Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 7, 1957 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1957
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CLOUDY .INDIANA: Mostly cloudy with showers and scattered thunderstorms thro ugh Saturday except clearing extreme •north portion Saturday. Cooler central portion tonight. Temperature 12 noon 74 degrees. Sunset 8:11 pm., sunrise 5:17 am. YOUR HOME TOWN LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY NOW IN OUR , 113th YEAR HOME EDITION . Pounded '1844- For All Dcpartm Phone 4141 LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, FRIDAY EVENING, JUNE 7, 1957. and Might Price Per Copy, Seven Cents RACKETS PROBE RAISES RED ISSUE Air-Sea Search Interrupts Ikes Voyage Rescue One Navy Pilot; Seek Another Training Exercises for President Are Cancelled As Two Jet Planes Are Forced Down At Sea lorney Oliver Gasch eharged today that lawyers fighting for GI William S. Girard may have hurt MAYPORT, Fla. (UP) — Thc '. his defense in Japanese courts by aircraft carrier Saratoga received j"agressive actions'- in his be- a message from thc carrier Val- half. Charge Girard Counsel Has Hurt His Defense Government Attorney Criticises "Aggressive Action" Taken by Attorneys. WASHINGTON (UP)—U.S. At- ley Forge today that the lifeless Gasch, who is conducting the body of a second Navy pHot who government's fight against a iPost Office Fund Request Meets Delay ditched his plane in lhe Atlantic liad been found. By MERRIMAN SMITH United Press White House Writer ABOARD U.S.S. SARATOGA (UP)—A giant air-sea search for t\vo downed pilots today cancelled much of the impressive Navy move to force Girard's return to j this country, told the United Press he is "very regretful" at- '.orneys retained by Girard's family have subpenacd all written records in the case. Indicating the government may seek to quash the subpcna, Gasch !House Subcommittee Post- training exercises being staged for said however "it now looks as if President Eisenhower and three! we may have lo open up the whole Cabinet officers. thing." Sixteen of Uie 19 warships es- Arm y Sends Observer •corting this huge supercarrier and At the same time, Brig. Gen. presidential flagship pulled out O f! charlcs L - Decker, assistant Arthe task forc- e to scour Atlantic'my J ud 2e advocate general, pre- coaslal walcrs in the partially:-pared to go lo Japan immediately successful rescue mission. One of lhe pilots wa.s spotted shortly after dawn floating on a ilife raft off the Georgia coast. He •was picked up almost immediately •by a helicopter dispatched by the aircraft carrier Valley Forge. Ships and planes of the rescue their search in hope the ether pilot also had bailed out of his disabled plane and managed to inflale his life raft. With most of its ships engaged to act as the Army's official observer in the Girard trial. Army Secretary Wilber M. Brucker said sending Decker reflected the Army's "interest in 'he case." pones Consideration of Kx- tra $149,500,000 Until Next Week By UNITED PRESS A House Appropriations subcommittee refused to consider today President Eisenhower's request for| cn " frT °_ m , Moscow. Economic Aid Pact Signed With Poland Marks First Treaty With Communist Country By U.S. Since Yugoslavia Broke With Moscow WASHINGTON (UP) — The United States and Communist Poland today signed an agreement promising $48,900,000 in American agricultural products and mining machinery to the independence- seeking Gomutk-a regime. The agreement marked the first extension of U.S. aid Lo a Communist nation since last fall's satellite revolts in Eastern Europe. American officials hoped it would help Premier Wladisiaw Gomulka hold to his policy of greater independ- Grand Jury to Call Ex-Governor Craig Lake County Threatens to Subpoena John Peters, Chairman of Highway Commission. f~ t \ ' | INDIANAPOLIS f UP)—Prose- Four-state Area Fights Floodwaters an extra $149,500,000 for the Post Office Department. 