Wisconsin State Journal from Madison, Wisconsin on January 5, 1955 · 15
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Wisconsin State Journal from Madison, Wisconsin · 15

Madison, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1955
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DIAL 6-3111 WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5, 1955 SECTION 2, PAGE 7 - ladio Jimetabie WIBA WEDNESDAY wise WKOW WIB'J 1:00 6:15 :30 ' 6:45" 1:110 7:15 7:30 7:45 t-M S:t5 8:30 1:45 t-.m 9:15 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11 It 11 30 11:45 12:00 12:15 12:30 12:45 1:0 1:11 1:30 1:45 2:u0 2:15 2:30 2:45 3:00 3:15 3:30 3.45 4:00 4:15 , 4:30 4:45 :00 5:15 5:30 5:45 6:00 6:15 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:15 7:3 7:45 1310 kc Sunrise Frolic News;. Al Gilbert: Newt Alex Dreiei Mimical Clock Journal News ennrts- nock Al Gilbert'! Musical Clock New McBrlde:' Peal Coffee Time Tunes Break the Bank Strike It Rlcb Phrase Pan Second Chance News: Quiz Morning Melodies . Farm Roundup New Roundup Farm Service News Polka Part Trading Poat Calendar Betty Cass ' Column 1480 ke. Farm Hour Too o Morn - Chapel of A!i Music: Nwi Scores: Muste News Top o Morn John McVant Breakfast Club Breakfast Club My True Stor, Wblso't Streets Betty- Florida t Calling: Newt Oueen for a Day 1070 kc. Barter Board Farm i Hour Waihv Mkta. Sports: Muslo News Weath'r; Uoffe Club: Nsws Markets. Cortes Club: News Ftt'fhen Hub Newt: Markets Arthur Godfrey Ttme Arthur Godfrey Time Arthur Godfrey Ttme Music Speaks Morning Musla News: Cafendar News: Band Bob EberW Aunt Jenny Betty Helen Trent Mag Marque Our rial Sunday Secret 8oni News Mister : Music News: Mr Music Betty: Mister Music Roads; Music News Mk w-ni.ner Farm Parade Chow rime Jockey's Chnlct N " Drske Wendy Warren 12 40 kc. Music News Anneal Dept. Rural Roundup News: Farm Service News Weathei Farm Frolic Prayer League Musical , Clock Calendar News: Muslo . Bob Crosby Sweet , Muslo . , ' News Job Service MH-Morning Matinee News: Morning Matinee We" tern Stars Farm News Music: Markets News Musicf Market Reports Farm Service SI Hayes and Daughter Music Boj News: Melody Newa: Mr. Matinee Music Pepper Young Mister Right to H'p'nat Music Backstage Wits News: Mister Stella Dallas Music: Betty Winder Brown Mister Worn. In House Music Just Plain Bill News: Mr Lorenzo Jones , Music Madison Hour Mr. Music Marriage Pave Birthday Club Jack Davit Music House Boi Party Coast Guard 2nd Mrs Burton Organ Melodies News: Luella Morten son 8hnw: Easy Listening Chanel in the Sky Melody Hour thn Rome St Record Showcase Hits of Week Harmony Hour News Top Tunes Band Paradt ' Madison , Hour News Snorts: Newt Dinner Music: News News of World 1 Man's Family Dinah Shore F. Blnatra Newa: Barrle Craig . Mister Allan Jackson Fiesta rime Muslo Top Tunes Unlv Special Mlbter Sporta Music Red Mimic; Sporta Lowell Thomas Skelton News Music Fulton Lewis Lone Ranger: News J. Vandercook Bill Stern Hits of the Week; News Tennessee Ernl News Weather Newa Good Newt Chnrallars Snorts Tim Edw R Murrow Bint Stngs Sports: Blue Barron: Newt Tweniv-Flrst Precinct 8. 00 You Bet 6:15 Your Lilt 8:30 'The Big -A 8:45 Story 9:00 Fibber McGe 9:15 Glldersleev 9:30 Singing 9:45 Stars 10:00 Newa 10:15 Sporta Final 10 30 'Jim Madera 10:45 1310 Club 11:00 News: Mader'g 11:15 1310 Club 11:30 Mader'sl310 11:45 Club: Newt Sammy Perry Como Kaye Blr.g Crosby Blue Serenade Amos 'n Q. Heatter Andy: Newt Sentenced Concert Sentenced Caravan Off the Record Concert News; Music Caravan News E. p. Morgan Squad . Room Dance Orchestra Dance Orch. Daily Final Newt ' Sporta The Promised Land Blng Stngs Farm Front Old rimers Jamboree Old Timers Jamboree Old rimers Jamboree Wisconsin Farm Hour Music for Listening Muslo for Listening Silent t Silent News: promised Silent Land Siient The Promised Silent Land Silent I'M channels: WIBA FM, 101.5 M. VVWCF fWIBU). 