Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 8, 1957 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 8, 1957
Page 6
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Etx Logansport. Indiana, Pharos-Tribune' Ann Landers Wife of "Gonna Be Reserve Advises Army Widow-to-Be Dear Ann: I have a solution for "A Service Widow-To-Be". She was the one who cried her head off because her brand new husband was on the verge of being drafted. My husband is one of the "lucky ones" who doesn't have to worry about going into the armed services. You see, he's a member of the "Gonna Be Reserves". This exclusive Society is composed of men who are "Gonna Be" here when everyone else goes, and he's "Gonna Be" here when they come back. To qualify for membership all you need is a broken neck, a missing arm or leg or recurrent malaria. The easiest way to acquire the requisites is to have been in a shooting war. If you were fortunate enough to have been in TWO shooting wars, your chances are, of course double. These "Gonna Be" boys would be happy to serve again, but it's pretty hard to get a spare wheel chair in a duffle-bag. I know about these things because my husband is a paraplegic.—MRS. P. Thank you for your excellent letter. You can tell your husband (and this goes for .the rest of the "Gonna Be Reserves") that his country is "Gonna Be" grateful forever. * * * Dear Ann: I've always said that anyone who would write to you for help is a nincompoop. So, I guess now you can call ME a nincompoop, but please give me some advice. Our daughter is a registered nurse, 26 years of age. She had _ a chance to marry a wonderfuljhclp you with your problems'. 1 Send she picks a dumb-cluck, it's her tough luck. Say no more—and hope for the best. # * * Dear Ann: I am a girl 17 years of age. I'm 5 feet 5 inches tall and ashamed to tell you that I weigh 170 pounds. Everyone in our family is large-boned and tends to be on the heavy side. Mom is a marvelous cook and it's hard to cut down when the food is so delicious. I haven't had but two dates this year and my girl friends tell me it's because fellows don't want to take out a girl who outweighs them. I have a very pleasant personality and like to laugh a lot. They call me the "happy-go-lucky, jolly type" but honestly, I'd rather attract a few fellows than a "group", if you know what I mean. What can you suggest, and please don't tell me to "starve myself". —BERTHA It may be the reason you can't attract a "few fellows" instead of a "group" is because-you look like a group yourself. . I'm not going to tell you to starve yourself, but I AM going to tell you to see a doctor, get on a diet . . and stay there. If you have a tendency toward obesity, and Mom is a wonderful cook, you've got two strikes against you, but don't let this knock you out of the game and ruin your chances to have fun. The Battle of the Bulge is a tough one to win, but you can do it if you try. Your doctor will recommend a sensible diet. The rest is up to you. (Ann Landers will be happy to fellow with a background similar to her own. But did she take it? No. She chose to throw her life away on some uneducated dope. This man has been married and Is trying to get an annulment. He never lived with his wife, just decided after the wedding that he didn't like her looks. Our-daughter has had every advantage. We sacrificed to send her to the best schools, and it wasn't easy. Will you please tell me how a girl with sense, a fine education and decent parents, can get so crazy? She won't listen to a thing we say. In fact, she didn't even send us an Easter card this year. Is there anything we can do to open her eyes?