Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 9, 1957 · Page 14
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 14

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1957
Page 14
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fourteen Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Triton* Soil Bank Extension Is Conceded in House WASHINGTON (UP)— opponents of the soil bank acreage reserve program conceded that the House would reverse itself today and approve a tightened-up one-year extension of the program. Only two months ago the House voted to kill the program. The new plan would limit subsidy payments to $3,000 per farmer, restrict total payments to 500 million dollars and bar the Agriculture Department from ladling out any of the subsidies during the closing weeks of the 1958 congressional election. It was embodied in a compromise $3,666,543,747 agriculture appropriations bill drafted by a Senate-House conference committee. The measure, on which Senate action also is necessary, contained *298,900,000 less than the administration requested for operation of farm programs in the year ahead. . Termed Good Fight The House, in passing its version of the bill on May 9, voted 192-137 to terminate the acreage after payments- farmers participating this year. The Senate voted to restore it. Under the acreage reserve growers of five crops— wheat, corn, tobacco, rice and upland cotton- receive subsidies when they agree not to plant some or all of their allotted acreage. Some farmers this year have received checks for is much as $200,000 under the program. Hep. Burr Harrison (D-W.Va,), who led the initial fight against the program in the House, was satisfied that "a good deal was ac- the $3,000 payment limitation and the requirement that Secretary of reserve portion were made to NOTH;K TO TAXPAVIOHH AUUITIO.V/tl, AI'I'llOr .Notice IK hereby Klvoii thu taxpayer* of l,[,K,-in«|jurt and f.'n»n County, /ndlunu, that th« nriiper I'-Kal officer* of »iiln munlciimllty ut the r roKUliir m;':ltn K pinto lit X:0li i, niouk l:.\l. r,n tlio 5th ilay of AuKuxt, 1!H7, will tunulilcr thi- follnwInK ailiiltliimil upproprlatlo/jii wJii'jh *afd office™ consider neci-H- H"ry in muni, thn oxtruorcllriiiry • m<;rKOii(-y exInttiiK ut thin Umis. '/•ramcfBr* from ' H I(,,,,,i(rtt- Blndlnjf .............. 12250.1)0 21 Telephone, fn:lKht.& pcml- !»K" ............... i .. j-,o 1)0 'i'i I<l«hL, "Wat'ir, J'owsr. l£l<-va- '"<• .................. t2on.no JO Peimloi ............. J2000.CMI Tno above fund* lire nl) uviill- *.tilr. at IhlH time for traiiHfer un»l no Additional fumlx will Ijo required. TaxoayfrrN KlJpearlnK at nuoh TneetiliK t^iall tiawj a rlKiit ti> lie ntturcl thereon. Tile uddllloiilil appropriation HH finally made wllf tin automatically rur^rr-'id to the Hlnle Hoard ut TH* C'ornmluHlonem, whlull Hoard will hold further hear!.'!*; wUliln rlft'tett dityK a' the County Audltor'H Office of (-UKH County, Indlanu. or at. «u<:h other plat-e an may lie ilonlKlialed. A himrlnK. taxpayern objecting additional appro. . to any of the priatlonH may bo heard and ««ted taxpayer* rnay Inquire nf th County Auditor when and where • uch hearlnv. will be held. flOAllU OK TrilIHTKEH O|r J/JfrA.VHI'OK'l" J'UCUIO UeorKe nyrnan, 1'renlden'.. Agriculture Ezra T. Benson must make all of the payments, by Sept. 15, 1958. "He won't be able to pour money into pivotal election districts right before the election as he did last year for the purpose of influencing the election results," Harrison said. Moreover, Harrison said, the House fight against the soil bank succeeded in "establishing it as Benson's baby." He noted that Benson cancelled a planned trip to South America to stay in Washington and carry on a fight in the Senate for. its restoration. Restrict Payment Total In addition to money restrictions, the Senate-House 'conference committee directed Benson to insist that farmers who receive acreage reserve subsidies "cooperate", in cutting their over-all plantings. Critics have complained that some farmers while holding "acreage reserve" land out of production, actually increased their total crop plantings by putting into cultivation land that otherwise would have remained idle. The compromise bill would restrict to 325 million dollars 1958 crop payments under the soil Lewis Flays Welfare Fund Regulations UMW Chieftain Brands Proposed Step by Congress as Creating A Police State WASHINGTON (UP) '— United