Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 11, 1957 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1957
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LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY FAIR INDIANA": Fair southwest, partly cloudy northeast tonight and Friday. Warmer. ' Temperature 12 noon 84 degrees. High Friday 88 to 94. Continued generally fair with little change in temperatures Saturday. Sunset 8:14 p.m. sunrise 5:28 a.m.. t "yOUR HOME TOWN KEWSPAPER 1 NOW IN OUR 113th YEAR, HOME EDITION Founded 1844 — For All Drpnrlm««t» ' 1'hove 4141 LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, .THURSDAY EVENING, JULY 11, 1957 D.r «»d Nllrtt Price Per Copy, Seven Cents RULE JAP FOR GIRARD Deposed Soviet Leaders Exiled Malenkov Is Relegated To Post Near Siberia Report Molotov Will Be "Politico! Expert" and Kaganovich Named Factory Manager. LONDON (UP) — A-Communist 1 ,' correspondent in Moscow reported: today that Georgi Malcnkov's ac-1 cWiplices will join him in virtual' exile—Vyacheslav Molotov as a 1 Foreign Ministry "political expert" i and Lazar Kaganovich as a fac-' lory manager. Molotov would get a menial job under his own student and former deputy, Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko, according to the authoritative report published in the Danish Communist Party organ, Land 03, Volk. It said Dmitri Shepilov, ousted from the Communist Parly secretariat as a lesser "anti-party" figure, would become a professor. E.'irlier, London observers said Malcnkov's exile to head a remote lh « ir written examination on the power station about 2,npo miles.rules of the road, it was reported To Road Sign Test Only Two Applicants Flunk South Amendment To /*• "I IV Li Civil Rights Senator OHn Johnston Prepares To Introduce Legislation To Prevent Punitive Enforcement ' Sen. Olin D, Johnston said today he will introduce legislation for- Seeks Aged Aga Khan Dies (~* M * T« o o : Moslem Religious Leader arid Billionaire Sportsman Dies at Switzerland p Mountain Resort at Age of 79 Following Heart Ailment. Court Upholds Status Of Forces Agreement American Cl Will Be Tried in Japan on Manslaughter Charge Growing Out of Slaying of Japanese Woman Last January 30. VERSOIX, Switzerland (UP) — The Aga Khan died today at the age of 79, ending a fabulous career as Moslem .religious-leader, millionaire sportsman and ex father- in-law of Rita Hayworlh. He died of a heart attack. He may be succeeded by Prince Aly Khan as spiritual leader of 20 bidding President Eisenhower to million Moslems 'of the Ismailia enforce civil rights w-ibh federal I sect who showed their devotion troops. ' each 10 years by weighing him The South Caro-lina Democrat^" ^ ld ' P laUnum or diamonds 'Vision Test In Cass Since said lie would introduce the legis- New State Law In Effect lation as an amendment to the President's civil righls bill. shortly after Kopub'.ican sources said Elsenhower was willing to change the bill to calm fears that, troops might be sent into the from Moscow had saved "him and the rest of the group, which had opposed Soviet Communist Parly chief Nikita Khrushchev, from a firing squad. In reporting what happened lo the others of the ousted group, the Danish newspaper published in Copenhagen carried the news on its front page. It said it came from "our own correspondent in MOB- COW." . Anlan Hanlshmont ironic Wednesday night, Moscow Radio said Malonkov had been given control of a Jonu. ower station at Ust-Kamenogorsk in tho republic-of Kax.hakstan, a stone's throw from Siberia. It .said tho others had been "transferred to other work," but gave no details, Malenkov's- -banishment lo Central Asia wa;i ironic in many ways. It marked the second disgrace and final downfall of the 'man chosen by Josef Stalin as his successor. And it took Malenkov back to the same area where he began his climb to power 3H years ago. It also was Kazakhstan where Stalin exiled Leon Trotsky whi.