The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 9, 1952
Page 3
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PAGE SIX BT.YTHEVTU.F. (ARK.) COURIER. NKWS MONDAY, JUNE 1, THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher HARRY A. HAINES. Assistant Publisher A. A. KREDRICKSON. Editor PAUL. D. HUMAN. Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Repres»nUtive.<: Wallace Witmer Co., New York, Chicago. Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. Entered as second class mailer »t the post- office at Blytheville, .Arkansas, under »«. o( Congress, October 9, 1917. Member oi The Associated Frew SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier in the clly at Blytheville or any suburban town where carrier service is main- Wined, 25c per week. By mall, within a radius of SO miles, »5,00 per year, »2.50 tor six months, J1.25 lor three months; by mail outside 60 mile zone, »I2.50 per year payable In advance. Meditations Ye «re they »h!ch have continued with me In my IfmpUtlom.—l.ukt 22:48. • • • No place, no company, no age, no person is temptation free; let no man boast that he was never templed, let )>ini not be high-minded^ but Icar, for he may be surprised in (hat very Instant wherein lie boasteth that he was never tempted at all.—Spencer. Barbs Bandits held np « bu« driver In an Illinois town. Add one more excuse for being behind • schedule. * • * ir you Just remember that flgum don't lie, It's a lot easier to stick to * diet. * * • Police found an Indiana boy oi live'after h« hud taken a five-mile stroll. Maybe mother Just sent him to the store. • * * Rairti on «oror!ty house* by university l»r>* are the IKW thing. Give 'em the »!!>, i«h! • • * The average person is sick eight day* » year, says > doctor. That gives some follcs enough to talks about for months. left over to service «bout |600,000 in •ewer bonds which would give us a. start on Uie sewer system with no direct lien on real properly. As we see them, those are the salient points of consideration in tomorrow's special election. Give them careful perusal Hiul then vole. And be sine you do both — think and vote. Readers' Views Utility Purchase Issue Requires Careful Thought Consideration of the proposed purchase of Blytheville Water Company brings np several questions each voter must consider before marking his ballot tomorrow. Somehow, answers to these questions are not readily apparent, are hard to nail down. Let's look at a few of them. In the price right? Toughest question of all. The Public Service Commission has a figure on the Blytheville Water Company which approaches $900,000. But you could figure * going business which is making money •would be worth more. Just how much more is difficult to tell. Some economists say prices being paid for going businesses are approaching a peak and must come down. But economists also said that in 1945-46-47-48-49-50 and '51. Notwithstanding their bum guesses, a harder dollar than today's inflated one is a distinct possibility. How about the private enterprise vs. public ownership question? Which can give the people of Blytheville better service at lowest possible price? Dangers lurking in public ownership and government in business were made apparent lo all of us when Congress started probing our topmost government agencies. But the history of many city-owned water companies bears out the fact that this job can be done well by civic government. Your rates can't be lowered for the 30-year duration of the bond issue but, can be raised. Arkansas Public Service Commission will cease to exercise any control over Blytheville water rates when and if the city takes over. But members of the Council's Finance Committee point out where they can effect savings over the present operation, ami with these savings it is hoped that » goodly part of the proposed new sewer system can be financed. What happens to our plans for a sewer system if we ilon'l get the water company? One alternative: a bond issue which would be a direct lien against each person's property to pay for the beginning (probably a modern treatment plant) of a new sewer system and additional charges to users of new mains to help liquidate debts arising from their construction. These charges would prob- be pretty high, for Councilmen now are guessing that under today's high prices, our sewer system would cost between $1,000,000 and ?1,500,000. Councilmen figure the city will make enough from the water company to meet a |62,000, debt service payment and hav* enough To Ihe Editor: Since there is an election coming up Tuesday, I thlnlt there are a few points that o»Bht to be cleared up by the city administration immediately, so that the people will know whether or not buying the water company means that Illytheville will have just one more business lo operate by the politicians, or if it means that we can actually gel a new