11 said it would do so next Tuesday—provided Postmaster General Arthur E. Summerfield was prepared, then to say what cuts in service he will order if he doesn't get the money. Eisenhower said tlie extra money is needed to prevent reductions in postal service starting July 1. Congress a'.ready has voted Gasch noted the Defense De- the department $3,192,000,000 for parlmenl has been "very scrupu- 3n this operation, the Navy cancelled a good part of its demonstration of the latest in jet planes, lous" not to divulge evidence which may be used in court for fear of prejudicing the 21-year-old soldier's defense. He added the subpena move "is not going to do Girard any good." Among key evidence which might be disclosed is thai bearing on i Japanese charge lhal Gi- rardl "enticed" Mrs. Naka Sakai •fiscaL 1958. The subcommittee met today but voted, 3-1, Lo adjourn until Tuesday because, Chairman J. missiles niques planned for "rhl '° 'I* empty shell cases on President'' UIS. firing range, then shot her and the three members of his Cabinet. Fire Regulus Missile •Washed out was "Operation Washout"—a new technique for ^ ___ 'enveloping a fighting ship in waterjj-grji to the Japanese courts. in the bock with an empty shell fired from a grenade launcher. High U.S. officials told United Press earlier that The United States also pledged an additional shipment of $40,100,000 worlh of surplus wheat and cotton, boosting the total Polish aid figure to 95 million dollars, as soon as Congress passes enabling legislation. The State Department decided to go ahead with a partial aid agreement after the House delayed action on a bill to authorize an additional billion dollars- worth o[ surplus agricultural sales abroad. The Polish shipments anticipated in the supplemental aid agreement will come out of this authorization. Tod-ay's initial agreement calls for an Export-Import Bank loan Vaughan Gary (D-Va.) said, Sum- of 30 m ju; on doHars largely for merfield was not prepared to dc-' |USC j n buying mining machinery. tail the cuts mentioned by Eisenhower. Gary said Summerfiold also was not prepared U> answer questions about how he plans to use Ihe $3,192,000,000 if he doesn't get the additional $149,500,000. The United States also will sell Poland, for Polish currency, $18,900,000 worth of cotton, fats, and oils. Other congressional news: Foreign Aid: Gen. Lauris Nor- the'stad, commander of NATO forces in Europe, said the North Atlantic question was the key issue in. de- whelhor lo surrender Gi- mist to ward off radioactive fallout after a nuclear bomb blast. Also cancelled was a surface-lo- air launching of Terrier guided missiles from the cruiser Boston, •and an anti-submarine exercise conducted by sonar-equipped 'heli- The subpena requires the government (o produce in court on Tuesday all written data having anything to .do with the case. If the government objects it can try to get the court to quash the subpena. .copters from the carrier Valley; Kcstralnlng Order Issued Forge. The President and his aidsc, however, did get to see the surface - to - surface firing of the •Regulus guided missile from the Saratoga. The Regulus, in turn, served as a target for Sidewinder Dayton M. Harrington, one of Ihe Girard family lawyers, and Earle J. Carroll of New York, who has taken the case without pay be- cau.se of his interest in thc affair, obtained a temporary restraining order in federal district court here - — •• . i UJ UL^I HI i\.w\;t at ittmi i-i*!* i,wut b MiKi t; missiles fired by attack P>a ni - s |Thiirsday barrinfi the sovernment Treaty Organization has made "amazing" progress. He told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee lhal NATO forces are "Ihree lo four times stronger and many -times more effective" than they ] were six years ago. He said NATO now has "the kind of mililary power thai lhe Soviet planners understand and reaped." Civil Rights: Soulheerners have claimed a majority of House members favor the controversial "jury trial" amendment to the civil rig-hls program. $50 Is Taken In Burglary Two burglaries and one attempted break-in of Logansport business establishments kept investigating eify police busy Friday morning. Leo Hendricks reported about $50 Red Kiver Approaching Flood Stage; Crest Expected in Louisiana Sunday By UNITED PRESS Spring showers and thunderstorms swept much of the northern half of the nation Thursday night and heavy fog blanketed the New York area. Shower activity decreased in the Texas - Arkansas - Oklahoma- Louisiana area, but the Red River continued to roil at flood stage or above in its course- through the four stales. Weathermen warned stockmen to move their cattle from lowlands as