Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 8, 1957 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 8, 1957
Page 5
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Saturday Evening, June 8, 1957. DAILY RADIO PROGRAMS (AM Uatlnga Central Daylight Time) WMAQ WBBM (780) WLS WSAL (1230) SATURDAY EVENING 6:00 News 6:15 Monitor 1:50 News 6:45 Monitor Sports N'ews Bellairs IIella Irs News Music News Mystery State Hospital Sports Sport ThrllU Son, Justice 7:00 News 7:15 Monitor 7:30 Weather 7:45 Monitor News Maury Farron Farron News Barn Dance Barn Dane* Earn Dance Gar'len Garden TBA TKA 8:00 News 8:]y Monitor 8:30 News 8:45 Monitor Workshop Workshop Cloakroom Cloakroom fia.rn Dance Part>TBA Rar Dancfr PartjTBA Hayloft Party TBA Hayloft Party TBA 9:00 News News Barn Dance TBA 9:15 Pulpit Have you Heard Barn Dance TBA 'j;30 Chan Karon Chicago Meet Folks TBA 9:4", Chan Kar on Chicago Meet Pc^lka TBA 10:00 Daddy-O 10:15 Dacldy-O 10:30 News 10:45 Monitor News Sa fired Not* Town Crier Weiuel Barn Dunce Barn Danco Barn Dance Barn Dance Night Watch Night Watch Night Watcb ' Watch WMAQ SUNDAY MORNING WBBM (780) WLS WSAL (1230) 8:00 News News Uuumiup BlbU Class Musio In Air 8:15 Arlor living Chans. Times Elblo Class Music In Air 8:30 Sarnhoiise Church or A.lr Church Music in Air 8:45 Barnhouse Church of Atr Church Music in Air 8:00 Xews 9:15 Pulpit 3:30 Prophecy 9:45 Prophecy .Ntws Learning JoHb iirady .In* 1 - Wrady Ntwi Brovn Brown Church Church Church News Music in Air Mualcin Air Music In Air lt):OQ News Josh Brady Tabernacle 10:15 Ch'R Times Jnsb LJrady Tabernacle 1030 N'ews Pet Tuna .-Tabernacle 10-45 New World Josh fcrady Tabernacle News Mu-slc in Air Music In Air Church 1KOO Monitor Newa 11 -15 Monitor .io&li Brady 11:30 Eternal LiRhtJoah Brady 11:45 Eternal Ush'SmUh Progress ot Sonpf of Sonsr Church Church Church Travel TalJc SUNDAY AFTERNOON Best in Musio 12. lb 12:30 12:45 1:00 1:16 1:30 1:45 2:00 2:1F. 2:30 2:45 S:30 3:4'i Monitor Lutheran Lutheran News Monitor Ca'.holto Hr. Catholic Hr. Monitor Monitor Monitor NCWH Monitor Your Money Monitor 4:00 NGWH 4:15 Monitor 4:30 Nowa 4:45 Monitor E-15 CiOO 6:16 6:45' 7:55 7:30 7:45 S:00 8:15 8:20 8:45 Best In Muxlo I'.eHt In Musle Be«t In Mu.slc •IT: A. • THA News M;il Bellalre . Mai Beiluira Mai tiollaln Mai Bcllalr Mai lifilUirs Ala) Collalrn Mai EellalrB Mai liellalrs Wai Bellaira Newa Bellalra Belialra Bellalra News NHWN Cons.'tline Mai Bellaln Meet PrefMt Gunsnioke NOWH Monitor News Monitor .VCVVK Monitor News Monitor News Monitor NewH Monitor SUNDAY Jack Benny 3af:k LJenny Mai Bollalrs Mai EJellairH Nowa Mai Bellalra M Mlllur KnortH Nowa Mai Bellalr* BportB Mai ftoltalrn Kr.tnk A ifirneet Soul CHnto Soul CUnio W-niTa- Healing Hoallnp- Wln^H Truth Herald Truth Herald Radio Clann K;ullo Clana Vljilon Vialon it[>vlvul Hour Revival Hour Jtevi va] Hour Kf-vivfil ffour UKnt UU Liirht Lifo Unshackled Unshackled Forward! Well I-,umbardo (*ombarclo PlaybaU PI ay bull Hu.icball Baseball Haseball Ba«eball IlaHOhall IJasi-hall Kcnrfiboard • Thuatw JTo;i(i]lnoa HUM of tJcclwlon Hlllman Hour of Decision Sports EVENING V RBpers .Moody Mnody j'rophecy Pronhocy Luth. Venpcrn IjUth, Vcap«r» Nuws ScnincliriFr Brd Churuh 01 <j}od Church of God By PooplB JJy Heoplo DoclHlon Declnlon Urotherhood Jirothnrhood News Sporta Concert Connert TV Programs SATURDAY 6:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 4 6:30—Channel 6 Channel 8 7:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 8:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 4 8:30—Channel 8 9:00—Channel 4 Channel 8 9:30—Channel 6 Channel 4 Channel 8 10:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 4 10:15—Channel 8 10:30—Channel 6 10:45—Channel 8 EVENING Stories Oakley Sheehan People Funny Buccaneers Billy Graham Corr.o Gleason Carnival | Susanna Walk SRO Playhouse Jubilee Gunsmoke Hit Parade Lone Wolf .TBA Frontier Dr. Showcase Movies Late Show Hoedown Late Show Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune A e\a els SUNDAY AFTERNOON S:00 City Dt-'.k 9;jr» City Dt;Hk 0:30 Decision »:4& Decision Nation Nation Quiet Hour Quiet Hour Kovlv.,1 Time K'-'vival 11 mo Concert Concert Mothodlnt How Laymon 10:00 Nowa ]0:ir, Wclk 10:4.1 Motun Melody Mill Musio NOWH Qnupdl Chrintlan Scl. Hlh'» Now. Avo Maria Avo Maria MONDAY MORNING S:00 Drlor «»w» g;16 Chlco. '•alllnKJim Conwaj 8:30 Cblca Oa!lln»Gnin Coa«t 8:46 liarf Newa Urady Hi-eu-kfant Club Uroi'kfriftt Club Breakfa«r Club liroulcfaHt Club News I'Jso-.Shln. Aria Hixo-Shlne 9:15 5:30 NOWH BantlHtnnd Artuur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfruy Arthur Codfrciy M.» Tr«a Story Mv Trllf Story Nowft Olrl Marrlwi lll.in-Shlne NOWH Mnlndiea 10:00 Now* 10:15 liandntanl 10:30 RandHtand 10:<5 BandHtand A.rt..u Oodfrov Arr.hu OodTroy F.lolae-.ToHh llfi • MMlftr WhiHpurlnu Stu. Jack Paar Mnrth Cran« Worn. World Woni, World Quoen Quean H -00 New? n-15 Koltmnn 11:30 Holtman ll:<r, Duchenn Wc/ldy Wurrnn ItaektttaKO Wlfo Helen Trent Gal Sunday NOWH Murtlm Orana .Markuti' Wcalhor "\VorrlH ]l(;for<J Shop Carroll Co Carroll Co. MONDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 Nnws 12:11 Morryfleld 12:30 Merryrlelil 12'<r. Merrytltild Nora i'jrako Ma Porkina NOWH JUiiid of Llfn Nooutlm« Market: Dlnnorboll Dinnorholl NOWM Co. P.xtnnslon Farm Cornor Purm Corner I'M) Nown IlniiplnnHii Miirkiitu 1:1C «.'»nf<!K!ilonn Snd Mrn flurton I la|i|ilii 1:3» Worn. In Hue. Strike it UlL'h XHH-.. 1:H5 Dr. Gentry I^.r.t(rrtalnrn«)nt _ I^IM-CII I'lay I'luy Hall Hull 12:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel B Channel 6 12:30—Channel 6 .Channel 4 . Channel 8 1:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 2:00—Channel 8 2:15—Channel B 2:30—Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 4 3:00—Channel 4 Channel B Channel 8 3:30—Channel 8 4:00 Channel 8 5:00—Channel 4 Channel C Channel 8 5:15—Channel fi 5:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 Life Life Heckle-Jeckle Industry Roberts Eddie Arnold Wild Bill First Show Matinee Sunday Fix Shipmates News Zoo Parade Big Picture Baseball Arnold Wide World Face Nation News Sec It Now Kit Carson Patti Page Dr. Hudson Weather Roy Rogers Dr. Christian You Are There SUNDAY 6:00—Channel 4 Channel (i Channel 8 5:15—Channel 4 6:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 7:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 8:00—Channel 4 Channel G Channel 8 8:30—Channel » 9:00—Channel 4 Channel fi Channel 8 9:30—Channel 4 Channel fi Channel I! 10:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 10:15—Channel H 10:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 10:45—Channel II 11 iflO—Channel 6 11:15—Channel 4 EVENING You Asked TBA Lassie Theater Film Circus Boy Champions Steve Allen Sullivan Ted Mack Playhouse GE Theater Hitchcock Wallace LoroLta Young $04,000 Behind Badge Cochisc My Line? Detective Theater News Soldiers IU Playhouse Premiere Red Top News