94.9 M. Starred programs are also carried on corresponding FM stations WISOFM 98.1 WMFM 7:00 7:10 7:15 7:30 7:57 8:07 8:2b 8:30 9:00 11:00 12:00 12:18 12:34 1:00 1:30 2:00 3:00 4:00 4.15 4:30 5:00 5:15 5:30 104.1 Megs. WEDNESDAY A. M. Yawn Patrol v Layman's Call to Prayer Weatherman: Yawn Patrol News: Yawn Patrol Weatherman: Newt Clockwatchers i Weatherman: News Headlines Clockwatchers: News Musical Roundup Old Time & Country Music P. M. News: Road Report Noontime Frolics; Weatherman Noontime Frolic: Newt Meet the Artist Music to Listen to: Newt Music Matinee: News Mucic Matinee: News Juke Box Jamboree Wayne King Collector's Corner; Newa Sleepy Joe Speed Gibson Off the Record: News 0:00 Musical Menu: News 7:00 Showcase 7:30 Old Timers Party; News 8:00 You Were There 8:15 Serenade In Blue 8:30 Packaae of New Record 8:45 Twilight Time: News 9:00 Sharpen Your Wits 9:30 Esperanto Now: News 10:00 Jan Garber 10:15 Lombardo Land 10:30 One Oh Four & One Club 10:55 News (to 11) WHA and WHA-FM 970 Kc 88.7 Megs. WEDNESDAY 7:15 Weather Roundup: Farm Pro. 7:30 Road Report: Band Wagon 7:45 News: Weather 8:00 Morning Melodies 8:55 News of the Day 9:00 Broadcast on Broadcasts 9:30 Let's Write ' 9:50 Markets: News 10:00 Homemakers Program 10:30 League of Women Voters 1 4 I I f i i Today's Radio Highlights . Drama 7 p.m. FBI In Peace and War (WBBMi: Larry Haines, Elspeth Eric in "Accidental Death," story of almost - per feet murder. 7:30 p.m. Mind of the Writ e r (WHA-F M); . "She Stoops to Con quer.' 7:35 p. m. B a r r i e Craig (WIBA): on new schedule;, W 1 1 nam uargan in "Angel of Death, 4 8 p.m. You 1 W e r e Th ere in a it r leiu in GARGAV 'Service Groups." 8:30 p.m. Bis: Story (WIBA): Pennsylvania newsman helps cap ture arsonist. 9 p.m. Fibber McGee (WIBA: balloon ascension . . . Sentenced (WISCi: elaborate disguise tips off fugitive's whereabouts. 10:30 p.m. Squad Room (WISC): probe of poison pen letters. Music 3 p.m. Music of the Masters (WHA): "Symphony No. 103," Haydn. 8 p.m. Perry Como (WKOW): with Joan Weber; "Mr. Sandman,'' "Teach Me Tonight," "Let Me Go, Lover." 9 p.m. FM Concert (WHA): Part 1 of "A Masked Ball." Discussion 10:30 a.m. Women Voters (WHA): "The Role of the Minority Party in Congress," Prof. Ralph Huitt . . . Make t'p Your Mind (WBBM): Salvador Dali on painting as a hobby. 8 p.m. Cooper Union Forum (WHA): "Liquid Rock and Solid Water," Johnson Fairchild. Farm Programs 7:22 a. m. Farm Feature (WHA): "January Is Egg Month," Baxter Newton. 12:30 p.m. Farm Hour (WHA): E. H. Fisher reports on insect control conference. Miscellaneous 10 a.m Homemakers (WHA): "When Rugs Need Cleaning," Mrs. Orpha Herrick; "Meet an IFYE from Ecuador," Jens Nick-elsen. 