the Red hit 29.5 feet at Fulton, Ark., Thursday. It was 2 feet above flood stage at Arthur City, Tex. Water poured over spillways al Lake Texoma into the Red River at the rale of three-fourths of a million gallons per second. The huge lake divides Texas and Oklahoma. Experts said the river would crest in Louisiana Sunday, and culor John Tinder said today a Marion County Grand Jury investigating Indiana's highway scandal will question former Gov. George | N. Craig within the next three weeks. Tinder refused to specify what questions the jury wants to ask Craig, under whose administration Outlook for Local Bypass Is Favorable Only Local Opposition to $3,000,000 Project Could Halt Plans-for It, Anderson In- Bakery Union Leader Defies Investigators Frank Dutto Hides Behind Fifth Amendment When Questioned As to Whether He Was Communist Before 1950 WASHINGTON (UP)—A vice president of tlie Bakery Workers Union admitted today lie t»uk the alleged irregularities involving j wnicn Ha i led p i ans f or i ne bypass several years ago. it was indicated by Vernon Anderson administrative assistant to Governor Harold home $61,000 from a "testimonial dicates dinner" but said other labor loaders get similar . "gifts" alt the Logansport is virtually assured | time. of a $3,000,000 bypass lo accomo-j date both north-south and east- west traffic provided the project does' not meet the local opposition right-of-way sales occurred. He safd it was uncertain when the former governor will be called, | but it has to be before the jury's term expires at the end of J'une. Meanwhile, Highway Chairman John Peters was threatened with a subpoena from Lake County unless he sends officials evidence of alleged irregularities in the Calumet area. Peters termed the threat "ridiculous." Saycr, Sherwood Called The grand jury will resume its highway investigation here next Tuesday. Tinder said William E. Saycr, Craig's former administrative assistant, and Elmer (Doc) WASHINGTON (UP!—A union official accused of squeezing SIS,470 from New York bakery workers and employers refused today to say whether lie was- a Communist before 1950. The witness, Frank Dulto. invoked the Fifth Amendment when the Senate Labor Rackets Gommit- ITandiey, fallowing a conference;i ce insisted on an answer. Thursday in Indianapolis. Representing the city at the conference in the State House were Senator Robert S. Justice, Representative Robert D, Schmidt, Ed Yeazel, Mrs. Dorothy Kimbroush, and Mel Riley, chairman of the Dutto said he signed a nnn- Communist oath in 1950 which was "true then and it's true now." The Communist angle came as a .surprise development as Dutto, organizing director of New York's big Local 3 of the Baker Workers Union, was being questioned about how he cooked up a'testimonial local by-pass committee. Anderson said the bypass would carry traffic from slate highways dinner for Max Kralslein. interns 29 and 24 and probably would in- : tional vice president of the r.nio vo've the construction of two for the New York area, bridges and an over-pass. The money to finance the pro- Sherwood, his close associate and j ec t wou ld come out of the $34,500.- advisor, would be asked to testify. QQQ backlog of federal allotments In questioning them, Tinder said the jury is "going into matters to do with highway purchasing." Sayer formerly was an agent for the sale of Prismo Paint which was used for highway markings. 000 backlog that the .state must use before it can obtain any of the federal funds on the new 90-10 formula. John Peters, chairman nf 1 the slate highway commission; Charles Maddox, commission member; . ~ • . ." - .VJUUUUA, UUUUHISSMJil Illcun/i-l , Sherwood was a frequent visitor Govcrnor Handlcy and Anderson in Craig s office _ and prominent | represen(cd the sU(e a , lhe con . behind-the-scenes administration. figure in his warned of possible flooding near | Pctors said ' he rece j V ed a letter Shreveport, Coushatta and Alexandria. Meanwhile, rivers fed by a heavy runoff from melting snow posed a flood threat in lhe western 'and southern portions of Colo-, rado. Lowland residents near Delta in western Colorado were evacuated when !he Gunnison River climbed above flopd stage. from Floyd Var.ce, Lake County chief deputy prosecutor, again asking for information on irregularities involving the Tri-SUite