MONDA* AFTERNOON (CDT) 2:00 NOWH 2:1 Ti Matln«» 2:30 Hill Top 2:45 1'op. Younl? llrxmo Dr. M I.nclty /'arty Party lono Now* .lank IlsiKi-hall HaXKliull Hanclml] 3:00 NOWM 3:l.fi Goodwin 3:30 Ooodwln Woman Viowu Jim Con-way Oold <*ou»t Til Ho A Iti-cnk NOWH I.nmbi'.rclo 4:00 N<!Wfl 4:ir, .llm rvrilla 4:30 Hiiortu l:ir. Jirn MUln IMu. I'aul I'aul Cll HhopplnK Utlifton Gihoon I'ollca Tarty N(.w» i:i,| aillwlll Off Record NftlVH Toon Tunus I'r.nn lunen r>:00 Nowa MaKaz 6:1& Wo<3 flowjtrrJNow* 6:30 Wcrl Howard H|>orl» r,:4& Mown NHWIJ W LI It Wl:ll( Mlillll! Tuno Timo Warn A<1» V I'l Ttinro Twelve Mile- Council ol Churches worship tcrvicc be at the lloovtr Methodist Church, Sunday evening, June fl. Rev. AuKiis 1 . Uindquisl •will bring the message. The anniint vacation Bible school fur children of tho comniunily s|)«nsored by the five cliurch«», •will he held daily Monday throuMh Friday from June 10 through 21. A program be presented on Sunday, June 2:1. The school this year will IK; held al the Hothlc- liem Methodist Church with Hov. August I/unflquist acting as dean, jis.sisled by George Wilson. Classt'.s will be from 9 to 11 daily. Instructors will be I.ouella Kotlonnan, nursery; Divola Smith, kinder- f!;ir(on I; Belle Young, kindergar- building is progressing rapidly, It is planned lo finish laying Ihe Mocks, Saturday, June 8. Anyone who will be ublc to help is invilcd lo come. A chicken burbequc Is In be sponsored by Ihe four towaship <1-l! fairboanl l« be held at Memorial Hall, June 2(1, Proceeds will be used to help wilh expenses of the fair in August. Tickets are available from Harold Driest of his representative.?. Donations of pie.s and baked beans | will be accepted by Iri.s Harry, | riagu. Jennie Calender, Kilna Frohrcich, hcrc " cxl Eileen Howard or Alma Hoover. Girl Scputs will mcel Monday, June 10 following Bible school for a hike and picnic lunch. New officers include Doanna Louthain, 12:00—Channel 4 Channel (i Channel « 12:15—Channel R Channel 8 12:30—Channel 4 Channel B Channe! (I 1:00—Channel 4 Channel 8 1:30—Channel 4 Channel B Channel (I 2:00—Channel 4 Channel B Channel 8 2:30—Channel II 3:00—Channel !I Channel B 3:15—Channel 8 3:30—Channel 4 Channel 8 3:45—Channel B 4:00—Channel fi Channel » 4:15—Channel I! 4:30—Channel fi Channel 4 ,4:45—Channel <1 5:00—Channel 4 . Channel 8 5:IS—Channel (i Isolate M PHILADELPHIA (UP) — The first definite step that might lead to a treatment for the dread disease of multiple sclerosis was announced Friday by a Russian-born woman baeteriologist. of research at St. Luke's and Children's Medical .Center here, reported she had succeeded . in isolating and cultivating the germ responsible for the disease. Two Crashes Occur On 24 Two traffic accidents were re- porled in Cass counly Friday, one east of the city on U. S. 24 and the other west on the same highway. An estimated $900 damage was done lo the 1956 model sedan driven by Louis L. Coins, 54, of 23414 West Miami avenue, in a wreck a mile and a half east of the city on road 24 at 4:25 p.m. Friday, ' Coins was headed west, enroute home from work at the lime kiln, when his right wheels got off on the berm. He attempted to g'et the wheels back on the road, but the auto went into a skid, sliding 30 feet before hitting a guard rail and a pile of cinders on the north side of the road. ultiple Sclerc . She also announced a "highly successful" method of diagnosis of the disease which afflicts "some 300,000 persons in the United