Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 19, 1891 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1891
Page 6
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W^T^T^ Iff r I PROF. CAM ILL [Genti 1 No. 4 Belt without Suspensory,] Representing the Owen Electric Belt and Appliance Co., 191 and 193 State street, Chicago, the Largest Electric Goods House in the World, and who has been very successful in the cure of Chrnnic Diseases, Rhcu matism, etc , with Elec- tricit- >.vi]l be at MURDOCK HOUSE, 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. From Marcn 17th to 25th. With a Full Line of Electric Belts for Ladies and Gentlemen. ELECTRIC INSOLES, FOR COLD FEET, $1,00 A PAIR THE FRENCH JURY SYSTEM. Particulars of the MotUod or Selecting Jurymen. To bo eligible for the jury it is necessary to be a French citizen, not less than thirty years of agre, to enjoy all the political and civil rights, and know how to read and.write; but, by exception, neither magistrates aor 'government functionaries, nor salaried domestic servants are eligible. Men of seventy years of age are dispensed with, as also those whose labor is necessary for their daily bread, or those who have served as jurymen during-the current or previous year. Every year a list of eligible jurymen is drawn up by the government authorities. Three thousand are chosen for the department of the Seine; in all others the proportion is that of one to every 500 inhabitants; but fixed residence is necessary to be eligible. Ten days before the opening of the sessions of the assises or assizes, the names of thirty-six jurymen are drawn by ballot' out of the annual list, with the addition of four supplementary jurymen, to serve during the session, which lasts a fortnight. As in England, twelve men make up the jury, but in criminal cases one or two extra jurymen are present during 1 the trial, in readiness to take the place of any one absolutely prevented from attending. The complete list of the thirty-six names is handed to the prisoner the day before the trial begins; any juryman failing to attend without sending notice of impediment to be submitted to the court is liable to a Sne of from 300f. to 500f. for the first offense, 1,0001 for the second and l,500f. for the third, which also involves the forfeiture of his right in future to sit in any jury. 'When the trial opens the thirty-sis names are thrown together into a jar and drawn one by one, the prosecution and the defense using .the right of rejection till only twelve names remain. If these are finally accepted the jury is immediately called and the trial begins. Contrary to English practice, the prisoner himself is closely cross-examined by the presiding judge, called "president."' Previously .during his imprisonment every effort has been made to draw a confession from him, even by placing in'his cell a fellow jail bird as spy—in technical slang called "mouton," who treacherously tries to win his confidence. Such proceedings would shock British ideas of fair play, anything like treachery beingrepulsiveto the English niind. The public examination may, however, have the advantage of allowing the prisoner to tell his own story, which, if he be innocent, may have a stamp of truth, likely to influence the jury. On the other hand, through nervousness or stnpidity he may commit himself irremediably.