The Winona Republican-Herald from Winona, Minnesota on November 22, 1947 · Page 10
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The Winona Republican-Herald from Winona, Minnesota · Page 10

Winona, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1947
Page 10
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·nm wraoNA mroiicAH-m-Aiji. wmoiM. METOESOTA. SATDBDAT. xaiimat a, fyiam Itoifiotui ·Atea NOD1NE word waji TM.Ir.d that a ion wai horn to Mr. and Mr.. Carl Volb.rdln.. Jtpch«t.''. Saturday. Mri, Volb.rdlni; i» th. former Dorothy Bchroedir. daugbt.r of Mr. and Mri. Fnd Bohroed.r. Jullm Woll.r !i a aatlinl at Luihiran Xoipltal, La Croiif, John *ehro«d«v r.turnid ti hli ham. Tueiday aft.r being a pall.nt at Grand- Ttew hoipltal. La Croaii. About 34 loeal houiiwlvii and homi- baxeri etl.nd.d the Mom. Dimonatrallon mi*ttng held In th. Lutheran ehureh bailment Tu.iday, A dmooitratl»n dinner wai ·erv.d at noon. PIGEON FALLS Ground was krok.n Friday for thi ikat- Ing rink which l» to be locat.d Juit north of thi ichool ground.. Th. proj.ot u aDOnaor.d br lh« To»n elub. and thi com- rnltt*. whleh wai oam.d to arrange for th. work coniliti of Curtli Kaa», Wlth.lm Xlngll.n and Bdwln Fr.mitad. Allan F-dmunOion, opiratlng th. town inowplow, cut a wld. iwath of turf along th. two .ld*i of in. lar«. put ai will ai at thf wdi. to build an earth wall to hold Jh. water whleh will b* prorld.d by in. rream.rr. Th. ik»tln« link l» th. fourth major project iponior.d by th. cmb alnee It wan organKocl l»o ago. Thi nnt wai ..furln* aetlon by th. town board in ih» «tr..t lighting pro).«l for thi village Th» i«i-ond wai pulling tnn ban n.rk Into condition for bawball lollowlng in. w.r T.«ri wh.n th. l«am wai dli- bandod. Lat.r a group of elub in.nib.ri pureha..d tn. B.f.A. hall and bulit. · haiwm«n«. Nw wlniJow. w.r. Inilal »d and a oompl.l. paint Job put th. building Into condition lor public gatniringi. LEWISTON Mr. and MJI. r. W. Zandir obwrted « gold.n wadding annlr.riary last Mondar. Rilalloi and frlindi dropp.d in l» .«.nd b»l wlihM during th. day. A famllr dinner wan »n)oy.d In th. laic- afternoon. Th. Ivang.llcal Ladle. Aid came during th» .r.nlng and pr.iinl.d tn- roupl. a larg. bouquet of golden ehryian- ihemumi. let cream, eiki and coflu w.r. Th. HIT., »prlng Vall.r li now pallor at the Hllo lmmanu.1 Luthiran church, M. will arrlr.d h.f. D.««mb.r 1 and will k. Iniiall.d D.c.mb.r 7. Mr. O.Utf.ldl U married and hai thru children. M. I" tilling thi vacancy cauifd by th. r.ilgnatlom ot th. R«». J. J. B"hm, Mr« r. D. ROlh. Mn. X. W. IClaUl, wri. ». H. Win. Mri, Luthir Nui»lo«h, Mn Jlorman Mlndrum, Mr«. K. CorbBll, Wi«« O.rirud. nlanehard and MUi Wlin Mfln. atl«md«d me m..llng of 'lh. book TMI.W iwllon of th. Wlnona Coll.g. ·Womm'. elub w.dnnday er.nlng. Mri. Mary Duian. Wlnona, la rlilllng the Cdward H..OI hoou. Mr, and Mri, Art Lu.hman left *».·- n»d.r for horn. In Iddyiinni, F«.. · fl.r ip«ndmg i.r»ral w.nlii with r«la- ttr.. h.r.. Ur. n i f h . r i t Talbtr'i dauiiht.r, Vicky 1^.. umn.apolli, hai b..n Yliltlng iiv.ral o.yi wllh h.r parnnti. Mr. and Mri. rrt.b«rt Mr.. Rob«rl Bpllman, Mankalo, U irUlt- Inn n.r, Mr. and Mri. C. L. Cad.v. Ur. and Mri. John Daily and family, Mr. and Mri, O.orgi Dal.y and family. Mr. «nd Mn. T.awr«i»«« Dal.y and f a m i l y and ur. and Mri. Thomai H. Ronan and famltT w.r. .ntertaln*d at dlnn.r aunday In Wlnona ai thi horn, of Mri. Hilnn Daliy and daughter, Clauelln., In honor of Mr». Dal.y'i birthday. Amanda KuppriKht ap«nl W.dnaiday in Rochi«t»r with h.r daught.r. Maim.. (lit Fuk. aaturday. »OT. II, JI47.) »TAT« Or MIMTOWOTA. COPrfTY Or w»ONA, M. IH DirmicT COURT TWWO JUDICIAL DI»T»ICT. Altura Pt.u Hank, a corvorallon und.r th* lawi af Ih. atat. of P l a i n t i f f , Tdward Narmon. Lucy Mlrlniir, Mlk* Xllrlng.r, Mleha.l mirlngir. John W. Clark, John Clark. Jam** Clark, Malcolm Clark, Margarel Clark al«o known ai Maggie A, w.loh. Chrlillna Fangborn alio known u Chrlitln. C. nrlbbUblii, John MeConnon, Mary MeConnon, Bdward Jl.nU*. Cath.rln. X w.bber, Annab.ll