. Ark.-At Ihe first res- \ >' nn:s nwcl 5'- ular meeting of Hie Manila council since the April elfclion. !:c!d last niglit. Opal -Ash-ihrannrr was re-elected city for a M- day pcriCKl. An or.hnT.ce ft-.i« adopted for !l:e cuMiiin.; up of streets and alleys. p. n 1'inance OUrVCy fr, P^ Starl to DO otaa Ite.c- store by Wanner, were, 'arrci-'ed ycsicvaay d:s?ov- |c;y 'f the io:liv\i, and have beer. Itak-.i: to a se:iet hiiiinj place. Slicr- r } i itl Djyls s~ t :d he did not believe j catcd i:; t'.ie slaying which is one WASHINGTON. <UP>--A fo::r-! 0 ; ii :e ... u _ ijrulal ever recorded national study of the tax d?!- . j n thi.i section of the stat3. lar spent on schools will be starter •• n lva _ ^--..^ fro:1 , Sn( , rlfT Doy!c , , _, ... that Green had been reprimanded Interior Wilbur. The survey, which Mond .. ,. j-^n by Mr. Wagner for reiusii.- to jeturn a shotgun Sunday he nnd taken from thc Wajnsr store. Mr. \Va;ner threatened to .lilL ClrtJIU kJ.L .>~>kV-^,a 1--IIL kVV ^ rn<;to nf Raicintr nraint July I. accordinz to Secectary uosts ot Kau, ng uains _ \ JM - etlw wm ,, r The snrvcj , vvl In Nebraska Vanes iwlll be known as the National Suf- jvey of School Finance, w-as autlior- STDNEY, Neb. fUP)—Production lzcd b >' Ul ° last Congress. of wheat costs 33 cents i»r busi-.e'.. William J. Cooper. 0. S. CommU-: i lav e the bc-y afrestsd. it WRS stated, Tlir H"v. W. Paul Marsh and Other mileages recorded in stud- famlh 1 I'-avr Rone to \Vinnemao, I les of pedestrians of all walks of 'Ind.. w!:i-.e Mr. Marsh has accept- life included: ed the ;wftoratc of the Firs', | Woman shopper. 8 1-3 miles p;r Clir^i.'-u churcli there. i day: schoolboy. 15 miles; scnool j,..uj n;^.-u Thc family came here from Alex- cirl. II 'i miles: doctor. 18 miles: I cases, would ir.ean til? glvin? audrin. Ind . five years ago for the farmer with plow; 25';. miles; I of union membership. That is tho Drv. Mr. Marsh to be pastor of falescirl. 8 mile-: railroad c~-r.duc- ! crux of it all. The operators arc loud:fie of thc hardest i,:l:ers In moa- j ta thc j--^^"^ panhanrtle section ' sioncr ot Educallon. wiil b= nircc-1 3 .,a it Is in this connection tha', are 50Cn women and ch'l- speaker recently played a cr.icl j "n ring history. In 1M7 he fought : of thc s t a te — apyrosimstely 75 tor of the survey, but the active | revenge has be-::i ioniitlvcly estab- *'„„ tt-vrv'n- =11" nvlin cc-nitv to ! Prank on Miss Maude K. Wf.:norc. * «r«w with Yo:ir.g s:rithng. l cents per bushel in the eastern, work wiil be In ciiarje of Dr. Paul lishcd rs the motive for the crime, d.en -n J.amn> to- ( of Nav|wn R T s . hsn ,.,,., wa j. Bynic then csu-.e ue;: and bpgan ; counttc s of the state. day." unbn orgsnircr, doclare. ; -^ ^ -^•~ -;^ ri " a . l!lc j to slip back . ,.,„ M °U:e° farall^TsVp^ ifT ! Wo ™ m ' s °^'^» lio » ( * X.,::cn-i^nd. rtart>-_ Iralninf. clean living R. Mort. recently ot the Columbia I This diversity o:' production costs.. University Teachers' College, '"ho : LeRoy Larson, real estate expert; has been appointed associate di-; WEATHER l'.:ey arsert. "Cumins back." in manv ir.can Ibe Fiv.-t Christian church. For tor, 7 miles; paliccunn. I-I miles: Ihe pnst two years he has teen in lettce carrier. 22 miles; s'l.ire man- thc radio business- laser, O'i miles. lermin.'d no! to remains tin | | Pr . rt sent her ARXA:-'-r\S—Fair, cc-cler !n east pc.rt:cn louigi.t; Thursday fair, warmer In northwest portion. .-— o-- o,...., annually for educa- an aside she exclaimed, "Oil! • nc ' t t opponent. i While the farmers of this re- tlo-.ial puip^es" for the use of. The highest t-?mpcra!urc here What's thc matter with tlie darned i Hanrhcapp?i! In tr.imitif! because :gion can profitably pred'.ice j Congrr:--. state* legislatures, tchoal i.yesterday «.,s 81 ccsrers anj tin tliir.S'" , l0 ' lack of sparrir..; p.iviiiers. the'at a traction over 33 cents per! boards and officials. Consjr.-ss ap- 'minimum 54, cbudy v.-ith .0^ ii;:.i Trc loud Kjieaker was never b.'t- I former I.oulsvilli' 111.1:1 his: bushel, the farmers In the eastern t proprialed S330.0CO tor u<e in Ihe of rair.I.ill. according to the official words h-ninm 1 : . training nctivilirs prmv:;<jliy to counties are p.\yin? .is liigh ' i rmdwnrk, slia punching anil . union nnd have iwuid an informal I out lo her audience lo be -jie?'.ed i rmdwnrk, sliadow box in-, baj; ; cents per bibhcl to grow f.icir' more is expected tor the next fcur One iiKimatiiin ratiier than rec- by much lauahler and appi.iii-c. '" ..... ' ------ : '^Investigation nnd S1CO.WO a VCAT : wcaliiei more (years. I 1 a;o yesterday the •:u v :.a-i 84. ininir.nir.i CD, cloudy,

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