10:45 Views of the News rJ 11:00 Roman Life and Literature 11:50 Noon Musicale P. M. 12:15 Road Report; Newa 12:30 Farm Program 1:00 Chanter a Day 1 30 Journeys in Music Land L 2 :00 Special Lecture o.uu rouble ui me Masters 4:00 Canada Report 4:15 Spirit of the Vikings FM ONLY 4:30 Afternoon Concert 5:00 Music for Fun 5:15 Story Time 5:30 Music Album 5:45 News: Weather Roundup 6:00 Dinner Musicale 7:00 Views of the News I tiff I IS K&sm I Names In 1 TIP 0' THE MORMSG: Van Heflin's next picture uill be "The Calico Pony" a religious story with a Western background, , - ROBERT J. BODDEX will become general manager of WSWW, Platteville's new radio station, about Jan. 20. He has -resigned as manager of WGEZ, Beloit, after, two years with that station. Before going to Beloit, he was program director of WRCO, Richland Center, from 1949 to 1952. He has also been with KROS, Clinton, la.; WKBH, La Crosse; WBAY, Green Bay, and WCLO, Janesville. He and Mrs. eoaaen nave seven ennaren. ? AnnDre House, formerly of Madison, will have the leading role in "The Bar- t .. u n u c 1 .. : ' ititu uiiuc wucii me ouiciaiia upcia 15 presented in Waukesha Jan. 29 and 30. Now a Milwaukee resident, she is the t daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lucian Schlim-gen, 2022 Kendall ave. "The Bartered Bride" will be produced by the Opera Guild of he Waukesha Symphony orchestra. Milton Weber will conduct, with Felice Wolmut as stage director. Johnny Desmond and Eileen Parker bave -resigned ' as regular vocalists on "Breakfast Club' (WMTV and WISC), effective Jan. 21, to launch solo careers. Thereafter, the Don McNeill show will use guest singers. The first will be Patsy Lee and Jack Owens, former Breakfast Clubbers. Rita Hayworth's first role under her new contract with Columbia Pictures will be that of a princess in "Joseph and His Brethren." After the film is finished, she'll take her daughter, Princess Yasmin, to Paris to see the child's grandfather, the Aga 1 I XtW. ' klMiMw.. t. I i i J-. it ft I St I I laV m kmmm GLEASON R. J. BODDEN Kahn. Then she'lt return to Hol lywood for her second picture, reportedly "Pal Joey." Jane Russell has signed a new contract with Howard Hughes. She'll make one picture a year for the next six years. Reports say she will receive $50,000 a year in weekly payments of $1,000 each for 20 years. Ethel Merman will do no more musicals on Broadway, she told the Associated Press in San Francisco, where she was visit ing her husband, Robert Six, an airline executive. After three more television shows, Miss Mer man and the couple's children will return to Denver. She added that she would like to make one more movie possibly "The Ethel Merman Story. DISC OF THE DAY: The su perlative playing of William Primrose is heard again on a Columbia LP carrying Walton's viola concerto and Hindemith's "Der Schwanendreher." Sir Malcolm Sargent conducts the Royal Philharmonic orchestra in the Walton toork, while John Pritchard directs the Columbia Chamber orchestra on the second side. This is a Tirst-rate recording m every respect. AT THE UNION: A change in dates will bring an exhibition qf water colors by Madison and'Mil No. 13 in a series of Rare Creatures! ; wauftee artists to the Memorial Union Feb. 9. instead of this week. Meanwhile. Sculptor Hugh Townley's exhibition will open in the mam gallery Sunday and con tinue until Feb. 8. WORDS AND PHRASES: David jBrinkley, Washington newscaster for the NBC - TV "News Caravan," has compiled nis own glossary of the language used around government bu reaus. He offers the following for the guidance of the uninitiated: "Concurs Generally" ... I have not read the document and I don't want to be bound by anything I might say. "In Conference" ... I don't know where he is. "Passed to Higher Authority" . Pigeonholed in a more sump tuous office. "Appropriate Action" ... Do you know what to do with it? We don't. "Giving Him the Picture" . . . A long, confusing, and inaccurate statement to newcomer. "Under Active Consideration" . . . We