row.n, C. N. Wak.ri.ld, liarah X. M.rrlll,* K. wak.fl.ld, Mary L. Moody. Patrick W.lf.h. Frl.da ·W.leh, John Thomai. William Oan.y, Jr., PlalKTl.w »tal. Jiank. a aorporallon und.r tha lawi of u» ataM ef MlDTiMOta, a Ho th. unknown h.lra ot tha abo^e ham.d peraoni dic.alid and all olh.r p«raoni nnknowm elalmlng any right, tllle, .tut., or ll.n In lh. Mtale d.icrlbid In th. eompiaini h.r.ln, Difindanta. ·UMMOM« THX BTATI OF MINMMOTA TO TWt A»OVZ XAMKD DMFMNDANTrl; Yo». and .ach of you, are h.nby mm- Inon.d and requlnd to aniw.r th« complaint of th* plalntlffi. whleh U on flu In th. olfle. of th* Clark of th. abov. numutt Court, and lo *.rv. a copy of your aniw.r 10 aald oomplalnt upon thi »ut»cnb«r at Ihilr offie. In th. City of Wlnona, Wlnona County, Mlnn.iola, wllh. In iw.nty (10 dayi after the inrvlci of thli nmmoni upon you. ncluilr* of th. day of irrvlce: and If you Jail lo do «o aniw.r laid complaint ot thi plalntlffi, thi pUlntlffi will apply to thi Court for thi zill.f d.mandid thtr.ln, Sited October 14, 1147. OEOHOK. OWXN * BRKKUm »y C. BTANLIY MoMAHON, Attom.yi for PlalnllfU 1I3-1I9 Onl.r (trail Wmona. Mlnnaiola rftam* pirtl.i ai In lummoni Immi- latel» pr.e«dlng thli Notice NOTICI i» fUmiaiY OIVKN thai an aetlon hai b..n commino.d by thi abov. namid p l a i n t i f f agalnit thi abov. nam.d dtfendanu. which aetlon u brought for tri. pulpon of qul.llng p l a l n t l f f i lltin lo th. landi h.rilnatur ducrlb.d and to har. tn* d.f.ndanti and each of them barr.d from all rlghl, claim or till, to aald «itat* whleh II illuat., lying and bvtng In tn. County of Wlnona and fltati of Mlnnuota and deitrlbid ai followi, to-wit: Quarl.r of thi Northiail Quart.r IKW'A of ff»'/.), ».etlon Thirty-Four (34): Th. South onfhatf of thi Bouth- weil Quartir (B'f* of BW!4l, Bictlon Twenty-ill m i ; Th. South Half of th. Bouth.ait Quarter IB'-, of M K ' / I , flection Tw.nly-i.v.n (J7), exciptlng th»r«- I romr Block Oni r i l , Loti T.n, Wivun and (10, 11, 1J of Block Four («) and Franklin Bquar* of thi Town of ·vVhltewinr Fall, according lo th. ac- c.pled plat th.nef on fll. and of r.cord In thi offlo. of thi Reftitir of Oo.di In and for Wlnona County, Minnriota. and alio ezcipllng a parcel of land d.icrlbid ai followi: Commencing at the loutheait corn.r nf the Southwell Quarter of the Kouth.ait Quarter (8WV« of »IV«I Aecllon Tw.nty-ieivin (37), Townihlp One Ifundnd Hlghl lloi), nangi Tin H O i . ih.nci w»i along Bicllon tin* Tw«nty-thre. (M) rodn, thi point of beginning, thine. W»t Sixteen (111 rod* lo th. Oronoeo Road, th.nen Tlorlh.ailerlT along th« Oronono Road i l l ) rodi T.n (10; fi.l, nouth Tw.lve (13i rods, to th. point of br.lnnlng, b.lng a part of t n e Quarlir of the South- rait Quarter (SWtt or SE'A) of Bee- tlon Tw.nty-ser.n (37I, Townihlp · On. Hundr.d Klght (101). Range T.n U O i , Wlnona County, Mlnnuota, and al.o .xe.ptlnr a parcel of land described as followi: n.ginning at the Interaction of the Houth.rly linn of Oronooo Road with tn. W»«t lln. of Pl.aiant Strut In nlng south .TIB' rait along tin lln. of laid Pleasant 1.10 r h a t n i to thi South lln. of B.ctlon Tw.nlT-i.fen (271: lh«nn Wilt along .aid B.eilon (In. 4 chalni; thinci North 3MS' W.«t 3.JO ohalnl to th. flouth.astnrly Uni of laid Oronooo Road: thence Ncrtheait.rly and along aald Town of Whllewaler Fain, run- aald road 4.10 chalni to the placi of beginning, and containing two (3) acr.i more or If", All of ih. abov. d.iorlbrd landi lying a n d bilng In Township On. H u n d r e d Eight i ion. North Jlan«« T.n MO) ·Weil of thi Firth Principal Mirldlan, Wlnona County, Mlnn.iota. Oat.d ai Wlnona, Mlnn.iota thli 14th day of Octob.r, 147. OrOROK. OWKN Ai By C. STANLtT McMAIION Altorneyi for P l a l n t l f f i I«.1-I«9 C.nt.r Blrnl Wlnona, Mlnnuota WITH CONCILIATION of "battl. orders" by Newark, N. J.. officials, who had fought Navy consignment of th. batUeshlp New Mexico to city* -crap yards, vessel enters Newark bay. lunch wai i.rved. At the lion, conducted by David Ender. t man, a three-Inch auxiliary pump . , , ., builn.n 