—Murray's Magazine. The Secret of Happiness. The" most common error among men and women is that of looking for happiness somewhere outside of useful work. It has never yet been found in that way, and. never will be while the world stands; and the sooner this truth is learned the better for every one. If you doi^bt the proposition, glance around among your friends and acquaintances, and select those who appear to have the most enjoyment in life. Are they the idlers and pleasure-seekers, or the earnest workers? We know what your answer will be. Of all the miserable human beings it has been our fortune, or misfortune, to know, they were the most wretched who had retired from useful employments in order to enjoy themselves. Why, the slave at his enforced labor, or the hungry toiler for bread, were supremely happy in comparison. Earnestly would we press upon young minds the truth we have stated. It lies at the foundation of all well-doing and well-being. It gives tranqnility and pleasure to the youth just stepping across the threshold of rational life, as well as to the man whose years are beginning to rest upon hi« stooping shoulders. Be ever engaged in useful work, if you would be happy. This is the great secret.— Arthur's Magazine. GHILD BIRTH • • • • • MADE EASY! " MOTHERS' FRIEND " is a scientifically prepared Liniment, every ingredient of recognized value and in constant use by the medical profession. These ingredients are combined in a manner hitherto unknown "MOTHERS 5 FRIEND V/ilt. DO all that is claimed for it AND MORE. It Shortens Labor, Lessens Pain, Diminishes'Dnngerto Life of Mother and Child. Book U' " MOTHERS " mailed FRhG, con- t.-iiiiiiH; valuable information and voluntary testimonials. ^^:,l •• -xpi'e^on r*-i!^lplol iinc-?1.50 HIT bntll- DWJFIELC REGULATOR CO., Mlanta. Ga. ^ClL"- DV ALL J> HUG GISTS. • Sold by Ben Fisher 4th street. 99 A Sensible Tattle "VVomun'B Advice. It is possible for a woman to improve her complexion, brighten her eyes and increase her strength without the expenditure of a nickel or the loss of ten minutes' time a day if she would do as I say. These were the words a rosy, healthy matron said the other day to a group of women who had been discussing their various ills. 1. Wear no corsets at all, or. if you must wear them, have them looser than you ever wore them before. 2. Breathe through the nose and keep your mouth shut; this is of vital importance. 3. Take a breath with every step as you walk, and continue this until the lung's are full; then exhale the air more rapidly and empty the lungs completely. This is as important as breathing through the nostrils, because it empties the lower lobes of the lungs, which are rarely called into action except during violent exercise. Their capacity is increased aad strengthened by use. Follow out these rules for a month and watch results. $3000= YEA It ! 1 underJuXe to briefly | tench nny fairly hitHVftvuiprnion of «hli»r t-lio ciin rend "rid write, find wlio, lifter Instruction, v/IIl work liiduntrioukly, tiovf to rani Tlur* TlioiiHiind Ihillur* n Year in tlidr own locnllilcs^vlirrcvi-rlln-v Mve.I will iilnofuniUh the situation or crj i [iluy men Mtwlildi you tun rnrn Unit amount. No money for me unl.<ns MicvcDHful „„ above. JisMly mid quickly hini-nud. I <ji>*lru hut out worker iroin crich dittlrlct «r count v. "l mid provided with «rinj»lt..vmcn! n liiriro nitmi»--r, who me nmkiriR over VHOOO n vi-iireiifli. U>3VJEW ey for me unl.<ns MicvcDHful „„ above. JisMly mi I <ji>*lru hut out worker iroin crich dittlrlct «r dy tuuKltt mid provided with «rinj»lt..vmcn ho me nmkiriR over VHOOO n vi-iireiifli. U> I'IJU. I-ull jmrtlculan, FItKK. Addrw. at one*, JE. C, A.JL.L.EX, JSox 42O, Anffu*f.u, .Mnlnt. THE GREAT ENGLISH REMEDY. TJscd for 36 yearflT by thousandsfluc- eesgfully. &ua.r-\ antvfd to cure all; forms of Nervous' Weakness, Erois-, Bloos, Sperraacor-i rbetu Impotc and all the eC package, SI; _ __ _ Address Tlie.Wood Chemical Co., ISl'Vfood'wRra ave., Detroit, from Ufa. of Youthful foll7 and tho excesses of later