Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 10, 1957 · Page 15
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 15

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1957
Page 15
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Wednesday Evening, July 10, 1957. Monticello Golfer Qualifies With 72 Bellinger in Tie With '56 Champ Foote LAFAYETTE, Ind., (UP) — A •cramble for medalist honors In Little League play Tuesday evening, the Cardinals beat the White Sox, 12-10 and the Red Sox | defeated the Shamrocks, 5-4. The capped action in the 40th annual j Braves downed the Tigers, 12-7, LL Cards, Shamrocks And PL Braves Win Western Junior golf championship today, wilh Ihe field of 147 players to be Irimmcd to Ihe low 32. Gene Francis, 29, Seaeliff, N.Y.. in Pony League play. The Cards almosl blew a 12-0 lead. The Pale Hose roared back with three runs in the fifth inning grabbed a one-stroke lead in the i and seven runs in Ihe sixth in- lirst 18-hole qualifying round Tues- ning, but fell Iwo short of lying, day. The Long Island junior golfer The Sox oulhit the victors, 12-8. fired his one-under-par 71 over the j Only extra base hits in Ihe game hilly Purdue South course in this; were Don Perfetlo, double in the nation's teen-age j sixth inning, and by Dick Briden- ibaugh, a double for the Cards in oldest of the links event. Defending champion Dick 'Foote, j the fourth inning. Santa Ana, Calif., and Dave Bel-; A t Grain Field the Red Sox linger, Monticello, Ind.; carded j scored all of their five runs in even par 72s, but Foote wasn't (the fourth inning. But' it was e- competing for medalist honors in j n0 ugh to eke out a one-run victory order to retain his No. l ranking \ over the Shamrocks. Jack Hewitt decisioned Jerry as defending champion championship flight. in the-' Tied wilh 73s were Don Essig, Indianapolis, Richard Zimmerman Jackson, Mich., and Keith Bowie, Colmar Manor, Md. Match play will open Thursday wilh two 18-holc rounds. Quarter Eerndt. Each fanned seven halters. Jim Dundy doubled for the Shamrocks and hurler Hewitt doubled for Ihe Sox. Little Loop Stars Named All- Star players for tne National and American Division Little League were chosen at a meeting of loop officials at the city building Tuesday nighl for the annual tournament, which opens at Fowler on July 22. The American Division team will play Fowler's All-Stars in the opening game on Monday, July 22 and the Nationals will oppose Monlicello under the lights in the second game. National All-Stars' chosen are: Manager, Bill Jargslorf, Sr. of Cardinals; Mike Tocco of Yanks as coach, Cards—Louis Stepp, Jim Kimener, Dick Bridenbaush, .lohn Clark, Cubs—Brian Schuc, Terry Caughell, Yanks — Rinnie Woods, Tom Paul, White Sox—Frank Vi- tiled Friday with the 3G-hole championship match slated for Saturday, Other first-round Ifoosk-r results i Kau ' :r aKicd hls owtl ca " SB with included- ' four n>iK ' t " le of tll(;m a tu ' mc ''""• In Pony League play, the Tigers'cello, Jim Loner, Panthers—Mike held the Braves scoreless, while|K un y° n . Kenny Gundrum, Key- they scored cnth inning when the losers pushed across seven run«. Vtelicfer Jim Bonder finally put oul the fire. Jlon floyer, Crawfordsville, 74; Sam Cupmichael, .Vtarlinnville, 74; Ok-n Combs, Seymour, 75; Tad Schmidt, Carrett, If,; Tom Brown, Wert Lafayette, 77; Huffy Mayer- Bttin, Lafayette, 77; Ron Watim:- muchler, I'JvariKville, 77; Ronnie Atwell, Indianapolis, 77; Davis, Muncic. 