1.1- Hamlyn Snnden and son. MlB , Kdlth Ann Hvambsnl. NorlhfleId, , " iipent the weekend hero with her parents, , - . " Mr. and Mrs, B. E. Hvnmbunl. pl*roha«.d for »34S from lh. Home Light- M r ln( , Mrl D R V t r vntt. La Crosse, Ing Company of New York and Mlnne- lpon t.' aundny with his mothnr, Mrs. J. apolli. A of the company 11. V.r Valt. d.moiiitna.rt Ih. n u m p and lighting ays d.monitrat.d Ih. n u m p and lighting ays- A , on was born to Mr. » n u m i n . *.ji» lem at the or.ek before the meeting. This ach |id November 11 at St. A n n s Hospital, p u m p will be carried to all fires In the n.iday n i g h t after about three week ipint trying to f i n d Ills way hnrn.. Thro w«ck» »KO rtobcrt ll'.nscn took Hie do nqulrr.l H u n l l n » n r a r H p r l n u Clrovo. Alte a ihort tlm. the don disappeared and ills i«n couldn't locnle him when It was Urn to go hom«. lllMen went back a few day latter and I n q u i r e d , about the dog at fan- Home*, but no one had nnun h i m , i n n do Iji a good squirrel doy but will not h u n t fo. a itranger, one of Iho family must be with him. .am ivurriKiiu, , ., jMonl... are v l n l t l n x Hie homn of hel A d a u g h t e r wun born lo Mr. nnil Mrs. |)ri)|hr , r ,, nc |, Mr. nnd Mrs. Lyndrn Jolinson Noviimhnr 111 al l"°|ciiiirloa Vimnbliin. Qrandvlew, 1.11 Cron»«. i ' n o n m l m r K , Ullm, wi.» n Wednei- Liiuren I'l-.tei-soii, nochenlH', spnnt B u n -! d l ,y vlll | lof ,,,,,.,, with relatives. Vincent KllnR. nons Joseph and " dny w i t h his f a t h e r , sum Petnmon, if ~ a Onnird AllHtln upelit onttir- MTPi vmiium* .·.n»»ni ··-···· .--- -- - f » ,inv' afi'nrnnon In Houston, Robert nnd tlnuuhtor Nancy. Rochester. Miss Ten" Amler«on and Mrs. Bcrthn w n nt Sundny hero visiting relatives and '" McCune l e f t Thursday for Diillns, Texim.'irlenda, '" w h r r o Miss Anderson will ipcntl the w i n t e r ! n,, rman Weeiier spent last Sunday with months with her niece. "' . . . . , EYOTA Thompson, Miss Pntrlcia O'Connor, cr _. _ . _ ..... -- _ - - j w f f · · " · · - - · -- " ; Mrs. i-mirim _ Crosse. spent last Saturday and Sundnyi n o s p l l i n ] Tl , 0 Mis. Marlon Olson, .au.htor of Mr. and with her parents, Mr, nnd Mrs, Raymond; lcw rr-sldeiils He is O. 5. Olson, Eyota-. and Donald O'Connor. _. . ,_,_,. C. A: N. w. rallroao. , . of Mr. and Mn. Mn, .on . rtodgeri, Predmore, who war. November I at thn homn of the bride parents by -the Rev. M. W. drlswold, Ro chesl.r, will make their horn. In Rochestei i f t n r a wedding trip In Wisconsin. A r.eeptlon for DS guests followed th Jl U . J J J U W I I I J V l U r l , , I C . . . W . . . . ^ . . » - j , r - - I V 1 I R . ' W M K 1 1 M . i i « l . , v . . . TM . \, , marrlid Happel and Elmer Post were In Rochester Irom visiting relatives at acrftldlne. Mont, · ' last Saturday where they took civil service sh| , wll , , l c c o m D a nlcd by her mother. Mrs. oxiimlnatlons. Mrs: Kmmn Larson, jnm. minim , , son, spring drove, and Mrs. Nordul Lnr- Members and f r i e n d s of tho Youth-Bible ctrr.mony. MU« Florence Olson, Mn. Hloh Mr. und Mrs. M. W. Richardson nnd Cnroln U L r r . l M U H J r . TM , n n j . . , . w . . t . . ~ . , ... - · M T S . J P h n l l ) A I T «ra C l i r t l n and Mrs, I.a Vain. Pflei. sis- ch , rles A | n k ndr.r t,rs of th, bride, ana the B«rlha }· chrlstlnson, : snd Charlott« Wurit. cousins of the bride, ,, ' , , · « . ,, . , nrt M, housiiwnnnlnir al tlinlr nnw lionn (1st Pub, Saturday, Nov. 33, 1»41,1 BTATK OF MINNESOTA, COUNTY OF WINONA, II. IN PKOBATE COURT, No. 11.4U. In He KitaUi of ·irmait Y.adki, al.o known a. Herman J. Y.aak.. an II. J, Y.adkt, ai Herman Ya.«ke, ai ll.rman J. Yaeak. and al II. J. Ya.dke, Decedent. Or«.r far Hearing en Final Aeeo.nt and Fllltlen for Distribution. The r.pnientatlve of the above named .itat. having f i l e d his f i n a l account and petition for . settlement and allowance th.reof and for distribution to the person, thereunto entitled: IT 18 ORDERED, Thnt the hearing thereof be had on December nth. 1M7. at 10 o'clock A. M,, before this Courl In nhe probate court room In the c o u r t house In Wlnona, Mlnneiotn. and Dial notice hereof be given by publication of this order In The Wlnona Republican-Herald and by malled notice as p r o v l d « d by law. Dated November 21, 10- LEC ^Probate C o u r t Seal) Llbera Ai Llb.ra. Attorn.yi for Petitioner. rosl a l t e r a muiim · v m . v ,.,- -..