—T.M.M. There's nothing you can do but Jace the fact that this girl has been of age for five years. If she wants to throw her life away on an "un•educated dope", she's free to do so. At this point everything you say probably sounds like a lot of static, so why not drop the topic? Often when parents work overtime knocking a fellow, the girl is placed in a position where she must defend him so ferociously she couldn't change her mind about the guy, even if she wanted to. them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Young America Unit 96, Deer Creek Township World War II Mothers, held services at the Center Cemetery and decorated the graves of fourteen soldiers and three War Mothers. Television Stars Get That Vacation Yearning Broadway HUB Church Vacation Bible School Planned June 10-21 The Broadway EUB church Bible school will be conducted for two weeks beginning June 10 and concluding June 21, with the exception ot Saturday and Sunday. Boys and girls four years of age through junior high are eligible. A nursery is being provided for children whose mothers are helping with the program. Mrs. Baunetta Nicoles is the superintendent. Teachers are: nursery — Mrs. Neil Warner; kindergarten—Mrs. Dorothy Fife, Mrs. Virginia-Huffman, Mrs. Florence Adair, Mrs. Mary Schmidt, Mrs. .Margaret Schuback, and Mrs. Sally Scotney; primary — Mrs. Richard Riohr- baugh, Mrs. Mary Alice Kitchell, Mrs. Lillian McClintock, Mrs. Betty Stine and Mrs. Dorothy Holtz; juniors — Mrs. Betty El- !ers, Mrs. Joan Gi!liland, Mrs. Otis Baker and Mrs. Mary Flory; and intermediates—Mrs. Dorothy Jackson and Mrs. Mary Martin. Mrs. Sue Weaver be in charge of the music and Mrs. Millie Apt and Mrs. Betty Morehead will work in the kitchen.. Juanita Gibson will be in charge of transportation and any parents v;ho want transportation for their children may call 4236. There will be a picnic, but no program, at the end oi the school. The children's work will be on exhibit Friday afternoon, June 21, from 7 to 8 p. m. The work may be taken home after the exhibition. Woman Will Leave With Banished Dog TAMPA, Fla. (UP)—A 35-year- old woman secretary planned today to leave town in order to remain with her German shepherd Josephine Lowman Stretch Like Cat to Relieve Tensions This exercise is especially fine after a tough day. Often when we need exercise most we feel less like it The fatigue most of us experience comes from nervous tensions rather than physical labor. Much of it is abetted by lack of physical exercise. Practically any exercise you take will be beneficial if it is not too strenuous for you. You will feel refreshmod and relaxed to an amazing degree once you push yourself, on to self-exertion. However, there are some exercises which are especially fine after a tough day. 1. Kneel on all fours. Push up with the middle of your back like you have seen cats do. Now collapse the back, sinking down- i supported by your heels and your ward in the middle of the back. Continue. 2. Stand tall. Make large circles with your arms,, reaching high' over your head. Do the exercise slowly, feeling the stretch, 3. Sit on the floor with your legs straight. Lean back on your hands. Lower your head back slowly; slowly raise it. Continue lowering and raising the head. Now make circles with your head, moving first in one direction and then in the other. Here comes ariother part of this exercise. You are in the same position. Raise your hips from the floor so that your body weight is dog which has been banished iSuest day. Flora The dining room of the Christian church Tuesday afternoon was a veritable flower garden when members and guests o£ the Art and Garden club met for their'annual poems, "Remembrance and ^c Mae .'p C ^ £ I™ e KL^» d ln° from HKlsborough County for allegedly biting five children. The dog, named Banger, was granted a reprieve from execution by City Court Judge Bob Johnson, provided Mrs. Martha Allen removes the animal from the county. Mrs. Allen, who must stand trial for failing to keep tihe "Peace Be Still". Mrs. Glen Fouts, Mrs. Veronica Plank, and Mrs. Dclbert Smith sang "Precious Memories", with Mrs. Ella Crockett offering prayer. Mrs. Pearl Sprinkle, Mrs. Mary Robinson and Mrs. Merle Beck were the War Mothers graves decorated by the members. Mr. and Mrs. 0. G. Wilson and daughters Mr. and Mrs. Dick Cohee and son, Mrs. Ollmay