Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 7, 1957 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1957
Page 10
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Ten Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Man of 'Culture, Refinement' Need Not Advertise for Wife Dear Ann: I've been corresponding -iri'.h a man from Californi: who advertised himself as a pro spective husband. I'm 40 years o age, in good health, somewhat a; tractive, and definitely ready tc get married. I can tell by his letters tha he's a person of culture, refine ment- and good taste. He state that he's been married but doesn' say if his wife died or if he wa divorced. He ignores this questio: although I've asked it repeatedly Also, when he requested my picture I sent it at once, but fr doesn't seem willing to send hi:photograph although I've asked where, just the two of us, because lama is along. Half of his time is spent with awyers, looking over investment .rospects for Mama. He even has o go shopping "with her as her iusband did. Their home is beau- iful (and large) and he feels that ye'd be foolish not to move in vhen we get married. I am igainst this but he says the house vill be ours someday, also every- hing in it. He' begs me to be 'practical." I love him dearly, but this moth- :r of his hovers over my life like a black cloud. Please advise me. ':flLDY. This "blackeloud" could rain nisery on your head for the rest if your life. From the sound of hings you and Mama are already 'he dearest of enemies, and SHE 'ias the inside track, with junior. Your fiance's suggestion that you "be practical" is very interesting. If by "practical" he means "be willing to let Marna run things" so you won't be read out of the will, consider the decision carefully. Even if Marna could leave you '.he key to Fort Knox it wouldn't be worth it. I say let her have him. These two sound as if they deserve each other. * * # Dear Ann: I'm a girl 16 in love with a boy, 19 who lives across the street. For years I've been crazy about him but he never paid any attention to me until ^ast winter. But the problem is Dear Ann: My heart ached forjthis, all he wants to do Is come Ho wants to come to this city to meet me, but has made it clear he's not interested in a "Wile goose chase." He'd like a definite commitment before he spend. 1 money on a trip. Although I'm very much tafcen up with him, I hesitate to say "yes" because I don't know what he looks like. How d»es this sound to you?— MISS G. Terrible. A man of "culture, refinement and good taste" doesn't need to advertise himself as a prospective husband to get a brida. Use your head. Don't encourage this dingbat to come to see you under any circumstances. Tne advice from here is—cool off your ball-p&in'.. If you feel you MUST write letters, write to me. a woman v;ho wrote you recently. She worked hard to raise beautiful flowers, and her father-in-Jaw allowed the cattle to run loose and trample the tulip bois and ruin her lovely garden. I'm a flower- fever, too, and have an excellent suggestion for her. If she will Matter some onions, leaks and garlic buib.s amon;; those poeny bushes and tulips it will Win hi: discovered that the cow's rnilk \n not very marketable and her father-in-law will probably keep them out in the pasture whore they belong.—A FKJK.YD. * * * Dear Ann: I've been going with a boy for over a year and we want to get married. The problem la, his mother keeps making impossible demands on him and we've postponed the marriage three timcx). He'a an only son and thinks because hix dad difc<l four years a;;o it's HIS place to be a "husband" to hfcr. He ba» to manage hor finance* (she ha« plenty of insurance to live un>, take h':r all over socially, and frankiy, I'm sick of it. We can never go any- over and neck and look in the refrigerator. He says he Scout Meeting At Manchester A joint Boy Scout conference of Three Rivers and Meshingomesia Councils will be held Friday thru Sunday at Manchester college. Purpose of the conference is tc demonstrate to the explorers thai they are participating members of his home and community. They will talk with experienced men in fields of engineering, services, law, medicine, agrirculture, education, commerce, physical education, journalism, and scouting. Explorers Rodney Wolfcale, of Kokomo and Jim Thacker, of Monon, will be co-chairmen for the conference. Assisting them will be Dr. A. Blair Helman, president of Manchester college; Dr. Richard Kramer rof Fort Wayne; Louis Rasttett- er of Fort Wayne; Louis Rasttett- Franklin, Marion E. Strong, soil conservationist of Miami county; James F. Volpert, attorney of Peru; Dr. D. K. Winter of