77; Jim Karreld, sh'mr Andwiton. 78; Jc/m Sawyer, 'Koch-!'«" j go Teammate Hill Klliotl swatted a double. Charley Myers doubled for the Tigers. Summary: lAT'tLK LEAGUE White Sox 000,0.17 - 10 12 S Cards !.'M,4()x - 12 8 4 Daiicly and Perfelto; Slepp and Oxfurlb. stones—Tom J-larmon, Miki) Nicoll, AlturnatCH are Billy Madonna of White Sox and Kenny Oxt'urth ol the Cards. American All-Stars named include: Manager Jim Smith ol RBM Shamrocks; Don Grubbs of Optimist Indians as coach. Shamrocks Frick, Minor League Officials Meet Today By LEO" H. PETEBSEN United Prcsi Sports Editor ST. LOUIS (UP) — The minor leagues, faced with a wholesale series of • franchise shifts if the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants decide to go to California, met with Baseball Commissioner Ford Frick today to lay the groundwork for their, future operations. The presidents of the Lop seven! monor leagues in the nation were summoned by Frick to~ the conference. "Actusjly, it is an exploratory meeting, and we'll just play it'by ear," Frick said. "But the minors have to be prepared for possible changes." Those changes could be the most drastic 'in baseball history should the Dodgers decide, to go to Los Angeles 'and the Giants to San Francisco. That would not' only lake two of the best clubs out of the Pacific Coast League, but would jeopardize three others— San Diego, Hollywood and Sacra-; menlo. To survive, Burnettsville, Walton Win In Softball The Walton Lions and the Burnettsville firemen were victors last the Pacific Coast League might have to draft as many as five clubs from other minor leagues to stay in business. It also was expected that Frick would try to sell the minor league ehieflians on his new draft proposal, which Ihc corrimwisionor deems necessary if baseball is to circumvent any anti-trust legislation. Under the Friok proposal, a minor league player would bu subject to unrestricted major league draft after four years. Under the present regulations, only one player four years, Under the present regulations, only one pluy- er from each minor league, club -Dave Long Jerry Berndl .limj M t|raM ' t! perm j u ,, nB - ' ' ' 7fl, Charles Griffith, Indianapolis, 80; Joe Cork, XndlanapoliH, 80; Sommer, Crawford«vlllc, DO; Tom Coivway, Elkhari, Donald Kuh«, Evansvlllf, 81; Wayne Tim- bcrman, Indlanapoli. 1 ), ill; Jim Brucker, lmllanapoli«, ill; Dick Williams, Columbus, 112 ; John Hamilton, Kvanffville:, »2; [Job Hejd», Uuf/m, fO; Fort Wayne, K>; Sullivan, OH. WillL-rm fieri!, Jiihn Gay«o, Minor League Tilfs Won by Panthers, Braves and Cards Two names were played al Tower Park Tucudiiy wilh llio I'unlherx mining oul the Yanks In H morning XKine 11-0 »« Waller C/ink ML a double tind.Turn l.ynoit j>ut a lripl« for the winners. Wiilalurn scored a triple for Ihe Yanks. In the, nfl«r- noon Iho l!niv<;« bwiicd tho J4-9 wild Julijin /'UK!) IxiltliiB double for the wlnnnni. At Kufrvlew park the Cnrdn halted tile White Hox KM an Mai; IHOII kijpt four Iillx well acatlcrod und Ic.utnmulK ./wry WuHf.m » run-priKluulnif triple und Muddy Piper hit climb llio Sox. AT