Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 19, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1891
Page 7
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STMPTOMS OB UTEB DISFASE« Loss of appetite; bad breath; bad taste in the mouth; tongue coated; pain under the •houlder-blade: in the back or side—often mistaken for rheumatism; scur stomach with, flatulency and water-brash; indigestion; bowels Inx and costive by turps; headache, with dull, heavy sensation- restlessness, with sensation of having left something undone which ought to have been done; fullness after eating; bad temper; blues; tired feeling; yellow appearance of sktfnand eyes; dizziness, eta, Not all, but always some of these indicate want of action of tbe Uver. For A Safe, Reliable Remedy that can do no harm, and has never been known to fail to do good Take Simmons Liver Regulator —AN EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC FOR Malaria. Eowol Complaint!!, Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Constipation, Biliousnemi, Kidney Affections, Jaundice, Mental Depression, Colic. A PHYSICIAN'S OPINION. 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DON'T GIVE UPI Try I You can Get Well PannMontly. Du and 'j/ou'/£ JDlc or be Demented / WeKadically Cnre All WcMlcneweB and l>Ueaac« orHen I £xclnilv« Method! in Home Treatment, diicrib»dln Cturtzitetd Teitlmpnifclt. Everything confidential. CIVE UP DON'TS! ARABIAN THE STARS. WD;H lire their years? The night's unfathomed iloep Brings back no answer, gives no glimmering key; And still unknown and beautiful they keep Ttc silent courses of eternity. "\N T hat are 'heir memories of creation's days. When startled ehuos, from its kingdom hurlet'., First knew its master, and, with glad amaze. They sant; the birth-song or our trembling world! 1 What have they looked ou since with patient eyes, While million years uncounted rolled away? Who claims antiquity for raun that dies Before such records of the 1111=1 as they! Can thoy to man,the mystery explain, The why, the whence of his uncertain slate? Unlock the riddle that he reads in vain, And clear the tangled problems of his fate? Can they fashion to the future give. And tell the whither or man's anxious quest? Make life u less ti;an weariness to live, Or stay the hazard of his wild unrest? Oh, stars! what midnight message do ye hear To minds gruwu w«iry with the year's increase '! The wistful eyes that watch you shining there Look out of troubled hearts that know not peace. —G Ulcn Days. WHIST TOURNAMENT. The Grea.t Players to Meet at Milwaukee in April. Increasing Popularltyof the Game—Likelihood That Cavendish Will Me 1'rosi-nt at the Tournament—The Peculiarities of Gns Remuk'ri Giuno. (COPYRIGHT, JS91.1 The world is indebted to Prof. Fiske for the theory that the physical evolution of the human species has ceased, and that hencefoi'th we may Jook for only psychological development. This seems te be borne out by the continually increasing tendency to develop the mental faculties, and to give the great prizes of life to the clear head, instead of the strong arm. The young men of to-day are not ambitious to wield the sword, but rather to get into the learned professions. The country bred lad does not dream of a soldier's uniform, but of a doctor's diploma. As "to our occupations, so in our amusements; those requiring mental effort are continually gaining in favor. It is generally conceded that a change of occupation is the best recreation; yet it will be found that those who depend entirely upon manual lahor for their support prefer physical exercise for their amusement, while those engaged in mental vocations are more partial to sedentary games. Among these games chess has so far held the first place, but the recent strides made by its great rival, whist, would suggest that the ,autocratic monarch whom no enemy may capture'may be compelled to yield the scepter to the, more democratic king that acknowledges the superiority of the ace.' Whist was never so popular as now. It is in the air. Tournaments are in. progress everywhere. The leading clubs in Philadelphia ve trying to conquer their old enemy and four times champion, the Hamilton club. At Worcester the rivals are at it for fame and tricks. Young's hotel in Boston was last week the scene of a festive dinner, given to the elubs that had just finished the state tourney at whist, billiards and CAVEXDISJI. small cards he adds a sound judgment of human nature, which is very necessary to the match player. His great strength lies in his rapid insight, and his power of