-n Thursday at the local auto license branch. The examinations have been required since the first of this month. Mrs. Ada Arnold, branch manager, said lhat Ihe identification of the four road signs by the.'r shape Ls the part of the test which most people arc unable to pass the first time they-lake it. Fortunately, (here is no limit to the number of limes the oxaminalion may be taken. To pa.'i.s the written examination the applicant must have correct Only two Cass county applicants for driver's licenses have failed to pass the vision examination required of all driver.s over 35 years of age, but approximately 25 per- | cent of the applicants have flunked jscuth to force school-integration. The Senate was debating for Die tirlh day a motion to bring Iho bill formally to the floor for consideration. Other congressional news: Hells Ca"yon; Sen. Richard L. Noubcrgcr (D-Ore.) said President Eisenhower should grant an audience to supporters of a high federal dam at Hells Canyon on the Snake River. To the West Uiq Aga Khan was an aristocratic: playboy and horse breeder, a friend of kings. To the East Jie was almost a god, Estimates of his weallh ranged up to more than a billion and a half dollars but when queried about Jiis great holdings he 'only laughed. He had been ill for the past few years, and his condition'w-or.sohod a [ow months ago. During the recent European heat wave he was brought to his mountain villa here in hopes the coolness would save his life. But he steadily- worsened, and this morning five doctors nounced thai his condition British model—a weddlm} certain had I now to be postponed. 1 statesman 1 ae well as a religious I leader, was the 4<Uh''-lineal.[.' descendant of the prophet Mbhnm- \.. I med and sacred to the Ismaili I sect. He 'had spent his later years in , his various mansions—in Paris, on I the Riviera, in Switzerland. He was in Paris when his last illness struck. His doctors ordered a change of air because the heat in Prance was causing him serious resplra- 1A., lory troubles. The temperature was in the 90's and he was a man of more lihnn 200 pounds, He moved to his Inlcesido Villa Barakat on June 18, but the he'at- wnve spread to Switzerland, too, and he found no relief. He spent part of his (tee on a bed in a -tent set up in front of his great villa, fighting for breath. Cooler weather set in this morn- was weakened by many months of Illness and the many nights without sleep and it gave up the struggle for life. , | The nows of his death was reported by a member of his staff who came to the entrance gate of Villa Barakat mid told newsman "lie has- died from a heart alitack 10 minutes ago." seriously • weakened du.rjiig the | Sudruddin— also mentioned n s a This was less than an hour after ' ocrutlc congressmen ^called for tougher passport regulations to prevent suspected spies from leaving liho country. answers to seven or more of thci Warnl"/{: Rop. T. A, Thompson 10 questionx and must correctly identify at least three of the four rontl »!