« '"Viv, , ~ Hov. lind Mrs, J. O. PnUlsrud, Chicago, ! o r n o n nnd .,-.., .,..- - - - -Adolph Botcher, s t u d e n t at the Mlnr.e-l m o v r d , n l o ,. hl , Andrew Armstrong sola Bchool of nuslncss, Minneapolis, ,,,,,,,.,, on wnbnshu htroct. . _ ,, . . . , spent the weekend wilh his pnrcntn. Mr. Tho pl , B i. 0 r of tlm Church of Christ Is spen e and Mrs. Wllllnm Hotelier. . . Probate Judge (lit Pub. Saturday, Nov. IB, U47.) BTATI! OF MINNESOTA, COUNTY OF WINONA. »I. IN PROBATE COURT. No, 13.013. In Re Eitate of Hlm.n Ll.bith. Droedenl. Ora.r fer Hearing on F.tlllen for Admln- lltrallon, Limiting Time to Fill Claim! anrt f a r Hearing Thereon. John Llebsch having filed herein a petition for general administration Hating t h a i said decedent died Intestate and praying that Ilalph M. Jonei be appointed r administrator. IT IS ORDERED. That the hearing thereof be had on December 0, 1B47, at 10 o'clock, A. M., before this Court In the probate court room In the court house In Wlnona, Minnesota: that the time within which creditor! of said decedent may file their olalmi b. limited lo four monthi from thi date hereof, and that thn clalmi ·o fllid be heard on March 17, 1948, at 10 o'clock A, M,, before this Court In the probate court room In the court house In Wlnona, Mlnneiola, nnd thnt notice hereof be given by publication of this order In Th. Wlnona Repilbllcnn-Heruld and by mailed notice as provided by law. Dated November 14, 1047. LEO F. MORPHY. (Probate Court Seal) Probate Judge. Llbera 4i Llbera, Attorneys for Petitioner. (lit Pub. Saturday, Nov. 15, H«7.) BTATE or MINNESOTA. COUNTY OF WINONA, II. IN PROBATE COURT. No. 11,038. In Re Estate of Olive t. Perry. Decedent, Order f*r Hearing en Final Account and Petition for Distribution. The representative of the above named Htate having filed his final account and .itate a v n g e ------ -- ---- ·-· -petition for settlement and allowance thereunto entitled: pe thereof and for distribution to the per- ons th.riunlo entitled: IT IS ORDERED, Th thti o r d n r In the Wlnona Republic-.- H.rald and by mulled notice as provided by law. Dated November 14, 1047. LEO F. MURPHY. (Probate Court Seal) Probate Judge. Sawyer A; Oilmen. Altorneys for Petitioner. (1st Pub. Saturday, Nov. IS, 1»41.) BTATH Ol" MINNESOTA, COUNTY OF WINONA. IS. IN PrtOIlATE COURT. No. n,7na, In II. Kllate of Aa.lph II. Du.llman, Decfd.nt Or4»r f.r Hearing on Final Aeeount and p e o n o r s e thereof and for distribution to the persons th.reunto entltlnil: IT IS OBDKnitD, Thnt the the probato court room In the court houn In Wlnona, Minnesota, and t h n t notice the Ttuu.f* ·vui,..,,.,^,.,,-,,.!,,.... hereof bi given by publication of thli mailed notice aa provided by Inw, order In the Wlnona itepubllcan-Herald - ' ' "and by mailed notice as provided by law. Dated November 14th. 1047. LEO 1". MURPHY, ( P r o b n t r C o u r t SenlJ B. D. J. Iiruskl, Attorney /or Feltlloncr. HOUSTON HOKAH Monday .v.nlng lh. firemen ^-"^ . t ""d!nnTr M ,nsi"sund»-y. " guests were thilr wlvii at the r e g u l a r melting. Mov- Mrl Bort ha Kragness. Spring Grove; Olaf plcturii wire the entertainment, and ganilen, Wel!s, Minn., nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. Mr. nnd Mrs. H. O. Snnden entertained visitor here. rs. the 500 club at her home last Monday evening. was born to Mr. nnd Mrs. Lyli PLAINVIEW Gust Miller, ' Vlo'.a, was a Wednesday MINNEISKA Gloria Brueilce underwent a tonsllleetomy at the Wlnona General hospital lait week. A shower wni held at the home of Mn. ..oilney Oenwkow Mondny in honor of Miss Frances Nelson. Mr and Mm. Cleyson Schult* apunt the wuckend at the home of his mother, Mn. Anna HchulU. Mrs. Nlclc Leiscn nnd