Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 12, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 12, 1896
Page 7
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No. 23 Mall & Ex ox Sun. 3:23 p m P 20 pro No 29 Fassenprer ex Sun No, 151 Rochester JLocnJ Arrive -MS p. m. except Sunday. NORTH BO.UND. 5:20 a m No. 20 Mail & Ex ex Sun.10:22 a m 3:30 p m No 22 Jtlchlpan City dally 4K5 p m 1:55 p m No 2-1 Detroit Ex ox Sun No 150 Accotn. ex Sun.. 6:45 am •Docs not run north of Peru on Sunday. Trains 21 ami SO run dally between Indianapolis and Peru. No. 20 via Tlpton arrives at Bloomington nt 3:32 p. m. making direct connection with C. & A. fast train arriving In Kansas City at S:5S next morning, connecting direct at Kansas City for I'cnver, San Fran- clsjo and all points west. Free reclining chairs hptween Tlpton and Missouri rlvor for'all passengers.. Nos. 20. 21, 2L>, and 23. connect at Tlpton with n.aln lino trains forSundusky.Peorla and all points east and west. For ticket rates and general Information" call on J. J. Sklnnnr ticket agent. L. 13. & W., Peru, Ind., or C. P. Dally, general passenger agent. Indianapolis. I.nd. [corvmciiT. 18SC.1 [ An evening waist is'of apple-green tnftctn, mnde in the prevailing 1 mode, ' very full, especially as to the sleeves, j The neck is swathed in n ruche of luce j and pink ribbon, giving the effect of u high, swnu-like neck. There is nothing more graceful than this ruche, and it is • very much cooler than it looks. It.J protects the neck from thc sun, and j the uir seems to penetrate It nnd be- | come cooler by the time wearer. The white lace is sowed across the waist in five parallel rows, from the out- The 8kirt;is-full, in accordance with the prevailing mode. To relieve tho heaviness that might be suggested by j the draped overskirt there nre, four i rows of Ince matching 1 that on tho sleeves around the bottom of the main skirt.' There is more interest in the ' overskirt now than any other detail of ' dress. Some women object to them | end declare that'thcy will never be seen' in such an old-fashioned thing, but others who see how distinguished n, gown cau be made with the over-skirt, as in thc case under consideration, wisely resolve that the taste of their grandmothers was not. bad, in many respects. The distinguishing characteristic of this gown is. the mass of flowers 'that break out into bouquets in different parts of it. For the summer hotel t reaches tbe i "hop" it is as charming a creation as has come from Paris this season. The flowers worn in the hair, twisted around the soft, coil of the tresses, are the same as those worn in tho gown, while ihe loose bunch, tied with shell- pink ribbon, to march the"gown, are mainly lilies of the valley, with their leaves, and pink sweet peas. TO PRESERVE Old fioliltori MEMORIAL DAY. 'Dally eicept Sunday. Leave Arrive. Bradford and Col....'12:50 a m • 2:45 am Philadelphia & N. Y..'12:50 am • 2:45am Rlehrnnnd K Cint!....* 1:00 a m • 2:20 a m Jnd'pls & Louisville,.'12:45 am * 2:30 a m Eftner & Peorla '3:05 am '12:30 am Crown Point & Chi..'2:55 am "12:40 a Richmond & ClntL.t 5:45 a m tll:20pm Crown Point & Chi..f 6:00 a m t 7:30 p m ilontlcoilo & EfliiBr t S:OU a tn t 1*5 B r Bradford & Col t 7:59 a m t 4:15 p m Eftner local freight.,t 8:30 am t2:15pm Ina'pls & Loulaville..' 2:00 pm •liSOpm Richmond and Ciutl..* 2:10 p m ••1:20 pm Bradford and Col....'2:05 p m «l:10pn Phlla &. New y/orK....