years. Gives immediate atrfnytti cwwtv^Cf- or. AslcdruKirlstff for Wood's Pnos- phodlne; takono Ono , $5. by mall, Write for pamphlet. Ch EASING The Way a HIS CONSCIENCE. Remedy a Sad (The above cat Mlaptrates the mode of fi.pplyin^ ihe Owen Electric Belt and It* Hppli ancce for the cure of various diseases. It can be placed anywhere aud worn daring Lhf day or nljln.) DR. OWEN'S BODY BATTERY POSITIVELY CURES THE FOLLOWING DISEASES: Kidney Compl'nts, Lumbagc, Sciatica, • Catarrh, Throat Troubles, Neuralgia, Varicocele, Spinal Disease, Cold Extremities, Exhaustion, Rheumatism, Urinary Diseases, Pain in the Back, Sluggish Organs, Nervous Debility, Impotency, Seminal Weakness, General Debility, Irregularities, Dyspepsia, Suppressed and Torpid Liver, Constipation, Painful Menses, Female Weakness, Piles, Sleepl'sn's, Nervous Headache You are invited to call and examine goods and read some of the many Sworn Testimonials in English, German, Swedish, and Norwegian. Illustrated Catalogue Free. AWARDED FIRST PREMIUM. (From CincinnatiMedlcalJournal.") Th« Electric Belt manufactured by the Owen Belt Co., .has received, owing to its trne merit as a core for all nervous diseases, at the late Exposition held iu Cincinnati, the first premium. We testify to this tile more readily, as we know from experience that the Electric Belt is an acknowledged progress in the scientific treatmcctof all nervoasailments. We conld not recall a single instance, and many cases of the application of the Electric BelL have come to onr noijce within the last year, where it hod cot proved aspeedyand thorongh remedy. We hope that puch of our readers, and of tbe public at large, who have abstained heretofore from the use of the JElcottic Belt as a cnre for Iheir nervous troubles, will be stimulated by its latest triumph to give it a fair trial as a scientific remedy. Eladies' No, 4 Belt.] RUPTURE Positively cured by Dr. Reno's Patent Electric Truss. The easiest, lightest, and by far the best Truss in the world. Call and examine. FACIAL BLEMISHES. iK'griteit&kliiliniflnt In thewnrld for the UMU t),e ikln jiHdicklp.eczemA.molei.wartMuiiur- jlcool'haiT :birthiu*rki, moth, frieklci, pimplei.wrink- taV 7 "!' 11 "* 11 ! "d relni, oily ifcln, icue, bbckhviula. TwrbBrf* ^(ch* teftn, plLtlnf^, powder mxrki,. tnclni ^^^tlOjimj'Dt, «tc. CoDiiiltftllon FrM, &Lo(Uceor \ty IrtMJ. 128-PHBB Boole oasll Skin undSailji AITBC- <k)Ei ^tid ^llitir Tr«atmenL Hat (ie>led) for IOC. IT. TTOODBTTKY, I>enn.l»liJ 6 l«t, 1»5 VF. .*8d St., N.Y. City. . For Sale by Bea Fisher," Druggie 1, Woodbury's Facial Soap For Hie Skin and Scalp. Prepared by a DermatolosiHt with 20 years- experience. Highly indoraed by the medical profession; uneqtioled as a remedy (or eczema, scaldhead, oily skin, pimpleo, flesli ' worms, nffly complexion, etc. Indispensable as a toilot arricle, and a snro prevant- iveof all diseases of the Bkinaud scalp. At Druggist»or by mail. Price 50c. Man To«S to Mistake. "That man didn't ask you for anything 1 ," I said to my Chicago friend as we stood, in front of the Tremont house one day'and he slipped a quarter to a hard-up looking- man vrho came to a halt beside us. "No." "Do you know him?" "No." "Then that's your way, is it, to pass crat quarters to every one who seems to be broke?" "Let me tell you something-," he said, as we moved back a little further out of the way of pedestrians. "I made a bad mistake once, and I'm taking this way . to get even with my conscience." "Well?" "I was in St. Louis on business. It was winter, and you know how cold that town can bo when it tries hard. I was out on the street at eleven o'clock one bitter nig-ht when a chap struck me for a dime. He was poorly clad, looked hungry