States. Yankee baseball immortal Lou Gehrig was one of its victims. Society in New York said "a great stride will have been made" toward conquering the disease if her findings can be substantiated by oilier researchers.' Her work Urged To Pi Legislative F President Tells Republic hind His Programs Congressional Elect WASHINGTON (UP)— President Eisenhower bluntly warned Republican leaders Friday that they must forget "personal preferences" and rally behind his budget and legislative programs if they want to win next year's congressional elections. To do otherwise, he said, would be to engage in "supreme suicjdal folly", that would cost the Republican Party the White House in 1960 as well as a chance at control of Congress in 1058. He said Ihe >sis Germ had been known to the society for many years but it had been un- "If this report be found true," has been made. A means of treatment must be developed, again requiring research inasmuch as we know of no medication which alters Ihe course oE the disease." ish Budget, 'rag rams ans They Must Rally Be- If They Want To Win ons Next Year Probe Three City Wrecks City police investigated three traffic accidents Friday afternoon, and arrested one driver as a result of one of the coilisionsA Lawrence Shields, 46, 300 Water street, was charged with failure to yield the right-of-way after a mishap at 4:07 r>.m. at the west C •j 7 1 7— I ;ROSSWORI ACROSS 3 : ^rctcntloUB ' i ome : Jnnmrried 3 0 1—1 5—1 G— r PUZZLE European :xc umatlon -BS-shapca 'ho self Answer to \ H 0 w R 6 D t N A b ^ 11— Fruit <pl.) 2S— Uninteresting IS 1 6 old ago 39 — wreak suddenh IA]S It— Diminutive 40— Printer's ' trffp 1 I 1 2 : 2 2 2 7— .<• 9—1 0— C 1— I 2— \ 1—1 r, J. ;— j 8—: 9—1 ( II 1 te. » Jf panish article 4 lender nnlal -i 3ore!it 4 Jcc.in 4 'azz e ' 4 ^egiitabla 'eutontc deity ereno 'Inal lound >nrt of shoe pi.) ' *t it i> Ho 43 30 H'l 2 ///, " % 11 3 ^ as ^? HI V y/ft 22 % M S '/// 19 % " e 1 — DnmeM t!af* l~ R 3— T 7— t c 1— 1 I 2— J 3— T i l!> ///, 11 IS IB .awful 'nit of* urrcncy *op cs DOWN fcry poor • arson Oil) 'ardy It. ^ •"* % Hb 1 a y/ f u, % 11 a % n % « i ty Y/, it Si n w D A to n B B H!3 " N E S 'i 31 Dulr. bj u&ltw rt>tu* 0vua,uu. IA'G. JJ h!** SE * to 4 E 6 7 8 9 in u 1! 1C 1! 23 25 26 •>s 3( 31 3! 42 (B Haass Eosa when it hit the GOP can win provided it does not cc jg e O f pile of cinders, coming to a stop become a house divided. on its top. State Wagenknecht and Deputy Lionel Davis investigated. out of West Linden avenue into Carson that an unidentified ear caused her to lose control ot the car she was driving by the Davis cemetery at 11:15 a.m. and leave the highway, hitting a fence. She told the sheriff she was headed east by the cemetery, just east of the Cass-Whito county line, when a southbound car pulled into her path from a county road. She said she swerved Lo avoid a collision and lost control, going oft on the north sicle>of the highway and hitting a fence on the Tyrus Eisser farm, on roulo (i. The mishap caused'$100 damage In the 195G model car she was driving. Trooper Larry Eisenhower delivered a lecture U.S. highway 24, hitting a nortli- ~ Sheriff on party "principles and pledges"' bound car driven by Julian Wil- 'Hams, B2, Woodland, Calif., police reported. Shields posted forfeit bond of j'15.75 to cover a $i and costs fine. at the closing session ot a two-day Christine Mclntirc, 20, of route GOP conference. Some of the 1, Idaville, reported to Sheriff 0. R. j sharpest