Highway or other evidence of wrong-doing. "In tile event such information iu not forthcoming," the letter stated, "it will become necessary to subpoena you for oho grand jury to obtain same. We would much In the East, heavy fog forced ' prefer to have your voluntary co- posfcponetncnl of the Brooklyn s prowlers three atlempts lo gain entrance. First they tried to jimmy the door on the west side. Next a back window was smashed, but they were unable to trip the lock. Entry finally was gained through another back window on the north side, afler removing a storm window. However, opponents said they , M Wayne , s ' Produco 544 Erie were making headway to keep the avenut>i nnU , ing was repor |. ed m i ss . from the Saratoga. Thc Saratoga did not take part In the air-sea search and rescue mission because her 00,000 - ton bulk is so massive that she would not be of too much help in such operations. The President was scheduled to return to May port this afternoon to fly back lo Washington. lie planned Lo make an important political speech lo a bij; Republican rally in the capital later this afternoon. Tlie President accompanied by two plane loads of top administration officials flew to Florida Thursday morning from Washington. The presidential party includes Secretary of Stale John Foster Dulles, Secretary of Defense Charles E. Wilson and Treasury Secretary George Humphrey. from turning Girard over to a Japanese court. Federal Judge Joseph C. Mc- Garraghy ordered the government to show cause next Tuesday why Girard should not be returned to this country for further consideration of his controversial case. It is then lhat the showdown over thc government records will come. Girard, an Army specialist 3C from Ottawa, 111., is slated to be tried in a Japanese court in August or later for killing Mrs. Sakai. bill true of it. One leader of the southern bloc said 243 members—25 over a majority—favor the amendment. But admitted concern that some northern Republicans might change their minds if thc administration turns on thc "pressure" over the week end. i-| Name Judges for 4-H Girls' Fair Exhibits M. Millionaire Kills Ex-Wife CHICAGO (UP)—A millionaire srt collector, attorney and explorer apparently shot and killed his beautiful ex-wife in a rage when a reconciliation allempl failed and then trietl to take his own life, police said today. Three judges have been chosen for the Cass county 4-H club girls' fair exhibits, according lo Miss Ethel Nice, home demonstration agent. Mrs. Thomas Foster, vocational Home Economics teacher at Lafayette, will be the judge for all divisions of exhibits. She will be assisted by Mrs. Walter Scott, Frankfort vocational Home EC teacher in the clothing judging work, and Mrs. Geneva Hollingsworth, Flora, a Howard county Home EC teacher, in judging of demonstrations. The county girls' 4-H judging Authorities said Bailey Stanlon, I programs are conducted during 64, muttered "This was a suicide ( no three-week period preceding pact." But Police Capl. Leroy Steffens said he doubted Slanton's •tory. Stanton was found slumped beside thc body of his mink-clad former wife. Dr. Margaret Stanton, 45, Thursday in her parked car. "Let me die," Stanton pleaded when police arrived, "Please let me die." The victim was looking forward to' her marriage next Wednesday to Dr. Max Forkosh, 49, a dentist «nd founder of the Forkosh Memorial Hospital, Mrs. Slanton had been on the hospital staff as a the Cass county fair July 21-27 this year. Riverside Park Zoo Bear Bites Employe "Bearing" a bear into a cage al Riverside Park Friday provcc somewhat painful for city employe Loo Feeley. Memorial hospital authorities reported (hat Feeley, 53, residing al 1437 College street, was admittec about 12:30 for treatment of a wound on the third finger of his right hand. As the 250-pound beast was be- physician and surgeon lor six ing taken into the cage, it pounced yoar*. [and bit JFeeley'i finger. Sheriff and Deputies Check 149 Vehicles The Cass county sheriff's department and special deputies checked 149 'vehicles for safety Thursday evening in Twelve Mile. Thirty-one of those checked were found to be detective but no arrests were made, Sheriff 0. R. Carson reported. ing although lhe cash box was found near the window through which they gained entrance. The prowlers pride open