(!n«, by (heir shape. Many people know that on oc- tap.on .shape indicates a stop sign and that a round n\v,n indicates a railroad crossing, but few are correctly iible to identify a dlumoml shape sign us one moaninj; danger and a square as a caution sign until they have studied the driver's manual. The driver's manuals may be obtained at the auto license branch by thaio who.se licenses are' about to expire, Mrs. Arnold urtfed that (hey l><; In advance .ff> thcj (D-La,) ur«ed an immodinti; government investigation ill radio re•ports which he said "lulled victims of hurricane Audrey into a false Kcnso of security." Thompson, who made a J2-duy inspection of Uic battered coastal areas of his state, said there was u "tivil- ure" belwccn whon the hurricane was spotted and when word of It was communicated to the public, Culton: ConftreHHonul farm lend-i action this session-on Secretary! of /Sericulture Hwo T. Uensoc's pr-0|K)sal lo lower or^ eliminate price supports on cotton. Chairman Allen ./, KllomJor (U-La.) .from Geneva shortly after inid- nisht whon tho-end appeared-near. Aly was In Geneva with his daughter Princess Vusmin, daughter of Rita Hnyw.orth, Xor.a visit with "grandpa." Sadruddln was In Geneva for'nls mnrrlaRe Monday to a beautiful in cose Aly not prove acceptable—was engaged to Nina Dyer, a former M his Jackson Aid Bill Stalled By Talmadge Scnnic Civil Rights Filibuster May Sidctfnclc Measure To Finnnce New Lincoln wife ' of llclnrlcli vort Thyssen. The Ago Khnn himself hod married n succession of beautiful women. His widow, .the Begun ARB' Kliun, herscU was once chosen M.iss France. slowed night and n dangerous low In the u-rleriul tension has been noticed which necessitated cncr.gctlc treatment," a throe-line bulletin said. The bulletin wns signed by Profs. Godard Dplnine of Paris and Plcrru W, Duchonnl- and three The AKB' Kliun, fumed as a i othor medical experts. Trolsky lost out in tho struggle applicants will know all of Ihei-fald llitrc was "no chance" Cn-n'"" ' - •"'"'-'' ''" ' " " ' ' gress would pass such n bill und for power which followed the death of V. I. Lenin. It also is lhc heart of tho "virgin lands" Nfkita KhruHhchov dreamed of developing, a pla-n violently opposed by Malenkov. , ru i[.. K ,,f the road before they lake examination. Kxumlner llisrc T«tlc« Weekly Kenneth Taylor of Rochester, examiner' for this area, i;< at. life 1 News of the exile came in the local auto llceruc branch each form of a commentary by Moscow! Monday and Thursday to give ex- radio which ridiculed Western amlnations to thn.se who arc ap- •ofuscd to reopen collon heanlngs. "Jiairman Ilnrold V. Cooloy of the rouse Agricultural Committee said ho repeated to Agriculture Jopartmont officials Wednesday | Friday night will mnrk the open. press re-porls that Mulunkov or others of tli« "Molotov group" were, under houno arrtst. ItBd I'uMIc Iliilnrormud United I"rcs» corresfxindent Coletto Blackmoore reported from Iilying for a license for the first time. Mr.f. Arnold and her as- Hlntanln give the cxaminutunw to those who urn applying for renewal of their licenses, The present driver's manuals will used only by those who must . I ,l , - III: U.1UU Illny Ity nm.ll: »r.m IMK.H Moscow early today lhat news of o))tu|n a m , w 1|( . ( , n(|( . ,„.,„,.,. od() . the banlKhmenlJmd nut yet been , Mrj| _ Armj|( , ex p\aineil. A given to th« Soviet public. «'""; m . w m;in , K ,i ls (,eln(! prepared for that the broadcast was fur cxter- -„. flcr ()c|()b na consumplion only. K llcm-y Shapiro, di-an of We... en, ,„,,,, ,, UVI , ,,. cf , w |., ( ,,,' hu vu |, Moscow corrcspom cn K cabled ,*"' f cxaminnlion. from Prague where he Is covering i """ ,,.,,,, ,, tho visit of Khrushchev and \'n-\' One, mini who xLmlind Ihe dry. micr Nlkolwl JiulKmilii that Mainn-. '•"' » manual ami returned lo laKi: kov's demotion to u minor post suggests that llui present Soviet leadership in nut for a Lc-niimt lh<- Lest again after flunking II. the first time said he was glad the p.ew system was being used. ratlMT Man -d