critics ot his budget and programs were among the 2,000 who heard him. But hi.s audience was enthusiastic and cheered him loudly when Levy 6 Fines En J.P.Couri Fines were levied on four trt ers and two motorisls in Ihe local justice of Lhe peace court Friday he declared that the GOP "good team" and should has a "look Probers Quiz "Girl Friend" WASHINGTON (UP) — Kay Lower, a comely b r u n e t te _ .. ... described as the "girl friend" of Autos driven by Dwight Orr, 2'. President James G. Cross of thc of 215 iwenty-third street, and Mrs. | Bakei . W like one." There were shouts ofj "hear, hear," when he said Republicans beliove in a "sound dollar, not a rubber one,' 1 The President pulled no punches in calling on GOP leaders lo face up squarely to "internal disagreement" within the party and then get on about the business of carrying out Ihe party's platform pledges. He promised to use "every power" at his command lo write them into law. Almost scornfully he denounced Orpha Kaufman, 49, route 1, Ida- villc, collided on South Third street, just north of Broadway, at Bakei . y refiwcd lo nifiht. Harold Payne, 1(1, route 3, Peru, arrested Thursday by Stale Trooper John Gaylor for having an inadequate muffioi;, was fined $1 and costs. Orval Smith, 25, of 10117 North Market, Winamac. was fined the same amount for speeding as a result of his day by Gaylor. William Cower, arrest last Sun- 58, of route 2, 4 Sight Markets News-Weather Farm News Farm-Home RFD 4 Club 00 World Turns 4 Sight Miss Crooks i Faith Tonn. Ernie House Parly Film Matinee Payoff Crosby Bright Day Queen Slormi Movietimc Edge Of Night Romances Movie Chapel Door Cartoons Stu Erwin Carluons Churchman Mickey Mouse] Karly Show Chuclcwagon city, arrested Tuesduy by Trooper Richard Koyes, was fined S5 and cosls for operating a truck over the registered weight. Robert Peterson, route 1, Hamlet, received the same fine on a similar count, and Roy Gulp, B2, route 5, Ronsso- luer, wiis fined $l and costs on the same charge. Peterson and Gulp were arrested by Cp), R. M. neuter, slate police PSCI officer for this district, Culp un Friday and Peterson on Monday. Ross Brown, Tucson, Ari/., arrested May 'M by Slate Trooper Larry Wugonkncdit, was fined If25 and costs for having no PSCI lettering on his truck tractor. party members who allow personal desires to blind them lo "the need of loyally supporting our party's platform." He said he found no disagreeir principles, only over ways to carry them out. Departing from his prepared text, the President said that "unless a parly can enact the pledges ilor which it stands it cannot long expect to remain in office." In what could have been an at'.empt to mollify GOP olt guard- Isls opposed to "modern Republicanism," he said Uic "modern Republican Party stands 100 per cent for. th c basic principles of Republicanism that have beer, its guide since the days of its founding." Orr had pulled from Paul's service slalion at the southeast corner of Third and Broadway and headed north, colliding with the Kaufman car, also northbound, as both left the intersection together. A city dump truck driven by William Albright, fil, of 1313 George street, and a car operated by Kred Applcgnlc. 