Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 7, 1957 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1957
Page 2
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ITwo Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune' SMITH'S MARKET CHOICE MEATS We make our own salads. American Express Money Orders at All Times OPEN U Will 0P.M. SUNDAYS AND WEEK DAYS 17th & George St. Ph. 3378 Aluminum STORM DOORS AND WINDOWS Awningi • Patio Covert Fiber Glats or Aluminum Wrought 'ror Rafting ana Columns House Marker* • Weatnar Van** Coats MARTIN COAL CO. 1026 Vine St. Phone 3768 W. M. Jackson • 4. R. Gumming i LOGANSPORT ELEVATOR CO. Coal & Fencing Grain - Seeds - Feeds Full Line Purina Chows 402 E. Miami Dial 3441 So. 18th St. Ph. ,3350 KREUZBERGER'S JEWELRY STORE • DIAMONDS • WATCHES • SILVERWARE 526 Broadway lagansport, Ind. JAMES B. LYNAS fire, Automobile, liability and Plate Glass Insurance Bonds. 1519 High Si. Dial 2695 CHAS. LOWE ROOFING CO. Roofing—Siding Insulation. Featuring All New Lok-Tab Roof Shingles Road 17 North Dial 3666 J. I. SHAFER Hardwood Co. THE NATIONAL BANK OF LOGANSPORT "We Would like To Bo Your Bank" Member of F. D. i. C. FOX'S Lo0ansport / s Now Storo 0 D1MNERWARE O GLASSWARE • GIFTS 510 East Broadway Phone 2647 Catholic Churches St. Vincent's Catholic Church Msr J«hn fr. Schall. Pastor Rev. Edward S. Matuszalt. AMI. Pastor Schedule of Services: Sunday Masses: 7:30—9:00—10:20 Weekdays: 6:30-8:00. Flrsi Friday & Saturday of Month 6:00-8:00. Holy Days of Obligation: I a. 03.—9 a m.—8 p. m. Confessions: Saturday Afternoon *:00—5:00 Evening 7:00—8:00. St. Joseph Hospital Chapel Rev. father John NeU. C. PP. S. chaplain Masses daily at 6:50 a. m. St. Joseph's^Church * Second ana Market Sta. Ms?r Maurice D. Fcley. PaJBtor Rev. Donald Vernon, A^s't Pastor Schedule of Services: Sunday Masses, 6. S, 10. Week Day Masses 6:30 and 8:00. Holy Days 7 a. m.—9 a. m— 7:35 Dm.* Confessions Saturday afternoon 3-5, Evening 7-8:30, Masses First Friday 6:00 and S :00. St. Bridget's Church Fr. Francte J Meehan. Pastor Schedule of services; Sunday iiasaea 8:00-10:00 a. m. Week days: 8 a. m. Holy Days: 8 a. m. and 5:30 p.m. Holy Communion daily At 6;30 a. m Confessions Saturdays and vigils nt Ho^y Days 3-5 and 7-8 p. m. Sorrowful Mother No vena, Fri- dayr at 7:30 p. m. St. Ann's Catholic Church, Kewanna Father Jamoa M. Fitzgerald, Pastor Sumiity Masses: 8:00-10:00. Weekday Masses: 7:30. Confessions Saturday Evening ( .00. Before Alans. Baptisms- &y appointment, instruction: Grade and High Scluol as announced. Sick calls answered at any time K.ewanna Ph. 115. St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, Lucerne Father Maurice Ii. Miller, Pastor tin 11 any Alans: X:15. Wobkdav Mass: 7:00. Concessions; Saturo.b.y Evening 7:30; everyday before Mass. Baptisms: By ».ppointmont. Instructions: AS announced. Sick. Calls answered from the rector-" at any time. OLIVE BRANCH AND