Wilson and Mi\ 0. A. Cummins were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Wilson of Greenwood. Those attending the 500 mile races at Indianapolis were Mr. and Mrs. David Krisc, Don Hunt- to help her make a good life. If See How Slimming It Is 8432 34-48 There's a smart, slenderizing .ir about this afternoon frock for the slightly larger figure. You'll like the soft, feminine details. No; 8432 with PATT-0-RAMA included is in sizes 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48. Size 3fi bust, 5 yards ol 35-inch. For this pattern, send 35c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tfib- unc, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, HI. Include 25 cents more with your pattern order for the Spring & Summer '57 issue of our pattern book Basic FASHION. It contains dozens of smart new styles for all ages; gift pattern printed inside the book. Theme for the day was "En- den, formerly of near Flora, has been appointed administratrix of the estate of her deceased father, Jesse Rodkey, in Howard Superior court at Kokomo. She is represented by Bishop and Bishop, of Flora. G. H. Haines, executor of the Mattie Kerlin estate, has been rlching Om- Lives Through Friend- authorized to sell the house and ohin- M™ n«. nl - Ttnhrahanirh lot located at 307 S. Willow street, ship". Mrs. Oscar Rohrabaugh presided. Mrs. Richard Leiter was pianist. Mrs. Owen Sheagley led the pledge. Mrs. C. N. Wilson recited James Whitcomb Riley's tribute "To the American Flag." Co-chairmen of the day were dog confined, said she will move Mrs. Loren ChiUick and Mrs. Reid to St. Petersburg, in Pinellas County—with Ranger. Initial Towels! Burns, who extended the commit- ;ee's welcome. The chorus was composed of Mesdarnes Paul Hol- You've tried to provide the tools or, Miss Jean Luniback, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Zeck, Debbie, D'onnie and Jerry Davis. Mrs. Virgil Pickett entertained the following guests at a party, Mrs. Bell Byrum, Mrs. Ollmay Wilson, Mrs. Evelyn Gillum and daughter, Janet, Mrs. Fred Gruol. Mrs. 0. G. Wilson was in charge of the entertainment. Contests were enjoyed and refreshments were served. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Swoverland and sons have returned home! after a Florida fishing trip. Miss Ruby Harris has returned to her home at Marion after spending several weeks with Mr. and Mrs. George Kahl and sons. Courtney Wilson has been returned to his home after undergoing surgery at the Memorial hospital in Logansport. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Sidles are the parents of a daughter, Jane Ann, born at Memorial Hospital in Logansport. Mosdaincs David Krise, Allen Carson, Larry Amos, Ollmay Wilson, Stella Zeck and Floyd Wilson, attended the funeral of Mrs. Arlene Etherington. Mrs. Laura Hursh has returned home after spending a week with her daughter and family at'Frank- fort. While there shu attended the baccalaureate and commencement of her grandson, Jerry Logan. Jerry has enlisted in the U. S. Navy and will leave Monday. Mrs. Don Catt and Mrs. 0. G. Wilson spent Monday and Tuesday in South Bend. Mrs. Claude Smith of Vera Beach, California, Mrs. Delbert Shope, of Walton, and Mr. and Mrs. Hoeflinger of Kokomo, were guests Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Roach, of Young America. ^uiiikiua^u >JJ. j.ij,tijw !•*"»*<" *• v.1—. ---- - mes Holla Brim, Ross Eikenber-i Mrs. Carl Jones, near here, was ry John Brim, Owen Sheagley, installed as associate worthy ad^, V i ,-,.. t i -_i_ T ..„„ TT'.'^Un.. TTir vi.sm'.