generalization. As an instance: a player on his right had shown that he was inclined to play a very forward game, and take great chances on finding the strength with iis pnrtmw that Ifc lacked himself. Presently this player led tha suit in which he had evidently the quart rar.jor. Mr. Romftk trumped tbo ftpconrl round No r'ttiG called for trumps. lie argued that a player of his temperament would have led the trumps if he had had any chance at all, even three indifferent ones. So he had probably at the most two weak trumps. The original leader's partner not calling had not more than four trumps, if that. Mr. Remak had only two, so he placed five, perhaps six,' with his partner, and as his partner made no sign he inferred that the rest of his hand was absolutely .worthless. On this generalization he treated the hand as a double-dummy problem, the solution of which was a matter of four by cards in his favor. After the hand the player on his right remarl^ed that he was very lucky to find six trumps and two short suits in his partner's hand. Remak only smiled; the cards had been exactly as he thought; the leader had the C and 2 of trumps, on CASS1US M. PAIXE. EUGENE S. ELLIOTT. l\Ir. Cassius M. Paine, one of the most brilliant players in the west, lie is one of the champion team of the Milwaukee club. Rufus Allen is another, and last year led the club in individual poin^, a high honor, when it is considered that he had :MO competitors. John Rheinart is another, and Eugene S. Elliott is the fourth, he being a very strong player both at whist and chess. The following, copied from the official records of the club, will show what such players can do: M.\TCFTE.S WITH. ' Applaton whist club.... Aurora will, t club Chicago whtvt o.ub Evntiaton whist club.... FI nd du Lac whist clu'j. Nconan wh]:it o.ub Oulikonh whUtc.ub Knekfonl w-hlut club,... \Vp.ulcQHha s whUt chili, Wlinflrll will-It c!ub 2,463 4,078 1.433 2.1:47 1,K:.l \ 1.299 I S,4"4 , «-l ] 3:11 0 i 2,008 > 2.r>lfi 0 ' 4 S4) j 4.113 a ::.i::3h.772 0 I 4;-:,-) | 4T:.' 235 803 61 240 33 643 7 4 3.X) IS KUFUS ALLES. OH Of tie BEST MEDICINES mi iTOiel nsnxr i UDEIATE Ems' is ciss or PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, b»tti Ext*maflT»nd Internally. It I* safe and certain injunction. For.Burns.roisonlnfr, Erjiiptlu,. iD^ammation of the: Eyes or Boweb, Earache, DetfikM* Rhemiuasini Pains to Side, -Biclc, or Shemldef*, Files, Sore Throat. Croup, or Bron-. chitta. Price ijcti. andji. at «01 dmgjijtj. -E. MORGAN A SONS, Proprietor*. IROVIDENCK. h. I. ^: ^ TKiwtgUPPLiiDbiROSS GORDON, LaFhyvtte, Ind. For BalebyB. F Keealing , JOHX EHEINART. pool. The Press club in Boston had a hot fight of it, until tlie knights of the quill had to acknowledge that they could not "heat" the Boston Herald. The ISfew York Tribune has lately noticed several tourneys among college clubs, and the Milwaukee Sentinel chronicles the usual winter hunt for the scalps of western whist clubs among each other. But there is on foot a tourney which will eclipse them all. The Milwaukee Whist club, the lar/jsst in this country, has issued invitations to all clubs interested in whist to meet at Milwaukee during the week beginning April 13. All the big clubs have accepted, and unless their host, tbe Milwaukee Whist club, belies its reputation for hospitality, they will have a right royal time. Mr. Eugene S. Elliott, the secretary, has worked like a beaver and has assurances that the tourney will be an immense snccess. He even expects some of the foreign lights of the whist world, perhaps the old warhorse Cavendish himself. Many-a-whist fiend would go farther than Milwaukee to cut into a rubber with the famous writer on whist; and the added possibility of beating him. What a lion the player rwonld vbe who could say: "Yes, I went to Milwaukee, and we beat Cavendish two straight games!" But there are men in this country that are so dead "to any" sense of true fame that they would sooner beat the champion -team :6f; :tbe. •Hamilton club than Cavendish him self..,. Cavendishia* been beaten 'very often, both- by'tietter ; players'and by better hick; biat ; the Hamilton has so far an unbrokea record of victories.,- Perhaps it-is safe to s say th'at k Mr; Gus Eemak< of thls"'team- 'is HteVbest whist player in - America,-if v not- t: the ••strongest now living 1 . He possesses in an eminent degree. all the essentials of an expert. Thoroughly np in the "books," to a clear head for strategy and a keen eye for the loft were the K 10 n, Eemak had the Q a, and his partner had the other six, no other card in his hand above