and sick, and I ought to have handed out the money at once. I was just brute enough not to do it. He followed me a hundred feet, begging and pleading, and I finally threatened to have him arrested. He turned away with a sob in his. throat, and I went on to the hotel." "I see." "There was a big snowstorm that night, and next morning they found him in a drift, frozen stark and stiff. I saw the body and recognized it. The pale face was pinched and drawn with hunger and suffering, and the eyes were as wide open as yours—great big blue eyes, sunken back in their sockets, and staring at me in an awful way. Yes, sir, they seemed to be fastened on me alone, and to follow me as I moved, and 1 a man in the crowd noticed it, and whispered that I looked guilty of murder. When I heard cardrivers, draymen, bootblacks and newsboys saying how gladly they would have given the poor wretch a quarter to buy lodgings and food, I sneaked away feeling that I was a murderer. It hurt me more than. I can tell you. I don't wait .now to be asked for alms. I give to : some iwho are no doubt undeserving, but I take my chances on that. That thing rests like a murder on my conscience, and nothing like it shall ever happen again."—N. Yl Sun. Why Ho Didn't. Dry Doolan—Hurry up and give me a drink, barkeep. I haven't had one for six months. Barkeeper—If yo-a kept off as long as that, I*n-ouldn ! t break through now. Dry Doblan—Keep off? I had to keep off. I've had'six months on the island, with "water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink."—Boston Herald. Hard to Believe. •Mrs. Browning (of Boston) — Well, dear, how did you like Chicago? • Mr. Browning (just returned from Chicago)—Oh, I didn't like it. There's too much rustle and bustle there to suit me. Mrs. Browning (quite shocked)—Bustle? Oh, horrors! haven't they discarded those vulgar things yet?—Judge. IS YOUR WIFE WELL? THEWOMEN OF AMERICA ARE THE LARGEST CONSUMERS OF S. S. S. IT NEVER FAILS TO RESTOR1 BROKEN DOWN HEALTH WHEN CAUSED BY .,p> IMPOVERISHED BLOOD •^ i ' ORTHE CARES OF 'ffi--.: THE HOUSEHOLD. ^1 OVERTENTHOUSAND OF THE BEST WOMEN OF THE COUNTRY TESTIFY TO THIS. Don't fall to send for oar book o» H*«d disease*. Hailed free. SWITT Sriano Cc- Atl»j»t», Oft. Itasloi, Lamer & Co., 17 NASSAU STREET, NEW York, BANKERS, FOR WESTERN STATES, CORPORATIONS, BANKS AND MERCHANTS. INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITS AND LOANS NEGOTIATED. S TOPS ALL unnatural discharges in 24. hours. Adopted by the German Government for Hospital &Armyuse P.S.C. is put up for American trade iii' a patent bottle holding syringe (sec cut) At druggists, Sl.OO, incivdinf Syringe^t .sent,scaled, forSl.10 The Von MohlCompany, Cincinnati, Ohio, Sole American i^ms. F. KEESLING, Agent, Logansport, Ind, Gleel norrlieu in 3 days. No Stricture NO Pain. SURE through my work to-day? I foe/ miserable, ii May, tired, pnin Jn my back, my food won't digest, my vbole body gcemg out of order. We Answer that it is no wonder you' are in such a broken down condition, and you •wIir.kecpEetting worse unless TOu can euro your LIVEE. ..This impor&nt'orgaa uj oat of order and you must cure it by promptly Dr, C, McLane's Celebrated Liver Pills. Ihey will restore you and give vigor and health, to rour whole aj'stem, making, you strong and well. Dnly25 cents a bor.and tbey may save your life, Askyourdruggistforlhe genuine .