TOWKIl I'AUK II Panther* 'X KerncK 100,120 - 4 (X)(),r>0x - B 2 4 1 and Timrrwn.i; Ifewilt and. Nornlnskay, Hunter. Bravcn Tigers PONY LEAGUE 101,403,:) - 12 000,000,7 - 7 11 0 I) Uauer, Render 17) and Ellfoll; FrilU and fiummerx. Softball WALTON, JI'VILLK WIN Walton'n Llonn, always u lou^h lournament tuiiin, Kplllccl ,a gwd K, of (,'. cluh 11-7 and llhi liurmjtlH- ville Firemen lriri";d Griiss Crniik 5-2 in the op<;nlfi« round ut the local eiumly imflbull lniirniiniiint at Iti'verHkle purk Tuesday niglit. Wnllun l« duftuidinK cliumploii In SuiKly. Indians —John Palm Frit/, Miller. Senators—Larry Pur- meter, Tom. Purroll, John White. Orioles — Dan. Regan, Vic Wild. Giants — Don "Spello!, 1 Don Morehead, fled Sox—Mike C'hadwlck, Jack Hewitt. Alternates ore Miko McF«lrid«(j of K«d Sox and Mike Morion of Ihe Senalom. the major league clubs with talent rich Itirm clubs l.o keep their promising youngsters In the inin- •oru us long ai lliey wish. Myers, Elliott Win Ladies Golf Tourney Major League Standings LoKannport Country Clnl) ladles took part in tho regu-. . r . lar tfOlf program ul, tho Suburban!?:;,, llnkH fueaduy when Colleen Myors ™. Wtt . u '. U!0 . and Marlnn Kllloll captured first'* ll |' llul| '!'' ta and second place awurdH for low ^" KMI| n«W net KcoreH. I' 1 "'*' 3 " 1 , , Oracle Pohlman won the prte Ncw Yl)l ' k for, tlio lonst number of pullH In till! golfing prciKi'iim for Ihi: (luy. Following lUHclieon ii Ihnnk you noli; WIIH rend Io inurriliom from Nina liallnrcl, who IIIIH heon Nullonul Jim Aliicr for Arnold anil I'ci'klnn, li'itchitr and I'uc'iualii. If II l 10 5 3 V. Jliicli; 111 H n were mailo for n Lndlm rni'ol, I'ro-Arn Kolt futiliii'd «t tho club TJiu Knif'lilH Iwik a 4-1 lend In.'H/ikii In the nniir future, /''or lh/« Ihe fir«t irininn und Wiilton liud 24 ludlmi will IMS nodded and «nl- nii uphill battle on lu hand*. They li'lBH'from club niiirnhoni mny he finiilly eked out the victory with mudc with pro-mumiXur Louie u run III l.hi! Inul of the nevenl.li Quurnmllllii durlnK the nnxl woc.k. when Ulclt l!ul»b Nliixled home tho winning tnlly. Lnon Wullnco led lin? UIHIH with Ihri.'i) Jilts wlillo John Miiloy hud Ihrc.u to pace Iho K.C, (iraii.l Cn:<:li lucf U-O lit. the end (if lliri:« irinliiKH in the jiecond iii»lr,'li ami Uii.-ii ))uriii;lliivllli! ivil- llnd to win, clinching It. with a •(-run iiprlnlnt'. In UK; nlxlh. iSiimniiiry: W. JL. Pe-l. ,41! Ill .5(17 '14 34 ,WW •12 ;W .fiK! 44 DO 4. 3(1 :w 4:1 20 4» l!tl 4R Oil 2>A H'A S .filift ,5,'!2 AM 1 1 .1)72 I7!4 .Mid 17 ?.|K. of C, vv/ilt'/n It II K H II .1 1) 2 •) llnml, lloral firiil rintiniill, Huff; Myei'Ji, .1. Lowell nnd Dunn, Mycr«, AT KAIKVIKW I'AHK K II K Oir<)» JO ,'i 0 Willie Sox I 'I I IIHIII mill Apl; KilwurdH, Cllnw, Aider, Arnold Mini Cline, I'lilwanl/i.. Braves Reschedule Tryouts ar Monon MONON — Tlio Mllwnuki'ii Hriivm will liolii n liitiinliiill li'y- niit hurt: MI July il, VI. IIIH! I'I in pliicu of tin: orii'jiinl tryinit iluUt In June, whlcli wan rained - nut. Tho Iry-mitH, which will b» In from II n.rn, Io n p.m. wtcii dny, nr« for lioyw 17 to 20 yunrn of ii(ju. Itex C.'urr, linivim iicout, will Ixi In cluirge. - 7 l«i,4«l,J - (I Duller anil Miirfimiy; !