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Spooner's Vermont Journal from Windsor, Vermont • 2

Windsor, Vermont
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tarly clcteftion of two denominations of Bellona, an 74un iiijTaiT politely treated. I he vapt.of the D.l- paper, which, trom the accuracy of be copperplate execution, bid fair, with iheaid of maiterly pemnanftiip, widely to extend the mofi afHicTing and deftructive ruin. Jiona Ihewed vapt. li. a rochmatit-a from ihe.Gov.

of Martinico, to bring j. to port, all neutral veflels bound to French port. Extrail (fa letter to the Editor 0) the Phi. ladslfhia Gazette, dated jjatitmre, March, 1705, ClUMBBRSBURCH.Feb.. A letter from Pittfburgh, informs that all is quiet in that quarter.

A fubferip-tion ii opened by the Infurge nts for relieving thofe who have fuffered bv the irt- tt furreclion. A committee of five is txp 1 pointed to afcertain Gen. Neville 3 loues. PHILADELPHIA, March Extraft of a Utter rem an Amtritan Captain at Martinique, dated th "January, 1 705, to a IS'hr chain sj this ciiy. Captain Rlaney has juft arrived here.

He is a fpecial uuilengtr irotn Mr. ay to our Executive," with dilpatches con! tairjing the Treaty of Amity rd Com-merce between this country and Great-Britain. Capt. Blaney left London the 17th of December, in the fhip Thomas Capt. and arrived Norfolk on Friday iafh To morrow morning he leaves this tonn for your city.

He doe not appear to ha acquainted with the particulars of the The State of Pennfylvania has pallid ed, but in profule lweati. i ne ojtcui ity of thefe regions, the chftint fires tpiead ing a vifible gloom, nakcii men, dark as the minerals which they work, furround-ed by thefparks that lly from their hammers the horrid Wife i their labor, and of the wheels of the hydraulic joined with the tremendous figures which we met from time to time, with lighted torches in their bands, made me doubt whei iur 1 was not really in Tartarus. Having at length arrived at a kind of halls, the 1 oofs of which were fupported by pillar be wn out of the rock, and furroundsd vvitn (eats ot the fame nature my guides defired me to repofe myfslf, and li tea to fome mufic that would amufe me. On my eruir'ng of what kind, they aufwerrd it was the noife vyhich proceeded' from blowing up the rocks, to facilitate their labour. I con-fented, on condition that the) fliould remain with me.

They readily agreed, as this was the only place totally free from danger. One of them went out for a moment to give the ncctfliry and returning, fat by my fide. Afitr waiting about a quarter of an hour, trembling with cold, and my patience I threatened to renounce the uiuGck, if they were not more expeditious. While I was fpeaking, the explodon be-gan. My ears had hitherto been Itran gers to the like.

The whole extent of thefe fubterraneous regions, as far as our fiffht could reach, infiaYHlv Mifcellany. ACCOUNT ok the. COPPER MINE osFABLUN, IN SWEDEN. TOURING the four hours that I 3L-Jr "wan lered in the bowels of Kop-parbsrg, as I defeended from gallery to fouietimes iy l'ddtrs, and fome by lUir, my aftoaifiiment increafed at evrjt (lip. Atfirltl went down zig-r.

ig iinf tolerably commodious, into a 'lire cavity, about 300 feet and 2 3 jo pac5 in circumference. At the extremity uf the cave, I faw in a corner, a hut lui It of wood, fix or Teven feet in at the door of which flood two li i.cs, half naked, and as black as ink. i. tii them tor the pages of Pluto each had i lighted torch in his hand. In this hue, is one of the entries int.

the fubter-ranetius regions, and it is the commodious of the four which communicated witti ths cave. I and my fervant were immediately prefented with a black drefsj (a precaution that is generally taken to preferve the clothes of the incjuifitive from being fpoiled in the narrow paffiges ot the gnUeries) this mournful apparel, together with a prayer uttered by my guides, imploring the Divine aid, that we might efcape unhurt from thefe regions, intimidated my fervant, who was a young frieze, in fuch a manner, that he wuukl fcarcely fjbmit to be drefTed en "Twelve or fourteen French frigates i and traniports, with 4 or 50CO troops on board, are arrived here. The Englifli, with about 30 fail. of mips of the line, an acl for granting a not 1.11 1. 1 fiig te3, and lloops of var, could only 'i sjou ior 111c rcnei or men reh gees from Hifpcniola, as the named intheacl: fhall deeru objeflsof charity.