PRAIRIE GROVE EVANGELICAL UNITED llov. U W. Ovormyor, Pair'or Orrin St. Clalr, O. B, Supt. liarlun Showloy. P. C5. Supt. OLIVE BRANCH— Sunday School and worship service 10:1)0. Prayer service Wednesday 8:00, Clarence Hcod, class loader. Sunday overling worship service and youth feJlowahlp as to circuit Hcliodulo 7:00, I'ltAUUE GROVE— Sunday school and worship service 1.0:00. Praryor service Thursday, 8:00. Vachcl Walters, class loader. Sunday evening worship a Or vice a» to circuit schedule. St. James Ev. Lutheran Rev. Alfrod C. Genii, I'uHtor SUNDAY— y u. m. Sunday School and Bible CUtbtjtjH. 10 a. m. Divine Worship. "Clod's Sanctuary Oncu Built, Still BuilU- JttK". W.SAlr J^ruarJcaMt. (Nurwcry maintained for pr«- Hclujol children during hour of wor«hip>. MONDAY— U u. m.-l 1:30 a. m. and daily through Friday: Vacation Ullilc .School; TlKjinu: "Our JJcuutlfiil Savior". Dfjictrtincnts: Js'urHiiry IhruuKh Sonlor. C p. m. Walther Tjfiaijua, at homy of John KieaJinK, K. H. 1. Monday tlirouK-h Friday—Contral Dlnirlct Convention, Concor- tlln Colli.'g'w, I* 1 !. Wayne. WJflDNI'ISIMY — 5-8 u, m. Miriam Guild Picnic, Sponcur Park. THUJAS DAY— 7;30 i>. nt. Choir KoJiDarwil, Calvary Presbyterian Hitroia J. TcinB, MlnlBter Nancy JaclcHon, OrKanlHt. ]Ui;hurfl Rr»w(;, Chcilr Director. Sunday: ChUdron'n Day. !):-ir> a. m. Aliult HIliU Cla.sHOH. \) MEi a. m. Junior, Junior Hiffh, H on lor High C'lawHuw tin<l Opi;n HUUHO Cor ixirontH and child run. If) a. in. Nurnory, HuKliinurH, Primary ClaHmm and Op'm U.OUHU, for iiFLrcnLs and <'h|lc!roii. 1 0 : -1 .1 a. m. C rad I « I lo o m and Nui'Hory CJtirts fur clilldro:i. J0:4u to J 1:30 a. m. Childron'H Day \Vorahip and Sormun. Sonnoii: "tJhlldrcjh, Pai-nntH and RalnlHiWH" Ituv. M. ,r. KlriK. MO.V/^AY THHtJ JftiLlf AY — y-ll n. rn. Calvary Vacation Bl- blfs School. . Anytime dial 3800 for "A Minute of I HHjjlraLlon." MONDAY— 7 p. m. Calvary Boy SunutH, Tri.np No. 8. 7 r'- in. Board ot Trunlcoti. TlflflSDAY— Jioard of HcMJilon Meohln^ po»L- pniinci. WKDNKSDAY — 7 i). in. Calvary Ohancol Choh ri Clrclo mootlnx 1 can called. 7:.TO p. m, C'lrnlfi V, mcotluK In the fJhurt-.h parlor.-'. Church of the Brethren Ualivh "W. I Toff man. Pastor Victor K.ILchfjI, Adull Hunt, Hotly Mavlril, ABH'I Supt. Sunday SeJioo] 1»:30, Wor»hii> Hour 10:110. Connocration of Ohlldrim,' HpnoUii Ntirnlioi'H by Ufa chM dron. Hormonotto: "Polloworn of God" . Organist, Arloutno lirubalcor. ChorlHtcr, Janot Nol.son. Main Street Methodist Church Jtov. Oooi'HTft Dunham, p.