•. Wnlllico, Snidiir inul Hlmon/i. (Ininn Cn-iik OII.DIW.O •• ?. ItlirniilliiVlllB ODD,KM,x - 5 I). WiidtliifM nnd <;lnrk; niKl 'Drown, Wedding Bells for Herb Score Today DOVN'I.'ON HKACH, fill. fU'P)— Hurl) Scorn, Cluvuliind'ii "inlllloii- iioiillipnw, lukuH n wll'ii l-o ilny biil'iirii .Hi»rtlnn wurkiiiilfi Io how lilii Injui'i'il will llffllCl IllH Fiitlinr Thoiriiui Kelloy of Ito.so- (liilo, N. y., wlio liuim;lii)il Hcoi'o on liln l)n«i<l)ii!l iiuirry him l.n 11 Illi/.l) MIIIIH cures- mony nt SI, MnrkVi (Jiithollc j i Cliin'cli Ji(M'i) In pi'oUy Nniivy Me- N/IIIUI/VI of l,/if)t/i/iii, l''J/i., vv"/iom Score riutl In liluli »i:hool. ClnclnilinU ul. lirooklyn (nl;.;ht) St, lx)uls ill Now York Ohlca'iiH al Plilliulelplilri MJlwinik(!() at I'llltibinif/j Aiiiui'linui W. ),. fil 'M 41) V.I) . n :>7 .•ID M Doirolt • ai) :io ItaJtimiiro ;i7 M> City w vr m M Now York llOllllHl (nl.|;;hl) put. nn .tiiia ... .twit z'A ,W;l to .5W1 12 .501) 12 V4 ,41)7 lilV4 M'l. Wh. ,.'IOt) m nl. CMricuKO Now Yi»rk M JCiniKiifl Clly IliHi'liin at Dclriill, ItnlUniora nl ClovcL'iiid Indianapolis Indians u> Drop Third in Row I'Mll.TON NII'H KKWANNA KKWANNA -- Ktiwiinnii lontloil the l)iiii(!ii In Liu* lii'it of the, noviMith hut couldn't imori! nil (hit (''niton lilc.h ncliool nfifllinlliirH dowiunl K«- wiiimn I-;) lidri! liiMl nljihl.,- Dick (loud i^nvu up only three hlh; »« Kewiiiinii lout Ihnlr flriil- DISV A.inurlciii> Litux.uit jumnniU bu KiiiiK! Ill nix nliirlji, KliiKcry pllcliwl!CIHIIKI h« won llm All-Kim* (limit) lor tin: wliiiiiii'ii mill ylolilml nlxiTiiiiiiilny. :)i«m)» /mil llenl-. 'ilia Vi If History Repeats Casey Will Lose Flag ST. LOUIK (Ul 1 ) — If hlni.ory riipifjij.i, )niuiujlnr (Jiwoy • WiMWsl'w Now Yiirk yankoKii will lunu llio lillw, lliiiwur, KjflcluwiHi Hdilur Hot nnliilliiH for C'lillon. Kiilton tonk HID Junior liii'Ji con. liml liy a ciiiint of 5-li, BRAKE SHOES ''"*<"'» 993 Jt'U-S'* •"• If. 20,000 mil* guaran- fin. Bonded. S»t of' 4 for 2 wli«i»l>. S«)» for o)h»r can at proportionately low prlc»«. Shook Abiorbtn, linn '{(iwniiiin Hilfl Wiirl, OIXJ.tMM.O— 4 !l 2 l(K),(H(l,«— .'( (I z nil'l WlllliuiiH; IJiiik (loud i Iliivo C(iHi.'(l tn wJti l.hii Il»i; only iiiuin iilncn HlnnKiil lii'Kiin iiiiuiiiKliiK llii'in, 'I'linl WIIM In HIM whwi lin miori'd hl« IIWIANVU'OLliS li;il)i:iiii|iiill.i Indian.'] ) — 'I'I)B Inul their KIIIIIK In ii row Tiuwliiy mi ChlciiiKo WhlUs .Sox mini- Al Ix)|ni7. wnUiliud liln furin ilrop n 4-2 nil l.o Um HI. I'niii Hiilnlii.' Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Fifteen Ail-Star Story: Alston Guessed Wrong i the opening Cass County Softball tournament. The Lions defeated Logansport K. of C. and Burnettsville downed Grass Creek Independents, 5-2. In the first game, the Lions overcame a first-inning, -four : run barrage by..the Logansport K of C, then scored a run in the final sevenlh to win. The winning run came on a single by D. Babb after Bob Shipp and Jerry;Babb each walked. Snider,' who replpced Prather in the fourth was the winning pitcher.. In the nightcap, the Burnetts- : vllle firemen, came up from a 2-1 j deficit to score four runs in the; last half of the seventh!