take two tail, one a frigate, which they bought dfar, lolingthc Captsin cf frigate, inoft of their officers, ard about mcii. "I he Frenchmen left all his mails belorewarucK, and generoully lacrihccc GnnCdtCUt4 HEW-HAVEN, March. 12 ras in company, where both the Captains IT YcIJcrd rnwg, a wo kfiiop in the wei-a buried. A trar.lpurt is taken by in mother 74, and carried to ot. Xhts, Uh i Clt ta0 flhV o.

mn rri.iit ted, and we were left iii total riarkueis i( for the preflurc of the air had vv 11 11 aii it was owneu by Mr. Eli Whitney, where for feme time paft, he bad been employed in making machines for cleaning Cotton; feveral of which were completed, and others in confiderable forwardness. The lofs ig faid to be at leaf! 3000 Dollars. The fire began while the workmen were gone to breakfaft, and had got to a lonisd'cra-ble head before difcovercd 'fome' other buildings were much expo fed, but fortunately were preferved. 1 M3UKmm 1 i-citaramouche, much Ids defcetid into the tame.

Palling, at one time, through alleys propped up by timber, at another, under vuitts thatfapported thcmfelves, we came to immenfe large halls, the height or extremities of which could not be reached by the feeble lights that we carried. In lo ne of thefe are forges, whefe the difter-eiit tools uftd in working the mines, are ide or repaired. It was here fo excef-fively hot, that the workmen were entirely risked. Other halls firved either for migizines cf gun powder, or cordage, rd our torches. This obicurity was only interrupted by a ac explt fioii on th; right and the left, accompanied with fud-d'en flaflies of.

light. Echoes redouble 1 the flrokes with -loife. The vaults feemed ro jii'it ou tha ground trembled and ctirfezi' rocked tinder us. The recclhctic.i hr.t we ers eleven hundred and thirty ftet under tjhe furface of the earth the light of ev-ry repeated iltlh, of ur niae's and of before the Duke or York tnd his, army a rives, t.nd th-in there is no doubt but they will carry in." a 4. About two TKurfday morn ing laft, and dying mill of Mr.

Siueou Caldvin, in difcovercd to be in but before ar.y arTillauce could be had, hole of th; building, with zV, conU-ntf, excert the blue dys, vers entirely confumeU, together with his bcoks of account. end other ctenhls, necrlhry tor their ope my ft If, in fable hue in 10 nue rati ns. Thefe communicated by means i ire mi 01 i the rocks that were detached bv the ex. of the galleries and thefe galleries com plofion and the fnioke of the un pow- imnicate with each other by ladders or There are alfo apertures made from the upper furface, in a perpendicu- der, will plead my apology fhouhi I cai- of dotb lf fi didly confefs that I ielt all the toupee jcr which Ihave, fUnd ereft. This concert n' F.

NAVAL ENGAGEMENT. BOSTO March 13. Several accounts have been publifhed of a recent engngemeRt in the Weft. In-dies, between a French ard EngliHi fri-g te very little can be placed on them. Anxious to communicate the mofi authentic we TW, nr nnr, tr.

continued about half an hour, and fud Scmmonfes are ilfued to the Senators convene at the convey frefli any Icfc us protoun.l filence of the Unhcd 10 ourdens, which being placed in large vef- w.ll,Cil' together with the olfcurny of tha Seat of tlte fds, are moved upwards and downwards Placc' an.d the iAc-cating ftcam of the junenent. eighth day cf lave information of a leter to gun-powder, rather increaf-d than di- The Heafe of AfTembly of New-York from a Captain of sn Ame- by means ot puliies, that are in continual motion duriue the time of labor. The hve oafied a bill for ths e'l hlif m-pi tian ve-hcl, who was on board the Ere- min'i flied the horror. This operation is repeated every day at noon." i ft "1 1 of Public Schools in that State, and ap propriating the fjirj of amsnfan infarmstiCin' their vlarch 11. On Saturday rivtd th" brig Cart.