-trttor MnrnlnK Worship «:3« a. m Sunjart: "PromlHn of fower." Sunday wcliool 10 a, m. ICenmuh Wllliainii, Hiip(U'lnlisn<h:nt. Miflwuolc hour of prayer, Btufly and meditation Thursday 7:30 -«WV v rfffti^rtHfffQ ff WHATKEUGtON DID TO*BASEBALL! Today's athlete wants to win fairly according to the rules. Primitive man had no'rules, no sense of fair play. In the intervening centuries man learned more of God. He began to apply basic religious principles of honesty and integrity to all the activities of life. Finally, he decided that even his games ought to be played by such standards. Sometimes we say that sports build character. We really mean that fair play —the religious principle we have tried to incorporate in our games—turns mere competitive effort into, a character-molding experience. But life is more than a game . . . and Christian character is more than sportsmanship. The Church teaches all of us the principles of moral and spiritual living-. It brings us into a reverent relationship with God himself. Its truths not only inspire fair play . . . but victorious living. THE CTR7BCH FOR Alt .. *"• FOR THE CHUHCH 5S™*«S£1< Broadway Evangelical United Brethren "Wilbur C. •VVIlHun, M-lnintor SUNDAY— 'Divine WornJili/, 0;3« a. m. Chil- dr<;n'ft Day Hurvici-. (JlillUrun'H Choir will Hlntf. Kooeption of. Church* Bchonl, folio win if Divine Worship. (;. H. Suttlnmyre, Gcri'.:nil H upcrl nti: ml nn !,. (,'nnforoin:i; V oilt.h jni; citing; at OH h w r»o d f *n r k, i>u h u \Vw\vnH a <?, Dliinnr, G:00 Lo 7:00 n. 711. "W.S. W.H. Branch Convention Ofi.kwcto(.' Park, Sunday thro'u-K'h Indiana NorUi An nual Conference, Oakwond .Park, Juno 1*2 to 10. St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Iti'.v. Wiiltor C. Ditviw. Jr., J. J a«U>r MirtH Nancy Vnr.Allftri, Origan I «L. K. U JfitnJro, Chulr JL)irucu>r. Sunday School at If:3U a. m., Donovan HpanKlc-r, ^ujH. CliuruJt aorvjco it-L i.tf.-'ifi ti. m., Hurniuii topli;, "Prom Thin .Day .Forward". Service of Confirmation thia Sunday morning. United biHhoran Oliurch Wo- mcin moot 0.11 Wodminday, the IDth. Vun Bora Socioty nieotu Monday evonlntf. ' Choir iinictlcTG on Thursday ove- rling at 7:30 ji. m. Church JJr'oadciaM. nurrt Sunday, Lho HItli, and Church hour clmn- KOH to lOr.'lu a. in. on Jnnu 23rd. Sunday, J'uno as, Church and Sunday Kchool picnic. West Broadway Presbyterian Kov. JustUH Stuilwauuhtor, piuntor Mr, Donald J2. Murphy, Clerk of {Summon. Mr. (JcorK'o Eabb, Suporlnton- dc-nt of Church .School. 'J:tlQ a. m. Sunday Church School ClaHHUH for all aKtiH. 10:40 a. m, Sorvlco of Worwlilp. MI-H. Jain OH KnHHer, oi'tfar.lHt. fcSormon: "Ci-od't* Kingdom oC Children". JUN UK nalil "Su-CCcr Httlo children to coma u/ito J?IG and forbid thorn jiot; for uC MUCH IH tho kinjt- 6om of God.—>Mark 10:13. June 30-28 — Daily Vacation Church Schcol, Muncliur through Friday of tinr.h •wot!It. CltiHaca for ItinUortfarton, Primary and Junior. WedanHdmy — 2:00 p. m. World Frl'mdHhlp .Social Circle. .Tim« 14 —Communicants Oia«a 2 p. m. Metoa B a Otis* I Carry It. Una, fan tor 'FriincjlM ytruriK 1 , Huiit. Sunday School 1'j. Mnrnlntt WorHlilit H. J'Jvcinlntf Hurv lf:ci H, A Jjorvifu of J l ;m;nlaJ Dotlloi- tlon Of Children will bn ob*n,rvcd durliiK tho niornliiK wcji-nhip liour. At tiro tivdnliif; 1 hour LJro ciill- drtiii of the* Sunday Kchool will bi'IiiK the ClilUlrijri'H Day