Mrs. Clnrn Genti- kow are spending a few days at the home uf Mr. and Mrs. John Heaser, Buffalo City. MlM Janll Randnll vlilted al the home of Donna Mne LnndeBbemer Tuesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Schneider, Plttsburth, Pn.. left for their home after spending a couple of weeks nt the homo of his lister, Mrs. Clara Gontzkow. WOODLAND Mcsdimo» Louis Ford and Otto Clauisen attended a business meeting of the Catholic Daughters of Court Plainvlew at the K. C. hall The meeting was followed by a luncheon nt the Hotel cafe, Plalnview. The Woodlnnd 4-H club met at the tterbcrt Maruhmnn home November 13. Twenty-six members were enrolled at tnli meeting. Principal business wai the Initiation of ten new 4-H members Into the jilub. County Agent Herb Flcldman, Wa- bnaha, was present at the meeting and explained to the new memberi the 4-H program. The December meeting will be Christmas party at the Uenne Hasilg home, Mill Normn. Jenne Bennett ipent list weekend at the home of her uncle and aunt, Mr. nnd Mrs, Clifford Bennett and imlly, at Weaver. The Clayton Bcmnelt nnd Herb. Mann- man families were lust Sunday visitors nt the homn of Mr. nnd Mrs. Clifford Bennett und f a m i l y nl Wcnvcr. A Inrgn number from Woodland went to Minnolska this week to sec effects of the $30 000 flro which destroyed three buil- noss establishments there. Mnx Pleppcr l o f t Mondny for Beloit, Wls. where he has secured employment. Mrs Olio Clnusscn nltendcd a meeting of tho American Legion Auxiliary at the ,cglon rooms nt Plninvlcw Thursdny eve- 'otlo clnussen spent Tuesday nnd Thurs- dny evening* at the home ot his son Vincent Clnusscn, nnd family. HOMER ·Worship services will bo conducted In tho Homer Methodist church Sunday at 9 a m T!ir Rev. Roy Klaus'-sermon Is "1 Whitehall, at the Community e»Jlt» Thursday. Community hoipltal note*: Mra. Eiuia* Stalhelm. Taylor, and Mn. Maria XKT*. *orOineld, underwent major vUTfary Thuriday. Loanie Olion, Whitehall, wmfc a toou extraction patient and. Ante* Lcque. and Frank Curran, Blair. CUB* m for medical care. Kilmer CnrUUanMio. 31nlr, and Clarence Bymlcek, Independence, were admitted Friday aa innleal pa- tlenls, Mrs. Ollne Brekke, Blair, and »tn- Rosle Swenson, Ettrlck, were aamiw** Wedneidnv for medical care. Mliny i, tT huntera from Whitehall ·»* area left Thundny and Friday lor tt» north woods to be on hand earlj f«r tta ceason which opened today. Oolnt to Iro» River In one group Thunday w«r» T. O. Bllter. K. L, Ollberuon, R. A. HoltM. Mervln Engen. Oscar Lovlien, Po.1 Jackson. Cornel Haeen, Bennle Nelaoo »n .«-- drew Ambll, Whitehall: Leonard r La Croue, and Omer Stindail, Baa '_. p M. Paulson, Lester Brennow, CHH ·=" and John O., Whitehall: Ljrl» Pavek, Chimney Rock; John ScbmloX Maion City, Iowa, and Frank Jaltn. tt- ilependence, were among thoae who W Friday morning lor their cabin »t O*r«* and expect to be Joined later br »"" bunteri from here. MOVING WORKMiN tOWER the) 200-Inch Falomar mirror onto the luminiring platform at the observatory atop Palomnr mountain In southern California--aignallilur the end of a long and treacherous mountain- road trip from Pasadena. WHITEHALL As of this week Friday, the Green Bay Western railroad discontinued Its contract with Western Union, nccordins to Reuben Magnuson. station an»nt here. Hereafter any telegram sent from Whitehall may be delivered to the local depot, from Western Union At Wlnona 3n the cases of those who have jihoncs. Wires to those'without phonos will · be sent, to Mr. Magntiiton for personal delivery, Cml- Bolnff telegraphs phoned to him will be churned on the sender's rcsulnr monthly tc'.cphonc bill, Mr. Magnuson said, or they may be paid Tor In cosh. " Western Union where" i'liev will "be telephoned by "Tic': service" will" bV'co'iiirnued nt the present agent to westnrn Union at Wlnonn. «sj rates under this system In the regu nr Mr. Magnuson has been appointed special station hours, , a._ m..1.0 8 p. »- hut niter agent for tills purpose.' Messages by telegram may be sent In tills manner · greater cost thsn they have been ii m Tlir Rev KOV itiauB -.irrmcn is ·»· v"o JJ-MK w***»«; »' «-·-»··« --------Am the W a v - The choir will ting "Let a wire through here. Incoming telegrams the Klnn of Glory In" by C. K. Leslie. -'" *· i.i-nh« n ,.d direct to the pans Mr. nnd Mrs. -\"ellus Sebo have moved the past while Western Union maintained wire Ihrough here. Incoming telCRrnms ,'111 be telephoned direct to the party Into their home nt Homer, They formerly Mrs. Myri Buckingham wns hoste,. to "^^^^"^^on^and Earl N.