711, Indianapolis, collided at South Cicott and Diddle streets at 2:50 p.m. Both were headed south on Cicott and Applegate tried lo pass as Albright stalled lo turn left onto Diddle. Senate racket investigators Friday how she happened to show up at union conventions. Miss Lower, tail in a trim gray suit and white hat, conceded under questioning she was paid for help in organizing a big Los Angeles bakery chain. But she invoked the Fiflh Amendment when asked w^iat else she did for Ihe union. Giggling and having trouble ] remembering the right phrases' for pleading possible self incrimina- lior., she refused to say whether she knew Cross—or what she was doing at a string of bakery union conventions from Miami, Fla., to Portland, Ore., wilh stops al way stations like Otlumwa, Iowa, Former Delphi Pastor Succumbs In Virginia DELPHI, Ind.—Rev. S. McLean, former pastor of the Delphi Christian church, died last week Judge Orders INDIANAPOLIS Judge .Iiihn Kyiin (UP)—Superior Friday rcjecU'd a demand by Indiana Ally. Gen- White County Native Expires In Oklahoma MONTICELLO, Ind.—William IT. Dobbins, 114, imtive of White county and brother of Mrs. Elsie Justus of Monon, died Thursday at the homo of n daughlcr, Mrs. Urvie Baker, in Oklahoma City, Oklu. Born .July 15, 11172, Lo Thomas and Jane (Bouldcn) Dobbins, he was married lo Kmma Myers, who preceded him in doulh. Survivors are a son, Ebon of „ _ „, ...- „.- president and tteba Baily, trcas- ten II; Kdnn Carson, grades 1 and! urc.-r. At their last meeting, 'they 2: Edith Brown, grades 3 and 4;! made favors. Miiry Jo Ilcan, grades 4 and 5; Ttobcrtn Hoover, grades 7 and I!. Jenne flrable will be song leader. Kvnngulislic services will he held nt Skinner Christian Church each evening al (1:00, June Ifi through June 22. No service will be held on the 2.1 because of Bible School program. Rev. Jay Kcsler, pastor will he the evangelist. Rev. Keslor, fl licensed minister in the Uniled Missionary Church and a senior Mrs. Melon Moss and Mrs. Maxino Klkins will replace Mrs. Louise Adriington as adult loaders for thc Wide Awake 4-11 Club.. Brownies will meet Friday, June J4, al Memorial Hall lo go on n hike from 2:0(1 to :i::iO if weather permits. At (heir last meeting they had a parly and prescnled a. going away gift to Ann Addington. Games 1 'and refreshments were enjoyed by fifteen Brownies. fll Taylor University, 1ms had wide I A reorganization meeting was experience in evangelistic work.'held for thc Youth meetings being held nt Memorial Hall on Saturday evenings from 7:30 to 10, sponsored by the five churches. Devotional leaders are Jtobcrta Hoover, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Adkins and George Wilson; Recreation, Karl Smith, Don Carr, Jcanc Grable and Mar- Ilia Scott; refreshments, Louclla Kol.terman, Florence Hilcman, Bette Young, Janet Skinner and Last summer he worked in South America under Iho auspices of Youth for Christ, International. This year ho has conducted evangelistic meetings in churches of various denominations. He is preparing for full lime evangelistic work. The public is Invited to attend these meetings. Worship service will he held a! Skinner Christian Church at 10:301 Huhy Grcer. A weiner roast is be- Sunday morning, June 9 after! ing planned for June 29 when Ihc .h,...i. ..I—I A _ ..... ,. ------ '—•' church school. A guest speaker, an officer and leader in Ihe Youth for Christ from South Bend will bring Iho message. Bethlehem Women's Society ol Christian Service members will meet Thursday, June 13 at 1 o'clock at the parsonage to visit the Stale Hospital at Logansport. Block laying on the medical community bulUlin.fi will be in use. Bobby Green and Nancy Hoffman were inadvertently omitted