sewer system financed and get it Installed quicker than if we eo ahead and flout a hoiid Issue just for the sewer system and let the water company keep Its business so IOIIK as its rates sue subject to stale regulations. It looks like the people arc going to have to pay for the sewer system one way or another, and I don't see any reason for the politicians operating the w.iler company, when they'll have their hands full if they'll just stick lo taking care of the sewage. Not long ago, 1 read in the paper where they couldn't even collect the privilege taxes without hiring a S])ecial collector, and goodness knows Ihey have made a mess out of the garbage collection system, so what will they do when they have to collect lour or five thousand water bills each month? I just can't see any use of the city going into debt to buy the water company when we will have to turn right around and go further into debt to put In a sewer system and then have both deals to pay for. Mr. and Mrs. L>. K. Crump * » * To the Editor: Several times I have noticed in your paper where you wanted the readers to express their views on subjects o[ city wide interest so now, even though I am afraid tny views differ trom the ones you have expressed in one of your editorials, I still feel like I should state tny objection to the city spending over a million dollars for the purchase of the water company under the pretext of getting a sewer system free of charge, because 1 know this u> not what ia going to happen. Instead, If the people are foolish enough to pay this big price we are going to BO Into debt so far that we won't have anything left to pay for a sewer system, simply because we will have bought a water system which me don't need at a price wa can't afford. I don't understand why your editorial said that there Isn't any other way to get the sewer system installed, when I know of several other towns that have installed sewer systems in recent years without having to buy out the water works. (EDITOR'S NOTE: The editorial referred la here merely quoted city officials' earlier statements in this respect. Speaking editorially, the Courier News said: - -.• ("If there is any alternative solution that Is feasible . . . now Is the lime for it to be brought forward. K none Is forthcoming, even opponenl.1 nf the water company acquisition may have to agree . . . that the utility purchase is the only solution . . . ") There Is one (own less than 50 miles from Blytheville that owns il.i water system and still had to float a bond issue to build a sewer system, so I don't see how it figures out that our going into debt for the waier system means we will have a sewer system unless we turn around atul pay for the sewer system too. I am sorry if this does not agree with your thinking, but. 1 think you have taken the defeatist attitude and (hat, instead of doing something constructive, !,ome of our "lenders" are taking the easy way out. which actually Isn't going to be easy at all when we find ourselves up to our shoulders in debt for a water system, plus a sewer system. Edna Hollls Views of Others Protective Device SO THEY SAY The Resemblance Is Not Coincidental Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD Peter Edsan's Washington Column — Aspire for Presidency in 1956? 2Vb Deal,' Is Ridgways Answer WASHINGTON (NEA>— The eas- ' earning 560 a v -ek. married and . a surplus of $47.231,317.10." ieat queslloii Gun. Matthew B- Riclg- way hod to answer during his Washing to ti visit, between Tokyo and Paris supreme commands, was, "Are you a candidate for the presidency in 1956?" He said he wasn't interested. AN T AWFUL scramble for extra seats at the two national party conventions hsvs already begun by ordinary citizens who would like to see the political shows live .instead of by radio and TV. At Philadelphia in 1948 there were 930 guest scats. In Chicago there will be only 5000. The Republicans have chat their system a d mission with two children, had to pay $91 Other highlights of President in direct taxes. A man making SIOO a week, he said, had to pay 5506 ii Uxes. The former case figures out to a little less than 3 per cent oi income paid for taxes. The latter is a ILHIe under 10 per cent. To pay 31 per cent of his income In federal taxes, the young m&n would have to be making more than 520,000 a year, which any young gal should be willing to marry, even with $6000 going for taxes. * * • WISCONSIN politicos now figure TaU's 1911 message: "The debt, of the United States amounted to . . , $1.303,934,937.69, "There was a surplus of postal receipts over disbursement* . . . (fort the first time in 27 years. "In the Treasury Department . . , . provision was made for the elimination of 134 positions. "The (Navy) building p!an for this year contemplates two battleships. "There is now before Congress a HOLLYWOOD (NEA) — Exclusively Yours: Mae West, has finatly