*h re. e n n « l i . u - f U-r V i n t n f . I n K L MondaV *T.(I.T..IU..« "' " , n^.,m. avmon turned Irom their fleer Hunting trip Tues /enlng. d u y r v c n i n f f Mr. nnd Mrs. carl Reinke, Kellogg, vis- Kobcrt n n a Ro B er Vogelsans, who hn, Hed relatives nnd f r i e n d s here Sunday. bocn spcr dln(; tho pnst nine weeks wll Artlilir Hoist was a Tuesday. Lewis f r l n n c l n ua . . D . b .^i".*. -- j . b oen S p C n O l n R 1.110 J j l i n t i n i i i . n.-^^u n . . Lnltc City visitor ihrlr 'urandiJiircnts, Mr. nnd Mrs. Jo)' ColliK, Have Rone to t.helr own home. Rlnlry, Little Tuendny. Valley, visited Mr, nnd Mrs, Eugene Sinner returned Tuesday from n vlsll at the home of his Mrs.' Nollyo Fny Rohinng lins returned to her worn nl the Wnlklns p l n n l a f t e r Riiinsdcn was a Rochester visitor Wednesday. Saturday evoninK a t n p. m. tno Pleasar Busy tiers' -TI club or Rldgowny nnd Cedn V l l l l n V prnnelllprt n. Uiroe-acl. p.ll.V, All! 1 Mlini'le From Mllinrdotn." h t til" "om' town h a l l . There wim music hntwren 111 uiuJ dniicliiK followed t.he prograr . 1.1mlr ,, rmcln Mrs. Martln' r e l n t l v c ! l n t ' M I I U V C S 111. llullli"".'^. . i Mrs, C. B. KruRiir nnd Ann Hadlcr went Patricia O'Connor, a steno|;raph| to nochtstnr Monday, where they vlslled the Community Sales service, La, Mr(l chnrles Toner at the St. Mnry's . i~.« a-,,,-rinu nnri s u n o n v i ^ -- . . - , ^-i,« Toners nre former Plnln- brakcmnn on the Edwin Vernon 'wesLby, Rudolph Holst relurncd Tuesday iC Mr. 'and Mrs. Jnck H. Wood^wlll mnk homo nl Tucson. Arli!. Mrs. Woo. i her m a r r l i m f wns Joan Carol Wun iiiirlhih, Cmliir valley. Her p n r n n n . Mi nnd Mrs. A r t h u r Wunderllch now live a Lewlston, Minn. Mrs Mcttildii Wood who lins been spending ihe summr-r with her daughter »nC son-ln-lnw, Mr. nnd Mr,. Pete, left or Vrldnv for Clinton, lown, where she wll visit Mr. nnd Mrs. BurliiiK«me. She alsc plans to visit with her niece at Perry IC M°k "eh Knlcer Is the chairman foi thn Sunday school Christmas boxes. Contributions m n y bo given to her any time before December 20. Mrs. W n l l n c r Pitcher visited Wednesday afternoon with Mrs, Anna stnubrln In Wlnona. Mrs, James lar- Kcrllin Hostctllrr who will spend nn In- o p l , . lahowlnit Him .slides each Thursdny eve.. ... _ . . . - _ _ _ ^ _ Mr. and Mrs, Luverne Hnuser hnve returned to their home nt Los Anitc.r.s. Calif, after a two-week visit with his parnnts, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Hnuser. .Mrs Herb Hill entertained Saturday afternoon for Mri. Walter Aschom, Lnns- nilss Betty Stlne U employed al the Oamble store here. Mrs. Ifnzel Hmlth nnd Clarnclrt Duxbury spent the weekund In Si, Paul whore they attendod tho slain convention of Ihe American Legion Auxlllnry, Mr and Mrs, Luther Berven and sons Wynn nnd Blake, Adnms. Minn,, spnnt the week at Ihe home of Mrs. Bervnn's par- enls, Mr. a n d . Mrs. Sam Abrnhnm. Mr, nnd Mrs. Roger Anderson nnd uaughtcr. St. Charles, were guests Bunday of hli mother, Mrs. Mne Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Holty were Sunday dinner guests of Mr, nnd Mrs. Paul r Mr° n 'and Mrs. Nurchel. Pcndleton, Ore., visited the Mri. B. E, Lilly home Friday. Mrs. Bertha Kragness, Spring drove, spent the weekend here with relatives. Mr. nnd Mrs, Kenneth Hnrnlbrook; nnd son Howard, with Mrs. Mrs. Rose Lehncrtz wont to La Crosse Frldny to visit her son-in-lnw and daughter, Mr. unit Mrs, Philip Norman, nnd Jam- Mr, nnd Mrs. A r t h u r Schneider and family hnvrt moved Into their new home ' Knst Plnlnvlew. Mrs. M. E. Bates spent last Sunday and Monday nt Minneapolis. The Marie Brethhorst clrclo of the M. E. church mel at the church Thursday. Mrs. Ocornc Krocnlng, brother. Harry Schuchard, and sistcr-ln-lnw, Mrs. Fdwln Schuchnrd, visited relatives nt Wlnonn Mondny. "ondny. me mnrriHKc ul n.i... ·*""""-·:·.'