-, 33ar. O. lMCoXj-A.lSnn'« UELEBRA TED LIVER PILLS — MABK BY— FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa. SSrLook out for CouKCTnrEiTS made in St. Lonis. PERFTBEES THJE^ BREATH. LADIES DEERLEK Do Tour Ovrn l>yein(f, at Home. • Th -y will dye «verything. Tuey nre sold everywhere. Price lOc. a package. They have noeqiul for Strength, Bnphtness-. Amount in Package! or for F-.ctiit.'s* of Color. oV uo" ijuling Qualities. They do ivt'—T'l-«»•>"!"»: 4oc...nr- Forealeby Ben Fisher, 811 Fourth street. The Great English Prescription, A successful Medicine used over 30 .years in thousands of casen.. Cures Spermalorrhva, Ne Weakness, LmiB&ioiis. Impfjt and all diseases caused by abused [BZFORZ'J indiscretion, or over-exertion. [ Six packages Qtia.ra-n.teed to CvrfwK'm au other* Fail. Ask your Druggist for 1'lw Great EnclUk Prescription, take no substitute. One package SI, Sii $5. bv mall. Write forPsmphlot. Address Eureka Chemical Co., Detroit, Mich* Far Bale by B. Y, Keesllne. JGEHIS WANTED I Corsets. Samplefree to those b«. I coming agents. Ke riik. quick ealu. Territory jriven, saliRfaeiloD gniranuad. Addres» Qg.SeOTT.842 Broad way St..N.Y. B JF CARRIAGES! 1 make a specialty of manufnctur- inp liaby Carrlaftott to #ell direct to prlvnte piirtten. YOU Ctm, therefore, do better with me than with u dealer. Citrrlacefl Delivered Free of Charge to all point? in the United States- Send lor Illustrated CuuiloKue. CHAS. RAISER. Nlfr. 62-64- Clyiioura Ave., Chicago, III. ROF. DIEFFENBACH'S SURE CURE ft" SEMINAL NERVOUS and URINARY TROUBLES in YDUKB. MIDDLE-AGED uDd OLD MEN. NO STOMACH MEDICATION, NO UNCERTAINTY OR OISAPPOinTME«T,l)ntpo«l. lively relieves the ivorKt cancn ID 24 hours, und perroanentlycurcBiD 100Jn.ru. 15days trcatocnt on trial bv rc'.uro mail Tor SI. Circular ircc. THE PERU DfJUC CO., Soleagts.fwthoTJ.S. 189 WIS,ST.,MIIWAUKEE,WIS. YOU TO WEAK HEN . Suffering from tho effects of youthful errors, e»rly decay, wasting weakness, lost manhood, etc., I will Bend a valuable treatise ( sealed) containing full particulars for home core. FREE of charge. A Bplendid medical work; ehouldTbe read by evany TTTMI -who is nervotifl and debilitated. Address, f. C. FOTFIJEK, Moodus, Conn. HOFFMAN'S HARMLEK HEADACHE POWDERS. the Best. CURE ALL HEADACHES, 'hey are not a Cathartic For some of the choicest lands In WESTEBSI ILA.VSA-X, both clear and incumbered. Improved and unimproved. BfSenu for Our l>i«t of property thit we will KxchsMlKe' for LAAD, KE8- IDENCES.MKKCHANJBISE A!*l> 1.1 VB STOCK. ASdrees A, K. FABKBa. Baelne, Nese Gooot7, TIME TABLE Cljeap Lands and Homes in Kentucky, Tennesee, ALABAMA, Mississippi and Louisiana. On the line of the Queen & Crescent Route caD be Hound 2,000,000 acres of splendid bottom, np- land, timber and stock lands. Also the finest trult and mineral lands on the continent lor sale on favorable terms. yAHMERS! with all thy getting get a home In the sunny South, where blizzards and iue clad plains are unknown. The Queen & Crescent Route Is 94 Miles the Shortest and Quickest Line Cincinati to New Orleans Time 27 Hours. Entire Trains, Baggage Car, Day Coaches ano Sleepers run through without change. TRAINS LOGANSPORiT 110 Miles the Shortest, 3 Hours tlie Quickest Cincinnati to Jacksonville, Fla. Time 27 Hoars. The only line running Solid Trains and Through Sleeping Cars, ONLY LUfE FROM CINCINNATI TO Chattanoga. Tenn., Fort Payne, Ala., Meridian, Miss,, Vlckburg, Miss., Shreveport, La. 20 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Lexington, Ky. 5 Hours Quickest Cincinnati to Knoxvllle, Tenn. 118 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Atlanta and Augusta, Ga. 114 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Annlston Ala, 2(1 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Birmingham Ala. 15 Miles Shortest Cincinnati to Mobile, Ala. BOUND. New York Express, dally ....... ; ..... 2:.":5ani Ft Wayne (Pas.)Accm., excpt Sunday 8:1S a n Kan Jltr & Toledo Ex., excpt gundayll:15 a m Atlantic Express, dally ............... 