Stnlinist tyin) of IwinictJ a lot ul Iblnfts 1 nuvei piled,, knew heforn by reading lhat rnan- Hn 'the Stalin ora, lie said, dc- u;i1 '" hn " !ll(l ' , „ posed leaders would no doulit be A la-w passed by Iho last fieri- liquidated and lliat II appcani now' oral Assembly rnakd.i the lest* then- Is no such intention with re-1 mandatory fiir renewal applicant* gard to Malenkov, Molotov ami ' hnrn prior lo Jan. I, 1IW2. The Kaganovk-h, Mistrial Ordered For Hymbn Fishbach WASHINGTON 'UI'l — Federal Judge liiiraila S, Malliews declared a niif.lrliil Ixnlay In the •brihury-conspiracy cane against Ilynian I. l-'lsehbacli nf Miami,. Knl idle ordered Ihn trial of Teiinixlurn Vice I'riytiilenl .lumen It. Hoffa, the co-defendant, to pro-; J^pJ,^ tenls lire required every four yours or every second lime tho driver seeks to renew hl.'i license. If Ihn driver falls to J>IIM thi vision lei!.lie can Kn In a lic«n«i;i oyc spcclallsl for further lesllng If the eye ,-ipi!!.'Hi.li«l's finding* disagree wllh the findings of the bureau, (lie specialist can fill mil u .special form and'the bureau then will IHHUC a license. The program of testing drivers seek lo renew their licenses Stores Will Begin Friday Night Hours All Ijogansport Stores Will Be Ojieri for ShopptsrN Friday Ni/<h{ nnij Some on Saturday Nifjlits ils optmsltlon to the Benson' pro- The sl;i-ff of the Senate posal. Anll-Tru.il Subcommittee that Die aw largest Industrial firms In the nation Increased their share of Die American market 'mm 11)47 to J»S4. 'fhu ir-port «al<i tho So" largest firms lield 2,1 |>or cent of the consumer market In their llnldx In IM54 — u six pw cant Inereawi In seven years, KIIM»|«: \ hlbrary ot committee on Hie power und In Ing of Ihe now evening himrs of Liiganspnrt retail stores. IHislncHS (iHtai)llslimonls will remain open until I) p.m. tin Fridays, and will observe regular weekday afternoon hours on Saturday. Srimo stores, hnwevcr, will bo open Saturday night, Kxocullvu Secretary 1 furry I'll- of the LogaiiHporl (Jlium Hold Bank Custodian For Theft of$1760 MUNCH:) UP — A custodian at (he Merchants National Brink here was lin-CKled Wednescluy hy FBI agents on n federal warrant charging him with theft of $1,700,84 from bank deposits. An I''B1 official at. Indianapolis 'suit! Charles A, Mason, 30, wiuild bo taken liofore a U.S. commissioner' for n preliminary hearing sometime today. The mpnoy was 'doposllcd at tho bank on April-2.1 by a llrlnks Inc. messenger fur a customer of II firm, a bank spokesman snlfl. disappeared shorlly alter it arrived at Che bank. 'Pile depositor discovered the theft nftcr receiving his monthly bank (ttal.emenl. " ' Mason had been an employe of Ihn buivk four yearn and had no police record. Syrian Guns Again Blaze Along Border I'our Mnchinegnn »nd Hiflc Fire Into Israeli Frontier Seltiptnenln .IICRUSALKM, Israel (UP)—'Hie School Efforts of Jackson lownship, Cnss coonly, lo obtain $27:i,0((0 from the federal government lo help 'meet the cost of relocallnitj Iho Lincoln grade school • [arlhur,' from the Bunker Hill air ba.se m«l nl lonsl a temporary set-buck lhi.s week, ... Senator Herman Talmadxc. D., Cn,, requested dial the bill bo passed.over when it was called .up far action In the Senate. Allhnugli this still left (he bill on the Senate consent calendar lor possible I'n- l.uro action, il is feared that (he Senate civil rights filibuster may sidetrack it Ihls ,st'.i.Hion. The unly hope is that nomeiime.i. | WASHINGTON (UP) — The Su"1 i preme Court ruled 'today lhat the I U.S. has a right (o Uirn G-I William S. Girard over lo the Japanese for trial. The ruling came in a five-page, unsigned opinion by tho eight-judge bench. Japan will try Girard on ils lightest manslaughter charge, for causing (he death of a woman who was tenvenging metal on a firing range last Jan. 30. The court said Ihis narrow Issue was whether the Constitution or legislation prevented carrying out the arrangement betw-een the Unilffd Stales and Japan for trying soldiers who violated the laws of l)oth. "We find no cons'.iluiional or statutory barrier to the provision (of (he agreement) as applied here," the opinion said. 