Logansport; and Richard H. Bailey, of Logansport. Registration for the conference will start at 5:30 p.m. Friday. The session will" conclude at 4 p.m. Sunday. Rev. John Pattison Will Receive Degree Rev. John A. Pattison, formerly "broke." But every Saturday] 0 £ this city, will receive his A. B. Show Sfarls At Ou»k Otitw Op«n Half Hour Earlltr SATUPOAY "A DAY OF FlffiY" (color) 2>al« Raberftan « Mara Gorjay WNOAY-MONDAY "TRAPEZE" (Color) Burl Icmealtttr - Olnu Lotlabrlglda night I see him all dressed up and I know he's taking out a date. I told him this was unfair. He said I could "take it or leave it." I'm so crazy about him please don't fell me to give him the air. What shall I do? — TENDER HEART. Why a.* for advice and then tell me what to tell you? A guy who is interested only in wearing out the- upholstery and makin," a be degree from Taylor University, Saturday, June 8. Rev. Pattison was formerly employed at the Farmers & Merchants State Bank. His wife is the former Deloris Jean Taylor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gallahor, 10 W. Ottawa Street. He has been appointed to the Methodist Church of LaFontaine, Indiana, where he will Josephine Lowman Electrolysis Treatment Can Change Unattractive Hairline (The Friday Question Box) Q. "I have a very ugly hairline! It comes so far down on my forehead that it makes me look like an idiot. This has been a source of great embarrassment to me and has even affected my life because it has made me shy. I have not made friends or gone out as I would have. I am not bad looking. I do not mean to be conceited out I do have nice features. What can I do, if anything, about this?" A. Hairlines can be changed with electrolysis. The hair is permanently removed. You can have any hairline you wish. The nice part of this is that it is done gradually and on both sides o£ your forehead so that the change is so slow people hardly notice it until you are near the result you wish. Since this is affecting your life so drastically I hope you will have it done. It is fairly expensive but you can have it done a little at a tima. Too Much Alkaline Q. "Why is it bad for the hair to wash it in hard water?" A. This sort of water is much more alkaline. It is difficult to get a good lather and also to rinse the soap off the hair. Q. "What can I do to get rid of bunions? What causes them?" A. Bunions usually come from the habit of wearing incorrectly fitted shoes for years. They may also come from weak arches. You should see a chiropodist or podiatrist. Q. "What arc the most becoming colors for a woman who has blue eyes and fair skin but fairly dark hair? Mine is not black but dark brown." A. You will be able to wear most colors. However, you will find, blues, grey-bJue.s, periwinkle, l <>m me upnoistery and maWnr; '••""••""«. »»u'«"«, vmuie nv win fjndi h]ueS| g re y-b;ue.s, periwinkle, dent in the grocery bill should I Pf stor whllc attending Garretl B>] recli sott pi ' nk| mc i on aml sornc given the air-pronto. hllca ' Institute in Chicago this! yc jj ows nattering CONFIDENTIALLY: HEARTSICK: It's only hair ... he didn't cut off his head, did he? It'll grow back. Stop blubbering, it's not that important. * * * '•Ann Landers will be glad to next year. help you with your problems. Send them to her in care- of this newspaper and enclose- a stamped sclf- addrussod envelope.) Copyright I'Xfl Field Enterprises, Inc. A Purdue University Summer Convocation THE CHICAGO STRING ENSEMBLE Selected member* of lh« Chicago Symphony Orchcdtra a program dcKlgnci! for Hummer l Today & Saturday - 3 FEATURES 3 PIUS CARTOON HH Ho. 1 JAM STEWART DORIS DAT TUESDAY, JUNE 18 — 8:00 P.M. PURDUE HALL OF MUSIC ADMJSIWONi $.75, mail orders accepted at the Hall of Muulc Box Office, I'imJub Univernily, Lafy- yetle, Indiana. M.'ike cheek or mtinisy order payable to Purdue University enclonc no).£- addreafied Btarnfied envelope, Bonut Feature At No Extra Coit To You Come Early and lot tho kid- dloi enjoy our larg* playground. WATCH FOR OUR PARADE of First Run Feature Attractions R O X Y Fri.&Sat 1/1 ". A LI I A H Open 1 p.m.-~35c Til 6 2 Features—Comody 3 ACTION HITS "TOMAHAWK TRAJL" with Chuck Connor* "GUNROHTER" with Gregory Pock PLUS N-EW SERIAL DOES THE ROPE SNAP? "KiNG OF THE CARNIVAL" Wogulqr Prico» PLUS CARTOON SATURDAY MIDNIGHT SUN.-MON.