- OJ.hpre jncf.allpf' and f-h^ir Paul Kirkpatrick, Lynn Fisher, erett Cripe, Ora Shirar and Wayne Dok. Mrs. James Coghill, of Delphi, a war bride from Leghorn, Italy, told of her WW II war experiences and of her life since coming to the state nine years ago. Mrs. Ed Hamilton, of Flora, another war bride from Naples, Italy, Flora. Possession can be given immediately. Saturday Evening, June 8, 1957. Walton Ralph Schwalm is a patient in the St. Joseph hospital at Kokomo after an accident there. He sustained several abrasions and a possible concussion. Mrs. Keith Brown and family of Columbia City were guests Monday of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bruner and daughter and Mrs. Pauline Leiter and family. A program will close Vacation Bible school at the Christian church Friday at 8 p.m. Each class will participate in the program and handicraft will be exhibited, Raymond Lafe was called to his home at Terre Haute Monday by the death of his mother. Mrs. Stella Finney was hospitalized in St. Joseph hospital after she fell in the home of her son, Forest, at Muncie Sunday. Miss Inez Small assisted by Mrs. Norma Slusher, Miss Helen Evans and Mrs. Ollie Spohn entertained the Ladies Aid of the Christian church Wednesday afternoon. By WILLIAM EWALD United Press staff Correspondent NEW YORK (UP)-Summertime —when the living is easy, the cotton is high and re-runs bloom in the TV machine—rapidly is approaching. It's the period in which TV hits tiie skids and TV stars hit the road. This summer will follow tha mournful pattern. TV performers are mothballing !he teleprompters and lighting out for places as scattered as Sweden, Hawaii and Englewood, N. J. Englewood is the spot where Phil Silvers will pass part of his vacation. There's a golf course in the Jersey town owned by comics Dick, Shawn and Buddy Hackett and Phil plans to work out on (he links' while his wife, Evelyn Patrick, awaits their baby. It's due July 1. Trip To Hawaii Dinah Shore hopes to go to Honolulu for a couple of weeks. She's also planning a visit to her Miss-Evans gave the devotions I husband's Montana ranch and and prayer. Mrs. Phyllis Shaffer showed colored slides of the Church of Christ Mission in Kulparar, In- hands. Lower head. You should.-- . --• have a straight line from your dia, and Mrs. Slusher narrated the head to your feet. Return hips to events. the floor. Mrs - Marv A 1 ' 06 Rusn a "d Mrs. Dorothy Carey were named on a committee to purchase new tables for the parsonage basement. Mrs. Averil Evans won the Bible contest; 16 attended, one honorary member, Mrs. .Belle Lucas. Mrs. Lee Cook was taken to St. Francis hospital at Indianapolis Thursday where she will submit to . or stand. Make circles with your shoulders, circling backward. After a while circle forward. Do not circle with your shoulders. Arms should hang limply at sides. M you would like my exercises for the arms send a stamped, self- addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No. 11. Address Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) Memorial Day services were! Mil-ford. and re-creation supervision June 7 from 1:30 to 4 p.m. And plans were to have supervisions each Tuesday and Friday u-ntil the middle of August. One of the young men to receive degrees from Indiana University June 10 will be Lloyd H. Smith, son o£ Rev. and Mrs. W. Marian Smith, formerly with Flora ! Church of the Brethren, now of he'd in the Sharon Baptist church June 2. Miss Judy Northcutt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Northcutt, was recently installed as worthy advisor of Rainbow Girls. Jane Ann Jones, -daughter of Mr. and sang an Italian song. Mrs. Coghill showed Italian- made linens and. several pictures. Articles made by the blind were visor.-,Others installed and their offices were Connie Briggs, chari- Lloyd graduated from high school here in 1949 and enrolled at Manchester College for his prc- medical trainiag. He received his BA degree in 1953 and has corn- tends to supervise th e building ot her new home off Hollywood's Sunset Strip. Edgar and Frances Bergen and their 11-year-old, Candy, will shoot off to Europe with a one-month stopover in Sweden. Art Baker of ABC-TV's "You Asked For It" also is taking off for Eurcpe. Art, who is getting married Aug. 8, will honeymoon in London, Cologne, Venice, Rome and Paris. Garry Moore will stuff his wifo and sons in his boat and sail to surgery later ! Nev '' En S'ati<i and the