* 2:U5 p m * 1:10 p n Montloello & E~ne...t 2:20pm t 7:4.1 a m Chicago • 1:35 pro •l:35pm Chi & Intermediate..'4:30pm '12:30 p m Kokomo & Rich t 2:30 p m tH:OOam Bradford & Col t4:3Cpm tl2:20pm J. A. McCULLOUGH, Agent. Logansport AN" EVENING WAIST. side of the sleeves on either side. The doiee is gathered full at the neck and drtnvn lightly at the, waist with a blouse effect. It is finished ofi with a small girdle. The sleeves are ont lie "bishop" . .order, with u bund just below the elbow. Tlie waist is made; in a variety ot colors, but tlie same; lace trimming is used on all of. them. The ingenuity of tho fashion designers has bi;on de.s- Thrce dashing- hn.t.s :irc siiown in this j illustmlion. One, on the right, at tht: top, is n spreadii!^ li'S'honu jniintily turned uj) in half a (laxcn directions. The-re are bunches of flowers placed un- I o'er thc brim with studied carefulness, and u.pi>iirent,ly sV.pportiiig- the llai't-fln either side. A thick, knife plaiting' o! corn hico ot'ljvcs t.ho brim, while in this left side is a tip of bird-of-|Xii'adis« feathers that waves defiantly over tin; middle of the hatr. Tlvci-c are roKcbuds at the back, completing a most, stylisli confection in ] : ';iri,siaii millinery. •Tho hat next below, on the left, is of continenir.l design. Ti is oE Xeiipnlitnn braid, A I oil hn-r siclc.vHt thc back, just above thc huir, arc t\vo robbit-cars ot violet velvet, stiilent'd with wires and presenting u ;.ierkv appw.raiiec that is very fetching- Tlieliai.issqunrolj«hind inicl. p<?akcd in front. There is a profusion of violets around the front, nmssed against the crown inul resting Oil the brim. This is a. gobd h<it for thc young 1 woman of tho. regal order of beauty. The hat at t'.ie bottom is a. very wide WEST BOUND. J (if J li'll 1 nil !• . II I'J O f I I .,. J: :fl' Jl m St Louta limited t'lilly, old tio-1.'", ...Hi;!-! |i in Vast illill Cl.l'j'. -nlU in' 4' 1 - P:JT U ni Kiinsns tnty fxpre.-* dully ' UJG i o -ir... N:L't v in Fac cai.ii.--s ti-llj • x; tin old i <- >'•! ..-Ji. U> n m No. , EAST BOUND. 2 N, V. * Boston Urn <l dally 'Old no •!-'.. 2:41 a m U 'fast mall dully, 'o.ct no-Id IH8 u m 4 Atlantic Lira dully ox Sim 'old t.o -II.. 4:52 p m 74 Local m. Accom. dully «x San 1250 p m EEL'RIVER DIVISION. "WEST BOUND. NoUSnrrlve IU:-'» a in NoUTurrlVfl '2'J5 f in EAST BOUND. No SB ICRYP 10:45 a m Nosiienva ; ":Wl> m VANDAL!A LIN*. TKAINS LEAVE LOGAN'SPORT, IND. FOR THE NORTH. No C for St Jo!M>pli; cltitlj e.« Snmlnj 1 ....10:31 a in No M for St Joseph, duiij 1 ex yundiiy G:16 a in >'o 21) forSt Joseph, ex sun.. 4:28 p in No 1C to St .Jomii.ii Sunday only I'M « ill tio 8 n Sunday tor Soutn Bend B 33 p in . No 8 DBS thronch parlor or, Indianapolis 10 Soutto Head vin Coimx. No KO -bas tluoiigh sleepers, St Louis to JUclil- naw. FOR THE SOUTH No 33 for Terre llnute dully ex Sun 7 III n in 'No 11 for TeirHMauie dull} ex Sun— 2:55 p ni No 21 dallj ex Sundny HOT n m No 13 hn.H ibrouxlt parlor cnr, South Bend to ImllanapoLU vin t,o!(»x. . No 21 lias Ihrv u«li Sleeper, Mucklniiw to Su Louis. Arrlvs No 10 ('allye.iwpt Sondny : 0:25 p m No 17 Sunday only.,., 1020 p in For complete time card, giving all trains uid gtatlona, aud for full Information aa to ratea,. through cart, etc,, address J. C, EDQEWOBTH, Agent. - LogauBport, Ind. Or, B. A. Ford, Qenerai Painenger Agent, St Louis. Ho, finciapci Ifuvor- a ftiultciftl Ch:iri£o 'la ' It* Obscrvunco, The question uf celebrating Memorial day was discussed at thc meeting of the Cook County Memorial associate:: at the Sherman house the other