Minpworkers President John L. Lewis warned Congress today that federal regulation of workers' welfare funds may be a step toward creating "a police state in truth and in fact." "In the minds of the people I represent, there is no necessity for federal legislation of these welfare funds at any time," he said. "There is a necessity for increased" prosecution of those who i , ... , . . . ! upright officials are elected to take care of .welfare, funds. He said the union members must "reject the theory that voluntary associations should become the province of the state because the, members of the voluntary associations seem at times incapable o£ any form of self-government." connection with them." Russian Turboprop Makes Test Flight LONDON (UP) — The Soviet Union's new .turboprop •• airliner made its first appearance over Moscow Monday, flying-low 'over the Kremlin's towers on a test flight, Radio Moscow reported today. ' The . broadcast said the plane, the Ukrainia, cruises at 400 miles per hour and carries 84 passengers. It gave no further details, but Western observers said the- .description indicated the Ukrainia was similar to the British Bristol But, Lewis sa'id, "We have laws for that;, we have appropriations to carry out those laws." His statement'was prepared for the House Labor Committee which is investigating present handling of the nearly 40 billion dollars invested by workers and their employers in welfare funds. In opposing any federal controls, Lewis .'j 1 Brittannia turboprop airliner jiow in regular service. COLD-BLOODED THIEVES HASTINGS, Mich. (UP) — Thieves who looted the Will'am were hard Crawford home apparently, getting ready for - a long, winter. Sheriff's deputies said articles in the $1,600 theft included a man's topcoat, a woman's bea- Ice Cream Social Draws 85 to Deer Creek Farm Bureau The Deer Creek township Farm Bureau nominating committee was announced Monday night when that group met at the Deacon school for the annual ice-cream social. Eighty-five persons attended the function which saw Robert Wilson named chairman of the nominating committee, and Lee Wilson and Ernest Reminger on his staff. Francis Caldwell was named membership captain. ' . Mrs. Richard Martin led group I singing and' devotions • were given by Mrsy John Morgan. There was discussion on policy development with the theme being "What Is Wanted In. The Farm Program". Pet and Hobby members met with their leader, Mrs. Helen Morgan; Program committee for the evening'was as'follows: Mr. and Mrs. Ernest fleminger, Mr. and Mrs. Max Beck, Mr. and Mrs. Bale Beck,. Mr. and Mrs. Harry" Butt, Mr. and Mrs. John Mor- gan,'Kenneth.Holten, Mr.- and Mrs. Oral Caldwell.' Next meeting will be at Young America. Committee members foi that session are: Mr. and Mrs. Etheridge Moore, Mr. and Mrs. split with other labor leaders who I ver coat . two snow tires and five Some Animals Have No Tags At least one hundred dog owners in Logansport have not yet purchased the 1957 license tags for their pets, Mrs. Agnes Chase, Eel township assessor, said today. The dog tags are sold by the deputy assessors at the time the personal property assessments are. made each spring, but some dog j son John H., 17, driver of the car, owners do, not obtain them at that her daughter, Imogenc, 20. both of Silver Lake, and Donald L. Keppel, 17, Wabash, driver of the second vehicle, and his brother, Charles G. Keppel, 16,. also of Tuesday Evening, July 9, J93T. Silver Lake Woman Killed in Collision WARSAW, Ind. (UP) - Mrs. Myrtle Helton, 45, Silver Lake, was killed Monday evening when a car in which she was riding was rammed by another vehicle at the intersection of Ind. 14 and a Kosciusko County road west of Silver Lake. Injured in the collision were her Jim White Fire Insurance Ph. 2491 Electric Light Bills Due 15th. the 1st. Penalty added after July time. Those who do not yet have their tags should obtain them at once at the township assessor's office, Mrs. Chase said. They cost $1 for males and spayed females and $3 lor females which have not been spayed. Howard Sisson. Mrs. Laura Polk, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Unger, Mrs. Nina Griffin, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Gotshall, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Morris, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Morris, Jr. Wabash. ^he injured were taken to Munphy Medical Center here for treativerJ of