-They had trailed at one time 2-0.' The- .winning runs in the last frame came on three succesive hits, a passed ball, an error, and another hit. Brown was the winning pitcher. Waddups the loser. ST. LOUIS (UP)—Wrong, guessing and second guessing told the tale of the All-Star Game, a 6-5 win for Casey Stengel's American League team to break a two-game, victory 'streak by Brooklyn Dodger ^manager Walt Alston and the National League. Stengel didn't want to start rookie right hander Jim Bunning of Detroit Tuesday. And he want' ed to keep .Boston's Ted Williams in left -field for offensive punch. He ^wanted to open tJle game with Cleveland's • veteran Early s would have, except _ 'Stengel partially carried out his strategy wito Williams. H« let the Boston star step to the plate four times, and he walked once easily. But Minoso played the baS experttjt and when Bell tried io go to third base, Minoso threw perfectly to Frank Malzone for th« second out as Banks took second. and went out three times. Then, j Stengel. brought in his own Yan- would be tired. nursing a 3-2 lead, he put Chicago's Minnie Minoso into left field for defensive purposes. Minoso Emerges. Star Minoso starred both. on offense and defense. He rapped a double off the right center field wall in the ninth inning to drive home A! Kalir.e of Detroit with what proved to be the winning run. Defensively, Minoso turned in j two key plays. When, the National kee reliever, Bob Grim, when Gil Hodges pineli hit for the National League, and Grim threw only hvo pitches. The first was outside. The second was lined to left field, where Minoso made a short run to catch the 'ball and the game. "If Williams had been in there," some onlookers said, "he wouldn't have made that throw and he wouldn't have caught the ball." Alston Second Gusscd Alston was the target for the So Bunning was the standout of | League was threatening to tie in second guessors. Why didn't he or- Ihe 12 hurlers who appeared. He Uw ninth Binning, Hank Foiles washer Mathews to bunt with no outs, -----"' " ... ^ tying runs on Banks would Sinatra Seeks Approval Of Moore-Arithony Bout LOS ANGELES (UP)—An . attorney for. singer -Frank Sinatra was scheduled Io go before the California Athletic Commission today- l.o gel approval for a light heavyweight title bout between A-rciile Moore and Tony Anthony in Hollywood Sept. u. ALUw-ney J u 1 o s Covey notified Julius Holland, cihalrmnn of the Now York stale Athletic Commission and a mcml.ier of the World Championship Committee, that both fltfhtors hod signed. However, the slnle Athletic Commission's chief enforcemenl officer, David Luce, commented in Sacramento thai Sliuitrn was not a licensed promoter. Ho snld Iho retired nine men jn order and got credit for the win whon his mates got two runs in the second inning: Wynn gave up three hits and two runs later in 1-3 o[ an inning. Major League Leaders . Nutlonul League Player & .Club G. AB K.' If. Pel. Aaron, Mllw. . 70 337 64 117 :347 Fbndy,' Pi Us. 67 273 32 !W .34-1 Musial, Sl.L. 77..305 51 104 .341 Eotoinson, Cinci. 78 3.17 5» !» .1112 Groat, Pitts. 5i 209 23 05 Ml American League Mantle, N.Y. 77 252 72 !» .3RD. Williams, Bost. 72'2-il) 55 l!5 .343 Boytl, Baltl. 