Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 10, 1957 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1957
Page 17
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Wednesday Evening, July 10, 1957. RIP K1RBY YES.' THERE THEY ARE •- AT THE ROULETTE TABLE. OH, I PO HOPE HE ISN'T PIUN6IN6- TOO HEAVILY".,. COME U? TO OPRCE. YOU CAN SEE EVERYONE ON THE FLOOR PROM TOEKE... SPOT 'EM. PESMONG" WE'Rt tOOKINS FOR A COUPLE OF FAST OPERATORS WHO TOOK PESMOND ON A PHONY RANIUM MINE DEAL. Wt THINK THEY'RE HERS,'MA WHAT? OUIT WHEN I'M HOT? STAND BACH, BABY, AND WATCH A BIS- TIMER OPERATE.' STOSIC, YOU •MUST HAVE . *3O,OOO. WHY NOT TAKE IT EASY FOR A WHILE? Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribtra* Jtrgntt«it KERRY DRAKE THAT'S OKAY, FRANK/ THE BRIDE OF A COP OR A SOLDIER HAS WHAT'S ON THE \ AN INTERESTING POCKET fOR US ) PIECE OFCORRES- PDNPENCE.' SORRV TO BE LATE, KEf RV/ iWINPy WAS FEELIN6...5ORTA BLUE/ I HUNS AROUND TO CHEER HER UP.' ' MICKEY FINN REX MORGAN, M. D. «Sf»TOOKUS HALF THE NIGHT, gUT HE WAS LIKE A AFFERENT MAN THIS MORNING! THEN you WINK WOVE CONVINCED PHIL THAT HE AT LEAST MAS A CHANCE AGAINST •^ PUFF/? -AND WHILE HIS CRAW ) I DON'T POTTHtG STANCE MAV X KNOW WORKON THAT LITTLE/ ABOUT GREEN HE HAS IN HIS \T»UT, PHtl! . MRP.I'M SURE n'll./IT'S NATIMAL I NEVER STAHP UP OH \ FOR HIM A REGULAR COURSE TO PUTT . -UHDER PKESStWE! / THAT WAV! HE WAS THE GREATEST CROQUET PLAVER IN ' THISCOUNTRV—FOR. OVER TWENTY VEARS!; ,' i WAMT wu Y >ou'ge NOT. WE V TO KNOW KfOUTI OBLIGED TO I fEUHAPS I SHOULDN'T » HARPLV /I «E, JUNE— / TELL MS A I MAVE TDtP WU WHAT f KNOW *S AR3ITT THAT I TMW& ABOUT I I PIP, JUNE -- BUT I V EACH OTHER, I LETTER AMP \ WUK FER«M 1*1 LOVE WCTH VOU/ K KEITH / X TELEGRAM.' \ SONAt LIFE,, KEITH / •^ EVERY YEAR FCK FIVE 1 • ANP PERHAPS I AM BUT YEARS— I'VE- RECEIVEP THfiK/ 1 1 I LOVEP THEM BOTH SHE'S NEVER GIVEN ME A 4 ^ i VERY MUCH.' CHANCE TO EX PLAIN-.' SHE INSISTS THAT *H RE6fONS(8(.E FOR THEIR DEATHS.' EMMY LOU BUZ SAWYER A PRETTY PICKLE! IF TORKA'S TO STOP PAYMENT ON THAT CHECK, I'VI SOT TO «£T HIM TO PAWS BY MOHNIHO. I CAN SUE5!5 HO* WPNAPPEP HIM, ANP WHY. BUT WHERC ARE THEY HOLDING />A|PNtGHT...vmT AND SHIVERING... LOST OH A STRANSE AMD UW WW 5EACOAST,BUZ PONDERS HIS PREDICAMENT. Hot sidewalks, cool feet-in Bailey's CROSBY ventilated nylon-trimmed shoes. MARY WORTH 'router ALL ei.fi;, YOUK IH6HN&S. SWC THAT I AM AMM-.-!" "I/it me know when the »hock of meeting me won't upuct hot- relatiomihip with that new boy!" GRIN AND BEAR IT > HMM! EITHER YOU RWLLY •" ARE A 600D AaOR.MR.IIARVAY!". .! S LITTLE ABNER .I'M SO PROUD OF MV -HANDSOME , INTCLUGB-tr NEPHEWSP NANCY "Hurt h »ray« doubt (hot l(i«w peopU an uting In b«t An (oitlon old mwiey ConflXH »««d thum, Flfbyl , Hospital Officials Confer With State And Federal Officials Official** of Memorial lloii|)lliil muL with rejireiiunlatlvuii »f lln> In. •liana Slain Huard of llcallli and Ilio If. S. I'ulillu HiitilUi'H'ti'vIci;, l» dlxciiiui f«(J(irul |)iirllvl|iiitliiii In UK; rV/ " • Cools Your Mouth Freshens Your Taste Enjoy chewing delicious Wrif ley'i Sp«»nnint Gum •very d«y. Millions do. Buy some cont of HID lnmpltul'n oxpntmloii |iro- I'l'iiin, liu/ipiUil roproumilnUvoH fllnl'id dflor tlio tn«ol)Ht{ LhnL tlifly wi-i'« caeonniHwl ulwiil tlio iiui lilllly (if Niiciirlni! H Ki'uiil-lrHilfl to hi'idUo UK; Hup hi'l-Wduii lli« ftuiilii iivnll«l>lii fi-om tlio enmity bond l«. mio-imcl tint fund drlvu urxl tlio conl. of the priijiid. At tin: irHinUnij, ri!|(roiiiinlnllvwM nf Mm Sliito liiMii'd (if lloiillli mi- l.lnii'1/wl HID hiiui'd of trudlcuH (if lliu hojiplUil In procuud with |>n;p- nnitltin of n formal iipjilkiaUun fur THE PHANTOM ROBBER HAS BEEN STAGING- HOLDUPS ALL OVER TOWN-- COMES OUT OF NOWHERE, ROBS PEOPLE AND VANISHES WHERE WILL HE STRIKE NEXT? STRICTLY BUSINESS "Wu honor your n-liroment, Ai>;y]e, with (;i-oat rolio.f — ur, prlclc!" STRICTLY RICHTER CUTIES It In cntlnuiti'd Hint tiiinplcllon, rcvlow mid iipproviil of ),l»i«u docti- nicnui will r«|iilri! u minimum of V> days, In thii event Hint th« n)) plli.'iitlon In uppriivod, contitructlon wnild uul umltirwiiy linn- Nunrly :i(l,(XXi Ctiniidlohn bncorno c'111/.flnn of the Unltod yintiiK ovttry yunr. "My kid brother in bored! Do you happen to have a *i»tw who look* like you but about tw«lv« DOTTY DRIPPLE ..f WC OU2W A PUSQ TOOW-- •1^. ANP THAT (3 WHT'S i —CHICKEN Plffl, W THAT'S A FRIBP OC/SULOP8, • LOT, ISN'T BLACKBERRIES, •/V IT? LIWA BEANS-- ^~ f GRANDMA

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