JshwCkerlv. Iii li rrn 1.J1 imp during the engagement wso informs, that this acTion, one of the tnoft obftisi'ite end bloody in the annals of rival combats was betwce.i the Blanche, a Britifh frigate of 56 guns. 250 men, commanded by Capt. Faulkner, and La Pink, a French frigate of 56 guns, nd 450 men. The ngagtmtnt began at om o'clock in the morning, and until four The Ularche loft licrCap-tain 20 men killed, and 40 en ended and La Fink bad 70 men killed anJ 114 wcunded.

La Pink loll all her nafis, and the Blanche her main and rizen The engagement, btingin t)u night, was atttnded with many peculiar circumlUucws. Tie Blanche had an. 1 SATURDAY laft Britifh brigScm-erfet, captured by l'Ami de la foint-Petre, privateer on the 30th Sept. laft, and the fchooner Harcum, captured by the privateer Port au Paix, on the 13U1 ult. were, with their cargoes in the Federal Court for this dillrkt, adjudged to the former ovvntrs.

yiullies are kept in motion by horfts on th top of the mountain. The veifels are attached to chains ot iron, common ropes being fabj 'ct to fpedy erofion by the vi.riolic vapors which afcend from the mints. The kons themfelves will not eiidiie for a long fpsce of time, and therefore ropes of cows liair, or of bogs bnftles, are often irhde to fupply their place. The apertures are not only convenient for th; pur,) ifrs above-mentioned, and givevnt to a peftiler.tial atmof-phere but, co-operating with the heat 'frocsc'ding from the forge, and other phy ileal ciufes, thfy exe fe, even in the parts, fuch fxcelfive draughts of air, tht they refarnble the moll violent hurricanes. The roofs that are riot fup-parted by art, aflbrd, itf many places, a iinuhr aintearance.

The itriol fierdam. -Le have been received from tucnce, iat i the 7th Jar. ji.ry, We have feen to a refpj tobh bonis in this city. They at diif--I rem daes, ftate the pregrefs of U.e Frtncb it tnio thfy ti oiled th: Ahine and the tiJ, aud drove tb poftitUablifhid ttrc' it had been afterwards reported at Amlterdam, that tl ey had rt-cioOc'' thrfc riven; but the poll- LANCASTER March A. been in chnc cf the vefild, ccmmari'Jcd a At a court of Oyer end Terminer, I fcripc to the laft letter llf-Li 9f I.

or January 7t. by th- sentlcnaii from whem uu uic 34111 ult. tue 1 declares all hopes of nopt. n-? ie nn- 1 uns. tn nA oppmg pn- boun-i toGi came, iriais or uouerr Hancock, illidm Shaw.

CTCiJ ti rrenca to he vntirtlv fifi IkJI till, 1 1UA) H'V end, and tlict zUty under Fleurd'Fp (Guadaloupe) IJch oc in Me in thsccuife of 3 cr 2 da, s. tMmian-lw Ki.t.t fnl'nweJ cly flip' lio difturbaiscci fr.d hrnrneJ Jofeph Price, and Margaret Price, who lndicled at a prectdinrr court, far counterfeiting and pifling Frs and Ten Dollar Janlt Notes of the Bank cf the United States, commeuced. In thi courf; of the invelligation of tho feveral charges, it appeared very fatisfccbril, that the prifoncrc, tho charged and tried feparstely, on account of' the charges reftingon individuals, were companions in guilt on a fair hearing before diffj- tha inhabitants, who, 0:1 the cot.tray, calmly waiting (tie. S-'hackerly inform llmt en 80th Jan. in lar.