protfrajn. First Church of ChrisV Scientist Sunday School at 10:15 a, m. Sunday IOHHOU norm on at. JOM5 a. m. Subjdci.: "(lod tfio Only Cauuu and Creatcr". Wodncntlay ovanlng mcatlnff a^ 7:-15 p, m. Young America E. U. B. Circuit CiK'J] H, Smith, Mlni/i'tor Cl'lNTi'IU— aunday School 10 a. m, Woi'Miilp S«rv(c«H 1'i a. rn. Woi'Hhnp Sfirvlcd will c'olgo nit 11:30. Annual Con for unco next yro at Oaltwood i'ark, Logansport Methodist Parish iJJoij/i H. Cnnrpton Minis tor ANOKA— Kaymond Ke«nor, Supt. Church School ii:,'JO a. m. AVoi-Hhlp 10:fll) a. m. Prayer Survluu 7:!IO p. m. Wed- noHduy. iMTnJflL— JSvui'CLt Cook, Sup't. Chm-oh School 10 a, m. M.y.If. 7 p. m. Paint Creek Primitive Baptist "VJftHation mvBllntf tlijrd aundti In Juno. VlRlLlnK i>aHtor. Kid or Morris. J:u.ikndti af At u nut a, 'Ind. oulMo Wui-Hnor, Clerk, H. H. 3, lcoino, Ind. Water Street Church Of God Jtev. Jack Clarnblll, PiiHtnr Jtrothfir Woodrow Jacknon, Sup- or!nli!ii(li;rit, Sun. .School "JO a. m. iMorniiiH' Woi'iibh) 11 a. m. "RuK'iilar .Sun, nlKht. Sorvlua 7:30 p. rn. Y.T.l'J. Sorvlco Wed. night 7:80 p, m. Ratfular Wat. rif^fit fiarvlco 7:30 p. m. Trinity Episcopal Church H.UV. Gurald L. ClaudluH, Rector SUNDAY— 7:.fO //nly Cummunlon. 1D:00 Holy Communion -with Coffuu J-toui- folIowinK tho norvico '\Vcjoic day Hchtidulo will bo an- nonncod In church. Third Street Evangelical United Brethren J". 33. CampbnH, pastor Wllmor Burns, Sunday School Supt. Mrn. itlohard Illco, CSiolr, MI»H Forn Giitfle, Or^anlHt, i):30 a. m. TJnlttcd VVorMhlp Sor- vlcn. Sarinun by th« paato: 1 . Cbulr Anthem: "Ucjolu« In thu Lord". J0:30 a. :n, Tho Sunday School hour. CtaHHOH Cor u.11 UK OB, 0::in ]). m. Youth Fellowship, nichunl Rico, director. :SO p. m. Thfj QoHpol Fellow- Sharon Baptist Church Kov. Plil'.lp a. VanXaiult, L'anlor Sunday School !l :30 a. m. Hobort MuCaln, Supt. Morning WornJilp at 10:30 Sor- mon ; "TrainItifj CoiiHtilonini". Hormonottu j'or children: "Broak- nir Up Tho I.iiKht". IllKli Soliool FellowHlilp, 2:^04;.'IO p. m. Junior Hiffh B. Y., 6:30-8:30 p. m. Womon'H Mlf>M(onary .Soclof.y will moot ThurHday, Junt 1 13th, with Mm. VunKiuult, In WewL I*a- fayetta. at. 1:30 p. m. Bethel Tabernacle Jlov. Won dull Nun co, Mlnfnior L. J. TClllHon. Supt. Sunday Burvl'jrjH— MornttiK Worhhlp 3:30 a, m. Junior Church (a^'OH 5-11) !):HO a. m, • Sunday School 10;4fi u. m, Fiv^nf nff Ji'vmii^ellluLlc Burvluo 7:30 P. in. JGvunlnK Blblo' ' Mtudy at tho Walton Coniu-rviLtlun Club ISulld- tntf TtifiHfin.v S p. m. I'll I) In Ht-iidy and 1'nt.yur Service WtsdncBday 8 p. in. Spoc-inl B.Y.T'I. H'H'vfne Thurwday 8 E. m, Twelve Mile E. U. 6. C. T-I. Abbott, 13. D., Pastor TWULiVJJ Mil,];',— S. S. 10 a. in, Morn. VVor«hIp Servian 11 a. m. The Twi'lvo Mill- Unified Service will tiii an Hoovor MothodlHt wlt.li ilcjv. AtifefUHt Ijundfjsu Ni'JW \\'A VI-2Itr*Y— S. H. 10 a. in. i.'riMLchIiiK HurvtcoK will IJQ lifted f«r thu DfJi im<) Irtth of Juno IncliiHlvt'. Tin; pa«l.or will ho at ihu A r. nual CJoni;«ronco at Oak- wond 1'iU'lc Tnd. N-(»ticc:—Thy Local Conferonco wlM muut. at. Now Wavorly Juno 17th 7:30 p. in. Wesleyan Methodist Church Floyd J. "ATorrlH, Pastor U::)!) a. m. Smiduy School for nil aKUH. Gerald Hamm, Stiporln- J 0:1(0 H. m. Morning ISiirvlcil, Ohlldi'un'H Troffnun, Mi:m J 'aiillnii JjOisl'for nr.d Mrn. Jtobort Hmltli in 7 iJ, m. WnH^isyan YuuLh SorvJco. 