Found the movie script that will bring her back to the screen— "The Male Harem," by Jerry Adelman. It's a. story about a zippy British duchess who's captured by pirates in 1799, turns buccaneer herself and captures the handsomest men who sail the seas M her love prisoners. Wowl * » • Paramount and Irving Berlin are huddling about a f 11 musical titled "White Christmas," a repeat costarring film for Bing Crosby and Fred Astalre, who clicked together n another Berlin musical, ''Holiday Inn." * • » Cracking-voiced Joan Davis and radio comic Jim Backus are teaoiinx up (or a domestic-comedy telefilm series titled, "I Married Joan." But there are no plans for Joan's boy friend, Danny Elma n, to be shoulinp the title. Discounting: marriage reports, Joan grinned: "After all, we've only been engaged five years." Kathryn Grayson is hiding a romance with a famous Hollywood name, who's absolutely free to pop the marriage question. ... Liz Scott will be the glamor girl in Dean Martin and Jerry Levds' "Scared Stiff" now that the bos^s have kissed and made up with Producer Hal Wallis. Paillette Goddard played the role in the orignial version with Bob Hope. It was titled, "Ghost Breakers." * • • ,'Pifovietime. U. S. A." .s a great idea—but stars sent to the hinterlands arfn't being given enough time to sell the idea that "movies are better than ever." That's the lament of Pat O'Brien, just back from a junket, who charged: "The troupe I was with did 68 stands in six rtavs. It was ridiculous. We hartlly had time to say 'Hello.' A unit publicity man was assigned at the last minute to accompany Marilyn Monroe to Niagara Falls for filming of "Niagara." His No. 1 o>: To keep the press AWAY from her except for scheduled interviews. * * • Rosetta Duncan of the famous Duncan sisters, has a throat nodule and may have to undergo surgery. . . . John Barrymoore, Jr.'s 4-P classification by the military will stick. A scarred shoulder and silver plates from a football injury. 8 uian bill . to Increase the efficiency and decrease ihe expense of the that if General Eisenhower doesn't! Army." come clean on whether he supports I A concluding sentence in the 1952 Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, he won't j statement from Senator Taft's be able to campaign in the Badger | headquarters is: ". . . There Is state. Senator McCarthy has critl- nothing wrong about going back- Cabot, who divorced her artist hubby some months back. lj on th* verge of reconciling with him. * * • Blonde Jane Kean, who'* uylar she may be Mickey Roonty'i next wife, is in the cast of him new (,'•- * lumbfa film, "All Ashore.'* Meanwhile, hli almMt-ex, Martha Vlek- ers, has switched acentt, added flv« , pounds to her shapely franc and comments; "What do I think about Mickey marrying Jane Kean? All I can Kay Is that I hope he has a aaft and sane Fourth of July." The whisper's around that Patrice Wymore (Mrs. Errol Plynn) and Warners are about to end their star-studio relationship. . , . Ava Gardner and her Frankle are hammering at the "he's-a-jolly-good- fpiinv/" theme. A movie magaiin* carries a layout on them being ex? tT everybody under the heading. "How to Win Friends With Ava, and Frankie." * • • Can't THAT singer now be catt- ed -'The Man of Extinction?" Vic Damone and Joan Benny have a date in, j Europe. Pretty Joan, as Rood as engaged to Vie, wa< promised the trip last year by Papa Jack when she agreed to delay their marriare until her graduation from college. Gary Cooper's been his silent self about his big secret, but now it'can be told that his partner In his new independent film set-up will b« Ernest Hemingway. Cooper and the novelist will team up to film thre« —maybe more — Hemingway short stories against authentic backgrounds. Cooper, by the way, won't have to undergo surgery for hts ulcers, after an, and explains it with: "I just stopped worrying about things." « • » ..Bob Mitchum ready to Junk hli moYie career? The word's been printed and whispered, but It's Bob himself saying: "Look, I was ready to quit pictures the day I started. But T can't quit, I need the dough." It's a light comedy — his firsts— for droopy-eyed Bob, with Jean Simmons as his co-star. In RKO's "Beautiful but Dangerous." The story's a little fantastic." he whispered. "I'm playing a country doctor—but it's fun." Peter Cilson spread the tickets as far as possible. One ticket u.sed to be good for all day, or a book was good for the whole convention. This time there will be a separate ticket for morning sessions, tuioUier for afternoon or night sessions ench day so as to have more to pass around. XOW IS the time when the words of politicians have to be checked with extreme care. GOP Committee Chairman Guy Gabrielson, In a Tulsa speech recently, was bemoaning the fnct that high taxes caused many American y to postpone marriage. When a young man crosses this hurdle and takes