Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 8, 1957 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 8, 1957
Page 7
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Saturday Evening, June 8, 1957. LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY — Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Seven NOW IS THE TIMEI LIVING CHECK THESE ADS FOR IDEAS, VALUES HERE'S HOW. An outdoor storage cabinet for ready accessibility of gar- dent equipment makes gardening more pleasant. Hooks and hangers may be added to the doors or to the underside of the top board. The sides are made of 2 by 10-inch lumber, 36 inches long. Cut outs are made where shown in the diagram to provide a flush fit for the rails. Make the rails of 1 by 4-inch lumber. The top is made of 2 by 12-inch lumber. The footings are two pieces of 2 by 4- inch lumber, 9 Vz inches long. To assemble the cabinet, fasten the footings to the sides. Join the sides by attaching the rails. Position the top and Water Vapor In Dwelling Peels Paint CLEVELAND, Ohio — Too much moisture in your house? Paint peeling on the outside walls? House feel damp and muggy when it's been closed up? Here are some things for you to think about: Washing or mopping an 8-foot by 10-foot kitchen floor will release 2.40 pounds of water vapor into the air in your house. Washing a load of cloLhes in a (Standard-type automatic washer will, on the average, liberate 4.33 pounds oE water vapor into the air in your house. And the drying of these same clothes will release an additional 26.4 pounds of water vapor into the house. Cooking the average breakfast for a family of four will give off a total of 0.9 pounds of water vapor — the average lunch, 1.2 pounds—and the average dinner, 2.7 pounds. An average shower bath will release one-quarter to one-hall pound of water vapor and a tub bath will release about one-fourth as much as a shower. An averagu of one pound of water vapor per day will be released when you wash dishes, depending on the amount of time required to wash them, (he temperature of the water, and the . number of utensils washed. At,, . , ,.,.., least one-half of this amount will i £«* ,n home comfort More than MAKE AN OUTDOOR STORAGE CABINET FOR GARDEN EQUIPMENT fasten it in place. Use glue and 8-penny rustproof nails, A</- tach the door stop. Make the doors to the di. mansions shown. Plane 'A inch from the edge of one pane] for clearance for the door. Hang the doors with 1-inch butt hinges. If desired, attach the cabinet to the building with cut nails. National Lumber Manufacturer* Association Electricity Grows Popular as Type Of Home Heating Heating with electricity has grown from an experimental infant to an increasingly important be released when washing and drying the dishes from the evening meal. These are some of the findings In recent research on the sources cf humidity in the home as reported by S. C. Hite, Professor and head of the department oi chemical engineering at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, before the second annual technical conference of the National Warm Air Heating and Air Conditioning association meeting in Cleveland this week. Conducted at Purdue University under the auspices of the American Gas association, this research project was conducted in a specially built and moisture-sealed prefabricated home. The house contained no windows and only one door. The moisture sources were limited to those normally found in u house. An "average size" family of four was used as tiie "guint-a- pifjs" during the testing. "One of the largest sources of •water vapor in a home is that contributed by the innabitanls themselves through respiration and perspiration," stated Professor IIHe. "This source, oven though large (77 pounds of water vapor per week) is not a serious contributor to condensation difficulties because it is one continual source, and hence the rate is low." "Jf clothes washing and drying operations are carried out in an automatic type washer and a properly vented dryer, clothes washing and drying will add practically no moisture to the house," stated Hite. "If the dryer is not vented— and many are not—then the 26.4 pounds of water vapor will be liberated in a very short lime and the rate would be quite high." Hite strongly recommended the use of a ventilation system in the kitchen. This is the housewife's workshop," ho said, "and the eource of a large amount of the water vapor produced." 