have never heard of it. However, we will try and find it in our files. "Has Received Careful Consid eration" ... A period of inactivity covering a time lag. "Have You Any Comment" . Give me some idea, what it is all about. "That Project is In the Air" . . . I am completely ignorant of tne subject. "You Will Remember" . . . You have forgotten, or never knew. nor do I. Transmitted to You" . , . You hold the bag awhile, I'm tired of it. EVAGIVE GLOG it happy go lucky as long as luck Is with him The glog is an advertiser who refuses to be moored to the crass world of facts and figures. He may spend a million on advertising. But if you ask him why, he talks about golf. If you ask him what he expects to get out of his ads. he raves about some oomph-girl who has caught the public eye. - You can't pin nim down - because he honestly doesn't expect much from advertising. 'v ' Fortunately the glog is a rare creatuie. Wise advertisers expect plenty from their advertising dollar. And they prefer to keep luck out of the picture. So they don't try to cover the nation with a flimsy catch-all schedule. They pick their best markets - then really cover them. Naturally they use newspapers. Because ndwspapers are basic the foundation of any intelligent ad schedule. - . ' Because only the newspaper reaches just about everybody in every community. Because only the newspaper carries the spnse of urgency , - "If it's advertised today, I'd better go down and get it quick." - i No wonder advertisers invested twice as much money in newspapers last year as in any other medium! All business i local. . . and so are all newspapers! The 1 .wr, ill lii , ',, V . ii , M, 'I w,l (, TT "ARSENIC and OLD LACE" by Jotph Ktsiiirmg Adapted for television by Howard Lindsay and Russet Crouse Starring Helen Boris HAYES KARLOFF Peter LORRE Billie ' BURKE Orson BEAN Edward Everett HORTON IN COLOR. ..AND BLACK AND WHITE I IIVEI Direct from Brotdwtyl PRESENTED BY Wfestinghouse on CBS TELEVISION 9cphnEL27 WKOW-TV TV Ratings Prove Only-Show's Seen By TOM O'M ALLEY nd BOB CINNIFF When Jackie Gleason swung his $11,000,000 contract, CBS trumpeted at the same time the big news: Gleason had just scaled XV's Mt. Everest; he'd soared past "Lucy" mtorwwWfBs Number 1 spot in three differentf rating services. To more than one observer, this was astonishing for another rea-: son: The rating services had fi nally come to agree ment on who was "topi dog." The rating boys stoutly defend! their position asi the be-all audi end-all of the TV business. They claim that the variety of results gotten by various systems are valid because they all measure different things. But more tnan one TV insider has decried this pathetic catering to the lowest common denominator (highest rating), charging that TV is, headed for a snug, dull berth just a few notches below B movies, if this course is pursued. Furthermore, they ask. if the ratings don't agree, how can they possibly be valid? The hucksters, (the ad agencies who now more or less run the TV business) have taken a rather whining attitude we have to sell soap so we want a big rated show. Hence the ratings have become the answer. Low ones mean lost jobs and great anguish. High ones mean suruiy pleasure domes in swanky suburbs for the - ad men who guess right. The lowest common denominator becomes the boss. Just what are the ratings? Well, practically everyone knows that it's a means of pro jecting basic figures into some large scale guesses about what the American public is watching. Ac-cording to the ratings