a job, Gabrlclson. "he finds that an average of 31 per cent of his pay must RO to the federal government taxes," Two paragraphs later, Mr. Gabrielson said that a young was defeated by a fine defensive play. West- opened a low spade and South won with the ace. Declarer properly led the eight of hearts and let it ride for a finesse. When it held he continued with the four of hearts. West put up the jack and dummy won with the ace. East's discard gave the declarer a nasty jolt. With a normal 3-2 trump break his game contract cixcd General Eisenhower because wards politically, provided we move; ^- oulfi have been very easy. With the actual break he was in trouble. Declarer now switched to clubs, ^nocking out West's ace. At this point, West was tempted to lay down the king of hearts and continue with his low heart to clean up the trump suit. Such a defense would have permitted declarer to take ten tricks. West saw the light in time. Instead of leading out the trumps he cashed the queen of spades and led a third spade, forcing dummy to ruff. Now South was doomed. If he tried to draw trumps, West would take the king of hearts and continue with his fourth spade to knock out declarer's last trump. If declarer failed to tackle the trumps West would ruff a diamond with his small trump, after which the king of hearts would take the setting trick. One of tlie latest horror gadgets created by the cosmeticians for milady is a pair of aviation- type goggles to prelect (he eyes while "ihampxx>- Ing, permanent waving or tinting." The goggles are patterned after the World War I airman's, with the added touch of terry cloth padding. We have visions of them In u.^p—two glistening eye-filled windows in a mountain of foam. If it weren't for the fact that the last straw had long ago been heaped on the hapless male, this would be H. —Montgomery i Ala.> Ad vert user the Doctor Says — iged j he wrote a letter endorsing Dr. of ] Philip Jessup of the State Depart- n to ossi- 1 for • the here orn- noon as to vords eked tonal ariel- was taxes men this Mr. ivcr- inust it in Gaman ment. Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio has endorsed McCarthy. If General Elsenhower ducks the issue witli some broad statement on how he believes in freedom of speech. Wisconsin voters won't know how he stands on the most controversial Lfisue in the state, even though Republican Governor Kohler and other GOP leaders are backing Eisenhower. * • * SEN. ROBKKT A. Taft's headquarters has put out a statement on the state-of-the-union message which his father. President William Howard Taft. submitted to Congress in 1911. The obvious inference Is that this is the kind of message soti Bob will send to Congress alter he's been In the White House a couple of years. The opening sentence of Father in the right direction when we go backwards." • * « SKN'. KSTES Kefauver of Tennessee practically sewed up the Arizona Democratic delegation to Ciii- cago by coming out early for the Centra! Arizona project, which would give the state more Colorado river water. Senator Kerr also tagged along In support of that- Senators Taft and Duff, in previous appearances, had come out against It, and so alienated the C70P delegates. • • • SEN. BOB Kerr of Oklahoma Is taking no chances In getting caught with hts foot in his mouth during his campaign for the Democratic nomination for the presidency. Alter much urging in Phoenix, Ariz,, he consented to a press-radio interview in the Press Club. But he Insisted that all questions be sub- Taft's message was. "The financial j milted in advance and he checked condition of the government. ... Is very pntislcictory. . . . (There is) By EDWIN P. JORDAN. M, D. J Written for NEA Service them carefully before the interview started. • JACOBY ON BRIDGE "SENATE" Is reported to have originally meant an assembly of old men, the word deriving from the .same root as "senile." Anybody want to comment further on that —Little Rock Arkansas Gazette. * • » WOMEN CAN KEEP a secret just as well as men, but it generally takes more of them to do it —Carlsbad (N.M.) Current-Argus. A lot of jrown-upi have been; mooting and snorting »t th«: antics of the college boyi ind thtir panty raids all over tl* country. Just wait, though, until the.wild demonstration* lor presidential candidate* itart a« the national conventions in Chicago before you decide whether, the young or the older head! should be examined. d NCA Top Brass An*w«r to Praviou* Puzil* Hundred* of thousands, if not i develop, millions of people nre now familiar i Also, it i. s well known that trent- \\itli community chest surveys. Sometimes, however, these snt- mcnt !s more effective and much more rapid if the disease can be caught in its early stages. For both these reasons, the community chest surveys ore worth while and are A biding peace can only come when there Is ft mobilization of the deeper moral and spiritual forces throughout the world.