7:30 p. n». It ven Ing- K i: r vice. Thui'aday ijIw'lH 7 :HO p. r Chui'L'h Pritywr -Me«U.ln/f. Baptist Tern pie M. "L. RobliiHtui, 'MlnlHtor a:I10 Church Hchnol. Kf.'iO Mo nil ii K Wni'Rttlp. Snrnion by tho mlnlHtor: "Phllailulphla Kn- nqrt." An them by Chan col CViolr: "Rumomlior Now Thy Cruator," Carrie B. AdnmH. Mr«. W. JC. Martin, OrtfanlHt. ii:30 Youth FollowHhlp. Th'.ir«(lay 7:30 l^lhle Study Hour. Spring Creek Christian Church Hollin Hill, PiiHtur CiibMl.111' BanHler. H. S. Supt. 11) a. m. Sunday Hchnol. 11 a. in. Communion. Rock Creek Lutheran Parish HuhttPt Ohcrkuhr, Pau'-or MT. .JMSGALJ — Mnrnln^ WorHliip 0:30. Kur.duy Hchnul 10;;tO, Mr. Joo Sltirlcuy, Supt. M'P. 01.1VK — anwliiy .School 10:00. Mr. JtoJjeri ll«rr, Hupt. MriniiKj? WorMiip -lOMIJ. 'J.'ho U.L.C.W. will muuc 1'tiCH, ovi!, 8 i>. m,, .Juiiii II, at, thu hom« nf Mi'H. fUiinwa J'onon. C Ii a r 1 o n e Ro h u « o n w 111 p r o no n tho topic. Gospel Chapel K. K. Huid. Stanley CiUuur. Spitakor, Bob Oalll)i«er. Tlmm will bfl H[;ocJ;tl H! nix) lit, and innHlc by Hay and DoloreH K<u)hn o!' K.iiojr. Sunday School 3:30 a, m. WurMliip Mufjilnw 10:4B a. m. Vonn^r, 1'OuplriH JJililo Study fiilG p. m. BvaiiK'ollKtlu MeetliiK 7i30 p. m "VVoiJ. Prayer MfOtlnir 7:30 p. m. Calvary PonJecoifal Church Way no Hornhurlc. Paw tor Wadti Urotvn, ,SiitierJritend«n't, »:30 Hunilay School, 10;.'iO Morning U'oi-Hhlu. 7 p. in. You us PmiijIcj'H Servlc undur dJrftcLlon oC 1 lownrd (Jump 7 ;3fl p. m. J'jvanKoliH'tlc Sovvlc* 7:!(() p. in. Wnd n find ay Fmyc Mooting and Bible Study. Friday Evening, June 7, 1957, Martin M. Post Memorial Parish NORTHERN CHURCHKS— Rev, Harry W. Campbell, pastor BETHLEHEM— Albert Rodders, Supt. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Sunday morn Ins worship service at 11 a, m., Sermon: "The Spirit Pilled L*f.c." CONCORD— Herbert Hanna. Supt. Sunday school at ill a. m. Sunday morning: warship service at 10 a, m. LUCERNR-— Will! am Frushour, Supt. Sunday school at 30 a. m. Sunday morning; worship service at 9 a. m. SOUTHERN CHURCHES— j. Gordon Leech, Pastor CENTER— John Graham, Supt. Church School 10 K. m. Westminster Fcllowshln 6:3H p. m. Sunday at the home of Bill BlackkcUer. PISGAH— Harry Giffln. Supt. Church School 10 a. m. Morning Worship 11 a. m. UNION— Kenneth Miller. Supt. Church School 9:45 n. m. Friendship Class moots UK sup- jr at the churcn Sunday evening 1 . ^ome-^Toin-TTH Class meeting rU th e Ii om e o£ M r. an d Mrs. Lo u 1 H Choir Pructlco Thursday 8:30 Broadway Methodist Raymond P. TOchols, Minititor Mrs. ^Vlinicr Flury, QrKiiitlsL. • Mr. Melvln Hlluy, Supi. i) :30-30:15 Church School. The combined youlh yrnups will mt'ul in the Church Kchoni audltDrlvim. 