crowd, Mil ton Berle became Mr. Television because he led the ratings for four years. When Berle fell from the top in favor of "Lucy", he became merely Mr, Tuesday Night, where he still was top boy. Then this season, confusion reared its charming head. At one time four services saluted four different leaders "Lucy", Gleason, ''Dragnet", and Ed Sullivan. Clearly, something was wrong. Never! answered the ratings mob, we just measure different things. Neilsen (NBC's favorite rating service because it measures total audience and as a result excludes some CBS shows which don't get into smaller cities) is the most famous. It projects its figures from the measurements of 150 homes across the U. S. by mechanical means. Trendex (CBS' favorite because its ten city survey includes CBS outlets in all ten cities) is done by phone and is able to give its clients a rating for any given minute. (Ed Sullivan and various others pay extra to get a fast Trendex score within a day or so after the broadcast the other ratings usually take a few week.) ARB's ratings are done by the diary method, with viewers recording their daily viewing habits. (This would seem to be a better gauge from an advertiser's stand point.) Pulse, with the largest survey, is done by door-to-ooor interviews at 6,000 homes the day after broadcasts. So take your pick. What makes the ratings 11 seem rather superficial is the fact that "Lucy" maintained her po sition as America's number one TV personality for several years, yet her sponsor fell below 1 sev eral other cigarets in sales dur ing the same period. On the other hand, a show like "Today," with obviously limited audiences, gets a masterful selling job from Dave Garroway and loud hurrahs from sponsors. A typical attitude towards the ratings is that of Goodman Ace. Milton Berle's sense of humor Ace wrote a story called "The Ratings Rat Race" for the Sat urday Review, in which he tore the whole system apart. Shortly thereafter, Berle, who had been in a long skid, soared back to the number two spot in the ratings. We asked Ace what he thought of the ratings, with Berle again way up. "Why, they're fine," he an swered. "But just let Milton slip again, and I'll tear into them again. They're only good when they favor you. So for now, I'll lay on." (CoDvrlcht 1W5. Newspaper Feature! Syndicate, Inc.) Gleason Signs Again, Gets $5 Million Deal HOLLYWOOD W Jackie Glea son, who recently made an u million deal for a half-hour TV show, has signed a new contract which could bring him an added $5 million. George Durgom, president of Jackie Gleason Enterprises, Inc., and the star s personal manager, said Gleason signed the pact with CBS Monday afternoon. Gleason came here for a vacation and the wedding of his TV producer. Jack Philbin, to actress Jean Harris Monday nignt. Under terms of the new deal Gleason enterprises will supply Jeievidlon JoJai TODAY'S BEST BETS 12 m. Matinee Movie: Boris Karloff In "Fatal Hour" WMTV. 2 p.m. Luella Mortenson: with Mrs. John Wise, secretary of state, and Mrs. Ralph Mc-Can.se of YWCA WKOW-TV. 3:15 p. m. Showcase: Dr. Merle Hamel on Bloodmobile operation WKOW-TV. 6:30 p. m. Disneyland: "Treasure Island," with Bobby Driscoll, Robert Newton WMTV. 8:30 p. m. Treasury Men: "The Case of the Broken Bond" WMTV. 9 p. m. Quiz the Professor: Prof. Eugene Boardman on "Should We Recognize Communist China?" WHA-TV. 9 p.m. Best of Broadway: "Arsenic and Old Lace," with Helen Hayes, Boris Karloff. Peter Lorre, Billie Burke, Orson 3ean, Edward Everett Hor-ton WKOW-TV. 10:30 