._- " tl There will be initiation nnd lunch nt the to Ralph Ryan, Dover. The wedding wu Odd Fellows lodge meeting Monday. · '- " "" Sundny visitor! nt the Myrtle " rs, St. Paul, spent thn weekend Harnibroolt's mother. Mrs. M i n n i e Olson. Sergeant Ponnld anustnd, Bnn Antonio, Texas, Is the guest of his pnronts, Mr. und Mrs, Otis Ouuslnd. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. M. Kerrlcnn. Cnledo- nla. were Sunday d i n n e r Ruesls of Mr. and Mrs. William Kerrigan. Isaac Salinders, after n short visit, ret u r n e d to his homo at Hnlablrd. S, D. Mr, and Mrs. J. Joerg and fnmlly, Bprlng Grove, wore guests Sunday of Mrs, Minnie Olion. Mrs. Karl A. Roblnion, Akron, Ohio. Is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Cnrl John- The Presbyterian sewing circle was entertained Thursday at thn Mrs. Henry McCune. Mr»s. Ruby n«nson. Mrs. Forest Oelsler and Mrs. N o r m n n Tennlson assisted. (1st T»b. Saturday, Nov. 15, 1047.) BTATK OF MINNESOTA. COUNTY OP W1NONA, M. IN PROBATE COURT. No. lo.SflV. In R. Estate of William U. SchUel, Decedent. Order for Ilearlng on Final Account and Petition for Distribution. Tho representative of tho above named estate having riled his f i n a l account and petition for settlement · and allowance thereof and for distribution to tho persons IT IS' ORDERED, That thn h e a r i n g thereof bo had on December loth, 1047, nt it the hearing 10 o'clock A, M., before this Court In tho IT IS ORDERED rnnl me nearing w « ciuc*. n, m., ui.-iu.u m.n %.,,,,... ... ,..· thereof be had on December C. 1047. at 10 probate court room In tlio court house I.. o'clock A. M., before tills Court In th. W l n o n a . . Wlnona, .Coumy,__Mlnne,oJ.a._ and pr th I'clock A M, before tills court in ine winoim, YYIUUUI* 1-uuiii.j, .TiMMtwnw..., ....« irobate court room in the court house In thnt notice hereof bn Riven by p u b l i c a t i o n h. eltv ot W l n o n n , Minnesota, and that of thli order In the Winona ncpuullcivn- lotlce 'hereof be given by publication of Herald and by mailed notice us provided A l l a r e Born to Mr. and Mrs. Art. E, Johnson nlng at the Bible Study session. of honor received many cards and a purse ·\lr" n iind Mrs Marlon Law returned Mominy from a few dnys spent at Chls "Vlin ruv. Theodore Snhoewe attended ai L.L.L. mnuLlntf lit Koehester Bundny. The Srnlor Wnlther leuBUe will mee next Frldny nt the home o! Dorothy New .""' nnd Mrs. Michael Mnson were Wl nonn visitors Tuestlny. The Clum l.hcali:r was closed Tuesd_ay Wednesday nnd Thursday evening becaui of the i n n t n l l u t l o n or upholstered chair and better fire protection. Kenneth Senst lias returned to his wort nt Dubuque. Iowa, after visiting hl« par cnts, Mr. nnd Mrs. Theodore Senst. A daughter, June. Diane, was born l i Mr. «nd Mrs. Henry Roll nt the La RocqU' Maternity home. Mrs Cyrus Thorpe, Mrs. J. E. Wild Mrs. A. J. Wild and Mrs. Robert stephan wore Elgin visitors Tuesday. Mr nnd Mrs. Paul Hoist, Ilba, visited relatives here Sundny. Tho open house nt the library hai been ""ilelcn' 7,lnser nnd Edwin and Oeori Mniion wore W l n o n a visitors Tuesday r.ll.y m n j o r are Schwnntz ana Orln John Denier. Herbert Mr. nnd Mrs. Edmund Lee ipcnt In Friday nl Rochester, Mrs. Uny King will be hostess to Sec tlon ill of the Community gTilld Wed """Mr" 1 and Mrs. Theodore Senst announc the mnrrlnw of their daughter, Buth tnke place In December, Mr., nnd Mrs. Oliver Larson, Pli Infield Sundny visitor! nt the Myrtle Carpenter Mr., nno Mrs. uuvcr £""»"· * TM"S home were Mr. nnd Mrs. chnrlei Longs- N. J., nre visiting relatives here and dorf, Mr. and Mrs. Earl proue nnd daugh-lElffln. h .. ter Donnn. n i l of Arkansaw, WIs., n n d i ' T h n n k s g l v l n K services wi.l be held Mr. and Mrs, Donald Carpenter and'daugh-10 a, m. at tlie Lutheran church.