'In the absence of such encroachments, the wisdom of (Jie arrangement is exclusively for the determination of (he executive and legislative branches." The opinion carried as an in- pcndlx an affidavit on Uic facts ot the case sworn to by Robert Dochert, general counsel at the Defense Department, This hfid been kept secret in Uie District Court here which first heard Ihe case. The U.S. District Court ruled June Ji! that the government had no legal right Ui (urn Rirnrd over (o a Japanese court for trial because his alleged offense wns com- millui mi duly. District Jndg« Joseph C. Mcfinrrnghy ordered Ciirard given an Army court- martial. The Supreme Court reversed Me* ttarrnithy's basic ruling, but affirmed his denial of a writ of, I'inbeas corpus which would have forced Ihe government to' .bring (lirnrd home, out of rvncb of Jnpuncsc prosecution. The Supreme Court pointed out that It doeiilrd many years ago that "n sovereign nation has ex- jurisdiction lo unnl&i. of- . !n the middle or 11 prolonged IL- fense .ngnliisl ils laws committed gl.nlallve Iwlllo, llm Senate can oh- w nj)j nx Its borders-, unlass it cx- taln agreement In lake up nlhcr routine matters it was pointed on I. Jackson township's claim for damriges because of llu> noke and danger from planes Inking off from ..„ ....— Ili'DTICAl r^.TlT lol'm.l Ill-Pi nip *««'.r>'-. .....'. j. ..-TS •-•« ...... ks Inc. •IIMIUSAU.IVI, iBinu iuii ini. t| . |iindln« strip al the air of that : rs ™ c »• «>";"" I)""!" teiiHlon ( . ,«,,,,,;, W( .. wld. ujtlnrcd Inlo acUon during l,lm nlf h cmHC |(] ,;, 1K i h(;n „,,, ,,, m ,,,, K iS | ri| , ii- u^.iwhen Syrian miichlne.gun nno line. ,,, 11 , l ,i,irt 1 , 1 .ui., .t,, lu ,,,111!.,,. itm Fertilizing Liquid n. uiani'in n i L* v iL Commerce, staled Thursday I DlirnS Uelphl TOUth report, showed Hint Hllussln In III- as Ihe United Strips. The report, prepared for a joint con«renfiloruil- —'" '•••• "air*, said • of I Ii e Soviot can be held In chock only If the Unllod StiileB and Its allies conlliiue Ihelr ocunrwnlc prwgroiis t'olKii ui'l' Inl'liii.-fce ailo|il,ed In many Indiana cities, several of l.lium in I Ills area, (Jll- Ing some'nf the ramnnmilLlcs employing tin; Friday night • si ore lioiirn, lie inenllonisd Kokom.o, Wn- budli, l/dlayullu, MlHfiuwiilin uiiti Valparaiso, If llioso cities mnde tho change. Hi n rapid rate, The report nnld i without Injury", HIsunblHe com- Walker Is up orn Jlu/iHlu-would outs trip tim (initial mnnted, "why can't we, In Lnguim- Oreen Acres Soil Si Status In alomlcnlly - |»roduced port?" ' I l>hl. oloulrlelly accord-lug plans. • present Tin.- action was laken liucauxe Finchliach'fi utloniey l>anl«l Mahei- wan hospitalized Wirdnevday by a heart condition. Judge JWulthews' mlsli'lal ruling was made over the objectlunii of botti Klnchbuch mid Kdwurd lien- noil Williams, lliiffii'n altorocy, Wllllnms argued thai .continuance ftf Hoffu'H trial without I-'Inchbaeh would "deprive" Iliiffa of n good' purl of the dulen-'ic ease and be "linrreiKlounly prejudlci.'il." Hoffa and l-'tnchbaclt are acciiHcd joinlly of >>rlblag .'lohn Cye Clioanly, New York luwyer-liwesligutor, lo gel a jjob with Hit) Senate Rackets Cciininlllee and feed