10:20-11:20 Morning \Vornhip. Nursery. No Junior Church. rKran Pi'dudc; "Aiiciutim Cantabile in J3 Fla;,", T^chiilUowsky. udluK Trio: "I WJ1J Not 3-'or- sake Thoe". MCH. Jack lJ]m«r, Mrn. Warren Holm and Airs. Kaymund Sermon : "Li v WurMs", Jlov. Kr Orrcniory: "ri In Tlin-o Flower", B'Jildc*r'B Cinss carry-in diniu-r. ri:::u p. m. Mulholitr* CI.IHS and Miriam Circle fjimily pi end: at H]i muter Park. Kach family to brltiMT fnorl for their family. 7::JO-1U 1). m. Snl>-J)Istrii-i M.Y.F. IIIIH pin n nod a ^IctLlnf? uarty at tho local rink. MOXUAY — ].::t()-:t:30 C<jnpo:-:i(l\'c Dully Vn- CatlfHl Itlblu Sl'IlO'll, all HCSHlnilK to b" hi'M in Majitl^t M'l-mpli'. 7;,'iO Tlui OlTicliil llicird nuu'lli'.K'. WICUNKMDA.Y — 'i p. in. Thu ^(itli Century ClasH ;v!I! mt't'i lit the church. FH1DAY — Mon will innko annual trip to J'lpworJh F»r«Ht. Markat Street Methodist Church Harry H. flr, Minister MornjiiK Wor.sbip fl:.10. Sunn on; "Power Js Available". Tlut Cherub Choir will furniwh Lin: Hj)Cclal niusii:. The JiHornnHiiaU! Choir illrof.tuil by Mrs. Jiorutliy JiiMl'.-y will ning tho ii nl hiiin. Sfeivart I Jordon, on-j;tJiJ.*>t.. .Sunday School Cla^M^s fur ull 4Utf 10:40, I Ui-hard ! : 'lMry, Supt. Nursery and KindiTKfiricn fliic ill! I'hiK both Kfi'vicen. Kciilnr MY!-' ii:3«. Yo'.itb Ir« f^vatMii Social Friday, tho lUh, ."i:00. Grace Evangelical Lutheran Paul W. JJaur, J'.iHtur KUNPAY— y:3d ii. ;n. ('limvh Sch'mi. J(t;.'i(/ ft. tn. \\'ornhlj) S'^'vu-f. 1 . " WhltHU inlay-—Tlio Cc-inliiK ot Ui« linly Sulri!". M.ONDA Y throtiKli KKJUAY— .linn. lO-l'i JJally Vuiuutiun JJIblu Sclion] S.KO-] 1 u. m. 7:30 V in. WOIIMII of tin: Church TIJ'KSDAY—' C:.1!) p. in. LullH-r lA-iimiu. WKUNWSDAY— 7 p, m. Church Oouticll. TJH1KSDAV — 7:;iU p. in. Choli- llftliMarrtiu. Broadway Alliance Paul M. •WJmliT, I'jtHior .Mr M'm. HiiHli, «• S. Supt. SUNDAY— .siiiuliiy Sc.h.n.1 nl S):.iO :\. in. WitrHlilp Si'i'vlcn ill nulSO, l)i-ill- uiUfon ti(jrvlcf(! /i»r Wwrkuiw r»r Suinniur Hlbhi Hi-hnM. J'antur j'lvii nwnl Ho'.ir 7 •;{<). Tiio p!iHt«n* Hi)(>ji)(lnK i>n; "Tm Tlnn-H H<-1 ;<T", Hi-rU-N on Dniili'l. Tht! lilldu in Hie Nowa, \\hAi-, JO: IT. i;. m. TH IS WM1'M< — Moritiiiy nniriiinK nml riiiinidK I'"' Hid imxt. two wi"tk:t. 'Hn'iim: i 1<>- niMji-H 1'or ChrlKl", Mi 1 ", ('hrlti JlolilM.ii In charK-'-- H^dnnH '.>:<><! lo 11 ::*"• HUM tn iii«-U uj> chiliiriMi not within wnlUii.K iliMimrf. I'luilr 1'niot !i-u Td'-Mdiiy cvi-ninj-v 8:<io. nlng'"7:30. Columbia St. Church of Christ Frank Guy or, AUnlHifir •J:30 a. in. Ulblc <:|:IKI:MH. MtSO a. m. J'roiu-lUnK 1 -'""I Cinn- J:;i(i p. m. Herald of Truth WUS. 7:30 p in. J'riMu'hhifC. Thurw. 