the desk and scattered some papers. They also unpluged a clock radio al 10:20 p.m., twenty-minules afler Proprietor Wayne Ross left the building. Prymarks were cl is c o v e r e d around the lock of the rear door (if Van's Jewelry store, 407 East Market slreet, but entry was Jiot ncgotialecl. BULLETIN' PHILADELPHIA (UP) — A woman scientist claimed} today to have discovered thc cause of the dread disease multiple sclerosis. York i at New the second inning. Jt wa.s . believed to be the first time a major league game has been halted by fog. * Man Crossing Street Killed by Automobile GARY (UP)—A. man identified | si ? n • • •" as Arthur Cook, aboul 60, Gary, was killed today when he was hit by an automobile while crossin-g U.S. 12 on the west side to catch operation 'M this matter." Peters Fires Back Thc letter indicated copies were moiled lo Governor Hand-Icy and Atly. General Ed-win Steers. Peters wasted no time firing back. He said he wrote Vance, "I can assure you that your office will get the complete co-operation of the State Highway Commis- ference Thursday. Peters pointed out thai lhe commission stopped bypass plans five years ago because of the opposition of some LoRansporl citizens to one-way slreeis and declared that the commission wants to be sure of complete local support before going ahead with the 1 project now. Justice and 'Schmidt were told to obtain resolutions from local civic bodies stating they would accept the stale's engineering judgment on where the bypass should bo and whal- sleps the city musl lake lo handle its own traffic. The commitlee charged that Kralslein got $57,OH! from the dinner, which he used to buy and furnish a $40,000 home. His wife got a $1,650 present and Kralstoin Rot a $1,«7, portrait, the committee said. Committee investigator Lavcrn •T. Duffy presented affidavits from five small New York bakers who said they bought $50 lo $200 ads in a souvenir program for the dinner because they didn't want trouble with the'union. They said they did not contribule voluntarily, did nol know Kralstein and did not know where the money was going. "The Little Dlctalor" Duffy said tlie five affidavits "show a pattern" of what he found in interviewing a dozen or so small bakers in New York. H e said several others were afraid to give affidavits. Dutto, who was* chairman of thc Kralstein testimonial dinner at lhe Waldorf-Astoria a year ago, said he and oilier members of I ho executive board of Local 3 decide:! The local legislalors pointed out to the .slale aulhorities lhal 46 local orgrsni/alions have united in urging the construction of lhe bypass. The stale must match federal funds on a 50-50 basis in the cx- , to honor Kralstein wiUi a dinner. a bus. Police said Cook was struck down by a car driven by Eugene Veloek, 28, East Chicago. Police "I can further assure you that any records that you might choose to want or need will be furnished you by this department. If it is so thai we cannot furnish the original, records, we Will furnish photo- stat copies." But Peters said he needed addi penditure of the $34,«)0,000 back- ! He said he also wanted to buy Ihn vice president a house because Kralslein w;is living in "such a morlest home," He said he explained lo I lie BO- odd other members of the dinner commitlee that the money would log for slate highways and on a BO-'IO basis for inlerslute con- slruclion. Pclers said lhal by Sept. 10 all of the backlog will be under contract and lhe slate said Veloek attempted Lo avoid • Lional information in order to, "ule $9 -hitting Cook, veered across the comply. spends, road and crashed headon with a ready to build additional highways on the new formula in which the federal government will contri- for each ?I the state go toward Krulsloin's new homo, but he did nol know if they toW the persons they pressured lo buy $25 tickets or ads at $150 up. I Joseph Tenczar, former business 'age.'H for Lwa! 3, described Krnl- car driven by Willy Eridgeforth, 53, East Chicago. Neither driver was injured. -.Toc Rochester Youth Fatally Injured WYTI-fEVILLE, Va. (UP) _.