evening. Most of the members favor a radical chang.'; in tile manner of currying on the celebration and protest strongly Rgainst, what they term a desecration of what should- be n day net aside for the memory of the old soldier. Yet some of them feel that while they themselves make too much demonstration and show in the way of parades and the like, they caunot consistently call upon the public to observe the day in a more suitable manner. For Hi is reason action will betaken, it is said, to simplify the observance of the day as much ns possible, first by the G. A. 11. members themselves, after which they will call upon the public to do likewise. To this end Comrade IT. E.'Gerry introduced nn amendment to the constitution which will be acted upon rie.xt year. Thc amendment limits the participants in the Decoration day pnrii.de to the regular army, national guard,-and the Sons of Veterans and G. A. I-!., thereby shutting out all civic organizations. A. J. Bnrbank introduced a resolution, which was passed, call ing attention to the origin of Memorial day-us a. day for cherishing the memory of the honored den:! and protesting against tlie thoughtlessness with which the day is characteri/ed by so many of thc people and turned into a day of pleasure-seeking, a pel-version not intended by those who framed the law. The resolutions further asked of the public a thoughtful consideration of thc question of the obso.rvnnce of Memorial day. He-sides the passing of these resolutions the reports of officers were read for the past year. C. ft. Sinclair was elected trustee fur five years, and the meeting adjourned sine die. 1 LUCK OF SERGT. HOGAN. .After Fourteen Ycurs In tho Army FT« F:i!l» Holr to it Fortune. After M years of faithful'wo r.'; ns an enlisted man in the United States army, Sergt. John E. Uogan, of Battery G, First a-rtillcry, has come into a fortune ol .$'200,000, and now thinks cf leaving tho service. Sergt. Hoga.n is stationed •at Fort Wadsworth, A personal in a paper here fiskcd for information as to the whereabouts of "John 13. JTogan, formerly of Dallas, Tex." FTe responded in person and at a hotel found a lawyer from ihe west who informed him tibat lane! in Texas to the value of about S'luO.QOO v.ias waiting to be divided between him and a sister. Jlogan remembered that years ago h,is father had some land near Dn.lla-s, which had been squatted upon and. the title, to which i-.iia in litigation. His father died and he had not heard from his family in years. It. seems that the title to'the la.nd. after suite le.-iding itp to the supreme court, had beer, decided in favor of the Kcg.ins. Capt.IJubblc, who com- mands-tlie battery, sa.id: "Well, it is good luck for Uogan, bnfc bad luck for me. He gets $200,000. but T lose a splendid first sergeant." . Chosen by the Tie Wit Department proposes to lest the bicycle for army use, and recently asked for proposals for furnishing bicycles for the purpose. Result! Bids from $50 to $85 each for other machines; our bid of $100 each for Columbia*, their invariable 'price. And the Government selected STANDARD OF THE WORLD. If VOU- aro oblo to pay $100 for a bicyelo, nhy ba content wftti anything but o Columbia? Thc experts who r^oc;c tr.i choice decided that Cokrebias were -worth every dollar of tie $JCO aifccd fcr tic-. Beautiful Art Catalogue cf Columbia and Hartford Eicy:5<:j i3 fra? \'. you coil -Ton aay Columbia A^cnt; by mail from us fcr lwo':-ccat -.