74 2-13 44 (12 .3»7 on second case .after a single and a walk to Gus Bell. Don Mossi struck out Eddie Mathews and Ernie Banks lined a single to left to score Foiles Resort Defendant In $500,000 Suit- In Federal Court MONTICELLO, Ind., July 10— Robert J. Cleary, of Illinois, asks $300,000 in a personal injury suit filed in the U. S. District court nl Lafayette against Indiana Beach, Inc., of Monticello. Cleary claims in his suit that lie suffered u broken neck, a fractured spine, and was permanently paralyzed when lie dove off a pier at Indiana Bench into shallow water, lie ll*sni*t.s l.!int IIP shnnlH hnw two runs in, the tj first and second? "How'd I know 1 hit?" the Dodger ma If I had, I would I Ginger Rogers < Divorce From B SANTA MONICA, Film queen Ginger boon granted a divo fourth husband, you actor Jacques Bergi. tine grounds of cruel! The blonde, 45-yea Tuesday obtained Ui Superior Court aft< that Bergornc, SO, from home for long often would not spen ivcek-s — "even at table." Miss Kofiors met Skowron, N.Y. 72 280 4:i 9S .332 MaJy/onc, Bnsl. 71) 31« «(i 104 .327 IlOlIK! IlllllS ^alliMuil l^uiiKue—Anron, Braves 27; Muslal, Cards 20; Crowe, K«l- legs 111; Mnliliows, Braves 17; Snider, DodEors Hi. L c u x u u — Munlle, Yanks 22; Slovens, SonuLons 2(1; WIlHums, RRocI Sox 20; Mnxwoll, Tigers 111; Zcrnlpl, MMollcs Hi. KHUN United hi Niilloiml LeiiKue—"Aaron, Brave. 1 ! 73; Mii'Sl/i'l, Curds (Hi; Crow*-, Red- commLision wnK tuixloua to see n ''?#• •>!>_: Honk, KeiHogs 55; Iftnnls, workl'.s chivmpionshl]) bout .stuKeil Cards 53, In California, but would luive to Amorle»n LUIIKIIC — Skowron, hold n licnrliiK nntl listen to pro- Y ' UJlk « ll() : Slovcrs, Soimlor.s 51); MiBrilc,' Ynnk« 57; Mul/omi, lied of Ihe dangers of p nlm sprinRs. Calif.. F*. 7 1953. nirr. hut lh,,l "II,,. boon warned diving off the pier, but Unit "the defendant faile<l to provide reu- sonnblc notice Io the plaintiff." Cleary requested n jury trinl. ers haj divorce from her thful French rac, on rou- y. r-old aclre.ss e divorce in er teslifylni; stnycd awny periods and (he dinner- I Europe and they were married at Thc col|plo sopawl) , d Ust Mrfy 3, tests before It .sanctioned Ihe promotion, Pakistan's Prime Minister in U. S. WASIUiNGTON (UP) — Prime Minister J-fascyn tihabocd Sulini- wurdy <rf PalclBtiin, one of America's HliroiiKCHt sitppoi'Uirs In Koulli <!|JH|, Anln, urrlvuH lioro today for u lliruo-dny Koodwlll vlnll. Wlillo in Wiisliliigloii, the 114- yimr-nld llnngull Inwyer will ciin- for wilh President UlwmhowiM', Secretary of Stntn John I 1 ' o w I, o r llulleH 'nnd IXM'onai! Secretiiry GhnrluH K. Wll.ion. Tliolr dlsBiiH- Hlon.s uru dcHlK'neil l.o NtnniKthun tlio mllltnry und Bconomlc tlox between tlin Lfnltud Slnluti nnd Puk- up for OIJiw won! nail - CommuitlHl ulllnnci.v) li> block Iti.'il rajitnviliiii Jn, Soiilbonsl A.'iln and duvuliipmiinl.'! In HID Mldtllo Miwl.. Maureen O'Hara Files $1 Million Libel Suit .SANTA MONICA, Calif, (till 1 )— In u MiHiruiill O'lliirn million (loillmx il liiii «iiil (igiiiii.^l, lodny MlhH O'lluru clinwd Tiicmlny In a Su;ici'lor (,'mii'l. unit |.lml,. Him mid Imr limiliy Hiil'i'i'o'wl "Ki'unt l))(!lLf,ltl' nuMulHh" IIH II n'Huli Hi" nil nrUi;ii) ivlmnl her In tho Mnrcli, 11)57 bump of Iho mngnxlnu, Thu nrllcli! WIIH Illloil, "I WIIH HID llnl- liiilliinnpoll!! uiiliill. l.hn vlnlloi H, i t.DHt Show l.n Town When Mimrmtn III-'/, hut !!iiuld not liiiiH'.ii hll.n: O'fliira CiuliHod In llnw 111" wlion It c'llinliii'l, KlHlilflnklhi' Mill l-.'ijwkt wim /i iWH'lieiilm 1 llmni In iildu i>r InillnnnpollH pll.i.'hni'ii Sox Ml; Minoso, W'hll.o Sox 55. I'ttctilnx Slinnl/., YanlM »-i; K c h in i ill, Curtis 7-1; BimnlnK, Timers 10-2; Smiftird, Phils Ifl-2; Tnielw, Ath- lotlcs 7-2', ,.... MI u A««<i<:lntl»n W. I,. . Wk'liiin »4 :ia Oinnhn '. 