from Ihe third grade honor roll last week. Adams Township 4-11 boys having swine projects held Iheir hog weighing tour, Tuesday morning. Jerry Miller and his fiancee are planning to reside on tho Forest Ulcrlck farm following Iheir mar- will be liie coach r. His bride-to-be, Miss Ann Coles, will be (he Home Economics leaclier. Both are grad- ualees of Wheaton University. , Other new leathers here far next year will include Clarence Clark, music. Mr. Clark taught al Xew Waverly Ihe past year. Mrs. Olive Sullivan will leach first grade. Other teachers will be announced later. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Criest and family are vacationing In Colorado. Miss Sandy I.iabb returned home with Mr. and Mrs, Hubert Lane lo llockford, Illinois, for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Grable and family spent last week with Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Siniborg in Chicago. Merrill attended Chevrolet school at Hinsdale, Illinois. Mr. and .Mrs. Vorne Addington and family moved, lo Greenwood, Indiana, Friday. Mrs. Lena Blackelpr, Logans- purl, and James Black, Adams, spent Memorial vacation wilh Mr. and Mrs, Dwight Kirna and John, Misses Judy Elkins and Karen high Riley School, Logansporl, Tuesday afternoon, Miss Barbara Dewilt was a graduate. J. T. Sulb'van is reported to be Improving at Dukes Hospital, Peru, where he was taken after a heart attack. Oxygen was discontinued Monday. Mrs. George Condon is reported to be gelling along satisfactorily at Dukes Hospilal following a heart attack. -Mrs. Esla Babb, Peru, R. 4, Is improving al her home. Clcmans attended junior graduation exercises at Trial Delay Again Sought RICHMOND, Ind. (UP)—Another legal maneuver to delay the first- degree murder trial of Miss Klhel Mac Wise, si, was introduced in Wayne Superior Court Friday. Miss Wise is accused ot the fata! shooting of Roy Hirshlr L irg, M, nationally known photographer, in front of I'.i.s studio here Iho night of March 25. ' David Dennis, dofcr.se attorney, filed a plea of abatement to the murder indictment. He said in the 24-page plea .thai the Legislature has provided a mel.hml for the proper selection of a grand jury but it has mil provided for the replacement of a jury which started a term. Police Using Timer Nab 2 For Speeding Two drivers were arrested Friday for speeding by city police, Purccll, Okla.; two- daughters,(who operated the electric timer Urcil Taggarl; of Culumbiana, Ohio, and Mrs. Baker; Iwo grandchildren; and Ihe sister. Friends may call afler 7:1)0 p.m. Saturday ut the Stewart mortuary, Monon, where rites will be held al 2:30 p.in, Sunday by Ihc Rev. Robert Vaughn. Burial will be in Dobbins cemetery near Wolcolt. Akron Man Is Unhurt In Accident Near Peru PERU, Ind.—Delmer .1, Gross, 32, of Akron, escaped injury when his 10*17 model car crashed broadside into a cement bridge abutment just north uf herd on sta;c road 19, tearing off the right side of the ear, Thursday night. Gross was charged with reckless driving by State Trooper Ward Gillen, who said the Akron man fell asleep at the wheel. He is slaled lo appear in Ihe ,J,P. court at Mexico. confidential CASH LOANS quickly.' Open Wednesday Afternoon 22f! S. Third St., Logansnurt 2855 Kasf Market street. Bill Walker, 211, of route 15, city, was .slated for gfiing 45 miles an hour in the 30-mile-an-hour 7.0110, and Robert liriney, ;12, 11)21 Kasl Market slreut, was charged with going 41. June 16 'Free Gift