4 :06 p m Accommodation Frt, excpt Sunday.. 926 p m WEST BOUND. Pacific Express, dally ................. 752am Accommodation Frt., excpt Sunday.. 12 15 p m Kan City Ex. , except Sunday ......... 8 :45 p m Lafayette (Pas.)Accni., excpt Sunday 6i'3-p m St. Louis Ex., dally ................... 10:32pm JEe) Jltvcr DIv., Liosansport, Went Side. S6t [Between I>oKaiiKj>ort ujid Chili. . EAST BOUND. Accomodatlon.Leave. except Sunday.lO:00 am; Accomodatlon, Leave -" " 4:10 p m Accomodatlon, Arrlve.except Sunday, 8:10 am Accomodatlon, Arrive, •' " 4:10 p m HIRES' IMPROVED 25 ROOT BEER.' HMUIO. NC BOIUSCORSTSAINIIi; V.'MKrzc THIS PACKAGE MAKES FIVE GALLONS. ROOT BEF Lake Erie & Western. Railroad Co. "NATURAL GAS ROUTE." |Conflenseo Time Table I Is EFFECT MAHCH 1st 1890 Solid Trains between Sandusks and Peorla and Indianapolis and Michigan City. DIRECT Connections to and from all points In the United States and Canada. Trains Leave Logansport and connect with the L. E. & W. TralHS as follows: TV ABASH B. R- Leave Logansport, 4:13 p.m..11:20 a. m. Arrive Peru 4;3Gp.m..ll:44a.m. L. E. & W. R. R. Leave Pern. North Bound 4:45p.m 10:40a.ir SouthBoand 1150a.m WABASH R. R. Leave Locansport, 3:45p.m.. 7:60 a, m Arrive Lafayette, 4:55 p.m.. 930 a. m L. E. <t W. B, B, Leave LaFayette, EastBonud l:50p.m West Bound 5.-10 p.m. H. C. PARKER, Traffic Manager, C. K. DALY, Gen. Pass. & Ticket. Agt. '.NDIANAPOLJS. IND. 8:19 a,» 8:55 a.m A Chicago druggist retailed 2000000 of B. P. Keeslirig and Cullen & Co.,eo!e - in :Lo£ran,«port. ' JUDICIOUS AND PERSISTEHT Advertisiug: has always proven successful. Before placing any N'ewspnpcr .c-dvcrtlsing: consult LORD &TXOKflAS. A1ITEHTIS1MJ .(f:i-:\"]'S, •r. i., in Bi,udi>i|& Sir, CHICAGO A X-EVF 1 Direct connections at New Orleans and Shreveport For Texas, Mexico, California. Trains leave Central Union Depot, Cincinnati, crossing the Famous Higli Bridge of Kentucky, and rounding the base of Lookout JHoontaln. Pullman Boudoir Sleepers on al) Through Trains. Over One Million Acres oj land In Albama, the future Great State of the South subject to pre-emption. Unsurpassed climate, For Correct County Mapsi Lowest Rates and full particular* addres, D. G. EDWABDS, 6en Passenger & Ticket Agent, - ' Queen 4 Crescent Route, Cincinnati. O. The most APP13TTZHTO and 'WRO'.iSOJIB TKMPF.RANC13 DRINK in the ivorW. Delicious and SparMfnsr. TRY TJ , Aslz your Dmjrjylst or Grocer for 1^. C. E. HIRES. PHILADELPHIA. PERFECT MANHOOD, YOTSJJfG, MlSdle-nKCd and Bldcrlymen wbo are suffering from tho effect* of youthful follies or excesses of maturer years, and aow Hnd their ^nanly TlRor decreased una'who are troubled wftJS mrriblo .dralnsiind losses, you.can be perm auentlyrCBtorcd to PJE'KFECT MAXHOOI), j»t home, without exponnre, a£ lon'eMt cont, by l>i*. Clarke'^ apptoyed methods, tested and proven la ngarly 4C .rear's. practice (EBtaWlshed 1861), To.- Chronic, K«rvoDi and Special Disens.es. It In need o£ medical aid, send for Question lin so you ca-n fully descrlho the flyraptoras of your pfti tlcular dlseiLse to nie. Consultation free P-^^ -"TP-I Boon, 8 to 8; Sundays, 9 to 12.. Address F. D. CLARKE, M.D., 186 8. Clark St, CHICAGO, .. POSITIVE CUltE FOB BRIGHTiNE DIABETES, • ' itinfji,TT« * Correspondence I aollctcd.vulnable .nformation free, I Oeu»l dtscouni to ' WHIGHT3 •rf'Ada Disease Krx. -ndred &llmenti. WSL T. I.I.VD1L-EV <» CO.. IS I.u Salle aircct. - • Chlc»co. III. W.L. DOUGLAS «f> f* fl •• ^^ f 1 and other gpcclal- Ife^i O M U t . Ues tor Gewfemen. <C** >*• l^^fc Ladles,ctc..a«wai:- rantcd, noa so stamped on bottom. Address • W.L,DOUGLAS,JBrocktou, Man... fjoklby J. B. WINTERS. FBroadwav j: Dld6mo-eo<l

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