them informa- , i axe brackulx The Iluroou of Motor vehicles decided lo limit Ihe first la Ihe :in and over group to keep local branches from being swamped wllh motorIMn need- IV! K'.sU. The new law permlld 15-yonr-old rilildcnlK who arc enrolled, In approved high school driver training programs lo obtain » dpcclnl.il- cctiMe. The 10-year ngu limit remains in effect for drivers not In such programs. tion on il« Investigulion of X««mM«r» Union. tho KAI.L.H 40 KKRT, I.IVBS TKItlt) 1 ; IIAUTK (tlP)—Henry llnrtmann, sz, Torre Haute, wiw Injured crlllcnlly Wcdnesdtiy when h« full 40 feet from a rrfol of an - cemetery. Emma Hunter Passes Away DKU'II.I.— Mrs, Kmma A. llun cr, 73, of WeMi Wiilur Hlnai. died nl llio Ilc.<ii-Mor nunilng homo nl llrlnuliurnl at ()::io ii'nlock Wednesday night, folliiwlng a protract- od lllnex.'i. Burn In Randolph county, Indiana, she wiui tho daughter of Henry and Mary Catherine Phllharl Downing, She wan married March ZS.'IDM, to Hay Hunter, nl. llurn- etlsville, Hiir lin,yhand procodod her In denth In liwil, She was a member of (he Delph; Chrlnllan church, anil for many years nerved as ciwlodlan of the high m.'hool hero. She Is survived by two sonx, Joe Hunter, of Logansporl, and Hurry of Indianapolis: two (lauglilern, Mi'.i, Adonleo Maroceo, T,ogansporl, and Mrn, Martha Medley, of Harvey, Illinois; a brohlor, Troy Downing, of Farmland, Illinois: anci eight grandchildren. Funeral scrvleon will be Itolii from Ihe Juckion Funeral Home tit t o'clock Sultirduy afternoon Churius Wollcur, J-r., 10 roiile t, Delphi was Injured whon part of Ihe fui-llll/.liig llijuld he.was liuul- Ing to an elevator Thmwlny inoi'n- Ing Kpiiliid, ehn.ilng buru.1 lo Iho yoii.lh'H face mid Hhotildcrs. I-fo WIIH tiikcn l« Momiirlal ho.ipl- lal, .wlioro hospllol allachos report tlial. his condition Is good, employed of the Service In Dcl- piwln opened H|> for 15 minute* on border settlements, II wan reported today. An Isrnoll spokesman said Uic riro was dlrodwl ul. Ihe border village of Cionen near .Ihe Sea of Citilllce wherd Israeli «ml Syrian troops dueled Tor ten hours with artillery on Tuesday and exchanged some shots. Wednesday. No cnminltlM were ro|Kirtod today. Tile developiTH.'nt crime as Informed nourees i'o|iorled Premier David Heii-(Jurlon cnbliM] U.N. Kuiirolary (.leiieral Dag llammnr- skjolil blaming Itu»mn and Kgypt for Iho growing border tension with Syria. An official Ismail announcement Wednesday been killed and ntsven ono laborer hail wounded In the Tuesday clash, UNITED FUND BOARD CONVENES"" considerably, Unix pulling Hie school still closer to the end nf the strip. The S«mile Judiciary cnmnilllei! approved Iho township's claim de- spile objections of (he Air KIII-IT, which fears if (Ills claim is approved (here will bo ninny .similar claims from other purls of Ihe country, > Sena'ar William Joimor <if liuli- ana was rihsiinl from Uie Senate chamber when Iho Jneltsiin diwn- shlp bill en mi! for rnnsiili'rallon lhl« woult su Sennl'tt' Jameii Knsl- Innd, D., Miss,, chairman nf the Jiidlclnry • commlllui! explained II Ui the Semite. IJc (wild Hint iimlf.T Ihii.propuseil menmirir Iho pn-rienl.Mncolii selmol slle would bo transferred to United Stales ownership, He said three schools In the Unllcd S arc known to he Inciiled near Air Force bases. In.Ihn sumr- way the Uncnln school 'Is ijlluaied. After Senntnr Kaslland's expln- nullon of the bill, Senator Tal- mndne asked Unit, the bill be passed over, Ihus Hlfilllnji iicllon on the men.iiire. pressly or impllodly consents lx> surrender Its jurisdiction." The opinion further noted Hint Japan's cession to (ho U.S. of jurUdhMton to try Amrricnn mlll- lary