a seven. Milton C. Work, the whist editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, is another member of this team; a very strong and careful match player, and the originator of the four signal, showing four trumps, but not calling for them to be led. Price Townsend is another, who plays a very safe and at the same time brilliant game. E. L. Ellison is usually the fourth member, besides which the club has among its members such men as R. F. Foster, the author of Foster's whist manual, and the inventor of self-playing whist cards; Captain Green, who jpade himself famous by compelling the Deschappelles club in Boston over which "Q. W. P." presides, to back down in their pretensions to being the champions, and many others who are only a trick or two behind the match team in strength. L. D. Thayer is the shining light of the Commonwealth club in Worcester, He does not trouble himself much about the latest fashion in leads, but his insight and memory are of the best, and the records so carefully kept by this club of the individual scores of its members show that he has led the. list for a long time, and always has a plus mark in front of his figures at the end of the month. At the Boston Press club E. C. Howell, of the Herald, is the champion. He knits his brows and frowns' horribly during the early part of the hand, but when an opportunity occurs for a pretty coup, which he never misses, he inclines his. head to the right and smiles. Then the adversaries know that th«y are lost. It was Howell that solved the problem which vexed whist clubs for so long, as to how to arrange eight players in a tournament that each should have each one of the other seven for a partner once, play against him once and hold the same hands once, duplicate hands being played at two tables simultaneously. The total number of tricks taken by each player then .to be divided by the most taken by any player who held that hand. This ivould result in an average similar to that of the baseball clubs, who divide the number df games won by the number they might have won; the highest average winning. This is the system of arranging the tables, which will probably be the one used at Milwaiikee: This shows an unbroken scries of victories, 40 in number and extending over six years. A total gain of 3.427 tricks in the play of duplicate hands is a. great performance. \\ 7 hile the tournament playing will oi course be a prominent feature at the congress, it will not be the only business on hand. The Milwaukee club will appoint a committee to draw np a code of laws more suited to the peculiarities of tlie American game than the English code now in use. N. B. Trist of New Orleans, a well-known writer on the game, and the inventor of the system of so-called American leads, has been named as one; E. F Foster as another, and the third will probably be T. Schwartz, of Chicago. The new code will be acted on by the delegates from all the clubs, and will probably be the future authority for America. This will settle the ' difficulty now experienced by so many various ways of playing the game throughout the country. In the east they usually count the rubber points, giving three points for ' a score of five, to nothing; two points if the adversaries are not half way, and only one if they are three or four points up; always adding two points for winning the third or rubber game. In .New England many count right ahead, which is the universal way on the many trains where a rubber is indulged in to pass the time while traveling. The odd tricks are counted up indefinitely, until the play ceases, and then those having the most to their credit claim the victory. In the west the common way is to play for a definite length of time, perhaps from eight to eleven, and on tlie tap of the bell the side that has made the most odd tricks wins. This is manifestly unfair, as a slow player may have only played twenty hands in that time, but have won an average of a trick a hand; while the faster players have played sixty hands and have not won half a trick A hand, but are still the winners. At the Commonwealth club in Worcester they have adopted an unique way of scoring. The game is five points, but they play every hand out, and the total number of tricks are credited. This is to prevent the .lotions taere agreed upon. This association will elect officers and hold annual meetings in vafious cities, after the fashion of the athletic unions. The whist column of some paper will be selected as the official organ and for the discussion of all mattery of interest to whist players. This