-TUES. IMNIEISEN-WAITERBRENNAN MALA HOWIK-JIDHIY BIACKMIR'MLORU) NATWICK-rivWrw it is mostly my bone structure. I don't suppose there is any way to change the bones." A. No, your bones are with you for life, except that you can change them over the years with .poor posture. The person who! '^{ "sfreefi" Roily" 1 - • • • . slumps habitually will have an abnormally curved spine, for instance. Stand up straight and tall. See Doctor Q. "My breasts are always congested before my menstrual periods but about three months ago a lump came and remained. Is this serious?" A. I wish that you had given me your name so that I could have written directly to you immediately. The chances are that the lump is harmless, but should it be' cancer early diagnosis arid removal are essential. Let me Impress on all women again that they must go immediately to their family physician when any lump appears. If he thinks that you should have an examination by a specialist he will send you to one. Every woman should have a semi-annual physicial check-up anyway, during which the bust end pelvis are examined. The large percentage of cancer In women occurs in the uterus and the breasts. In both eases the chances of cure are excellent if gotten in time. Why not give yourself this break? Tomorrow: "Stretch Like a Cat to Relieve Tensions." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1D57) Hospital Notes MEMORIAL Born: To Mr. and Mrs. John Gaylor, 1612 High street, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, BI6'A West Melbourne avenue, a daughter; to Mr. and Mrs: Charles James, "503 Dizardte street a daughter. Admitted: Mrs. Hattie Gangloff, 112 Tanguy street; Mrs. Betty Bat ty, Star City; Dean Jacot, 925 Ce- 120 Jerry Broadway Alliance Bible School June 10 "Pioneering with Christ" will be the theme o£ the Broadway Alliance School BiWe school which will be leld June 10-23. Classes will be held Monday through Friday from 9 to 11 a.m., :or all children three years old and up. Mrs. Chris Robison is school di- •ector. Teachers are: Pre-school — Mrs. Ellsworth Weaver, Mrs. William Somsel, Mrs. Paul Winder, Mrs. Melvin Njus, Vlisses Lorraine Rush, Loretta Sush, Elizabeth Melbourne. Primary—Mrs. Carrie Bowen, Bungalow drive; Master Garr, 935 Erie avenue; Mrs, Jane Ellington, 512 West Broadway; Miss Jennifer Willey, 1503 East Market street; Miss Dawn Martin, route 3; Master John Muehlhau- .sen, route 2; Miss Carol Vaughan, route 5. Dismissed: Master Jeffery Win- Ings, 1114 East Broadway; Master Anlhony Martin, Twelve Mile. ST. JOSF/PH'S Born: To Mr. and Mrs. William Tully, Stony Pike trailer court, a daughter. Admitted: Master Harold Pursch, 215 Park avenue; Mrs. Erma Waltman, 933 Biddle street; Master Thomas and Miss Meliss: Finnegan, 224 Whealland avenue; James Hendricks, 231(1 East Broadway; Master Larry Parker, 105 East Ottawa street; Miss Barbara Waddups, Star City. Dismissed: MM. Thomas Essex and son, Winamac; Ora Mackey 1905 George street; Master Gene Rose, route 4, Peru; Mrs. Laura Maus, Walton; Mrs. Effie Ruff Star City; Miss Patricia Pepper, corn, 3128 Fairview avenue. Clubwomen Hear Nixon ASHEVILLE, N.C. (UP)—Vice President Richard M. Nixon told the General Federation of Women's Clubs convention Wednesday night that the Soulh'a community leadcm must tackle the problem Q. "I do not like my figure but|«f racial prejudice. Until 1,920, the College of the 0 zarks at Clarksville, Ark., was known as Arkansas Cumbcrlanc College. 44 DAYS UNTIL THE CASS COUNTY FAIR Friday-Evening, June 7, 1957. Mr. James Nell, Danny Smith, Misses Joy Drye, Judy Bowman. Junior—Mrs. Earl Sherman, Mrs. Keith Martin, Mrs. Curtis Guy, Mrs. Lowell Dirrim, Miss Phyllis Winder,, and Donald Buck. Those persons interested in transportation are asked to call 20404. A rally and dedication servica for workers will be held Sunday. FLOODS KILL 3 IN KYUSHIU TOKYO (UP;—Drenching pre- monsoon rains and floods hit Kyushu Wednesday, leaving three persons dead, three missing and one injured, reports reaching here said today. PERFECTION PERFEC-KOTE GIVES YOUR HOMB AN EVER-GLOWING WHITE. IT'S WHITE FOR KEEPS - STAYS AND STAYS! 100% PURE WHITE LEAD ZINC OXICiE TITANIUM Ground In PURE LINSEED OIL wraoun and FADE-RESISTANT COLORS GAL Product of the PERFECTION PAINT & COLOR CO. Every Drop Of Perfection Is Protection GRAY-MILL 1302 E. Broadway Phono 2218 Introducing the Advanae-Engln**r«d Complete Line off 19S7 Home Appllattoeatl SAVE 'ticMtfft^ U)ki REFRIGERATOR * H AUTOMATIC 1 "JFF" DEFROST REGULAR $399.99 VALUI * 268 00 WITH TRADE-IN AUTOMATIC "JIT" DEFROSTING AT THE TOUCH OF,A BUTTON! Model DC-12 N.I Capacity 12.2 aw. ft.— Crott Capacity 13.29 «. M. BUILT-IN BUTTER KEEPER 2 REMOVABLE EGG RACKS DEEP DOOR SHELVES hold hotf-gatlon cortom FULL-WIDTH CHILLER TRAY (or quick chlllinfl HANDY FRUIT BIN hold* up to 11 «>t. 3 LEVER EJECTING ICE CUBE TRAYS NEW "DUSK PINK" Interior color ton* Hytlng FIVE-YEAR PROTECTK3N PLAN on r«frl a «ro«- ing BARNETT'S BARGAIN BARN 416 S. Third Phon* 2821

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