47 31) MlimoiipolU 411 40 .si. Piuii 4r. :IH n-enver to 43 filt .(•( Ill) 41) IK) 1)1) TllCHdll.V'll Itl'HIlllH I.oul.Hv.lllu ii Omnlwi o St, Pinil 4 IndliiHiniiolIti 2 Wlchltii I) Ml.nniMiiM)ll.s « TiHliiy'n Donvor n! SI, I '.-mil nl. Imlliimipull Oiiuvlm ut l.mil.Hvllle Mh«i(i(i,|K)lln /it Wfclilliii 56 Japanese Fishing Boats Seized by Reds TOKYO (U-l'l - Snvlcil. piit KllllW HUl/.llll till JlllHllll'HI! flHlllliK Imiil.i inul sva crcwiniMi In iiorili- urn waUii'H Ixilwi'i'D .limiwi'y mid Jumt lit) of thl.s ynur, lln> Klr.il M/ii'HJiiiK 1 Sntisly ll<i!ii(l<iiiiirlnr.i cliilnii'd luiliiy. 'i'lilrly onu of lluv viwmdlM mill flOll 'llvvliiM'iiiinn wr mill n.'hirm.'d ID Jup mi hi; Ihrro . liiiii(j(.'il nut it l.rlplii In rniir Irlpii, inul (liniii) Al Iliiynl (Ji!iilnr IIOYAI, CIKNWIt— VDIIIIU Amw- nliHi will piny Itoynl h't'lilay nl. K .p,m, DAV DKCMNKH IMCKHIDICNrY TOIIONTO (IMM—Ihip Diiy, who il Mitviirnl iiiiinlliii iif.« n.H l imimwwr (if llui 'r«r»iilii 1'i'nln, him lin'ncil down mi ID hCi'oini! pi'OHlduiU (if llui Anniriciin llnclicy t;iiiiKiin. IH'iivliiiiii All-Htii'i' victory over HID Nnlloiiiil In ,'ii-vwi l/rliw nil thu AiiiHTreiiii 1,1111- Hydrtulic «irpl«n«- <yp«. M • It » yqur cur rld» |!k» n«w. WESTERN TIRE AUTO STORES C»rn»r of 3rd and Mark** NEW TREADS! Get a fresh start on mileage. Just pay for the tread. 10 95 NEW TIRS CUARANTEI 6.70-13 flu» your rMOppabl* tlr*. "Save like we did! See your "T»k« it from DM, Your Plymouth tlo/ilor win H/IVO you bi({ inonoy! Tho waloHmrui convinced UN lilioy'ro Kivintf Hpocln) tlonlw now bocnuw) unloH nro HO hl({h, Try Tomlon-Airo Ilido, chuck thnl; !«w price,. and you'll uoon be proud Plywoul.li ownct'H, loo." See your ^PLYMOUTH J»EALER- BF.Goodrieh FIRST IN RUUEM - FIRST IN TUBCUSS 414 High Ola! 27M Read the Classified Ads See actual road-test proof! DODGE outpuiis "other two" low-priced trucks! CEDTIFIED PHOTO. Dod|. liiovlitu 1958 Ibi. pull (319SO »u|i iHillnil. )-Ii>ri)'H tho Hi'ionl.illc: wny to miuimim l)«< ncLunl pulling powor u l.ruuk uiui dolivor to itfl nmr wliisi'lH. All thrim low-]iriaMl l.nuilcn wnn< huoliiul uji, IIDO i>y nun, In n npor.ini (lyiinnioinnlor l.nirk. l';iu:h WIIH compiirubly oijuippixl mill loHt-loiukxI. -Honiiitivd K'*uK'>i| luiiUJo Iho ilynnnioinnlAr ti'iuik rnKiiilxr tlio ninxinniin pull nfitmili l.ruck ut .10 in.p.li. liniiitii In photon iihovn Hhow mit.iml rnniliiiKii ill onrli cnwi. To uonvnrl thnxo n into poiiwln, Nimjily miilliply Uioin by limn. CfRTIHED I'HuTO, Tiutk f" llvii yiu 1«0 Ifci. pull |3 TUo roiiiill.ii i»r<i noncliiHlvn uviiliinca Unit. DO<|K« I'wmr (llnnlH (jivn you n third more pulling j>owi>r l.hiin nlllinr ol llio "ollior two" low-priowl fimkiw. And I.IIIH In jiiHl, (inn ol' M wirlcH of ttwiln thnl, prova IN (.lin Iwnl, truck of tho low-priuvd tliroa, • Your Dodge truck dsaler has proof that Dodge lends in many ways. Come in ... see other certified test-photo sequences... and take a demonstration ridel MOST POWER OF THE 10W-MUCED 3

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