p.m. Norby; new series with David Wayne i" WNBQ. 12:00 2 Portia Facet Lift Hot Shots 5 Noontime Comics 7 Happy Pirates ft Beat of the West 13 Markets: Newt 27 Melodies 33 Matlnte Movie 12:15 2 Road of Life 13 Road of Life 27 Road of Life 12:30 2 Welcome Traveler 4 Weatherman 5 Bob and Kay 13 Love of Life 27 Welcome Traveler 12:35 Mao Next Door 12:45 13 Search for Tom'w 1:00 2 Robert Q. Lewi 5 Home Oooklng 7 The Doctor Answer 9--All About Baby 27 Mid-Day Feature 33 Peau:e Theater 1:15 7 Dental Cllnlo 9 Cameracade 1:30 2 Art Llnkletter 4 Woman's World 7 Conking School ft Learning Adventure Thit memage prepared by BL"RF.U OF ADVERTISING, American Newspaper Publisher! Association, and published in the interest of fuller understanding of newspaper! by MADISON NEWSPAPERS, INC SALES & SERVICE TV, RADIO HOME & CAR, 6:4 2 Farm Dally 5 Town and Farm 7:00 2 Morning Show 4 Today 5 Today 7 Chicago Parade 8:00 7 Breakfast Club 33 Breakfast Club 9:00 2 Garry Moore 4 Ding Dong School 5 Ding Dong School 7 Women and World Your Figure. Ladle WEDNESDAY MORNING 9:30 2 Arthur Godfrey 4 Wav of the World 5 Way of the World 7 Trie Play House 9 The" Femme Show 9:45 4 Hollywood Today 5 Hollywood Today 10:00 4 Home 5 Home 7 Creative Cookery 9 Hi. Ladles 10:30 2 Strike It Rich 11:00 2 Valiant LadT 4 What's New 5 Tennessee Ernie 7- Danny O'Nell 9 The Romper Room 13 Feature Film S 27 Royal PlayhnuM 11:15 2 Love of Life 11:30 2 Search for Tom'w 5 Feather Your Ne 27 -Search for Tom'w 11.45 2 Guiding Light 4 News 27 Guiding Light 7:3d P.M. WMTV, CHANNEL 33-EVERY WEDNESDAY ' 'K1EET CORLISS ARCHER' Teen-Acje Antics in wholesome hilarious family comedy Presented by OSCAR MAYER & CO. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON 13 Frontier Theater 2:00 2 The Big Payoft 4 Greatest Gift 5 Greatest Gift 9 Paul Dixon 13 The Big Payoff 27 Luella Mortenson 33 Midday Movie 2:15 4 Golden Window . 5 Golden Windows 2:30 2 Bob Crosby 4 One Man't Family 5 One Man's Family . 7 It Makes Sens 13 Bob Crosby 27 Robert Q Lewi 2:45 4 Miss Marlowe 5 Miss Marlowe 27 The Christopher 3:00 2 Brighter Day 4 Hawkins Fall 5 Hawkins Fallt 7 Feature Film 9 TV Matinee 13 Valiant Lady 27 Brlehter Day 39 Hawkins Fall 3:15 2 Secret Storm 4 First Love 5 First Love 13 Secret Storm 27 Showcase 39 First Love 3:30 2 On Tour Account 4 Mr. Sweeney 5- -Mr Swuney 7 New: Unci Win 13 Playhouse 27 On Your Account 33 Modern Romance 39 Mr. Sweeney 3:45 4 Modern Romance 5 Modern Romance 33 M. Griffin. New 39 Modern Romance 4:00 2 Early Show 4 Library Story 5 Pinky Lee 7 Pled Piper 9 Bandstand Matin 13 TV Kitchen 33 Cousin Sam 39 Pinky Lee 4:15 4 Left Experiment -27 UN In Action- 4:30 2 Miss Lee: Weather 4 Howdy Doody 5 Howdy Doody 7 Garfield Goose 13 Meditation Tim 27 Cartoon Time 39 Howdy Doody 4:45 13 Story Lady 27 Uncle Georu 4:55 27 Crusader babbit THE WHOLE FAMILY ENJOYS TELEVISION AND NON-CARBONATED, FRUIT-FLAVORED vrsng Crape mem Tomato Grapefruit 5:00 2 Rang Rider 4 Foreman Tom 5 Elmer the Elephant 7 Laff in" Theater 9 Bob Atcher Ranch 13 Trail Tales 27 Western Playhouse 39 Fun Time .1:10 i 33 Radio Patrol 5:30 2 Gens Autry 5 Close-Up 7 Jungle Adventur 9 News 13 stand By for Action 33 Town Meets Country 39 Capt. Vidfo s:iu 33 L. Landman. Sport 5:45 4 News; Weather 7 News: Sport 9 Ernie Simon 33 M. Griffin New 39 Dick Russell 5:55 33 P. Ekern. Weather 6:00 2 Bob Bison. Sport 4 Sport Picture 5 Weather; New 7 Kukla, Fran. Olll 9 Captain Video 13 Kukla. Fran. Ollle 276 O'clock Report 33 Hopalona Castldy 39 Eafly Edition 6:15 2 News 4 Malones St Marvin 5 Dorsey Uounnra 