7:30 p. in. Hlbli- Kludy- HLarllnj; .lun« Ifith ihrouKb .Hun' Utith HI. 7:30. thi-n* will In- i» ''"»JH-I muniiiiK with Hurol.l Taylor of Ucrtforrt, Inil., pru»r)iJ»K oath evening. Bethel A. M. E. Htiv. Ilrilph .fin.'JtHun Htirvtcn 4 p. m. VIOLA'S For Exclusive, Leading Nationally Advertised Ladies Apparel 326 Broadway Ph. 3915 T. H. YOUNG D-X PRODUCTS FUEL OILS 1520 Woodlawn Ave. Phone 4619 B. R.WILHELMCO. Timken Oil and Gas Hi'oting Equipment. Shellane Bottled Gas Auto Radiator Repair 206 Fifth Street Phone 3929 Who Is Your Tuner? Piano service of proven ability. Over 35 years experience. Registered member of National Association of Piano Toners. —Free Estimates—- Claude H. Conrad Dial 2811 DALE L. ISAACS Electrical Contractor Licensed • Bonded • Insured 3259 231 W. Ottawa Logansport, Ind. CASS COUNTY STONE CO. STUDEBAKER Construction Co. Paving Contractors R. R. 6 Ph. 5-6358 logansport, Ind. MOTOR-STOKER Anthracite Burning Equipment QUALfTY COALS AND FtfEL OIL SCHMIDT COAL CO. 923 W. Broadway Phone 4402 Logansport Everyone Can Afford Good Furniture on EASY TERMS Foster's Furniture Co. 412-414 E. Market St. LEHNUS BROS. —l°arm Implement*— Allis-Chalmers Sale* & Service G.M.C. Trucks South edge of Logansport on Road 29 -Dial 4691- J. L. (Jack) HAWKINS Livestock Buyers Hogs Air Weight* Veal Every Day -Dial 4434- logansport, Ind. Acetylene ft Arc Welding Corrugated Metal Pipe Beams Angles, Bars Sheet Metal of All Kinds Baiement Adjusting Posts Special Built Tanks Galvanized Corrugated Roofing Logansporr Metal Culvert Co. 220 Hanna Phone 5157 CASS CO. FARM BUREAU CO-OP Petroleum, Paints, Feeds Fencing, Coai A Farm Tools 108 E. Ottawa Dial 3141 HAMMOND ORGANS Free Demonstration Ramseyer Piano Co. 320 W. Taylor Kokomo, Ind. Writo for Literature THE FARMERS AND MERCHANTS STATE BANK Serving This Community Since 1902 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HI ATI'S "Everything for Your Office" 310 E. Broadway Dial 3842 GUST Service Center The finest In gas and oil Completo Battery Service HARRY GUST, Prop. N. E. Corner 6th & High Phone 4904 RAY'S CREAMERY Grade "A" Dairy Products. largest Dairy In Cass County. 131 Burlington Ave. Dial 3722 Want Out of Debt? Let us arrange to got you out. of dabt on payments you can afford, regardless of how much you owe. No security or endorsement needed. One and oniy one place to pay. 'Credit Counselors of Logansport Op«n Dally 9 to S, Exc»pl W«d. 401 Barnes Bldg. Ph. 2750 For Your Everyday Needs in t Toiletries » Packaged Drugs » Sundries. Stop At SMITH'S 300 West Market St. Phone 3930 BOB'S ROOFING CO. Roofing, Siding, Buildup, Eave Troughs. BOB SCHODROP 921 GARFIELD AVE PHONE 9755 FLOWERS For All Occasions Corsages Floral Decoration* Funeral Designs PLEASANT HILL GREENHOUSE • 1016PloasantHilf Dial 5144 CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE Cass and Miami Counties. Phone Logan 2570 or 3092 Phone Peru 555 330 Water St., Logansport HOPE-LUXEM CO., Inc. FORD SALES AND SERVICE 718 S. Burlington Phone 3178

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