—W. Avcrcll Harriman, Mutual Security administrator. * • * I'd suve like to BO out there Ho Guam' again, but not the same way.—Jerl McDanleb. who stowed RWRY in A B-29. • « » If the current trend of increased feminine participation in politics continues. »•» c»n loolt forward to » woman president.—Anthropologist Micha Tiliev. » • • We need a new zeal for virtue. We need to have our national lite reflect more of the energy. the Imagination and the bright Idealism of our fine American youth.—Sen. Eslei Keftuver (D, T«nn.). vcy« raise problems which are rather confusing. One reader writes, for example: hclplng enormously, "A friend o( mine from out of town j Pr0 bnbly Savannah. Ga,. was one \teitr, me occasionally. DnrniR tne| of thc (ir " <t larac cttics to try lni-S chest survey conducted during 1949; nieU - ;tu] out on „ lai - BC scale . Curing she told me sho received the Col-: tnp autmun 0 { 1945. nearly 75,000 lowing diagnosis from the health ] rc ^d e in!= of Ihe: comity, which conritpnrtment: 'Accentuated niarkuiRsj tnhied about I 50 000 people, appear- in the filth interspace of the risht j cA voluntarily for chest X-rays. II lung Another examination is re- j wnr found th " nt mnnv residents had commended in six months time; tuberculosis of the lungs without nn* sputum cups are enclosed.' j kuowint: H. and mauy ot these were "\Vnnt is meant by this dlngno- | ln tl ^ e carl . sis? Ts it the begiuniu? of pnlmon-1 Tl was ' lh u.s possible to start treat- ary consumption? Ts there any dan- ment Mr | y> anrt uifeeter persoi. cer of others contracting the disease l coul(i llc icrnporarlly separated from from dishes, cutlery, bed linen, | Iove(i re i a tivcs or friends whom they otherwise have Infected etc?' Tliis statement by itself is iiirom- Since this time surveys have been plctc, but suagests that the friend, conducted in many other places in question at some lime in her life had tuberculosis. In the absence of cough or other symptoms, it Is probable that she doer not now have active tuberculosis, find that she is not a danger to others. Tile report, however, correctly sugReMs that her health should be watched and that, she should have another X-ray after a peiiod o[ time to make sure that the tuberculosis is not becoming active. To return to the general problem. It is known that the besl line of attack on tuberculosis is to pieveiil spread of the germ. Conse with equally desirable results. 15 Ytart Ago In Miss Mary Elizabeth Borum I expected to arrive tonight fron :.iudeimood College, St. Charles Mo Holt Funeral Home has bee: opel cd here. __ Ry OSWALD .JACOBT Written for NEA Service 5e on Lookout : or Trick Hands When today's hand was played in he recent tournament at Asbury?ark some North - South pairs vound np at three no-trump. They ill lived to regret il since there was jractically no play at all lor nine HORIZONTAL 1 Master (ab.) 4 - Admiral 8 - President 12 High hill 13 Bacchanals' cry VERTICAL 1 Pace 2 Blood 3 Changes In ownership 4 Relate 5 Level 8 Great arteries 14 Shakespearean 7 Stalin is the 24 Cloy 55 Portent NORTH A85 V A 107 3 • K J9 i WEST *Q 1061 TKJ65 + 103 * A8t EAST 4KJ74 <¥ * 10652 ftOUTH (I>) A A92 VQ984 * AQ7 CM* Pas* Pass Pau North-South vul. WeM N*rth Pass 2 A Pass IV Pass P»M Opening lead—* 1 16 - and indicator* Isabella helped 9 Russian top Columbu* brass was once 26 T pP_br»ss in 18 Hanging - the 20 Czechoslo- Terrible vakian former 10 Ice cream 3» South Pacific 1 island 40 Vestibul* 41 Speaks imperfectly 42 Mast quently. If people who are in an in- members of Blytheville's Business tedious stage of the disease can t>e ">d Professional Women's Club picked out and treated so that they Bllci several guests, last night. will not carry the germ to others.) l««*r new CMM ot the dlMU* will | R«ad Couriw Kc«i ciutified Ada. tricks against a spade opening. At some tables the superior contract of four hearts was reached, usually with the help ol the Stay_ man Convention. North's response Marie Harnish entertained | of two clubs did-not show A suit, but merely asked South lo show biddable major, K he could. After that it was easy lo reach a game contract. In hearts. At ont uble the game In he»r» _5. 7 _f'?«- d president 21 Weight of India 22 Monkeys 24 Couch 26 Fruit 27 Split pulse 30 Punish by fining 32 Mediterranean island 34 More succinct 35 Wind-driven vessel 38 Abstract being 37 Short letter 39 Flower holder 40 Volcano In Sicily 41 Permit 42 Scottish cake 45 Citizen of West Indian republic 49Likenesse* 51 Mineral rock 52 Wing-ihaped 53 Halt 54 No (ilin|) SSDepend 58 Drinks slowly holder 11 Finishes 17 European peninsula 19 Darlings Argentina 27 Enlargements 28 Malt beverages 43 slaw 29 Stringed 44 Spoken 4«Upon 47 Song 48 Nearest 50 Donkey instrument 31 Middle 33 Cat-like mammal i

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