__ E. Strycker, 18, Rochester, Ijid., wanls died Thursday night of injuries sustained May It in an automobile-tractor collision north of here. He reiterated, "I have no knowledge of what you want and until such a request is made, I do not know what to furnish." Lake County Proseculor Mclro Ilolovachka previously claimed Peters has refused to turn over lhe records, while Peters insisted Flames Trap 3 Children CHICAGO (UP) — Three young children of a former Kenlucky PAVE THREE BLOCKS ON GEORGE STREET Quintuplets Die at Birth VILLA DE JOAO BELO, Mozambique (UP) — Quintuplets born prematurely Thursday to a'native woman all died today, a spokesman for thc regional hospital said. Dr. Antonio Moreira, director of the hospital here, told the United Press: "The infants did not have any chance of survival from the outset. They had no resistance, and Residents of George street from Twenty-second street east welcomed * new three-block' resurfacing project completed by thc C. A. Sludcbnkcr construction company. The stretch 1» one of a contempir/cd 32-block paving program lor the city this summer, (Pharoi-Xribuae Photo-Engraving.) he doesnt' know what Ilolovachka I family burned to death today in a fire apparently caused by an overloaded electrical circuit. Tlse victims, Paul Edward Yates, 12, and his brothers, Louis Wayne, 10, and Richard Lee, II, were trapped in a rear bedroom of lhe family's second floor apartment on Cliicago's Norlh Side. Another son, Phillip, 2(1, jumped from a window ami suffered a possible broken back. The flames were discovered by the mother, Mrs. Birgic Vales, 37, who awakened her husband, Charles, 40. They tried to reach the young children, hut were driven back by the flames. Nine oilier families we're routed by the blaze, which was confined to the rear section of the three- stein as "the little dictator" who negotiated nil bakery workers union contracts in the city. Tenczar testified that the money for the testimonial dinner was raised by "pressure." Committee Counsel Robert F. Kennedy said the union raised $33.825 from ticket sales and $51,615 from the souvenir program. Krnltitaln Got $57,000 Out of Ihi.s, ho said, lhe banqunt at lhe Waldorf-Asloria cost $17,!IK). There were oilier minor expenses, but the bulk of the money wcnl, he said, like this: "Portrait of guest of honor, $],447. "Gifl .to guest of honor (Krai- stein i $57,000. "Gift lo wife of guest of honor, $i,B30." Kennedy said that when the bills were paid, thc dinner fund hud $B(>(! left in the bank—and that went to Kralslein, too. Tenczar said he was fired because he objected to such activities. ail died within 24 hours of being!story building. The children were born. He said the mother was well and in no danger. Moreira said the four boys and a girl were born to Selina Corane, 30. Twenty Examined At Health Clinic By noon Friday, about 20 children and adults had attended the Cass County Tuberculosis clinic in the court house, secretary Dorothy Dipboye reported. X-rays of each person were required before coming to the clinic and these x-rays were examined and explained lo those attending, by a clinician from Irene Byron Hospital at Fort Wayne. dead when firemen reached them. Hospital Bid Up for Vote Memorial hospital board of trustees will accept or reject bids at its meeting Tuesday at 7 p. m. for construction of the hospital addition. Revised and apparent low bid submitled was $1,329,999. Dpna- tions, bod issues and interest to- talled $1,250,000. Thus, a deficit of $115,000 confronts the board. In addition, stale law requires that the amount of the construction contract be on deposit before the contract can be signed. Current cash on hand Is $922,000. Kennedy said She committee also will look into the alleged misuse of Bakery funds by the local in Los Angeles. Kennedy said Union President I James GT Cross would Icsiify today or Saturday, presumably about: —A $6,500 Cadillac lie allegedly got from union funds which wcro earmarked for "organizing," —A $200 "strike donation" money order which an investigator said was sent by former Union Vice President George T. Stuart lo a woman not on the union payroll —Mrs. E. K. Thorpe of Los Angeles, also known as Key Lower. Kennedy told newsmen he did not expect Cross to invoke the Fifth Amendment. Stuart, who recently resigned under fire, invoked the Fifth Amendment some two do/.cn times Thursday. He refused even to admit any connection with the union despite committee charges lhal ha spent more than $40,000 in dues money for personal items.

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