Wrapping" at his home in Pembroke, Va.,; L .,. a | Edwin K. Steers that he dis- afler suffering a hcarl allack, according to word received here. He died Thursday, May 30, and riles were held Salurday at Pembroke, wilh burial Sunday at Jlus- scllville, Ky., his home town. Survivors arc his wife, Fern, and two sons, James and Douglass. He served as president of the Carroll county and local ministerial associations while pastor of the local church, from Ji)50 to l»5,'i. Read the Classified Ads solve hi.s restraining order preventing aiilhoritU's from closing taverns al "11 p.m., Ccnlral Standard Time"—midniyhl CDT. Ryan, in ol'fc'd, advanced the dale for Ihc hearing on Ihc test case from June II! to June 14. The Supreme Court, meanwhile, denied Steers' writ of prohibition which would have prevented Ilyan from presiding over Uie case, Ryan also postponed until nexl week action on another legal •move by Steers asking dismissal of Ihe enlirc suit. 4 —One, no matter which &—Symbol tor calcium 6—Hold in high regard 7—Spur 8—\Vrlttr.E fluid 9—Spanish for "yes" 10—Slumberw 11—Musical slim 13—Puff up 1C—Inquire 10—Strip of leather 20—Go by water •:?—Girl 3—llcnth ratU« 25—Hal) 26—Streamlet 27— Sparo M—PI! S—Inn 30—Smoothed 31—father or mother Sfnil-prccloua «tones —Foml desire* —Mari'd nlolttiamc >— Orowinn out of —Bundle ?—Slim nnlRily SentHpn enp Mil Hire vinli-tiMl mnn frollnn. t What? (colloq.) Galveston T. F. Brachan, of Crawfords- villc, was guest speaker at tha Galveston Lions club at (heir regular meeling in the Methodist church. The club will have a Jonah "fish fry" June IS. Proceeds will be used for community betterment projects, Ray Alleberry, second vice president Iho past your, was nanu'd lo head Ihc organization this year effective in July. Harrcll Goodier wa.s slaled for the post but askod a change because of starling his new business. HobcTt Bahlcr is a new member of lh<j' club, brother to Wayne. Mr. ami Mrs-. Clyde Hudcl lira the parents of a boy weighing 7 pounds, 12'i ounces. Art and Garden dub met in tho home of Mrs. Cannon Smith. Tha topic, "History of Hollies" was discussed. The hostess served refreshments lo Mesdames Laruma Buchanan, Evelyn Lcnon, Leiina Cornel), Freida Nqcl, Ksllicr Klcpfer Frances Myers, and !wo guests, .Mrs. Charles Hunt and Mrs. Ganie Sullivan. Mrs. Margurel Bevington lias iTlnrned home from Indianiipulis afler spending two weeks wilh h«r daughler ami granddaughter mid family, while she was rectipera'ing from a recent illness. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Chambers entertained the Young America Bir'.hday club. Men pluyed cards and women played bunco. I'riws went (o Mrs. i'Jva Stanley and Mrs. Blanche Pnrlolle, Mrs. IV11 Johnson. Lydia Slalford reci'ivnd Iho "my.slcry p:i!" gift, oihn-s present, were Mesdames Mc-rlo Dunssnn, Kvelyn l/enon. Myrtle Oyle and guests A. C. Stafford. Omer Davison, Dr. S. 0. Ciood- ricli, C. K. U'non and J. It. Oylcr. OnTKeToMe When you finance a car at Iho National Bank — we givo you tho complete story so that you know exactly how much you're paying for the financing (and, incidentally, how much you're saving.) Come in when you're roady to buy your next car. NATIONAL BANK ••»:. r^r-pfr: | /n^-OftJTi Broadway at Fourth - Phone 4137 The Interest We Pay on Savings Is the Highest Paid by Any INSURED BANK in Indiana and It's GUARANTEED! Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

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