46, 56, long. 1 7, he ftll in with a fleet ot French (hips cf v. ur, ccnfiiU'ig cf it fail of tl.t lint, and 1 5 frigates, feveral of which vera 74' cut down carry uig, very heavy metal reinjuries, uiey were alt convicted he wa boarded by itijrr.te 1 hamc-s. Hancock, Shaw, and Toietii Piirr tl loieoli Pficc. wer 1 nn each of them convicted on three ndh.

vain, 1.1c ill i 1 1. 4 4. ipt. througti the cryftalli2es onxtiieir furface, and forms prtfmsof different fi mres. They are fofpended from a fioufdud pl.tces, ten, twelve, twenty feet in length, end of A moll beautiful grten.

fhe reflection flight from their vjtriu4 furfacei, and from the minerals 'tut fu. round the walls, produces an cf-, ft nore eify to be conceived thin def- t-rihdd. In of the palljges, upwards iif feven hundred feet bslow the furface cf the earth, the vitriol is dillulved, and ii 11 cut of the mine by means of 1 a curious hydraulic machine. The water, Which fpriiig up at thi depth very copioufly, is fet motion by borfes, dif-tbives tue vitriol, add conveys it into a I ivfervir, contains a quantity of ii-on; Twenty four of thefe horfes have in the gallery, their mangers being cut of the rock- This work ard day 1 borfes men bi'iog r'lievfd every fix hours. The anion Is are hoitl' up through the opening ones iii a ytur, to undergo a general re-vie irtduced me to defcend himdred feet undef the nrth, to ih- I nvr gslfery, where the rincipal l.fiin is wade.

rnents the two former were lVntn. ed him that they mn in tl.eir truifj the Cljnche. At 10 o'clock they met, laid each skng fide, and a defpe-rats battle enfued-lrfuring which, tl. tiew of the Bli-iKhe, o.nperceivtd, md thi Pink ft ft with ahawfer round ht bobftay, tnd broi ght htr into a vt ry d.f-advantageous fitiu'tion. Capt.

Faclkuir being killed, his Lieutenant vee: away the hiwfer, vhiwh cor Hoed the Pink, and brought her under his quarter, lafliir.gdi Pink's bowfprit to his mizen mall. In li'j fituution, fiud'Ug he Could not fake antagooift to advantage, from flern pons, he ordered twocarnoa to be loa'ded, ai firing both of them together, blew oif the upper part cf tl ihip's fti'rn risd from thtfe neiv-invc" the Pink fore and aft, for near tw tntirely her, and niakirig the havoc among the crew, which 'the above return flatus 1 while the on'y return the Pir.k could mike, her fitlsll arms and from the daikiufs of tji night "could not what nude htr fr-ft. The crews of bxtn velfels btluivd ih the irioft invincible courage, tbe Flench in particular i ll0 bore the deadly and raking lire of t'ie Engllflia long time after even the ht p6" of tfcape or coiKpied had vanihed. 'I'1' smong others, a fleet of 22 fail ofvefiUa turn Cork, bound 10 tha Weft-Iudics, pravifioas. Arrived Saturday evening, brig Marii, Capt.

Bernard, from Port Libtr-ty, formerly cdled Point Prtre, Cnnda-loupc, which he left the toth Icb. and brings the account of the fleet arri ving there from France, one 74 gun fliip, 2 frigates, iloop of, 1 corvet. and 3 transports, with 400a troops one of the tranfpom. was taken oft' Difarda, by the Ikllona, 74 gun flilp. Jktore Cpt.

Barnard filled, the pt. of the French flitp, that fought the Blanche, had return-ed on parole the Blanche had (WL- h. to undergo a con fin-mem of fifteen years each, the litter to fixtcen yearn, cn ac count of fome ftronger circumitances cf guilt appearing egainft him than the others and a fine of 300 dollars each Margaret Price, being charged and con-videdonone indidment only, wan, from the confideration of herfex, fenuncedt a confinement of four years, the (hortcft period in the dih-retioa of the Court, with a fine of so tloilara.pfev10u.l7 to pafling fentence. the Prelldcnt made a number of judicious obfrvauons fo the prifoners, calculated to the grravatri nsture of their oflVnce. The filling of the bills, and the iiutures, very fotu-nately, were dumbly and badly exetut- Nrtiwiih'lftpdi'jgthe txcefllve coll of phec, the men who were occupied leaving the rW, were not only nak- fore the Bellona came in fight..

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