7 John Daly 9 8oorta: New 13 Weather: Sport 27 Newsreel 39 Snorts: Weather 6:30 4 Eddie Fisher 5 Eddie Fisher 7 Disneyland 13 News 27 Foy Willing 33 Disneyland 39 Eddie Fisher WEDNESDAY" EVENING 6:45 2 Perry Como 4 News Caravan 5 News Caravan 13 Perry Como 27 Perry Como 39 News Caravan 7:00 2 Arthur Godfrey 4 I Married Joan 5 1 Married Joan 9 Dr. Flxum 13 Arthur Godfrey !1 Friendly Giant 27 Arthur Godfrey 391 Married Joan 7:15 21 R. Lindsay, New 7:30 4 My Little Margie 5 My Little Margie 7 Stu Erwln 9 TV Showcase 21 Manic Window 33 Corliss Archer 39 My Little Marsle 7:45 21 Window Watcher 8:00 2 Strike It Rich 4 Television Theater 5 Television Theater 7 Masquerade Party 9 Chicago Symphnoy 13 Strike It Rich 21 Today's Farm 27 Triangle Theater 33 Masquerade Party 39 Harry Wtsmer . 8:15 21 Capt. Lawrence 8:30 2 I've Got a Secret 7 F. P. Detective 13 I've Got a Secret 21 Great Ideas 27 I've Got a Secret 33 T-Men In Action 39 Chlcaco Svmphony 9:00 2 Best of Broadway 4 This Is Your Life 5 This Is Your Lit 7 Royal Playhous 9 Down You Go 13 Best of Broadway 21 Quiz the Professor 27 Best of Broadway 33 Soldier Parade 39 Thl Is Your Llf 9:30 4 Playhouse of Star 5 Big Town 7 Counterpoint 9 Llbersee 33 Bud Foster 39 Tb Lone WOlt 10:0 2 Weather; New 4 Weather: Newsreel 5 Weatherman 7 Double Date 9 Request Playhous 13 Weather: New 2710 O'clock Report 33 M. Griffin. New 39 News; Weather 10:10 5 Dorsey Connor 33 P. Ekern. Weather 10:15 .2 In Town Tonight 5 News: Sport 27 Feature Film 33 Inner Sanctum 10:20 4 News 13 Sport 39 Sport 10:30 2 News: Chicago Story 4 Racket Squad 5 Norby 13 Feature Film 10:45 33 Star Theater ' 11:00 2 Feature Film 4 Tonight 5 Tonight 7 Newt: Weather 11:10 7 Torn Duftean 11:30 B News: weather 12:00 2 Late Show 4 News 5 Midnight Matinee 7 Night Owl Movls 13 New a Saturday night show starring Tommy and Jimmy Doisoy and the June Taylor dancers. The cost for the 1955-56 season: $1,560,- 000. A like amount would be paid the following year if the show is renewed. , " The contract also gives CBS Gleason's exclusive services for 15 years, whether he works or not. The network guarantees the comic $100,000 a year betwern 1957 and 1972. His company will supply a summer replacement show this summer at a fee of $350,000. Durgom added that Gleason Is negotiating for eight shows during the next two years for General Motors. Five of these would be variety programs, three dramatic. The manager said, the Gleason firm plans to build its own film studio in New York, where "The Honeymooners" half-hour and Open House Set at Potosi Parish POTOSI An open house will be held Sunday at St. Andrew's Catholic parish to observe the completion of the new two-story addition to the school. The building is 28 by 23-feet. A bazaar and chicken supper, beginning at 4 p.m., will start the open house. ' John J. Flad and Associates, Madison, were the architects. General contracting work was done by King Building company, Dodgeville. Plumbing was by, C. W. Topp, Madison; heating by J. Frank Egan, Madison, and electrical work by Murray electric, Lancaster. ' other nrnpi-flnis woulrl be made. The comic plans to return east this weekend. '10 learn In Same Location" 720-724 University Avenue Dial 5-7294 PLATH'S wsmmimtaui SALES AND SERVICE 1032 E. WASHINGTON AVE. For the finest reception In an? location SYLVAN1A TV with the mating Super Photo Powr chassis I Shop where von ar assured of service to vour complete satisfaction. Open vnmg til I Lot ol Parking! DIAL 7-2012

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