Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 10, 1957 · Page 16
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 16

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1957
Page 16
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Bxteea Lcgansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Apn Landers They ''Went Separate Ways" But Didn't Get Divorce Choose Makeup to Suit Your ndividual Skin and Coloring Dear Ann: For the last 13 years I THOUGHT I was married to a man. Now I'm not sure. My hps- band's ex came to visit us. She has five children. Three are his and the two smaller ones belong to someone else. They stayed three weeks, and although she's a-lovely person, I thought this was too long. She told me in confidence thai she and my husband were never legally divorced. They just went their own way. What shall I do, Ann? We have lour children. I've tried to be a good wife. He's seven years younger than I am and a real ladies man. I can't get him to carry out the garbage tor me but he spends Saturdays and Sundays cleaning windows and doing yard work lor the neighborhood women. Please give me some advice. Isn't this a mess—C.P. It sure is-and I can't help you because I'm no lawyer. The first thing you should do Is ask to see his divorce decree. If he digs it up, then the only thing you have to worry about is how to keep him 8t home. If he hasn't legally been divorced, you're living with a bigamist. "Going separate ways" doesn't dissolve a marriage. See an attorney or contact Legal Aid, and gel some advice. You must do everything possible to gali/.e this relationship for the children's sake. (And F.S. Keep your Up zipped around the kidu. They don't need to know about this.) Dear Ann: I'm 5S and going with a man 73 years ut age. We plan to marry in the Fall, but one thing 5n holding up the wedding. We (jach own a nice home and have Insur- *ncc" policies. I want him Lo make a will leaving everything to m<: In eaiit he dieti. I'm willing to make a will and leave everything to him IT I go firet. Hu domi'l want lo a^rce to this. HB way. 1 * his children have >><:«! KOU'l to him and he wunlfl to leave them nwnc.-l.hing when ho yuMuii on. My children nay they don't care if they got anything from me or ««t. They ju«t want mo to bo xuro and fix it HO If I'm left a WHI/IW u second time. I won't have lo K" to work. I can't gel miclal nccurl- ty for 12 years yet. i'loano give IIH dome advice.—W.I./, A man who remiirrluH at TA bun a perfect right to think about hid children. Why nhmild n woman v;lth whom ho iipcndH the twilight of hi* years bo entitled to everything for which hc't! worked a lllu- iiine't Your offer to leave Mm everything you own iti n lovely gisntiini. hut a ralhcr empty ono. According to Insurance company ulutlritlcn, your chuncex Sot puwilw! on botora hn iloeii, (ire pretty dllrn, If you KO [lr;/t, your children nhoiiud Inhurlt yfliir jiropurly. ff Ins (!«(:«, you jilimilil BHltlii for your }<:ll:il rJinra anil t'.'x Uilil >iln clill- Join «et tho riMiiiilndur of tliu Aim: (Jan you loll m« Iww to mala- a Ifl-yonr-olil uiiiliTiif.nwl thiil II nlic iiliiy;i oui. nil nic.lit j)i'»jjJu will iuA tlil/ik lilii) IB b iii«<> ^ii'l. Tills purlluiilnr ynuntt liuly ntiil linr alrl frloinl wciil mil liml wuek wltti u c»ii|iln li'iyti I" Uiulr Slow, 'j'luiy C.'IUMI JIHKIK al Vi-'iH AM, \Vhoii iiiikuit wlicrn Un:y had linuii, they wild limy "nut limL", The jjui'initii nay and do niiUiliiK. I'm very iniiuli iil'nilil Uio K'fl wl " wliiii up l/i Korloii'i IfMtblH: I'lfii loll mis how In a» aliwil holplnu llils flillil.