- ter. Ivn Mne, Woodlnnd. ', Mr. nnd Mrs. Lawrence Majerus .._ Technician Fourlh aratle Robert Gurt( turncd Mondny from a visit nt chlsnolm ner has returned home from Japan. , Mrs. Rose Lehnerti nnd daughter, Mri Mrs. Henry Thompson went to Chicago Edmund Lee, entertained unn on a visit Thursdny. 1st. Theresa's guild Tuesday. Mr. nnd Mrs. Earl Jacobs and Mr. nnd Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Schuchard let Mrs. Herman Engel wera Sundny gucsts.Thursdny for n visit nt the home o i n e of the Intlcr's son nnd dnughtcr-ln-law,;brolher nnd sister-in-law. Mr. and Mri Mr. and Mrs, A r d e l l Engel, Elgin. DnvKl Hoist. Mrs. Onrnld arrive .nnd Janilly. areen- wood. wern Monday visitors nt the M. W. Illclinrdson home. Mrs. Leslie Smith entertnlned friends nt her home on her moLbcr's, Mrs, Emma Ehrenberg's, 78th birthday. The guest J n V ] ( l J I U I H L , v , l , , u n p . J . Thanksgiving service! wl.l br held the M 1C. church here nt 10 a. m. ana ElKln nt 11 a. m. Thursdny. Harold Rlloy. St. Paul, visited his ill ter Mrs. John Bruce, nt the Myrtle car pentcr home Sundny and Mondny. r law. Dated November 14lh, 11)47. LEO F, MURPHY. (Probate Court Seal) p.-obalc Judge. Martin A. Bently, Attorney for Petitioner, (lit Pub, Saturday. Nov. 33, 11)47.) STATE OF MINNESOTA. COUNTY OF WINONA, ss. IN PROUATE COURT. No. 11,027. Tn He Estate nf Joseph T. Klsxewskl, Dedcilrnl. Order for Hearing nn Final Aon.unit and Petition for Dlitrlbiillnn, Thn representative of llio abovo n n m n r t T'lliiion for DUlrlbutlon. estate having filed his final nccount nnd The representative of tho above named petition for settlement and allowance .state having f i l e d her f l n n l account and thereof and for distribution lo tho persons petition for settlement and allowance thereunto cnllLlod: " - - · - · - IT 18 ORDERED. That t h n h n n r l n K thereof bo hud on December 10, 1H47, at ..i ..o w...r,.,.«, heurlng 10 o'clock. A, M., before this Court in the thereof be had on December 10th, 1047, al probatn court room In thn c o u r t housn In ten o'clock A, M.. before tills Court In Wlnonn, Minnesota, nnd thai nollcn hereof given by p u b l l c n t l o u of this order Wlnona I t n p u b l l c n n - l f n r i i l d and In by Dated November 20, 1047. LEO F. MURPHY. (Probate Court Seal) Probnto Judge. _ Tyrrell .fc Thompson, Probato Judge. 400 Kxchttngn Building, W l n o n s , Mlnnesotn, Attorney! for Petitioner, MORTAR GROOVE around entire block assure! a imoolh, tight lenk-proof Joint. CONCRETE OR - CINDER When You Build - Vibrated and Steam Cured USE Sealtight BLOCKS Seultlght · Block* are dense, clean edged, true-to-dimen- slons, tree from core bar marks nnd other blemishes. Strength: Numerous t e s t * made reveal crushing strength greater than other blocks not vibrated or steam cured. Beauty: A wide range ol bcautllul, Hvely, uniform Seal- tight Blocks aro available Insulation a n d Acoustical Properties: Sealtight vibration docs not shatter the .cellular particles, thus all of the heat and sound Insulation and tho anti-condensation qualities of Cinder Blocks are preserved. Variety: A wide range of shapes and sizes are avallabl* In Sealtight Concrete and Cinder Blocks. · NO OBLIGATION TO ESTIMATE YOUR REQUIREMENTS · -- Manufactured and Sold by -EAST END COAL CEMENT PRODUCTS 001 Eaxt 8lh SL · COMPANY- WINONA Telephone 3389 those hours there bo cxtrn «liargc for nhonc cnlls to Wlnonn. New citizens: A son to Mr\ and Mrs. Donavnn Jnrslnd, Hixton, nt the Whitehall Community hospital. Thursdny. and con to Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry Snlverson, LOCAL AND LONO DISTANCE HAPUNO CRATING AND SHTTFINO Arenta for CLIPPER VAN LINES. W I N O N A Package Delivery and Transfer M Center Pho --the country's Most widely quoted Most widely discussed Most widely beloved Most widely disliked O M appears regularly (5 days weekly--daily except Saturday) in

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