300,000 homes in the nation will be heated completely or in part by electricity by the end of 1957. There are two types of electric heat. One is called resistance heat. One is called resistance heating. With this system, temperatures of individual rooms can be controlled to suit family tastes. Bedrooms, for examples, can be kept at lower temperatures for more economy and sleeping comfort. The second type is the heat pump, which draws heat from the outside air into the house. Working in reverse in the summer, the heat pump is an air-conditioning unit, expelling heat from the house. A house heated by electricity must be thickly insulated. Insulation brings the advantages of electric heating well within the homeowner's means. Electric-heat manufacturers recommend six inches of mineral wool insulation in ceilings, four inches in walls, and two inches in floors over unhealed spaces. Homo built on concrete slabs need two inches of perimeter insulation around the edges of the slab. Among the chief advantages of electric heating is its cleanliness, since there are no fumes or odors, and homes can be built without chimneys. HAVE Beautiful Floors In Just One Day. USE BERRYFAST and BERRYSEAL Rent Our Sanders HYMANS' STORE Home of Lionoil Paint - Wallpaper - Radio - TV 530 N. Clcotl Ph. 4423 or 21883 & EASIER to build, remodel, repair with' Better than Brick Cheaper than Lumber Peru Brikcrete Co. 479 Adams Ave. Peru Ind. ' VALUABLE RESOURCE Ponderosa pine is the most versatile wood found in abundance in Norlli America. Because of its lightness, strength, easy workability, and clear grain, it is used extensively for fine windows, doors, and wood oabinets. edged boards diagonally to produce two wedge-shaped pieces. These pieces are usually 3/1G inch thick on the thin edge and Vz to % inch thick on the other edge, depending on the width of the piece. Usual widths are 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inches. The 8-inch and wider bevel'Siding is often called Wood Siding Adds Variety To Pattern Here's a quick quiz for a man about to buy a house: One word does not belong in the following group. Which one is it? Drop, rabbet, bunny, bevel, rustic, shiplap, bungalow, colonial, vertical. If you eliminate "bunny," you j bet joint. It makes" the siding li'e know something about wood siding. "~ L -—-•—' -'--•-» -,..-«....._ All the other words are descriptive of some of the kinds of siding or the way it is dressed to give a wide variety of design lx> modern home exteriors. Knowing something about siding yourself, you can appreciate the distinctive styling which many tural effects being achieved by pace-setting achitects.and builders in modern home design. Some recent trends in siding are: Use of narrow widths of bevel siding or narrow widths of vertical siding to give an appearance of greater size and' distinction to smaller houses. bungalow or colonial siding. Bevelj Use of _random width bevel sid- siding may have- one comer of the thick edge cut away so that the thin edge of the next piece fits under it. This is called a rab- flat against studding or sheathing. The distinguishing characteristic of bevel siding is the outward slant of each board, whereas the surfaces of the other main types, drop and vertical, are usually flush. Drop siding, including some patterns known as rustic, is ma- architects and builders are build-1 chined on the edges so that each ing into houses today at no extra cost, simply by choosing wood siding in the right size and pattern. Here's a brief "fresh-up" course on wood siding provided by the National Lumber Manufacturers Association—so that the next time you look a,t the outside of a house you can really see it: Bevel sidina, one of the most popular in use, is a direct descendant of clapboards. The first clapboards were rough square- edged hand-sawed boards lapped over each other to shed the Lain. Later they were tapered to make one edg thinner than the other so that they fitted more snugly against the frame. Bevel siding, also called lap i siding, is made by sawing square- board joins the next in a tongue- and-groove joint or a shiplap joint. It is -usually % inch thick and up to 8 inches wide. It is produced in many patterns and is sometimes used without sheathing. Vertical siding may be plain or patterned boards (such as V-cut) with tongue-and-groove edges or square-edgod boards covered at the joint \yith battens. All of these types of siding are available in many designs and are being used in more ways than ever before. The pattern, texture,'Color and lines of wood siding are an ing. applied in regular rotation, starting perhaps with a 4 inch board and going up to • 10 inch boards. Use of vertical siding on one area of a house as a counterpoint to horizontal siding on long, low contemporary houses. Diagonal application of siding for special architectural effects. A "wrap-around" wood deck faced with narrow horizontal siding circling two • or more sides of the house as the modern equivalent of the old-fashioned- porch. Continuation of siding from the outside to the inside as paneling— a theme linking outdoors with indoors. Design of fences and windbreaks in continuation of the lines and pattern of the house siding. Hot Water at Right Temperature Still Vital for Washers Once upon a time Monday was the traditional wash day in American homes, but with the advent of automatic washers, all that has been changed. Today any day—almost any hour —is or can be wash day because it is so convenient to toss a few things in the washer and let the 1 automatic machine do the work. But one thing has not changed— this is the necessity for plenty of hot water at the right temperature —if the wash is to come out right. Less hot water than you need causes grey and dingy looking wash. More hot water than you need is an unnecessary waste. To have the right quantity of hot water, you must have a heater that is big enough for the job. High washing efficiency calls for a water temperature