Canadian Lutheran Women-" of the church coasl - Durward _ Kirby of tiio met in the home of Mrs. Clark Snell Wednesday for an all-day meeting. Topic, "People Do Starve for Books", was given by Mrs. Horace Beckley. Mrs. Halla Lewis told about her missionary work in Africa. In a contest, honors were awarded to Mrs. Virgil Turner, Mrs. Es- ing in mid-July. Moore cast just plans to fish away liis vacation at his Connecticut liome. Fishing For Murrow Ed Murrow, another fishing buff, is taking his son Casey, 11, on an angling trip through Ihs Northwest and into Canada start* sie Wood, Mrs. Claude Snell, Mrs. Clara Brady, Mrs. Beckley, and Cathy Kinney. Other guests were Mrs. Gone Canady, of Brooks; Mrs. Wood, of Peru; Mrs. W. H. Kaufman, Mrs. Homer Logan, Mrs. J. E. Duckworth, and Hev. and Mrs. Keith Kinney, and Clark Snell. July meeting will be held in Mrs. Kaufman's home, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Guy, of Terre Haute were guests Sunday of Mary Guy. Eggs of the kiwi have a 75-day incubation period and the ma'.c Dieted his training at Indiana Uni- bird does Ule seiiin '[ vnrsi!.v. HP served a one-vcar in- vcrsity. He served a one-year internship at James Decker Munson 1 City Hospital, Traverse City, M-icli. He is the husband of the farmer Joanna Spitler, daughter Sonia Landi-s. hope; Patty-of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Spitler, east Lyon, faith. Appointed officers insalled were Carol Byan, Ginny ,Kompox, drill leader; Janilse Smith, love; Carol Millendore, 'religion; Sharon Cook, nature; Jerilyn Jones, immortality; Sandra Cassell, fidelity; Ma- Sanders, service; Arlene Frazee, confidential observer; Wendy Briggs, musician; Jill Flora, choir Read the Classified Ads displayed. Serving with the These pretty floral-initial towels, in easy-to-do embroidery, will add beauty to the kitchen! You'll enjoy making them and find Uiem ideal for gift-giving. 1 Pattern No. 5687 contains hot- iron transfer tor 7 designs; stitch illustrations; color chart: . Send 25c in COINS, your name, address anl the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT, Pharos- Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chi- cogo 6, Illinois. ' It's ready! The 1957 Needlework ALBUM — fifty-six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet items and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! were Mesdames Rolla Brim, Ross Eikenberry, Charles Cochran, Fred McCain, C. N. Wilson, B. B. Lesh, Earl Blue and Fred Wheeler. Mrs. Hueben Myer, formerly of near Flora, is in St. Elizabeth hospital, Lafayette, where a cast has been replaced on her right leg which she injured several months ago jn an automobile accident. She expects to return to her home soon. Tlie Art and Garden club annual flower show will be held in the Presbyterian church the afternoon | of June 25. Professor Honeywell, of Purdue, will judge. The club has been invited to attend a meeting June 26 of the Carroll County .Questers club at Delhi. Mrs. Bertha Myer and Mrs. Rena Flor entertained at dinner Thursday evening. Twelve of the guests wore members of- the Past Matrons club. Annual business meeting of the Christian I director; and Deanna Pressler, co-chairmen prompter. of Bringhurst. Neya Alpha Shaper of Psi Iota Xi will sponsor a Red Cross Blood-i mobile unit in the Flora community building June 20 at 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visitors Sunday afternoon to Mrs. Emma Richler were .her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dritt nd Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Ulerick of Logansport. day evening, June 30. Officers will bo elected. According to a telegram received by Mr, -and Mrs. Cleo Rop,pert, r.ear here, their son, Sgt, Richard Reppert will probably be I moved soon to Manila in the Philippines from an Army hospital in Taipan, Formosa. A few weeks ago he suffered a coronar-y attack. Mrs. Charles Nance, of Carn- Installuig officers were Deanna Pressler, who has ssrved as worthy advisor