ifenartment will probably be in charge If some of the well-known writers on the game, of which there are quite a ni)(Qber in this country. G. W. Pettes, of the Boston Herald, author of "American Whist Illustrated," is a very able and prolific write*'. Then we have Fisher Ames, .author of "A Practical Guide to Whist;" T. D. Lother, author of "Laws of American Whist;" K. F. Foster, -author of "Foster's Whist Manual;" C. C. S., author of "Concise .Whist," and Dr. F. Mintz, the whisj^ editor of the Illustrated American, who is famous as a double-dummy problem composer. Strange as it may seem, with the exception of Dr. Minta, all the writers on the game are very poor players, or at least very poor "card holders." Pettes had the lowest score in his club last year; Foster is known in his own club as the "Jonah." while the great Cavendish himself is a notoriously unsuccessful player, all of which should be a great consolation to those who think that book knowledge is a guarantee of success in whist. Of the three great games of modern times it has been remarked that in chess it is the man: in whist if is the cards, and in poker it is about half and half. DONTJ*, ^ WHEN YOU CAN BUI CLIMAX ^VP t «*» _^—\ ..A PUREST AND BEST, •AT LESS THAN=— HALF — THE PRICE OF OTHER BRANDS. SOLD IN CANS ONLY* GOLD MEDAL, PABIS, 1S7& — the of progress The best authorities 3 1 A 2 1st Set 1 A 4 »d Bet 8 ' 1 A 8 3 5 1 AS 7 » l-'A'T 8 4 " I A. 8 5 e. 1 -AS 9 3d Set tthSct 5th Set «thS»t 7th Set 7 5 B 6 8 B SB S B 5 4 B 7 » '•• a «B 8 4 4 3B5 8 ''-.'• •T B 1 3 -8,." 8B 4 "1 _Bj this arrangement No. 1 and No.- B play the samejhand at the same time, •Trot at differentftablea. If No. 1 makes 8 tricks with it and No. 5 only makes 7, No. 1's average Is 1,000, -while'No. 5's is only 875; • * • ' Duplicate .whist is,"played at' each table, the< hands .being 1 identical -'This system was reduced to a science by the president of the MUvraukee Whist clnh. frequent occurrence of a foe hand, capable of winning 1 perhaps six odd tricks, 'coming 1 in when only one point is needed to win the game, and thus being 1 lost .to the players who should have the credit of the five extra tricks. Another point of difference is the manner of determining the trump. At the Milwaukee Whist club, and in many others in the west the trump, is cut from the still pack, two packs being used in play. Most players object to this, as it spoils some of the fine points in the game. When Cavendish was asked for his opinion of it two years ago he did not think the matter worthy of serious attention, the old way being so much the best;, yet Mr. J. Rheinart, of the Milwaukee club, is a strong advocate for cutting the trump'frpm the \ still pock, and his opinion, ought to have some weight, as he was the inati of :all others'that the great 'DeschapelleSj,fan- 'cied-,'for~ his. 1 .partner dri? important ^matches.' .He-;always,took:;Bheinart,for a partner, .when- be;, played, for.. a .thousand francf .ajfsKie, and, .on his iareful play .pesihagellea.'is said to taye based : many at ' : his most Brilliant flriupsi which wotddhave been-impossible bi. L . for the accuracy 'of ..the information that Bheinarti always gave of the exact contents of his-hand. , , The results of'the congress are to be 'preserved in the form of an association of whist clubs, those : -joining- binding themselves to adopt the rules and resnir Stopped Consumption. .gree that it's a scrofulous affection of the lungs. If taken in time, and given a fair trial, Dr. Picrce's Golden Medical Discovery will effect a cure. • Thousands have been saved by it—thousands more are putting it off till too late. For every form of Scrofula,' Bronchial, Throat, and Lung Affections, Weak Lunge, Severe Coughs, and kindred ailments, it is a positive remedy. It's guaranteed to do all that's claimed for it. If it doesn't benefit or cure, in every case, your money is returned. The " Discovery" is the only Liver, Blood and Lung Remedy that's sold so. Think what a medicine it must be! Especially has it manifested its potency in curing Tetter, Salt- rheum, Eczema, Erysipelas, Boils, Carbuncles, Sore -Eyes, Goitre, or Thick Keck, and Enlarged Glands. World's Dispensary Medical Association, Makers, l^o. 663 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y. "The funniest snake l Know anything about is one found, in Africa, which lives upon eggs," said Osteologist Lucas. "It has a curious projection downward from its backbone, just behind the head, which is like a tooth, the extremity being actually tipped with enameL This toothlike appendage has a most important function with relation to the creature's method of getting a living, and it would be difficult to find a more astonishing illustration in. nature of the adaptation of structure to necessity. When this snake swallows an egg the latter is passed down through the gullet until it encounters the sharp tooth I have spoken of, which breaks the shell Thus, not only is the food rendered ready for immediate digestion, but no portion of the fluid contents is lost, as would be the case if the snake were obliged to bite into the egg with Its mouth fanors."