in the machine of 160 to 170 degrees. Because there is always soma loss of temperature between tha heater and the machine, it is necessary to have a slightly higher water temperature at the healer, says the Plumbing and Heating Industries 'Bureau. In some homes, the automatic washer is operated for as many as five successive loads within a period of three or four hours. This means that the heater must have high heating speed. An automatic gas water healer, correctly sized for the hot water requirements in the home, will provide enough hot water so supply all household requirements including those for the automatic washer. The Australian boomerang usually has a length of three feet. ABSORBING GAME ALEXANDRIA, La. (UP)—Fire Chief Ralph Naff today said,that when his men cut through the'wall cf a blazing night club with axes they broke through within a foot of two men playing dominoes. The important part of the architec- said. men never even looked up, Neff AMAZING NEW WINDOW SCREEN KEEPS ROOMS UP T015° COOLER! Kcu'ser Aluminum S/iocfeScreen stops sunn/ heat rayt cold — before fh«y can «nrer your home You »•• out, but others don't see in during daylight hours. Yet soft light and breezes come through with ease.You've added a touch of window glamour, too! Thousands of tiny stunted louvers do it! Their angle blocks sun rays at your window—then bounces thorn away to keep you cool, even on the hottest days. Now-check fheit other ShadeScreen value points/ • Fada Protection—Direct sunlight can't harm precious interiors. • Olar* Prelection — Only soft, diffused light enters your homo. • ln»«ct ProtQdion—Pesky flying insects are safely kept outside. 1 Eaiy-lo-lnitall ShadeScrton can't • rust, never needs painting. Made of top-quality aluminum. It's available now in do-it-yourself rolls. Only 290 pot sq. ft. Afso available in standard frames. §Q TracJ«morlc-o fouwrad tenoning pro Jucfflicide b/Kot'it LOGANSPORT LUMBER CO. 719 Spencer Phone 3067 IXCEEDS ASTM SPECIFICATION C 307-561 No mixing, measuring, mess or ' bother . . . with SAKRETEI Perfectly-balanced, ready-to-use concrete or mortar in dust-tile, moislure-proof bogs.Get genuine SAKRETE- today) South Side Lbr. Co. 811 Burlington Ave. Dial 2319 Here's What You've Been Waiting For House Paint Sale EVER-KLEEN HOUSE PAINT EVER-KLEEN represents real economy In outside painting. This is a paint that has been tested and checked on jobs under every possible condition and has been proved to last longer and look better. EVER-KLEEN WHITE will retain its bright freshness for years. It contains no lead and will not gray out. EVER-KLEEN cleans itself and stays white throughout it long life. SUPPLIED IN WHITE AND COLORS Regular Price $6.60 SALE Price 5.69 SAVE 9k Per Gallon LOGANSPORT LUMBER CO. 719 Spencer Phone 3067 CARTER'S Concrete Block Plant BLOCKS for HOME and INDUSTRY MONTICELLO, Irtd. Phone 624 For an Impressive Entrance First impressions are lasting. Enhance the entrance to your home with ornamental iron work We make them to your specifications in our plant. Logansport Metal Culvert Co. 220 Banna St. Dial 5137 COMFORT A ST«I» AT A TIME Mueller Climafrol COMBINATION UNITS Yes, it's true. Now, both winter and summer you can enjoy perfect indoor comfort. With the new Mueller Climatrol Combination winter and summer air conditioning unit you just set your thermostat. Thais it. Mueller Climatro! does the rest, And the best part is, it fits your budget. You can install both units now, or install the healing unit now, and ;idd the cooling later. The space for cooling is designed right into one compact unit. Only thcjnstallation-of the cooling cycle is necessary when you're ready for summer comfort. Drop in at our showroom and let us give you the full details. ASK ABOUT CONVBNirBiMT -BUDGET PLAN Available through your Mueller Dealer Baker Specialty & Supply Co., Inc. DISTRIBUTORS 701 Erie Ave. ' logansport rC7> room of their very ow/?.. and we d/dtf ourse/ve$ ' ;i iu Insulate attic space now, keop your homo cooler by installing low cost mineral wool. Easy To Install 22'/2C if s Time To Full lino of screen w!r« in stock. CELOTEX Celling Tile 12csq.it. Paneling big 4x8 27c sq. ft. SUPER KEM-TOME ALUMINUM GALVANIZED BRONZE CEMENT $U5 bag NO1IMH - PICKED U'P SAKRETE For do-it-yourself job» CEMENT MIX $1.35 South Side Lumber Co. 811 Burlington Ave. Phono 2319 LOW. . .WIDE. . . AND HANDSOME It's the new look in pre-engineered buildings ...and only Butler has it! The lowtit Coit Quality Way lo Build a ... SUPERMARKET • AUTOMOBILE SHOWROOM INDUSTRIAL PLANT • COMMUNITY BUILDING WAREHOUSE • RETAIL STORE • GYMNASIUM Build faster, the pre-cngLneored way. And get a building as modem and attractive • as today's newest architecture in this new Low PROFILE Butler building. With its uniquerigld-frame construction,the build- tag bridges floor areas up to 100-ft. wide. No interior posts to limit layout planning, partitioning or decoration, Easy to apply architectural treatment. Easy to expand in future. Costs no more to get these advantages than ordinary ilat-roof construction would cost. For details, call... FAUBER METAL BLDGS., Inc. P. 0. Box 4% Lafayette, Ind. Phone 2-0676

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