-a";!;. • POPE MFG. CO., Hartford, Coan. Branch Stores and Ajjcncics in c-linost every city and tow:*. If ColumiizLS arc act properly represented in ycur vicinity I-t, v.-j JST.-V. WORLD-IE for Keeping tlio System In n Healt.ny Condition. CURES CURES' Constipation, .Actn on tho Liver and Kidney*. Purifies «*» Blood. Dispels Colds and Fevers, Boautlfios tho Complexion and Mr Pleasing and Rafr^shlnf; to tha Taste. SOLD SY JU-L. ortuaGiST*. ff\ nicely iiiniitrnted citrht]'-paye Lincoln Story Booli f.iim 'a every purchaser •< t. atcicistaf Liicolo Te»- Price :Bc. Ask your dnaririsuor Li!.'Q3LK TKA Cc_ fan For Sale t»- B. F. KEESLINC;. , . FATE OF A BUTCHER BOY. JUSTICE FIELD'S LAMENESS. A SCUMS:* DANCB DREES. pcrn'tely strained on the shirt M-aist tor this summer, but certainly nothing more dainty and artistic has bceD produced than this one, with its delicate lace arid-short sleeves. The lace miij 30 as costly as the weare'f desires, io there is no -restriction on the kind of trimming of the modern waist, so far na expense is concerned. History repeats itself in the dance dresses worn this summer. The drap ng of thc overskirt with bunches of lowers is a. style that flourished as early n the century as 1330. It was pretty then and is attractive now? as the pic- ure shows. This jjown is of shell- IND TKB.tRBIT HINDOO MIMIQY r»Ot>CCTl BUT XBOVJI REMnT* in w HAYV im-n a. nsr Memory, f Ml v>», OIVV|>1V»I,U >;>, ^fljflltly KlUlf- _^__ •lom, etc., caused by .past abupcfl, gtvve rlfror and if24 loihrunkflnorjrans, and qulclclv hat'Baruly reBtoroi fev«titfaNb«4<l in old-oryounflf. j£ully carried f n vnst roekofc Price H.SSnpuckage, till (or»tt.OO wllh • B Httutvi>r«>tf<ie><!uraorlllMi<Tror»dcdi J^on" y<m*7ifto<fon,b<lt Inclgt'on having JM»A1*O, It yourUruffirtathuenotjeot It.wawlU Mod It prepaid, brlHUlV«ll<alOo^>nfb, CUaf*, UU, Kmum!* «OL1), by .B. If. KeenliiiK, JLOGANS^ORT, IND. •"t tfiailini'Jriimr'Hlt tltfwftt"" BOA « UB«,MuooDi Ittplei, •07 p«rt oj out, ivluiblt weini»r«iit«e nkt* o«r*i cutetre. timni»at Clam. Wonal tra uvllntkin. Vl . 'Ptim»ry;8w. I ondtrrorTer, |caro<!llh6toSSd»j*Yonciin be treated «J ty.Hyouprof»r toconii Mrs wo »incoo. tr.iq* topoy nllroidfuvud boltl blllMixlv |t*, l(w* fall to cnre. Ifjroa have uktn mar* iPiMehMin rapuih, Sor* Thro»t, r, Hulr or ooudiiry U cure. WeKll Cb*Uaair* -( brow* falllnie D FOISOS ttieniojt obttt .. worli for ••' i^Wtt. ttlinotcnro» ,!lu1t.<ll$OM6 bUMlwuyM' ITl»a th« iklll of thAmott eminent physl- n ?l_-'L 0t I2''^ < i < ?K 1 .^- lH -'5L r !>l our uncoDdl- %£*** THREE DASHING HATS. pink, -with lieart-slmpcd bodice.. The sleeves are mere puffs of silk and lace 'alternating, and producing 1 a singularly long cltect, to neutralize tlie, immense bouitarit spread; : .The -front : oi. the boctiee .is. moussellne : de l sole. A sash of broad green silk slopes from the left nhoulder to the waist line, where, it goes nround m a grlrdle <fs a finish for the edge of the bodice. At each shoulder' there "is' a' full '• knot ;of the : preen silk, fashioned llke^arfourrleaTed clover, which Is, the-newest conceit ,in-hows. A»& iballinee, to ,the,g;reen : sash.there la a,.»nfn,v.;of Jilv pf the volley, v, itn their liThnmcd'snilor. There nre standing loops of ribbon to mutch the straw of tho'hat. It may be red, brown, violet or wood-color, in fact, ony"color is allowable in sailor hats tliisycnr. The hat presents the efCect.of height.,Vt the side by carr.yiBff hiffli bunches.of America':!, benuty roses, with Icnves"intertwined. The general appearance of'this hat is that- of a .flower