—WORRIISI) t'lirniil.!) uru ronpnuMliln for tnl- nw clilldruii. Jf llmni'ii a curl In your town, llm «lrl cuuld tie jili:kc<l iiji by pollcij If nliu'ii in wandering around in the wee hours of the morning. If the boys are 21 or over they could be in trouble for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. It's very difficult for Juvenile authorities to do much about a situation where children are running wild with the blessing of their parents. Children can be taken away from parents by law,, but [he evidence must be devastating. In families of this type, everyone lies to cover up and you'd be right in the middle. As a result you'd probably be told to mind your own business—period. (Ann Landers will be happy to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care oE this newspaper and enclose a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Transfer PatlenU SOUTH BEND (UP}— Transfer of pationta and equipment from the old Ostoopathic Hospital to the now hospital about two miles away was acoomplishcd without incident Tuesday according to Dr, Albert F, Kull, hospital administrator. School-Going Togs A pnitty ritlod drwiK for th l-OKii ml UK with n clitu, growi up 1'iok, llBiirl iili»|)(«l pockolH in 1 plniiBlnK. mi'' u ''"'(i" '"' " m " collar dddM IntorcMl, No. IMW! with I'A'n'-O-RAMA Ii eluded In In nlwii 4, II, II, 10, lit 14 yenrii. ti\wt 0. II'A yui'dn of 3f Inch; colliir, :i-H yard, (•'or llilti piilliirii, ffcnil Ilfc I JOINS, your niiiiie, mlili'imn, ,'fl/ lutilroiJ, /mil llm .I'ATTKHN NUM HKIl In HUD Iliirnoll, I'luiroii-Trll in«, :m W, Qulncy HLriHtl, .ChlciiF. i. Ill, Indudi) M ii'iiiln more with yoi ;j(illi:rn cirilor for llm BprlilB '!"/ IHIIIIO of our' juitl.ci lumlc llunlc KASIII.ON. Jl (sonlnli tlowtmi of iiiniirt liow nlyliw tnr n UKI.HI; jjlfl pnllorn pi'lnlutl iniildo II Picnic Casserole ROXY Now—2 Potrturo* 35cTII6 "GUN BELT" with TAt KUNTKK wll Fun At NI[|W Opun 1 p, m. "Return To Trocuuro liland" h TAH IIUNTHK osephine Lowman TONIGHT - ADDED PUN * "MiAND IN THE SUN" ™ Thur., Fri., ~ Sat. OPBN 1 P, M. ~ 2 FEATURES - OOOt - OOOt p mim/m mitmmim wniwtnn WKM,PMIMHI•• ••§•• •••••••• m^ RANDOLPH SCOTT \ HOOT-OUT AT MEDICINE BEND JAMES QRAIG-AHGIE DICKINSON M . MW .SS mwiil U MCW*MM • W«D« >( MCWMI..MC A SAVAGE $100,000,000 COUNTERFEIT RINGI T m "THE . SCOTT w COUNTERFEIT * PEGGIE SUNDAY - I I Cure mimt he taken lo.iucld clnxliuH between lipstick mid ecwtiime. There are so many different randH of make-up and each mim- fauturor ha» so many items Unit Is difficult to make personal holces. I think I can give you a ew nuggesUoM which will be help- ul. In Ihc first place, you will find, Ith a little experimentation, thai no products of some companies ult your Individual skin and color- ng bolter Hum thorn; of olheiu the llpslicko /if. one liruwl on your HpH whllo another alto preaiJn or runw after It IH uppllod, red costume looks terrible. As a general rule lipsticks come in three lassifications. There are the true eds, the blue reds, and those vhich have a touch of orange, generally speaking most women -an use some variation, o{ the true eds. Brunettes and redheads will tend oward those with an orange tinge nd blondes and those' with quite j bit of pink in their skin tone will >e flattered by the blue reds. Then here are the beautiful pink shades which are becoming to