persiinncl for eondiKl which vliilaU's Hie law (if hotii coynlrlcs was cundlllonc-d by :in agreement, This min'omenl snld mithorlty ot tlu> slnle having primary jurisdle- lion ",«!i;ill give sympiilhctlc con- siili'i'iiliiin i<i a from (ho M«mbnr» «l lliij hiutril »' dlrentnrii of the UnlUil Fund mel ThnmdHy nmin «t • limchtim ««Mt«n Hit; yWCA'ln cimsliler of lPt»rtli:lp»Un|( R«pnrlK fruni Uin )MirmHncnt cinnn)Ut«ci wlth4'iiVlTirMr"rn1nK"T/('iKhi(( «I«.f li««f<l. I'ldt.reit Mlmvii, Mi'in rlKhl, xlnndlnK: J»h» Conn, Fwd Anile, KH Vit»wl, R.lph Twlrt, wllh mulal in Morning ., .iy H.,^ m ^ n ^ n ^ l)ttVtMH _ ^^^ Kfv M> L< K obl BIH , n , ll.l Xobfc, P.t Gr.bN, Tholnia D«.n. nu ..... •.» .TCI ii-u.il « i-™ u. u,. m-iiiuici-y . , clt-montory (tehool building whUo! Friend*' may call at the funeral Bobftrl H»mm»nlr«*, I«ulwl lUinm.l, Murk Smith, Mr*. Clww 8wMt, JR. t. MeDniwld, MM, KIU.t»ili lull. ropoh-lrvg U. |hom« a(t«r noon on Friday. I. Mrs. Pearl A. Moler Summoned by Death Mrs, Pnni'l A, Mriler, (III. died al 7; IB o'clock Thiirnilny muniliig nl !l)i) .luvllce conviilcscenl home, fiillnwlng an exlcixlcd tllnei's. llnrn March 5, Jllllft In Mai-nil- town, Indiana, sho wns tho diniKh- lei- of Melvln ('•• "H' 1 S«rnb K. ArlliurhoK 1 /., A ini>ml)i<r of Ihe Lucerne Chris- Inn chin-ell, she wns a former cm- plnyt.'O (if tin.' HUM eut-pi'l'nlluii here, IIBI- hiiiiband, Blmer, preced- nl her In death on January II, IIMO. SnrvlvliiK are .two daughters. Mrs. Idella Vcrnon, aonr blavlllc, und Mm. Klmo W.ysonK, 10:11 21st streel, Uigaiisporl: n brother, Jimlina. of near l,OKiinnpurt; seven gi-anilehlldren, und five grt;nl- Kraiidchlldren. Kiimiral Dervlceii will be held al 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon from the Finder Funeral Home, wllh Ihe Itev. J, II. Campbell nuMiiirlly of (he other stnlo for u waiver of its rights in cases wi'.sre I he ill her .stall' considers such waiver tn he of particular Im- 'IVil.i was (he provision under whleli UK.' U.S. niu'cniment nurfoii to turn over (lirard (MI Japan. And Ihis was the particular provision lo which Ihe emirl found no coft- sllliilloaal or Icgl.ilalivo barrier. The luMirl (if tin- cmirl's far- n-ai'liInK ruling was in ithoso words: "The issue for our decision I* thurc-l'iire niirrowed to Iho (|iicsllon wiiuthi'i- upon the record before M, I be CoiwIJIiilli)!) or leglslnlloii »ub- sei|iient (o the socurlly Ironty prohibited the carrying out of till* provision aiillioHMd by the treaty for waiver of the qualified jurisdiction granled by Jnpnn. We find no constitutional or slnlulory harrier lo (he provision as applied licit!. In the alisi'iiw of »w3i «n- eriiai.'hiiH-nl. the wisdom of (he or- ninuemenl Is exclusively for Hie ilelermliml.loii of Uic executive und louislnllve braoehc.i. "The judKincnl of Ihe District Court In No. licit U rovcrsi-d<»M(t Ils jiidgiiiont in ' No. HOU U affirmed. Fire Station Repair Bids Set for August 1 Uldn for repair work ul the Central I-'Irn Station will be advertised soon. • This decl.slon wits made by Ihj I/ogansport bunrd of works, which met In Mayor Hnljih Kberl's office. The board dlucutiHi'd city d«p«rt- nn.'iH biulget!!, which mimt be »d- vitHlned 1>Y Aug. 1. Mayor )*wt nnld wvoral claim* were also nllowcil during the »ef- slon. K11.MCI) BV TRACTOR WAKAHUSA (Ul')—Kevin Schil- orfTdaiinK, Uurlnl will be In the Jlol, Jll inonllu old, wns kllltd Zlon ccinolury nl Lucerne. Friend* mny call at tho funeral home ifl«r 7 o'clock. Thursday ev«nlngv. Tuesday nlglit whon n farm lr»c- tor operated by bis father, Curl, ran ov<rr him Bcddont»llx in th» yard of the family'* farm lumt*.

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