jrarden of old-fa^h'idn'. such ns our j»randmoth<-Ts dclifrhted to see! around their cottages, The rloral dccidc-dlj' en recall 1 , and the sailor !S tho wearer to be strictly in the Ktyle. and at thc same time, to wear a creation beautiful in itself, reg-ardless of fashion's decree. .A fair-faced, brown- haircd, blue-eyed m;iid?n looks partic'-' xilarlj' 1 well in tlii's hnt. nnd with the nccompanyinfr R i o%vn, is as sweet a summer pirl ns one could d-csirt- to meet in the hot months. ' . . Store thoiiirht is Ix-stowed upon the making 1 'of sleeves tliis yeaj- t.lian upon a.ll the rest of Mie costume put topetJicr: TJiere is a, perpetual .dispute lictweeh the modiste, and--the wr'an-r over the shape of sleeves. ThadnKsrnckorwnnts the tight sleeve .to becorae'thc fashion, but the woman who is to wearthe.dress liaa decided that she looks more stylish in a wide sleeve. .Therefore, she insists that her dressmaker shall frive hoj.some sort of pufl at the shoulder. The'rcsult of the controversy is peculiar, butattha sa.mc time plmisinp.,. Sleeves are.made with a very'full putT at the .shoulder, and a tig-ht, plain covering- from tlin. elbow to .the wrist. .... , •, ' • .'THE LATEST! Aiii-anfapre.l of IlolJoit J3rlclt. Hollow brick, it. IB said; nre, coming Into'more g tt11 nral use in eastern citiesi and quite : a number of larg-e buildings have been built with them, 'They crush at HO.OOO-p'ounds, or about '.the pressure ..whicfcithe ,'bcst solid brick stand'. 'They 'ore,,.-mnd_e( 'SxSxia,;with walls one. inch,thick..H te.elaimed that they cos.t one-third less than .the regular form", makinff walls jrjrobf'rigjainst fire, moisture and frost;-'l)eirig Svnrm in winter and cool to summer. They require a peculiar clay in their manufacture, one that vriH not shrink when dried ;or. bu rned. ; ,< The. brick --are set on. end, thus making 1 i wall hollow from top.,to bottom. | THE SILVER BADGE. UOJ*l^j.i or u Slxtoon t.o Ono Daisy Has A design has been submitted to tin: patent olT:-ce and a copyrir;'h't asked thereoiv for a floral crtiblcin to be worn by ihe iulljoj-ciitfi of thc free silverpiaii. The final issue of the papers has not beer. made, but niuk-r thc rulos of t.he patent o'lTlce, the dnsljru is sufficioj-itly proteolt'd to prcvr-nt; misuse. The eir.blem is in the form of tlic coirfnion Held dairy, with 1(5 petals, cnck nunihcrod on the tip. from one to sixteen, and I .he yellow center marked with n rig-iirc <;ne. The adoption of the scheme is under c;iiis. : dcn'.t;o:i by the leading-silvernien • nnw in Vi'r.sihir.p'lorj, and s determined effort ui!l he made to ,^-et a resolution throug'ii the-.Chi-ctigo convention for the adoption o 1 !' tlie but ton by t'he adherents of the party and to ma.kc it as official in its character as tin: pr.mpas graAs tm- blcni, \vhich Mr. r'anna sngg-ests be adopted as t'he. official llorni emblem of the republican pa.rry. a.n;l which the silver men claJn:. ^ct.^; not- convey any idea but. that, o-f 1'ne nationoJ colors— red. x-.