the past four months; Mrs. Robert N. Sine, aunt of Miss Nort-hcutt, from Lafayette, marshal; Robert Jones, chaplain-; Mrs. Richard Leiter, musician; Mrs. Kaye Bass, soloist; and Joyce Burton, recorder. Miss Northcuti was escorted to the east by her father under Rainbows by her escort, composed of Patty Lyon, Sally Watson, Jane Ann Jones, Becky Smith, Nancy Eller, and Ginny Koup. After installation, refreshments of mints, punch, and a colored rainbow cake were served by Mesdames Ed Esserman, Van Burton, and Robert Jones. Mrs. Paul Blocker has been appointed to supervise the summer recreation program for girls at the Flora community park. Mothers of school-age girls were gu'Jjj summoned to meet last Friday evening to discuss recreation ac tivities for the summer. Tentative plans were to begin the playground Mr. Pisgah Church Bible School Set The Mt. Pisgah and Mt. Olive Lutheran daily vacation Bible school will be conducted June 10 through June 21 with classes from 8:30 to 11 a. m. at the Mt. Pisgah Lutheran church. Mrs. Ted Sidenbender will be director of the school. The staff includes; nursery—Mrs. Knight; kindergart-en^-Mrs. Ann Spangler, Mrs. Dorothy Shank, Miss Nancy Larimore, Miss Lois Ann Sidenbender; primary — Mrs. Margaret Yeakley, Mrs. Patty Jones, Mrs. Yeafcley, Miss Nancy Chapman, Bonnie Smith; junior—Mrs. Geneva Jones and Mrs. Alice Larimers. Mrs. Mary Shriver is the pianist and Wanita McCloskey and Mrs. Elizabeth Downham are the song leaders. Show Starts At Dusk Sarti Opon Half Hour Earlier SUNDAY-MONDAY "TRAPEZE" (Color) Burl Lcmcatter - Gina Lollabrigida TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY 'Shoot Out at Medicine Bend' (Pint Run) Randolph Scott - Jamot Craig Tennessee Ernie Ford is mapping a motor trip which he'll take with his wii'e, Betty, to New Orleans, Bristol, Tcnn., and New England. Tlie baianqe of the summer will be spen'.. at Ernie's 5fiO- acre cattle ranch iti Clcarlaka County. Calif. Ed Sullivan will remain on Ui« air, but he hopes to spend somo spare lime at his Southbury, Conn., fawn. Dr. Bergen Evanj of "Tlie Last Word" wants to lak« a trip to Spain with his wife ba- Tore fall sets in. Generally .'J3 years are conslCv- ercd a generaikm, thus allowing three generations to a century. FASHION BEAUTY STOP ONLY PERMANfNIS < 4 OTHERS w " h *° M ""O 1 TO $25 INCLUDES CUTTINO 54.95 SCT * EI * NM ° r SHAMPOO 9 Til 6 No Appointment N«ct»ary Helena Curtis Slyfod Soft Brillianu Permanent $10.00 NO FUZZ OR FRIZZ 3 14% Pearl St. Ph. 20111 The Lincoln Memorial, 3n Washington, D. C., IB said to be GRANT TRIAL DELAY . EVANSVILLE (UP) - Vanderburgh Circuit Court Judge Ollie Reeves Thursday granted a week's delay in the arraignment of Augustus Clifford Watson, 41, for the murder of his mother. A grand jury indicted Watson on a first-degree murder charge Wednesday, Watson was arrested in Cincinnati a month ago. He is accused of killing and dismembering his mother, Mrs. Pearl Hartlage, Oct. 15, W54. TODAY-'-GUN FIGHTERS" AND "TOMAHAWK TRAIL" ROX Y An /U-LI4NCE T *eo'-c> STAMPEDE OF 3000 WILD BUFFALO! TTME in CINEMASCOPE md COLOR i SUNDAY-MONDAY OPEN 1 P. M. 2 FEATURES - 3 CARTOONS 2 BIG HITS GREGORY PECK-JANE WYMAN THP YEARLING • TECHNICOLOR iufMf^u- "' I>I/\YH<H:SI: Opens 8th Season Tuesday, June 18th Call Viking 2-2500 for tickoti. TUBS. $1.35. Wod. thru Sun. $1.50, Curtain time 8:30. Located on Halt Shore, Lako Moxlncukoo, Culver, Ind. Midnight Tonight SUNDAY-MONDAY-TUESDAY About a naughty little gal who taught a jophistleated about love. MBHE REYNOLDS CINEMA TECHNICOLOR IMNIEISEN Op«n 7:00 p.m. Show Storli At Duik CHILDREN FRBB TONIGHT ONLY BIG BONUS SHOW NO IXTRA COST! HIT NO. 1 JAMES lar^ W HIT NO. 2 £MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH UN FOR A COWAR& JEFFREY HUNTER I JANiCI HIT NO. 3 — Your Bonus Feature at No Extra Cost To You SUNDAY AND MONDAY DCAM o~l JKRKf MARTIN LEWIS- Busrr U.S.A WATCH FOR OUR PARADE OF FIRST RUN Feature Attractions

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