—Washim^ton Star, —Stienting 1 Danger.—Dinguss—"Shad- bolt, evei' see a medal made of ahim- inmn?'' Shadbolt—"No.". '-Here is one a friend ga^jo me the other day." (Taking-it in his hand)'— "How light it is!" "No weight at all. That medal is about the size of a twenty dollar gold piece,' and I'll bet it won't weigh as much as a " "Sorry. Dinguss, bdt I haven't a-eoin of any kind to compare It with." f Hurries on.] 'Breakfast Cocoa from -which the excess-. o4 oil lias been removed, ia Absolutely Pwre and it is Soluble* No Chemicals are used in its preparation. It has more than three times the strength of Cocoa mixea with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is therefore far more economical, costing less than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing,, strengthening, EASILY DIGESTED,. and admirably adopted for invalids as well as for persons in. health! Sold by Grocers everywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass. - [[[OODTITANTELS ss5sasKia! TILES GRATES EI C . 224 WABASH AYE ]UiircJtll7a3in •JnrMalydor Perfection Syrhi^e tree with t>ottle. Prevents Aftricttnrc. Cures Go-norrlMMte *cd Gleet in 1 to 4 duyx. .A.sk your .Druggut ,or It. Sent to any address for gl.oo. A J draw "ALYDOR yANUF'G CO., LANCASTER.0. to One Too ilanj. Mrs. Dore-Baiiow—Are we g-oin. the Van Dyke v^eddinj to-nig-ht? Mr. Doro-i>,i'.-lo-vv—l\o; ive hivro b'.;ori to O-i" : VI!-,.-t-,,-,,v-i-V"l—^--1" —ri<V., JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS. GOLD MEDAL, PAKIS EXPOSITION, 1889. THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS. P ChlekMter'a EitcUak Dluaond Bru*. ENNYROYAL PILLS and Onl7 Gcnutne. m*pc t tlwi^a reliable. LADIES M DmeciBt for Chicletltf'* Jfrqlisk Din t flKMd Bniul In Rod mil Sold mcuUioV :<», unlnl -with blu« ribbon. T«ke . At , for j)Lrttcul»rt(, testimonial* teller far Lsdle*," <n later, by lO.OOOTcfcllmoDlM'.. Hani il»»J«. Fl.lU4n.TPm. SH.M by B. K.IKessilng. Druggist- ' M :au h*cnrnt>d ftl our NHW!ineofvrork, njiiiHy und liuiinmlily, by llio»c oC •ailicr M-T. yoiii.c <.r cldafliid In ilittr nvn local:tit-OtWlieravcr (Ju'Vliwc Anjf i»C can do tin- «'«rk. ISiiriv to .PHD. Wo funiisli everythltifj. \Vc ftdi-i ynu, Ko ri*l('. You CHH devott- j-our sji.ti',' iit<.iiii-iiiK, or »H your tfmu to i|i^ u-c»rk. 'J'lilt* i* nu, ei»!n;ty nt-w lfnil,;it.il l>ri llff M ivOndt-rfuI puccon!. to every worker lU'iriiincnntv numhiff fi v ,,, #-J5 to *5(l {X.T week and ujwmdi'^ und .niiiv nHtir a litilo Dxperifiicc. Wt can (Yinii*! you ihe e»>- |i|.>.viiH!iitandtcnc.ijroaKHKK. No hfiHccto «ii1i.ln here hu]J iiirurniatiun FKEU. XICUK «fc «:O-. ALUfSTA, WlSt, We should like to give a new chimney for every one that breaks in use. We sell to the wholesale dealer; he to the retail dealer; and he to you. , It is a little awkward to guarantee our ,> _cRimneys at three removes-from you: We'll give you this hint. Not one in .a, hundred breaks from heat; there is almost no risk in guaranteeing;'ithem. Talk with your dealer about it. It would be a good advertisement for him. 'Pearl,fop' and 'pearl glass/ our trade-marks—tough glass Rttsburg. Quo. A, MACBETH* Co, Do Yotf test or Spesiflate - IN STOCKS, BONDS, GrRAf" AMD PROVISIONS ? If so, '• r-::: ,: < -tljuble firm who have b id -t -i» years ex. ,,,.^ ,-,i,j are members of the Ctiiauiu Board of — Ic ana St-oeli- Exchange. Who da business singly on Commission. Refer to Ilhno.s Trust and/Sav Ings Bann; Chicago, C. A. WHYLAND & CO. * 1O JPaoiffc* Av0. . Cliteaffo, Ills-, We send fre • of charge oar Daily Market Kepc^ *cd .Circular or; application. wed on . interest ailow on inomhly balances. DR.: HORNE3 ELECTRIC TRUSSES B«T« Cured LO.OOO BnpturM in 15 Y«*l*« •1 suffered with » double rupture 5 T*«rs. Tour IQ<*. , trie Trum cored me In 3\i months. .-I. • 15 rear*, tog. A. PopgHTi^Abaecon, N. J. Oft. 8, 'MD^•lam cunrtnonml and Hell by wetrtn* T«nr KrrOH, trow. -lirHAliTwr?*** 1 *! aw, tora' Atig-M, "«0, OH. HOME, INVINTM, 180 WABASH AVE.. CHIOI

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