-Ii-ito and bhu-—a:;d r^ro^vs in but one" section of I lie country, while tihe flower t.hat is their emblem grows from the Atlantic to Ihe Pacific. s THE SO33 WASN'T LOOKING. How Two Tcamstcrn Avoided Working An aJTuJr somewhat s-milnr to tba.t of 'the' hocl-carrier \vln raised a pail of n-.tirtar to his shoulder and then let it :lro,-j because 'the six o'clock whistle, blew occurred the other afternoon at t'je new Bounty jail building 1 in Chicago. Two 'ti',-;ms were behitf loaded with the niasou's debris that, had so long obstructed [Hindis street. When the 'ivngons, wore loaded the teams started east find 'turned into Dearborn nv«niie, the 1 bo«s going one way and the teams r.ln- other. ,It was nearly six o'clock nnd the diiuiping grounds were at a coiisldi-riible'distnuce. Tiie moment 'the boss was out of sigh! ' the' teams returned.. -The re- )i!ii-i'tivi» drivers ditniped the la'ads on tin- lu-tip 'from wliich- they had been taken » few moments before and then drovi-'off v,;ith their ctr:pty wagons. Now Cim;utlu:i Provlncen. ;':;;';adii lias JUST, billowed.names on its i;;rri.tory ibordrri^jf. t he Arctic ocean. It will-hereafter-appear on the ma-p in four dkslrk'ts. or provinces—Ungiiro,. l-'r;:!]kiiti, .Maekeir'.ie iind Yukon. The fo'i:r eombinwl coiita'in M2V.OOO square -, • Our -P'opest Area. rjrt'.vfrit the tot::l forest area of the Un'ti'd-Sra-tcs is 2ri'|y.-rcerjt.of the total. TV:-. 1 rises not include Alaska and the lii' n "psmjTioiT* We consume np- pio\ \^\\f.'\ 24 pO'i 0< o.f 00 cubic feet of ii,.,',u : . a::ri'inllv El8 Fntlicr ATc'i^H tn Mu'co a Gentleman Salesman of lllin. A man came in to s«e Superintendent Ln.no- the other day with a request to have bis son excused from mn^iial t.rai'n- ing. "I aui n bntchor," said this sapient parent, "and my boy ca.n do all the carving and cutting he needs in my shop. I don't want him to waste his time on it at school." "Of course," said Superintendent Lane, suavely—he is hardened against surprise at t.ho id iosynerasies of parents —"a butcher's shop well conducted offers excellent educational opportunities;.. A boy is undoubtedly developing some good traits if he works cori; HCicntiously at sawing- and cutting up rrj.ea.t, weighing it, and molcing-change. But there are some advantages in our system of manual training not to be obtained ir. 1-hc bost shop." "Well. I don't t-.na-c about, "em," said the Vjutcher. "James G. Blaine was a good enough man for me, ,-uid I guess the cdilica-tion he got '11 have. 1o do for ruy boy. 1 don't care to have him bent James G: lilainc." T'he supcrinU'rjtlent tried to show him some, of the advantages of manual training, how it developed all the muscles of the body and counteracted the bad nervous effects of too much dp.sk work- with growing children, but the. father in tern; pled him with: "And Abraham Lincoln, sir! My bo.y's no call to go higher than Abraham Lnicolr.. Abe h;ulnttn.ny of your fancy ma.uiK;! training, - but he did pretty wej!.", "Exenso me!" said -the supcrintend- e-nt, "Mr. Lincoln had much manna] training' in his boyhood, a.ud of the best sort, the manual training of the woods .and the farm. Its effect upon his character was undoubtedly great." "My boy can pick up all he needs, too, I gues-s," said tie other. "He don't need no regular training more'n Abe did." "Bxrt the conditions of city life are so different from tlie conditions which surrounded Mr. Lincoln's boyhood,'.' objected the superintendent. "Here we have, to give artificially what these •boys .got'naturally. Ilcre , the boys spend their leisure time playing tho slKirp, shrewd'games of thc street, which .are mentally demoralizing, and have few ,?afe outlets,for their natural energy. Manual training isdoingwon- ders for our boys. It is fitting them for other tr.idcs and occupations Uian those of the store nnd office'and givng tlu'iTi a wholesome respect for labor—" "My boy ain't, goin* to be no carpen- tor—I tell you that now. He ain't goin' to have no trade. I look higher for lib-.