many wo- :nen. Your make-up should be match ed to your complexion. Usually he colors' you like to wear in clothes will harmonize with your most becoming shades in lipstick and rouge. Unless you are an ex- .reme o£ one type or another, you probably will-be able to use several different shades in make-up, depending on the costume you arc wearing. If you would like to have my leaflet "What's Going On?" which gives you tricks in make-up, senc a stumped, self-addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No 50 to Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) More than one-third of the tea produced in the Free Republic o China goes to she United Kingdom tone. This gives u pasty, arlificln appearance. Artificial light drain, Uiu pink out of your skin and you powder. Therefore, at night, UNI powder which haa more pink In it Mukutiip buses uro helpful when your muke-up muni lusl, for long periods' without being redone. However, Home u( Ihcsu uro drying. Ho sure lo use one designed for Hie tli-y Hkln. Actually, these will help delay Ufc drying out process. Avoid Color CltiKhiM Many women uro at u IOHB to know what e»l»r,i they .should line. Wednesday Evening, July 10, 199T, Get years iheadl See your , , . , , . xrniewhore there JH the perfect con-| Cure mui)t bl! tt ,| toll Lo uv ,,|,| C | UH |,. ilwloiicy for you. (,„ |,m, w ,. cn j|| )H tlck and euHliimu Tic-member, too, thai u dry Hhln JOCH not need HHli'liiKenlx tiny mire Ihii/i im extremely oily one neuclH crcumii, Tlilfi UiUcr nj(iulr(!« oup mid wnLcr and an tiNlrlngciif. An lo [lowdoro, ii thin, dry Hltlii muni. luive u lighter welKlit jxiiv- lor than the thicker, oilier cum- xlon. liowJii'n of wenrlni' n poyv- l«:r wlildli In loo lighl. for your nklti| l''or Inntiinco, n purple, UpHtlck with Chow tlurli Al Duik Cults Op«n Hall Hour Earllnr "Haavon Knowi Mr. Allynon" (Color) Dultoruli Knrr-^Mohnrl SA1UKDAY "TAIL MAW 'RtDlNG" (color) ilolpl) Scott ~ Dnrt»lhy Mulon Now thru Saturday Admlolon lOt— Children Fro 2 Big First «un FocHuros Plu> Cartoon (Oaipof) Fatnod lawman and molt foarod gamblor. E- nuiff KIRK GUNFIGHT& K CORRAL UIONM Como early cAtel l»t tho kid- dlo* nn|oy our pUiynround ' with Pal Boon* SHORTS WITH TOPS TO MATCH Orlfllmiily 3.98 t NOW 1 .99 TO Dresses -8 ,. T / * /2 ri Orlolnully 8,70 to 25.00 NOW TO 12 - 50 PLAY SUITS - !/* PRICE Orlolnally 7.98 fo 72.98 ONE GROUP SUMMER SKIRTS 3.00 OPEN FRIDAY TIL 9 CLOSE SATURDAY AT 5 ALL SALES FINAL . NO EXCHANGES NO REFUNDS APPAREL SHOP 320 Fourth Str»»» MAKE A OF YOUR OLD FURNITURE IRAKI Your Old Living Boom Suit* of condition LIVING BEDROOM Your Old Bddroom SuH« roacirtllo»» of conclHlon is worth $40 Trade-in on any now Bedroom Suite in Stock is worth $40 Trade-in on any now Living Room Suite in Stock 10% Co»h DlicounMNo CarryliiB,Chcirj)» on term purcl>nn>» TRADE-IN YOUR OLD DINETTE SET $20 Trctclfl'ln Allowancn for your old dlnollw roocircllesi of condition on ony now Dinette Set in Stock FRIDAY SPECIALS 6 P, M, TO 9 P. M, ONLY 34 x M Imported Hand-Hooked Rugs rnuulor il.l-1.9i Friday rf-Q QQ Spnclal ^ »«• * * Small Throw Rugs variout tliat, »li(ipe« and cofor* rngulai' Frldoy Spnclal Porch & Lawn Chairs lS|>*dnl ^>J.!)V Deluxt Chairs r nutria i 1 $6,45 frlday ^ J JQ Sp*cla» yi./7 New Store Hours Op»n triday Nlpht Till 9P, M, 'Saturday 9 to 5 P, M, Dolly 9 to 5 "Wtdnwtay Ttll Noon i y <£ fmiSt unrttet = $nc.== 911-315 I, Broadway PH»«i. JIJJ

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