minor injuries. State police said htc Keppel car came over a rise in the road and was unable to stop in time (o avoid ramming the Helton "car had slowed for the inter- jsecUon. favor such regulation. •bank's conservation reserve under' Employers have generally op- which farmers make long-range j posed any such regulation by the contracts to take land out of production. Thus, -it would restrict to 825 million dollars the 1058-crop subsidy commitmonts the Agriculture Department can make under the double barreled $1,200,000,000-a- year soil bank program which Congress launched last year. "Relatively Stable" Meat Prices Foreseen WASHINGTON CUP)—The Agriculture Department predicts that meat prices will be "relatively stable" IhrouKli the remainder of this year and much o[ 11>5H. The department made the forecast Monday in its monthly publication, The Livestock and Meat Situation. It said meat output for 1957 should total about 27,300,000,000 pounds, about 3 per cent less than in M(56. federal government. Lewis conceded that "dishonest men have committed dishonest deeds as affecting certain of the welfare funds." But tie said it would be wrong to clamp controls on the funds "more or less in reprisal:" He -said it is imporla-nt that labor unions themselves sec that men's winter suits. Benny Goodman began his musical career at the age of 14 with a jot) as clarinet player in a.band on a Chicago excursion boat. SHIRT FINISHING Tub-0-Svds Laundry 12rh S Smead Notice Eagles Ritualistic services lor our late •lira. Hoy L. Lyllu at th« Harrison funeral Immc, Iloynl Center, Ind., TucHduy, July lltli, 7 p.m. —C. W. Zimmerman, W, P. The Instant Taste is gone! ers Coffee' Great new scientific discovery BORON lea new power in missiles releases new power in engines I..- Th* Smooth*jf Power you tan buy •oron r«g!ilor«J In U. S. Pnltnt Offlct Now tho power of boron—the chemical UHCd In experimental miHfllli! fueln—has been hurnoHHcd for your car. D-X Boron Motor Fu*l, proved by mllllpnn of mllon of driving, I« here. Thi« greal; dlffcovery hhs been made pOHnllile by U-X Suriray'H expanded research fuclHUuu and 30-million-doll/ir Investment In refining equipment. D-X Boron J» an entirely new motor fuel. It liberates more power per Kiillon m your onuiim—now or oldl // //ivcii yim nmoothe.itt ptnvcr! Thrllllnsr acceleration I Wonderful rond porformancol ' Push your foot to tho floorboard without foar of knock. D-X lioron hna tho hlj{li«Ht octnna.in our history. Get it at your D-X Dealcr'i now I D-X still givis you Ibi fomous plus—D-X upptr-cylfndir lubrlcollonl Amr.rica'i fatteet yrowing oil company J)-X SUNHAY OIL COMPANY (Sub«ldi*ry) Sunray Mid-Continent Oil Company Tultm, Oklahonii ... WEDNESDAY SPECIALS MILK RAY'S, DElANrs, TANGUY'S Yl 9<U> 39C CUBE STEAK Lb 79c A Complete line of Dietetic foods CANDY - COOKIES - FftUtTS - JLUY Thank Youl 1 DAY PHOTO FINISHING SERVICE AND PHOTO SUPPUES American Ixpreti Money Orders At All Times SMITH'S MARKET I7th and Geeroe St. phone 3378 Open Until 10 p. m.-Sundayi and Weekdays There is No Substitute for Experience Mr. Merrill Miller with over 32 years exper- ience as a member of the profession, is avail- able to his many friends when we an called. Capably assisted by our trained personnel, you aro assured of a perfect service. Funeral Services 527 E. Broadway Merrill Millar Director Phone 3355 Paul Cooke Licensed Funeral Dir. 12 DAYS UNTIL THE CASS COUNTY FAIR LANDSCAPING Service Is Our Most Important Product AMERICAN LANDSCAPING CO., Inc. E. City Limits, Peru Ph. EN-1-4260 Lowe's tittle Roofer Soys: TROUBIE-PROOF Your roof, be prepared for wind storms, that is one thing with Ruberoid Tite-On shingles, they ore locked in place to stay. Each, shingle is self-locking at 4 points and is held by 4 concealed nails — giving you virtually a one-piece roof Let us show you these wind-proof shingles and its true, you always get more for your money at LOWE'S. ROOF REPAIRING Out Road 17, Easy to got to and no parking tickers. PHONE 3666 Not 8 Cu. Ft.! Not 10 Cu. Ft." Not A Stripped Model! BUT DELUXE 12.1 CUBIC FOOT Westinghouse Refrigerator REG. $299.95! NOW .95 With Trade In 10Yr». Old or l«n !n Working Condition $1.80 Delivers 1 Weekly % •": full 70-lb. freezer • Butter Keeper «• * Full Width Humidrower 4 Full Width •! Door Shelves SJ12LH w^^^^ GOOD/YEAR SERVICE STORE MOADWAY AT 6TH OPEN All DAY WEDNESDAY PHONE 4269 ^

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