-. IJe'a g-oin' to be a cashier or a bookkeeper, or a, snlcsman, if he ain't nbt'.iin' .Ijetter. My boy won't work with his hands if I can help it. And 1 want, his mirid.cddic.Ttcd." "Rut, my dcjir sir, manual training is o::c. of the most powerful agencies for developing brain power. As the hands nnd muscles " ir(1 u.oed, the nerve centers in 1 the brain which .control those muscles grovy, too, and the whole brain is ip vigoratcd—" , "My boy don't need no better brain than Heed, of Maine. He's got enough brain 'power to suit me, and he never went to none of your n'cw-fanglcd schools... I'd like that excuse." Crushed beneath this weig-htof learning and,argument, the superintendent mftekiy : ttiode out the required papers find handed them over.—Chicago Tribune. X Rr>y i'hotocrnpli Taken of Ilia Knee t» Ascertain tho Difficulty. Stephen J. Field, justice of the su- 1 preme court of the; United States, has; had an experience of three-quarters of an hour under the Kocntgcn ray. Justice Field is troubled with an affectiORi of. tho knee joint which the doctors cannot exactly define. That was ono reason why the helpo:! the mysterious X ray was invoked. Jii Avas thought perhaps Uia.t some hidden lesion or cause of irritation might be disclosed which, being known and. located, would become amenable to treatment. An'inspection of the negative of the| ' :atliodographafterdevelopme-ntsJioweS that the experiment bad bceu successful in get-ting a good picture of the" bones of thc joint. Further, n compari-- "son of the negative with one token somoi time ngo of a normal knee joint-shoAved i;i a groat measure the nature of the affection which has caused the longstanding lameness. WhethertJicdcmoij.- srr.ation will be of use in effecting a. cure is a ninttcr as to which onlj' a professional opinion would be of value, . The negative showed that the- tibin and the femur liove almost grown together. The hinge, so to speak, is partially solidified. The bones have net that clearness of outline shown in the ( normal knee. The result is»j. very gratifying demonstration of the value of the) X ray as a means of disclosing the no-i ture. location and extent of an interior\ lesion. 1 Satisfied with *Mr Vigor. "yearly forty'years ago; .-after, some v,-ceks of sji'lir.rss, ray hair. turned gray.'' I be. ;.:» usiiiR Ayer'a. Iluir. Vi^or, and v,-:;s so well satis- • fietl \viiii ihe results that I have never tried any other kind of dressing. It rerpiiresonly , an occasional sppli- I cation of Hair Vigor to keey m y lia:: ' of -? ootl color, to remove dandruff, to JieaJ. i'jnors, and prevent ..tlie' hair from falling out. I never-hesitate to recommend Ayer's medicines to my friends."—Sirs. Avoen, Nebr. s Hair Vigor Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayor & Co., Lowell, fake Ayer't Sanapirilla (or ihe A GOOD INVESTMENT. Ctni* knd Effect.. Yonng 1 'AnMWcr^-N'o .wonder It's hot;. the thermometer'i! BO In the shade J-Bay City Chat •LIKE CEftTH'lCATES. InractUn tfenomliatkmof ' • «50., f 100., «250.f. »600i, f 1,000. The interest 1« gu»r»ntec<l /or8 ye»r«. • .,-: They net tho purcbM«r«perct. per annum.. • • The lDtercEt» from earning*. • . :.'.• The coupons are payable semi-normally. , . They are similoi, to Collateral Trn«t Bonds. The principal f • rapidly enhancing In valu<L They are a isatc InvoiUnent. : . ' VorparticuUra•ddren: _ L , -.. '••'-. 4MBOIUIR PIPE-I.CTK STWTKM,' .Manhattan Boildlnt, Chic«»o, lUa.

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